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15.1.14 2016
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - On This (Yester)Day: WCW Slamboree 1996
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#1 Posted on 20.5.13 1208.40
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This is it. The dog days of WCW are about to close; with the final chapter of the drudge coming here, at Slamboree. If we can get through this one, it’s all gravy ahead. Of course, this is just a feeling since I couldn’t possibly ACTUALLY know what’s ahead and all. Get the last of your car sickness out here.
My copy actually starts with WCW Main Event, so let’s tackle that as a pre-show. DUSTY RHODES and ERIC BISCHOFF host.
Bagwell dropkicks Muscle twice in the corner that has Bischoff ready to erupt all over your screen. Riggs comes in and gets beat up by both big guys. Since nothing’s working, he tries shoulderblocks. Nada. Bagwell comes in to help, and Maxx just spears both guys to tomorrow. Shark slams Riggs, hits the big splash, but Bagwell saves the day. Riggs’ crossbody press is caught by Shark, but Maxx accidentally spears his partner, Riggs falls on top and the Males win at 2:39. THE GIANT wanders down after the match and chokeslams The Shark for god knows WHAT reason. I guess he just got the boot from the Dungeon of Doom. Perhaps they discovered his secret. He’s not a shark. He’s a man. *
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND gets a word in with CHRIS BENOIT and KEVIN SULLIVAN. Benoit re-iterates that he’s never liked Sullivan, and doesn’t trust him. Sounds like this guy is ready to make this good and personal. Let’s hope he doesn’t cross the line in any way.
LEE MARSHALL is with PUBLIC ENEMY, and hyping them as the toughest thing from Philly since a week old cheese steak. ORDER NOW!
Meanwhile, LEE MARSHALL has tracked down VK WALLSTREET and a huffing and puffing JIM DUGGAN. Wallstreet reminds Duggan he’s a business man and tells Duggan to hold up his end of the deal, or else. Duggan of course is on another planet and starts ranting about his 2x4.
If you jump on CompuServe RIGHT NOW, you can chat LIVE with DISCO INFERNO, on a 28.8K connection, using Netscape 3.0!
After the show you can go comment about it on your favorite Angelfire Guest Book!
LEX LUGER and STING come to chat with “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND, where Luger promises Sting is your new World Champion. GIANT interrupts on the big screen, with JIMMY HART in tow. Lots of grunting, with the big question “Lex … how’s your BACK? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasp* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Sting replies that he’s pumped out of his mind, but with his back to the camera it’s easily mistaken for COKED out of his mind. Spoiler: Both are likely true.
WCW Slamboree is ON THE AIR! TONY SCHIAVONE, DUSTY RHODES, and BOBBY HEENAN are your hosts for this very, very exciting long night!
ANIMAL and BOOKER T vs. HAWK and LEX LUGER (in a First Round Lethal Lottery match)
What a completely random pairing, featuring 4 guys who are all intertwined in a never-ending feud. Luger is of course still smarting from being chokeslammed through a table on Nitro, so credit to him for showing up. Hawk slaps around Booker a bit before the bell, and stands together with Animal. Luger decides to start with Animal. Animal is powered to the corner, and Luger kicks away at the midsection. Powerslam is good, but Animal fires back with a clothesline and powerslam of his own. Luger suplexes Animal, but he pops right back up and dropkicks Lex. Booker is in, and kicks Luger in the back of the head. Luger roars out of the corner with a forearm smash, but misses the elbowdrop. Booker gives us a Spinaroonie, and nails the Harlem Sidekick for 2. Booker goes to the chinlock, while Dusty notes Luger doesn’t seem interested in tagging out. Luger powers out, but the Axekick puts him right back down for 2 – saved by Hawk. Luger gets upset about the save, so both members of LOD beat Luger down and clear the ring. A double count-out is announced at 6:54, and wow that couldn’t have been a worse start to the show. Luger really should have advanced and been in the World Title mix. Yeesh. DUD
