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20.6.11 1938
The 7 - Guest Columns - WCW Monday Nitro - February 8, 1999
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Alright, fresh content! I promised my brother I’d write SOMETHING sooner or later…

WCW Monday Nitro – February 8, 1999

LAST WEEK: Hollywood Hogan and his good friend Chuck Zito talked to a camera inside a limo. Topics discussed: nothing. We end the ride in Charlotte – spying David Flair off in the distance. Back in the arena, Ric Flair catches wind of this and throws TV monitors – footage we didn’t see because we RAN OUT OF TIME LAST WEEK! Dean Malenko stands around looking bored.

And with that, we’re LIVE with Nitro! Coming to us from the Marine Midland Arena in Buffalo, New York are the usual suspects: TONY SCHIAVONE, LARRY ZBYSZKO and MIKE TENAY. Tony promises we’re headed to the biggest confrontation in WCW history, when Hollywood Hogan and Ric Flair lock up at Superbrawl IX! Tony notes the nWo did not attack David Flair, so the mindgames continue.

We head back to a phone conversation between Arn Anderson and Ric Flair from Thunder. Arn can’t quite figure out what the footage of the nWo around David Flair was all about.

Back to the arena, where the Nitro Girls dance. Tony hypes matches. We’ll see Curt Hennig and Barry Windham vs. Horace and Brian Adams in the Winner Bracket finals – winner goes to Superbrawl, the favorites to win the vacant Tag-Team Titles. Rey Mysterio Jr.’s in the house, Booker T and Fit Finlay square off, Ric Flair’s name is dropped, and DDP lurches in the corner watching the girls dance.

Backstage, DISCO INFERNO heads over to the Wolfpac locker room. KEVIN NASH won’t let him in, lest he divulge the secret password. Disco tries “you guys are great” and “you guys rule”, and Nash caves under the pressure of sucking up. Tied up in the locker room is ARN ANDERSON – and Disco goes to work with a leather strap. Scott Hall mentions three are down, two to go.

Somewhere, not in the arena, SOME BLONDE CHICK comes on to SOME GUY HOLDING A CAMERA. The chick is of course Torrie Wilson, though not yet named by WCW.

Back in the arena, fireworks explode while Tony notes tonight’s main event sees Horsemen take on nWo members.


Look, I just spell the name the way the TV guys do – I know full well it’s wrong. Blitzkrieg uses Stunning Steve Austin’s music. Rey is wearing the LWO t-shirt for no apparent reason, since the group has long disbanded and he didn’t want to be in it in the first place. This match is going to rule a bit. But first, Konnan has some stuff to say. Nothing of note as he repeats the same spiel he used for the last 3 years he was inexplicably kept on TV. According to Tenay, this is Blitzkrieg’s Nitro debut. He takes Rey down and applies a headlock, but we quickly grow tired and hit the highspots. Blitzkrieg misses a moonsault, lands on his feet, and gets armdragged. Dropkick from Blitzkrieg sees him do the full 360 – Rey out to the floor, and Blitzkrieg follows with a twisting moonsault from the middle rope. Good lord! Rey thrown headfirst to the turnbuckle – Blitzkrieg up top, tries a leaping rana, but he gets powerbombed HARD! Well, he’s dead. It only gets 2, amazingly enough! Rey with a split legged moonsault, also for 2. Blitzkrieg gets dumped, but lands on the apron – bounces BACK onto the top rope, misses a corkscrew body attack, but does hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that appears to kill Rey. Standing senton, followed by a standing moonsault get 2. Christ almighty I’ll never understand why this guy never got a chance. He chops Rey – and you can hear that all the way to the cheap seats! Rey dives at Blitzkrieg, but Blitz sidesteps and Rey goes shoulder first into the post. Konnan insists upon being involved, by talking to Rey. Blitzkrieg knocks Rey to the outside, goes up – jumps with everything he’s got and takes a dropkick right to the gut. That can’t have felt good. He’s whipped into the guardrail – and hung back first over the middle rope. Rey then proceeds to guillotine him with a springboard legdrop driving Blitzkrieg’s head RIGHT onto the mat. Jesus H. Christ! And that STILL only gets 2! Rey sets him up top, and nails a superplex. It’s good for 2. Rey tries some headlocks but winds up in the wrong end of a sunset flip. Blitzkrieg can’t keep him down. Rey clotheslines the shit out of him for it. Rey goes to a figure four sleeper, and I don’t remember the last time I saw THAT one. Blitzkrieg gets some shots in, but takes a tilt-a-whirl of his own – and Tony even notes that it may be revenge for him having used the same move 5 minutes ago! Blitzkrieg reverses a whip, and then in a dickish move, he runs RIGHT UP MYSTERIO in the corner, does a 360 in the air – and dropkicks him right in the solar plexus! Who says spot machines can’t work matches? They tries it again, but this time Rey’s ready and gives him a rana when he tries – and follows with a Bronco Buster. Rey to the top – and gets crotched, falling all the way to the mat. Blitzkrieg calls for the Sky Twisting Moonsault – and MISSES! Ow! Rey sets him up top, and the Hurricanrana is academic. (8:22) ***1/4 GREAT opening match, and this is a primary reason why I miss Nitro!

