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The W - Pro Wrestling - Best cage matches of all time (Page 2)
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Since: 28.1.02
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I believe I'll take Bruiser and Crusher Vs. Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza (Managed by "pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan) at the International Ampitheatre in Chicago back in about 70 or 71. By the end, all the men were bloddy pulps, including Heenan, who was cowering in a corner after interfering. Crusher Irish whipped Mulligan into Bruiser's Tackle into the cage for the finish and both of them walked out, dripping blood. Lanza, Mulligan and Heenan just laid there in the ring as the lights dimmed and everyone went home.

A similar, less bloody match from, I think, Indianapolis, is on a tape they sell of great Bruiser matches.

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Owen-Bret was my favorite, but I also enjoyed one between Bret and, of all people, Sid, on the Raw before Wrestlemania 13. The match itself was okay, it had interferance from Undertaker and Austin, but after the match when Bret lost, he just went nuts. He cut about a 15 minute promo blasting the WWF and swearing up and down. That was what made it memorable.

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"Owen-Bret was my favorite, but I also enjoyed one between Bret and, of all people, Sid, on the Raw before Wrestlemania 13. The match itself was okay, it had interferance from Undertaker and Austin, but after the match when Bret lost, he just went nuts. He cut about a 15 minute promo blasting the WWF and swearing up and down. That was what made it memorable."

I seem to remember the cage being half apart when Bret went on his tirade, like they were taking it down. Bret's singlet was half off, the cage was in shambles, he was swearing...I remember thinking what the hell is going on here?

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Best cage matches? Nobody mentioned Snuka vs Backland. After the monster dive on the REAL Rock in that other match, everybody thought for sure he would beat Backland the same way. But, Bob rolls out just in time to retain. It was a match that, at the time, I just marked out for!

Also, if you have ever seen the Kerry Von Erich vs RIc Flair match from WCCW when Michael P.S. Hayes slams KVE's head in the cage door, opening up one of the best fueds in the history of the sport, you know that was a great match and the screw job ending actually enhanced it, since it led to a GREAT fued.

Since we are talking old school here, any match with WILDFIRE Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer in a cage was a blood fest, and I was oh so hooked on those!!.

Oh, and lets not forget whatever War Games or World War three match it was when the Dangerous Alliance took on WCW! BRUTAL action!

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I'm partial to the NWA "Thunderdome" cage match -- Sting & Flair vs. Funk & Muta.

The cage was electrified and caught fire, it took place in the old Philly Convention Center, the crowd was into it, Bruno Sammartino was the ref, and hey, I was there!
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The first HIAC stands out for me, I've NEVER seen so much blood in the WWF up to that point. Wow. I of course also have to point to HHH/Cactus Jack from No Way Out as well. But there is one that jumps into my mind as the most unreal, and one that still has me shook up. Yes, it's time for another puro recommendation!

Mima Shimoda/Etsuko Mita/Kumiko Maekawa vs. Kaoru Ito/Momoe Nakanishi/Nanae Takahashi in a six woman cage match.

I first saw this on Japanese Hardcore wrestling II. Oh, my god. You HAVE to see this. When I saw this, I couldn't resist the wonderful world of joshi any longer. The antics of Shimoda and Mita are classic here too. I won't give anything else away, so I'll give you the link to find the whole AJW event...Click Here ( It's tape number J659. I got my Big Egg universe tapes from this site, so it's all good. I would also recommend the AJW Rage in The Cage tape, also available there too (J293). Hell in a Cell is great, but check these tapes out, you'll love 'em!


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Tully & Magnum TA in that brutal "I Quit" match that the NWA refused to sanction is by far my favorite cage match and maybe one of my favorite matches ever - kudos to the original War Games as well - the sound effects from the crowd alone make that one a keeper

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One of the ones I enjoyed (but wouldn't call the best) but haven't seen mentioned here is the Rick Rude/Roddy Piper match that is on the Coliseum release Supertape #2.

And now, I get lucha-geeky.

Favourite cage match moment is seeing Mascarita Sagrada doing a top-of-the cage splash to Jake Roberts in 1994. Someone who was maybe 4 ft tall doing a Superfly-esque splash off an even higher cage than Jimmy jumped from. Damn.

Most surreal was a 1995 minis cage battle royale where the last one in the cage lost their mask. It sounds crazy in theory, but it was well done overall.
(Tape J1499)

My favourite overall though is the 2/12/96 Rey vs. Juventud match in AAA. There is a smidgen of overbooking, but there are great spots and bumps that you can expect from those two when they were at their prime. I can't give it to the Psicosis/Halloween vs. Leon Negro/Ultraman match because that was too gimmicky, in spite of the general craziness.

(Edit: I liked Ringmistress' idea of providing links of where to get the matches mentioned)

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Since: 21.1.02
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Worst - Big Boss Man vs. Nailz at a House show back around '93 or so. And that was the main event of the night!

