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The W - Pro Wrestling - BrewGuy's SmackDown! Recap
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Well, SOME people may appear to be giving up, but NOT ME - I'm NOT THAT SMART! Aren't you LUCKY??

Tonight, there will be a new General Manager of SmackDown! Tonight, The Rock will take on Kurt Angle! And on Monday, some guy named Bischoff showed up, and so tonight, you're stuck with ME!

Warning - the following program contains material that may be unsuitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised!

Last Monday, Bischoff wasted no time in leaving a MESSAGE! For The ROCK! He'll be HERE! TONIGHT!!

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

Jericho apparently DEMANDED this match! DEMANDED! RUTHLESS! AGRRESSION! Let Us Take You Back To Last Thursday when Jericho got pinned by the rookie! Jericho talks trash, Cena gives him the "that's all you got" hand signal, which earns him a slap! Cena takes him down and throw's some rights and we're on! whip by Cena - big elbow! Hiptoss! Another whip is reversed, but Jericho eats a spinebuster! Cover, 1, 2, no. Another whip by Cena is reversed - Jericho goes for the back body drop but Cena kicks him in the head for his trouble - Jericho backs against the ropes, Cena charges but Jericho bends down the top rope and Cena goes flying to the outside! Jericho outside - big soccer kick to the gut. Kick, blatant slap to the face, club to the head, and Jericho rolls him back in. Up to the top he goes - trash talkin' the whole way! Double axe handle O dropkick to the gut by Cena! Cena with a forearm, another - whip is reversed - flying jalapeno by Cena! German suplex!! Cover, 1, 2, no! Whip to the corner reversed by Jericho - clothesline from behind misses - belly-to-belly by Cena! Cover, 1, 2, no! Whip by Cena - kitchen sink NO Jericho rolls Cena up and goes for the falls, but Cena's too strong and kicks free! Kick, DDT! Cover, 1, 2, no! Cena looks disappointed with every false pin. Whip by Cena - dropkick but Jericho holds the ropes! Lionsault MISSES! Quick rollup, 1, 2, NO! Cena right back on him, but a blatant low blow stops Cena in his tracks - but the ref caught him! (2:43 DQ) Cena wins by default, but Jericho slaps on the Walls! Cena is tapping like a madman! Jericho is roaring like a madman! Ref is yelling like a madman to get Jericho off! Here's a bunch of refs and Fit Finley to finally get him off Cena - but Jericho's not done! He slides outside, throws Eaton aside AGAIN and grabs a steel chair! The refs quickly scatter - BAM, right to the back of Cena! Finley tries to take the chair away but Jericho won't let him! BAM, another shot to the back! Somebody else goes for the
chair but Jericho swings the chair wildly and everybody leaves the ring. WHACK! WHACK! And three more chair-edges to the spine of Cena! Now the refs are all back in and Finley RIPS the chair out of Jericho's hand and gives the King Of The World a little what for. Jericho leaves
the ring, still talkin'.

Meanwhile, a white limo pulls up outside, and Mark Lloyd gets excited - but it's not the new GM of SmackDown, it's the new GM of Raw, Eric Bischoff. Lloyd asks Eric why he's here, and Bisch ain't got nothin' for 'em!

Vengeance is in 3 days! There will be great vengeance and furious anger and probably some mushroom-cloud-layin' mofos, mofo.

Bisch shakes hands with Randy Orton. Eric's lookin' for Hogan, Orton shows him the way. Bisch takes a few deep breaths - and enters Hogan's dressing room. "Hulk Hogan, I presume!" "Well, look what the cat dragged in" Bisch wants a handshake - and a hug - Hogan has nothin' for him. Bisch reminds him he's the new Raw GM "I hear you're trying to sign Triple H" "I don't know how you're gonna do that - this isn't down south, brother, you can't pull those strings..." "whoa
whoa, you always taught me, cover your own back and you have!" I don't even know where to start with THAT little line o' dialogue. "Listen brother, you're here to see the Rock, not me." "Hey,
what about Edge, is he here? This guy is fresh - he's fast, he's strong, he's young - is he around? You guys a package?" "We negotiating?" "That's the other thing you taught me, man - ALWAYS negotiate!" Eric leaves, and Hogan mumbles "Negotiate, my ass..."

