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23.6.18 1248
The W - Random - American Idol 5/18
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I confess. I wasn't going to watch the special Monday night where they followed the girls home and shuch, but I flipped to it about halfway through and Ryan was interviewing Simon and I found it to be very interesting, so I watched the last half of it. Ryan had sit-down interviews with all three girls, and to my surprise the one I ended up liking the most was, surpisingly, Fantasia. Jasmine seemed like she was trying to hard to say the right things and sound intelligent (a HUGE pret peeve of mine) and Diana, fresh off her awesome performance on last week's show, was just SO DAMN GIGGLY AND BUBBLY AND 16! ARGH! Fantasia was refreshingly low-key but still fun, sheppishly admitting after some prodding by Ryan she expected to be in the final three and poking some decent fun at her pre-"Idol" life.


Last year on the "final three" show, the singers had to pick songs at random, which messed up Clay as he got a song that was SO not "him" and he even forgot the words. Thankfully, they have scrapped that for this year and the contestants get to pick the first song, then they sing a song selected by the judges, and finally they get a song chosen by CJ Clive Davis, who should be good as a CJ because he can't put anything out there where he gives false praise to someone who sucks (Jasmine) because he's Clive FRICKING Davis, ferchrissakes.

In the red room Fantasia and Diana seem loose (Fantasia accuses Diana of cheating at "rock/paper/scissors" to go last, which Diana denies, much giggling ensues) while Jasmine seems less so, but that could be because she's first up.

Jasmine leads off with her choice, "Saving All My Love", and it takes about four notes for me to get pissed off that SHE's still on the show and LaToya isn't. Still, she's much better than last week ("5000% better", per Mrs. JJD) and she gets past the shaky start to hit some nice notes at the end. The judges don't really like her performance, and I don't really think she connected with the audience in any way.

Fantasia is next singing "Chain of Fools". At the beginning of the competition I railed against her Macy Gray-ish sound, but she's really gotten away from that the past few weeks. This is a very good performance that just shows how Jasmine's nowhere in Fantasia's league, as a singer or performer. Someone needs to teach her a few more "moves", but she's got one great performance for tonight.

Diana is third, singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Isn't that a duet? The transitions where the song would go from one singer to the other make for kind of an awkward sequence for Diana, like when I'm singing in the car and go back and forth between the lead singer and backup vocals indiscriminately. (C'mon, you know YOU do it, too.) When she gets to the "Ain'tnomountainhighenough" part she gets back into her groove, but she seems like she regressed a bit here. Simon notes that she's trying too hard and she "shouted" the song instead of singing it.

After one performance, Fantasia's clearly had the best song, and it would be tough to choose between Diana and Jasmine for second, I'd say.

Paula chooses Jasmine's second song and it's "Mr. Melody" by Natalie Cole. It's an uptempo song, but her performance is just boring. Fantasia and Diana (and LaToya, remember her?) were always able to sing the entire song, verses and chorus, strongly, while Jasmine has been consistently weak singing the verses of her songs while usually improving on the chorus. Same thing tonight for Jasmine. Simon notes that her support from Hawaii and the fact that she's hot was gotten her this far, but it "has to end tonight", and I agree. Of course, it SHOULD have ended last week. I wonder what LaToya has thrown at the TV so far tonight.

Simon chooses "Fool in Love" for Fantasia, second performance, and it's another strong performance. At the end of the song I asked Mrs. JJD if that was a Tina Turner song, and her reply was "Yeah, and she nailed it." Very entertaining, and even though she took yet another stroll through the crowd, she's been the only one on the show who's been able to do that well and it worked during this song. After three ringing endorsements from Randy, Paula, and CJ Clive, Simon feels compelled to tell Fantasia, coyly, that she was "horrible" in an attempt to make sure she get the "sympathy votes". Man, they are throwing Jasmine under the bus tonight.

Randy's choice for Diana is "Because You Loved Me", by *groan* Celine Dion. She REALLY under-sings the verses, but that could be a blatant attempt to follow Simon's advice earlier. I should also note here that Diana's sporting some SERIOUS cleavage (does Ryan just remind himself she's 16 to keep from staring?) and PANTS (good call), AND her hair looks like she's got some extra stuff in there, like she's Mariah Carey or something. PLUS, I noticed her weird eyebrows peeking through ther bangs during this performance. I thought Diana came off really "young" here, for the first time in a while, but she was predictably strong with the bigger parts of the song. Mrs. JJD, the huge Celine fan, decrees that she was "very good".

After two rounds, it's clearly Fantasia's night so far. Another tough choice between Jasmine and Diana, but I'd go with Diana. Randy said he picked a challenging song for her, and it was advanced calculus compared to Paula's choice for Jasmine, which was more like sixth-grade math, I thought.

For Jasmine's last performance, Clive picks "All By Myself", which is exceedingly appropriate for Jasmine since I fully expect her to be just that at about 9:58 pm Wednesday night. (Why in the FUCK is the results show an HOUR long?! There's THREE of them left! How much filler can there be? They don't even have a singing CJ to perform during the results show!) I think Jasmine pulls out her strongest performance of the night, and it's her best in a few weeks, though the judges disagree with my assessment. Clive notes she sang the song ok but that she didn't convey enough emotion. Dude, she's a hot 17-year old from Hawaii, she's probably never ever come near that emotion. (Somewhere, Simon's saying "THAT'S my point!) Jasmine fans will definitely be able to point to this song like "SEE! She IS good!", which is true, but surely LaToya would've done a much stronger version if given the chance.

