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22.5.11 0714
The 7 - Guest Columns - CMLL [#63]
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#1 Posted on 13.12.02 0148.26
Reposted on: 13.12.09 0159.04

CMLL Line - 12/08/02 (#63)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format, Krisz for the results archive, and Joe Gagne for the place to talk about it.

Advisory: I'm trying a slightly different format setup here (though not much different from what you'll see) - sorry for any unfrozen problems.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captain) vs Tecnico, Tecnico, Tecnico (captain)
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

This week's taping included a special 11/20 Arena Mexico show to celebrate Mexican Independence - the first three matches are from that special show, the main event is from the normal show. 

1 El Terrible, Genetico, Loco Max, Ricky Marvin, Mr. Power, Tony Rivera, Marshall, Zumbido
vs Virus, Dr. X, Tigre Blanco, Volador Jr., Averno, Mephisto, Nitro, Safari
1000% Guapo U vs CMLL Cibernetico
11/20/02, Arena Mexico
16 man
Virus half crab/armlock Marshall
DKO (Mephisto, Zumbido)
Marvin reverse rollup Virus
Averno double underhook faceslam Marvin
It was a good six minute ending - ignoring the mega-lame DKO - but quite disappointing only to get the  last 6 of the match. Marvin is on the list next time.

Notes: After thinking it over, I went with the individual status for each guy rather than painting one team one color - it's very much a relevos incredible situation, with unlikely teamings. As you know if you've been paying attention, our first group is the (remaining) Guapo Wannabes. The second is the collection of guys who mocked them last week. Guapos do that group dance they had been practicing on (it's the nutty site you might just expect - they don't completely embarrass themselves) , and I'll hope that I get everyone's name straight - some guys still haven't left an impact on me and many have similar looks (Mr. Power and Genetico are identical Shocker clones and that's where I have the most problem). Zumbido does the Nicho walk and is wearing a La Familia de Tijuana bandana just to be confusing. You know how we had that Dr. Wagner vignette where he declared he wanted part of no faction? Zumbido wants 'em all! CMLL team does not dance. Virus blends in by wearing his mask front to the ring, as everyone else on his team still has one. Ring announcer trades Tony Rivera back to CMLL (not an unwelcome development!) but I think he just skipped Volador's name there. Wow, look at all them guys we NEVER see who are here - I think mistakenly called Tigre Blanco "Felino" last week, because I'm just not used to seeing him. Safari's wearing the ugly white outfit. This is like Nitro's one chance to show that he's got a bad lot in life, right? Marshall has his name on his tights, that's nice of him...

And then after all that, they just clip ahead. LOVELY. I guess I should've watched this before recapping.

