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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - WCW Saturday Night: July 13, 1996
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#1 Posted on 30.7.13 1247.51
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lotjx: Fuck You Hulk Hogan!!! Heeenan was right all along. I will now swear off drugs, God and America.
You and me both, brother.
ekedolphin: It's rather disappointing that WCW didn't take Bobby Heenan's comment: "Yeah, but WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON?" and run with it. "Heenan, how did you know he was going to betray us, anyway? Are you part of the nWo?"
I think Heenan was quickly forgiven seeing as how he’d spent the previous 15 years always assuming Hogan was up to no good. It was totally within character for him to immediately assume the worst; though that would have been one time to practice restraint to really allow the full betrayal to sink in. If I had to guess, Heenan may not have actually known Hogan was the 3rd guy when he blurted that out.
It’s False: Heenan was the absolute best and nothing vindicated his years of vitriol against Hogan more than this single night.
Big Bad: Hogan's turn was the perfect storm of circumstance is that he was still the childhood hero, superman, leader of the Hulkamaniacs...but also a character who was so stale that the audience was itching for a change. They were given that change in a manner they didn't expect; Hogan wasn't just a different character, he was a 180-degree turn into a hated villain.
Fully agreed. I think the general consensus was, that if Hogan had ever gone to the dark side, it would have been closer to what we witnessed in the fall of 1995 – an out of touch old man wearing black and literally stating he was succumbing to his darkest thoughts. Instead, he managed to re-invent himself in such a way that no fan could have ever imagined. Painting on an evil black beard? Now THAT’S dedication.
Lexus: If and when they turn Cena it could be potentially huge, though nowhere in the league of the Hogan turn. Say it doesn't happen until 2020, or 2021. Given the clamoring for the Cena turn we get every six months or so in waves it almost seems, waiting that long to do it could work, but still, probably won't be as shattering as Hogan.
They can hold off on it for as many years as they want. Cena was never a mainstream face the likes of which Hogan was. Everyone, *everyone* in America knows who Hulk Hogan is. Cereal boxes. Saturday morning cartoons. Rocky III. Wrestlemania. Santa with Muscles. John Cena does not carry the kind of name brand value Hogan did, and Hogan risked everything with this move. Hogan’s turn was heard around the entire world; Cena’s will be limited to professional wrestling fans – most of whom already expect it one of these years.
lotjx: The other thing going for Hogan's turn was the shades of grey around the NWO. WCW did a masterful job of making you wonder how real was Nash and Scott taking over WCW. To some extent they did take over in real life with Nash booking and Scott's contract making him as well as Hogan's contract making them virtually untouchable. You also had the big two slugging it out over free agents. You are not going to get that today. HHH even said there is no one in TNA they want.
This is fair. It was the perfect time, and perfect place. We didn’t have ‘round the clock Twitter updates, and even the (rapidly expanding) wrestling websites were chalk full of speculation being passed off as fact. I like to think the news we get today is a lot more refined, and far more real time. You couldn’t get away with this today, there’s far too many leaks.
ekedolphin: Absolutely everyone in the building (well, besides Bobby Heenan) expected that when Hulk Hogan came out that night, he was going to right the wrongs; he was going to show Hall and Nash what happened when you called out WCW's best.
By dropping that leg, he changed everything. Everything. Suddenly, absolutely anything could happen, and because fans expected everything, they weren't surprised by anything. At least, not to the extent that Hogan shocked the world.
Hulk Hogan was taking a tremendous personal risk when he agreed to become the third member of the nWo. He was the most beloved icon in professional wrestling. He'd made millions of dollars. He visited dying kids in children's hospitals. And despite his well-deserved reputation of being a politician, he'd have to be a heartless bastard indeed not to take a measure of personal satisfaction in seeing the smile on kids' faces when he gave them personal attention-- be it a simple hand-slap on the way to the ring, an autograph signing, a Make-a-Wish Foundation visit, or what have you.
He was putting all of that on the line. And WCW was also throwing every last chip on the table and hoping that Hogan's turn, and what they did with it, would be the catalyst for an extended period of dominance over the WWF.
It could have gone horribly wrong. But it was so masterfully done.
I can’t say it any better than that.
Dr Unlikely: Hall had blood drops on his gear at Bash At The Beach...oh my god, whoever Glacier is, he must be the TRUE force behind the new World order.
With that, let’s get Saturday Night started. Full slate tonight.
DUSTY RHODES and TONY SCHIAVONE are in the house, and Tony’s still hurting from Hulk Hogan’s actions. Dusty promises life will go on, and thinks a new hero will emerge.