Warning - the following program contains material that may be unsuitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Hurricane vs. Chavo Guerrero

Cole reminds us we'll find out who the GM is tonight - thank goodness, I'd forgotten. Chavo's entrance music is the bomb - and for that matter, so is Chavo. There's the bell!

Hurricane offers the Hand Of Friendship, which Chavo slaps away - that earns him a few rights - whip is reversed, shoulder block by Hurricane. Hurri-pose! Off the ropes, Chavo's clothesline misses - a Chavo back suplex, but Hurricane lands on his fee - jumping neckbreaker! Right, whip, baaaack body drop! Up to the top, high cross body!~ 1, 2, no. Right, whip reversed by Chavo, head down, Hurricane goes for the kick but Chavo catches it and drops an elbow on the knee. Hurricane is writhing in pain - ref tells Chavo to stay back as he checks him out, but Chavo won't have any of that - there's a baseball slide to the knee! He pushes the ref out of the way and right to work on the knee with some kicks, then smacks it against the ringpost! And now he just bends the knee right around it! Back in the ring - scoop, into the Tree Of Woe. Dropkick to the knee, and Chavo's talkin' some latino trash! Hurricane fires off some rights, but Chavo kicks the knee - off the ropes, GOOZLE, but Chavo elbows out - and there's a groovy
drop-toe-hold! Ref is holding Chavo back - he asks Hurricane if he's sure he wants to continue - Hurricane shoves him out of the way and says COME ON, so Chavo charges and kicks the knee again! Now he's bending it on the rope, but Hurricane punches out of it. Chavo back on the knee again, picking up the leg, but Hurricane shoves him off - and there's a SHINIIING WIZZAAAHHHD - Tazz even said so!! Cover, 1, 2, no! whip to the corner reversed by Chavo, he charges but eats elbow -
Hurricane up to the top - somersault neckbreaker! Hurricane hurri-crawls over...cover, 1, 2, Chavo's foot is on the rope! Hurricane picks him up - set for the suplex, but Chavo reverses - kneebreaker!! He's still got the leg - now he drapes the leg over his neck in a submission hold! Hurricane gets to the ropes but Chavo pulls him off and stretches the leg over his neck again - then picks him right up and SLAMS him down! And there's an STF! AND HURRICANE TAPS!!! (4:10)
Chavo WINS, and in a BIG way! And now he's got the mic! "Excus-a me! Excus-a me! (something in Spanish)! *I* am the premiere Latin American cruiserweight in the WWE! Yet eeeevery time I turn around, all I see is prrrropoganda (rolling r's) on Reyyy...Myeteriooo...Junior! He's coming! He's coming! He's coming! He's coming! He's coming! He's AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I'M SICK OF IT!! I'M here, right now! So what I say, is next week, right here on SmackDown!, Rey Myyysterrioooo, makes his big in-ring debut against....ME! Chavo Guerrrrero! (rolling r's)". Chavo cockily throws the mic away and Latino Strut's out of the ring. It's too bad Chris isn't here – I think he would've loved this.

Meanwhile, a BLACK limo pulls up this time, and it's not the new GM (SHOCKER!), it's Mr. McMahon is here. Lloyd tells him Bischoff is here, and Vince says it'll be an interesting evening. Meanwhile, Rico offers his services to Bisch, but he's lookin' for the Rock - but runs right into
Vince. They kibitz and say not much of interest, other than Bisch says he's gonna sign Triple H at Vengeance. He even brushes the dust off of Vince's shoulder. "I'm on my way to see the Rock! Excuse me, sir!" Tazz can't believe he actually did that.

Would you buy hair colour from a magazine company? Just a thought. Here's another one - The Rock will face Angle tonight! And Vengeance is this Sunday!

Michael Cole tells us he had a chance to sit down with the Undertake - let's see that interview right now!