A video package recaps the Lex Luger/Rey Mysterio Jr. feud, which is leading to Rey and Konnan taking on Kevin Nash and Luger at Superbrawl – Liz’s hair vs. Rey’s mask.

You remember WCW Mini-Movies? Well they’re making a comeback! KANYON heads over to Raven’s house, and bumps into RAVEN’S MOM, who insists on calling him Scotty. Kanyon wants to make sure Raven’s okay. RAVEN then turns to the camera and says “what a mark.” No, really. They head out to the garage, where Kanyon asks him why he’s always depressed. Raven AGAIN turns to the camera and lets us know “he don’t get it.” He does it because it drives her crazy. This by the way is how you know WCW is about to scrap an angle – when the wrestlers start pretending the angles they’ve been building too really don’t mean anything. The two drive off.


Now we’re talking!!! This, for those of you who care, is the REAL Booker T, not the clone who’s on WWE TV today. This is the guy who raises the roof, slaps hands with the fans, doesn’t make a big friggin’ deal when he does the Spinaroonie, and who’s hair is relatively in control. Not to mention he wears the long tights with the fire down the sides which are that much cooler than the traditional tights he wears now. Booker T dances around, and Fit doesn’t want to lock up with him. Booker hiptosses Finlay, and gets popped for it. He calls out to the crowd and gets popped for it. Fuck you WCW for not pushing him, and fuck you WWE for not pushing him. His resemblance to the early 90’s Sting is scary – no obvious comebacks, please. He starts clapping, and when he rounds one of the corners, he takes his eyes off Finlay for less than a second, and Finlay attacks, driving him into the corner. Hah! Snapmare, and a legdrop, suspiciously close to the groin area. “FINLAY SUCKS!” That, for the record, is louder heat than you’ll hear for “Top Heel” Batista today, which either speaks volumes about Fit Finlay…or speaks volumes about the current booking system. European uppercut drops Booker. Short arm clothesline into a cover – Booker out just after a 2. Finlay tries a backslide to the same result. Now we go to the brawling, with a jawbreaker and a couple of rights. Snapmare, running knee to the head, kneedrop to the head, shoulderblock, and then in a move I DON’T think was planned – Finlay tries to duck a leapfrog and goes headfirst into Booker’s chocolate salty balls. Both guys sell it – which’ll tell you all you need to know about Booker’s testicles. Finlay recovers first, and decides he’ll go STAND on Booker, using the ropes for leverage. Referee doesn’t like that, and orders a break. This is like watching a whole different world of cool after the opener. European uppercut dazes Booker – but he comes back with a Harlem sidekick! The flying forearm smash is next – and it’s enough to get 2. Booker starts delivering some potatoes, first with a NASTY sounding chop, and then with a kick to the face that was pretty damn audible. Finlay stops a whip by holding the ropes, and when Booker tries to launch another Harlem sidekick, Finlay ducks and Booker lands right on the top rope. He drops all the way to the floor, in pain. Finlay folls him out with a double axehandle, and then does mean things to Booker’s back – specifically driving it into the ring in various gruesome ways. Booker gets onto the apron slowly, and Finlay knocks him off, with Booker going down back first again. Tony calls for a commercial break. Fuck.