THE PUBLIC ENEMY vs. CHRIS BENOIT and KEVIN SULLIVAN (with Jimmy Hart) (in a First Round Lethal Lottery match)
Tony suggests that if there was anything to be learned from the first match, is that if you’re DQed, you lose. Glad he’s here. Rock and Benoit start, with Rocco nailing a rana, drawing roid rage from Chris. Benoit flashes the 4, and Rocco threatens to cut off Benoit’s head. Benoit powerbombs Rock, and dances like Disco Inferno. For the record; I am not making that up, although I am certain you don’t believe me. Pier 6 breaks out, and Sullivan starts slamming a chair over Sullivan’s head. We get the WCW SPLIT CAM, where we sort of vaguely see Sullivan put on a table. Rock goes for the senton through the table, but Benoit calmly ends that by chopping Rock in the throat. Rocco retaliates by suplexing Benoit to the floor, while Sullivan brawls with Grunge. Sullivan is draped over Benoit’s body on the table, but it’s abundantly clear Sullivan’s playing possum and holding Benoit there to get slaughtered. Benoit tries to fight loose – but one Rocco senton later, and he’s dog meat. (Possibly for the ones in the shed.) The referee asserts his control by standing around. Sullivan flat out leaves with Hart, and Rocco pins Benoit at 4:43. Sullivan gimps to the back with a fake leg injury. **
SGT. CRAIG PITTMAN (with Teddy Long) and SCOTT STEINER vs. THE BOOTY MAN (with Kimberly) and RICK STEINER (in a First Round Lethal Lottery match)
I’m not usually one to get googly eyed over the random bevy of beauties the wrestling world has trotted out over the years, but Kimberly’s intentional shake of her very voluptuous and clearly unpadded chest was a sight to behold. Of course, there’s always her playboy shoot if we want to get down and dirty with the real thing, but the teases are always fun. Brother Booty starts with the Pitbull, in the matchup no one wanted to see. Stuff happens. Scott Steiner comes in, and sells Booty’s finisher, the high knee, for roughly 1.7 seconds, before deciding to stop with this crap and just kill him instead. Good times. Steiner yells “FINISH HIM SERGEANT”, but all that does is drag in Rick Steiner to run over Pittman for awhile. Pittman gives Rick a German suplex which is right up there with “Barbarian will win Battlebowl” amongst the list of things I would have expected to see least tonight. Scott Steiner gets the tag, and the fans buzz for the Steiner vs. Steiner matchup. We go straight to the amateur wrestling, and both guys show a lot of fire here. Heenan starts ranting about “remember when” from their youth trying to fire both of them up, including “the time Scott had to eat the cold cornflakes that Rick left over”. There will never be another Bobby Heenan. Scott about paralyzes his brother with a tbone, to which Rick responds with a SERIOUSLY stiff clothesline. Scott plays “legit injury” causing Rick to check on him, and Scott rolls him up for 2. They trade full nelsons, which Rick does better because he ends it with a dragon suplex. Rick heads up for the bulldog, but Scott pounces up and suplexes him across the ring. Stupid ass Booty Man tags in, and stupid ass Pittman joins. Pittman goes for Code Red, but Booty won’t fall. Scott slams Booty, and now Code Red is applied fully. Booty gets to the ropes, and tags Rick. Pittman takes a German, and he’s pinned at 8:23. Well, the wrong team went over, and we could have used about another 15 minutes of Steiner vs. Steiner. Kimberly and her rock hard nipples declare this “TEAMWORK”. ***1/2