They're sittin' in the ringside seats, Taker's got his belt. "Undertaker, we certainly appreciate you taking the time to sit down here today and speak with us about a variety of issues, including your title defence this coming Sunday at Vengeance of the WWE Undisputed Championship in a Triple Threat match against The Rock AND...Kurt Angle." "Well Michael Cole, we wouldn't be taking this time if I didn't think I had something to say about it. So you've done your job, so may I suggest that you sit back now, and pay attention." Cole dutifully does so. "'cause there's a few facts I think I need to get straightened out about the Undertaker, and the Undisputed Title. I am the Undisputed Champion, and I am so not because I kissed anybody's *beep*. Nor have I been protected since I won the title - I have defended the title against anybody and everybody who has stepped up. In any kind of match they wanted. The reason I am the Undisputed Champion - and this is the part that's important - I am the Undisputed Champion because there's nobody who can beat me in a championship match. Now you take the Rock - the
People's Champ. At Kind Of The Ring he decided to step up, and take his shot at me. And he chose King Of The Ring because he knows deep down, that one on one, face to face - he can't beat me. And he also realizes, he's smart - he also realizes that that would be the best way to get my attention. But what Rock has to realize, if he gets my attention, he needs to expect my wrath. And Cole, here's something for you and everybody else to think about. Lets go back to last week
right here on SmackDown when Kurt Angle and The Rock were havin' their little catfight. Big dog came down - saw what was in his yard - and kicked both their asses. That's all I got to say about The Rock. But that does bring Kurt Angle up now - the third dance partner in the Triple Threat. You see Kurt Angle...he's livin' in a world of a delusional state I think right now. He got some little half-assed victory over me a few weeks back on SmackDown!. Non-title match. Now he's been jumpin' around and claiming he's the greatest thing the world's ever seen. And then on top of that, he thinks he made me tap! Michael Cole, how should I put this? If Kurt Angle and I had 1000 matches on 1000 consecutive days, Kurt Angle cannot make me tap. the bottom line is that I stacked him up, and I pinned him 1-2-3. And if anything else would have happened that night, I would not be the Undisputed champion, nor would I have the Undisputed title with my name on it - it would say Kurt Angle. So I don't know what his problem is, but Sunday at Vengeance, we're gonna get a lot of things straight. One thing being, The Rock and Kurt Angle are both gonna find out why I am the American Badass, and why that right over there is my yard. I'm
comin' to take the yard. If yer caught in it, yer gonna pay."

Billy and Chuck (with Rico) vs. Hardcore Holly and The Big Valbowski

For some reason, the Velocity video is playing behind Billy and Chuck, but Cole takes the opportunity to shill. Chucky does the "Chucky Shuffle", which I ain't describin', and Billy's hangin' on the ropes like a monkey. By the way, Subway presents WWE Vengeance! And if you can't be there, go to the World and drool over Torrie and Dawn Marie! Wow, Dawn Marie gets some good jobs, considering she's a paralegal!

Billy and Holly start. Lockup, Billy backs Holly into the corner...slowwwww break, Billy with a kick to the hut. Right, right, right, right, right, right, some yelling for the ref. Billy turns around and eats a right. Shot o the back of the head - whip by Holly is reversed -
shoulder block by Holly. Leapfrog by Billy, but runs right into the Best Dropkick In The Business. Whip by Holly is reversed, back body drop NO Holly floats over and pushes Billy into the ropes, goes for the roll up but Billy holds onto the ropes and is quite proud of himself, until Holly grabs his legs and boots him in the stomach/groin - then follows with a clothesline. Billy tags Chuck, who runs right into an inverted atomic drop. Holly tags Val. Val with a big right, another, another, whip to the corner reversed, Chuck charges but EATS boot - Val charges but EATS elbow, Chuck off the ropes but EATS boot, Val off the ropes but EATS a clothesline. Chuck off the ropes but EATS an elbow. Scoop, slam, "YAAAAAH!', off the ropes, big knee drop by Val! Cover, 1, 2, no. Tag to Holly, Rico looks concerned. Val whips Chuck into a slam by
Holly, elbow by Val, elbow by Holly - nice! Whip by Holly is reversed right into Billy who drops Holly over the top rope - and there's an overhead Belly to belly by Chuck! Cover, 1, 2, no! Scoop by Holly, but Holly drops down and shoves Chuck into the corner - there's a back suplex! Both men down, Val REEEALLY wants a tag! Chuck tags - and so does Val! Right! Right! Whip reversed but EATS shoulder! Clothesline for Chuck! Dropkick(!!) Clothesline over the top rope!
Billy’s clothesline misses - Blue Thunder Powerbomb! Cover, 1, 2, Chuck saves! this brings Holly in who sends Chuck to the outside. Jim Korderas is putting Hardcore back in the corner, which allows Rico to come in and Spin Kick Val! So Hardcore blows by the ref and SMOKES Rico with a big right! Chuck pulls Hardcore to the outside and they brawl - meanwhile, Billy covers Val - 1, 2, NO! Billy can't believe it! Kick to the gut, Billy goin' for the Famouser but runs right into Holly and an Alabama Slam! And Val to the top - psycho look - Money Shot! Cover, 1, 2, 3! (4:39) Rico looks upset while Val and Hardcore celebrate.

