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24.4.18 2005
The W - Pro Wrestling - 8/15 Smackdown!
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Wow, half-past nine and no thread yet. Well, here goes.

And a fashion report, too!

Ad of the night - screw it, I'm not watchin' commercials anymore!

Buff, supporting Hulkamania, with Paul, supporting NY, show footage and talk. Rikishi flirts with the main eventers. My station gives lotsa crappy video and sound.

Hurrican, in cape and mask, and Shannon Moore, in blue and silver trunks, and Hardcore in "Hardcore Holly" trunks, vs. Billy and Chuck, in robes and red undies, and Rico, in the suit and sibeburns. WTF? The ref is wearing a BLUE shirt! It's got pinstripes to at least HINT that he's an official. Horrible! Okay match. Matt Hardy? Well, there goes the Hardyz feud.

Hey, if Matt's "Version ONe", then why does he use two fingers? Hey, none of the other southerners can understand, either!

Steph, in black with straight hair, gets all dominatrix on Dawn, in a busty-showing shirt. Hey, Steph DID watch Raw, so she knows that Stacie was the traitor. Steph wants her Ben-wa.

Steph talks to her Ben-wa. Man, she's real intense! Love those hand-gestures! After the bit with her Ben-wa she looks satisfied.

Kurt+Mexicans=gold! ("Essa Rios, you still work here?").

Kurt, in the red/white/blue camo. vs. Sexual "F out" Chocolate, in his "World's Strongest Man" outfit. Man, I HATE those blue shirts! The arena looks half-empty. Good match, lotsa video and audio problems. How did Angle get busted up? That's nasty blood.

DeadCowMan shills Subway. It's so stupid to be funny!

Brock, not supporting Hulkamania, just in black undies, vs. Rikishi, in his man-thong with necklace. Stupid frickin' blue ref shirts. Okay match - woulda been better sans the stinkface and if not for my crappy station.

OMG, Funaki! White Trash Chick shows off her hot bod. "C'mon, touch it!" is GREAT! But Funaki fights the temptation (you're not EVIL!). Hey, Bautista/Dvon?

Torrie, in white, with Kidman, vs. Nidia, in White Trash Gear, with Noble. Hey, Nidia/Noble's entrance music's opening riff SO reminds me of the opening theme to Trigun. Kane? No. Okay match; Nidia=great, Torrie=not a regular wrestler, right? Oh, Nidia needs her gum!

Ese and Chavo have a big family. Hey, so these two get along now?

Shill Jericho's CD, even though he's on Raw.

Edge, in shades, trench coat, and blue pants, and Rey, in black and yellow mask with silver sideburn-feathers, vs. Eddie and Chavo, both on red trunks. Rey, join the LWO or else! Good match.

Rocky is so mean to Mark Lloyd. Hey, he was nice enough to present himself.

Rock, in black undies, with the Undisputed belt, which he carries, vs. Ben-wa, in red trunks w. bones, with the IC belt, which HE wears. Five Germans! Swandive Headbutt! Great match! Rock's got a bloody nose.

Good show. No way was the crowd as hot as Raw, though. I HATE those blue ref shirts. Oh, and the cameras were vey unobtrusive in back (only Steph's segments and the Ese/Chavo staircase bit were exceptions).

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    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    WTF? The ref is wearing a BLUE shirt! It's got pinstripes to at least HINT that he's an official.

Good - I thought that I had missed the change-over to these new, non-descript referee shirts on a previous show.


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That is the greatest Subway commercial I have ever seen. But DAMN! How many sandwiches is he eating?! Uncle Eric's gonna get sick to his stomach!

EDIT: Oh! And how can I possibly forget... FUNAKI IS AN INTERVIEWER! Now I can see him on my TV and he doesn't have to job! Woo-hoo! And, he get's the added bonus of touching Nidia's breasts! WOO-HOO-HOO!

(edited by The Great Thomas on 15.8.02 1953)

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Funaki interviewing Nidia would have been a whole lot funnier if they kept with the "Japanese Monster Movie" talkover gimmick. When Nidia talked about how awesome her breasts were, the voiceover guy could have said something like "Why yes! You have a truly fabulous rack! I would like to touch your fabulous rack with my hands! Yes I like the feel of your fabulous rack! And now I will touch your buttocks!" All the while, Funaki could be holding his hands back, shaking his head at the camera in terror, and making the "Cut!" sign. THAT would have ruled.

