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23.5.18 1012
The W - Pro Wrestling - Armagedden Predictions (Page 2)
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Net Hack Slasher

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#21 Posted on
EKE that is one of the most entertaining predictions I've ever read. LOL. Why do I think your intros will be more fun then the actual PPV. The Trish one lost me for a while but after the 3rd time I read it clicked lol. I'm going to steal umm borrow your match headers.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
The Big Slow (C) w/Paul Heyman vs. Kurt “The F'N Man” Angle
-PICK: BIG SHOW: Lesner messing up causing Angle to lose, setting up Lesner vs. Show. Then hopefully Lesner vs. Angle a few months from now

WCW World Heavyweight/WCW U.S. Heavyweight/WWE Intercontinental/WWE European/WWE Hardcore Title Match
Three Stages of Hell
My God, That's Got To Be 20 Feet In The Air! (into a huge, soft pile of garbage bags) [Shawn Michaels] (C) vs. The Winner of Virtually All of RSPW's Negative 2002 Awards [Hunter Hearst-Helmsley]
-PICK: TRIPLE H: Shawn's going to but this kid over. What a couple of team players. Shawn you deserve an award of passing the torch to such an up and comer.

World Tag Team Championship Elimination Match
The Canadian Blondes [Jericho/Christian] (C) vs. D-Von... Trish... Bubba... Get The Tables! [The Dudley Boyz] vs. Black Gold [Booker T/Goldust] vs. Don't Call Us The Un-Americans, Dammit! [Storm/Regal]
-PICK: BookDust after the speech on Monday they have to win. Right? Plus you need one Raw good guys to win

Women's Championship Match
I'll Show You Psycho!! [Victoria] (C) vs. Ahahahaha... oh! [Trish] vs. Hey, This Isn't Texas, What's She Doing Here? [Jacqueline]
-PICK: VICTORIA She's doing fine as champion, let Miss Texas take the pin. Hopefully. And hopefully it's early on in the card.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
One Hell of a Move, But Zero Charisma [Billy Kidman] (C) vs. One Hell of a Wrestler, But Living in the Shadow of His Uncle [Chavo Guerrero]
-BILLY KIDMAN I didn't even know this match was on. I'm picking Kidman hopefully before the HLA crap. I don't want to see Kidman's tights after that shows.

One Hell of a Match
Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero
-CHRIST BENOIT If anyone can SAVE this PPV it's these 2 guys. It's going to be the biggest happening in December

When Hosses Collide, By Gawd!
Kane vs. Batista
-BATISTA See his muscles, they are so BIG, He wins.

The “We Have To Try And Push Albert Down People's Throats At Least Once a Year, and To Hell With People Who Are Actually Over” Match
Edge vs. A-Train
-A-TRAINI really think Alberts going to win, mostly to push the wienerville post count up withe us freaking out LOL

HLA segment. I'm hoping that an RNN run in happens right in the middle. So the perverts who ordered it for it would be in the uncomfortable postition of being in mid stroke when Orton's smiley face comes on HA HA HA HA (get the L out)

(edited by Net Hack Slasher on 13.12.02 1757)

Oh they have the internet on computers now!

Since: 24.7.02

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#22 Posted on
After only being incorrect on the tables match last month (and correctly calling a Scott Steiner beat down at some point), I'll take more of a risk on this show.

Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes, oh wait, I mean Kurt Angle vs. Big Slug: Kurt, let's see if your Flair worthy trying to make Slug look good in the ring. Everyone interferes:
Slug Wins.

Benoit vs. Uncle Eddy: In a perfect world, they put this on before the two world title matches, have them go 45 minutes, then have them do the double knockout where they end up both laying in the ring for half an hour (circa, WCW Saturday Night '95), and at least get rid of the Big Slug match. If they don't go for the double knockout ending, I say Benoit wins, making him look stronger before he gets fed to either Lesnar or Slug in February.

Chavo vs. Kidman: I say upset here, with a Chavo win, allowing him to be a double belt holder, and causing rifts within the Guerrero family as Eddy only has one title, while Chavo has two.