PSYCHOSIS vs. REY MYSTERIO JR. (for the WCW World Cruiserweight title)
Psychosis has earned this title shot based on his 0-2 record in WCW thus far. It’s amazing how quickly the entire undercard in WCW has shifted, eliminating the slugs, and replacing them with the very best lucha on the planet. WWE could benefit from a similar strategy, but I don’t think Vince McMahon is open minded enough to let it work; it wouldn’t be “WWE Style”. Rey flips around trying to fight off an armdrag, and after about a dozen flips he escapes – and is promptly hit with a hot shot. DEAN MALENKO gives comments from the back; that he only lost because he allowed himself to lose, and he wants just 1 opportunity to win the belt back. He gave Rey 3, so he figures he’s owed at least that. Meanwhile, Rey is busy hitting Psychosis with tope con hilo. Back in, a springboard sunset flip gets 2. Psychosis has had enough, and kills him with a clothesline. Rey comes back with a reversed headscissors takeover, and flattens the big man with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Standing moonsault gets 2. Up top – Psychosis shrugs off a top rope Frankensteiner, but Rey lands on his feet, pops back up and nails it on the second go for the pin at 5:29. **1/2
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND looks for comments from our newest champion. Rey says third time’s the charm, and promises that he’s going to be wearing the gold for a long, long time. He offers Dean one chance to win the belt.
I’m not loving Kidman’s chances here, especially given that he does his entrance while Smells Like DDP is still playing. Backdrop suplex leaves Kidman writhing. He tries a schoolboy, which DDP escapes right away, and that just serves to make him irate. Kidman turns a pancake into a rana, and drops Page with a dropkick. Springboard moonsault gets 2. Back elbow from Page turns the tide again, and the Diamond Cutter finishes at 3:49. Kidman wouldn’t catch on until he developed a nasty heroin addiction, and a bad case of herpes. *1/2
Tony actually apologizes for spending so much time talking about Hulk Hogan as opposed to the matches in the ring, but says he’s emotional and doesn’t know how else to respond. This criticism is easily forgiven during the biggest angle in wrestling history; but Tony wouldn’t learn from this unfortunately, which became a bigger problem later. Riggs hits Kaos with a dropkick, and the Males start to double team him. Ruckus comes in but doesn’t fare any better. Bagwell goes for a big splash, but Ruckus gets the knees up. Kaos nails a vertical suplex, and Ruckus goes to finish with an elbowdrop, but Bagwell rolls away. The Males nail Ruckus with a double dropkick, and Riggs scores the pin at 3:27. 1/2*
Backstage, the Males catch up with “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND to talk Hulk Hogan. Bagwell says he believed in Hogan, he said his prayers and took vitamins because Hogan said so. Riggs says Hogan was his idol, and he wanted to be like him. He promises Hogan will regret this. You put him in his place there, Scotty.
RANDY SAVAGE cuts a completely manic promo about Hulk Hogan. I wish I could tell you what he’s talking about, but I genuinely have NO clue – he’s mumbling, then screaming, pacing, spouting words at what seems like random. In other words, it’s a typical Savage promo. I am deeply concerned about his threat to explode in Hogan’s face; bukkake would seemingly have no place on WCW television.
Good to see this useless turd Maxx is still employed. With Savage all fired up about Hogan, I’m setting your over/under line at 1:35. Maxx shoves Savage into the ropes, and flexes. Savage knees him in the back, sending him sprawling into the buckle. Savage chokes Maxx out with the boot, then dumps him to the outside. More choking outside, and the referee is warning Savage he’s at the end of his rope. Back in, Macho slams Maxx, and hits the elbow. He’s not done though; he offers a second one. The referee begs for him to make the pinfall, Savage heads up anyway, and now a CAVALRY OF REFEREES come down. Savage hits the elbow anyway and is DQed at 2:58. Savage exits through the crowd, making sure every kid in sight gets a fist bump. *
Because WCW sucks, they have the Dungeon run amuck over The Gambler for the first half of this bad boy. I don’t like it. Be careful, or he might SHOOT. Meanwhile, A LEPRECHAUN is running around the ring, and takes off to the back. What the hell is THAT about? Chad Brock is piledriven by Meng, and Barbarian follows with a pumphandle slam. Dusty’s doing leprechaun impressions. Brock tied to the tree of woe, Sullivan gives him a running knee lift, and Morrus finishes with the No Laughing Matter at 3:31. *
Tony, somehow, with a straight face, carries on about the great physical condition Greg Valentine is in. Somewhere behind the man boobs lies a man chiselled out of jelly. Truly, he is the greatest physical specimen named Greg Valentine in WCW today. Elbowdrop gets the win at 2:15. DUD
Yes – not only is he Top Gunn, but now he comes as CUBA’S Top Gunn!!! This is wildly exciting to me, and now that Konan has dropped the US title, is it time for him to return the favour the roster did him by jobbing to everyone, starting with Cuba’s finest? Folks, I am giddy. The rise of Cuba’s Top Gunn to becoming America’s Top Gunn, and eventually the World’s Top Gunn starts right here with Konan, on WCW Saturday Night! Yes, it’s going to be glorious. It’s going to be incredible. New heights for all. And once it happens … aww hell he jobbed to a bloody victory roll at 2:01. A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES! DUD
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND wants to know about Konan’s quest to regain the US Title. Konan says he has some optical nerve damage, but it’s nothing compared to what’s coming Flair’s way. Gene asks his opinion on this New World Order, and Konan pledges allegiance to WCW, along with Rey Mysterio Jr.
