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The W - Guest Columns - CMLL (#60)
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CMLL Line - 11/17/02 (#60)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format, Krisz for the results archive, and Joe Gagne for the place to talk about it.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captain) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captain), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
Type Time Finish Comment

Every match this week is a one fall match - just worked out that way.

1 Zumbido vs Ricky Marvin
Lucha De Guapos 
10/29/02, Arena Coliseo
mano y mano 3:33 Marvin via Casas Special Zumbido opposite of last week - lots of fun high spots (though most of them did end up meaning as much as the mat wrestling) and fast paced action - unlike last week, it was boring. Can one expect this to happen with any other match up from this group?

Notes: Zumbido comes out to Shaggy. In addition to the Guapos Tournament Zumbido is announced as part (or maybe just associated) with FdT. Hmmm. Marvin still comes out to Martin. He's got COW pants. All the other guapos are out after. Well, I don't anticipate this tournament getting much better than Zumbido vs Marvin, so it's good we're getting it right away. 

One guy does his own Zumbido chant - the Marvin fans answer. Handshake? Zumbido gives, Marvin accepts. Hmmm. Lockup, Zumbido pushes away. Lockup, Zumbido with a wristlock throw down, Marvin with an armbar, Zumbido reverses, Marvin with the handstand reverse into an armdrag. Single leg, zero, single leg, no Marvin 'scissors Zumbido from the ground. You still get your face off, though. Zumbido off the ropes, over and flipping Marvin with a clothesline. Kick to the back. Whip, Marvin with a handspring body press one two no. We miss about five seconds looking at another Guapo, but Zumbido is in control on chops. Corner whip, Zumbido charges, Marvin moves, Zumbido hits the corner knee first and he's out to the floor. SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW PLANCHA! I know what's in Spectacular Moments next week! Replay because we missed the run into it looking at Guapo. That move IS guapo. Back to real time and in the ring - Zumbido is running, rolling under a Marvin leapfrog, and back with a spinning headscissors. Is Zumbido gonna fly? Off the ropes, springboard plancha! Zumbido ran parallel to Marvin, so he was turning and coming back on the plancha. Both guys seems in better shape than after the tope last week - here's a replay, where you can see Zumbido uses a hand on the ropes to turn himself. Out of the replay, Zumbido fights Marvin, Marvin on the apron and Zumbido in the ring, Marvin nails a couple chops to knock Zumbido down and back - slingshot corkscrew splash one two NO! I can't believe it. Guapo on the outside doesn't same to be thinking much either way - Marvin with a 'rana one two no. I bet if he did a Majistral, Zumbido ain't kicking out. Open hand slap, but Zumbido seems fine - another one, and it hurts more. Corner whip, Zumbido springboards to the apron, Marvin hits corner. Springboard sunset flip one two NO. Magica looks pale. Zumbido misses a clothesline, pushed into the rope s- what do you know, dropkick to the leg La Majistral one two three (3:33) hahahaha I totally didn't see the finish before I said that. NOTHING is more lethal in CMLL than the Casas Special, and don't you forget it. I have no idea who to vote for here, because they were both cool. I think I'll stick with Marvin because I like corkscrewing for no particular reason, but I won't argue with the other pick. This was eons more fun than last week but needed more time. I think the announcers compare Marvin with Rey Mysterio here. Zumbido pleads his case, then decides to take it out on Marvin - kicks and punches. He's pulled back by Loco Max and Terrible (luckily, those are two I know) but then they start stomping on Marvin and have to be pushed back. Are we getting some tecnico/rudo lines drawn? Zumbido talks to the camera. Zumbido makes the case that his foot hit the rope - he's trying to demonstrate and get it overturned, but it doesn't appear anyone is listening. Replay - oh, wait, the tip of Zumbido's foot does tap the bottom rope before the three count! Second replay clearly shows it - it actually hit twice, before the count and during it. Hmmm. Call and visit the website, you know the drill.

Vignette: Guapo Tough Enough - Shocker says Ricky did a good job. Zumbido, however, needs to learn how to be professional. I think Magica comes to his defense a little bit. Shocker puts him on probation, and he gives a warning out to his new friends. The next match will be - Marshall vs Caballero. Marshall wants a handshake - Caballero doesn't think so. Instead of an X, they've completely taken out the two cut guys and replaced them with Guapo T-Shirts. 