I too was confused and annoyed by the blue ref shirts. They gotta go.

As usual, good show overall.


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I DEMAND the RAW referees to be wearing similar red shirts on Monday. DEMAND it. You know why? Because I LIKE the blue shirts. BOOYAH.

Bischoff was GOLD tonight, even when it was just his picture walking by in the crowd.

Main Event: You got your Rock. You got you Benoit. You got your great match. Finish was very very very unbelieveable, unfortunately, but that's an overall minor gripe.

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    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    The arena looks half-empty.

The wierd thing is -- the arena was actually pretty packed. There were probably more people there than were at Raw, anyway. They probably just fled when Mark Henry came out.

As for Kurt getting busted open -- it probably happened when Rey botched his first attempt at the 619. He botched them BOTH that night, during the Angle run-in and the later match where he did it to Chavo. He better get that move down better by Summerslam.

(edited by Phantom on 15.8.02 2046)

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    Originally posted by ScreamingHeadGuy
    Hey, if Matt's "Version ONe", then why does he use two fingers? Hey, none of the other southerners can understand, either

his fingers are actually positioned with the pointer and middle finger up, the ring finger down and the pinkie up, which kinda looks like this: \/_| or v1... version one. or at least that's how they were on heat a couple weeks ago. i didnt get a good look at how they were tonight, but it would make sense. besides, why stick one finger up when you can stick up three?!

i actually like the finger thing. good for him for at least trying to add something to his dull character. the team omega thing rocked too, even if hurricane and moore looked really confused.

(edited by insideSOLUTION on 16.8.02 0012)
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The thing about the 619 is that I don't think the move is actually supposed to HIT someone with a kick. The last time I checked, Silver King wa the last to do it regularly here in NA and he NEVER used it the way Rey did.

(edited by El Nastio on 16.8.02 0020)

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- DEAN RASMUSSEN, Workrate Report 8/8/2002
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Kurt Angle freakin' rules! I haven't laughed that much in a long time. "You need to be this tall to talk to Kurt Angle, maybe next year." Hilarious!

Strong show. I don't watch Smackdown as much as RAW, but I couldn't help but notice how good of job Cole and Tazz do keeping their focus on the match in front of them. Cole may not be the best play-by-play in the world, but he does talk about each match as if they are as important as the other. Tazz is getting pretty darn good at color.

Benoit/Rock was great, and everything else was pretty good in my opinion. I guess while I wasn't watching, Torrie learned how to wrestle. I'm not saying she is great yet, but she is lightyears ahead of where she was the last time I've actually seen her in the ring (I guess she had a OK match with Molly recently, but I didn't see it, and kind of assumed it was Molly doing all the work).

Another reason Angle rules, he managed to pull a watchable match out of Mark Henry.

I don't know where they are going with Steph, but she was definitely in heel mode tonight. Begging anyone to make Rock tap won't make you a face. Berating someone (Dawn Marie) won't either.
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Anyone notice there's a new counterpart to YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN? It's YOU MUST MONKEY FLIP EDDIE. Even guys who don't normally use monkey flips (Edge tonight, e.g.), are somehow compelled to do the move on him so he can sail two-thirds of the way across the ring.

When Matt ran in to help Helms and Moore, I was all "hey, wasn't he a heel just three days ago?" But it looks like they're not changing angles with him just yet -- and that Twist of Fate on Monday night now looks more like an exclamation point to mark the end of the Hardyz team, not a signal for a renewed Jeff/Matt feud. Which is a relief.

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All right show tonight. I don't know what it is about me, maybe it's because I've watched it since the beginning or because when I'm at college it's all I can see, but I'm really a much bigger "fan" of RAW--if I can use that phrase. I hate it when I miss RAW (case in point--missed the first portion of the first Bischoff RAW and found myself at a loss for the rest of the night), but if I miss Smackdown!, I'm Anyway, enough about that crap, onto the show.