Well here’s a fine collection of losers! Alex Wright, the only member of his team who’s won more matches in his career than he has fingers, starts with Flair. Flair calmly chops him down, but “That Wonder Kid” comes back with a dropkick that upsets Flair so much he struts around outside the ring and dances with Elizabeth. Benoit comes in and chops Wright into hamburger, who seems to have no interest in tagging out because he knows his terrible partners are likely to throw up their arms and lie down immediately. Arn comes in looking to do some serious damage, and THAT’S enough for Wright, who turns things over to Cobra. Cobra nails a terrible crossbody, which Arn sells like a champ. Flair comes back in and jabs a thumb in Cobra’s eye. Over to Currently Not At Work Mark Starr, who backslides Flair for 2. Benoit hangs Starr out to dry, and applies the Crossface for a submission at 5:05. Flair dances with Woman, as KONAN rushes the ring and attacks the entire Horsemen crew. A mudhole is you, Konan, as one might expect. *
ROUGH and READY (with Colonel Robert Parker) vs. JOE GOMEZ and TODD MORTON
I’m at a point where I want WCW to hold Loser-Bowl, a collection of terrible tag-teams who battle it out, and the winner get to appear on Nitro one time (though, it will probably be in a handicap match against The Giant). The first team out is electrocuted in the Chamber of Horrors. There would be no shortage of guys you could put in Loser-Bowl; I’m convinced it would be at least a 128-man field. Though, I would insist Todd Morton join the Rock and Roll Express as Ricky’s long lost brother, except when a wrestler plays “Todd Morton”, it’s where he gets his ass kicked and then jobs before he can make the hot tag. Which is exactly what happens here, courtesy a Mike Enos powerslam at 4:05. DUD
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND wants to find out where on earth Parker got his cane. Apparently, it’s courtesy his good friend Tom Petty, who gave it to him knowing he suffers from the gout from time to time. SISTA SHERRI and HARLEM HEAT crash the party, and aren’t happy the Colonel is cross-promoting other tag-teams. Booker promises he ain’t afraid of no rednecks, they’ll be the champions going forward, now can you dig that? Sherri is still mad about Colonel’s two-timing ways; oh hell, are we going THERE again? Gene cuts to break before we get any resolution. Can this all go away?
THE PUBLIC ENEMY vs. HARLEM HEAT (with Sista Sherri and Colonel Robert Parker) (for the WCW World Tag-Team titles)
I seriously feel like I stepped into a timewarp here; we were rid of this Sherri and Parker nonsense in, what, February? We literally hadn’t even touched on this, and then WHAM – back up in our biznezz. Maybe Kevin Nash can put Parker through a table. Stevie Ray is given a double side Russian legsweep, which gets 2. Booker misses the Harlem Sidekick, and takes a moonsault from Rock for 2. A Stevie Ray clothesline turns Rocco inside out, and an atomic drop sets up Stevie’s best move: the stomp. Booker nails a Harlem Sidekick for 2. Spinaroonie sets up a second Harlem Sidekick, but again it’s just 2. Harlem Heat tries a double team move off the top, but it goes nowhere. Sherri distracts the referee, Parker nails Rock, and Stevie gets the pin at 6:55. 1/2*
Main event: Hulk Hogan turns on WCW at Bash at the Beach. We see the turn, and the speech right up to You Fans Can Stick It Brother. And we fade to black.
Hogan has been advertised for Nitro – which is up next. Will we finally get some concrete answers as to what’s going on? Who’s going to emerge as WCW’s hero? And what role will Cobra play? See you then!
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