Coming up, the new GM announcement! But coming up next, more wrasslin'!

Tonight, The Rock meets Kurt Angle! And a new GM!

Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Edge, and Rikishi vs. The Lance Storm, Christian, and TEST

I have decided that TEST is too good to have his name in small letters, sorta like TAKA. Because hey, TEST-a-mania is runnin' wild! I saw a sign, and everything! Tazz says their chip on their shoulder isn't red white and blue - yes Tazz, but it IS Red and White! Rikishi wants to start, and Hulk lets him - Christian starts for the Canadians.

Christian clothesline misses, right, right, whip, baaaack body drop, ad right for Storm too! Christian follows up with rights and tags Storm, double irish whip, but 'kishi double-clotheslines 'em. Tag to Edge - flying clothesline on Storm,, one for Christian, TEST misses with a clothesline,
and eats a right for his trouble. Flying jalapeno to Storm! Irish whip reversed, and Edge is tripped by TEST - beautiful calf kick by Storm! Cover, 1, 2, no. Storm tags Christian, who's on Edge with rights and kicks while everybody chants for Hogan. Chokehold, and a commercial

Upon returning, it's TEST with a headlock with Edge battles out of with double axe handles - whip is reversed, knee to the stomach by TEST - Pumphandle Slam! TEST callin' for the Whitby Boot Of Death - he charges but Edge ducks, and lands a facebuster! Both men down! Edge trying to reach Hogan, TEST stops him, and Christian charges over and nails Hogan! The ref stops Rikishi from getting in the ring, and it's a three-man beat-down on Edge! Now Storm is in with some mounted
rights! Whip to the corner - clothesline - rolls Edge to the ground. Storm leaps to the top - flying clothesline NO powerslam by Edge! AND EDGE TAGS HOGAN!! Right for Storm! Right for Christian! Right for TEST! One more for each of 'em, but TEST nails Hogan, but Edge nails TEST, and everybody's outside except Storm and Hogan - superkick!! Cover, 1, 2, NO! Uh oh....he's got that look! Right - NO SALE! Right - he's hulking up! Another right, more hulking up! Another right - YOU!! Right blocked, right, right, right, Tag to Edge, whip to the corner, clothesline by Hogan, SPEAR by Edge, avalanche by Rikishi! Strom dutifully drops down while everybody else brawls on the outside - Rikishi sees he's down there! He motions to the crowd! He turns around
- RIGHT INTO A WHITBY BOOT OF DEATH BY TEST!! But Hogan's back in - right, right, right, bit boot to TEST! Hogan motioning for the legdrop, but Christian Slop Drop's him! But Edge SPEARS Christian! Storm with a superkick BLOCKED, kick, EDGE-A-CUTION! Cover, 1, 2, 3!! (9:19 in total) the good guys celebrate - the Canadians are PISSED, especially TEST.

Meanwhile, the Rock jumps up and down - then stops. "There he is, the People's Champion! Rock - Eric Bischoff, new GM for Raw." Eric wants The Rock - and the Rock agrees, 'cause he plans to be on Raw as the champ! Bisch wishes he was on Nitro, but Rock says he was too busy putting WCW out of business, and leaves. That earns Rock an icy stare....