I love Paul E. That's all there is to say. Think he's great, loved it when he got into rant mode. It's really too bad Rikishi had to come out and ruin it for me. So he's fighting Brock tonight, eh? Is he doing it for The Rock? Is he doing it for the people? Is he doing it for all the boys in the back who've gotten held down over the years?

I missed the sixer--going out to get ice cream for the fam. And I missed the Smackdown debut of Matt Hardy, huh? Oh, well (see, I told you so!).

I love Kurt Angle as well. "Must be this tall to talk to Kurt Angle." Haw! However, I wasn't too stoked about seeing him face Mizark. And, was it just me, or did that Angle Lock Maybe it's 'cause he was standing up, or maybe it's because Henry's leg is roughly the size of three people, but something didn't look right about it--it just looked like Kurt was grabbing his foot.

Brock rules, and I love him, and I know he's going to expand the moveset--it's a monster push right now, which means the matches have to be relatively short and limited, but I think once he wins the title, it's going to be "Go Brock Go, and Show 'em What You Can Do!" And, again--love Paul E.

So, Funaki's back--too bad he's still riding Taka's coattails. It was always my friends' and my contention that Funaki was driving Taka around in his rental and watching him get it on in the back with some gorgeous girl, and then *WHAM!* that's who ran over Stone Cold. Of course, Taka being the man, he never knew about Funaki's vehicular assault or the subsequent cover-up. But, alas, we were wrong.

Women's match-Eh.

Rey/Edge vs. Guerreros (Cheat to win!!!)--decent match, but nothing special. Loved the Angle-ference, of course--what was the story with Kurt bleeding all the time tonight? Weird. Oh, and I love Rey in his return...he's been a lot of fun so far!

Rock--oh joy, he's insulting announcers and calling them sick freaks! Seriously, where was the bestiality reference this week? I don't like The Rock anymore. It's just gotten old for me. Plus, he's the bully that picks on everyone, so his popularity just astounds me. It's really gotten to the point where I just can't stand to see him on the screen--it's not like I'm going to change the channel or mute it or anything, but I just think he sucks anymore. Match with Benoit was okay, but, again, I was kind of half into it, but at the same time looking over something I was writing, so I wasn't really paying that much attention.

Other Notes:

I support you, Uncle Eric! And, yes, I *WILL* tell Subway that you sent me! Thanks for the tip! Seriously, that guy just kicks ass now!

Overall, decent show, but there've been better--and, there've been worse. I enjoyed most of it.
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I thought Smackdown! was awesome. The main event was GREAT! I am surprised no one has noted that it used the exact same finish as the Fully Loaded 2000 main event. And that was a great match too.

In other news, Kurt Angle is the man.

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    Originally posted by rosty69

    Rock--oh joy, he's insulting announcers and calling them sick freaks! Seriously, where was the bestiality reference this week? I don't like The Rock anymore. It's just gotten old for me. Plus, he's the bully that picks on everyone, so his popularity just astounds me. It's really gotten to the point where I just can't stand to see him on the screen--it's not like I'm going to change the channel or mute it or anything, but I just think he sucks anymore. Match with Benoit was okay, but, again, I was kind of half into it, but at the same time looking over something I was writing, so I wasn't really paying that much attention

Damn. You are the first person I have ever seen spell "bestiality" correctly. Congratulations.

As for Rock-Benoit, you probably would've enjoyed it much more if you'd been paying full attention. It wasn't the greatest match ever, but it was pretty damn good from my point of view. As for Rock, my only suggestion is to pay less attention to his antics outside thing ring and more attention to his abilities inside the ring. I agree his gimmick has gotten stale, has been for some time. If he wasn't out filming movies all the time, I'd suggest an immediate heel turn. However, despite not being the most technically sound wrestler out there, he's one of the best in the Fed at telling a story in the ring, even if it's slightly unbelievable at times (like the end of tonight's match). Even better, he bumps like a madman, sells like a king, and isn't afraid to do the job.

To summarize:

Rock's Character = stale as hell
Rock in Ring = gold

But that's just my point of view.