Vignette: Guapo Tough Enough Standings so far - I guess they're doing it that you can give a thumbs up or a thumbs down on each guy, and this is basically their approval rating.

Name Rating
Ricky Marvin 85%
Genetico 41%
Zumbido 35%
Alex Steel 34%
Tony Rivera 27%
Terrible 26%
Loco Max 26%
Mr. Power 12%
Marshall 1%
Caballero 0%

The two guys next week really need to impress - they cut away quick at the end of the screen (which is a nice bar graph graphic - someone was working this week) to kinda hide their numbers. Kinda surprising that a guy who hasn't wrestled yet is ahead of a guy they already know. Marvin asks for the people to KEEP VOTING FOR HIM. If this is they way they're voting, I'm giving a thumbs up for Marvin and Zumbido, but thumbs down for Terrible and Genetico.

Spectacular Moments: Marvin hits a springboard side kick right in someone's face. And then there's a running slingshot somersault plancha - wow, you say you like Marvin, you get Marvin. Some guy with a top flying buttdrop on Chris Stone. TRIPLE PLANCHA oh you gotta love that - HSN, Starman and I don't know the third guy - Hombre did it a no hands somersault plancha while the other two used the ropes, but it t was pretty cool. That was also your Sangre Azteca sighting of the week. Averno has a pretty nice somersault plancha as well - he makes it look high with the arm spread.

Vignette: Los Villanos work out in the ring - they want to be ready to do really well in this trios tournament. They want the titles!

The rest of tonight's matches are all part of the #1 Contenders for the CMLL Trios Title Tournament. (Do you remember who holds the CMLL Trios Titles? I'll give you a hint - they're not FdT, because that's the Mexican Trios Title) We're actually just getting 1/2 of the bracket on this Arena Mexico show - the first 8 teams battle it out this week, the second 8 will face each other next week. In two weeks, we get the tournament final, and in three weeks, the #1 contenders face the champs. They go with a Captian's Battle Royal to determine seeding for this first round - we see the entrants, but not the match - all as well, because it is a battle royale after all. It sucked that I wrote out the match box and THEN found it out but it happens. CMLL actually gives us tournament brackets (listing the captain of each team and the matchups), which I do appreciate. I'll try to recreate it here. Matches are the numbers in the tournament, not today's show.

|Match 4---
7-Taliban--- |
|Match 6--
6-Negro----- | |
|Match 3--- |
5-Wagner---- |
|Match 7--
4-Pierroth-- |
|Match 2--- |
3-Markus---- | |
|Match 5--
2-Villanos-- |
|Match 1---

We consistently get no entrances - clipped right to the bell - for all of these first round matches. Your CMLL Trios Champions? Atlantis, Black Warrior, Mr. Niebla.

2 Blue Panther (c), Juventued Guerrera, Fuerza Guerrera vs Villanos (III (c), IV, V)
#1 Contenders Tournament for the CMLL Trios Titles, First Round (Bracket A, Match 1)
11/01/02, Arena Mexico
trios 5:50
IV Texas cloverleaf Juvi
V elevated chicken wing Fuerza
Slightly below average tournament match. Rudos looked off teaming early, surprisingly, and it tended into Guerrera comedy at points. Villanos were fine. 