And here's Vince to make the big announcement. "Oh boy, never before - never before have I seen such angst, such concern on the faces of WWE Superstars. All I did was make one simple announcement last Monday night, there'd be a new GM for RAW, and a new GM for SmackDown!." He then says that all superstars are free to negotiate with the GM's on the other side. In other words, it's open season. He calls Eric Bischoff the best person for the job because he enjoys
ruthless aggression, "which brings us to the announcement of your SmackDown! General Manager. Likewise, this GM is the best person for he job, much like Bischoff did, tried to put me out of business, and also has a history of ruthless aggression. The only difference between Bischoff and the new GM of SmackDown!, as I said to the Raw audience, they truly deserve Bischoff as their GM, I'm not so sure that all of you people, the SmackDown audience, deserve your general manager.
So, with that in mind, allow me to introduce you to the new general manager of SmackDown................Stephanie McMahon!" this the part where I quit?

Steph comes out, clad in a business suit. She shakes hands with her dad. The SmackDown superstars react - not too positively. steph's got the mic - oh goodie. "Welcome t my show - SmackDown! Eric Bischoff is a parasite - Shan was right. But the one thing my brother was wrong
about was when he said that he was going to screw Vince McMahon, screw this company, and screw my family because I won't let hat happen. And I won't allow Eric Bischoff to steal your SmackDown
superstars from you. Those Superstars include The Rock - they include Hulk Hogan, they include Edge, and they include the man who Bischoff said would have made WC a success - the man Bischoff
knows to be the greatest ring general in the world today. The man who has truly earned the moniker "The Game" - Triple H. Bischoff claimed that his first official act would be at Vengeance when he signed Triple H to Raw. So Bischoff at Vengeance, if you want HHH to go down to that very ring and choose between Raw and SmackDown, I don't have a problem with that. Because the egg is going to be on your face, Bischoff, when you're left standing there, and Triple H leaves Vengeance
and comes back home to his fans at SmackDown!. Now I am the General Manager of SmackDown, with the full support of Vince McMahon, the same way you, Bischoff are the General Manager of Raw.
But the only advantage you have over me, Bischoff, is about three days. You said your first official act would take place at Vengeance? Well my first official act is gonna take place right now, when I throw you the hell out of the building!". Steph drops the mic and heads to the back -she finds Eric talkin' to the Canadians. She moves in, the Canadians move out. You have two choices, Eric. You can either walk your little self out of my building, or I will have you thrown out." Bischoff scoffs. OH MY GOD THEY'RE GONNA KISS "You want me out of the building?" "Oh yeah." "I'll be out of the building, but let me tell you something, Steph - a lot can happen between now and Sunday." "Oh, you're right." "I'll see you at Vengeance". Eric leaves.

I will make just one comment. Do you see Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon as equals? Me neither.

Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri

Tazz says that Triple H is in the area. OOOoooo.

Kick by Tajiri, right, right, whip, clothesline misses, Tajiri drops down, Kidman goes over him and arm drags 'em. Shoulder block. Tajiri goes for another but drops a leg on 'em - cool. Right, whip to the corner reversed, Kidman up on Tajiri's shoulders - he's dropped on the top rope - spinning heel kick by Tajiri. Head to the turnbuckle - chop, Kidman reverses, chop, chop, whip to the corner, Kidman charges but Tajiri leaps - Tarantula NO Kidman pushes him off - but Tajiri kicks him, leaps into it and NOW applies the Tarantula. Big knee drop, cover, 1, 2, no. Mounted rights by Tajiri. Choke on the bottom rope, axe kick to the back. Snapmare, headlock. A rest hold less than two minutes in? Kidman quickly to his feet, breaks the hold, off the ropes, slides
underneath, waistlock, Tajiri breaks free, handspring elbow NO Kidman dropkicks his back! Big elbow by Kidman. Clothesline. Fireman’s carry - into a knee to the head! Cover, 1,2, no! Springboard DDT NO Tajiri throws him ff, clothesline misses, BIG kick by Tajiri. Standing
moonsault! 1, 2, no! Tajiri headed for the top - moonsault NO but Tajiri lands on his feet - flying head scissors NO Kidman with a powerbomb! Now Kidman to the top - Shooting Star! That's it, 1, 2, 3 (3:38). Jamie Noble is in to attack, but it's Kidman with rights, whip to the corner, baaaack body drop! Clothesline misses and Kidman runs right into the GREEN MIST, right back into Knoble, kick, OH MY GOD HE POWERBOMBED KIDMAN!!!!!!!! And there’s Nidia with some trash talk, and a trash slap. Noble and Nidia suck face as they all celebrate.