But it’s NOT a commercial break. Even worse, it’s HOLLYWOOD HOGAN talking to HORACE BOULDER. He says the Black and White needs a leader – and puts Horace in charge. Horace claims to have waited for this chance forever, which of course was about 6 months at this point. Horace leaves the room, and Hogan gives us an evil laugh.

We come back from commercial, and apparently the match isn’t going on anymore, because RIC FLAIR has got ERIC BISCHOFF in the bathroom. Bischoff’s wacky job of the week: Custodian. He’s handed a mop and bleach bucket. Flair instructs head of security, THE GREEN STREAK that Bischoff’s in breach of contract if he leaves the bathroom. Dillenger agrees.

Now we head back to the ring. Finlay’s got Booker in a sleeper hold – but it appears to be the tail end because Booker’s fighting it. He escapes, and hits a really ugly hiptoss, followed by an uglier sleeper. Finlay puts an end to that though by escaping and going back to a move later perfected by Dave Taylor (and by perfected, I mean his ONLY move) – the European uppercut. One isn’t enough, so we get two! Booker gets tossed to the outside again, and Finlay poses for his legion of fans. Booker comes back with an attempted sunset flip from the top – but Finlay blocks it and casually drops his knee onto Booker’s face! Another kneedrop, and Booker doesn’t look all there. Rear chinlock – with the knee driven into the back for good measure. Booker won’t tap and fights to his feet – only to get clobbered in the hurting back by a stiff forearm. Finlay sets Booker up top – tries the superplex, but gets shoved off by Booker. Before he can recover, Booker hits a flying crossbody, which gets a hair more than 2. The comeback continues, and you can probably guess the rest. Axekick, 110th Street Slam, Harlem Sidekick, Missile Dropkick, goodnight! (12:14) ***1/2

Raven and Kanyon arrive at a bank. The BANK MANAGER greets them – and has $20,000 ready for him. They walk out with a couple of bags on their shoulders while Raven sings Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Since this is WCW, I’m shocked the bags don’t have huge $ signs on them. The pair drive away.

Back in the Bathroom Of Fun, JIMMY HART has junk finished taking a crunch. Jimmy wants more toilet paper and paper towel. THE FACES OF FEAR walk in, and they too need to go. Bischoff whines about how smelly they are. Could this be considered borderline racist?

BRIAN ADAMS joins Hollywood Hogan, who’s still polishing his belt. Hogan offers Brian Adams a spot as the leader of the Black and White, but it’s on the QT. “Always be true to the crew.”

MEAN GENE OKERLUND is mid-ring. A time check reveals we’re at the point that’s probably the top of the hour – so naturally his guest is RIC FLAIR. Gene suggests Disco Inferno leave the country really quick… “MEEEEEEAN….BY GOD, BUFFALO NEW YORK, GENE!” He’s already turned purple. Flair says the only thing he’s yet to do in this city is ride the barrel over the falls. After threatening to burn Buffalo to the ground in tonight’s main event against The Outsiders (alright, Mongo!) – he reminds Hogan that he only has two weeks left to tell everyone that he’s the World’s Heavyweight Champion. Flair shadow wrestles, and puts on the Figure Four to demonstrate what Hogan’s gonna feel. Changing topics, Flair strips Scott Hall of his US Title match at Superbrawl, and demands Bret Hart join him in the ring. BRET HART comes out, noticeably limping. “OH, THE BEST THERE WAS… THE BEST THERE EVER IS! GET IN HERE CHAMP!” Flair says Bret must wrestle – or leave the belt in the ring. “I am injured! I have a groin injury! You can’t make me defend the United States Heavyweight Title belt… (turning to the crowd) even though I want to! You know I want to! But I can’t!” The period Bret had from October 98 – March 99 was unbelievable, and was without a doubt his BEST work as far as a character goes. Sadly, no one remembers it. Flair tells him he has to wrestle. “You’re not a doctor!” Damn straight! Now Flair’s getting riled up…. His opponent is the one…. The only…. The legendary…. Roddy Piper. Good lord. Bret has an aneurysm. Flair gives Hall and Nash a crotch chop for good measure, as Bret grabs his belt and takes off. Before heading to the back, Bret makes sure to rip up a sign, carried by WILL SASSO – seated front and centre.

From the depths of a limo, Torrie Wilson shows cleavage, and wants the camera man to come get some.

