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The W - Music - Best Driving Songs
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Since: 17.1.02
From: New F'n Jersey

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Blatantly stealing from a topic brought up on another website, I want to know what the best songs to listen to while driving are. Whether it be music to make you speed by, or music to fill up the time driving on long trips.

Here's my quick list:

Bad Habit by Offspring- When I have had a bad day and feel the need to speed, this song gets me going.

Sweet Home Alabama- Don't know why this song is great to drive to, but I always dig having the windows down and this song blazing.

Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit- Another song that is just pure madness and is sure to piss off the drivers that are stuck in traffic next to you.

Don't Know Why by Norah Jones- A recent song that is great to listen to when you are not in a hurry and just chilling out in the car.

Well, did I miss any songs?

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Since: 8.5.02
From: San Diego, CA

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#2 Posted on
There's a ton of them I like to hear when I'm driving.

Let the Music Do the Talking -- Aerosmith. From the little sold "Done With Mirrors" album. Also, the last album before they sobered up.

Back In The Saddle -- Aerosmith. Yes, I love Aerosmith, especially their stuff from the 70's.

Jessica -- The Allman Brothers. A fine instrumental and great for flying up I-15 on the way to Big Bear Lake.

Red Barchetta -- RUSH. A song about a Ferarri and another great one for the trip up I-15. Got pulled over once listening to this one.

Riding the Storm Out -- REO Speedwagon. I feel like an old man. All my music is old, but this is an excellent driving song.

That's all I can think of for now. My brother and I used to listen to a lot of Pantera when we played softball together. It used to scare the hell out of people on the road.

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Since: 17.11.02

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Someone on here already has a quote from it as thier sig, but there is a song called 'The Church of Logic, Sin, and Love' by The Men that is PERFECT for driving from Tampa to Orlando twice a week. Whenever I have to make that drive, it's about 45minutes one way, I listen to that whole CD. Excellent Traveling music.

Two other CDs I always take with me on road trips are Traci Lords '1000 Fires' and Pulp 'Different Class'.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Philly Suburbs

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#4 Posted on
Pearl Jam's "MFC" and "Rearviewmirror"

(edited by Spaceman Spiff on 19.12.02 1853)

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Since: 18.11.02
From: Strong Island

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#5 Posted on
I prefer to think of great entire albums to drive by. For me, I've got: Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell,
Busta Rhymes' Extinction Level Event,
Rush's Permanent Waves,
Guns 'n' Roses' Appetite for Destruction,
Mystikal's first album, the name of which I'm forgetting right now,
Type O Negative's Bloody Kisses,
Skid Row's 40 Seasons (I know, I know, it's a best of, but it's the only Skid Row album that has the least amount of filler crap, in my opinion)
and one that doubles as my favorite album to listen to when on a train for some reason, Dream Theater's Images and Words.

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Since: 1.3.02
From: Westminster, CA

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#6 Posted on
Pressure - Billy Joel
Black Friday Rule - Flogging Molly
Promises in the Dark - Pat Benatar
Paint it Black - ??? (It's a woman covering it. It rules. I wish I knew who it was)
Shutterbug - Veruca Salt

Parts Unknown
Lap cheong

Since: 2.1.02
From: Darkenwood

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#7 Posted on
I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned...

Maybe I'm just cheesy...

But whatever happened to Life is a Highway?

I also like Take It Easy by the Eagles.

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Potato korv

Since: 29.4.02
From: Jax, FL

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#8 Posted on
Flock of Seagulls - I Ran
Now I can't believe THAT wasn't mentioned yet. And no, I'm not kidding.
Also, any of the various "Best Of" Beach Boys cds floating around out there.

Treasure Planet ruled all kinds of ass. And yes, I do work for Disney but its good anyhoo.
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Lap cheong

Since: 25.2.02

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#9 Posted on
Here's my token "I can't believe it's not mentioned yet" (and I have two...)

Gary Numan - Cars
Sniff n the Tears - Driver's Seat.

My CD compilation is designed for night driving and includes...

Nelson Riddle Orchestra - Theme from Route 66
Cardigans - Erase Rewind
Tones on Tail - Twist
Suzanne Little - Tragic Flaw
Hot Butters - Popcorn
Dave Baby Cortez - The Happy Organ
Cowboy Junkies - Miles From Our Home
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
Dimitri from Paris - Une Very Stylish Fille
Sneaker Pimps - Six Underground
Plumb - Pennyless

(edited by Mr Heel II on 20.12.02 2027)

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Since: 18.6.02
From: Here (college) and There (Home)

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#10 Posted on
"Recovering the Sattelites" by the Counting Crowes is good.