Edge vs. A-Train: Young star being built up since Mania vs. Hoss who was on the B-Show 2 weeks ago. Should be simple. Oh wait, Taker said Albert was a future star, and he's coming back next month. Coupled with the hoss factor, Albert wins.

Torrie/Dawn (hotel video): Cheetum the midget attacks both, leading to a run in by Dick Dastardly, who alternately sings Catch the Pigeon and Catch the Midget (Come on, it can't be worse than what they'll put on).

4 way tag title match: Regal/Storm win. Booker turns heel on Dustin, setting up a brief feud, and allowing Booker to get away from the overcrowded face side (will make sense by end of night).

Jackie/Victoria/Trish: They might just decide to piss everyone off by giving Jackie the belt. I hope not. Victoria pins Jackie, allowing Trish not to job, and keeping things in a normal pattern until Jazz returns.

Batista vs. Kane: Kane wins after a run in from the first alumnus from Dingbat University Scott Steiner.

Trip vs. The Rating Killer as a Face Kid (trademark pending): If they were real jerks, they'd swerve everyone and only have it go 2 falls. However, it goes three. And, trying to recapture the magic of Austin/Hart from '97, they pull the double turn in fall 3, with Flair turning on HHH to join HBK. This allows HBK to retain, setting up the Hometown Hero angle at Rumble for Trip to regain the title, setting up a feud with Booker in February.

Will probably be wrong more than last month, but just remember, Catch that Pigeon Now.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.

Since: 4.10.02

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#23 Posted on

Angle vs. Show-Show winning via interference from (Heyman or Lesnar)

Benoit vs. Guerrerio- Toss up

Chavo vs Kidman- Chavo because of two reason(1. He's apart of the six elite 2. He's more over).

Edge vs. Albert- Albert because he's a (fill in blank) and he has to face Undertaker when he cames back and needs the momentum.

Four way tag match-The Dudleys clean.

Jackie/Victoria/Trish- Victoria because she a hoss-no that Albert. Vicki will win so she has the strap when Jazz comes in.

Batista vs. Kane- Batista with interference from Flair or D-von setting up something very interesting the next night on Raw. Beside Kane will not be allow to job clean to the rookie.

Triple H vs. HBK-Steiner coming to Raw so Hunter has to have something to keep him strong when he arrives. (althought he already has Steph for that.)


Since: 22.4.02
From: Outside of Boston

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#24 Posted on
Triple H (Challenger) vs. Shawn Michaels (Champion):

HHH takes fall 1, Michaels gets 2, and HHH wins 3. However, while grabbing the belt, he falls off the ladder and pencil-dives through the mat.

Kurt Angle (Challenger) vs. The Big Show (Champion):

Show wins via superterrifichappyscrewjob, Angle takes a month off to rest his knee. Smackdown's ratings promptly plummet when its primary viewer base goes into mourning.

The Dudley Boyz (Challengers) vs. Booker T & Goldust (Challengers) vs. Lance Storm & William Regal (Challengers) vs. Chris Jericho & Christian (Champions):

Goldust redeems himself, putting all 6 opponents through tables. However, since it was after he went through one himself, it doesn't quite count. But his team wins, going on to face... well, you read the rest of the picks.

Trish Stratus (Challenger) vs. Jacqueline (Challenger) vs. Victoria (Champion):

Victoria splatters Jacqueline all over the ring, and Trish, deciding to take some inspiration from Gallagher specials, camps out in the front row, wearing a poncho.

Chavo Guerrero (Challenger) vs. Billy Kidman (Champion):

Kidman wins, because someone's got to defend the belt.

Kane vs. Batista:

Batista wins, and this match finally elevates him... well, to solid midcarder. D-Von, of course, remains happily uninvolved.

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero:

As they say, the real winners are the fans.

Edge vs. A-Train:

A-Train wins and proves everyone wrong by actually getting over for something other than being hirsuit.

Nowinski v. Maven:

Nowinski takes the Heat ME, only to do some stuff with Al Snow.