Jericho visits Steph in her office, congratulating her ever-so-falsely on being the GM. Steph says she was overwhelmed by Jericho's kindness by giving up his match with Edge - so Steph books Jericho/Edge for next week on SmackDown!. Jericho looks pretty unhappy, but fakes happiness until he leaves, when he says "Bitch!" and leaves.

This week on Confidential- Eric Bischoff. Who else?

He's Coming - next week, to SmackDown!

The Rock jumps up and down in his locker room! Meanwhile, Vengeance is this Sunday!

Kurt Angle vs. The Rock

Angle is out with a mic first, and says he'll get The Rock to tap tonight. But we get Taker's music and The Undertaker is out, who takes a seat at ringside while we go to some very important commercial!

Coming back, The Rock makes a beeline right for Angle, and it's on!

Rights by Rock drop Angle - Irish whip, clothesline! Another clothesline sends Angle over the top! taker looks on from ringside. Rock drills Angle into the steel steps. Kick, head to Taker's bike! Commentators say he looks unhappy, but he actually looks bored. Back suplex on the ramp by The Rock!! Head to the apron, whip to the bike is reversed, Angle takes him down - and catapults Rock into the steel post! Angle slides into the ring then back out again. He rolls Rock in. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, choke in the corner. Angle talks some trash to Taker. Suplex by Angle. Cover, 1, 2, no. Right, right, right, more trash for Taker. Right, right, right, right, chop! Angle gettin' cocky! Another cop! But Rock throws Angle in the corner and fires off chops of his own! Whip reversed, reversed again, sends Age in, belly to back throw! Cover, 1, 2, no. Right by rock, knee by Angle. German Suplex! Angle pointing at Taker - another German! Holding on for a second! And a third!! Cover, 1, 2, no! Big right drops Rock. Angle taking his time. Rock trying to get up - Angle taunting him - another right drops the Rock. Another right is blocked, right, right, right, whip, back body drop NO Angle with a kick, Angle hits the ropes but gets a clothesline! An a Samoan Drop! Cover, 1, 2 o! rock right misses - back suplex! Angle to the outside, and nails Rock. Angle gives the "come on" symbol to Taker. Another shot to Rocky. Angle is super-cocky. Kick to the head - they're back in the ring now. Kick, kick, kick, kick. More trash talkin' to Taker. Taker ain't really biting. Rock comes back with rights - irish whip, Angle with a cross body but Rock rolls through - 1, 2 o! Angle with a BIG clothesline! Irish whip reversed - belly to belly overhead suplex! Angle openly celebrating now! Whip reversed again - another B2B! Cover, 1, 2, NO! Angle with a headlock as Taker studies his opponents. Angle using the ropes for leverage! Ref has the arm - it drops once - it drops twice but not a third! Rock fights up - right to the gut, another, another, he breaks it, right, right, right by Angle blocked, right, right, right, whip reversed, kick - Angle Slam! Cover, 1, 2, NO! The Rock made the Angle Slam looks better than it has in ages. Angle waiting for Rock to get up - kick is blocked, dragon leg screw, Sharpshooter!! But Angle is quickly to the ropes! Rock isn't happy with that. Rock drops Angle Rock Bottom NO Angle with elbows - and a big clothesline! Down come the straps but Rock NIPS UP! Right, right, right, right, SPIT PUNCH, Angle over the top rope! Rock follows him out, big right drops Angle on the table! Punch to the groin! Angle stumbles right into Taker - Rock charges but misses Angle and hits Taker, sending him over the barrier! Angle throwing Rock's head into the announcer table - BIG TIME trash talkin' from Angle - ANKLELOCK!~ But Rock somersaults out! Right, whip reversed, clothesline NO Rock floats over - DDT! Cover, 1, 2, NO! Here comes Taker, but he gets a right from Rock - Angle charges - spinebuster! Time for the People's Elbow NO Taker's in with a clothesline and that'll be a DQ! (12:14) Taker with a whooole bunch of lefts and rights to Rock's head. There's a few more! Angle's got a chair - WHAM, he nails Taker in the back as he had the goozle on Rock! Angle chair shot on Rock misses - clothesline by Rock! Rock Bottom NO, Angle drops down - ANKLELOCK! AND ROCK TAPS!!!!! Play Angle's music!! He's celebrating big time!!