The NITRO GIRLS bounce around while Tony shills. DDP can’t take his eyes off the TV monitor in the back.

STEVIE RAY has an important meeting with the belt rubbing Hogan. Stevie says “sad sack”, Hogan says “pull the wool over their eyes” – and we have our third Black and White leader of the evening. But what about Vince? HAHAHAHA! Hogan says “you’re the man Holmes!” This sure is a weird show.


I think our string of good matches is over. Winner moves on in the Winner’s Bracket – and must be defeated TWICE at Superbrawl in order to avoid winning the belts. Hennig attacks Adams from behind – while Windham beats up Horace on the apron. An elbow fails to drop Adams, and he retaliates by blowing a press slam, before repeating the spot and hitting it for 2. Horace and Windham punch a lot, and then Hennig is thrown to the floor so Horace can punch him a lot. Hennig rolled back in, and now Adams punches him a lot. Hennig tossed to the outside. All four men wind up there – and various forearm shots are thrown. Thankfully, we go to commercial.

UNFORTUNATELY, Tony lied again, and we’re back in Bischoff’s Stall. HECTOR GARZA, SUPER CALO, DAMIEN (sans face paint) , and CICLOPE are standing around looking for lotion. Bischoff offers up some Old Spice. For all his hard work, Bischoff asks for a tip, and gets a jar full of trash. Okay, THAT’S funny. It still makes no sense, but it’s funny. I wonder if they’re gonna wrestle later? (Keep dreaming.)

Back we come from commercial – and Windham’s got Horace in a Figure Four. Hennig grabs Windham’s arms for leverage, so Adams wisely DISTRACTS THE REFEREE by making a song and dance about the issue. Crowd is dead, everyone’s a heel. CHARLES ROBINSON starts counting down Horace, but Horace reaches the ropes. Powerslam is enough for a brief comeback, but Windham with a lariat takes back control and tags in Hennig. The Perfect Necksnap hits – and I clock in at 5:04 before a cool move was hit. Adams comes in – and hits a vertical suplex for two. I’m sensing a complete lack of flow here, as Hennig takes back over with a sleeper – but Horace comes in with a shot to the back, and Adams hits an atomic drop. Horace and Windham TRADE PUNCHES in the corner, and believe it not, nobody cares. They take their brawl to the floor. Hennig hits the Hennigplex from nowhere – and gets two before Horace breaks it up. VINCENT makes his way out with the Slapjack in hand. Adams hits a piledriver while everyone makes a big mess in the ring – covers Hennig, but the ref is busy with Windham. STEVIE RAY joins us, and looks really upset about the fact Vince is carrying around his Slapjack again. Adams has enough of waiting for the ref, and calls Vince to the apron to clobber Hennig with the Slapjack. Stevie Ray, in fear that the Black and White might actually WIN a match RUSHES down to ringside and stops this attack! Stevie knocks Vince off the apron, grabs the Slapjack, and accidently belts Brian Adams. Hennig falls back on top – the ref spins around, 1, 2, 3! (7:24) 3/4* On the floor, Stevie Ray and Vincent scream at eachother, while Horace tenderly cares to Adams.

Inside a hotel, Torrie Wilson opens an elevator and our mysterious cameraman NEARLY doesn’t go in. Man alive – it MUST be Lenny Lane.

Goldberg package sees him challenging Bam Bam Bigelow for Superbrawl.

Of course, we couldn’t go any further if we didn’t have VINCENT stop in to visit the Hulkster. Hogan runs over the same details as the other 3 guys – before telling Vince he LOVES him and kisses him on the head. Vince leaves, Hogan wipes his mouth…. Hmmmm.

Mean Gene’s hit the sauce, and stumbled back to the ring. His guest now? BAM BAM BIGELOW. Bigelow still had no music at this point, and during the entrance Tony somehow manages to compare Bigelow to Dominic Hasek. Tony promises a trainwreck at Superbrawl between Bigelow and Goldberg. Well, sign me up, I’ll never turn down a guaranteed trainwreck! Bigelow promises to steal Goldberg’s heart (the hell????). He mentions he’s done the bowling alleys (ECW?) and Goldberg’s no match. He’s got a newspaper article with him, that details Goldberg’s love for animals…. “It says here, and I quote, he vows to make everybody in the WCW adopt an animal this year. Well hell, I’ll take his old lady, put a leash around her, and walk her once or twice…” HAHAHAHAHA! See, THAT’S comedy that builds feuds, as opposed to being pointless. Great delivery on it! This of course brings out GOLDBERG. Spear me, beat me, we’ve got ourselves OUT AND OUT COMBAT! SOME SECURITY GUYS come out and stand around, as we head off to another commercial…

We return to find the Nitro Girls have invaded the ring. DDP continues to watch them, standing with…man, I can’t make her out in that light. Someone who’s not his wife.

