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23.5.18 1208
The W - Pro Wrestling - Armageddon 2003
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Since: 6.11.03

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#1 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.97
Sign of the night: i dug the sign that had the number when counted, nfl style...

runner up: "Jerico"

Line of the night: Jr: "bischoff is a wart on the ass of life"
-life = ass? my sentiments exactly

runner up: (about the triple threat) Jr: This is a bowling shoe of a match...
-uh oh, bowling shoe bomb!

1. Booker Def. Henry
4 out of 10 staples

2. Orton Def. RVD
7 out of 10 staples

3. Jericho and Christian Def. Lita/Trish
5 out of 10 staples

4. Shawn Michaels Def. Batista
6 out of 10 staples

5. Matt Hardy Vs. Maven No contest
0 out of 10 staples (wtf?)

6. Batista and Flair win tag team turmoil
3 out of 10 staples

7. Molly Def. Ivory
2 out of 10 staples

8. Triple H Def. Goldberg and Kane
8 out of 10 staples

overall: and ok show...bring on the rumble...
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Lap cheong

Since: 18.6.02
From: North Cacalacky

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.09
I thought the show was pure 'thumbs in the middle' quality. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly great either. They seemed to REALLY have to try and stretch it out to three hours, though, with tons of filler.

Booker T d. Mark Henry: About as bad as you'd expect. Not a great choice for opener.

Randy Orton v. Rob Van Dam: What the hell is the co-main event doing in the 'least important match of the night' slot? Really good match. Orton wins. I guess Randy goes on to feud with Foley and RVD goes back to doing nothing (seriously, they NEVER book that poor guy to have any type of feud, whatsoever!)

Chris Jericho & Christian d. Trish Stratus & Lita: Pretty bad match, but the execution was good. I LOVED Jericho's reactions during and after the match. It really got the storyline over.

Shawn Michaels d. Batista: Average. Shawn tried, but Batista isn't exactly the world's greatest worker. Shawn went over? Huh.

Matt Hardy nc. Maven: Batista just beats on Maven. Mmkay.

Batista & Flair won Tag Turmoil match: They did a vignette before this with Flair telling Batista they were walking out tonight with gold. That gave away the finish right there. No heat for the match, however.

Molly Holly d. Ivory: Sloppy and thrown-together. Probably because the match was thrown together at the last minute. Nothing of importance happens.

Triple H d. Goldberg and Kane: Hunter got the belt back. I'm shocked. Evolution is doing the Horsemen gimmick, holding all the gold. Too bad Evolution is nowhere near being the Four Horsemen. Sloppy match. Not exactly main-event level. But, then again, there hasn't really been too many main-event level PPV main-events since about 2001.

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Since: 26.1.03
From: Naples, FL

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#3 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.72
I liked the storyline aspect of the Men v.s women, and the match wasn't too bad either.

I'm surprised about Michaels beating Batista, but I guess it was to put the belts on Flair/Batista.

Everything else was pretty forgettable. I mean, what did Ivory do to deserve a title shot?
Big G

Since: 21.8.03
From: the people who brought you Steel Magnolias....

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.08
    Originally posted by geemoney
    I mean, what did Ivory do to deserve a title shot?

I'm guessing creative came into the locker room and asked who wanted to help pad out this stinker of a card.

Obviously Ivory was the last one to run screaming from the room.

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Spaceman Spiff

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.05
    Originally posted by OMEGA
    Shawn Michaels d. Batista: Average. Shawn tried, but Batista isn't exactly the world's greatest worker. Shawn went over? Huh.

That's HBK putting over the new guys, just like he said he was going to do. See how he put over Jericho at WM19? Oh, wait, um...see how he put over, um, HHH? Hmm, hold on a minute......


Since: 25.4.03
From: Nashville, TN

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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 4.78

What a freaking waste of time ... that was a horrible PPV ... Mark Henry? what a waste of a time slot ...

The whole Evolution thing is just a play on the whole 4 Horsemen thing from the 80's ... I can buy into it ... just helps establish a dominant heel stable ... maybe Jericho will get a shot a Trips SOON ...

