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18.3.19 1132
The W - Pro Wrestling - 8/22 Smackdown! Thoughts
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Since: 1.2.02
From: Appleton, WI

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#1 Posted on
And a fashion report, too!

Ad of the night - I'm giving it to LOTR. Because 1) it's a dang good movie and 2) I am really sick of the Foot Locker stuff.

Brock, in black undies, and Paul, in his NY hat, chat. Rock, with the belt he doesn't wear, comes out in a "We bring the Whuppin" shirt. Ben-wa and Ese, in blue and red trunks, respectively, punk out Rocky. 9 minutes of my life.

Edge, in HIS shirt, gets punked out by Ben-Wa and Ese.

Hurricane, in cape and mask, and Shannon Moore, in blue and silver trunks, vs. Noble, in flannel and cut-offs, and Tajiri, in his fancy pants, with Nidia, in cutoffs and a black top. Ref wears the HIDEOUS blue shirt. Good match. Ha! Matt Hardy is a heat-sucking heel! (unfortunately, the women still squeel)

Steph, also in a blue top, and with straight hair, sets it straight with Ben-wa and Ese. Edge comes in witha chair and Stephis entranced by his curly, long, blond hair; she makes a match.

The Southerners chat. Hear the squeel! Oh, Matt wears a wifebeater with some design. Chavo, in black trunks with flames, has a mic! Here's a blue-shirt. Kane pyro, but no Kane. Okay match; nobody wins in their hometown. The mic'ed argument was a nice touch.

WTF!? My UPN station is becoming WB! Say it ain't so!

Funaki in thw Womens LockerRoom is great! "Funaki roves Smackdown!" Excellent!

Rey, in a black and rainbow-colored mask chats. Yes, he's got the contacts in, too. Kurt, in red white and blue camo rebutts.

Angle, still in camo, vs. Kidman, in black and red full-cut briefs. Okay match.

Brock works out. Rock has sore ribs; he and Edge chat, and Edge steals Rocky's line!

Rikishi, in his dragon-star skirt and "Back that ass up" shirt, and Cena, in black and (light) blue full-cut briefs, vs. Dvon, in his preacher's outfit, and Bautista, in tattoos and black undies. Have I mentioned I don't like the blue shirts? Rikishi does bad things with his butt. Okay match, interesting storyline developments.

Dirty Old Fat Man gets a glance at Nidia's boobs.

Yep, my station is going WB. Wherever can I now watch Smackdown!?

Nidia, in the same thing as before, vs. Virgin's Hero, in her white top, black pants and Women's belt. Very good match.

Steph has music! Hype Summerslam (and the nasty color scheme).

Ben-wa and Ese, in the same things since the first segment, vs. Edge, in purple trunks, and Rocky, in bull undies. Very good match, interresting post-match scuffle. (I actually thought Edge would take a beating just to save Rock and his injured ribs from further damage; silly me!)

Overall - good show. Way better than Raw. But soon I shall lose the ability to watch Smackdown! because of my stupid station changing affiliation. (not that I watched it for anything other than Smackdown!)

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The Great Thomas

Since: 17.6.02
From: Miami, Florida

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#2 Posted on
Yes! This was definetely a refreshing change of pace from that crappy RAW show! I love Funaki! I love Nidia! I love Nidia's breasts! I love SmackDown!

EDIT: I almost forgot to add that I love the UNSTOPPABLE Molly! Not even a man like Jamie Noble, a man who can POWERBOMB KIDMAN! can stop her! Go Molly!

Did I mention I love SmackDown?

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Since: 12.2.02
From: Parts unknown

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#3 Posted on
Also what I like: Tazz calling the matches as opposed to overhyping SummerSlam to death.

And Molly bumping for Nidia before the Molly-go-Round. "You want the title? Keep your clothes on!!!"

"Business has just picked up" says JR. Then right on cue, Molly enters the arena! Never was JR any better in introducing someone. --Raw 7/15
Scott Summets

Since: 27.6.02

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#4 Posted on
Bautista looked huge. I wish Rocky had sold the ribs as the show went off so Brock could have a focal point to attack.

Cause' here me and KG come naked, out of the side hatch, with the oils and perfumes, and incense!

Go Norcross Blue Devils!

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Polska kielbasa

Since: 23.2.02
From: New York

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#5 Posted on
Man, I've been watching the wrong show. I stopped watching smackdown a month ago.. I feel stupid now, tonight's show was awesome!