So we come in, and someone's hitting a top rope moonsault bodyblock on the junior Infernales, and it looks like either not many people are left, or they all went into hiding when they saw whoever it was going up - Ricky? Tony? Far angle. Zumbido is noticeably hiding, but I can't tell if he's just taking his time to get to the back because he's eliminated, or if he's standing over there because he's just Zumbido. Back in the ring, Ricky Marvin's still around (I'd be tough for him to be the moonsault guy and be up already - but not impossible) and gaining speed - double jump springboard corkscrew crossbody plancha! That is a long name for a move, but worth it. Good thing Averno was back up by the time Ricky wanted to hit the move. Looks like Tony is recovering on the ramp, and making his way to the back, so I guess he's out. Virus and Marshall are in the ring now, and Marshall easily gives a clothesline. One two no. As soon as I figure teams, I'll let you know. Marshall with a slam, rope flip moonsault one two NO. I *think*, not seeing anyone else around, we're down to Mephisto/Averno/Virus (who's currently getting a chant) vs Zumbido/Marvin/Marshall. Whip, reversed, Virus with a drop toe hold Oklahoma roll one two no. Virus with a quick double leg takedown, spinning toe hold but Marshall kicks him away before he can lock on the figure four. Marshall yells - slap, corner whip, Virus is sat on the top rope. Marshall climbs up to join him, signaling to the crowd, punching, - Virus punches back, loads him up - off the middle rope moonlight bomb! I think he be dead, Virus - but Virus opts to lock on the Tequila Sunrise just to get the sure thing - tap. (1:30) Zumbido rolls his eliminated partner out of the way so he can charge Virus, but Virus is swiftly out and Mephisto is in - Mephisto with an armdrag. One two no. Kick by Mephisto, slam no Zumbido blocks it, Zumbido slam and he's going up, moonsault but Mephisto rolls but Zumbido lands on his feet - inside cradle on two NO. I think he might have had tights there, but we didn't get a good shot of it. Open hand slap exchange - Zumbido pumps up, quick dueling shoulderblocks leave both standings, both of the ropes and evading each other, running dueling shoulderblocks and now both men are down. The ref puts on the fastest double KO count in history (one that's actually somewhere about 7 seconds, as opposed to all the 30 second ones) - of course, that means we have one. (DKO 2:28) EH. I was kinda really looking forward to Zumbido vs Virus but I guess another time - not that we don't have a great matchup or two left. That should leave Averno/Virus vs Marvin - first, Virus and Marvin will roll out their partners, then Virus will sting Marvin with a back elbow. Virus with a blockbuster slam with bridge! One two no Virus couldn't hold it up long enough and the ref took long to get in position. Virus powerbomb, YOU CAN NOT POWERBOMB RICKY MARVIN. Marvin off the ropes, but gets killed by a clothesline. Virus picking him back up into the corner - corner whip, charge in but Marvin moves - Virus manages to recover greatly from his normal corner bump to land on his feet - Marvin reverse roll up with bridge, one two three (3:30) - that was dangerously close to having Marvin shoulders down as well (it was effectively the same cover as the double pinfall seen on RAW recently), but Marvin had only his head on the mat, so Virus is eliminated and Marvin is not. Averno is in to argue that, to no avail. Marvin obviously doesn't have much left in him - heck, Mephisto is still down where Virus rolled him onto the ramp after he got counted out, exhausted. Averno gives up the cause and goes to work at finishing Marvin - stomp to the back. Hair mare, hair mare. Virus is sticking around to check on Mephisto. Whip by Averno, Marvin handspring swinging DDT one two NO! That was WACKY yet didn't look as ludicrous as it might sound. Virus helping Mephisto to the back - I kept figuring he'd pop up at some point and help Averno but I guess it's not to be. I don't know that I saw Zumbido go to the back, now that I think about it. Marvin with kick to the back of the leg, kick to the back of the leg, spinning kick to the chest - hi Dragon. Clothesline - no ducked and Averno hits the German suplex bridge one two NO. Zumbido is still out there - he's just waking up himself and is upset that he lost, I think, though the timing of his fit makes it look like he's upset Ricky just kicked out. Averno with right hands to Marvin - corner whip, Averno tries for a rebound clothesline but Marvin catches him in an armdrag and rolls into a half Boston! Awesome - Averno is moving and Marvin is losing him, so he turns it into a STF, but Averno is still moving and now refusing to give. Marvin's getting warned about slipping into a choke - and Averno gets the ropes! Zumbido is now leaving. Marvin with chops, whip, reversed, handspring but Averno ducks down to backdrop him over, Marvin lands on his feet, turns and 'ranas - one two NO! Marvin off the ropes, kick caught, he's pun around - kick double underhook facebuster one two THREE! (5:55 shown) Averno just eeks it out for CMLL, but that last bit was all Teasing Matches I Would Really Like To See NOW. Marvin has to get checked out by the doctor because that was nearly a piledriver (though it was more Stevie Ray Slapjack) and he's dead tired. Replays. I don't how know how they logically set that match up again, but I hope they do soon.

2 Negro Casas, El Hijo Del Santo (c), Ultimo Guerrero vs Blue Demon Jr. (c), Satanico, Dr. Wagner Jr.
11/20/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:03
Casas La Majistral Wagner
Ultimo Stretch Muffler Satanico 
while obviously clipped and not as good as I would think given the participants, the Santo/Demon stuff was very heated (though too much of cheap heel brawling/ripping in place of action) - looking very forward to the rematch if they're given 10+ minutes and use it.
2 2:30
Wagner off the second rope Black Tiger Bomb Casas
Satanico step over armbar Ultimo 
3 4:56 DQ (Demon pulls Santo mask)
T 7:43 Santo (2-1)

Notes: Unlike the last match, this is officially a relevos incredible match - tecnicos and rudos matched up together just to see what would happen, and if someone drops someone else just by force of habit. No entrances. You know, no offense to Tarzan Boy, but if we replaced Casas here with Bucanero, we'd have the Team of GOD. We only seen Demon 3 times in the last 9 months - last on 8/3, teaming with Atlantis and Niebla vs Team Japan - but by all indications, he is Good. Blue Demon Sr. and Hijo Del Santo Sr. had a long history, though it hasn't really appeared to carry over to the sons, though it does make it interesting that they're on opposite sides here. Satanico and Ultimo have a shoving match to reminds us they hate each other - I guess you really couldn't do a straight rudo team here (assuming Satanico's a rudo this time) because those two wouldn't get along any better. Negro Casas has white tights to kinda match his tag partner.

