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25.4.19 0252
The W - Pro Wrestling - CM Punk on The Nerdist podcast
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CM Punk appeared on The Nerdist podcast. Audio is here. If you don't have 90 minutes to listen, here's my summary of what we've learned about him:
* This got set up because Punk was on "Talking Dead", the "Walking Dead" recap show that Chris Hardwick hosts. Hardwick says the show with him and Yvette Nicole Brown from "Community" was awesome.
* They are conducting the interview in Punk's spacious Chicago apartment. He has a bunch of things in there from movies he likes. Punk says he doesn't have anything that references wrestling, which other wrestlers do, and he finds it weird.
* Punk is a big Mel Brooks fan (another recent guest). He says his favorite movie of all time is Slapshot, and Blazing Saddles is probably in the top 5.
* The show was recorded 9 days after Punk's knee surgery, which I guess puts it at December 12. It was a bucket-handle meniscus tear.
* Hardwick talks about growing up in Memphis in the territory days. Punk says if he had a time machine, he'd go back in time to watch iconic wrestling matches and iconic band performances.
* Punk talks about being picked on up until sophmore year in high school, which ended due to a growth spurt and the sudden popularity of Green Day.
* "Getting punched in the face is still one of my least favorite things in the world."
* "I feel the crushing weight of what I do for a living, literally on my shoulders. Stuff hurts. I gotta figure out what's next."
* Loved Roddy Piper as a kid. A smaller guy who talks shit and gets away with it appealed to young Punk. He also thought all wrestlers were millionaires.
* Likes being a bad guy. Feels like it's a natural extension of who he is.
* Surprised at people who show that they know it's predetermined, then call him a bastard for what his character did.
* Has many ideas that he tries to do that get shot down for being too out there in PG WWE. Was surprised that he got away with singing Happy Birthday to Rey Mysterio's daughter. Got death threats for that. Says his job is to get people to want to beat the hell out of him. "I looked like Jesus, it was pretty creepy."
* Talks about the fake heart attack. Vince thought it was a great idea. Says in the Memphis heyday, CM Punk would have been claiming he killed Jerry Lawler with a heart punch, and they would have built to a cage match. Yes, it was exploitative, and that's what wrestling does.
* Doesn't think anything's too silly if it's planned. "If you don't plan on going too far, you're not going to go far at all."
* Says the continued evolution of character is necessary. Average WWE career is 3 years. Undertaker is perfect example of character evolution.
* He didn't realize to make his real life straight-edge part of his wrestling character until his girlfriend Natalie suggested it. Came up with it at shows at a Knights of Columbus basement in West Allis, WI, where the draw was dollar beer night.
* His dad was indeed an alcoholic. Not in a violent way, but there were always cartons of cigarettes and cases of Old Style around. And sometimes no Christmas presents.
* "The guy you're talking to right now isn't that different from the 15-year-old who thought he had everything figured out."
* His "mortal enemies" are "Crusty Punks", "they wear these weird quasi-uniforms. They all wear these green drabby clothes, and it looks like they rub dirt on their faces and they go out and they panhandle for change. And then go home to their Lincoln Park condos and live with mommy and daddy. They're disruptive, they're rude, they're ignorant, they make stupid signs."
* Says he's a grammar nazi. Hardwick suggests a show on the Nerdist youtube channel, "CM Punk's Grammar Guide".
* Hardwick asks about announcing. Punk says that's not something he's searching for, but would consider if the opportunity arises.
* Punk enjoyed "The Wrestler", which is not a popular opinion at WWE. Says it's not a wrestling thing, it's a irresponsible person thing. "Are a lot of wrestlers irresponsible? Fuck yeah!"
* "We always get a target on us from media outlets when someone dies. Did they overdose because they were a wrestler or because they were an irresponsible human being? It makes me despise Nancy Grace."
* Punk says as a bad guy, he sees no limits. He does a ton of make a wishes. John Cena does twice as many and is promoted for it, but Punk doesn't want his broadcasted because that would work against his heel character. As a bad guy, he doesn't want to be promoting "Be A Star" either, because his character is a bully. He feels a little responsibility for perpetuating negativity via bullying, but in the end, the bad guy is supposed to get his comeuppance.
* "I'm on the road more than 320 days a year. I look around the locker room and see guys who married, guys who have kids. That's got to be hard. If I ever did have kids I'd have to be not wrestling to do it, because I wouldn't want to neglect my kid the way I feel I got neglected."
* Christmas Day Raw is being taped Tuesday (presumably today) in Pittsburgh, then there are traditionally 5 days of shows after Christmas. As of taping he's not cleared to work those shows.
