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The W - Pro Wrestling - Chilling Moments
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Since: 30.1.03
From: Upper Califia

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I was watching something and saw clips of Goldberg's WCW championship win over Hulk Hogan in the Georgia Dome a few years back. Seeing the crowd and the energy in that arena was awesome and gave me the chills. There aren't too many moments like that in wrestling that give me the chills anymore.

Another example is Jericho's WWF debut in Chicago and the pop that came with it. Any other wrestling moments that give you the chills (in a good way not a Undertaker-Kamala type of way)?

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Boudin rouge

Since: 15.1.03

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Austin vs. Dude Love at Over the Edge 98(?)...the one with Patterson as announcer, Brisco as time keeper, Vince as ref, and Undertaker as special of the rare examples of completely overbooked drama and suspense that actually worked. Probably the best match of the Attitude era too.

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Since: 1.3.03

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The night Taker returned on RAW to take up Kane's challenge of a match at WM.

The crack of lightening hitting the casket and Taker popping up at the top of the ramp, that was bone chilling. - You'll never watch wrestling the same way again.
Spaceman Spiff

Since: 2.1.02
From: Philly Suburbs

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--Flair's "Fire me! I'm already fired!" promo

--the ECW "reformation", and subsequent teaming up w/ "WCW". Oh, what could have been...

--Flair's promo on the last Nitro, and match w/ Sting

Potato korv

Since: 29.4.02
From: Jax, FL

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When the mystery stalker of Undertaker's wife revealed himself to be DDP. Mind you this was all before WCW's good name got tarnished further with loss after loss, but man was that something to see it be him.

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Lap cheong

Since: 4.9.02
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For me, the most recent was probably after Angle and Benoit had the best match of the year at Royal Rumble. An easy five star match that saw Angle and Benoit bring a dead crowd back to life after a bunch of POS matches. Benoit lost and that was that, but after another silly backstage vignette, promo, or something lame like that the crowd gives their props to a beaten Benoit for his exceptional performance. I thought that was cool.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: The Las Vegas of Canada

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For me as a fan in 1991 who had no access to the net, or the Observer or Torch, the most chilling "I can't believe I am seeing this" moment was the first time Bobby Heenan displayed the big gold belt and said "the Real World's Champion, Ric Flair, is coming to the WWF"

Two live memories that also did that for me were seeing Austin getting up after the Austin/Hart WM13 match and hearing the crowd react as if they had found a new savior, and the dueling Rock/Hogan chants when they first met on Raw.

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Since: 3.1.02

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The most recent one. Brock getting cheered at last year's Survivor Series. It was after he got pinned and he started to slowly rise up after Big Show and Paul left. The crowd gave him a huge ovation and it felt like electriciy pouring into my body. I have never felt anything like that before. I know right then and there, Brock was it.


Since: 12.10.02
From: Canada

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How about when Stone Cold gave Mike Tyson the middle finger and the ensuing pull-apart? What was probably more chilling was flipping over to the Evening News and seeing it on there afterwards.
Boudin blanc

Since: 26.8.02

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Brock ascending the ropes for the Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania. Granted, it was quickly followed by nausea and then awe, but watching him climb the ropes for something that had been anticipated for months in advance was certainly chilling.

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Since: 10.1.03
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Talking about chilling in a more haunting way, how about when HBK fainted during that match with Owen Hart on RAW. That was done so well, with Owen and Cornette looking concerned and the annoucers going totally silent, I was damned sure it was real.


Since: 11.5.03
From: Mount Pleasant, Pa.

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Two moments that really stood out for me:

1. Vince spins around in his chair, and you can see the initials "N.W.O."

2. Bischoff is announced by Vince as the new General Manager of RAW.

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Since: 9.2.03
From: Parts Unknown

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#13 Posted on
Mankind's first title win ... although this show was taped I wasn't aware of the results (this is when Tony uttered his infamous Nitro remarks isn't it?) ... I was cheering and clapping ... all quite embarrassing ... and chilling!
Potato korv

Since: 21.9.02
From: Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

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#14 Posted on
The most recent chilling moment I had was back when Vince gave Bischoff the 30-day deadline to save RAW. Eric was at Vince's limo, saying that nobody could run RAW better than he could. Vince says "Is that so?" or "Oh really?" or something to that effect, and out from the limo steps Shane! Of course, it helps that Shane seems to know when his welcome's running out and always disappears before he gets totally overexposed but still.

Boudin rouge

Since: 1.3.02
From: Denver, Colorado

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    Originally posted by OldManChase
    Mankind's first title win ... although this show was taped I wasn't aware of the results (this is when Tony uttered his infamous Nitro remarks isn't it?) ... I was cheering and clapping ... all quite embarrassing ... and chilling!

I swear I was thinking the same thing! In fact, I've got that edition of RAW recorded on tape for posterity. It's one of my favorite RAW moments ever.