Torrie/Dawn Marie segment: Lawler suffers a fate not unlike that of Maxxx Orbison, then abandons his announcing duties to go on a rampage, leading to the introduction of the next World Tag Team challengers, Joe Young and Choda Boy.

Today's Out-Of-Context Quote, Courtesy of Punkinhead:

"I'm gonna go dig up a date!"
It's False

Since: 20.6.02
From: I am the Tag Team Champions!

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#25 Posted on
Let's take a look at Armageddon from the eyes of It's False and watch as I bat 1000 on this throwaway December PPV.

RAW CHAMPIONSHIP-HBKripple vs The NecropHHHiliac
-Knowing Triple H's record in street fights, he'll come out with the first fall while HBK takes the second fall in the cage. Then you know what's coming. Triple H adds to his enormous resume by beating HBK in his own match.

SMACKDOWN CHAMPIONSHIP-Big Slug (w/ The Greatest Booker of Our Generation) vs The Greatest Wrestler of Our Generation
-I was so ready to bitch out WWE for using Angle as a stepping stone for Big Slug, but this is one of those things that's so stupid on paper, yet makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Look for Brock to cause a DQ or a screwjob and for Angle to blame Brock for costing him the title until the big showdown at Wrestlemania!

RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP-Vitamin C vs The Dudleyz are Back! vs Bookerdust vs UnAmericans 2.0
-After the events of last Monday's Raw, they'd BETTER give Booker T and Goldust their run at the tag titles. But something tells me they won't. It's finally time for Jericho to move on and for Christian to unfortunately be pushed back into limbo. Storm and Regal have gotten rockets shoved up their asses and pushed to the moon, so they'll get the belts and feud with Booker and Goldust. Remember when people were DEMANDING a Lance Storm push and now that they got it, they're BITCHING?! I don't understand the IWC sometimes.
IT'S FALSE PREDICTS: Lance Storm and William Regal

WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP-Psycho Victoria vs. Jacqueline Still Works Here? vs. Trish the Dish
-Victoria's acting is still laughable. If Jazz is ready to come back, then I'm guessing they'll need a sacrificial lamb. Therefore...

WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP-That Lucky Bastard Kidman vs Chavito Guerrero
-Chavo will make us all proud and CHEAT TO WIN~!, but he'll likely fall short. Kidman's push continues and it'll last about as long as Hurricane's push.

The Big Red Freak vs Super Dave Batista (YAHOO!)
-Potential match of the night and one I believe will surprise everybody! If Kane doesn't suddenly get in the mood to no-sell, this can be a very good match. Let's HOPE this signals the elevation of NEW talent!

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero
-Can they live up to the hype?

Stalled Push vs. Albert-Train
-Hey, Edge! You've put on **** with guys like Angle, the Guerreros, and Benoit for the better part of a year now. How does it feel to know that Albert has suddenly been pushed ahead of you? Oh well. At least it's not YOU being fed to Undertaker......yet.
IT'S FALSE PREDICTS: I sleep! A-Train wins

JUST ADDED-Chris Harvard vs Maven- This feud CANNOT be blown off already! Chris Harvard will make us all proud and CHEAT TO WIN~!, setting up a rematch. This feud has to culminate at Wrestlemania and HOPEFULLY elevate both guys. Pretty soon, they can fight for the IC...oh, wait. That's not around anymore.
IT'S FALSE PREDICTS: Christopher Nowinski

This PPV looks like a bomb. The good thing is, if it DOES bomb, there's no way they could POSSIBLY blame RVD! He's not even wrestling! He's at The World! He can't be blamed for a bad buyrate!
Or CAN he?

My name's Rob. Two weeks ago, I was fighting for the World Title. This Sunday, I'll be hosting Armageddon from The World.
What? Me buried?