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-Brock/Heyman interview- Gosh Heyman is amazing on the mic, "when it all crashes down and it hurts inside" while showing the F5 on Hogan, classic. "A message better then sending by letter, phone or e-mail, a message through hulk hogan" just amazing stuff by Heyman... Rikishi came in and cleaned house? err Brock better destroy him in the match (more on this later)

-Moore/Hurrican/Hardcore v. Rico/Billy/Chuck- Rico quick kicks are sweet. I got a kick of injured hurrican crawling for the tag get up do a superhero pose and dive for the tag... maTT Hardy comes out and the Team Xtreme zombies go "ewwww" hey girls you know he screwed over another member of Team Xtreme. Oh there not listening there too busy going "ewwww". freakin zombies. I did like the look Bob Holly gave to maTT when he was acting all stupid (not an act I know) it looked like Hardcore wanted to do just that on this guys ass.

-Angle v. Henry- Nice pick up Cole for noticing SD has the only Olympians. Too bad it was 2 minutes after Tazz said it. I dont' think Henry sucks as much as others do. He sold the twisted ankle well and Angle ruthlessly and immediately went for it. It was decent work, Henry didn't look too out of place... How did Mysterio bust Angle open. I didn't see it.

-Brock v. Rikishi- Why the hell did they go 50/50 on this match. Paul shouldn't have even have to come on the apron let alone take the stinkface. Brock should have kicked this guys fat ass all over the ring. He distroys Hogan but can barely beat RikishiT give me a break.

-Nidia v. Torrie- Torrie has a nice song but her old video was nice this one is as stupid as all the other girls. Oh the match. Torrie needs to learn how to sell, her bumping was okay, she took a clothesline by Nidia well and looked good taking a clothesline by Noble. But 3 times Nidia kicked her in the stomach and not even a flinch. Nidia actually looked pretty good. Looked like they had there spots planned out and went through the motions pretty well... Love the gum on the ring post. I guess Kane is the defender of anyone who does wrong towards women.

(commentary note: Seeing how the commentators treated this match more like an athletic contest then Lawler treats Trish/Vicki or sometimes Trish/Molly which this SD match was nothing compared in talent level to those Raw women matches real show you HAVE to get the wrestling women away from Lawler (it's sad that it has to come to that, I'd still rather get Lawler away from the women and my TV). Cole/Tazz did a great job, Tazz had a little fun on Cole expense during Nidia's entrance saying "come on you loved when Nidia was making out with you" and Cole denying (lol). Tazz did throw out a tomato line but only once. And called the match. YOU KNOW if Lawler was there he'd be talking about Cole/Nidia the entire damn match.

-Edge/Mysterio v. Eddie/Chavo- This is strange I remember really liking it but can't remember most of it, odd. I remember a big flurry by Mysterio was cool and Eddie taunts the crowed pretty well with his heelish ways and Edge ended with a Spear-a-thon. Even with a DQ ending I did dig the Angle-ference (nice one rosty)out of nowhere.

-Rock v. Benoit- the 5 germans with a bridge was amazing (even my markish friend freaked) The cut throat taunt very Politically incorrect but *I* like it. I like how Cole or TAzz were stating this is the first time Benoit is doing the flying headbutt like it's butting it over really strong (good work guys). I didn't have a problem with Rock reaching the ropes and getting in a quick RockBottom for the win. I DID mind Rock getting a videogame cheat code to put his energy level to 100% the second the match ended. For Christ sake sell the arm or atleast look tired. Oh that annoys the hell out of me.

-other stuff- Steph was in heel mode tonight, telling Dawn to dress more professionally, HEEL. Umm Dawn looked sweet, she's the hottest girl in the WWE that's not on my icon... Wow Steph looked like she was on the brink of orgasm with Benoit talking about making RVD & The Rock squeal, well I don't blame her I heard stories that extensive use of steroids could effect a mans, errr never mind won't get into that.

Laughed at Angle's, "Mysterio win didn't count cause he cheated"... Funaki/Nidia, NIdia is such a guilty pleasure, but she does scare me a bit... Guerreros, "Tell Timmy he better have washed my cars". That must be a lot of people in that house I guess Reggie White's stereotype of latin family is correct, with all those people watching Eddie then it truly correct to say Eddie = ratings"... Did the Rock just have to worse backstage interview of the night. It was lame as hell. You tell someone smaller then you to bend over and when he does you call him a freak? Better luck next time Rock that one sucked.