Funaki = GOLD. "First in a three-part series", what the hell is he gonna do in the other two parts? And where the heck was dawn marie?

The Matt Hardy angle had me rolling. Thank god they are finally doing something with the guy.

Nidia and Noble are an impressive duo. Noble is great as the hyperactive redneck, and Nidia plays her character to perfection. Her work against Molly wasn't mind-blowing, but she wasn't horrible, and that's good for the women's division.

ANGLE IS GOD! Let us all recognize he is right now the BEST there is! The guy can do it all, I believe he deserves a long, storied title reign. And Angle seems to have no problem with losing, he took a loss to kidman tonight and he knows it won't hurt him. Why? Because he is THE SHIT.

Brock/Rock, not bad. I wish Brock had no-sold that final spit-punch, and then just smiled and hopped off the apron, one final mind-game before the big showdown. For a monster heel, Brock sure does a lot of selling. Which is good to see, in a way, but considering he's supposed to be a huge-ass monster it hurts more than it helps.

But I like how comfortable Brock is on the mic, and it seems like he will be awesome once he develops his persona some more. For now I wonder if this megapush will work though. Hope it does, but Brock just doesn't seem to be generating that much heel heat.
count olaf

Since: 15.7.02

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#6 Posted on
Fantomas- Why did you quit watching Smackdown??? It was gold a month ago and it's still gold now. I told myself that I had to continue with Raw through Summerslam, but after that, it's going to be a rarity. Smackdown I will not miss. I can't think of a week (even last week) when Smackdown was not the better show. Usually it's no contest.

Since: 23.5.02
From: Nashville,TN

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#7 Posted on
I missed most of the show due to family emergency and I just saw a few minutes I guess i'll have to rely on CRZ's recap.

And I have 3 words for you:


Rebecca: Oh,face it,you just hate everybody.

Enid: That's not true.I just hate all these
extroverted,obnoxious,pseudo-bohemian losers.

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Mr Heel II
Lap cheong

Since: 25.2.02

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#8 Posted on
The Matt Hardy run-in was great. When he got Hurricane and Moore to hoist him on their shoulders...priceless.

Angle playing off Mysterio...Kurt, you are the king.

Tazz is the best dressed announcer of all time. Period.

I still think it would be funnier if Funaki was being voiced-over Japanese monster movie-style during his interview segments. But I'm warming up to the idea as presented.

Rock vs Brock - What a great job they've done of building this. The whole SummerSlam card (okay...minus Test and Taker) is solid. I am really looking forward to Sunday.

So since the main event is an all-Smackdown talent affair, does that mean the main event broadcast team will be Cole/Tazz?

It's really too bad the ratings are down because people are missing some of the best wrestling programming in a long time. They're developing new talent convincingly, they show damn impressive matches, and they entertain well in between. THIS is the way it should be.
Polska kielbasa

Since: 23.2.02
From: New York

Since last post: 6000 days
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#9 Posted on
Olaf - I stopped watching for one reason: Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. I figured she'd plaster her face all over the show.

Now, she was on the show tonight, but not TOO much. I hated how she got in benoit's face and told him to back off... AND HE DID. She made him look real weak right there. But, she wasn't on much, and the good far outweighs her horrible, horrible badness.

And yeah, I feel like a complete idiot for not watching this show. Even Tazz and Cole were pretty good! They look like they're having fun. Cole still is too much of a robot, though.
The Great Thomas

Since: 17.6.02
From: Miami, Florida

Since last post: 4983 days
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#10 Posted on
Oh, and on the subject of Matt Hardy, I REALLY liked how you could hear his argument with the referee. They should do that more often.

After lots of thinking I finally came to a theory: Any non-wrestler who gets attacked by the Island Boyz will immediately recieve praise from the Wienerville community.
There's no other way to explain it.

Since: 8.6.02
From: Canada

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#11 Posted on
Remember when Benoit headbutted Steph and the following week he asked "how's the head?" and she bitchslapped him? And then, he just laughed at her. That's the Benoit I miss.
Steph was doing all right until now. But she has to stay backstage, be in no more than 2 segments a night, and not punk off guys that could kick the living shit out of her (and her lumbering, stunt-legged, gorilla boyfriend) without half-trying. Nuff said on that.
Anyway I have to say, Smackdown was once again a great show. A few things I would have done differently. For one, the way they booked that Angle match was awful. Him leaving to chase down Rey totally butt-fucked the momentum the match was building, and him being able to come back to take the advantage after several breif vacations totally made Kidman look weak and pathetic. And the ending was awful, just awful. Countouts...ugh. While I'm on the subject of Kidman, I officially nominate him for the "please wear more pants" award. Just because Torrie likes it doesn't mean the rest of want to see him in his speedos. He looks gay. Very gay. Which is fine if he wants be seen as...Gay. But since that doesn't seem to be what he's going for, more pants, please!

