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18.4.12 0516
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - TNA Destination X 2011 results
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#1 Posted on 11.7.11 0202.07
Reposted on: 11.7.18 0202.39
I haven't watched TNA on Spike in months, but figured I'd order this. The card looked good - a lot closer to what I'd like TNA to be like all the time. Gotta vote with your wallet, right?

- Kazarian pinned Samoa Joe with a forward cradle
- Douglas Williams beat Mark Haskins with a cradle
- Eric Young & Shark Boy beat Generation Me when Shark Boy hit a Chummer on a Buck and then Young hit the Buck with a wheelbarrow neckbreaker
- Alex Shelley won Ultimate X and an X Division title shot over Shannon Moore, Robbie E, and Amazing Red
- RVD beat Jerry Lynn with a five-star frog splash
- Austin Aries pinned Low-Ki in a four-way with Jack Evans and Zema Ion to win a TNA contract
- Brian Kendrick pinned Abyss with a front rolling cradle to win the X Division title
- AJ Styles pinned Christopher Daniels with a spiral tap

Thoughts and notes:
- Taz was "on assignment" so Mike Tenay was joined by Jeremy Borash. Christy Hemme was the ring announcer, and So Cal Val handled backstage interviews. For most of the show, I thought that Hemme WAS Val and was perplexed by her being in two places at once. I miss Don West.

- Joe got fat(ter). His face looks hella puffy these days. He can still move like he used to, but he doesn't have the cardio that he once did. Remember when Joe mattered?

- Mark Haskins is a British dude with long blonde hair and a fur coat and mirrored sunglasses. Also, he slipped on the ropes twice and the crowd didn't care for him much.

- Bearded Eric Young has two belts.He was looking for a partner so he went to an autograph signing, but Suicide was hurt, Sangriento didn't have a working visa, and Curry Man had to prepare for a big match against Cody Deaner in Japan tomorrow. Then Shark Boy called Eric Young a dumb sonofabitch and if we wanna see Shark Boy and Eric Young team up, gimme a shell yeah. What on Earth? Match was fine.

- typing on this netbook is awful

- Ultimate X was okay, not great. Right guy won.

- RVD/Lynn was quite good, but obviously not quite what they used to be capable of. RVD did some wacky stuff with a chair, by which I mean he got dropped on it a few times. Busted himself open hardway.

- The four-way for the contract was awesome. Easily the best match on the show. Crowd opened by chanting "everybody (clap clap clapclapclap)" and when it was over, gave them a standing ovation and chanted "sign them all." I'd be fine with that.

- Kendrick and Abyss was what you'd expect. Abyss tossed him around. Kendrick got the advantage and there was a ref bump. Bischoff and Immortal ran in. I now know what "Gunner" looks like and I am a better person for it. Some X Division guys ran in and got treated like jobbers. Then the entire undercard ran in and chased away the heels, and Kendrick got a forward cradle (second of the show) for the pin. Confetti celebration and they carried Kendrick around on their shoulders. Might have meant something if they hadn't tried to bury the division and make Kendrick look like a fluke champ in the process. Highlight was one fan yelling "NO ONE LIKES YOU ABYSS, NOBODY." You could see ringside fans laughing.

- Styles and Daniels was very good, but it kinda fell flat to me. I think the issue is that it was so much like the story in Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards at ROH Best In The World a few weeks ago, and that was so much better and more dramatic.

(edited by KJames199 on 11.7.11 1043)
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#2 Posted on 11.7.11 0640.36
Reposted on: 11.7.18 0640.46
    Originally posted by KJames199
    Mark Haskins is a British dude with long blonde hair and a fur coat and mirrored sunglasses. Also, he slipped on the ropes twice and the crowd didn't care for him much.

He really did look like some indy organization was trying to capitalize on the name of John Morrison. I was totally expecting him to come out to a slow motion entrance at any moment.

That being said, the rest of show was pretty good - I hope that TNA picks up on this. When most of your pay-per-views are routinely crapped upon, it's a pretty good accomplishment to get one that's almost universally praised, at least from looking at the live stream reactions last night (I know, I know - it's the Internet fans, what do they know).

Ultimate X was good, but not as good as some of the other outings that they had. Shannon Moore is kind of an idiot, considering he could have scaled the rope while everyone else was busy but, instead, took his time climbing to the top of the structure to do - god knows what. Worst attempted finish to an X-Division gimmick match since Homicide trying to escape the dome on January 4th. So happy that Shelley won and hopefully this will lead to something good between Kendrick and him (and it was good seeing Sabin, too).

I think that this was a first in that I was actually entertained by Eric Young - that was actually a pretty good match. I mean, it was kind of silly that the established team (who are, apparently, back together and buddy/buddy again) lost to the team that was formed about five seconds prior by someone that had left the company months before but I was entertained, none the less.

I don't get the fascination over the four-way, though. It was good, yes, but it was more spotty then a Rey Misterio match. The Aries guy was a good choice to win, though - the other two didn't impress me at all and Low-ki will probably be with the company anyway, considering his past. Aries still came off as kind of a dick, though - I don't know if that was his character or what, but yeah.

The only matches I was luck warm to was RVD/Lynn and Styles/Daniels. Styles/Daniels was good, it just seemed to go a tad too long and it seemed to drag on toward the end (though, perhaps, that was just because the rest of the night was so good).