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Net Hack Slasher

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.56
-Rico vs. Heidenreich (SNH)- Wow Rico defeated Heiden clean! That was shocking

-Booker vs. Henry- The Florida crowd was so into Booker T. He was major over. Too bad the match didn't live up to the fans reaction. These guys had much better matches on Raw. Especially there first match to start the feud... Henry fatman legdrop. The mess up a powerbomb move. The ending kinda came out of now where as Booker hit the ax kick and gets the win

-Orton vs. RVD- Match of the night, probably by default. RVD starts off fast with a cannonball flip to the outside. Later on, Orton hits a standing dropkick on the outside. Orton also did a nice new move when he had RVD on his shoulders and dropped him into a neckbreaker. Also hooking RVD on the top rope and hitting a DDT. Orton also took a lot of stiff looking kicks right on... Orton won as clean as it gets with an RKO even with babyface Foley as referee. The match was a lot longer then I expected going 18-minutes. I think they could have cut some of it down and make if 15. Especially considering the number of rest spots they did

-Christian/Jericho vs. Trish/Lita- After a couple of years of being a full time wrestler, Trish's first instinct is to throw slaps at Jericho, who returns and spanks her. Yup this is losing steam. The girls hit some of their signature move Trish with the corner headscissor roll and Chick Kicks. Lita with a hurricarna, Trish with the matrix as Christian runs into Jericho. End comes with Jericho checking on Trish and Christian quickly rolls her up... As guess the match was as good as you can expect. And they continued the storytelling between Jericho not wanting to hurt Trish and Christian just having a ball in there wrestling the girls.

-Michaels vs. Batista- The great Shawn Michaels even with a solid effort couldn’t make this match any better then "good". Great delayed moonsault on a standing Batista by Michaels. Michaels took some scary backbumps like when he flipped into the corner back first. Nice touch of HBK kip up but Batista gets up the same time and hits him with a stiff clothesline. Batista goes for a spinebuster but Shawn hits a DDT in mid move. Boy Batista sure likes hitting spinebusters. Batista goes for his finisher the OVW Hoss special sit-down powerbomb but HBK escapes that in mid-move and hits some chin music for the pin... Batista reaction after the match was more impressive to me then his work in the match, he showed some realistic rage.

-Rez v.Shit v.TeamGreen v.ValStorm v.Dudz v.Steiner/ Test v.Batista/Flair-Match was a mess & rushed through everything. Shit hit the small guy jumping from the shoulders of the big buy to eliminate the only somewhat over heels in the match. TeamGreen comes from the crowd & cradles Hurri for a 3. Now TeamGreen/ValStorm which broke out a loud Boring chant(err) & interest just in Val's ladies. Yup release Goldust & put Storm with such a dried out character like Val was a great move(blah). Everyone fell asleep until ValStorm got eliminated & the very over Dudleyz make an appearance. Which awakens JR. Okay quick summary now cause this match was crap Dudz beat TeamGreen, & then Test/ Steiner. A team that never teamed before & not announced for the match comes out & wins the Tag Titles... They didn't even bother putting a team over ironmen style, everyone got eliminated pretty much in order.

-Molly vs. Ivory- I felt bad for these two, it's bad enough they don't even have a feud. Ivory hasn't been on TV in ages. I guess this is her title shot which went to Gail after Ivory defeated Jazz back in the summer. This match might have had a chance early in the card where the crowd was still hot for anything but this late in the card no chance. JR & King again talked down about this match, like it's "their fault!" that they had no story to back up this match. JR mentions Muta and Lawler says it's before his time... Nice forward roll from the apron by Ivory to Molly. Do they have plans for Ivory in the future. If now why not have Molly win by MollyGoRound at least a flashy move like that would get a reaction from the crowd.