Since: 24.7.02

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#26 Posted on

    Originally posted by It's False

    RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP-Vitamin C vs The Dudleyz are Back! vs Bookerdust vs UnAmericans 2.0
    -After the events of last Monday's Raw, they'd BETTER give Booker T and Goldust their run at the tag titles. But something tells me they won't. It's finally time for Jericho to move on and for Christian to unfortunately be pushed back into limbo. Storm and Regal have gotten rockets shoved up their asses and pushed to the moon, so they'll get the belts and feud with Booker and Goldust. Remember when people were DEMANDING a Lance Storm push and now that they got it, they're BITCHING?! I don't understand the IWC sometimes.
    IT'S FALSE PREDICTS: Lance Storm and William Regal

    This PPV looks like a bomb. The good thing is, if it DOES bomb, there's no way they could POSSIBLY blame RVD! He's not even wrestling! He's at The World! He can't be blamed for a bad buyrate!
    Or CAN he?

On the Storm push being not embraced by the IWC: I think it falls along the lines of the Schiavone effect. Since Good Ol' JR now is thought of in the same light as Tony was, anything he says the net reacts to in a negative fashion. Thus, where in previous years JR putting over a person was viewed as a positive for an individual, now it is a detriment as JR is almost to the level of Lawler in credibility.
As for the buyrate, this will be the discussion: Bad buy rate.
Is it Trip/HBK's fault? (Steph/Steph) Daddy, I love Trip. (Vince) Linda, I love HBK. Thus, neither will be blamed.
Thus, the reaction will be, it would have done wonders if Undertaker was on the card. It was only because the fans didn't expect to see Taker that they didn't buy it. Lets push Taker again, thats what the people want.

I want you to know, I agree with everything I've just said.

Since: 12.10.02
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#27 Posted on
I'm digging Storm's work. It's just Regal that's making the team boring. Regal can't even bump anymore. He doesn't even leave his feet when he bumps.

Storm should be teaming back with Hurricane, IMO. They had great chemistry during their brief teaming run in the Alliance. Plus, Storm played a good straight man to Hurricane's comedy.

Since: 2.1.02
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#28 Posted on
I'm in total agreement on the Storm/Hurricane thing, although I'm willing to give 'em a little time to try some stuff with Storm/Regal.


Kane Vs. Batista
Ahhh, it's been a long time since we've had a halfway-decent power match to look forward too (well...not really) and I'm digging Batista as big fucking monster heel.

What I'd Do: Batista via pinfall with relatively little screwjob activity.

What They'll Do: Ditto.

Edge Vs. A-Train
Hmmm...on the one hand this is a valuable opportunity for Edge and I really do dig Albert. On the other...this just isn't right.

What I'd Do: Edge continually outsmarts the bigger man, leading to him snapping and beating the shit outta him. Edge via DQ.

What They'll Do: Albert gets a dirty victory via pinfall.

Women's Title Match
Trish Vs. jackie Vs. Victoria

What I'd Do: Victoria via pinfall in preparation for a REAL feud with Jazz.

What They'll Do: Jackie goes over for some Godforsaken reason.

Chris Benoit Vs. Eddie Guerrero
Could rule, could be disappointing. Although that's unlikely.

What I'd Do: Benoit fights off both Guerreros and makes Eddie TAP, bitch.

What They'll Do: Eddie gets a sneaky win to set up "Benoit/Random Partner Vs. Guerreros" for the next coupla months.

Fatal Fourway For Tag Team Titles
The Dudleyz Vs. El Blondes Del Candiense Vs. Booker/Goldust Vs. Storm/Regal
I'm actually incredibly pumped for this match. If everyone brings their working boots it could steal the show.

What I'd Do: Booker and Goldust FINALLY get the straps.

What They'll Do: The Dudleys go over to set up a feud with Storm and Regal.

WWE Title Match
Kurt Angle Vs. The Big Show
I'm banking on kurt making this one half-decent. He's pulled good matches out of unlikely contendes before, and as long as Show's willing to run with it then it could be good.

What I'd Do: Angle via DQ after Brock interference goes awry. That way we can segue into Brock/Show II and Angle's Rumble victory to set up Mania.

What They'll Do: Show retains via pinfall in a way that adds fuel to the smoldering Brock/Angle fire.

World Title Match, 3 Stages Of Hell
Shawn Michaels Vs. HHH
Regardless of all the politicking, backstabbing, bitching and whatnot, this match will RULE.