Also, cliche time: "Blood on the Tracks" and "Nebraska" make for a killer one-two punch.

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Since: 2.1.02
From: Houston, TX

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#11 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.65

    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff
    Pearl Jam's "MFC" and "Rearviewmirror"

    (edited by Spaceman Spiff on 19.12.02 1853)


As for me, I have this odd fascination with driving to songs featuring fatal car accidents such as Pearl Jam's cover of "Last Kiss" and Pink Floyd's "Two Suns in the Sunset."

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Since: 27.8.02
From: The OC

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#12 Posted on

    Originally posted by Mr Heel II

    Sniff n the Tears - Driver's Seat

holy sh*t! i thought i was the only person who remembered that song. i love that one!

i also like:

Rush - Distant Early Warning
Zombie - More Human Than Human
Saliva - click, click, boom. (WWE song)
Nelly - # 1
Van Halen - Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do

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Brian P. Dermody

Since: 20.9.02
From: New York, NY

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#13 Posted on
The Church's 1988 'Starfish' album is good for long distance middle of nowhere kind of drives. A touch ethereal for most modern tastes, but I stand by it.

And as excellent an album as Tom Waits's "Bone Machine" is (truly a classic, on my all time top 5), driving on a winter's night through Connecticut with Bone Machine blaring would make even Up With People want to take their own lives. Takes a great album to do that, though.

Seriously, what the hell is there to do in Connecticut? There's an other worldly pizza place in Fairfield and Titan Towers 20 miles down the road, but the rest of the state is just the Boston-New York equivalent of flyover country.

Modern Humorist

Since: 22.4.02
From: New Hampshire

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#14 Posted on

    Originally posted by DJ Ran
    Seriously, what the hell is there to do in Connecticut? There's an other worldly pizza place in Fairfield and Titan Towers 20 miles down the road, but the rest of the state is just the Boston-New York equivalent of flyover country.

I've been trying to figure that out for years.

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Shot in the dark

Since: 11.1.02
From: Houston

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#15 Posted on
Anything with a hot drum beat that allows me wear out the material on my steering wheel gets a lot of play whenever I'm driving.

Matthew Good Band's "Indestructible"
Sloan's "Underwhelmed"
Morris Day & The Time's "Jungle Love"
Veruca Salt's "Seether"
Kool & The Gang's "Get Down On It"
Virtually anything by Fu Manchu

and, believe it or not...

No Doubt's "Hella Good." GREAT driving song.

(edited by Bullitt on 21.12.02 2204)

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Since: 6.1.02
From: Outer reaches of your mind

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#16 Posted on
I gave a babyface pop seeing Mr. Heel's mention of Sneaker Pimps. I miss them

Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar
K's Choice - Not an addict
Goriliaz - Clint Eastwood
B52 - Love Shack
Clash - Rock the Casbah
Cardigans - Favourite Game
Chemical Brothers - Setting sun
Placebo - Every you, every me
Sarah McLauchlan - Silence
Sonic Youth - Kool Thing

I mostly like driving to something with a quick beat to it mostly techo, chicks or guys from England and most of the time sound like chicks.

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Since: 6.8.02
From: Naples, FL, USA

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#17 Posted on
I like albums I can bounce tamely to in a cheerful manner when I'm driving. Such as:

-Anything by Cake or Sublime.
-Portishead's "Dummy".
-WWE Anthology.

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Big Bad

Since: 4.1.02
From: Dorchester, Ontario

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#18 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.54
Nothing beats Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska" album for driving along on a dark highway in the middle of the night.

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Since: 25.6.02
From: Ottawa

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#19 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.21
Hmmm...let me see

Never Again--Nickleback. Makes me drive like a madman.
She Hates Me--Puddle of Mud. See above
Turn the Page--Bob Seger. Live version only please.

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Cactus Adam

Since: 12.5.02
From: Dallas, TX

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#20 Posted on
When you're in a "Metal-Thrasing Mad" kind of mood:
Helmet - Meantime
White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000 (perfect, hard-driving stuff)

For mellow, easy driving:
Willie Nelson - Red-Headed Stranger

When you wanna feel like a cross-country trucker:
Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere (single)

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I like the lead singer's voice, it has a David Byrneish quailty to it. They don't seem to bring anything new to the table (more like bringing some nostalgic sounds back from the 80s)
- Roy., Stellastarr* (2004)
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