* Says he has a Tor Johnson-esque zombie tattoo, then a bunch of food tattoos: a marshmallow on a stick, a piece of pizza, pancakes, Pez, cupcake, double scoop of mint chocolate chip in a sugar cone. Everything he loves gets tattooed on himself. Tattoo guy threatens to put balls on something. Has "When there's no room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth" tattooed somewhere. Three Xs on inside of fingers. Says he'll get Kigurumi pajama tattoo to represent Hardwick, who apparently wears them. Punk says he'll get a pair for Christmas, and send Hardwick a picture of him wearing it.
* Speaking of Christmas, this was the first year he's ever had a tree. He bought it and carried it into his house. Punk is not religious. He does his shopping on Christmas Eve and feels proud of himself for it. Then pays his little sisters to wrap them.
* Hardwick says he'll start watching wrestling now that he knows Punk. Punk says he apologizes in advance. Hardwick suggests he wear the Kigurumi on TV. Punk says he's probably the only guy with the balls to do it.
* Punk is excited to see "Django Unchanged" on Christmas. Wishes Marvel would make a good "Punisher" movie. Says they always get The Punisher wrong in movies. He's in talk with Marvel to write something, and he keeps pitching Punisher ideas, because he thinks that should be a pretty easy story to write. The Dolph Lundgren one, the Thomas Jane one, and the Ray Stevenson one all suck.
* For comics he reads anything Brubaker does, anything Kirkman does. Jason Aaron. Just bought "Hundred Bullets". Can't read digital, has to have print copy. When he travels his bag is full of comic books.
* Likes traveling on planes in first class, wearing fatigue shorts and a comic book shirt. Sits down and pulls out his comics to read while business guys are reading the Wall Street Journal next to him.
* Hates Superman. Loved Mark Waid's "Irredeemable". Everybody has bad days, even Clark Kent. Some day must come where someone pisses him off and he just heat visions them, and feel guilty about it afterwards. Thinks absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Superman would be a motherfucker. Still plans to see "Man of Steel", nervous about new "Star Wars". "I don't want to feel like I got tricked again, because that 'Phantom Menace' stuff ... " Says 15-year-old Punk also predicted that someone besides Lucas would do Star Wars. Wants to see Tarantino doing a bounty hunter movie, where Bossk and IG-88 hate Boba Fett. Or a stand-alone Chewbacca film, where Chewbacca's banging chicks and stealing the Millenium Falcon on drunken benders.
* "It's the most phony competitive sport in the world. It's predetermined obviously, and people are going to tell you what you do isn't real, but you're swimming with sharks half the time and everybody wants your spot, they want your job. So it's kind of hard to find buddies sometimes."
* Has a sleeping problem. Barely ever sleeps, so he wanders around a lot. Reads comic books. Problem is that he'll sometimes read all the comics that he could pack for a two-week tour while waiting for the first plane to fly out, and he has to carry 20 lbs of comic books the rest of the trip.
* Leased a bus a year ago. There's a bed and a refrigerator. Wants to drive cross-country, because he's been everywhere, but hasn't really seen any of it.
* Says he won't take time off, he's a "make hay while the sun shines" kind of guy. Was supposed to stop wrestling for 14 months after he fractured his skull, but was back after 2 months. That was the worst injury he ever had, thought he had a broken neck. Wrestled for 10 more minutes, had crazy vertigo and needed a chair to help him walk to the back. Every time he's gotten hurt and thinks he's going to get surgery (and get a break), they decide they don't have to do the surgery and he just needs to rehab it instead. "Cha-ching! Just scored 3 months of not being around all this people that I hate right now, awesome! And then Vince McMahon calls you and goes 'Heard you're not getting surgery, that's good news. I'm going to need you at TV on Monday to do commentary.'"
* Says his goals constantly change. First time he thought he made it involved Jan the Makeup Lady (who has been with the company for 25 years and could write an amazing book). When he first signed with WWE in 2005, he reached into her case and she yelled at him. A couple years later she was asking him if there was anything whether he needed a haircut. Some shows, when someone big gets hurt, they offer refunds. When he got his elbow scooped two years ago, someone recorded video of them telling people that CM Punk wasn't there, and people could get a refund if they wanted. Felt like a star then. "It really has nothing to do with being a champion or having a title. I pride myself on being the go-to guy. When everyone else goes down, or when somebody else can't do something, or if it's a hard job nobody else wants to do, I'm the guy. I'll do it."
* There's a ton of people on twitter who think wrestlers just work Mondays. They work Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays; one international tour a month, a ton of media, talking to kids at schools, be a star rallies, Make-A-Wish.
* Tells kids "Be yourself. Find something you love and do it for a living."
* Thinks he could play Negan on season 5 of "Walking Dead".
* Thinks Nerdist loyalists are going to torch Hardwick for having a wrestler on the show.

