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Raw has a feel to it that Smackdown doesn;t. I like Smackdown, but I don't get the feeling of a live crowd I do with Raw. Even when Raw sucks it looks crisp and clear visually. On Smackdown, I get this blah feeling behind it. The canned heat really turns me off for the show.

As for the rosters, I do prefer Raw of late for a few reasons:

1. Rock and Austin. Rock has stolen the show the last two weeks. Austin's slowburn effect has to hit high soon, so I am really anticiating that.

2. Storyline movement. Smackdown thanks to injuries have hit a wall. Even before the injuries you had SuperBrock killing everyone got boring quick. With the injuries, it doesn't help. Raw is starting to move the matches for Wrestlemania like Booker/HHH, Austin/Rock and Shawn/HBK at great speeds and intensity.

3. Loyalty. I have watched for years now while my experience of Smackdown has been on LiveWire or Heat or the internet. I got Smackdown last year while I do enjoy it, Raw will always be king to me.

A Fan- I would say the WWE has the greastest roster of all time though.


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Ofcourse, Smackdown has the slight roster advantage advantage sans Big Show, Crap-Train, and the ladies.
Benoit, Edge, Angle, Mysterio, Hardy, Rhyno, Team Angle, Guerreros, Tajiri, Cena, even Lesnar though I'm not crazy about him, give a worthwhile show.

In Raw's defense, they've got the charisma of Booker, Dust, Jericho, RVD, Austin, Flair and men, HBK and Nash(coming soon to an arena near you--boo ya)!
Other than that...boring brawls from 3 Minute warning and the Dudleys. Women's wrestling I could care less for-sans Jazz who I think is cool. And ofcourse, Triple H.

Both suffer from overabundance of cheap, useless T & A, but dummy humping and HLA still ring in my ears a little louder. Though Smackdown is starting to catch up with this Playboy/GGW nonsense(what does any of this have to do with wrestling??!).

Its a very slight favoring overall but Smackdown is my pick.

--Ofcourse, I forgot to add The Rock for Raw's defense. Sadly he won't be around for long.

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Having only Raw nowadays really tips the scales that way but its seriously a quality wrestling show in the main, and its really getting better as the "granddaddy of 'em all" rolls around.

Besides that i think matt hockings satires also give Raw a special place in my mind. onya Excalibur05

add-on: Hey look at that, this was the 70,000th wrestling post. i feel all marshmellowy inside

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#24 Posted on
While I am enjoying Raw more as of late than I have in the past, I can't say it's more enjoyable than Smackdown for me. There's still just too many things about Raw dragging it down weekly, and nothing that is as much a highlight as the workrate on SD is. Of course, the last couple of months, I've enjoyed the NWA show more than either of them on average, but that's another thread.

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It is real even for me, both have positives and both have negatives.

For me Monday's just feel like wrestling days, after the sadness of a new work week it's really something I look forward to and want to watch Live... Smackdown on the other hand, even though I really enjoy it I have in the past taped it to watch it for another time because I'd rather be doing something else, I never do that for Raw.

And being Live isn't really the difference, I don't read spoilers and my reaction was just as watching it live when watching something on SD. What does make a difference is what they do on Wednesdays with the SD tape... The editing bothers me a little, I like seeing warts and all, if something screws up in wrestling or promo, it's fun to see how they work around it instead of doing a Take 2. It's not to bad because I can't really tell the edits what's even worse and what I could notice is the canned heat.

I hate that and it brings the whole show to a B-level type of show. When you have A-level stars there's no need for it. I think it takes away from legit pops that happens on the show. And one of the things I really love is seeing a match that grabs a crowd that wasn't there in the beginning. For example Benoit/Eddie PPV the crowd had the nerve to chant boring in the first minutes when they were getting started and in 5-10 minutes the crowd totally turned and was totally into it. I think that's really cool which you wouldn't get if there was canned heat for the first 3 minutes... I guess it's acceptable to give out canned heat for B-show because on the most part they have B-level stars, but keep it away from the main show

As for the roster itself, I am a "Mark" for a lot more Raw talent, not even including Austin and heel Rock (which I am a mark for both), there's RVD, Trish, Victoria, Jericho. There's also a bunch of guys who I'm big fans of and want to see every week like Booker T (who at times I might consider putting in my total mark category), Hurricane, Nowinski, Richards, Christian and the rest of the women including Stacy (excluding Jackie)

On Smackdown only Angle is someone I totally mark out for all the time, I consider putting Rey in there as well, Mattitude is someone who falls under my Booker T category who's really close to for me being a total mark for and might be there. Guys like Benoit and Edge, I like a lot but aren't in my total mark list. I like Eddie but this face turn and recent feuds have turned me off him a little.

SD has guys I like but Raw has people I REALLY like and I think more of them. The thing that brings Raw down is the World title scene in a drag, unlike SD now... Another plus I would give SD is their announce team are much better then Raw's announce team, even though I still like Jim Ross a lot. But countering that Raw ring announcer is a whole lot better then SD ring announcer

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#26 Posted on

    Originally posted by miknight
    Besides that i think matt hockings satires also give Raw a special place in my mind. onya Excalibur05

Just like Rikishi, I'm makin' a difference.