What I'd Do: Shawn retains in a swerve, setting up Shawn/RVD and HHH/Steiner for future broadcasts.

What They'll Do: Trips reclaims the Big Gold Belt in the third fall to add another boast to his repertoire.

Murdoch had just made the mistake no man should...He kissed a big angry black guy

Lap cheong

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#29 Posted on
OK, I could just pick the winners, but what's the fun in that? So what I am going to do is see who can pick more right, myself or the Shut Your Mouth video game. Let's see what happens.

Maven w/Snow vs. Chris Nowinski
SYM result: Maven wins with a rollup
My prediction: Nowinski wins here to continue the feud.

Kane vs. Bautista w/Flair
SYM result: Kane wins with a tombstone piledriver
My prediction: The Bautista push continues as he gets the win over Kane.

Edge vs.
SYM result: wins with a spinning rack pancake
My prediction: A-Train wins, they didn't repackage him just so he could lose.
Bonus prediction: It won't work.

Victoria vs. Trish vs. Jacqueline
SYM result: Victoria wins with whatever she calls that finisher
My prediction: Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Booker/Goldust vs. Storm/Regal vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Y2J/Christian
SYM result: Well, I had to do this tournament style, since you can't play 4 way tags. Long story short, Booker T/Goldust win with a Booker axe kick
My prediction: Booker/Goldie win. I have to have a face win somewhere in here!

Benoit vs. Guerrero
SYM result: Guerrero wins with the frog splash
My prediction: I think Benoit could use a victory on a PPV, and Guerrero has the tag team division to fall back on.
Benoit wins.

Big Show w/Heyman vs. Kurt Angle w/Lesnar
SYM result: Angle wins with a superplex
My prediction: Well, if Angle really needs surgery, then I guess the Big Show must go over. So Lesnar will screw something up for Angle, or at least Angle will perceive it that way, as Show wins.

HBK vs. Triple H - Three Stages of Hell
SYM result: Street Fight - Triple H via Pedigree, Cage Match - Triple H via Pedigree, Triple H wins 2-0
My prediction: Triple H will win, though he will let HBK have one fall. That's like a rule or something for best out of 3 falls.

I guess somewhere Chavo vs. Kidman was placed on PPV. Missed that. Kidman wins, Chavo already has a belt, and there's no longer plenty to go around.


Since: 2.11.02
From: Edinburgh, Scotland

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#30 Posted on
Kane vs. Batista:- Cant see Flair getting involved in the championship match, so Batista wins via his interfernece, building up both Batista, and any Flair stable in the making.

Nowinski v Maven: is this one happening? If it does then I fancy Nowinski to win setting up a rematch further down the line

Edge vs. Albert:- Well I would go for Alb... eh I mean A-Train, but the WWE just never give pushes to huge monsters do they?

Trish v Victoria v Jackie?!: Hopefully minimal involvement for Jackie here. Victoria wins.

Fatal 4 way tag title: I saw on the WWE website that they had a vote for who most deseverved these belts and Regal/Storm had double the votes of anyone else. Man has JR been click happy. Hopefully this means nothing and Bookdust get a well earned win.

Eddie v Benoit: Eddie via Chavo interfernece to set up tag feud down the line

Big Show vs Kurt Angle: Show wins after screw up between Lesnar and Angle, starting a WM feud down the line

HBK vs HHH: The most loved man on the internet wins falls one and three to regain his title in a match which should be better than many expect.

"I tear my quadricep all the time. Heck I tore it this morning and I'm fine!" Kurt Angle

Undisputed Wiener of the day 6.11.02
Ten Millionth Hit

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#31 Posted on
Raw Title - Are they doing the falls back-to-back or throughout the evening? If throughout the evening, I'll say the first fall goes to Shawn, with Hunter getting the second. Reverse that if they're all at once, but HHH will climb the ladder to grab the belt to end the evening.

Smackdown Title: Brock concentrates more on Heyman to pay attention to Big Show's cheating. BS retains after a belt shot and a chokeslam. Just a little too early to start a full-blown push for Angle/Brock.