Now we go to an earlier clip of DDP with RITA DIDN’TCATCHHERNAME (???). She’s got a late night show after Conan – and DDP’s gonna be on. She screams at Page, while pretending to be a wrestler or something. This segment makes no sense. I need a match.


Page is still the People’s Champ, so he walks through the crowd. And we’re off. Kaos gets the first blow – with an armdrag…so Page sits in the corner, ala Raven. And that’ll be it for Kaos today, as Page comes back with a HARD WORKING FLURRY, knocking him out of the ring. Back in, Page tries a series of school boys for 2. Belly to belly suplex gets 2. Swinging neckbreaker – Kaos tries to run away, and actually gets in a jawbreaker when Page follows. Springboard clothesline, and DOWN COME THE STRAPS! OMG KAOS IS ABOUT TO GET A HUGE WIN OVER DDP AND GET A BIG PUSH AND HE MUST BE FRIENDS WITH BISCHOFF AND…oh sorry, Diamond Cutter out of nowhere, let’s move on. (5:47) *1/4

The mini-movie from hell continues… Kanyon and Raven arrive at Versace, which Kanyon pronounces “Versaitch.” Kanyon tries on some clothes, Raven buys him some clothes, off to commercial.

But oh no, we’re not finished! The duo arrive back at Raven’s house, where Kanyon declares it the best day of his life. Raven’s mom comes back from her board meeting, and lets Raven know that WCW wants him back at work. Raven says “fuck that, I’m going off to the WWF to be a big star. They’ll know what to do with me!”

ERNEST MILLER and SONNY ONOO, pre James Brown head out. DAVID PENZER is forced into announcing The Cat as “The greatest of all time…and the greatest looking athlete today.” Miller grabs hold of the stick and reminds everybody that he is indeed the greatest, and starts challenging random members of the audience to a match. I know this shtick used to drive Internet folk up the wall, but I still get a kick out of it. He repeats himself for the next 10 minutes over and over and over, with the crowd getting louder and louder with the boos as this continues. “Somebody lock all these doors, I’m whooping EVERY chump in here today.” This is friggin’ brilliant. Eventually the cameras get bored and go back to the Black and White locker room…

THE NWO laugh at the ranting and raving of The Cat, and tell VINCENT that he’s been calling him out. Vince goes to answer…

Back in the ring, The Cat’s still going. “Lady, I’d fight you, but you’re too fat, you’re out of my weight class!!!”

And to the back we go again, where Vince tries to escape the match by telling DISCO INFERNO in a neat bit of continuity from the week before that he should go answer the challenge. But Disco’s, the Wolfpac lackey, isn’t going to be doing the dirty work of any Black and White lackey, so Vince is left on his own…

ERNEST MILLER (with Sonny Onoo) vs. VINCENT

Vincent wants absolutely nothing to do with this – as demonstrated by his wild arm gestures. Sonny Onoo gets in a shove on Vince, and that’ll kick this off! The Cat chases Vince to the floor and chokes him out with his robe. Back in, Cat beats Vince down with lots of forearms. Cat whips Vince – but Vince gets his legs up in the corner, and follows it with a clothesline to drop Miller. The Cat’s had about enough of Vince and attacks with the karate kicks, dropping Vince out to the floor. Cat follows, but Vince gets on the offensive, with some weak whips into the guardrail. “He really got shot in hard!” sez Tony. Cat fires back, and Vince’s shirt is ripped. YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO THE COLORS!!! “I’m a three time champion, you hear me?” Cat steps on Vince’s throat – before the ref orders a break. Standing sidekick, clothesline, standing sidekick, spinning heel kick – none of which Tony calls. Miller HEADS TO THE TOP??? Vince cuts him off at the knees – Cat falls, Vince hooks a leg, 1, 2, 3?????? (4:20) 1/4* Da fock was that? Heenan: “HE’S THE GREATEST!” Vince staggers off to the back…

Here’s some clips of Bret Hart on MAD TV. Will Sasso plays Jesse Ventura – and Bret attacks him with a chair before putting him in a Sharpshooter.