Demon and Santo start the part we see (though I think there might have already been a clip here.) Circle - Demon with a kick. Pulling him in - powerbomb is reversed to an armdrag. Demon off the ropes and an armdrag. Modified springboard armdrags - pushing off the ropes form the side not hopping on them. Kick, and Demon is pushed to the floor - TOPE! Back in the ring, Casas has taken down Wagner with probably a big boot - off the ropes, boot is caught and Wagner with a nice dragon leg screw. Stomp, off the ropes, caught in a full nelson, Wagner slips out but Casas trips him up some how (botched spot? didn't look clean) - La Majistral one two three (1:03) Ultimo quickly gets a double leg takedown on Satanico, Stretch Muffler (1:09) - yep, I'm pretty sure there was a major clip before the Demon/Santo sequence. Santo's team celebrates. Break

Ultimo actually high tens Casas, which is the weirdest thing ever. Meanwhile, Demon sneaks a shoulderblock on Santo to take him out of the ring and lures him into a trap with Wagner attacking him from behind - they both work over Santo while Satanico punches Casas and Ultimo observes. Wagner comes in to work on Casas while Satanico takes it to Ultimo - Demon and Santo brawl around too. Seems like a rudo beatdown - wow, is Demon going for Santo's mask? I think he is - he's untying it, then snap maring him over into a chinlock. Demon wants to pull it off but Santo is blocking it, so Demon switches to ripping the eyeholes. Satanico and Wagner have cleared the ring and are keeping the other two at bay. I guess Ultimo has fighting spirit and doesn't want to lose, even when it'd be fun for him to see Ultimo unmasked. Demon works Santo over with corner punches and then follows with a muscle pose - what's gotten into him? They go brawling back outside the ring as the other four are in - Satanico with punches, Wagner with a second rope Black Tiger Bomb in Casas!! That's niiiiiice. One two three. (2:30) Satanico with a step over armbar on Ultimo that gets the same result but isn't as cool (2:38) Satanico and Wagner get their hand raised but I don't think Demon knows or cares - he's still going after Santo, now on the ramp. His partners are out to check on him, and Wagner has no problem getting in an extra stomp or two on Santo while he's there. Replays reveal that Satanico hit a backdrop before the armbar, so he did not yet actually punch someone into submission. Replays.

Back to live time, Satanico is helping Demon beatup Santo some more - he's hung over the top rope for Demon to get more shots in, as the beatdown continues. Wagner has time to pose, it's going so well. Demon is choking Wagner over the ropes, Satanico has untied Ultimo's mask and he's trying to take it off, and Wagner's just fooling around with Casas, boot choking him out of the ring. Santo tries to comeback against Demon but Satanico is there to help his partner out. Demon taunts the crowd for cheering for Santo! Demon goes back to work on his mask. I'm still not sure why he's so upset at Santo here and now but he very much is angry. Demon pushes away the tecnico referee when he tries to stop it. Corner whip, charge and the clothesline hits. STUNNER! Wagner works in a dropkick to the head but that was just too unlikely by Demon. Now Ultimo is in trying to make an equally unlikely babyface comeback - that doesn't go so well and he's chopped down. Everyone takes turns brawling with him and Ultimo tries to fight through it - Satanico eventually socks him and he's taken down. Wagner holds Ultimo so Satanico can get in another good right hand, and now Wagner goes after the mask of his sometimes partner - whoa, it's totally off! Casas is in before we get long shot - kicks to Wagner, and going after his mask in revenge. Santo is being held back by the ref from getting involved, Ultimo is trying to get his sense back, and it looks like the rest of the rudos have been pushed to the apron so this can settle back into a normal match. Casas and Ultimo take turns striking Wagner, with Casas turning to dropkick Satanico in the knee on the apron. It all breaks down from them, with Santo and Demon going at it again as Ultimo corner clotheslines Wagner. Santo goes for Demon's mask as the other four spill out to the floor. Santo's ripping it good, knee to the head! The top is off the mask, though it's still covering his face. Lots of knee lifts from Demon, all to the head. The other four slowly head to their corners while Santo keeps working on Demon. Demon manages to get to his feet, and they battle it out while trying to keep their masks on. Clip - Ultimo/Satanico are brawling now - Ultimo with open hand slaps and a running boot to take Satanico out, but then he leans through the ropes to taunt and Satanico rips him out of the ring - running post shot but Ultimo blocks and Satanico is sent in instead. Satanico seems to get the better of the brawl - big senton on the floor - while Wagner and Casas mix it up in the ring. It looks like Casas nearly hits the Casas special but Wagner somehow escapes and Demon manages a faceslam on Casas. The double teaming goes ad, and Casas gets takes down Wagner in a waistlock so Santo can hit the top rope somersault senton - Demon clotheslines Santo as he pops up AND PULLS SANTO'S MASK! (4:56) Demon feels no shame about what he did, despite kinda costing his team the match - he walks around the ring with the remnants of the mask as trophy of what he did today, then goes back to stomping Santo. Santo's trying to cover up and has no defense. Demon shows off the mask to Wagner - who seem too out of it to truly celebrate, and Satanico, who is pumped and excited by this development. Demon raises the mask up in the air proudly. Replay - there's the clothesline, there goes the mask. We don't get a good shot of Santo's face either angle - he had his hands ready to cover.