THE BLUE BLOODS (with Jeeves) vs. “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN and VK WALLSTREET (in a First Round Lethal Lottery match)
This match might not outwork the last group, but I have a feeling it will definitely takeover the lead for European Uppercuts. What I wouldn’t give for Lord Of The Ring, and eventual World Champion Dave Taylor. I’d expect no less than 20 minutes of interview time every night, capped off by European Uppercuts for the first 2000 fans in attendance. Regal tells the fans that they best keep it shut or he’ll be giving them something to remember, sunshine. Heenan on Duggan: “Look at that man, back in the ring after that operation ...” Tony: “What operation?” Heenan: “He’s a brain donor.” Regal shows off his guns, which Duggan responds to by looking eternally confused and chanting USA. Regal takes a cheap shot, but Duggan just hiptosses him. Wallstreet and Duggan beef, so Regal gets in ANOTHER cheap shot, which Duggan AGAIN no sells by running him over with clotheslines. In comes Wallstreet, who trades European uppercuts with Regal. Our count is at 4, and Taylor hasn’t even had the chance to use one. Duggan’s back in, and now Regal hits him with European uppercut #5! Both guys knock each other out, so Regal tags out, while Duggan gets a short arm. Duggan punches everyone, causing Taylor to accidentally backdrop Regal. Duggan tapes the fist, money shot on Taylor, and Duggan advances at 3:46. 1/2*
“DIRTY” DICK SLATER (with Colonel Robert Parker) and “EARL” ROBERT EATON (with Jeeves) vs. ALEX WRIGHT and DISCO INFERNO (in a First Round Lethal Lottery match)
Future tag-team alliance working together for the first time here. Disco screams at Slater to leave his hair alone; as he should. Slater elbows him between the eyes instead. Eaton and Slater work together to smack around Alex Wright. Wright hits 3 straight European uppercuts, putting last match in danger of getting surpassed. Tony explains the Battlebowl is “like a title you hold for a year”. Or a lifetime if the gimmick stinks; just sayin’. Match loses all flow as a strangely timed Pier 6 breaks out. Disco is left alone with Slater, who hits him in the back of the head with a boot and we have winners at 2:58. We’re 0-5 on “right team winning” tonight. Jeeves gives the Colonel a cigar. DUD
DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE and THE BARBARIAN vs. HUGH MORRUS and MENG (in a First Round Lethal Lottery match)
Anyone starting to get an “extended tag-team special edition Prime” episode feeling? DDP debuts “Smells Like Self High Five” as his theme music here which would eventually become one of his key trademarks. Hugh Morrus tries a plancha on Page, but misses. Page hits a discus for 2. Meng and Barbarian square off and scream like wild savages. Those wild, untamed savages, if only they understood human behavior. Barbarian kicks Meng, and then slams DDP onto Meng in a bodypress position. Meng comes back with a jumping headbutt on Barbarian, and turns it over to Morrus. Flying elbow gets 1 before Morrus bursts out laughing. Maybe he heard they were planning on renaming a wrestler “Hugh G Rection”. He goes up again, but Page cuts him off and Barbarian hits an overhead belly to belly off the top for 2, saved by Meng. Morrus comes right back with No Laughing Matter, but Page saves the day. Meng and Page brawl, but Barbarian pins Morrus with a Kick of Fear behind their back for the win at 5:17. **1/2
BIG BUBBER and STEVIE RAY vs. FIRE AND ICE (in a First Round Lethal Lottery match)
Stevie Ray vows, brotha or no brotha he gon’ whoop somebody. Norton and Stevie Ray start. Big shoulder tackle from Norton gets us going, and he takes over immediately with heavy chops and shoulder blocks. Stevie fires back with a boot to the face and clothesline. Bubba comes in while Heenan mocks Dusty’s “Bubber”-nunciation. Bubberslam gets 2. Norton turns it over to Ice Train who CHOO CHOO’s his way into Ralph Wiggum’s heart. After a banzai drop gone awry, both guys clothesline each other for a rest spot about 2 minutes in. Bubba and Ray have miscommunication and a double clothesline win it for Fire and Ice at 3:33. *