That means in a few years I'll put on a few dozen extra pounds and make my living in dancing. BE THERE!

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I also prefer Raw. I think the best entertainers are there (Except Kurt) and I like the Ladies division and I really, really like the Hurricane and his act. And, just for the Ringmistress, I generally enjoy the HHH show. So, I usually watch Raw and flip around during Smackdown, stopping for certain matches.

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#28 Posted on
Considering they swap the rosters around every 2 or 3 months, it's hard to tell based on talent alone. You'd have to judge based on who's writing and booking, at which point it's not who has the better roster, but which is the better show.

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I have to cast my vote for Smackdown on this one. The main reasons I watch Raw are Jericho, RVD and the women wrestlers, the ones that actually wrestle, I mean. Smackdown has more real technical matches, which is what I want to see. I don't care about idiotic storylines or 10 minute long monologues. To paraphrase the film Barton Fink, "There's plenty of drama right there in that ring!"
On a totally unrelated note, I was thinking the other day about the time Ape-Train (as Albert) turned on Scotty 2 Hotty and beat the crap out of him. It was his finest moment ever..

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#30 Posted on

    Originally posted by JWstorm
    its amazing the support matt now has in regards to his wrestling ability now. My guess is that since people like his character all the sudden hes a better worker.
    PROBLEM #1 in my mind
    2nd rope leg drop...... take ur ass to the top

the problem is, a top rope legdrop is a finishing move. and he doesn't use it as that, so he'd look like a loser with everyone regularly kicking out of a top-rope maneuver.

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#31 Posted on
Frankly, Smackdown's storytelling is weak, weak, weak. This is the show that gave us the glories of Al Wilson, plenty of T&A nonsense (and no actual women's matches to back it up), the meaningless mystery box of the week for Undertaker, and so on. Most folks on the Smackdown roster can't cut a promo to save their life and can't do involved backstage skits without looking stiff and/or green at it.

The matches in the ring are skilled technical showcases, and they're crafted well. No doubt about it, the talent can GO and we've had some spectacular free matches. But every time I watch Smackdown, I tend to:

A) Read the spoilers.
B) If it looks like there's a good match on, I'll watch the show.
C) When I do watch, I fast forward right to that match. God bless Tivo.

Because other than an OCCASIONAL skit or bit, I just don't have any interest in the writing on that show.

I have the same fast-forward potential on Raw, but I find myself rarely using it. The majority of the skits, promos, and even matches are watchable and interesting to me. Maybe I'll skip HHH ranting or some match with big hosses, but that's it; otherwise I'm more compelled to follow the writing on Raw, even if they aren't putting on technical clinics each week.

All I care about is being entertained, and Raw more consistently entertains, while Smackdown entertains intensely... for short periods of time, surrounded by weakness.
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Smackdown may be weak in some storyline areas, but they make up for the bad stuff. The build for Angle-Lesnar was great. I love what they're doing with Cena. Talent-wise Smackdown owns RAW. More than that, Smackdown actually utilizes they're prospects better. Haas, Benjamin, Cena the Smackdown 6, Matt Hardy are all used well and elevated to a point where you knwo you'll get at least a decent match out of them everytime and you know that any of these guys could be legit main eventers in the next year if not sooner.

On RAW you have a few decent in ring performers like Jericho, RVD, Helms, Storm and Christian. But all of them have been buried so badly that how can you really see them as anything past what they already are? I'm not a fan of Bookers matches by any means. Rock is awesome again but he'll be gone soon.

I watch RAW every week, but only because it's live and I'm hoping for some great match or surprise angle. It's just that nothing all that interesting happens. But I read the Smackdown spoilers and I wish I could catch it more often. I feel like I miss out on some great matches and interesting plot developments. With RAW I often feel like I just wasted 2 hours that lead to nowhere significantly different then where everyone was the previous week.

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#33 Posted on
I'd say I was more a fan of Raw in the first few months. I think what I liked was that Austin was the only big star so it gave the midcard a real chance to shine. You never knew when you'd get an RVD/Taker, RVD/Eddie, or Jeff/Taker caliber match in the main event. Then HHH came in and I enjoyed that for the first few months-- I really enjoyed the HHH/HBK feud, but once that was over, they went to a "sucker of the month" philosophy that really annoyed me.

Around the same time, Mysterio debuted on SD! and then there was the tag-title tournament. All of the Angle/Benoit/Eddie/Mysterio goodness prompted me to switch my favorite show to SD! for the first time since I started watching pro wrestling a few years back.

In the last couple of weeks, Rocky's been setting Raw on fire, and SD! has sort of been spinning its wheels, so Raw is once again the show I anticipate the most. But for how long?


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The article takes a far more realistic (from a business perspective, in that the product is never off TV) view ( than what I've read from others.
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