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Since: 2.1.02
From: Bronx, NY

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It's 2005. It's back. It's Captionomics~!

So, now then... enough with the shilling, bringeth the captions. 9 pics this time.










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Since: 20.1.04
From: Fairfax, VA

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    Originally posted by Kawshen

    And this authentic gold medal from the 1996 Summer Olympics can be yours... if the price is right.

    Although Batista's sexual tendencies have not been brought up in the past, controversy arises when young Dave smiles in approval at an in-ring makeout session between Triple H and Ric Flair.

    Monty: "So explain this to me again... I'm the fresh face who's over with the crowd, you haven't won a match since coming in, and they're putting YOU in the main event?"

    Edge makes his early push for the 2005 Stalker of the Year award.

    HHH: "I still can't believe we couldn't control ourselves out there earlier, in front of little Dave too. He's so impressionable, and..."
    Flair: "Shut up, I know what I'm doing. You think he could have beaten Viscera without that extra bit of motivation?"

    As Randy Moss goes into his bedroom in dismay after being publicly criticized for his fake mooning incident, he noticed this flyer and had a longing for a time when his antics would have been encouraged and appreciated.

    Raven's desperation for a push goes too far as he plunges into the realm of insanity, where he believes himself to be Hacksaw Jim Duggan, in desperate desperate search of Scott Hall's TV title.

    RVD's career falls further down the drain as he now is involved in the amateur pornpgraphy industry with an unknown Mexican porn star.

    Hey, at least I didn't turn him 50 times in a year like his guy did.

Lap cheong

Since: 4.4.03
From: Nitro WV

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Yeah, these are the REAL GOLD MEDALS!


I hope my wife doesn't catch me looking at those hooters in the front row.


DDP: Lets get ready to play poker!
Nash: Ok, who forgot the table?


This is my best mean and evil look I can do Vince!


Flair: He's winning! He's winning!


I'll just keep talking about the cheerleaders because I didn't know anything about the football. PUPPIES!


Reduced to the Hacksaw Jim Duggan gimmick of janitor Raven becomes irate and start ranting: Clean that spot nevermore!


We're ready for our close up!!! To much 420 for them this night.


Shawn: Hehe, his hair is still grey and Coach uses to much wax on his head!

Are you a Haggis Head?

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Since: 2.12.04
From: Detroit, MI

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.97

The Fashion Police were finally called in to deal with Angle's singlets.

Batista: I bet that chick isn't wearing a bra.

Monty: Has anyone ever told you guys you are REALLY old?
Nash: Did anyone ever tell suck?

Edge: Why can't a girl get a salad???!

I can't caption this. There is just too much to use here, c'mon.

Lurking somewhere in the back of Stacy Carter's blackmail drawer....

Raven threatens to jump after TNA rescinds on their promise to "Never job you out like Vince and that evil WWE did."

The first episode of High Times TV aired today...

HBK: How can I have screwed Bret when it's these two who are the gay ones here? HEY-OOOOOOOO!!!

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Since: 2.1.02
From: The City of Subdued Excitement

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.00

Nash: "Guys, thanks for agreeing to make this a 'We All Sit Down in Chairs' match. It's really much easier on my knees."

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Since: 22.10.02
From: Oztraya

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Angle: To answer your question, its about that long, baby, itís true itís true


Dave: I'm the only real persona on this whole damn show

DDP, man this groups gonna be even better then the NJ triad


Bob: Edge are you mad too?
Edge: Yeah
Bob: How come
Edge: Cause I cant see my forehead (Patrick tribute)


Come on naitch we all know Batista canít powerbomb a medicine ball that size, not for a lack of trying of course but itís just to awkward a shape.


We shoulda just brought Rugby League over from Australia. That at least wouldíve been xtreme just for the lack of armour


Stevie Richards uses his alter ego Raven to get over in TNA and steal doorknobs


RVD: Hey they were supposed to put ďIím overĒ on the front, not ďUPN!Ē


HBK: I donít know bout you Coach but I thought Bischoff was shorter than us.

Couch: high heels will do that

Three oinkers wearing pants, a plate of hot air, a basket of grandma's breakfast and change a bull to a gill, got it.
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Since: 2.10.02
From: Missouri

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I would like to introduce my security for tonight... holy crap, is that Will Ferrel?


Ohhh, I'll play your game, you rogue! Let's try "The Rapists" for $20.


You're probably wondering why we brough you here tonight. Have you ever heard of a "human pile".


Edge was never the same after he heard that Brad and Jennifer broke up.


Flair: Yeah, Batita's winning! This is awesome!
HHH: It's fake Ric.


Jerry is so cheap that he gets his clothes free from the dumpster behind Titan Towers.


Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries, who is this mysterious trash can wielding madman roaming the country?


The last known photograph of RVD and Rey after the WWE tour of Amsterdam.


Hey kids, it's Burt Reynolds!

(edited by waffleking on 20.1.05 1213)

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Since: 16.4.02
From: Green Bay, WI

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Thanks for a great season, Pick of the Week fans...see you next year at Planet Magic in Denmark, WI!