Clive interestingly picks "The Greatest Love of All" for Fantasia. I've always thought Fantasia's weakest point was that her voice was so quirky that she'd have trouble singing mainstream hits, but she is AWESOME here. She's so good that she probably just lost the competition and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see her get voted out. The judges all agree that it wouldn't matter if that happened, because everyone knows she's the real winner of the competition. Fantasia seems floored by the judges' remarks, especially Clive's assertion that if he had heard that performance in a "basement in Kansas" he'd sign Fantasia on the spot. What a week for her.

Diana's given "Don't Cry Out Loud" by Clive, and my digital cable started weirding out here and froze up a couple of times during the song. What I heard didn't sound that great, until the end, but the judges are united in their praise of Diana's performance, calling it her strongest of the night. Simon goes so far as to say Clive's song choice has put Diana in the final two.

The last time there was an egregious decision by the voters (Jennifer Hudson) the following week America got it right and voted off John Stevens. While I'm surprised that happened twice this season, I totally expect America to correct its mistake from last week and send Jasmine home. I think the luckiest girl in America is Diana DeGarmo, though, because if LaToya HAD made it through I don't know if Diana brought enough tonight to have gotten through LaToya.

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Packman V2

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#2 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.51
If Fantasia was to get voted off, I have a feeling the judges, and Seacrest will be going off tonight..and rightfully so.

Back to Back Survivor

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It's all personal preference but I just can't stand Fantasia. Her voice and style have grown on me a little but she still annoys me with her propensity to shriek . It also really bugged me that the week that Ryan brought her daughter onto the stage with him that she made no effort whatsoever to reach for her or acknowledge her until Ryan pushed her daughter into her arms. It also bugged me last night when she made her weekly trip into the audience that she didn't touch or acknowledge her daughter as she went past. I won't buy her eventual CD and I won't watch her videos as I flip the channels. I won't buy Diana's or Jasmine's either.

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#4 Posted on | Instant Rating: 8.41

Clive Davis has the cruelest sense of humor by picking Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" for Jasmine. I laughed and laughed. It was HIGH-larious hijinks.

From the beginning, I have not particularly cared for Fantasia Barrino, but she brought it totally last night. Three for three. It doesn't matter if she wins or not. Hasn't mattered for Clay Aiken or Kimberley Locke, won't matter for her. Jasmine will be headed for Justin Guarini-land if she somehow absurdly wins.

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Since: 25.6.02
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Fantasia sounds, and looks like a cartoon character...she drives me nuts!

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Matt Tracker

Since: 8.5.03
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#6 Posted on | Instant Rating: 5.22
    Originally posted by Packman V2
    If Fantasia was to get voted off, I have a feeling the judges, and Seacrest will be going off tonight..and rightfully so.

I disagree. I think the judges and host are limited by the network's desire to encourage the illusion of voter decisions. They can only badmouth the voting so far after they work so hard to solicit them.

If they were to change the system, either the winner should be chosen with a combination judge/voter pool or the judges pick the winner outright.

But as long as the alledged experts themselves can't agree on talent vs skill vs technique vs attitude vs style (and we saw that during the auditions), then why should the general public be able to pick the one, true proper winner?

The fatal flaw in the show is this: It's called "American Idol" but the winners are closer to the public in presentation and talent than the standouts among the losers. The voters want someone who closely matches themselves or how they wish to be, not the ones who perform the best.

Let's just call it "American Avatar."

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Packman V2

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From: Albuquerque, NM

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#7 Posted on | Instant Rating: 0.59
    Originally posted by pieman
    Clive Davis has the cruelest sense of humor by picking Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" for Jasmine. I laughed and laughed. It was HIGH-larious hijinks.

    From the beginning, I have not particularly cared for Fantasia Barrino, but she brought it totally last night. Three for three. It doesn't matter if she wins or not. Hasn't mattered for Clay Aiken or Kimberley Locke, won't matter for her. Jasmine will be headed for Justin Guarini-land if she somehow absurdly wins.

I thought that too...he was a great judge too...didn't give a damn if he made them feel good about themselves...him and Donna Summer have been 2 of the best judges yet...


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I'd have to go with Quentin Tarantino for the most useful celebrity judge. His comments were very honest and accurate the week he was on, and frankly took the wind out of Simon's sails. Plus, his advice to Diana had a tremendous on her improvement as a performer connecting with the audience. I thought Diana was so bland during the first half of the competition. She acknowledged that it was QT's advice that she was able to bring the performances with this last half, and proved that she still belongs in this competition.

I want Fantasia to go all the way. I was annoyed by her too, but she got less squeaky and more likeable. I don't see her as Macy Gray v.2 anymore. She's in a league of her own now, with La Toya not there.

Poor Jasmine, she's the laughing stock of the American Idol set. She comes across as too phony in her interviews, trying too hard to sound smart when she really has nothing to say. Plus she's a lousy performer. She walks funny, always does the same two hand gestures, and closes her eyes most of the time during the performance. She thinks great singing means only hitting high notes, and this handicaps her. She does not improve on other aspects of singing, like conveying emotion. Fantasia and Diana made us feel their songs last night. Jasmine did not and needs to go.

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#9 Posted on | Instant Rating: 6.45
Last night was the Whitney/Celine night of aural discomfort for me. Its not that I don't like Whitney, its that I don't like people trying to sing her stuff, when its obvious they don't have the pipes for it. Same goes for Celine, except I can't stand her.

I voted last night, and I voted for Diana. I'm not thrilled with any of the finalists, but Jasmine sucks and Fantasia's voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. All season my mom swore up and down that this year had more talent than the last two years, but I just don't see it, especially not now.

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Well, America did get this one right, and Jasmine finally got sent home. She should have been sent home at least 2 weeks earlier. No way should she have lasted longer than LaToya and George.

Hell, I'm not even sure she's a better singer than John Stevens.
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