Post match, Santo's got a new mask, which is good for him. If Demon is so happy to take his mask, why not have a mask vs mask match? Demon almost actually seems to agree, but that would be too weird - neither men could really afford to lose that match unless it was their last match ever. Okay, if they can't have the mask match, how about same teams, same time next week? Gee, I wonder what Ultimo thinks about this - I guess he'll be happy to attack Satanico again. Demon proclaims that El Hijo Del Santo is no Blue Demon - fans cheering for Santo think Santo is very good.

3 Veneno vs Gran Markus Jr.
Hair vs Hair
11/20/02, Arena Mexico
mano y mano 3:40 Markus abdominal stretch this SUCKED

Notes: Veneno has already lost his mask to Markus this year - will he also lose his hair? Veneno gets 3 valets, but outside of the obviously new Commando Girl, no other Boricua members are there. Hmm. Veneno's wearing a shoulder sling - similar to and the same side as the one he was wearing earlier this year - under his army shirt. Markus has two valets wearing nice outfits - Markus himself has a new outfit, but it's not impressive. He's got fireworks, which he pays no mind to. Poder Boricua shows up to be his second - so no Pierroth, Comando Girl II is his only backup? That seems completely unfair. Veneno does not seem to want to take off his army helmet, which seems fair. One fall match.

In fact, after the match starts, he does manage to sneak in a couple shots with it, before tossing it out. Turnbuckle smash. Boot. Really, no minis, no Violecnia, No Killer, no Bulldog - just him and Commando Girl. We know Nitro's here, couldn't he at least made the walk to the ring with him? Did everyone else have the week off? One of the few impressive things about the Boricuas is the amount of people they bring to the ring for pointless trios matches against the Capos, but not here? Veneno working Markus over with kick in the corner and back elbows. Veneno headbutt actually does hurt Markus more. Stomp. We clip and Markus is in control - slam - Poder is helping him balance on the top rope - top rope splash, referee sees, checks the shoulders, starts counting one two NO. That was a long time between splash and one, and only some of it was the referee paying attention to Commando Girl II. Veneno is clearly in some deep trouble at this point, and Markus waits for him to get up - chop. Whip, TOMBSTONE? No, Markus drops him with a lame looking shoulderbreaker - CGII is in to complain loudly about it being a Tombstone but no one's listening to her because she's not as hot as the last one. Markus beats Veneno outside the ring, then pulls everyone back in. Veneno is down and asking for a time out. Replay shows that Markus kinda dropped him, and did not Tombstone him. Markus is aiming his strikes towards that injured shoulder, and Veneno is grabbing it pain when he's not. Here's another shoulderbreaker on that bad shoulder, and this time the ref warns him of the DQ - Markus assures him that's a real move that the Rock did back in the day. Adnominal stretch wouldn't seem to be the normal way to work a shoulder but - it does. Oh wow, Veneno gave up. (3:40) SUCKS TO BE VENENO. Fireworks shoot off to make this seem exciting or dramatic, but it's not really. We only saw limited stuff, which made it seem pretty one sided, but it didn't seem like the crowd was much in it before then. It's a fine match strategy by Markus - this replay clearly shows he worked that one body part well - but not a very fun one. Veneno gets his hair cut which is sad because had very interesting hair. If he doesn't turn on Pierroth NOW, well, I'm giving up on the man. Maybe everyone else was banned from coming out with him? Veneno's getting it all shaved off. He'd look like a real tough guy if he just did that mohawk he has right now. Markus gets the microphone and says Viva Mexico - I assume he wants the match vs Pierroth next. We get a still shot of Veneno with no hair left.