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#30 Posted on
Favourite cage matches:
Hogan vs Bundy (WrestleMania 2) -- sure it doesn't hold up today, but at the time, sending their feud to a steel cage was a huge deal.
Lawler vs Savage (Memphis)
Hogan vs Orndorff (SNME)
Bret vs Owen (SummerSlam 93)
Michaels vs Jannetty (RAW)
Michaels vs Undertaker (Badd Blood)
Foley vs Undertaker (KOR)
Angle vs Benoit (RAW)

Worst cage matches:
Andre-Kamala (around '84ish; saw it on Coliseum Video)
Flair-Luger (The one with Robocop); was an awful `cage'
Piper-Hogan (Starrcade? I think...)
Warrior-Rude (SummerSlam 90)
Andre-Ultimate Warrior (house show from around 89)

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Since Tully/Magnum and Flair/Von Erich have been chosen already (I'm shocked I was beat to the X-Mas night Freebird turn that started the Von Erich/Freebird War of '83), I'll go with another match that has historical significance: Flair vs. Nikita Koloff at the Omni in September of '85. The Dusty Rhodes save of Flair (and subsequent beatdown by Flair and the Anderson's), turned Flair from the tweener role he had been forced into by the Koloff feud into the full Horsemen heel role he would maintain until mid '89, really began the push of the Horsemen (it was one of the initial moments of the group), plus it meant seeing Flair jump off the top rope and break Dusty's ankle.

I consider the switch from Pathetic to Loser to be a promotion.

Since: 26.7.02
From: Sioux Falls, SD

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#32 Posted on
One of my all time greatest cage match moments was from 1989's Great American Bash, WarGames match between the Road Warriors, Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane, and Steve Williams vs. Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, Jimmy Garvin, Samu and Fatu. Seeing Dr. Death Military press Terry Gordy into the top of the cage 10 times just blew my mind.


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Since: 4.4.03
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Bret Hart is the KING of the Cage match, well win wise anyway. Somebody pull up his WWF/E record. He never resorted that much to brawling in them but I always enjoyed him in a cage match. There is one where he faces Shawn Micheals on one of the tapes back in the earily/late 90's. It wasn't the best but he won. I always liked him in cage. It never really suited the Excellence of Execution yet he always seemed to look good in it.

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#34 Posted on
Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker, In Your House 18.

Awesome match.

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#35 Posted on

    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Since Tully/Magnum and Flair/Von Erich have been chosen already (I'm shocked I was beat to the X-Mas night Freebird turn that started the Von Erich/Freebird War of '83),

For YEARS that was my favorite match of all time. Had the visiting World Champ (heel), defending against an insanely over hometown face, great ring work, nice pace to the match, and just when you thought you had seen it all, SLAM! in the head! They used to show WCCW at like midnite on Saturdays back when I lived in New Orleans, and I woke up the whole house with a very loud "OH SHIT!" (I was about 13 at the time). Setting up one of my favorite fueds of all time was only the hindsight being 20/20 icing on the cake!

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Most of my favorite cage matches were the hardcore NWA brawls from the 80's. Magnum vs Tully, the first War Games, and for true old school fans, Flair vs Ron Garvin from Detroit (over twice as long as their Starrcade rematch)
I too must say I dug the Hogan vs Orndorff cage match, as well as the Hogan vs Bossman cage match from SNME, as it was the first time I'd ever seen a superplex from off the top of the CAGE!

For worst cage match: Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant from Wrestlefest. If you've never seen this match, consider it 20 minutes you've never lost in your life. Ric Flair vs Lex Luger cage match from Capital Combat also had the worst cage match screwjob of all time...
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Since: 4.11.02
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#37 Posted on
I loved the Hogan/Orndorff cage match from SNME. I was worried b/c you could see Orndorff's feet touch first on the slowed down videotape. I kept worrying that Jack Tunney would give the belt to Orndorff if he saw that. That was a scary moment for me when I was a young Hulkamaniac!

I can't ever remember a match as gory as the UT/Brock Hell in the Cell match in October. Seeing UT bleed into Brock's mouth is as disgusting thing as I've ever seen. This match silenced my grandfather and sent my 9 year old cousin running b/c he was scared. When Brock finally won and climbed up on top of the cage's roof and stood there...that was freaking awesome. Just a match full of memorable moments all around.

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I haven't seen the Kennel in a Cell or the Taker/Bossman one yet (or, God willing, ever) but the worst one for me would have to be Bret Hart and Owen Hart from Summerslam. It was a fine match, except Owen did about 15 superman comebacks where he would be dead on the ground only to jump to his feet and jump halfway across the ring and up the cage in one bound to catch Bret. It seemed like Owen's timing was just, well... shit that night, and he just kept waiting too long to start to go for Bret.

I know I stand alone on this one, but for me, it was like watching Hogan do a 25 minute match where he used 15 hulk-ups.

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Best Cage Match: HBK v. Undertaker (Badd Blood), altho Cactus v. HHH kicked all kinds of ass too.

The best one I've seen in person was Hogan v. the Big Bossman at a house show in Cincy in preparation for a SNME (I think). I loathed Hogan then (tolerate him now), but was very impressed from the huge WHUMP the ring did as Hogan baaaaaaack body dropped Traylor from the top of the cage. Truly something to see live.

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I can't believe nobody put....

WrestleWar 92 -- Wargames

Sting's Squadron {Sting, Nikita Koloff, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes}


The Dangerous Alliance {Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton and Larry Zybysko}

Probably one of WCW's best matches of the 90's...and look at the talent...

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