Notes: Rudos are beating down the Villanos as we enter. This is one of those matches where the Villanos don't have numbers on their tights, so I can't do much play by play. Panther hits a nice tope on one of the masked ones. Panther and Juvi take turns hit corner clotheslines on what I think is four, then Juvi lifts him up for a Panther shoulder slam. Panther is very proud of himself. Fuerza dropkicks him out. Dropkick to V's knee. He's double powerbombed, and Fuerza hits a senton. III is in - eventually, a whip for him, double drop toe hold, Fuerza off the ropes with a dropkick to the chest, Juvi and Panther with double elbow drops. Rudos not looking crisp as a time - some moments where they had to slow down and get everyone on the same page before some of those double teams. I think it's IV who's back in - that's what the announcers seem to be saying. Corner whip, Juvi charges in but IV is out, tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Juvi as the other two are in and it's breaking down. V and Panther brawl on the outside. IV throws Juvi by his hair. III is working on Fuerza. He's kept in - no he's trying to get out but they keep him in - triple run into the post by the Villanos. I think that's IV who's in now against Juvi, as we've gone back to one on one. Juvi off the ropes, over, under, spinning headscissors. Juvi poses. Hi-five non-tag to Fuerza. Rights to IV, reversed, Juvi slides under, kick to the head, off the ropes and into a powerslam. IV with a knee to the head, and then a back heel kick to knock him out of the ring. Panther in with III - Panther isn't happy about this match up, and tries to kick the bottom rope in anger, but that trips Fuerza to the mat in the process . Now they're having words - Panther assures him that was an accident. Panther off the ropes, over III, into an armdrag. III charges with a 'rana but Panther lands on his feet. Panther picks III on his shoulders, but III with a - what, was that a legdrag? I have no idea but Panther wants out. Fuerza with a dropkick on three, off the ropes, over V, into V's armdrag. Another armdrag. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Fuerza wants a tag to Juvi - Juvi's already kinda in - he runs into V's tilt-a-whirl but lands on his feet - spinning back kick to knock him down. Celebratory non-tag to Fuerza, charge at V, he flips him up to IV, who puts him in a Texas Cloverleaf (5:50). V gets Fuerza up in an elevated chicken wing (5:54) and III gets a bodyscissors bulldog on Panther. Villanos move on.

3 Zumbido, Boricuas (Veneno, Pierroth) vs Gran Markus Jr. (c), Poder Mexica, Mr. Mexico 
#1 Contenders Tournament for the CMLL Trios Titles, First Round (Bracket A, Match 2)
11/01/02, Arena Mexico
trios 4:33
Zumbido inverted surfboard Mexico
Mexica powerbomb Zumbido
Pierroth clothesline Markus
Yet another Markus/Pierroth battle is only saved by the shorter time and the presence of Zumbido. could've used a better shot of the finish - did Veneno cheat?

Notes: I don't why Zumbido is there either - he's just hanging out with all sorts of bad influences lately. The other full sized Boricua guys will form a team in the other half of this bracket; you need someone to fight the Capos, after all. Rudo beatdown to start, as I plan to take this one easy. Triple boot from the rudos on Markus. Weak looking double clothesline on Markus. Commando Girl looks different. Markus reveres a corner whip on Pierroth to turn it around. Veneno mocks Mr. Mexico's pose with his own. The pain of a Mr. Mexico elbow drop increases five seconds after it hits, apparently. There's the Zumbido corner knee bump to the floor. Markus almost kills Pierroth with an off the apron splash to the floor. Mexico gets some near falls on Zumbido. Zumbido hits a running springboard corkscrew elbow drop before pulling Mr. Mexico into - we're gonna call that an inverted surfboard (4:33) I think. Zumbido presses his luck by taking on Poder - powerslam almost finishes him. Powerbomb does (4:57) No Guapo should be losing to Poder Méxica. Veneno and Poder fight, with Poder dropkicking Veneno out, then hitting a pescado - but Veneno moved out of the way in time! Back to Markus and Pierroth brawling - Pierroth tries to hit Markus with a belt but Markus gets it and beat up Pierroth, of course. Markus slams Pierroth for the third time this match, at least. Only a two. Veneno tries to trip Markus, Markus reaches for him, Veneno punches him (loaded fist?) and Pierroth hits a clothesline one two three. (6:18) Pierroth yells at Markus - since he can't beat Pierroth in any match, be it a trio, atomicos, cinco, seis, no hair match for you. Veneno also points out Markus sucks. Markus lets them know he'll get both of them, sooner or later. 

Vignette: Shocker, Magica and the rest let us know about when the Guapos are going to be facing off in a city near you - Mr. Power vs Genetico in Guadalajara on 11/3, Mr. Power vs Loco Max Arena Puebla on 11/11 (Shocker and Magica also wrestling.) 