Um, can I say once more, that Nidia and Jaime Noble are the most entertaining and fresh characters in the WWE right now? Good. They are real characters. They have actual personalities. Kurt Angle, Rock, Stone Cold...These are people who were so developed as characters in the past that you know what they'd say in certain situations, which is why they always remain(ed) over. Can't say that about Brock ("the blood of you is going to be on my hands"? oh heavens...) Lesnar. Nidia completes Jaime Noble. She really makes him a better rounded character, but he doesn't do the same for her. She showed in her backstage stuff that she doesn't need him to be entertaining, to get her character out there. And she showed that despite her not looking like a Barbie doll, the fans want to see her goods, which I think speaks more to her acting ability and charisma than her body (though it is fine). I really want to see more out of these two and we could start by having the Crusierweight champ actually, you some matches and stop selling to everyone and their brother like he can't hang with them.

Lastly, I loved the thing with Rock and Brock. Keeping them apart until tonight was golden booking in my opinion, and would have been a virtual impossibility before the split, given the limited creativity of the current writing team. When they finally met, the fans were all over it like they were seeing the meeting of two legends. Awesome, considering Brock's average ring performances and sub-par mic skills and total lack of any personality. Still he sells great, although the sell of rock's spit punch was a little much (he didn't shoot you, Brock, calm down).

All in all I can't wait for Summerslam.

P.S. Line of the night had to be..."Everyone knows when there's an explosion in the building, the match automatically ends." Great use of Hardy, and great use of Funaki. He was very likeable in his boob-liking immigrant journalist role.

(edited by Hogan's My Dad on 22.8.02 2115)

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Since: 26.6.02
From: Miami, FL

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#12 Posted on
I LOVED this show - not a wasted match or segment. And I really like how they've started to mix the cruisers with the heavyweights and main eventers - and let them actually act like they belong there. It gives them a sense of legitimacy.

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Since: 1.7.02

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#13 Posted on
I missed the funaki part! I forgot to change the channel back after the commercial... they better put it on

Since: 2.1.02

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#14 Posted on
Random Smackdown Thoughts:

Matt Hardy ruled last night. I like his new attitude. It would've been better if Brian Hebner was the referee last night.

Is Bautista a face?

I liked the Angle-Kidman match and Mysterio interfering. I wonder if they have Mysterio masks available.

The main event was good. I liked the ending with Rock and Lesnar.

"I just got pinned by a friggin twelve-year-old."

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Since: 9.2.02
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#15 Posted on

    Originally posted by tomvejada
    Is Bautista a face ?

Speaking of Batista , was it just me or did it look like he has slowed it down in the ring ? Before last nights SD , he has always looked stiff as hell in the ring , but last night , he looked to be moving at 3/4 speed . I'm thinking he may have been told to tone it done since the Randy Orton thing .

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Since: 12.5.02
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#16 Posted on
I liked SD.
Matt Hardy ruled. It is finnally time the WWE did something with him that doesn't involve his drugged out brother.
Funaki was funny. It would be nice to see him do interviews. But why are Asian men always so dorky/horny on TV?
Rock vs. Brock is going good. Maybe they should have kept them apart last night but it didn't take away from the feeling of the PPV. Unofficial fights are fine.
Oh and please no more of Rock cupping Edge's chest.

I just have 13 words for you. How much wood would a woodchuch chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Dr Unlikely

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#17 Posted on
SmackDown is so much more interesting to watch than Raw. I think the only real problem with the show (besides Bischoff being a much better character than Steph, but Raw NEEDS that) is that with Rock and Brock both being poised to no longer be key SmackDown players (Rock to film, Brock if he wins the title and likely feuds with a Raw guy), they haven't been able to nail down a lot of top of the card storylines. Benoit's just kind of hanging around the top without actually having anything to do - he's not in line for a world title shot, his PPV opponent is probably relaxed to figure out how to buy a ticket for the show, hes' not working for Heyman and not even working for Steph. I figure that'll shake out after SummerSlam, though, and he'll probably inherit Edge.