* "I'm the Randy Savage to John Cena's Hulk Hogan." Hardwick tries to come up with a John Cena attack tweet: You look like someone put Matt Damon in a gigantor ray. Punk: "That sounds like something he would say. Let me handle it."

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That was a good listen. must sponsor a lot of podcasts - I know I've heard them on Jay Mohr and a few others.

So is the former girlfriend Natalie the 'Bake and Destroy' friend? I never knew that.

I have always wondered if he liked/likes Green Day. I know that a lot of the traditional punk bands and fans don't like them because they are considered main stream and / or largely successful.

More on the fractured skull injury: I heard more of it on another interview somewhere and as a result of coming back too soon, and in addition to the vertigo, he had some kind of fluid leaking from his ear. It was then that he took the doctor's advice seriously.

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Damn glamour nerds mad that a Pro Wrestler is borrowing their label tsk tsk

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Very good listen. Punk comes out very natural in these sit down affairs and Hardwick is one of the best Podcast interviewers out there. I won't mind seeing Punk on Walking Dead as a villain.

The Wee Baby Sheamus.Twitter: @realjoecarfley its a bit more toned down there. A bit.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing what Punk is cooking up with Marvel. The interview had some very interesting introspective points such as Hardwick comparing wrestling to religious ideals, or Punk stating how lonely it gets at the top of the WWE compared to when he was a nobody traveling up and down the country with several other wrestler/friends doing indie shows for free.

I aslo can't believe Chris Hardwick was the guy from MTV's Singled Out. I thought he was such a tool on that show, but he's a dork just like me. A lesson in pre-judgement I suppose.

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    Originally posted by djp
    That was a good listen. must sponsor a lot of podcasts - I know I've heard them on Jay Mohr and a few others.

I can't read the words "" without hearing Marc Maron saying it in my head.

Punk was awesome of course, and Hardwick's apologizing for preconcieved notions about him was great when he realized how much Punk is One Of Us. I was amused by how he made it sound like Punk was almost hurt by Hardwick's assumption that he was a typical beat-up-the-nerds-jock when they first met.

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it's always funny to see nerd sub-groups attack each other.

As if being a comic book nerd or music nerd or Brit TV nerd is better than being a wrestling nerd.

Mark Coale
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Mr. Boffo

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    Originally posted by djp
    That was a good listen. must sponsor a lot of podcasts - I know I've heard them on Jay Mohr and a few others. and will seemingly sponsor almost any podcast. It seems like there would be diminishing returns. In both cases a person can only get the special offer once, so if they listen to multiple podcasts, once they've done it once, they can no longer help out with any of the other podcasts.
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