I mean, the electricity during that match between Mankind and Rock was INSANE. Corporation members at ringside. DX at ringside. Michael Cole marking out like a nine year old after eating too much FunDip. All the ingredients were right!

I'll never forget how I thought Mankind was finished, and all of a sudden, GLASS SHATTERS. StoneCold comes out, and within a moment, Mankind becomes WWF Champion for the first time EVER. Man...

And another great moment that gives me chills when I think about it is Rick Steiner's victory against Mike Rotunda at Starrcade 88 for the NWA World TV Title. If ANY of you have access to that match, stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and WATCH THAT MATCH. I guaranDAMNtee that you will be markin' out like a mother. The ultramegainsanecrazy face pop for Steiner at the end of the match is FRIGHTENING.

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Since: 3.1.02
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More examples:

-At the beginning of the Split Angle, Shane & Stephanie reveal who they sold their stock to...Ric Flair. "I'm your doggone partner! Whoo!", all the while Vince McMahon trying not to cry.
-Chris Jericho winning the WCW & WWF Championships. The sight of one man with both belts simply stunned me.
-Chris Benoit FINALLY winning the WCW Championship against Sid at some WCW PPV in January 2000
-The Radicals debuting on RAW in January 2000
-Cactus Jack going through the cell roof at No Way Out 2000
-The return of the Undertaker at Judgment Day 2000
-Triple H, X-Pac, Benoit, Guerrero & Saturn vs. The Rock, Cactus Jack, Rikishi & Too Cool, RAW main event in February 2000

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Shot in the dark

Since: 11.1.02
From: Houston

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#17 Posted on
The biggest for me was the DBS/Bret Hart IC title match from SummerSlam '92.

The whole match was just outstanding...false finishes everywhere...and when DBS actually got the pin, I could feel chills.

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Since: 8.1.03

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#18 Posted on

    Originally posted by RKMtwin

      Originally posted by OldManChase
      And another great moment that gives me chills when I think about it is Rick Steiner's victory against Mike Rotunda at Starrcade 88 for the NWA World TV Title. If ANY of you have access to that match, stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and WATCH THAT MATCH. I guaranDAMNtee that you will be markin' out like a mother. The ultramegainsanecrazy face pop for Steiner at the end of the match is FRIGHTENING.

    Is that the match where he won the belt and Rotunda's money... and all the wrestlers came into the ring to celebrate with him... or was that Sting? I remember both... and marking out like crazy... It was a great chase... I couldn't wait for Rotunda to be beaten. Ahh... hazy memory from my days as a 7yr old.

    -The Rock/Hogan Stare down was surreal.
    -Goldberg taking the belt from Hogan was amazing.
    -The time the Giant ripped about the ring on one of the first Thunders blew me away.
    -I hate to admit it, but I marked out like crazy when Lex Luger took the belt from Hollywood Hulk Hogan on one of the anniversary Nitros.
    -Sting popping up and cutting a promo to face the Nature Boy on the last Nitro... didn't expect that
    -Macho man getting bit by Jake the Snake's cobra on TV without the big red X covering it.
    -When Booker T came and threw Stone Cold through a table... I was waiting for the Bookerman to show up.

Since: 28.5.02
From: Bloomington, IN

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AS has been mentioned a few times before, I will never forget how I felt the night Mankind won the World Title. I have it on tape as well and watch it probably once a year when I am looking to get inspired and I'll be damned if I don't get that same feeling every time.

One of the others has already been mentioned too, the ten man main event in February 2000. While the match was great and had me on the edge of my seat, it was actually the return of Kane at the end of the match that gave me the chills.

The backlot attack by the NWO when it was just Hall and Nash gave me chills because I think thats when I first knew I was watching something that was huge. WCW handled the angle so well he first four months.

Jericho's entrance in the WWF also did it. I have that on tape and you can just repeat the first paragraph from here on out. I will never forget how apeshit the crowd went when the word JERICHO popped on the screen.

The infamous Mankind/Taker Hell in a Cell match usually does it for me, not so much because of the bumps but I think more because the commentary as JR (I don't know if it was real emotions or he was just playing the character) seemed genuinely concerned for the well being of the participants.

And last but certainly not least was the match that upped the ante -- the Edge/Christian vs. Hardys ladder match. I think it was Terri Runnels on one of the tapes of the match that said she could sum the match up in one word "Heart" And I don't think that's ever been more apparent in the ring than these four men on this night.
The Thrill

Since: 16.4.02
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#20 Posted on

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No Way Out 2002 in Milwaukee...being there when the nWo porno music finally played at a WWF event, and out strut Hall, Nash...and Hogan, in the sacred black-and-white. Goosebump city. I marked out like a little girl.

Too bad it only lasted like a month...*sigh*

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