4 Dr. Wagner (c), Black Tiger, Apolo Dantes vs Negro Casas (c), Felino, Virus
#1 Contenders Tournament for the CMLL Trios Titles, First Round (Bracket A, Match 3)
11/01/02, Arena Mexico
trios 5:53 Tiger Casas Special Casas very fun match, with nice work with the Virus/Wagner story - Virus equaled out even though his team didn't win. Rudos look strong going into the second round

Notes: It only seems like Virus disappeared. This one will not start with a beatdown, how about that. Who will start, that's the question. Casas and Wagner, it looks like. Does Negro have new tights? Is Black Tiger standing there to punk out Casas. Who's the new photographer? Tiger stays in, Wagner leaves, Casas does the Wagner pose. Lockup - no, Casa with a single leg, off the ropes, over, over, clothesline. Tiger shot in the ropes, Casas charges for a monkey flip, Tiger forces him off (this is where it looked like a blown spot last time, but it's obvious this was planned this time), Tiger with a drop toe hold, Casas trips him off, Casas stops short of the ropes, goes off the other ropes, Tiger tosses him up and Casas dropkicks him out. Another Wagner pose, and tag to Felino. Apolo in for the opposite - Felino breezes by him, headlock, off the ropes, over, over, by, stop. Felino points to something on the mat, Apolo looks down and gets kicked. Felino off the ropes waved by, now over with an armdrag. Apolo out - and Felino with that from behind victory roll headscissors. Felino back in to celebrate, and face down with Wagner. Shoving match - but no, it's not Felino that Wagner wants. Casas in, Wagner shoves him - no, he wants VIRUS. You see, you don't turn tecnico and don't expect to hear about it from the head rudo! Casas asks him if he wants to do this, but the crowd seems pretty cool with the notion, and it's on. They have words - big chop for Wagner. Wagner tells him to give it back, open hand slap is no sold. Hard chop almost knocks Virus down (the ropes save him) - open hand slap to Wagner is again not felt. Hard open hand slap from Wagner does knock Virus down, and now we worry that maybe he's in over his head here. Hard forearm to the back of the neck. Wagner dares the fans to cheer for Virus no. Slam, no Virus lands behind, off the ropes, under, cross body is caught and slammed by Wagner. Off the ropes, dropkick to the head. Casas urges the fans to cheer on for Virus. Wagner shows him how it's done. Chop, whip, Virus slides under, spinning wheel kick is NO SOLD. Man, it sucks to be Virus right here. Off the ropes, clothesline and Wagner is barely budged. Virus yells, runs, Wagner lifts him up and Virus dropkicks him down. Virus off the ropes, Wagner ducks down, Virus pulls up and poses. Tag to Felino . Felino in, dropkick on Apolo misses. Corner whip, Apolo strong in with a clothesline. Corner whip out, Felino reveres, Apolo side steps, Felino off the second rope with a swinging 'rana. Victory roll is blocked by Apolo, Felino goes for a chinlock from up top, but Wagner forearms Felino in the back to take them all out. Nice teammate, that. Wagner then levels Virus with a clothesline to make his point clear. Wagner poses because he knows he's in charge here. Now he'll cover one two did Virus kickout or did Wagner pull him up? Wagner levels Casas on the apron. Whip, Virus tires a bodyscissors cradle and gets a hard faceslam. Casas pounds the mat for Virus, but now he's got Tiger stomping on him for the outside. Wagner with a right hand. Crowd is getting loud for Virus. Corner whip, Virus quickly to the top rope and back with a missile dropkick. Wagner is down and out in shock. Black Tiger in, Virus charges, backdropped but lands on the apron the apron - forearm for Tiger, kick for Wagner - Asai moonsault! Back in the ring, Casas gets a full nelson on Tiger, Tiger spins free, but I guess Casas hit a modified Russian legsweep because he ends up on offense after the "move." La Majistral - is shoved off - Tiger with a dropkick to the knee La Majistral one two THREE! (5:53) Tiger beats Casas with his own move, and they're moving on. Tiger is darn proud of himself, as he should be.