EDDIE GUERRERO and ARN ANDERSON vs. RANDY SAVAGE and RIC FLAIR (in a First Round Lethal Lottery match)
Flair was actually supposed to enter first, but he no-showed, leaving Savage alone. Savage stands on the edge of the ring calling out Ric, allowing Anderson to attack from behind. Eddie tries like hell to pull him off, but as soon as Savage is down, here comes Flair, stomping a mudhole in his partner immediately. Eddie cheapshots Flair to get him to leave Savage alone, and drops Flair with a series of rights. WOMAN and ELIZABETH skulk down to ringside carefully, making sure Savage isn’t really with it. Guerrero hits a trifecta of dropkicks, which Flair stops with a poke to the eyes. He tags in Savage by punching him in the back of the head, and then grabs Guerrero and forces a tag to Anderson. Arn claws at Savage’s eye, and beats him to a pulp. Savage shows fire and axehandles Anderson, but Arn keeps coming. A big spinebuster gets 2. Flair tags himself in and works over Savage some more. Eddie gets a blind tag, and he attacks Flair until Flair flops. Tornado DDT on Flair sends him to the corner, where Savage dives on Flair and wales away violently. Arn DDTs Eddie in the middle of the ring, and throws Savage head first into the ringpost. Flair slowly throws an arm over Eddie, and gets the pin to advance at 4:07. Liz slaps Macho in the face, and Arn DDTs him on the cement to knock Savage out cold. The Horsemen ride again, and are headed to round 2. **1/2
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND is joined by HOOTERS GIRLS to randomly draw the second round matchups. They choose the team to get a bye, and the OBVIOUS solution is to ensure it’s Flair and Savage, but no … We get Fire and Ice advancing to the finals. Like really, who cares?
BRAD ARMSTRONG (with no heat) vs. DEAN MALENKO (for the WCW Cruiserweight title)
Tony expects a high flying affair here, because apparently he’s never seen these two guys before. Of course, he promptly calls Malenko a “young man”, so he’s clearly on another planet. This has the distinction of being the first Cruiserweight title match to air on PPV, but thankfully they’d get it right by the following month. Armstrong hits an enzuigiri that’s so exciting you can literally hear the one fan applauding it. He misses a dropkick by 3 feet that Malenko sells, and Dean takes a walk. Back in, Malenko takes Brad’s legs out, and wraps them around the ringpost. A half crab is applied, promptly turned into a spinning toe hold. Springboard kneedrop is hit directly on the injured leg. Tree of woe allows Malenko to dropkick the bad knee, and just for fun Malenko goes for a pin in the ropes by using his knee on Brad’s face. Baseball slide hits the knee, while the fans start humming to keep themselves awake. Malenko responds by slowing this match down, and thank GOD WCW had patience with this division because if this was happening in WWE today, Vince would have killed this title right out of the gate. Armstrong comes back with a slam, and heads up top for a missile dropkick. He goes for Malenko’s own finisher and applies the Texas Cloverleaf. Malenko makes the ropes, and drops Armstrong to the floor. Armstrong comes back in up top, but Malenko catches him and hits a top rope gutbuster for the pin at 8:28. Heenan, god bless him, points out that it’s a jam packed arena and nobody’s making ANY noise because they’re watching a great wrestling division. He’s trying, but this was a disaster. **
You know, I’m getting a LITTLE tired of being told my world is ABOUT to change, but then it NEVER does. BLOOD RUNS COLD!
