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24.4.18 2006
The W - Movies & TV - American Idol 5.1.07 Top 6 "Bon Jovi Night"
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We’re back tonight with Bon Jovi night, and all 6 Idols from last week. No rain this week, so I’ll actually get to see all of the show as well. This week, however 2 will get the boot. 70 mill raised last week for Idol Gives Back. Not shabby, not shabby at all.

Phil is up first, and performing “Blaze of Glory.” He sings the song pretty well, but I couldn’t help but laugh when he said he was going “down in a blaze of glory” that he was foreshadowing his fate for tomorrow night. It’s just about time for him to go. Good performance however, I actually liked it. Randy loved it (because he was a part of the original), Paula loved it, and Simon, he thought it was ok.

Jordin is up next, and she’s going to choose “Living on a Prayer.” JBJ was intrigued by the song choice for her. It wasn’t her best performance, it started kind of rough. She kinda saved herself by the chorus, only to lose it again. I still don’t want to see her go, because I think she’s still good enough to actually win it. Randy didn’t hate it, but knew it wasn’t what she was capable of.

Lakisha is third, and this week she’s singing “This Ain’t a Love Song.” She starts out rough as Jordin did, but was able to save herself midway through. But it wasn’t that good a performance even then, she was definitely out of her element this week. Randy liked it and said she was back this week, and Simon gets a kiss, and loved the performance.

Blake cleans up tonight singing “You Give Love a Bad Name.” He basically does a remix of the song with his beat boxing. The parts where he was actually singing he did a great job. Maybe a little bit too much redoing the song, and I think the judges are gonna rip on him for it. But he shows again, why he really doesn’t need to win, he might very well be this year’s Chris Daughtry. Surprisingly, Randy and Paula loved it, and Simon applauded his risk taking and said it’ll help keep him in the competition.

Chris goes fifth, and takes the duty of doing “Wanted, Dead or Alive.” He says it wouldn’t be Bon Jovi night without it, I can’t argue with it. He does a pretty good job with it, but after following Blake, it’s hard to give him his due. It’s really hard to gauge the song well, because I love the acoustic version so much better than the original. He did a pretty good job nonetheless, and it’s easily a guy’s night tonight. Randy and Paula liked it, and Simon did not.

Melinda ends the night tonight, singing “Have a Nice Day.” She comes out swinging. She chooses about the best song she could have. She’s showing to be easily the most versatile of the girls, and is comfortable singing country, rock, and back in her element. Nothing wrong at all, and I think as of now, it’s a 2 horse race between her and Blake. All of the judges loved it as well.

And here’s how I had them….


I think LaKisha and Chris or Phil go home, mostly because even though Jordin was off tonight, I don’t want to see her go just yet. I gotta say, I think Jon Bon Jovi is one of the best judges they’ve ever used on the show, I only wish he could have done it earlier, with more contestants.

See ya next week!

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Phil - Hell even I can't hate on Phil anymore. He's come so far from what he started as. This was pretty good stuff actually and I think it's enough to keep him around one more week.

Jordin - oh boy. This was not good. The look, the singing. A rough night for the girls going in, and this was as bad as I feared. She's still very safe though.

Lakisha - She was off key during the first part, boring in the middle and her usual stomping oversinging self by the end. So yeah I hated it and have no clue what the judges were saying.

Blake - Honestly, this was amazing. To come up with that mix out of that song is just incredibly creative in my view. One of my favorite performances of the season. He's not the best singer, but he's by far the most talented musician this year.

Chris - No, someone didn't have to do this song. This sucked horribly.

Melinda - The only chick to do well tonight. Surprisingly good stuff from her.

Ok so considering you must add the four hours of voting from last week to only two hours of voting this week, it's more than likely that whoever the bottom two were last week are gonna still be bottom two after tonight no matter how they did. Rumor has it that would be Lakisha and Chris and that would be fine by me.

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Not impressed by Phil. It was pretty ok, but not the kind of performance to put him into the final four.

Jordin was bad, but I think she'll win votes by just going for honesty and saying, "Hey, this wasn't a good week for me."

Lakisha was better than she had any right to be, and the song choice really helped her, but it wasn't nearly enough to save her from going home.

Now...Blake. Great performance. That was his "The Performance" that Simon always talks about. He did something completely out there and different and made it work. The only problem is, I'm betting that a lot of AI's fanbase isn't going to dig it, and it'll drive voters off him. Not enough for him not to make the Final 3, but enough that he won't win.

Here's a synopsis of my thoughts on Chris' performance as he sang the first line.

It’s all the same. Only the names will Chaaaayayaiiaaaynge!
(Ok…This isn’t that bad. Probably the b…DAMMIT!)

I don't know how he makes it through every week. I fucking hate that. The vocal gymnastics just killed that peformance.

Melinda has made a huge push over the last few weeks to make herself more contemporary and personable, and it's really worked. The cynic in me says the the producers were concerned that she'd kill herself during theme weeks and fed her what to do to spice herself up. But whatever. It's working. The last three weeks are the first times all season that I've liked Melinda.

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 2.55
Wow. I guess I'm alone in hating Melinda's performance. I thought it was just plain bad, even with the Tina Turner comparison.

Chris and Lakisha are going home.

However, if Phil goes home, I won't mind one bit cuz it'll mean I'll get to watch his rendition of "Blaze of Glory" again. I was thinking the same thing as Paula - it was the best opening of the year.

Based on performances tonight, I've got them:
1. Blake
2. Phil
3. Jordin
4. Melinda
5. Chris
6. Lakisha

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#5 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.75
I didn't see all of them, but I hated Blake's performance. I think I'm biased by me loving that song the way it is. It was a gutsy performance for sure, but I didn't care for it.