5 Taliban (Emilio (c), Bestia, Scorpio) vs Rayo de Jalisco Jr. (c), Lizmark Jr., Tinieblas Jr.
#1 Contenders Tournament for the CMLL Trios Titles, First Round (Bracket A, Match 4)
11/01/02, Arena Mexico
trios 3:10 Rayo legdrop Emilio nothing much here - not enough time for Rayo to be annoying, but not a lot to be really get into

Notes: Taliban vs Rayo, I think I can take this one off. Beatdown to start. Rayo looks bigger than usual - he turns it around with an avoided corner charge, of course. We get a six man Star submission by the tecnicos. Triple rollups by the tecnicos are all kicked out of at 2. Lizmark and Tinieblas get pescados, leaving Rayo and Emilio. Emilio plays dodge with Rayo's head related offense. Eventually it hits, as it must - reverse tope, legdrop one two three. (3:10)

Vignette: One of those "valet hypes the Guapos" bits again.

6 Boricuas (Pierroth (c), Veneno), Zumbido vs Villanos (III (c), IV, V) 
#1 Contenders Tournament for the CMLL Trios Titles, Quarterfinals (Bracket A, Match 5)
11/01/02, Arena Mexico
trios 5:16 double abdominal stretch forward cradle on Pierroth odd finish - while it of course makes Villanos look like a threat to win it all, it doesn't further the Boricuas internal situation further - becomes kinda filler. Still, filler was better than Markus/Pierroth part 501, if only for the "you hold him and I'll run and him him" spot not horribly backfiring for once

Notes: Entrances, wow. What happens to Zumbido's Guapo bid if he's champion, I wonder? Yep, Boricuas punk out Villanos to start. No one changed outfits between rounds. Villanos I can't tell apart and Boricuas I'm numb too, what a combo. I think we're just waiting for Veneno to get blamed for something here. Three minutes of beatdown so far - is II going to turn it around? No, not yet. Rudos really working the double boot. Commando Girl holds a Villano for Pierroth to slide dropkick one too many times and gets hit - it's all Villano from there. Did Pierroth do something to Commando Girl? They had words when Pierroth stepped out in the middle of the comeback, and Commando Girl flinched back. Zumbido gets to hits his dive on a Villano and there's some crotch chops after. III nearly clocked his masked brother with a forearm by mistake - then they smarten up and go for an double abdominal stretch cradle (5:16) to win it. Zumbido is confused how it happened, because he was doing fine - we don't' get to see Pierroth and Veneno argue. Maybe they didn't? Ha.

7 Apolo Dantes, Black Tiger, Dr. Wagner (c) vs Rayo de Jalisco Jr. (c), Lizmark Jr., Tinieblas Jr.
#1 Contenders Tournament for the CMLL Trios Titles, Quarterfinals (Bracket A, Match 6)
11/01/02, Arena Mexico
trios 8:31
Tiger crucfix rollup Lizmark
Wagner powerbomb (w/feet on ropes?) Tinieblas
surprisingly enjoyable, given the tecnico talent (but maybe not given the rudo talent.) Credit has to be given to the abnormal length for a match of this short, and some nice work off nearfalls. Finish wasn't in much doubt after the previous outcome, but still nice drama to it. Rayo trying to use the same legdrop to win was almost like psychology!