LARRY ZBYSZKO combs his hair, while reading proverbs to Eric Bischoff in the bathroom. Water spills onto the floor, and Zbyszko freaks out – threatening to tell Flair that Bischoff ruined his $1000 shoes. Okay…

BRET HART vs. RODDY PIPER (for the WCW United States Title)

Bret wanders over to Piper’s corner to inform him of how injured he is… Piper apparently doesn’t care, so Bret decks him, and Piper bitchslaps him right back. The announcers (oh lord) sell Bret’s attack on Will Sasso as LEGIT and they all moan about how embarrassed Bret has left WCW. Piper throws a bunch of punches and then BITES Hart. To the outside, Bret gets tossed into the guardrail, and rolled back in. CLAP BEHIND THE HEAD, BRET MUST BE DEAF! Piper mounts the corner, we get a 10 punch count-a-long. So the middle of the ring, Bret rakes the eyes, and comes back with the punches. Bret tries a kick, but Piper blocks, trips Hart – Hart RUSHES to the ropes to get it broken up. Piper teases a groin shot, but fails to deliver. Bret rolls to the floor and asks for time due to his bad groin. The ref GIVES IT TO HIM! Hah!!! “I’m hurt!” Fans chant USA, so WCW turns down the volume!!!! This match is getting funnier by the minute. Back in, they trade punches before Piper does the world’s greatest eyepoke. Bret chokes Piper in the ropes as retaliation – and then DROPS, holding his groin. The fans pop for the lowblow – but Piper denies having even touched Hart. Hart rolls around while DANNY YOUNG makes his way down to make sure Hart is okay. Mickie Jay holds Piper back while Bret is worked on. Bret lies face down for about two minutes, before staggering to one knee… Piper turns his back, and Bret RUSHES him – hammering in some shots. Brilliant. Bret is GOD. Everyone in the arena bought it. And with that, we have to take a commercial break…

We return – and Bret is choking Piper out in the ropes. Russian legsweep is followed by a headbutt to the midsection. Bret is STILL limping with the groin injury, hahahahaha! Bret runs Piper’s face across the top rope – and beats on him in the corner. Backbreaker gets a 2. Bret clotheslines Piper to the floor, and follows close behind, driving Piper into the guardrail. Some nearby cables come in handy – and Bret chokes him out. For No Apparent Reason – Bret is distracted by WILL SASSO and pulls him over the guardrail, beating his ass. Back in the ring, Piper yanks out some of Bret’s hair, while Sasso takes a drink of water. Vertical suplex gets a 2 from Piper. A belly to back connects, and also gets 2. A “Roddy” chant breaks out, and sadly it is NOT turned down. Piper puts on the Sleeper! Bret runs backwards and drives Piper into Mickie Jay – who goes down! Double clotheslines take both men out! Bret pulls out a pair of brass knucks, and Piper cradles him to no count – due to the ref being out. POWER OF THE PUNCH, and a fistdrop for good measure – and now it’s time to wake up Mickie Jay. However, a tug-of-war results with Sasso over Mickie – which Bret wins, but he trips and falls right into a Piper schoolboy, 1, 2, 3!!! (10:07) ** The arena EXPLODES, and Piper straps on his new prize.

THE OUTSIDERS (with Disco Inferno) vs.

The Outsiders throw fake punches at eachother, then turn around and do it to Disco, who yuks it up with the boys. Faces are made, toothpicks are thrown, a good time is had by all. Hall grabs the stick away from Penzer, and chokes out a “Hey yo!”. “Me, Disco, and Big Sexy were talking in the back, and we just want everybody to know that…” “WOLFPAC IN DA…” Fans respond accordingly. And when we come back, they might just face someone…

Here’s a video package of Flair and Hogan, hyping a big match at Superbrawl IX.

Torrie Wilson walks with the cameraman and announces she is NOT trying to seduce him. She walks off to the bathroom…and we go back to the arena.


