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The 7 - Random - It's official, Buffy to end this season.
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#41 Posted on 6.3.03 0113.40
Reposted on: 6.3.10 0114.34
EddieBurkett where have you been, we have been dealing with Angelus for almost three weeks now and tonight's episode was incrediable. Plus, we get more Angelus in the next coming weeks along with Faith.

As for the death pool, I'd go with this as the likly candidates plus odds.

1 to 1. Anya: Swerve or no swerve, She is gone.

1 to 2: Faith. You don't piss Joss off and with no Faith: The Vampire Slayer series coming, I can see him offing her. It maybe mean, but it would make sense if she died instead of B, so the First stops the killing.

1 to 5: All of the Slayerettes. I think a few will live, but I don't know who.

1 to 10: Freddie. I like the girl, but the recamifications of her death are to great not to be ignored.

1 to 15: Kennedy. Its a possiblity if there is no spin-off.

1 to 16: Wes and Gunn. Not together mind you, but either one of them going is a very real. I'd wager on Wesley more than Gunn though

1 to 20: Connor and Cordelia. Connor is destinied to die probably by Angelus's hands. Cordy is pregeant in real life and wants off the show for awhile. I say Joss whacks them both off to make room for more Buffy refugess. After last night episodes, its really not hard to see that.

1 to 25: Principal Woods. Granted his confronation with Spike is coming, but I don't see him going down easy or at all.

1 to 40. Andrew. Its hard to see him living after killing Johnathan, but the redemption episode plus the video makes me believe he will have the final lines in the last episode.

1 in 50: Dawn. I have a felling Joss will never kill Dawn, but it depends on what is plans are for Buffy though.

1 in 75: Buffy. I think he will let her live just to use in the movies or in Angel or the spin-off. Killing her again is not a good idea anyway.

1 to 100: Spike. James is one of the handful of people begging Joss for more shows. He is loyal to Joss and a fun character, he lives.

1 to 1000. Willow, Giles, Xander. Giles is getting his own BBC show and Willow/Xander are the core of the show. It would be almost impossible to kill these characters off without a fan backlash that would get any new series killed. Plus, if Willow is the spin-off Xander has to be there to counter balance.

As for the prophecies, I never thought about Spike getting his soul back it would allow Angel to go on without losing his powers. It is a real possibility depending if Angel gets renewed or not.
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#42 Posted on 6.3.03 0152.42
Reposted on: 6.3.10 0153.30
I'd say that another likely candidate for death is probably Lorne. Since he never gets anything to do, I figure that he's being kept around just as future body fodder.

I can't believe we're only seven episodes away from the end of Buffy.

    And I have to say that I'm glad they didn't go with the original plan for season 6, if only because the only thing dumber than killing Xander and Willow in season 5 to end the show, would be killing everyone in season 6 only to push the big reset button. If we complain in wrestling, where continuity isn't as highly revered by the writers, imagine how we'd all feel if they erased an entire season on us. (For example, last night in the replay of selfless, I just noticed the reference to the end of season 2, where Xander deliberately mis-delivered Willow's message to Buffy, and now five seasons later, Willow *just* finds out. This show builds and self-refers too much to erase 1/7th of its history like that.)

Well technically, the show "erased" (or at least majorly retconned) its first four seasons by introducing Dawn and warping everyone's memories.
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#43 Posted on 6.3.03 0316.04
Reposted on: 6.3.10 0316.08
I can't see Spike or Faith dying for practical reasons.

1. James Marsters is probably the best actor the Buffy series has ever had. He plays misery, arrogance, fear, malice and love equally well. Many of the other actors on the series deliver interesting but one-dimensional performances. As much as I love "Buffy," SMG and Hannigan frequently make me cringe. I can't remember a single scene James Marsters has done that has not displayed a spot-on a creditable (if not wonderful) performance. Maybe it's the stay at Juilliard; I don't know.