Didn't see Eric Subway commercial, I don't know if it didn't show in Canada or if I was out of the room at the time but I missed it =( But I am Shocked no one has mentioned Eric on the Jared diet yet

Sign of the night "The Rock fears Gangrel"

Line of the night : Cole "Uh I can't stand these two". Tazz "COME ON! You love Nidia she was all over you like a car ornament". Cole "How many other guys have she done that with". Tazz "So its like you kissed like 15 guys" Cole mumbles something to himself.. Too funny. They actually had a pretty good night.

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    Originally posted by ManiacalClown

    To summarize:

    Rock's Character = stale as hell
    Rock in Ring = gold

    But that's just my point of view.

I couldn't have put it better myself. I hate his promos now. They usually end all right, because he gets serious, but man, the first half is down right BRUTAL. The thing is, if only in comparison to most of the WWE guys, they're still not bad. I just expect so much more from Rock, he used to be the man, delivering on the mic every time, now he's just a lame imitation of himself.

As for the rest of the show, damn good, again. It's to the point where I'm no longer asking "Will tonight's show be good?" It's now "It's gonna be good, but how good?" They're on a roll and that Summerslam ad/run-down was all the proof you need. 7 matches, all have solid stories behind them (besides maybe UnAmericans-Booker/Dust but it's for the GOLD, Goldust made it seem that way and that's good enough for me.) I honestly can't wait for SummerSlam, I'm counting it down at this point. I just hope they manage to keep Brock and Rock from hitting each other for one more week, and I think they will. I don't remember the last main event where I'm looking forward to the first punch, let alone anything else.

I'm giving one big thumbs up to WWE right now.

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#16 Posted on
Paul E's commentary during the Hogan recap PROVED he should be doing SD play by play.
Benoit made Rock his BIYATCH!
I say Steph reinstates the CW Tag Titles. Bisch then retatliates by bringing back the TV Title.
Dawn Marie is waaay cool. Is she gonna wrestle???
La Familia Guerrero!!!
the product is on a creative upswing, that's a good thing.
Kurt rules. Rey can still go. Now that Rico is getting ring time, I'm really digging him.
I still want Esse Rios back. or Ultimo Guerrero or Super Crazy. I wouldn't complain about Juvi either.
SD needs more women (actual wrestlers.) you know my list.

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Random Smackdown Thoughts:

Was it me or was the crowd dead for most of the night?

I like the addition of Matt Hardy to Smackdown. I guess his first Smackdown feud will be against Hardcore Holly.

Where's Farooq?

I still can't get enough of Lesnar's hilarious facial reactions from a couple of weeks ago.

Another hilarious promo from Kurt Angle. I like how he uses "friggin" in every one of his promos.

Funaki as an interviewer was gold. Nidia is pretty hot lately. I wonder what Taka thinks of this.

The Subway commercial with Bischoff was funny. Also the bit with the Raw banner was alright as well. I like how Bischoff and Stephanie are trying to one-up each other.

The main event was very good.

Another strong Smackdown.

(edited by tomvejada on 16.8.02 0534)

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#18 Posted on
Dawn Marie did look pretty awesome. Is she that talentless though that they won't let her be a valet for someone? She needs to get involved in something else soon!

I've been meaning to say this for awhile, and after last night it is well deserved, but NIDIA has got some great acting skills. She is totally comfortable in front of the camera and does so many little things to sell her character its not even funny. Sure, its an over-the-top character that may not be that hard to play, but at least she's doing SOMETHING to develop one. I would say she's probably the most talented of all the women as far as acting goes. And her and Torrie didn't look that bad in the ring last night either. Her and Ivory in a little mini-feud on Smackdown (to promote TE3) would be gold.


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#19 Posted on

    Originally posted by El Nastio
    The thing about the 619 is that I don't think the move is actually supposed to HIT someone with a kick. The last time I checked, Silver King wa the last to do it regularly here in NA and he NEVER used it the way Rey did.

    (edited by El Nastio on 16.8.02 0020)

Silver King mostly uses the Sayama feint/strike in New Japan as Black Tiger.

Revolution Pro wrestler Rising Son has been using the strike since last summer. As has NWA-TNA X Champion Low Ki' (who started using it a week after seeing Rising Son do it. Coincidince?)

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