But what's great about SmackDown is the actual wrestling part with the wrestlers who wrestle. Throw out the Rikishi/D-Von/Henry mess and I really like their roster and the weird, new match-ups they can put on. The cruisers interact with the rest of the guys without it having to be a big deal. John Cena has weird ring gear. It's all good.

I didn't like the Funaki thing, I thought it was kind of creepy the way they have him act. But I can balance that with the new Matt Hardy, who has suddenly been turned into a terrific character. Convincing Helms and Moore to reluctantly put him on their shoulders was great. Taking off from the back through all the areas they usually don't show and into the ring like he was Jeff to get cheap applause, same thing. Then Chavo, who is cool, came out and HE has cool pants, too! And as said above, Matt's line about everyone knowing that explosions have historical precedent to end matches was the winner for the night.

Know what else is great? Kurt Angle. And Rey Misterio Jr. And Kurt Angle vs. Rey Misterio Jr. I only wish they had more time to build it up, or that SummerSlam was only the beginning. I think they're missing out on some good material by having Kurt Angle - who has previously been shown to be a character with little respect for professional wrestling as opposed to Olympic wrestling - discover lucha libre and either become completely enraptured by it ("That guy has a skull for a face! No way!") and start wearing a mask (the Patriot mask, of course), or completely ridicule it ("That guy has a skull for a face! No frickin' way!") and have more reasons to belittle Misterio.

But given what time they've had to work with, it's really cool. Angle is the natural guy to fight Misterio because he's a bullying technical wrestler - it's not unlike the great Dean y Rey feud, but Angle can do more aerial stuff and while Malenko was balding, Angle is completely bald. And, by the way, he needs to do the "he pulled my hair!" pantomime during a match while he's still bald, because that's always quality.

Misterio, for his part, got to show where he is with the character last night in his brief interview. I'm glad he's back into the old Misterio character, giving his normal interviews and being all never-say-die. That's exactly the right thing for him, especially against Angle, and it's a character type that's been missing for too long. If he can start randomly coming out to Tazz and Cole and saying he wants to apologize to Sting, it'll be like the old Misterio never left and I'll be happy.

And Kane's gotta come back to save him from an Angle beatdown and attempted un-masking so they can be Brothers in Mask. It just makes sense.

Those Rock training and Brock training video packages are really cool, too. Everything they wanted to do with the HBK Boyhood Dream Super Sock Looking On things from the Bret/Shawn Iron Man Match build-up, but with all the better production tricks they've acquired since. I kinda wish Brock talked less in his to really go for the Ivan Drago Training Session video they could have gotten like CRZ has been alluding to, but still, it's a really cool alternative to the normal packages with crappy bands yelling over footage of previous encounters. Change is good.

So anyway, it wasn't the best SmackDown they've done in the last month (for me, the episode where Misterio debuted and the sadly abandoned Un-Americans vs. Edge/Cena/Misterio showdown was really great), but SmackDown is good and was much better than Raw.

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#18 Posted on

Last night was great. The only thing I didn't like was Stephanie's little entrance and music video thing, it seemed..pointless.

Is Nidia and Noble a heel or face team? It's interesting that Nidia's offer of flashing and Molly's disgust were more believable (at least to me) than Trish's "oo I'm fake and sexy and therefore a face". Nidia is a pleasant change from the blonde overstacked women the WWE has had in the past.

Bautista..please let them do something with him. he's just too nasty looking.

I would have liked it if Rocky had looked more injured as the show ended,instead of just shaking it off, and if Brock would have sold a bit less, and pointed at his own ribs, as if to say "I know where you hurt."

Triple H is a dead ringer for "Buzzer" of the Dreadnoks. Just give him some mirror shades and teach him to say "Blimey, Zartan".

Since: 2.1.02
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#19 Posted on
I have but one thing to say:

That is all. :)

Texas Kelly
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#20 Posted on
With regards to the Noble/Nidia thing: SHADES OF GREY RULE! (And no, that's not a sarcastic comment.)

They hate Hurricane because of the breakup thing, and they hate Molly because her virginal attitude conflicts with their trailer-trash image. I love it when feuds are booked because THEY MAKE SENSE, irregardless of heel/face characterizations.

Fabulous show. Summerslam is shaping up as the Fed's best PPV outing since Royal Rumble. I'm still kicking myself for not getting tickets.

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