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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 18.2.03 2040.17
Reposted on: 18.2.10 2049.46
I confess that I wandered into this show halfway through (and damn me for doing that, because it rules), but... is that supposed to be the pox on his arm?
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#2 Posted on 18.2.03 2100.04
Reposted on: 18.2.10 2106.43
    Originally posted by PalpatineW
    I confess that I wandered into this show halfway through (and damn me for doing that, because it rules), but... is that supposed to be the pox on his arm?

He inhaled plutonium dust early in the season and the radiation poisoning will kill him by the end of the day.

On an unrelated note, Kim definatly won a place in my heart tonight.

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Bizzle Izzle
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#3 Posted on 18.2.03 2124.57
Reposted on: 18.2.10 2128.28

The Kim storyline was rediculous this year. Every moment she was on the screen was agonizing. That t-shirt tonight more than made up for it. It was as if the writers knew that they were torturing us so far and decided to throw us a bone. We deserved it for dealing with the nonsense she's been part of.

What's up with Jack? He hasn't killed anyone for a couple episodes now. I'm starting to go through withdrawl.

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#4 Posted on 18.2.03 2309.21
Reposted on: 18.2.10 2309.37
I will be the #1 Marie fan from here on out of she kills Kate like the previews teased.

So, now that we're past the halfway point, I'm starting to wonder who our "big name villian with a horrid accent" is going to be this year. It'll probably have something to do with Nina's bosses. And who better to represent Germany than David Hasselhoff?! He'll sing to Jack, proving that he knows more about torture than anyone else on this show.
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#5 Posted on 18.2.03 2336.21
Reposted on: 18.2.10 2338.26
Kim's ability to get herself into dangerous situations is astounding.

I figure the real bomb was in the truck that drove away as Marie was leaving, and one would have to assume it's in the hands of the mysterious 7th commando, who is undoubtedly in league with the terrorists.

Or something like that.
Ten Millionth Hit
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#6 Posted on 19.2.03 0443.44
Reposted on: 19.2.10 0444.37
I am of the belief that Kate Warner isn't going to see the 24th hour. A TV show doing a story on her said she has signed on for something like 14 episodes, so things do look grim.

24 Body Count = 72, with the 6 Commandos being the latest happy additions.

Kim Bauer in a tank top to me should have been like McGyver in a tank top to Patty & Selma. But, you can't disguise the fact it is just like when the Diamond Doll would accompany the Booty Man to the ring. Scrape away the distracting T&A, and you're left with unwatchable shit.

The first Palmer & Stanton interrogation was the mark out moment of this episode.

I was somewhat worried, with this being the 13th episode, that they had budgeted to wrap up the storylines for this episode in case of cancellation, ala last year, and we're stuck with amnesia angles the rest of the way home.
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#7 Posted on 19.2.03 0637.10
Reposted on: 19.2.10 0641.01
I agree that the interrgation ruled. Also that Palmer-Sherry scene ruled as well.

Even Kim in a T-Shirt couldn't save the idiotic subplot this week.

Another strong episode of 24 this week. According to the preview in TV Guide, next week's show should be very good.
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#8 Posted on 19.2.03 0836.21
Reposted on: 19.2.10 0837.40
Kim's tank top gets my early Emmy nod for best supporting role.
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#9 Posted on 19.2.03 1029.25
Reposted on: 19.2.10 1029.30
You had to knwo the bomb wasn't really in the plane.

My question is how does the truck get out of the airfield if they have it locked down, as was mentioned earlier in the show. Or did they simply go somewhere else in the airfield?

If they did leave, how does CTU find it again?

It's things like this that make me watch this show. It looked like the story was winding down, but you know it wasn't because there are more episodes left.

What happens next between Palmer and Sherry? Should be very interesting... May be she gets the torture treatment next? I bet he'd love to do it himself!!
Good to see that men are still pigs. Nice of the guy to pick out clothes like that for Kim. Makes that part of the story barely watchable...

Shouldn't be much left from that story now that they are in the shelter and one can only hope will stay there for the rest of the show... (dreaming I know, she'll bolt when he tries something on her...)

Pickled pork
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#10 Posted on 19.2.03 1312.21
Reposted on: 19.2.10 1314.53
Great show last night. Palmer questioning Roger and then walking out of the room to allow the torture to continue when he didn't get the answers he wanted was good stuff. Shows just how far the Pres is departing from his morals to get the results he needs.

And how badass was Mason last night? Sucking it up to face down Brad from Division to keep CTU operational was golden. His stoic expression when Brad shook his hand and squeezed his radiation-burned forearm reminds me why he's the coolest character on the show.

Next week's confrontation between Palmer and Sherry should be explosive to say the least. I'm hoping for one of Palmer's patented galvanic rages at his ex-wife.
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#11 Posted on 19.2.03 1317.56
Reposted on: 19.2.10 1318.33
I'm realizing this season that I like Palmer less and less. First of all he lied to Mason and never gave him a cool promotion like he promised in season 1. but he also keeps getting in the way of allowing people to do their jobs. First with 24 and the killing Ali's family thing then not letting his advisors tell him about sherry. But mostly it's the lying to Mason. HE better do something good to make up for all of this
Summer sausage
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#12 Posted on 19.2.03 1755.18
Reposted on: 19.2.10 1756.20
Really good show last night. Mason doesn't look like he is going to be functioning for much longer. Maybe four or five hours. I don't know what is going to happen next with the nuke. The remaining episodes should be even more frantic though, as everyone gets really desperate to blow up L.A. or make sure that doesn't happen.
Ana Ng
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#13 Posted on 20.2.03 0119.46
Reposted on: 20.2.10 0127.19
Kim's new nickname: Nipples. From here on out, that is how she shall be known. Also, it's fun if you say "bouncy bouncy bouncy!" every time you see her running.

