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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - No Mercy PPV Predictions
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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 20.10.02 1438.39
Reposted on: 20.10.09 1443.07
WWE No Mercy is tonight, and I honestly can not remember the last time I have been less excited going into a WWF/E PPV. The two so-called main events have me dreading the last thirty minutes of the PPV. And with two women's matches on a less-than-stellar undercard, I am taken back to the dying days of WCW. But then again, No Mercy does have an excellent tag match, and a few diamond-in-the-rough undercard matches which could suprise a few of the viewers (regardless of how small the amount of viewers is). Let's take a match-by-match look at tonight's PPV, complete with MY PREDICTIONS! I know you guys are absolutley JAKKED with excitement!!! Or maybe not.

Cruiserweight Title Match
(c) Jamie Knoble v. Yoshihiro Tajiri

This match has not been officially announced, but is heavily rumored to be added to the show. God knows the show could use a good fifteen minute cruiserweight match, so let's keep our fingers crossed. Both of these guys are awesome workers, and a nice, long PPV outing is just what they need. There really hasn't been any build-up, and I doubt they'll switch the title on a time-filler match.
PREDICTION: Jamie Knoble retains in a (hopefully) long match to get the crowd going.

Torrie Wilson v. Dawn Marie
Oh God, why? They should keep these two in bikini and lingerie contests on SmackDown, and keep them the hell away from any matches! But I guess it's too late. Give 'em three minutes, tops. Seriously, does anyone give a damn if Dawn Marie is banging Torrie's dad or not? Didn't think so!
PREDICTION: Torrie Wilson, for whatever reason.

Women's Title Match
(c) Trish Stratus v. Victoria
Two women's matches on a PPV? WELL WHOOP-DEE-CRAP! At least this should be a somewhat respectable match. Trish is over, regardless of whether she has the belt or not, and if Victoria doesn't win the belt, than she is DOA.

(Raw) Tag Team Title Match
(c) Chris Jericho & Christian v. Booker T & Goldust
This is one of those diamond-in-the-rough matches I was talking about. They've done a good job building Jericho and Booker, and I'm glad they are doing a tag this month, holding off the singles match until Survivor Series. Jericho & Christian just won the titles, so taking it off them already would be a terrible move, no matter how much Booker/Goldust deserve it. Should be a good ten-minute tag match in order to build to a big blow-off between Booker & Jeicho next month.
PREDICTIION: Chris Jericho & Christian.

Rob Van Dam v. Ric Flair
How much do you want to bet that this will be one of the first three matches on the card? Hey, remember a year ago when RVD was in the main-event of No Mercy? My, what a year of politics can do, huh? Flair's job is specifically to put guys over, and Van Dam NEEDS to be put over. He and Booker are the stars of the future. Unfortunatley, Triple H knows this, and he's probably convincing Vince, as we speak, to have Van Dam job, and then feud with Raven on Sunday Night Heat. However, I'll go with my heart, not my head, and say Van Dam wins.
PREDICTION: Job Van Dam (yes, I stole that from Bryan Alverez).

Tag Team Title Tournament Finals
Edge & Rey Misterio v. Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle
OH HELL YEAH!!! This is the match to spend you're thirty bucks on! I have no doubt in my mind that this match will be nothing short of FRIGGIN' AWESOME! Benoit and Angle are both gods, Misterio ain't far behind, and Edge is improving by the day. You can put any combination of these four guys in a match, and be guaranteed an awesome match, so putting all four of them out there... I don't even have the words to describe it. I have no idea who will win. They can either have Benoit/Angle win, and do the tag partners that hate each other angle (which would be mucho entertaining with these two), or have Edge/Misterio lose, and have Benoit & Angle wrestle at Survivor Series (which would also be mucho enteraining with these two!). Please, Vince, give these guys 20 minutes plus, and I will buy two of every piece of crap merchandise you release for the rest or your life. I SWEAR!
PREDICTION: I'll pick Benoit/Angle, but it could easily go either way.

World Title/Intercontinental Title Unification Match
Triple H v. Kane
Murder & Necrophillia. Yes, this feud has been built around those two items. I didn't think I could want to see this match any less, but they go out and bring the the Katie Fick/Vick angle. Triple H sucks, Kane sucks, and this angle sucks. I don't have anything else to say.
PREDICTION: Triple H continues his world-wide squash tour and kills the Intercontinental Title, along with any interest I ever had in Raw.