Either way, any spin-off he's involved in will not only drag his cult appeal with it, it will also have some good acting chops in it. His chops would be a huge boon to the up-talking... and halting... and kinda awkward... and you know?... Willow?... show?

2. Joss is almost a king of failed scripts and projects. Now, I don't know if Eliza Dushku turned down a Faith spin-off before getting offered a pilot. Perhaps she was on-board with the pilot before Joss pitched anything to her. Either way, Joss knows the grim success rate that pilots have, and he probably knows that Eliza would eagerly go for a spin-off if her pilot tanks. Plus, she might do it for less money, which makes the spin-off more pitch-able. So I would wager that Joss wants to keep a good money-maker viable. In ten month's time, "Faith: The Vampire Slayer" could be a go.
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#44 Posted on 6.3.03 0337.45
Reposted on: 6.3.10 0337.45
Jeb man, I like Spike as much as anyone but how long can a 39 year old Marsters play an immortal 20ish vampire? Unless he doesn't age for 20 years like Sean Connery...

Eliza's pilot MUST tank. I'd prefer the one word "Faith" title for the spinoff. It sounds cooler.

Then again, if they were to say, greenlight Jonathon's Angels I'm available to consult Joss!
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#45 Posted on 6.3.03 0356.50
Reposted on: 6.3.10 0358.18
As for Marsters, there is always the dreaded face-lift. Everyone else does it; why not? Besides, spin-offs rarely have a shelf-life of more than five years. By then, he will have been playing the same character for ten, and the increased demands of his own show (or a show more focused on him) would probably make him willing to pack it in.

Besides, if Angel can put on 40 pounds as an immortal unchanging vampire, why can't Spike have slightly more drawn lines on his face? And there is the possibility that he could have most of his humanity restored to him, leaving him the demon-blood power ( la the Slayer), while also leaving him susceptible to aging.
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#46 Posted on 6.3.03 1349.05
Reposted on: 6.3.10 1349.28
Marsters is also apparently up for a role in Episode III. So he might be too busy for any spin-offs.
Wolfram J. Paulovich
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#47 Posted on 6.3.03 1616.32
Reposted on: 6.3.10 1629.06

I hadn't heard of the Episode III stuff. Can you direct me to that bit of news is there a link somewhere?

I think it would be great to see Marsters in Episode III. But you know he would have the accent. And it's kind of depressing to think of this average California valley guy from Modesto spending his entire life affecting a British accent. Hey, at least Meryl Streep got to speak in her normal voice, in between being German, Polish, English, Irish, etc.
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#48 Posted on 6.3.03 1833.27
Reposted on: 6.3.10 1834.06
First off, yes I've been enjoying Angelus these last few weeks. I was just saying that right after the dream episode, I was slightly miffed.

I don't think Dawn's appearance counts as a reset. The gang still refers back to prior seasons pretty regularly (just this season alone, Buffy reminding Xander she stabbed Angel and Willow finding out about Xander not relaying her message in "Selfless", Xander's flashback to being chased by all the women in "Him", etc.) These events all happened independent of Dawn's existance. If it had been played as a reset, the spell would have been cast, and we would have been taken back to the start of season one, when Buffy shows up at school, and she would have had a little sister in tow, and we would have seen it all happen again. Everything that happened has still happened, the only difference is that everyone involved remembers Dawn being there when she wasn't.

I can see James with accent as Obi Wan's snide older brother. That could be entertaining. Still, even if he is in a spin-off, given that Willow isn't penned for 2004, he's got plenty of time to film his precious movie and then come back. Same goes for Faith if her pilot bombs. And watching Marsters speak and NOT hearing Spike's voice is downright creepy!

Why are we taking a body count on Angel? We're not revisiting the Angel's gonna get cancelled topic, are we???

And last night's episode was GOOD!!!! Although I'm upset about the Beast. I loved the way he would say "Connor..."
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