"I may be doing a 'Real American'-type gimmick, but I WILL NOT lower myself to this 'Yappapi Strapation' bit!"

Batista smirks, having finally captured the love of the IWC, and gives his best Ashton Kutcher-esque "Yeah, you know it."

The TNA guys look to set late-night on fire, with the best hair-care infomercial since Cher.

Edge figured nothing says "heel" more than his impression of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II.

HHH sighs, his attempts to wean Flair off of his Nintendo Power Gloves addiction going nowhere.

With re-runs of Leave it to Beaver at an all-time low in 2000, The Beav had to do something for crack money...

Deep within the bowels of TNA, Raven comes up with the idea that would eventually make its way onto South Park as "Fingerbang."

Rey and RVD visit a mall photo booth, with disappointing results.

Shawn can't believe he just stole Raven's "Fingerbang" concept and got away with it on WWE TV. Meanwhile, Tony Perkins from Good Morning America and Kenny Rogers are not amused.

Star wipe, and...we're out.
Thrillin' ain't easy.

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Since: 10.1.02

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#9 Posted on

Deeply disturbed by Officer #1's checking out Angle's camel toe, Officer #2 snaps and begins making hand animals

Batista's checking out of Angle's camel toe is mainly ignored. Really, who's going to question Batista

DDP fiendishly rubs his hands together and demands one billion dollars, lest Monty never escape this show

Edge never quite believed his face would really freeze that way

HHH is less than impressed with his Lifesize Ric Flair Action Figure with dynamic "No Hair, No Flair" pose

Viewing this photo has been legally proven to transform any human being into a virgin

Raven: Hey, THERE'S where I left my pancreas

The Blair Witch Project 26: So Very Stoned

Shawn foolishly reveals his plans for Bischoff to pull his finger to the camera

Since: 3.10.02
From: Right side of the tracks

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Harris and Wojo, finally free from Barney Miller, make good use of thier notoriety to gain a prestigious position as KURT ANGLE SECRET POLICE.


Batista "Man, as soon as I turn on HHH, I will be bigger than, than, than, oh look, popcorn!"


Nash, Monty and DDP wonder why they cant get any heat, in front of TNAs biggest crowd to date.


Whattayamean Noggin isnt showing MY SO CALLED LIFE anymore?


Flair: Man! This Kidman vs London match is AWESOME!
HHH: Hey, it's Thursday, isnt survivor on?


The very happy days before Jerry had to lay down for a fake Arab.


There's no joke here, Raven really IS the janitor for TNA.


Lost footage from THE BLAIR WITCH finally show up on the special edition DVD.


Coah, you see, he is REALLY the man who screwed Brett. I mean, NWO version 87?

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Since: 17.11.03
From: Tallahassee, FL

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.56


"Order this gold medal right now and we'll throw in this lovely commemorative box for it for just $19.95. This is a freakin' bargain, people!"


Batista's one weakness in the ring: lullabies.


On a night where the TNA paper ticket machine goes on the fritz, they kill PPV time sitting around the ring confirming that the DVDVR Sleaze Thread was all true.


Edge does a screen test for the WWE's next film project, a remake of "An American Werewolf in London".


HHH is not amused as he knows in a second Flair will have another one of his reality spells and punch the screen, making it the third TV this month he's lost.


Jerry Lawler exults as his Memphis franchise is the only XFL team not to fold, thus they just wrapped up their 4th straight XFL championship.


"Shit, I thought it was AMW's week to take out the trash!"


RVD laughs as Rey Mysterio knows he's just about to accidentally suck in his own graphic.


Shawn points out what a corporate whore Bischoff is by wearing a SPIKE TV blazer, ignoring his own WWE-brand wristband

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Since: 19.6.03
From: Louisville

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What is romance? A box of candy, a roll of condoms, and me. Oh, and two security guards to help escort the girl out later.


Ah, the one thing that's great about being evil. Shifty eyes!


Monty: I dunno, I really think the attendance is getting smaller at these shows.


As the old saying goes: Jesus is coming and boy is he pissed.


Flair: Man, I've taken so many shots to the head, I can't even remember how to sit in a chair!
HHH: Wait a minute. What's this "sit in a chair" business you speak of?


Hey little girl, want a ball?


And . . . point. Damn, I'll never pass this audition for STOMP.


One of the deleted scenes from the soon-to-be-released "One Night In Chyna" special edition DVD.


'Nowhadymean, Vern?

Since: 28.2.02

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#13 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.56
    Originally posted by Kawshen
    It's 2005. It's back. It's Captionomics~!

    So, now then... enough with the shilling, bringeth the captions. 9 pics this time.


    Kurt Angle is completely oblivious as the fashion police prepare to strike.

    That's it, keep bending over. I'm starting to see a little cleavage. Nice, nice...oh, Ric, you little scamp! You know just how to move me!

    No wonder Crossfire was cancelled.

    The World Heavyweight Title!

    Batista likes to leave his Evolution cardboard stand-ups in front of the TV so he feels like he has the support of his peers.

    If your Dad had this t-shirt when you were in junior high, congratulations. You might be young enough to be this man's next ex-wife!