Horsemen charge the ring, and we’re Pier 6 from the getgo! Flair chops Hall in the corner while Mongo and Nash no-sell eachother! Nash is sent out by Mongo, Flair hiptosses Hall, and HE rolls out. The Outsiders converse on the floor with Disco, trying to find strategy. Hall and Flair start. Hall throws punches in the corner, but Flair turns it around with the chops – and gives one to Nash on the apron for good measure! Nash doesn’t care much for that, and heads in. Mongo clips Nash at the knees though – and Flair pounds on Hall. Outsiders roll out again. Back in everyone goes, and it’s Hall vs. Flair again. They lock up – Hall mounts Flair in the corner, tries 10-punch count-a-long, but only gets 5 before taking an atomic drop. Flair is clotheslined out of his boots – while Tony announces that Hogan is 10 times the athlete of a Scott Hall. LAY OFF THE SAUCE! Hall clotheslines Flair in the corner – and Flair flops. Flair comes back with an elbow – heads up top, and gets caught. Stupid bastard, that never works. Abdominal stretch is turned into a hiptoss! Flair goes for an elbowdrop – Hall rolls out of the way, but Flair clutches and doesn’t drop, then drops down after Hall rolls!!!! Hall’s had enough and tags in Nash – so Flair counters with…Mongo! Shoulder block by Mongo is no sold. So Mongo stomps on Nash’s toe, and Nash SCREAMS like a girl – no shit! Scoop slam for each Outsider! However a forearm from Hall and a big boot from Nash turn the tide quickly, and Hall enters with no tag. He proceeds to do nothing and tag back in Nash. Nash DELIVERS THE CORNER KNEES, and one of them is PICTURE PERFECT! (Eh, I tried…) Hall gets tagged back in, and hits the fallaway slam, while Disco roots him on. It gets 2. Nash tagged back in, he throws a punch, and tags in Hall again. Sleeperhold on Mongo mid-ring. Mongo hits a jawbreaker, and Hall is down. Mongo tries to tag out – but Hall cuts off the ring. I guess a tag was made because Flair comes in regardless. Single leg atomic drop and NOW WE GO TO SCHOOL! Nash tries getting in – but gets crotched on the top rope on his way in by Flair!!! Figure Four – middle of the ring! QUICK, LET’S CUT BACKSTAGE!

HOLLYWOOD HOGAN is near a bathroom, and gets handed a bucket. We follow him heading towards…somewhere.

Back in the ring, both Hall and Flair are out. The fans are on their feet as Hogan makes his way out with the bucket. Disco Inferno holds Flair hostage for an attack – but Flair escapes and Mongo takes the bleach right to the face! Flair dispenses of Disco and chases Hogan around. But it’s 4-1 now – so the Outsiders pound the crap out of Flair, while Hogan stands around. Off comes the weightlifting belt – but he doesn’t do anything. Disco goes for a Chartbuster, but Flair lowblows him! Here comes GOLDBERG and the fans get louder! SPEAR FOR DISCO! BAM BAM BIGELOW is right behind him though to pound on Goldberg, and FINALLY the bell sounds to end it! (10:44) *1/4 Goldberg sends Bigelow to the floor – and WE ARE DESPERATELY OUT OF TIME!!!
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#2 Posted on 12.3.03 1213.33
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I really dug the Kanyon/Raven/Hardcore Hak (Sandman)/Chastity storyline they had going.

Good recap.

::misses WCW::
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Raven's mom was the greatest angle in history.

RM:Scotty, it's 100 degrees outside take off your jacket.

Raven:But moooooooom I like my jacket!

*also misses WCW*
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Didn't that also lead to Scott Norton being ever so violent on The Cat for several weeks in a row?
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Blitzkrieg injured his arm pretty badly at some point (getting some nerve damage) and retired, which is why he never reappeared after being canned by WCW. That, and he got a decent job which was paying about as much as Turnerland was getting. He considered a comeback in early 2001, but realized that he wasn't up to it anymore.
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Scott Norton had actually beaten up Miller the week PRIOR to that, subtitled Massacre In Minnesota. He got his hands on him again either the following week or the week after that.

Some 4 months later, Miller discovered that Red Dancing Shoes were a powerful weapon and re-ignited his issues with Norton, and proceeded to pin him on two seperate occassions, before moving on to bigger things.

That feud ruled.
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