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26.5.18 0455
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Big Brother

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This was posted here, then deleted shortly after. I can understand why...I can't see how you would want to root for EITHER of these guys! Boy, I'm a real prick for reposting it here!

(Followups set to the OO forums, preferably)

DISCLAIMER: This log may have been edited before I got it. As I am not a participant, I cannot vouch for its authenticity...though it SEEMS to ring true to me.

MHDMAB [4:26 AM]: I know you do not like me, but may I ask why you are up so late?
JebLund [4:26 AM]: You may.
MHDMAB [4:26 AM]: so why are you Jeb?
MHDMAB [4:27 AM]: Congrats on your OO award.
JebLund [4:27 AM]: Why am I Jeb? I guess because I wasn't born anyone else.
MHDMAB [4:27 AM]: no sir, why are youup so late?
JebLund [4:27 AM]: Because I'm writing something.
MHDMAB [4:28 AM]: an OO forum?
MHDMAB [4:28 AM]: How is the weather in the Keys?
JebLund [4:29 AM]: I can't write the forums on OO. They are established. CE, Ask the Rick, etc.
MHDMAB [4:29 AM]: CE?
JebLund [4:30 AM]: Current Events. It's in the alphabet.
MHDMAB [4:31 AM]: OK, I do not want to bother you. I am a bit relieved that you and I are not bickering as much as we have in the past.So I bid you a good morning and Happy New Year.
MHDMAB [4:32 AM]: you do realize who I am, right?
JebLund [4:32 AM]: But you are bothering me. Oh, Lord, how you are bothering me.
JebLund [4:32 AM]: Toby,
JebLund [4:32 AM]: Can I call you Toby?
MHDMAB [4:32 AM]: no your buddy Bobby, aka TTP
JebLund [4:33 AM]: Toby, what is it like to be completely loathed on two message boards?
MHDMAB [4:33 AM]: The W is not that bad. I miss OO, there are some great forums I would like to comment on
JebLund [4:33 AM]: I'm interested in the sensation. You seem to absorb hatred with an idiot glee. I've seen retards who react to mockery with more anger than you.
MHDMAB [4:34 AM]: I do not get angry
JebLund [4:34 AM]: Yeah, sure. But what's it like to be the definition of idiot scum for others? Really?
JebLund [4:35 AM]: Do you brush it off with booze?
MHDMAB [4:35 AM]: I think that moving from all my friends and my life has made me less emotional then I already was. It is pitiful, but attention, even negative is OK at this point.
JebLund [4:35 AM]: Or will total obliviousness suffice?
JebLund [4:35 AM]: You're not answering my questions.
MHDMAB [4:35 AM]: If I do not have my daughter, then I drink.
MHDMAB [4:36 AM]: it is not something I like, but it makes me go through the day
MHDMAB [4:36 AM]: It is hard being away from the life ou lead for 20 years and the friends you made for the same amount of time
JebLund [4:36 AM]: Yeah... not really addressing the issue of your total incomprehensible idiocy. Can you offer anything on that account?
MHDMAB [4:38 AM]: I love wrestling, and I did not know how to post in forums, made a lot of mistakes, now I am getting better (according to CRZ and GuruZim) or at least not as stupid
JebLund [4:39 AM]: But they both asked you to go away forever and leave their forum. So is "learning" for you something like "getting kicked in the teeth"?
MHDMAB [4:41 AM]: I've been kicked in the teeth, nothing is like that, except that. If the really disliked me then they would ban me.
JebLund [4:41 AM]: That's awesome, and I really care. I really do. But I gotta pee real bad. And the Virgin Mary picture isn't going to piss on itself.
MHDMAB [4:42 AM]: I look forward to your next post. Glad the hurricane season is over for you.
MHDMAB [4:42 AM]: and I will admit it, Orton fears JEB
JebLund [4:44 AM]: Can you admit that you were banned from a message board for being an idiot?
JebLund [4:44 AM]: Come on, say it with me. "I was an idiot. I shouldn't have done what I did."
MHDMAB [4:44 AM]: yes, very openly. I made a lot of mistakes
MHDMAB [4:45 AM]: I was an idiot. I shouldn't have done what I did."
JebLund [4:45 AM]: "I shouldn't be a member of that message board again."
JebLund [4:45 AM]: Say it with me.
MHDMAB [4:45 AM]: I thought to be in the forums you had to be a wrestler type, I choose a heel, it was dumb
MHDMAB [4:46 AM]: I would like to be a member again
MHDMAB [4:46 AM]: but I will never be able to come backl
JebLund [4:46 AM]: Toby, say it with me. "I shouldn't be a member of that message board again."
MHDMAB [4:46 AM]: The OO is the best forum in wrestling today
JebLund [4:47 AM]: Yeah, fine, whatever. You're not SAYING it with me.
MHDMAB [4:47 AM]: I shouldn't be a member of that message board again, no matter how much I want another chance
MHDMAB [4:47 AM]: the_Insider guy keeps coming back, at leat I have not tried since March
MHDMAB [4:48 AM]: you do not work tommorow (today?
JebLund [4:48 AM]: That doesn't make you better. That makes you a different problem.
MHDMAB [4:48 AM]: I have a question.
JebLund [4:48 AM]: Toby, you keep showing up in the chat room. Now why do you do that when you're banned from the message board?
MHDMAB [4:49 AM]: What is the harm or problem with me showing up in the chat room?
MHDMAB [4:49 AM]: and..
MHDMAB [4:49 AM]: what movie is the Toby from?
MHDMAB [4:50 AM]: Timmy is VanWilder or my version VanMilder
JebLund [4:50 AM]: Don't lie to me, Toby. You've lied to me and the board so many times already.
MHDMAB [4:50 AM]: Lie to you,Jeb, what do you mean?
JebLund [4:50 AM]: If you're banned from a message board and it's members, what makes you think that being a part of those members and those boards in chat is OK?
MHDMAB [4:51 AM]: I guess no part of me. Although a few members talk to me unless there is a large group there. I thought the chat would help me reintroduce myself to the group.
JebLund [4:52 AM]: You were banned from the group. What part of that is unclear?
JebLund [4:53 AM]: Toby, you just don't get it.
MHDMAB [4:53 AM]: I have never ben unpopular, and this stuff is killing my ego. I think that is why I am so determined