Raw Tag - Please let them go with Bookdust on this. Please let them go with Bookdust on this.

Benoit vs. Guerrero. I've pulled out my tapes of their matches on WCW:SN back in late '95 to get pumped for this one. This time, instead of Benoit cheating to win, it will be Eddie.

Edge vs. A-Train. A new name and a push to go along with it. Edge makes Albert look a like a million bucks in being the squashee.

Victoria vs. Trish vs. Jacqueline: Victoria.

Kane vs. Batista. Two hosses, but since any true hoss would never wear a mask, I'll go for the maskless HOSS.

Maven vs. Nowinski: Nowinski if it is a heat match, Maven if it is actually on the pay-per view. Nowinski will lay out Maven after the match regardless.

And I hope that Net Hack Slasher's suggestion happen during the Torrie/Dawn Marie segment. "Randy can now type 20% more personal emails as a thank you to folks who write"

Boudin blanc

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#32 Posted on
Maven vs. Christopher Nowinski
Nowinski wins when another Tough Enough reject (Jake, maybe?) interferes on his behalf.

Edge vs. A-Train
A-Train wins but not clean. The ref will bump, thus missing an Edge pin attempt that goes 10 seconds. As Edge goes to check on the referee, Albert will catch him from behind with the Baldo Bomb.

Kane vs. Batista
After a brutal five minute brawl, Flair (forgetting that Kane's family jewels are burnt to a crisp) will land a low blow, allowing Batista to hit the sitout powerbomb thanks to Kane also forgetting that he shouldn't be selling his testicles. (Talk about a celebrity auction that would do poorly on eBay...)

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero
Chavo attempts to interfere, leading to Dean Malenko coming out to help Benoit, leading up to Benoit getting the pin. The next Smackdown, Guerrero attacks Benoit from behind to further the feud, possibly leading up to a Benoit/Malenko vs. Los Guerreros match.

Victoria vs. Jaqueline vs. Trish Stratus
Two faces versus a hell champion, somebody has to turn. I don't think anybody would care in the least if Jaqueline turned heel (thus Vincelogic(tm) says it happens) so Trish turns heel and takes out Jaqueline to win the title.

Billy Kidman vs. Chavo Guerrero
Kidman retains the title in a great match that nobody outside of the IWC notices.

Jericho & Christian vs. Storm & Regal vs. Booker T & Goldust vs. The Dudleyz
Booker T & Golddust win by eliminating Jericho & Christian but lose the titles the next night to Storm & Regal, thus freeing up Booker T to feud with Jericho over who gets to job to Scott Steiner first.

Big Show vs. Kurt Angle
I think the Brock (unintentional?) screwjob of Angle is pretty evident here. For a brief moment, I had a vision of Brock F5'ing Big Show and Angle catching him and Angle Slamming him but I realized that was just dust in my eye. Could we actually have another face vs. face matchup headlining Wrestlemania? Angle stated on Confidential that he thought Angle vs. Lesnar would go down as the greatest match in the history of the sport. It'll be interesting to see if they can come up with a storyline worthy of the possible technical quality of the match.

Shawn Michaels vs. HHH
Now it seems obvious that HHH is going to go over here. However, Jim Ross recently stated that Shawn Michaels was going to increase his road schedule. If he just loses the title clean, there's really no reason to keep him around. So I'm thinking that during the 3rd fall ladder match, both men will grab the title at the same time. Leading either to a 4th fall or Bischoff holding up the title until Royal Rumble, at which point Raw would have a Rumble for the title and Smackdown would have a Rumble for the Wrestlemania shot.

As for Dawn Marie & Torrie, I have to third Net Hack Slasher's suggestion for an RNN interruption. Even expecting it, I think I'd laugh out loud at that.
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Well, legit in the sense that the heels had their cheating backfire on them. It's another fluke win to me, almost as bad as the DQ win for Lacey and the cheerleader. The commentator is the best part of the show for me now.
- Torchslasher, Wrestlicious TakeDown #5 - 3/29/10 (2010)
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