    Dammit, I know the TV title's in here somewhere!

    RVD: Guess where my hand is!

    Shawn: Here, Coach and Bischoff display the two most likely reasons for me to continue wearing a hat.

    (edited by Kawshen on 19.1.05 2333)

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Since: 14.5.04
From: right behind you

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TRIPS: I dunno Ric, Dave told us not to jump on the furniture.
RIC: Oh! Will you stop being a bitch! This is fun!


Fine, but tomorrow its Kevin's turn to take out the trash!


"This isnt what it looks like!"


Shawn: Ooh! Tell me he did not just go there!
Coach: Shawn, why are you still here? We already had a talk about you not working here anymore...

(Diabolical Voice) "I think we both know very well where that smell is coming from!"

(edited by WhoTookMyHonor? on 20.1.05 1351)

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Since: 25.2.02

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Two grown men hold back tears as they realize this is as far as their wrestling career is EVER gonna go.

"Mmmmm. Cheesy poofs."

"So NOBODY showed?" "Not one fan." "Well hell, let's just do what the AWA did in their last days and talk shop while showing crappy matches."

Edge shows the world what a real wolverine looks like so the mean kids will stop picking on Napoleon.

"See? My ass is going to look SPECTACULAR in high def!"

No reserve. Auction is open-ended. Football and shirt thrown in for free.

"I STILL think this should have counted as carry-on."

Why this month's 'Tiger Beat' was the lowest selling issue ever.

(poke poke poke) "STOP IT!" "Hee hee hee!" (poke poke poke)

Since: 15.6.03
From: Eire

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    Originally posted by Kawshen


    Yes, this is the non-touched by Benoit's genitals medal.


    Look at me now Reverend D-von.




    I can't keep this face much longer! go to commercial!!!


    Flair: I love colour TV.
    HHH: We have to watch this because my best matches are blurred.


    Screw the Kat, THIS is the reason I left.


    And this is where my career goes.

    Rey: Hey RVD, I can show this video to the troops in Iraq to show how much you care.

    Guess which one Vince likes best?


Since: 4.1.02

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Fuck yo chair nigga! I'm Ric Flair bitch!

Big G

Since: 21.8.03
From: the people who brought you Steel Magnolias....

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1. Angle: No, there is NOT chocolate inside
2. Oooh, is that fart ripe or what!
3. So, is it true? Can your life really sink no lower?
4. Photo taken after Edge walks through Batista's "Vapour Trail"
5. "Homo erotic or not, I love this bit"
6. "XFL" - just the thing to watch between sessions of "teenage schoolgirls"
7. Alternativley, the trash holding the trashcan.
8. RVD talks about his special 619
9. He's the jobber boss, not me.

WOTD 16 Dec 2003
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Since: 11.11.02
From: Fat City, Baby

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.15

Angle was confident that he'd proven his accusers wrong... and then the police showed him the negatives.

"If I time this one just right, the smell will hit the ring after I'm halfway up the ramp."

Face it: you don't know and don't care who any of these people are.

Edge only became alarmed after the sensation that he had to sneeze at any second lasted into Day #3.

Flair holds up his hands to make the goalposts in a game of paper football, while Triple H disgustedly prepares to deliver the "People on TV aren't actually in the room" speech for the sixtieth time.

Though sholars dismissed it for decades as "ludicrous," proof was eventually found that someone employed this person in two announcing jobs.

"If they're not gonna play by the rules, I'll just take my frickin' trash can and go home. They can see how much they have fun then. Yeah, you bastards, how are you going to play Mega Kick the Can now, huh? Show's what they know."

As with other non-wrestling ventures, Vince McMahon's foray into "Gone Wild" Spring Break amateur video is horribly misguided.

Shawn Michaels stares in disbelief after hearing Bischoff actually dare him to try the "Does this bug you?" [POKE] "Does this bug you" game again.

The Obtuse Angle Archive.

Since: 2.1.02
From: Madison, WI

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#20 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22

"OK, Batista, I'll give you a choice of bonus for coming to Smackdown!: these Olympic gold medals - or RVD's private stash."


"Hmm - the gold medals would be nice - but seeing some of the decisions RVD has made, he must have been SKY high at the time."


"I KNEW this would happen once we decided to charge admission."


Edge decides to model his character on Nicholson's Jack Torrance from The Shining - and HHH has just told him that carrying a fire ax is ripping off his sledgehammer gimmick.


As Flair shows how his boxing moves could make this match better, HHH broods about how Batista is trying to steal his spotlight - and how he will make him pay for it.


Hey kids! Two big wastes of time!


After one hit too many, Raven starts channeling Duke "The Dumpster" Droese.


Vince's latest brainchild - "Wrestlers Gone Wild!" - goes horribly wrong when RVD tries to find his "secret stash".


Bischoff tries to keep his cool when HBK starts lampooning his "history-making" WCW-KISS crossover program.

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Quite honestly, this is the only regular wrestling show I watch anymore, so I hope all it means is that they lose the WWE guys but continue on. Damn. Of course, if it means the return of Jack Bull then I'm ALL FOR IT!!!!!
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