MHDMAB [4:53 AM]: I must not get it. So really where is the Toby from?
JebLund [4:53 AM]: Oh, I highly doubt that. But whatever gives you comfort.
MHDMAB [4:54 AM]: your my age right, 29?
JebLund [4:55 AM]: You're not even paying attention, Toby. I'm not your age. You -- and I hate to be the messenger -- could not have been popular without the extermination of every human who possessed charm. Toby, avoid OO: you will never be a friend or a welcome person there.
MHDMAB [4:56 AM]: I understand
MHDMAB [4:57 AM]: A few people there like me and it is funny, because they remind me of myself in HS when I thought a few kids we picked on were OK,but I picked on them anyway
MHDMAB [4:58 AM]: JEB you are a great writer, and I enjy your stuff, that thing about your favorite pOOster was brilliant, although I was scard I was your target.
JebLund [4:59 AM]: So, do you work out? You like wrestling a lot.
MHDMAB [5:00 AM]: I have not worked out in a while. I wrestled in High School. Ricky Morton told me if I showed p the matches ealry one time around here I could roll around in the ring, but I have yet to do it
MHDMAB [5:00 AM]: do you?
JebLund [5:00 AM]: I've never met anyone dedicated to wrestling, even if other people didn't like them, who didn't weight train.
MHDMAB [5:01 AM]: beer and Applebee's food. the diet of Adoonis and Bundy
JebLund [5:01 AM]: No shit.
MHDMAB [5:02 AM]: Thankfully I am yet to reach 200 lbs, but it is nothing compared to ten years ago. It is strange how the human body changes in time.
MHDMAB [5:03 AM]: used to bench 300, now I can barely count that high
JebLund [5:04 AM]: I'm really slim. Do you think you could spot or help someone with no upper-body muscle structure?
MHDMAB [5:05 AM]: yea, I know how to work out, just lost the passion to do it. Are you leading me into something to make fun of me?
MHDMAB [5:05 AM]: A side note..
JebLund [5:06 AM]: I think the thing that pisses me off most is that whenever I work out, I get really flaky. I mean, I dehydrate badly. I drink gatorade, but my skin dries out. You ever get that shit? Fucking drives me crazy.
MHDMAB [5:06 AM]: I was walking out of my kitchen (at Applebees) and Ricky Morton called my name, it was so cool to have a childhood idel call your name.
JebLund [5:06 AM]: Fucking alligator shit.
MHDMAB [5:06 AM]: never had that
MHDMAB [5:06 AM]: do you eat a lot of carbs?
MHDMAB [5:07 AM]: bread,rice..etc
JebLund [5:07 AM]: I had crabs once.
MHDMAB [5:07 AM]: there is med for that
JebLund [5:07 AM]: Itched like a fucker.
JebLund [5:07 AM]: Does Ricky have any bod advice?
MHDMAB [5:08 AM]: he smoke , drinks and wrestles, if that is advise
JebLund [5:08 AM]: Advise? I want ADVICE!
MHDMAB [5:08 AM]: My best working out diets have been tuna, chicken and rice
JebLund [5:10 AM]: What about MEAT? No meat?
MHDMAB [5:10 AM]: not when I am on a work out craze
JebLund [5:10 AM]: I would like to take some meat.
MHDMAB [5:10 AM]: the other thing you may need to look at is how you are working out
JebLund [5:11 AM]: I'd like some oils for my shoulders, too.
MHDMAB [5:11 AM]: are your sets to increase mass, or for defingin
MHDMAB [5:11 AM]: defineing
MHDMAB [5:11 AM]: either way a bad speller
JebLund [5:11 AM]: I'm focusing on endurance.
MHDMAB [5:12 AM]: that may cause what you are getting.
JebLund [5:12 AM]: I want to go as long as possible.
MHDMAB [5:12 AM]: try a bulk workout for a while then move to endurance
MHDMAB [5:13 AM]: do a ligt weight 15Xs, then a heavier for 10, the a heavier for 8,
JebLund [5:13 AM]: So, what do you mean by bulk? Volume or fat or what? I can take a lot.
MHDMAB [5:13 AM]: as the bulk grows ao will the strength then tone down with endurnce workouts
JebLund [5:14 AM]: Are you fat?
MHDMAB [5:14 AM]: no
MHDMAB [5:14 AM]: bulk is mass of your body
MHDMAB [5:14 AM]: benoit is strength, HHH is bulk
MHDMAB [5:15 AM]: they both are probally the strength
MHDMAB [5:15 AM]: but they look totally differnt
MHDMAB [5:17 AM]: sorry had an OO moment and got bOOted
JebLund [5:17 AM]: Answer the old question.
MHDMAB [5:18 AM]: which old question?
JebLund [5:18 AM]: This shit work for you? You a fat ass or chubby toneless bitch?
MHDMAB [5:19 AM]: I am toneless. I have turned my six pack into a keg.
MHDMAB [5:20 AM]: I am not a great physical looking guy anymore, but I still know thr rules of working out
JebLund [5:21 AM]: But you still want the tone, right? The firm?
MHDMAB [5:21 AM]: I would want it, after getting the strength back
JebLund [5:23 AM]: The trick is getting a spot. The help. No criticism. You're not with some guy who's shitting on your athleticism. Someone who gets it and understands.
MHDMAB [5:23 AM]: this guy whom has the videos with the abs looks gross to me, like Rick Rude did. I am more a Road Warrior Animal yype of guy
MHDMAB [5:23 AM]: a good sptter is great during a work out
JebLund [5:24 AM]: If you can get an oil on the shoulder, that's a plus. You're not ashy on the machine.
MHDMAB [5:24 AM]: oil is cool
JebLund [5:24 AM]: You'd do that, wouldn't you?
MHDMAB [5:24 AM]: do what?
JebLund [5:25 AM]: Just rub it in. Make it feel good.
MHDMAB [5:25 AM]: on a lady yes.
JebLund [5:25 AM]: You're good for a few reps, right? You're not a bad spotter, are you?
MHDMAB [5:26 AM]: you are losing me here Jeb.
JebLund [5:26 AM]: After everything you've said so far, I don't want to lose you.
MHDMAB [5:26 AM]: are you hitting on me?
JebLund [5:26 AM]: I UNDERSTAND, Toby.
MHDMAB [5:27 AM]: you are freaking me out
JebLund [5:27 AM]: Don't shut yourself off. You've come so far, said so much.
JebLund [5:27 AM]: You're freaking my world, that's why I won't let you
JebLund [5:28 AM]: Of course, you're frightened. I know. It's in your nature. But you yourself said you'd spot me. And the oil. I know what you meant by the oil. go away.
JebLund [5:30 AM]: Where do you live, Toby? Kentucky? I can drive to meet you. Never leave OO. Otherwise I'd be without you.