Meanwhile, Mark Lloyd's outside saying "I saw him, I saw him!" He runs and finds Triple H about to get into a white limo. "Triple H - one question, who you gonna sign with, Raw or SmackDown?" But before
he can answer, there's Steph. Oh goodie, it's been MONTHS since we've seen a Steph/H skit! How have I lived?!? "Can I have a minute? A couple minutes, I really need to talk to you." H just stares. "....what?" "this is strictly business, no tricks, no nothing, if I could just get you alone and sit you down and if we could just hash some things out...please." " You sure you wanna do that alone? You sure you don't wanna have your lawyer there? You sure you don't want your lawyer there to do your business for ya? That's seems the way it's been." "I deserved that. But this is business. Sunday. This Sunday, I will hear everything you have to say, I will hear it all, from all sides, and I'll make my decision this Sunday at Vengeance." H opens the door to get in...then changes his mind. "But, uh..." he's checkin' her out...OH MY GOD THEY'RE GONNA KISS - " gainin' weight?" Now he gets in the car while Steph pseudo-laughs. The window rolls down, but it's not H, it's Bischoff! "Hey, but don't worry Steph...I think you look great! HAA HAAA HAA HAAA - see you Sunday!" "You bastard!!!!" WW Logo up and THAT'S IT!!

Wow - forget all the matches at Vengeance - I'm paying MY $34.95 to WATCH A DECISION BE MADE!! RUTHLESS DECISIONS!!

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I guess if Steph. is the face than HHH is the heel now?


Great job BrewDude on the report!

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Nice Work BrewGuy!

Cajunman, I never knew HHH WAS a face. I mean, I've been booing him since he came back.

Seriously though, I think he becomes a heel (for some reason) if he signs with Raw, which I thought was obvious until the end of this show. Who knows now?

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Gotta pick a nit.

It's Finlay, not Finley.

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Wait a second...

Vince hates HHH for divorcing his daughter, meaning that since Vince is a heel, HHH is a face

Stephanie hates HHH for various reasons, meaning that since she is a heel, HHH is a face

So WHY IN BLUE BLAZES would Stephanie want HHH on her show? Who cares about business sense...'cause her character HAS none...she's a mainly emotional character.... ARGH!! Stupid inconsistent characterizations...

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Excellent recap.

Hopefully we will go ahead and write recaps and columns and keep slash alive the best way we can.

If the plug gets pulled then at least we did our best.

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I'd just like to say Chavo-Hurricane rocked my face.

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    Originally posted by Freeway420
    Stephanie hates HHH for various reasons, meaning that since she is a heel, HHH is a face

    So WHY IN BLUE BLAZES would Stephanie want HHH on her show? Who cares about business sense...'cause her character HAS none...she's a mainly emotional character.... ARGH!! Stupid inconsistent characterizations...

It's a sign of just how far away from their peak WWE writers have gotten. They used to take time to make sure that these stories had a logical flow to them. Somewhere within the last, oh, nine months or so, they stopped. Consistency and logic just don't seem to mean much to the writers anymore. It's sad, truly sad.

Steph should be doing everything possible to be getting HHH off of Smackdown. She should be pleading with Bischoff to take him. It's the only thing that would make sense after the divorce angle earlier this year. Steph could use it as a way to pay Hunter back for forcing her off TV.

[sigh] How far the mighty have fallen...