Notes: Wagner attacks Rayo with a clothesline before the bell and everyone else kinda stands around for a while before the rudos notice that Rayo's taking a while to get up so they might as well beatdown the other two. Rayo made I "I'm gonna take your mask" motion on the way to the ring, so Wagner's all about ripping his mark. Tiger gets the slingshot senton on Lizmark. Figure four sleeper while Apolo stomping Lizmark while Wagner is ripping off the top of Rayo's mask. Lizmark gets his foot on the ropes and everyone is a little slow to break it up . Wagner gets a dropkick to Rayo's head. Tiger takes Lizmark on a walking tour of the ringside area. First stop, ring post. The other two tecnicos get whipped into each other. Rayo manages to start winning a chop battle for no apparently reason, and all the sudden he's in control on Wagner. I mean, there was no transition - all he sudden, he just decides it was his turn. Everyone else turns around the same time. That was odd. Wagner and Rayo scare the new woman photographer as they unexpectedly brawl right towards her. Lizmark hits the Sudden impact on Tiger but gets two. Double suplex on Wagner. Replay of something we missed - Rayo went for Wagner's mask, so Baby Richard went for Rayo's mask to pull him off. Rayo drop toe holds Lizmark in the comer but apparently does not have room. Tiger tries for the Black Tiger Bomb, but Lizmark with a double leg takedown. Tiger pushes Lizmark into the corner with his leg and Lizmark falls out, headbutt to the groin. So he's been watching Sting this week? No DQ called. Replay - yea, lower abdomen. Press slam. Lizmark off the ropes, legdrop one two no. That was a weak cover. Superkick. Gonna cover? Wow, he's sure taking his time one two Wagner pulls him off. Wagner is smart! Rayo in with a legdrop, and now Lizmark is quicker to cover one two Apolo breaks it up. HE is also smart. Black Tiger Bomb - no, into a faceslam. That'll work one two Rayo is in (a little late). Rayo is back out so Tiger ha no problem taunting him - wait, now he's back in. Tiger with an open hand slap, open hand slap, Rayo with one and down goes Tiger. Rayo off the ropes, legdrop, cover but Wagner is already in to break it up. Wagner slaps him right in the face, Ray looks at the crowd, turns around, and gets a slap to the chest. Wagner works him over in the corner - shots to the chest, kicks to the knees. Crowd is loud for Ray and he turns it around with slaps to the face - blocked and Wagner hits one to the chest. Charge out, kick blocked and Rayo hits a dropkick. Legdrop, one two no. What is with that legdrop from Ray this week? Tinieblas in - Apolo sneaks in a inside cradle one two no. Tinieblas with a double leg takedown - Boston crab but Tiger is easily in and dropkick him in the back of the head. Tiger off the ropes, charge and Tinieblas charges, Tiger goes out but lands on his feet. Scaring that photographer again. I'm not one to make fashion comments (well more and more I am) but maybe she should've worn something with sleeves. Back to Apolo and Tinieblas - Apolo suplexes him to the apron, dropkicks him off. Off the ropes, stop. Okay. dropkick for Rayo is in but Rayo moves. Apolo charges Rayo, Rayo leapfrogs, Apolo barely makes it under and out alive, then turns around to find Rayo standing behind him. Run to the comer - there's the turning cross body. Dropkick hits, dropkick misses. Apolo with an open hand slap, slap. Whip, reversed, Rayo misses with a clothesline, misses with a back elbow, stops Apolo with a shove. Open hand slap, and a clothesline to take him out. Getting speed - big fat tope! Tiger tries charging Lizmark in the ring but Lizmark moves and Tiger gets corner. Lizmark with a corner whip, reverse, Lizmark flips out, Tiger is confused, Lizmark with a reveres roll up and Wagner breaks it up with a chop. Tinieblas in with a dropkick for Tiger but Wagner chops him down. Wagner rand Tiger work him over, corner whip into Lizmark, Lizmark backdrops him to the apron, Wagner charges into a  dropkick, Wagner and Tiger get hit by a Tinieblas plancha. Lizmark charges Tiger - Tiger with a crucifix roll up one two three (8:31) Tinieblas - 'rana - no Wagner powerbomb one two three (8:35) Rayo tries to make a save but he slid short and Apolo held him there. Did Wagner have his feet on the ropes? He just might have. Villanos are out NOW, why wait?

8 Apolo Dantes, Black Tiger, Dr. Wagner (c) vs Villanos (III (c), IV, V) 
#1 Contenders Tournament for the CMLL Trios Titles, Semifinals (Bracket A, Match 7)
11/01/02, Arena Mexico
trios 7:10 Wagner Driver III most enjoyable one night lucha tournament final I've seen - definitely not going through the motions to finish off, with a lot of near falls. Could've used the time from the previous match or more variety in near finishes (submissions?) but teases worked very well early and late.