-HHH v. Kane v. Goldberg- This match was slow and had no flow what so ever. The entire match was Kane and HHH working together with Kane looking at HHH saying "Are you going to screw me like Katie Vick" and HHH saying "NOOOOOO" then he hits him from behind. Goldberg spears a lot. 20-minutes of plodding nothing goes on. Fans even booed when Kane & Goldberg was doing a standing choking battle. Evolution comes out and same old same old happens... HHH wins his title back again making him losing the title meaningless because he's will always be in the title picture and win it right back. He's going to catch up to Flair title reigns come hell or high water. No matter if it's the right move for him to be champion

-OtherStuff- Lillian is one heck of an anthem singer, plus she got all the rules of the tag turmoil match correct. My gal Lillian was on a roll last night Bay-Bee... Foley brought up Stacy who celebrated that Stone Cold can return, hey didn't she get beaten up by him because she didn't want beer. Yup that would make me do cartwheels as well...Hardy/ Maven match set up from Heat was actually a non-match as Batista beats up Maven and Hardy announces himself the winner... JR is envious of the folks in Iraq, if they aren't getting this PPV, I agree with him I'd be envious too.

-Line of the Night: JR "A real bowling show of a match"
-3Stars of the Night: 1)Orton. 2)Michaels 3)Lillian - Not much to choose from last night, Orton surprised me the most so I'll give him the nod for looking better then expected. Michaels looked okay carrying Batista and no one else really stepped up so went with Lillian for her anthem singing and awesome dress.

Not as brutal as Badd Blood, but pretty bad. Orton/RVD was probably match of the night. The rest was as bad as expected or worse. Booker/Henry was on par. Battle of the Sexes they could have done a bit more with that in this match especially it being hyped so much. Michaels/ Batista again on par, maybe slightly below. Tag Turmoil just brutal. Women match little below expectations. More garbage world title matches... Not a good sign when both SD and Raw TV shows this last week had better matches then any match on the PPV.

Edit in: BTW I was 3 and 2 including calling the HHH win. Didn't count the tag turmoil because of the non-advertised team winning, even though I picked the Dudleyz and they lasted longer then any of the advertised team. So that should count as a win right! Then I would have been 4-2

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Lap cheong

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.00
HHH winning the title in a match he didn't even help to sell is truly a wart on the ass of life. Not even a pre-recorded interview, Grimwood? You disgust me sometimes.

(edited by Ringmistress on 15.12.03 1534)

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.59
    Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff
    That's HBK putting over the new guys, just like he said he was going to do. See how he put over Jericho at WM19? Oh, wait, um...see how he put over, um, HHH? Hmm, hold on a minute......

There is nothing wrong with HBK's run so far. Before we even talk about wins and losses, just the fact that HBK has come back to a company that used to be almost entirely his, yet he has given up the *spotlight* to others is something he should be commended for (given his reputation). That's something Hogan could barely do upon his return. And hell, even as a non-wrestler, that's something Austin couldn't do either. HBK is the one more likely nowadays to be wrestling six mans with Booker and RVD on his side against the Ortons and Batistas of the world. Simply his presence gives them a rub, in a totally positive way. Notice how he's not trying to overshadow anybody.

If you want to talk about wins and losses, let's look at HBK since August:

He put over Goldberg in the Chamber at Summerslam, put over Orton at Unforgiven, got his ass kicked by Mark Henry on RAW, came up short again against Goldberg on RAW, and then put over Orton/Batista at Survivor Series. With different fans in 2003 than there were in 1996, he needs at least SOME heat or else his putting the young talent over won't mean a damn thing. We have to be reasonable here.

Probably the most controversial, and remarkably the only controversial, match he has thus far was his victory over Jericho at WM19. I agree that Jericho should have gone over. But we don't know the whole story with what went behind HBK's victory. Regardless, I'll tell you one thing. Unlike, say, if HHH went over Jericho, you can't say that Jericho didn't leave that feud at the same level as Michaels. I say we give Michaels some credit.
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ECW 94-96- I know most of the people on here dislike ol' ECW. Fuck it, I am a mark for this era of ECW. Great storylines, Genius booking, and oftentimes overshadowed by the hardcore crap; some great wrestling. I miss it, I miss it, damn I miss it.
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