“DIRTY” DICK SLATER (with Colonel Robert Parker) and “EARL” ROBERT EATON vs. “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN and VK WALLSTREET (in a Second Round Lethal Lottery match)
I’m so glad the WCW executives have spared me from watching a Blue Bloods vs. Dancing Fools match here in round 2. Duggan and Wallstreet fight right away, because this is the theme of the night. Wallstreet kicks Duggan to the floor, where he falls face first into the ringsteps. Slater hits a Russian legsweep on Wallstreet for 2, while Tony yells “A TWO COUNT … WHAT A MATCH WE’RE SEEING HERE!” Duggan for some reason threatens to beat up the referee. Wallstreet puts Eaton in an abdominal stretch, and tries to tag Duggan, but Jimbo refuses. Wallstreet forces the matter, so Duggan loads up the boot and uses his signature move on everyone; the punch. Wallstreet comes back in, and slams Eaton off the top rope. Wallstreet tags Duggan twice on purpose, so Duggan punches back and Eaton rolls Wallstreet up for the pin at 4:10. Post match, Duggan chases Wallstreet around with his 2x4. This show is going to hell fast. DUD
THE PUBLIC ENEMY vs. RIC FLAIR (with Woman and Elizabeth) and RANDY SAVAGE (in a Second Round Lethal Lottery match)
Liz tosses Macho’s money to the crowd during the intros when it seems clear that Savage isn’t coming out – but Savage IS here, and attacks Flair in the aisle. DOUG DILLENGER and SECURITY wrestle Savage to the ground, while Flair keeps getting in cheap shots while the man is down. THE AMERICAN MALES and CRAIG PITTMAN try to help hold Savage down, and EDDIE GUERRERO comes out to talk sense into the man. And … the result here is that TPE is advancing by COUNTOUT?!? Yes, the entire premise of this show was clearly built around Savage winning Battlebowl and overcoming Flair’s shenanigans to earn a future title shot and stick it to Ric, but instead, every relevant wrestler has now been eliminated from this tournament.
Steiner’s probably the only guy left with any kind of credibility in this tournament, but he’s tagging with the biggest jerk-off in the company. DDP sweet talks Kimberly, making her uncomfortable. Booty knocks Page to the floor where he gets tangled up in the TV cables, and Booty uses them to choke him out. Steiner comes in and works over Page in the corner, but DDP uses a flapjack onto the buckle to save his skin. Barbarian enters the ring, digs deep, and uses a wide array of kicks. Steiner just T-Bones him because he has no time for this jobber crap. Barbarian is tossed off the top with a belly to belly superplex for 2. Barbarian responds with a powerbomb for 2. Steiner is dumped over the top behind the referee’s back, and Page beats him down on the floor. Back in, Barbarian hits an avalanche, but Steiner hot shots Barbarian and tags out to Booty. High knee goes to finish, but Page is in to save. Then the Barbarian gets the pin at 5:07??? Off a SAVE? What the hell??? I mean, I’m not gonna cry looking at a Booty Burial, but that might be one of the worst finishes I’ve ever seen. *
JUSHIN LIGER (with Sonny Onoo) vs. KONAN (for the WCW United States Heavyweight title)
This is what, Konnan’s 4th title defense in 4 months? Tony reminds us that the US Champion is theoretically the #1 contender to the World Title, which means the World Title picture’s in pretty sad shape if Konnan’s the best we’ve got. Tenay has joined the booth to try and keep us up to date with all things International, and it’s a huge breath of fresh air. Onoo attacks Konnan on the floor, but that goes about as well as you’d expect. The distraction is enough for Liger to hit a plancha, and roll Konnan in. A brainbuster gets 2. Konnan goes into a surfboard/crossface manoeuvre, and rolls that into a cross armbreaker. Liger reverses and he goes to the surfboard, which sets up him moving into a camel clutch. Tenay notes that Liger’s idol is Ric Flair, and recently assembled his own Four Horsemen group in Japan. Koppo kick drops Konnan, while Heenan wistfully wonders how many illegal objects you could hide in Liger’s costume. Superplex drops the champion, and a splash off the top gets 2. Konnan rolls out, so Liger goes for the plancha but Konnan dropkicks him in the gut. Konnan goes for a brainbuster, but Liger rolls through and hits the German. Fisherman’s buster gets a 2 count, and the fans can’t believe this isn’t over. Liger’s trying like hell, but this is the wrong crowd. Liger goes for a rana, but Konnan blocks with a Flashback and gets a 2 that appeared to be a 3. Konnan goes to finish, but Liger escapes the hold and rolls Konnan up for 2. Ligerbomb gets 2, because WCW! Liger comes off the top again, but Konnan boots him in the face, and finishes with Splash Mountain at 9:30. Probably Konnan’s best WCW match to date, but that ain’t saying much. **1/2
If this show hasn’t dragged on enough as it is, now “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND welcomes RIC FLAIR, ARN ANDERSON, WOMAN, and ELIZABETH for interview time. Apparently Savage is going in for medical attention and won’t be seen for awhile. He promises to have sex with Elizabeth all night long, and there’s nothing Macho can do about it. Flair turns his attention to Mongo, insinuating Debra’s been all over him lately. MONGO MCMICHAEL is on the scene, telling Flair he’s writing a cheque he can’t cash. Flair sings about his love affair with Debra, while DOUG DILLENGER holds Mongo back. Flair tells Mongo to find one of his old team mates, and walk the aisle against Flair and Anderson. Mongo says he expected this, and brings out KEVIN GREENE of the Carolina Panthers. Flair recants, stating he said RETIRED players, and runs to the back. Greene promises they’ll be ready to go anytime, anywhere.
