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#1 Posted on 15.5.11 2209.53
Reposted on: 15.5.18 2210.03
I don't think I like recapping these shows. I have much more respect for CRZ now...

TAG TEAM MATCH: Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.

A very average match with Shannon Moore doing most of the work. Rosita and Sarita interfered too much. Rosita has a nice ass... just needed to say that.

Winner - Mexican America - Time: 9m42s

The Jarretts come out with Karen in a temporary cast on her right leg. I'm gonna say that the best thing I saw tonight was a Karen Jarrett up-skirt shot! Yeah!!! Jarrett owns on the mic until Mick Foley came out saying that Karen's x-rays were really that of a 6ft black guy. The crowd chants for Chyna and the match is still on.

Jeremy Borash 'interviews' Brian Kendrick. I use the quotes cause Kendrick babbles like a crazy person about being held down and language. It made no sense.

Robbie E vs. Brian Kendrick

This was the sort of match that should have been on Impact. I can't see any possible reason this was on a PPV.

Winner - Brian Kendrick - Time: 6m40s

Jeremy Borash interviews Tara backstage asking who she wants to win and Madison Rayne comes in wearing a drag queens tiara, Awesome!

Madison Rayne vs. Champion Mickie James

Well, it was better then last months match, for sure.

Winner - Mickie James - Time: 6m53s

Max Buck vs. Champion Kazarian

Really good match. Fast paced and so far, best match of the night. Kazarian won with a Shining Wizard.

Winner - Kazarian - Time: 11m24s

Abyss vs. Crimson

Crimson actually works well with Abyss. This was surprising decent.

Winner - Crimson - Time: 10m31s

Matt Hardy and Chris Harris vs. Beer Money

We started the match with a 'Brandon Walker' chant which was funny and expected. Oh Snap!! Beer Money won with a Death Sentence. Awesome!

Winner - Beer Money - Time: 13m53s

Bully Ray threatened to rape Jeremy Borash in the locker room. Then he threatened to take Aj Styles' wife back to Hells Kitchen for a 'date'. This was better then I'm making it sound, Bully Ray was very creepy here he's one of the best promo guys in the company.

AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

What the hell is Tommy Dreamer wearing? This was a very slow moving match and for some reason, it's 2011 and Tommy Dreamer is winning a match against AJ Styles. WTF?

Winner - Tommy Dreamer - Time: 13m6s

During the video package, Kurt Angle called Chyna a 'thing' and I can only agree.

Kurt Angle and Chyna vs. The Jarretts

Chyna botches couple moves, then hits a clothesline for a big pop from the crowd. She hits a Pedigree on Karen which Mike Tenay calls a 'DDT style move' which was funny. Taz should have called it what it is. Jeff Jarrett comes in for the save but Kurt and Chyna gets The Jarretts in stereo Angle locks for the win. Not great, but the crowd was into it.

Winner - Kurt Angle & Chyna - Time: 10m18s

Anderson comes out for commentary. Anderson is kinda boring.

Rob Van Dam vs. Champion Sting

Rob Van Dam controlled this match from the start. Sting took a beating. Sting won with a Scorpion Death Drop... two of them, actually, if you count the botched one before hand. *giggle*

Winner - Sting - Time: 12m38s

Anderson comes down to the ring to stare at Sting to close the show.


Well, I liked it.

95m15s of in ring action = "Wrestling Matters"
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#2 Posted on 15.5.11 2215.32
Reposted on: 15.5.18 2215.36
Funny that the bat logo still said "TNA sacrifice."

I had to tune in for the train wreck of the Chyna match. I guess it wasn't horrible, since the women were barely used, so nothing of the level of Jenna vs Sharmell match.

At the end, I semi-expected Chyna to turn on Kurt, since it's TNA.
It's False
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#3 Posted on 15.5.11 2222.01
Reposted on: 15.5.18 2222.02
I kept expecting five-minute specials so I could go "THIS is truly WRESTLING!", but they had to ruin that by actually giving everyone a good amount of time.

I have to marvel at the fact that they went through months' worth of plot with Harris and Storm and crammed it all into 4 days. I'm floored.

Tommy Dreamer shouldn't be beating ANYONE in 2011, especially as a heel. And especially not Styles.

The crowd popping for Chyna in 2011 is frightening. This can't lead to anything good, but if there's a silver lining, it's that this should FINALLY be the end of the Angle/Jarrett feud.

The title match is what it is. Sounds like RVD kept the match together well-enough. The main event with Anderson next month has "trainwreck" written all over it.