Spectacular Moments - we see the finish of the Arena Colisea female tag match - looks like the tecnicas won there too. And here's the finish of the Guapos match from last week - Loco Max with the blatant low blow. Voldaor hits a tope! I didn't know he could do those. Here's the top rope superplex form the female tag match last week - we're all amazed that hit hurt her not at all. Or at least I am. I really wouldn't mind seeing a lot more of them if the level of competition could be maintained, which is probably unfair to expect with more wrestlers and more frequently. Brazos beat the Villanos in a match we didn't see - here's Platino with a somersault senton on a Villano.

4 Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Apolo Dantes, Black Tiger (challengers)
vs Atlantis (c), Mr. Niebla, Black Warrior (champions)
CMLL Trios Championship
11/22/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:54 Wagner double underhook powerbomb Atlantis surprisingly short, but even more surprising that the challengers beat four teams to get here - and the whole tournament was irrelevant because they lost anyway. Hopefully this is just their way of kick starting these titles again because otherwise what was the point?  
2 2:45 Warrior 'rana Wagner
3 3:29
Apolo inside cradle with tights Warrior
Atlantis 'rana Tiger
Atlántida on Wagner
T 9:13 Champions (2-1), 2nd? Defense

Notes: Wow, no vignettes today. Normal belt presentation/pose for pictures. Again, this is a separate show than the last one - Wagner's not really doing two matches in a row.

All six man standoff after the introduction - and the challengers rush the champions with clotheslines! Niebla and Atlantis are quickly taken out, leaving Warrior to fend against 3 - corner whip, corner clothesline, corner clothesline, Tiger gets boosted for a corner dropkick. Apolo quickly sets up Warrior on the top rope - Wagner with a pulling Stunner! Niebla in but he's quickly stopped - double whip, double back elbow. Picked up - double faceslam. Apolo with the whip and the drop toe hold, so Tiger can hit the 022. Niebla is stomped out - Atlantis tries to come in a get a piece of Wagner but Wagner get the best of him - Apolo with a fireman's carry drop for him, then Black Tiger slams him into place - moonsault moonsault moonsault - well Tiger goes for the third one but Dr. Wagner's not paying attention and pulling Atlantis up and out of the way so he can do his own move - Tiger hits the mat and wonders what the heck just happened to Atlantis but takes it well considering. Double underhook powerbomb one two three (1:54) Dr. Wagner and Black Tiger discuss the concept of three (Wagner claims Tiger already hit three, which is funny) and Apolo would like the belts already. Warrior signals that he still has them. Replay of the inadvertently missed moonsault - I think Apolo tires to warn Black Tiger at the last second but it was too late. Black Tiger got up holding his hands but otherwise okay. 

Post break, and before the fall starts, both sides are massing on the floor - Atlantis and Wagner are the first two to go at it and it breaks down from there. Atlantis ends up corned in the ring by the rudos and laid out by punches as the beatdown goes on. Whip - Apolo with a spine buster but no quick follow up. Tiger with el Caballo - Dr Wagner with the running dropkick to the head, nice. Black Tiger does the Dr. Wagner pose! Niebla wants to come in but the rudo referee threatens him with a count out four illegally being in the ring - Apolo and Wagner take this into their own hands but kicking down Niebla and Warrior. Apolo stands on Niebla's chest to choke him. Back to work on Atlantis - Wagner hold Atlantis near the ropes for Tiger to run and hit him, Atlantis ducks down and backdrops Tiger to the floor. Atlantis gets free but double teaming by Atlantis and Apolo goes bad - tilt-a-whirl on Wagner but Apolo hits a boot. Corner whip but Warrior off the top rope with a plancha to take him down - Tiger pulls Warrior down by the mask to so he can't do anything more, but Niebla attacks Apolo form behind with a dropkick. Tiger in with a shoulderblock. Atlantis rushes out to dive on Apolo, - Niebla with the handspring but Tiger sidesteps him, but then nearly gets dropkick by Wagner by mistake Tiger with a corner whip on Niebla, hipblock charge but no one's home - Wagner hits the assisted high hipblock on Tiger. Corner tope by Niebla almost missed but Tiger barely is hit. that leaves Warrior and Wagner - Warrior goes for a bodyscissors and Wagner hits a face first powerbomb - Warrior is trying to get the crowd to rally for him. Wagner grabs him - Black Tiger Bomb - no, 'rana one two Atlantis tackles Apolo three (2:45) Atlantis just got there in time because Apolo would've been able to break it up - instead, it's a fall a piece. Replays of the finish.