SCOTT NORTON vs. ICE TRAIN vs. “DIRTY” DICK SLATER (with Colonel Robert Parker) vs. “EARL” ROBERT EATON vs. JOHNNY GRUNGE vs. ROCCO ROCK vs. DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. THE BARBARIAN (for the Lord of the Ring title)
Yes, one of these losers is going to be the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title. This is contested under your usual battle royal rules. I realize that people are going to look at this and figure DDP’s the obvious winner here seeing as how he’s the only World Champion in this thing, but in 1996, as we’ve covered through this series of recaps, DDP was as low on the card as he could get, jobbing at every single major PPV to Kimberly’s rotating crew of lovers. DDP is eliminated right away, but the referees miss it, and he gets to stay in. This drags … and drags … and drags. Rocco’s the first one out, who was probably the most credible of the guys left in all honesty. Eaton is dumped next, who decks Robert Parker. Slater jumps out to deal with it, costing himself a world title shot down the road. Norton is dropped by Page. Ice Train powerslams Page, Barbarian, and Grunge in that order. Barbarian and Train hit dualing kicks on Grunge. DDP Diamond Cuts all 3 guys, and pins both Grunge and Train in short order. Barbarian kicks out as the third guy, leading to Page getting into a shoving match with the referee. Yes, DDP and Barbarian are your final 2. Barbarian hits a clothesline for 2. Page retaliates with a back elbow, and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage but gets busted. Schoolboy from Barbarian gets 2. Jesus, they’re trying for a “classic” match here. Barbarian tombstones Page, but Page kicks out to a cascade of boos. Sleeper is applied, but Page escapes by kicking low. Barbarian hits a pretty vicious looking powerbomb, but Page again kicks out. Barbarian heads up which isn’t wise, but Page is out. Flying headbutt misses when Page rolls, and the Diamond Cutter finishes at 9:40. DDP is your #1 contender. DDP is your #1 contender. DDP is your #1 contender. ½*
“MEAN” GENE OKERLUND has made his way back to the locker room to talk to THE GIANT and JIMMY HART. Hart begs Luger not to handcuff them together. Giant, meanwhile, doesn’t care that Sting is a 5 time world champion, comparing him to a cockroach in his apple pie. Regarding DDP: “Think about what’s going to happen to YOU!”