Let's hope and pray Kate bites it soon. I'm gettin sick of her tagging along.

Palmer sold the Sherry revelation as well as Trish Stratus sold the Jazz revelation. Awesome.

Mason continues to be the Man. The man is gold every time he's onscreen.
Dr Unlikely
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#14 Posted on 20.2.03 0807.34
Reposted on: 20.2.10 0811.14
Next time he's going to jump on the roof of a moving vehicle and start shooting at people in other moving vehicles, 24 needs to make sure he's got a better driver. I recommend Styles from Teen Wolf, but only as long as it's the real Styles and not the fake one from Too. Fake Styles my ass. That was one of the all-time worst movie shams. Like people weren't going to notice it was a Fake Styles.

What? Oh, yeah - the best part of this week was the brief onscreen appearance of the SherriMobile. I guess, technically, it's the Palmer Mobile, but SherriMobile was a lot funnier when we said it out loud during the episode and it turns out it's funnier when you type it, too. Plus, you know she appreciates it way more than Palmer does. Hell, Palmer probably walks everywhere, he's too nice a guy to make people drive him around.

Tangent (as opposed to the on-topic diversions about Styles or whatever other crap I normally shove into these threads) - I spent some time figuring out just when Palmer would have been able to win the Wooden Award, as noted in all his bio pages. And by some time I mean five minutes. But anyway, at the age he'd have to be, he'd also have to be one of the first few winners. Now, they don't say he's the first ever winner, so I'd eliminate 1977. He has to, in all likelihood, have won in 1978 (when, in our alternate universe, Phil Ford won)...or else he was either a better player than Bird the following year or "24" takes place in an Alternate Reality Where Larry Bird Never Existed. Whoa.

Anyway, if we don't get to see the SherriMobile again, she should start floating just above the ground instead of walking, all creepy-like, Dark City style. Also, she should later be revealed as being immune to conventional weaponry when 24 gets around to having to kill her. (Sean O'Haire should also do these things on SmackDown). 24 will have to open a portal to hell to stop her, or get some kind of soulsword. This ties into my hope that Season 3 takes place in Hell, where 24 is sent with only one day to assassinate Satan. It has to take place in Hell to give Satan the homefield advantage so he at least has a chance. George Mason would be in Hell as Jack's Virgil-like Spirit guide. And when 24 asks why he's in Hell, George Mason will say "Heaven didn't want me, and Hell was afraid I'd take over." And 24 will say "But you're in hell, George!" And George Mason will say "Well, yeah, I was just kidding, Jack. It's because I stole all that money I gave to my kid."

I assume Stanton is only in on part of the conspiracy, and the motive he gave is his motive for being part of the Nuke LA plot, but not the motives of the Secret Evil Germans who are still lurking around, pulling the strings. After all, if Stanton just wanted to give Palmer some balls, he only had to make the international symbol for giant male testicles in Palmer's direction, citing the case of Pedro Cerrano vs. Isuro Tanaka in Major League II. Ha ha, Isuro Tanaka, don't break that bat over your head!

If TV and movies have ever taught us anything, it's to wash your plates and glasses after you eat. If you're hiding someone in your place and don't want people to know when they drop by, the two table settings always give you away. I'll give Kevin Dillon a pass on this, because he doesn't appear to have a TV.

On the other hand, Kevin Dillon is clearly pulling a Grease 2 on Kim. Smooth. In this vein, if they can't get Emilio Estevez or The Feld as a guest villain this year, I'd settle for Maxwell Caulfield as an evil version of The Cool Rider. Yes, Adrian Zmed would also make a fine henchman who can get a major body-part lopped off by 24.
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#15 Posted on 20.2.03 0816.34
Reposted on: 20.2.10 0819.21
What's up with Jack? He hasn't killed anyone for a couple episodes now. I'm starting to go through withdrawl.

Well, he DID shoot the pilot of the plane - he just didn't kill him. That's something, at least.

And yes, Kim's storyline continues to be bizarre, and while Kim in a wet tank top is a thing of beauty, is she going to just strut around the home of some guy she met 15 minutes ago in just that? No WONDER the guy has her locked up in his bomb shelter! IT'S ALL HER FAULT!

Can't wait for the President's showdown with Sherri. Stanton giving her up at the end of the episode was AWESOME, and I can't wait for the hounds to be released on that manipulating bee-otch. I hope Ensign Ro kicks the shit out of her.

(edited by BrewGuy on 20.2.03 0917)
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#16 Posted on 20.2.03 0828.22
Reposted on: 20.2.10 0829.01


Pretty funny post, Dr. Unlikely.

Guru Zim
SQL Dejection
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#17 Posted on 20.2.03 1535.32
Reposted on: 20.2.10 1547.01
Do any of you actually like this show on face value?
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#18 Posted on 20.2.03 1809.15
Reposted on: 20.2.10 1823.15
Judging by the posts, they're not looking at faces

*ba-dum bum*
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#19 Posted on 20.2.03 1907.01
Reposted on: 20.2.10 1907.52

    Originally posted by Guru Zim
    Do any of you actually like this show on face value?

Guru Zim
SQL Dejection
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#20 Posted on 20.2.03 1947.18
Reposted on: 20.2.10 1956.02
It just seems like everyone who posts in these threads is treating this show like some Rocky Horror Pictures show thing. Does anyone actually like the plot, or do you all watch this to yell nicknames and stuff...

Maybe I should just watch it once. These threads always bewilder me.
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