Notes: Hey, it's a tecnico beatdown. Rayo's team is just heading to the aisle as this one gets started, all Villanos. I think that's IV who's got Black Tiger facing out on the top rope, and he's working the mask. He's doing some good work on it, really enlarging the eyeholes. III with a DDT on Apolo one two NO. IV clotheslines Wagner but Wagner won't go down. Backslide on Apolo none two no. IV off the ropes - low blow knee lift by Wagner, but no one saw it because they were paying attention to the other two fights. Actually, it looks like the tecnico ref saw it but form a bad angle. Wagner helps turn the tied - IV gets a double backdrop, and then Tiger works on his mask in revenge. II and Apolo are battling it out on the ramp. Back in the ring, Tiger seems to have been temporary deposed - Wagner takes the double backdrop, double elbow drop. II with another crucifix roll up one two NO. Villanos really want the easy pin. Tiger takes a whip form IV - tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, hold for V to hit a top rope axhandle on him. IV cover one two NO Apolo broke it up but after the kick out. Tiger with a right, Villano with a right. Both men are showing fatigue. Tiger with a slap. Forearm, forearm, forearm, off the ropes, right into a great IV powerslam one two Wagner breaks it up. Apolo off the ropes. shoulderblock on V, off the ropes, V hits a rolling back elbow. Small package one two Wagner breaks it up again. Shoulderblock on Apolo, V, off the ropes, waved by , sunset flip one two NO. Apolo with a jackknife cove one two IV breaks it up. Tiger in - he's calling for III, and three answers. Both men take a moment to get themselves pumped - Tiger sneaks in a kick to the back of the knee. whip, but III comes back with a swinging DDT. III off the ropes, but Apolo rips him and holds him - Tiger hits a sliding dropkick but on Apolo. IV clothesline on Tiger - off the ropes, TOPE on Tiger. It's V and Apolo in the ring - Apollo's dropkick gets waved by. Chop, reversed armdrag by V. V poses, Apolo runs into a powerslam one two NO. Open hand slap, whip by V, Apolo with a sunset flip, V fights, in, Apolo goes for a kick to get him down but V hits a punch to the head. Suplex? No Apolo reverse it into a small package one two NO. This may be the best one night tournament finale I've seen. Apolo holds down V with a front facelock, but III sneaks in - Romero chinlock? Wagner takes a look at this - shot to Villanos' face. III tries to double kick him from the ground but Wagner takes the opening to hold him down by his legs - one two NO. Wagner with a corner whip, charge, corner sunset flip one two NO! II knocked the apron during the kickout - Wagner with a forearm, suplex back in but II reveres to a small package one two NO. On the outside, it looks like Tiger is getting his legs worked over by the masked guys - both have a hold on. Back in, III has 'rana one two NO! III can't believe and neither can many of the fans. Both men are exhausted. III off the ropes, tripped up by Apolo. Wagner picks him up - snap mare, off the ropes, dropkick to the head! Wagner picks him up - WAGNER DRIVER One two THREE (7:10) or is it, because a Villano seems to get there really close - they raise his hand, so it was a moment too late. Wagner, Dantes and Tiger move on to two weeks from here. Fans give them credit for getting this far. Villanos are despondent about coming this close and not winning. 

Next Week: Capos, GdI, Brazos, Japanese Legion, Black Tiger (other action?), Infernals, Olimpico/Safari/??? (HSN?), Boricuas, Shocker/Magica/Vampiro, and MORE.

One last week at this week's winners - they won three times tonight, but they still have two more victories to go if they want to be the new champions.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


8 Matches (45:49) about 48.2% of showtime (1:35:00); 

Average Match Rating 61.375
Overall Match Rating: approximately 82
7 Trios, 1 Singles
3 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 4 Rudo over Tecnico wins
Show Assessment: One of the better tournaments we've had, and the best possible Nuevo Guapo match

Closing Notes: 

1. Wow, cutting out entrances probably saved about 10 minutes from stuff before the first round matches. 
2. The winners worked the most tonight - 21:38 - and looked pretty good even at the end
3. Funny that we never had one tecnico vs tecnico or rudo vs rudo match throughout
4. I think next week has a chance to even better - Brazos are no worse than the Taliban, Boricuas are a push, and everyone else might be slightly better. 
5. Hopefully the Nuevo Guapos saw their poll numbers and will go nuts just to get them up.

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Well I'm not sure about cracking down on older tapes, as I generally DON'T sell dubs (aside from recent PPV's) but from what I can tell, Clash Of The Champions, that kind of stuff is disappearing and is getting harder and harder to find on Ebay.
- cfgb, cfgb - RE: eGay. (2002)
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