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No she shouldn't want him away.
-First she has enough sense to know HHH can make Smackdown the better show (in storyline world, not bitter smart world)
-Second, she is a face and so she doesnt hate H anymore.
-Third, IF she wanted to get back at him the best thing is to have him on her show and screw him over. It's what Vince seemed to be doing for some weeks. least they didn't do anything stupid like implying they haven't seen one another since back then.
That's something that I always loved about HHH and Steph.
Even during the love triangle they always went like:
'We have been going over this since last thursday'

And does H talking Steph down make him a heel? No, it just follows the whole patern of H being a smart ass (commenting on her weight) and actually has a bit continuity.
Also, remember, even top faces do not like one another these days (we will never see eye to eye but for now its a truce)so they can (try and) coexist without one of them doing another turn..

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Good job Brew. Hope this becomes a regular column on this board.

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Thanks a lot, Brew!

Since I don't get UPN, I need a detailed recap. And at least this way, I don't have to actually, ya know, watch the show.

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    Originally posted by Freeway420
    So WHY IN BLUE BLAZES would Stephanie want HHH on her show? Who cares about business sense...'cause her character HAS none...she's a mainly emotional character.... ARGH!! Stupid inconsistent characterizations
For that matter, why doesn't Steph trade The Rock to Bischoff for a couple of upper card guys who actually show up more than five weeks a year? If he wants The Rock so bad, take advantage and let him look like a goof.

Ohhh wait, I get it...LACK of business sense...

Applause to BrewGuy for the recap.

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Brewski--thanks for whipping this up. You know the only thing I can stand to read at the Torch is Big Poppa Pat...

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Great recap. Thanks for stepping up, and putting in so much time an effort.

As for Smackdown! I almost didn't watch 'cause I was disapointed in the GM choice, but I'm glad I decided to catch it. I'm glad I did- it was an awesome show this week.

I was fast forwarding through the Hogan/Edge/Rikishi six man when I realized I was missing a good match, so I ended up rewinding and watching it at normal speed. That ending sequence kicked arse.

Cavo/Hurricane was great, but you know they are only doing a one night buildup of Chave to feed him to Rey next week. Oh well, it should be worth it.

I never really hated Steph or stayed awake at night wishing her off my TV, but I thought they could have done better with so many other choices. But with that being said I don't think she was too bad last night. I still wish it had been someone else (Foley), but so far it's not as bad as I thought.

I was really hoping that HHH would go to Raw as a heel with Bischoff, but after that ending it seems unlikely now.

Weird how they stuck that Velocity tag match in there. I guess they didn't have enough stuff to fill two hours. I'm shocked that they didn't just throw in more interviews or recaps as filler, though. Thumbs up for the bonus match. We'll see what they do for Velocity now, though.

so you can powerbomb Kidman afterall, eh? I've been misled all these years. Shame on you, Internet.

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Fine work, Mister Brew Guy.

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    Originally posted by Eradicator
    br>so you can powerbomb Kidman afterall, eh? I've been misled all these years. Shame on you, Internet.

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Wow...hell has frozen over yeah..
Bischoff in WWE, Steph as a face AND powerbombs on Kidman..
although it did take mist and a 'double team' but what's next?

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Thanks BrewGuy -

"the dreaded wife" owns the remote on Thursday night and she made me watch "The Phantom" because Billy Zane is cute....

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Chavo= CW bully. He will drag Rey all over the ring. But I suppose Rey will take the big debut match.

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good job, brew. i always enjoyed your recaps and columns, especially the ppv recaps, because they're so energetic, and most of the time, very optimistic and positive about the product. if crz is gone, and you are stepping up to fill the gap of review-less tuesdays and fridays, then all the more power to ya, cause i know i'll read.

plus, it's always good to have a fellow southern ontario native hammerin' out the recaps.

edit: there was a weird sentence that i fixed.


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Brew, thanks for the great recap, and for stepping up to fill the void, period.

Although I mostly spent the interview and skit segments doing other stuff, I LOVED this show. In terms of, you know, wrestling, this was the best show, bottom of the card to the top, I've seen from the WWE in months. Both cruiser matches and the standard 4-man tag match all owned me. I can overlook ANY stupid storylines as long as I see a few matches like those every show.
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Cool beans. Even more saving up for me to do. I hope they are as good as the recent other WWE DVD's. I be shocked they are testing the waters in the UK first though. But we didn't get the first few Wrestlemania's on live TV, did we? Perhaps its a factor.
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