The Impact Zone crowd still is awful with those chants, though. Ugh - it makes your company seem so indy and bush league. Borash at the commentary table also seemed to be competing with Booker T for the worst colour commentator award of the year.

Good show in all, though (and it was amazing to see an entire PPV with *no* non-finishes or run-ins (outside of the title match, which made sense in that case). Hopefully that will be the direction TNA goes at the tapings instead of the Anderson/Immortal/Hogan/Bischoff craptastic booking though I'm not holding my breath.
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#3 Posted on 11.7.11 0651.54
Reposted on: 11.7.18 0652.24
    Originally posted by KJames199
    Then Shark Boy called Eric Young a dumb sonofabitch and if we wanna see Shark Boy and Eric Young team up, gimme a shell yeah. What on Earth?

After a dramatic coma angle years back, Shark Boy awoke doing a PERFECT imitation of Stone Cold and ran with it. It gave him a popularity in TNA he hadn't enjoyed before.

"And that's the fishing line cuz Shark Boy said so."
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#4 Posted on 11.7.11 0746.02
Reposted on: 11.7.18 0746.40
A worthy spiritual successor to Hardcore Justice. Much, MUCH better than that show, but still a sense that this was revisiting the glory days of a division/organisation which will never attain the level of success it did in the past. This was put together a "hooray the X Division!" show, but the title match was totally counterproductive and the contrast in quality between past division stars (Joe, Daniels, Styles) and the mostly okay to good current players was pretty glaring.
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#5 Posted on 11.7.11 0908.05
Reposted on: 11.7.18 0911.22
My fears were almost realized when Immortal ran down during the title match, but the rest of the Division came out for the save (though I wasn't a fan of how MANY of them it took to take them out, because you know they are BIG).

RVD Vs Lynn was surprise of the night. Good match and told a good story where Lynn couldn't beat RVD, so he brought in a chair, but was smart enough not to fall for the Van Daminator, but kept going back to the well until RVD caught him.

Booking was predictable with no surprises, but this show was about the wrestling, so it wasn't that big a deal.

Now we'll see if this will go anywhere or if the show was a bone thrown to the old fans.
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#6 Posted on 11.7.11 1252.27
Reposted on: 11.7.18 1252.34
    Originally posted by KJames199

    - Bearded Eric Young has two belts.

I had to look this up on Wikipedia. One is his TV title, the other is an old heavyweight title belt

    Young and Jordan returned to Impact! on December 16, defeating Generation Me (Jeremy and Max Buck) in a tag team match. Prior to the match Young appeared with the old TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt, which had been thrown away by Immortal, when they introduced the newly designed version of the belt.[54] The following weeks, Young kept walking around with the belt, claiming to be the World Heavyweight Champion.[55]
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#7 Posted on 11.7.11 1450.50
Reposted on: 11.7.18 1451.37
I caught the Main Event. I give them credit for doing this thing gimmick free. It was a good match, but these guys got a chance to main event a PPV, they needed a classic. This wasn't it. This just felt long. Someone really should have worked a leg.

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#8 Posted on 11.7.11 1549.03
Reposted on: 11.7.18 1552.55
    Originally posted by wannaberockstar
    Aries still came off as kind of a dick, though - I don't know if that was his character or what, but yeah.

It is.
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#9 Posted on 11.7.11 1626.13
Reposted on: 11.7.18 1628.29
I expected it to be a great PPV and it wasn't that, but it was very good. Joe-Kazarian was a very good match which Joe mostly dominated. It is a joke that he continues to be jobbed out. Joe was as over as anyone in a normally dead Impact Zone. Kaz less so as he doesn't really play to the crowd and doesn't really contest with the audience. The Ultimate X match was probably the weakest Ultimate X match ever, hey at least the right guy went over. Eric Young being on Impact almost every week is bad enough, but him being booked on a X division PPV and in a comedy match no less is absurd. You can understand why Gen Me asked for their release after not being used for a long time and being jobbed out to Young and Shark Boy. The RVD-Lynn match was really, really good. This was RVD's best match in TNA, and really the first time he really looked motivated. This match was not a spot fest and told a really good story. The sunset flip powerbomb onto a chair was a awesome spot. Lynn has still got it and I'd love for him to stick around. He could be a asset in the X division and really help out the young guys. TNA has so many older guys that can't go in the ring and really add nothing, but Lynn would add plenty. The four way for the TNA contract stole the freaking show. As the crowd chanted sign them all! Aries is just a tremendous all around wrestler. All four guys cut promos before the match and unsurprisingly Aries' promo blew every ones away. The match was just spectacular with each guy bringing it in their own way. I'm getting a Rey Mysterio circa 95-96 vibe from Evans, he is just a spectacular athlete. Ion was impressive too and Aries and Ki were their usual great selves. If TNA would have a clue they'd build the X division around Aries who is an awesome heel. I skipped most of the Kendrick-Abyss match , but saw the last few overbooked minutes. I like Kendrick but not this version of him. He is best off as a cocky heel like he was on Smackdown back in '08. Daniels-Styles was a very good match, but it was missing something. I expected the match to challenge Undertaker-HHH for the match of the year, but it didn't. This was the weakest match they had against each other. I think they made a mistake not adding Joe to the match. Who would have thought Bull Ray Vs Styles would be better than Styles-Daniels? It was imo. All in all good ppv that you know TNA will not capitalize on and go back to putting the X division on the back burner.

(edited by graves9 on 11.7.11 1631)
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