I thought Chris was really good though, going the "normal" way with the song. I want to see more of him and less of Blake.

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That was easily my favorite Phil performance, and maybe even enough to keep him going for another week.

Jordin's performance was truly terrible. I can buy that the genre isn't her strength, that the song was difficult and not totally in her range, and her, "it was my week to suck," thing was cute, but can you get away with having your suck week when it's down to the top 6 and two are going home? I say nay, but she's cute, she can sing, and she's likable, so here's hoping it works out for her.

Lakisha was definitely improved this week, but she's still not back to where she was earlier in the competition. Maybe that's lost to her now.

I still hate Blake. But he entertained me last night, nailed his performance, and doesn't deserve to go home.

I didn't think Chris was terrible, but as someone else pointed out, it would be extra hard to follow Blake this week.

Melinda rocked. I didn't think she could, but she rocked. When I heard it was rock week, I thought Jordin would be the one getting in touch with her inner Tina Turner. And Lakisha was my second choice. Wrong again. Melinda so doesn't need American Idol; but at this point it'd be a joke if she didn't win.


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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.16
I have liked Phil since his performance in the Tony Bennett week, and that hasn't changed for me. In my perfect world Phil would be Final Three, and possibly Final Two if it turns out to be one guy and one girl. I thought he did a very good job with the song. Good song choice for him.

Jordin tanked it tonight. I hated the look, I didn't like the song choice, and she didn't feel it at all. Her worst performance in a while. She might survive from the power of last week's votes, but she might have knocked herself back some.

I loved Lakisha. I told the GF when it was done, "Gee, nice of Lakisha to show up for the first time in over a month." I don't know if it will be enough to save her, but she did a very solid job I thought.

I hate Blake. I give him 5 points for trying something different with a well-known song. But take away 100 for the execution. I just don't see him like a Chris Daughtry. To me Blake is just not that unique except in the closed world of Idol. He might sell a few albums as an Idol alum, but I just don't see great success in his future. White kids who can beatbox just aren't that unique anymore.

Chris seems overmatched by both the song and the competition in general at this point. He's at the point where for the last few weeks he's never been the worst performer, but he's never the best either. He might survive one more week, but he seems unlikely to make the Final Three.

Melinda surprised me. I figured she'd pick a Bon Jovi ballad, maybe "Always" or "Bed of Roses." "Have a Nice Day" was, for me at least, a rather adventurous choice. She was a bit over growly at points, but for being so out of her comfort zone I thought she did a good job.

Honestly I have no idea what the hell is going to happen tonight. I suspect the next three people to go will be Phil, Chris, and Lakisha. But Blake or Jordin going in the next two weeks wouldn't surprise me at all. The only one safe for the Final Three seems to me to be Melinda. I hope its Chris and Blake going tonight, with Lakisha following next week, but I doubt that highly.

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#8 Posted on | Instant Rating: 3.08
    Originally posted by Excalibur05
    Now...Blake. Great performance. That was his "The Performance" that Simon always talks about. He did something completely out there and different and made it work. The only problem is, I'm betting that a lot of AI's fanbase isn't going to dig it, and it'll drive voters off him. Not enough for him not to make the Final 3, but enough that he won't win

Honestly in looking around the web last night and this morning, the only people bashing Blake are those that hated him before the performance. Everyone else is pretty much sold on what a great job he did. He's just one of those people that will have haters like Daughtry did last year.

Personally I do find him unique in that I don't think many other white boys who can beatbox could even envision redoing that song in that manner, much less have the balls to try it on live tv.

If you believe the results that are leaked from time to time, barring a total collapse we're headed for a Blake and Jordin finale.
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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 7.30

    Originally posted by wmatistic
    Ok so considering you must add the four hours of voting from last week to only two hours of voting this week, it's more than likely that whoever the bottom two were last week are gonna still be bottom two after tonight no matter how they did.

Not so fast. There were four hours of voting this week, too. At least that's what Seacrest said at the end of the show.

Blake was certainly the most entertaining.

I got into "conversation" with a Jordin fan at work today who was saying how good she was. She stunk. Out loud. She knew it, too.

I like Phil. Nosferatu works for me.

I am hoping Chris and Lakisha are hitting the bricks, but who knows?

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#10 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.23
I thought Phil was fantastic again. Every time I'm convinced it's his week to go, he pulls out an amazing vocal. Not to say this was enough to save himself, but still.

Wow, Jordin might have been the weakest one tonight. No way she's in trouble, but she better make people forget this performance next week.

Lakisha finally puts together a decent performance, but it may be too late to save herself.

Forgive the hyperbole, but Blake's performance was the best I've seen this year - hands down. When I heard he was beatboxing I thought "Please just don't beatbox over the chorus" and he didn't. I sincerely believe this kid will sell a kajillion albums no matter how he finishes. Simon was spot on, too: 1/2 probably loved it and 1/2 hated it. I never go to their site to download the entire songs they do, but I may have to for this one.

Chris - I despise the kid, but I thought he did well this week. I loved Jon Bon Jovi saying the song should be sad and not performed to be cool. Yeah, like the lyric "I've seen a million faces...and I rocked 'em all" has a lot of contemplative meaning behind it. Sure thing, Jon. And by the way, Chris, I've heard Chris Daughtry and YOU are no Chris Daughtry.

Melinda - Another week. Another vocal home run. Didn't buy the performance, though. Kinda made me laugh.

I've been wrong pretty much every week, but I think Phil and Lakisha are history. I would love it to be Chris and Lakisha instead, but who knows.

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Seth MacFarlane's loving his "walk on the beach" scenes. This is like the second or third time it's come up tonight. This was pretty good. Had some good moments, though I don't think I got a bigger laugh than I did with the CIA mouse.
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