(edited by It's False on 15.5.11 2023)
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#4 Posted on 15.5.11 2320.41
Reposted on: 15.5.18 2320.41
The crowd was hideous. They have got to get out of the Impact Zone. The fans have replaced the ECW mutants as the worst wrestling fans ever. This was a crappy PPV. The only standout match was Buck-Kazarian which had no build. I like Kendrick but his zen gimmick and look screams bush league. No clue why Daniels couldn't have a match or just go with Morgan-Steiner. I hope to never see Mickie and Madison wrestle again. They have 4-5 matches and all of them have stunk to high heaven. That was the worst Beer Money match ever. Harris was in awful shape and jiggling all over the place. Taz even mentioned how bad of shape he was in. Roode barely could hold him up for the death sentence.Matt Hardy seemed to mail the match in too. Dreamer going over Styles is disgraceful. Hell Dreamer wrestling is sad. I don't care that he won due to Bully's interference that shouldn't happen. I'm guessing we get Styles-Daniels Vs Dreamer-Ray at the next PPV. Sting-Rvd wasn't good not terrible, but not good. There was plenty of brawling in the crowd and no flow or psychology. The finish was botched as RVD went down before Sting hit the scorpion death drop, so they redid the spot. The fans sat on their hands most of the night, but went nuts for Chyna. They need to get out of that shithole in addition to firing Russo.
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#5 Posted on 16.5.11 0655.03
Reposted on: 16.5.18 0655.18
Perhaps it was because I had low expectations going into this but it was a pretty decent show with some decent wrestling, even if TNA gave you no reason to care about half of the people on the card.

I have to say that the crowd is absolutely awful. I just abhor the chants that they do - it just makes the company seem so bush league and indy.

The only real matches I had a problem with were Angle/Jarrett (because it's just reached Michael Cole levels of stupidity), Crimson and Abyss (but only because Abyss's matches seem to get worse the longer they go on so it seemed to plod on) and the Styles and Dreamer fight. I don't care about Dreamer, never have - sorry. AJ Styles deserves much better than to be put in garbage/plunder matches.

If wrestling truly does matter, then why wasn't Douglas Williams or Christopher Daniels on the card.

I also don't understand how Foley has any power as the Network Representative on a show that isn't even on Spike TV. I guess if it the Raw GM can do it.. but at least the Raw GM being there makes a *little* sense.
Amos Cochran
Lap cheong
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#6 Posted on 16.5.11 0748.00
Reposted on: 16.5.18 0748.08
The Raw GM running PPVs makes perfect sense. He/she is in charge of Raw's talent, wherever they may be wrestling. The Foley thing is a great catch - it makes no sense whatsoever.

A resoundingly average show. From the commentary on the tag title match it sounds as though this latest run for Harris is going to be even shorter lived than the halcyon days of Braden Walker. And booking no match to go over 15 minutes is kind of putting your show behind the 8-ball in terms of in-ring quality, and doesn't do a lot to sell your new tagline.
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#7 Posted on 16.5.11 0912.12
Reposted on: 16.5.18 0913.55
The Raw GMs rulings make sense? I don't think so, they booked themselves into a corner with that thing. If you mean he can order Raw talent around on a PPV, I guess, but the same applies with Foley. Foley has power over the roster as much as the Raw GM probably even more so since he pull the entire show off TV which the Raw GM can't do. Its a silly argument at the end of the day since both positions are rather bullshit.

Average is really all you could hope for in this PPV. Hopefully, this will end Angle vs. The Jarretts, but I doubt it. There is not a lot of sizzle going into Slammiversary for me. My great fear is they will feed Joe and Pope to Crimson in some sort of Goldberg push.
Amos Cochran
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#8 Posted on 16.5.11 0920.39
Reposted on: 16.5.18 0920.56
Foley is a representative of Spike TV. Ergo, he has no power over a TNA product that is unrelated to Spike TV. TNA PPVs aren't on Spike TV, so in theory Foley should have no say over what happens on them.

The RAW GM is in charge of talent and is employed by the company which is putting on the PPV. Logically, and putting aside the yo-yoing motivations of the GM, one role makes sense where the other does not.

Anyone seen the reports about Pope leaving wrestling? He Tweeted about moving on, and he recently got his Criminal Justice degree last week.
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#9 Posted on 16.5.11 1051.40
Reposted on: 16.5.18 1051.46
    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    Foley is a representative of Spike TV. Ergo, he has no power over a TNA product that is unrelated to Spike TV. TNA PPVs aren't on Spike TV, so in theory Foley should have no say over what happens on them.
If there's no TV show, what sells the PPV?

Also, this argument is stupid.
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#10 Posted on 16.5.11 1130.06
Reposted on: 16.5.18 1130.06
    Originally posted by It's False
    I kept expecting five-minute specials so I could go "THIS is truly WRESTLING!", but they had to ruin that by actually giving everyone a good amount of time.

    (edited by It's False on 15.5.11 2023)

Considering that no match went beyond 15 minutes, I think you are still within your right.
Spank E
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#11 Posted on 16.5.11 1743.18
Reposted on: 16.5.18 1743.27
    Originally posted by CRZ
    If there's no TV show, what sells the PPV?

The TV show does such a piss poor job of selling the PPVs, sometimes I honestly think it actually damages PPV sales.
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