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That SO belongs on

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Jeb, you are my hero.

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This man is clearly KING of the CLUELESS. And he's TWENTY-NINE?! Good lord.

Oh, and "lol ill pretend u said 18"

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I swear to God...I laughed so damn hard that a little pee came out.

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So this went on for over an hour at 4 or 5 in the morning? Man, that is so sad.

Gabba gabba hey!

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To steal a phrase from Our Dictator, this kinda ruled a lot.

The best part from the original post and what wasn't transferred over was TTP asking [pp]"Was [Jeb] just messing with me at the end?" in total and absolute earnesty.

(edited by Blanket Jackson on 6.1.05 1512)

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Call me crazy, but somehow...I just don't find that funny. Rather pathetic. On one hand you have a gentlemen who has been banned from internet message boards. The other hand you have a aspiring writer who uses rather large words and forms sentences that would be better suited for the 1800's.

Put that together and add in a late night conversation....and I get nothing but loserville from both sides...

Maybe both of them should try some sort of interaction with real people..

This one band camp......
Nuclear Winter
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    Originally posted by Socks
    The other hand you have a aspiring writer who uses rather large words and forms sentences that would be better suited for the 1800's.

Displaying intelligence = bad? I don't follow you...

That would be... just fine.
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    Originally posted by Nuclear Winter
    Displaying intelligence = bad?

"I wouldn't call it 'intelligence', Bob ... "

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Well, there's a book that I leafed through at the bookstore and it was amusing for a minute or two. Ah, here's the website: Sleeveface ( I liked the video better, especially when they set up the shot first and then brought in the sleeve....
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