Undisputed World Title/ Hell In A Cell Match
(c) Brock Lesnar v. Undertaker
Trust me, this will not be a classic HIAC of any sorts. I mean, it shouldn't be Undertaker/Boss Man bad, but still pretty unwatchable. Brock Lesnar is a very underrated worker, but even Angle can't drag Taker's sorry ass to a respectable match nowadays, so Brock won't have any more luck. Don't expect any huge bumps, but there should be an injury angle so Taker can take some time off, as has been rumored. Of course, Undertaker has proven before, that ONLY UNDERTAKER CAN HURT UNDERTAKER! Expect him to no-sell all of Lesnar's offense, chokeslam Lesnar, Matt Hardy run-in, Matt gets killed, Taker gives Lesnar the Last Ride, Taker punches ring post and injures himself, Lesnar rolls over and pins the prone Undertaker. Okay, maybe that's going overboard, but you get my point.
PREDICTION: Brock Lesnar, but not before getting buried by Taker, thus killing much of his heat and drawing power.

NO MERCY: Purchase this show at your own risk. Your best bet is to wait until the video is avaiable, and then renting it for five bucks at your local Blockbuster, just to see the Tag Team Title Tournament Final match.

And with that, I'll see you in November for Survivor Series predictions! It can't get any worse than this, right? RIGHT???

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Potato korv
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#2 Posted on 20.10.02 1505.08
Reposted on: 20.10.09 1512.38
Well, I haven't much to say worth reading so I'll just put my predicitions in "virtual" print so I can either be praised for my awesomeness or ridiculed for my sucktitude.

Noble/Tajiri: If it happens, Tajiri.

Trish/Victoria: Victoria.

Torrie/Dawn: Me, since I guess to see Dawn (I have a weakness for Brunettes). The winner of the match, Dawn.

RVD/Flair: RVD

Jericho+Christian/Booker T+Goldust: The Canadians

Angle+Benoit/Edge+Mysterio: Angle and Benoit.


Brock/UT: Brock

Not a prediction but I sure hope we don't see anything involving Katie Vick.
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#3 Posted on 20.10.02 1546.56
Reposted on: 20.10.09 1549.15
The predictions from the SOK...

Noble/Tajiri: Tajiri.

Trish/Victoria: Victoria.

Torrie/Dawn: Dawn.

RVD/Flair: RVD by DQ: HHH interferes

Jericho+Christian/Booker T+Goldust: Booker Goldust

Angle+Benoit/Edge+Mysterio: Angle/Benoit.

Future tag champions: Booker/Goldust.

HHH/Kane: Kane, by DQ. Think Triple H will lose the title? Didn't think so. Look for Scott Vick (or Sick boy??) to interfere, possibly...

Brock/UT: Brock. Since UT is taking time off (or so I heard).

KATIE VICK mention: Nope. We'll here her name at least fifteen million times.

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#4 Posted on 20.10.02 1600.32
Reposted on: 20.10.09 1607.10
Noble/Tajiri: Noble.

Trish/Victoria: Victoria.

Torrie/Dawn: Dawn. (they arent done with this feud)

RVD/Flair: RVD

Jericho+Christian/Booker T+Goldust: BookDust(they need more than one face to win a match)

Angle+Benoit/Edge+Mysterio: Angle/Benoit.(Guerreros will interfer but will fail, thus growing the feud for the next ppv)

HHH/Kane: HHH.

Brock/UT: Brock.
Lap cheong
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From: North Cacalacky

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#5 Posted on 20.10.02 1643.31
Reposted on: 20.10.09 1646.47

    Originally posted by DarrylTheHitman
    Not a prediction but I sure hope we don't see anything involving Katie Vick.

Oh God. I have heard people predict that a Katie Vick appearance is possible. If this happens, then as Benoit as my witnss, I will stop watching Raw altogether. Well, I probably won't, but it would still be stupid enough to royaly piss me off.
Shem the Penman
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#6 Posted on 20.10.02 1733.25
Reposted on: 20.10.09 1741.03
The only prediction I can confidently make: I'm not ordering this show.

As for the matches:

Noble/Tajiri -- Tajiri. Noble's gotten stale as CW champion. Maybe Tajiri can bring some fresh angles.

Trish/Victoria -- Trish.

Torrie/Dawn -- Torrie. How exactly can they possibly drag this feud out another month? Four more weeks of bikini matches?

RVD/Flair -- RVD.

ChristJericho vs. Black Gold: ChristJericho. Anything's better than getting the titles and dooming Booker T to another month or two in tag team purgatory.

Angle/Benoit vs. Edge/Mysterio: Edge/Mysterio as A/B implode.

HHH/Kane: HHH. As if anything else was possible.

Brock/Undertaker: Brock ... but only after having to bump all over the cage for Undertaker, blading, and only managing to put him down after three F5s and interference by both Paul and Matt.
Potato korv
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#7 Posted on 20.10.02 2346.33
Reposted on: 20.10.09 2351.06
Well, let's see how I did. 5 for I'm a 62.5% genius, 37.5% idiot. Most people would prolly say i'm a 100% idiot, but hey.
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