STING (with Lex Luger) vs. THE GIANT (with Jimmy Hart) (for the WCW World Heavyweight title)
Giant is introduced by Michael Buffer as being from “a part of the planet unknown to man”, which is always fun. Sadly he doesn’t introduce Luger as the master of the “TORTURE RACK OF DOOOOOOOOOOM”. Sting tries a crossbody off the bell, and bounces right off Giant. Sting picks himself up, and gets right back in Giant’s face. Sleeper is applied, but Giant runs backwards into the buckle. Sting quickly fires a pair of dropkicks, and a clothesline, but it has no effect. Sting heads to the floor to talk strategy with Luger, who is of course handcuffed to Hart. Sting rallies the fans, while Luger skips around the ring trying to get them going with Hart being dragged along behind him. Giant misses an avalanche, and Sting goes for a slam – but Giant falls on top for 2! Giant stands on Sting’s chest to try and break a couple of ribs. Elbows are dropped, while the fans try like hell to rally Sting. Back elbow drops Sting, and he starts jumping on Sting’s back using the ropes for leverage. And if he didn’t have enough of an advantage, Giant headbutts Sting right in the plums. Giant goes to a body scissors, and uses the ropes for help. He’s busted on the third try, in accordance with pro-wrestling rules, and is forced to break. Sting is tossed to the floor, and Giant throws him right down the aisle. Chokeslam is set up, but Luger puts Hart on the table at ringside, and Giant won’t chokeslam Sting through it. Luger warns Hart not to try anything. Giant chops at Sting, and goes for a dropkick with Sting on the apron – and he gets some SERIOUS height, but Sting is pulled away by Luger for safety. Sting decks the referee by mistake. Giant charges, again misses an avalanche, this time winding up on top of the ropes. Sting hits a pair of Stinger Splashes, and pounds away. Giant grabs Luger by the throat, and won’t release no matter how many Stinger Splashes he’s hit with. He absorbs 4 of them, so Sting dropkicks Giant in the face, and he drops!! Sting spies Hart, and goes for a Stinger Splash on HIM, but Luger pulls Hart to the floor and Sting goes face first into the buckle! WHOOPS – and now the referee is back in the ring with Sting woozy again. Sting heads up, and hits the top rope splash for 2, with the kickout sending Sting flying into the referee to knock him out again. Sting goes up a second time, hits ANOTHER splash, but the referee is out. Deathlock is applied, and Hart goes to throw the megaphone to Giant. Luger and Hart fight over it, and accidentally nail Sting in the face, forcing a break. Giant hits the Chokeslam, and retains his belt at 10:40. Giant’s best match by far to date, Sting was completely game here. I can only imagine what a 1996 Shawn Michaels could have pulled out against this guy. ***
We survived. Nitro is coming up later on, a double shot of Prime, and NEXT week, Nitro goes to 2 hours and might just have a surprise waiting for us.
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#2 Posted on 20.5.13 1336.27
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    Originally posted by cfgb
    I’m not usually one to get googly eyed over the random bevy of beauties the wrestling world has trotted out over the years, but Kimberly’s intentional shake of her very voluptuous and clearly unpadded chest was a sight to behold.

It is quite the outfit.
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#3 Posted on 20.5.13 2141.53
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Yikes. This was worse than I remember. Who booked this card?

Sooner or later we should mention the evolution or maybe just the mutation of Scott Steiner.
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#4 Posted on 20.5.13 2147.02
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    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    Sooner or later we should mention the evolution or maybe just the mutation of Scott Steiner.

He's got a killer singles match coming up any day now, that was a big indicator he had a future as a big time player.
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#5 Posted on 21.5.13 1140.15
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I remember the lack of heat in the Battlebowl battle royal being almost painful. Just a horrendously booked show. Of all the people involved in the tournament you'd be hard pressed to book a worse line-up in the battle royal than they did.
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#6 Posted on 21.5.13 1344.08
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I remember how Tenay really did used to be a breath of fresh air on commentary. As tired and pointless as he sometimes seems in modern TNA, his brief appearances during international/cruiserweight matches back in the day were always awesome, and a knowledgeable counterpoint to Schiavone's constant hyperbole.
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#7 Posted on 21.5.13 2310.53
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That's right, this PPV sucked outside of Sting-Giant. I guess it's the next one where things started getting really good. What sucked was how they sold the team-ups as being completely "random."

I think deciding not to follow up on DDP's title shot was for the best, ultimately, and was a good sign that WCW brass - or at least someone at the top - had some sensibility as far as how to use people and when they were making the wrong move. I wonder who that was. Could it have been Bischoff until he let it all go to his head?

DDP was sort of resented around this time for being Bischoff's buddy in real life. I don't think it was until he Diamond Cuttered Hall and Nash and got his babyface push the next year that fans started to rally around him. Also, not getting his title shot and the "conspiracy" around it got him a least a little sympathy.

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