The brawl goes on in between falls, with Tiger and Warrior ending up near the announce desk at one point. Atlantis and Wagner end up in the ring - Atlantis with a crossbody but for only one. Bodyscissors cradle for zero. Wagner with a snap mare - he's going for the mask. Tiger in to take out Niebla and Warrior on the apron, but Atlantis makes to turn it around with snap mare of his own and a huge mask rip on Wagner - his top third is all off, and it sounded like the fans saw more than that. Atlantis and Wagner battle outside the ring, which causes Tiger and Warrior to come in - they both appeal to the crowd, and then Tiger hits a dropkick tot he knee. Corner whip, corner clothesline, corner whip, corner clothesline, Warrior's thrown to the floor. Tiger was really following the whips close here, giving no room for Warrior to escape even if he wanted to. Running dropkick through the ropes NAILS Warrior. That was mean looking. Tiger brings him back in - snap mare, now he's ripping at the mask. Apolo is in to make sire Niebla doesn't get to the ring and help -Wagner is over and keeping Atlantis way similarity. Tiger yells at the crowd as Warrior tries to recover. Tiger signals this is it - Black Tiger bomb is quickly reversed into a facebuster. Warrior's going for Tiger's mask now - going for the eyeholes. Warrior relents, because he wants Tiger on his feet. Both standoff - Tiger with an open hand slap, forearm, forearm, off the ropes, and caught into a floataround DDT by Warrior. Shot of the crowd, and we're back with Wagner chopping Warrior. Corner whip, Tiger thrown in after but he misses (lamely - looked like he was expecting to reverse the whip to send Wagner into the corner), as Warrior ducks out and clothesline Warrior. Tiger charges, and he gets a drop toe hold, into a low blow headbutt on Wagner. Warrior argues with the rudo referee about the call, but before he can deiced, Apolo's in - cradle with tights one two three (3:29) Apolo is pumped but needs to keep paying attention, because he could've been rolled up here. It's 3-2 - Niebla in and Apolo catches him with a kick. Double whip by the rudos, Wager gets almost bumped on the apron, Niebla is flapjacked on the ropes. Atlantis is back in and going after both Tiger and Apolo at the same time, but Apolo (awkwardly) gets Atlantis with a slam. Holding him for Tiger, but Atlantis escapes and Tiger kicks Apolo by a mistake. Atlantis with a 'rana on tiger one  two three! (4:16) Next pin wins it - Niebla quickly hits the handspring back elbow back on Apolo, setting uo the Nelbina but Wagner is over with a chop. Wagner charges Atlantis - Torture Rack! It's OVER! (4:33) After all that, the champions manage to hang on. Rudos are very disappointed, tecnicos are ecstatic - they didn't think had a chance here (either.) Here's replay of how it went down - Apolo over Warrior, Atlantis over Tiger, Atlantis over Wagner. 

Next Week: Santo, Dr. Wagner, Blue Demon, Vampiro, Ultimo, Lizmark, Shocker, Rey Bucanero, Gran Markus and more.

Post match, the ruods leave the champions laying - Wagner gets Atlantis' mask, and it looks like Tiger is going for Warrior's mask as we leave.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 4 Matches (26:31) about 33.1% of showtime (1:20);
Average Match Rating 68.8
Overall Match Rating: approximately 78
2 Trios, 1 Cibernetico, 1 Singles
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins
2 Rudos/Tencios matches 
1 Title Matches (CMLL Trios Titles)
Show Assessment: Good but given twenty more minutes of show time, could've been a lot better

Closing Notes:

1. One of the shorter shows in recent memory.
2. I want to believe that these matches
3. They weren't bad, mind you, but I think they could've been really good, and they weren't that either.
4. That Veneno match was so sad.
5. I kinda thought I read that the challengers won the titles here, so I was honestly surprised by the finish.

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