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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Impact Wrestling #423 8-16-12
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#1 Posted on 17.8.12 0249.57
Reposted on: 17.8.19 0250.02
The Bound For Glory series continued with wins from Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, and Bully Ray! Plus, the Aces & Eights continued their rampage, but who's behind them? Impact Wrestling starts right now!

Opening pyro! We are live from the Impact Zone! Tonight, three matches in the BFG series! We have AJ Styles facing Christopher Daniels for the millionth time! Former tag team partners collide when Magnus faces Samoa Joe! And Bully Ray faces Jeff Hardy!

But we open the show with World Champion AUSTIN ARIES, coming out in his snazzy duds! We see stills of the title match from last Sunday, ending with Aries retaining the title off a schoolboy. Aries has the mic and it's promo time!

Aries: Fluke! F-L-U-K-E! A lucky chance occurrence. Fluke. For the last four weeks, since I became the World Heavyweight Champion, I've had to listen to the word "fluke" be thrown out by Bobby Roode and countless others over and over and over again. In fact, I heard the word "fluke" so many times, I almost started to believe it myself. But you see, last Sunday, at Hardcore Justice, when I defeated Bobby Roode for the SECOND consecutive time...I erased all doubts. I erased the doubt in Bobby Roode's mind. I erased the doubt in the fans' mind. I erased any doubt that was in my mind. And to all the people who doubted, I say you take the fluke, erase the "E", and go fluk yourself! You see, anybody who thought I was going to end up being a placeholder as a world champion is wrong. This is MY company now! I am the face of TNA Impact Wrestling moving forward! Nobody's going to tell me what to feel, nobody's going to tell me what to think, nobody's going to tell me to say, and nobody's going to tell me what to do! I'm running the show! And as long as I'm running the show, this company will not be held hostage. And this message goes right out directly to the Aces & Eights. You see, everywhere this belt's been, you've been real close behind and that makes sense since this is the most prestigious prize in all of professional wrestling. And right now, the Bound For Glory series is coming to its last days and there's a whole lot at stake. There's a lot to win and there's a lot to lose. But be sure of this, no matter who is behind Aces & Eights, no matter who wins the Bound For Glory, I am going to walk in to that PPV the World Heavyweight Champion and I am going to walk out the World Heavyweight Champion and prove that this is...

Interruption comes from JEFF HARDY, of all people. He's look...unique.

Aries: What's going on, Jeff? Please, come into my ring. You must have something important you want to say.

Jeff: First of all, HELLO, CREATURES! I don't know what's going on around here, man. I don't understand it. I do know that I've been chasing that world title for the last year. You're doing great. Congratulations!

Aries: Thank you! I AM doing great! Thank you!

Jeff: I am going to win the series. And you and me, we ARE gonna tear it up.

Aries: I have no doubts about that, Jeff Hardy. If you win the Bound For Glory series, we ARE going to tear it up.

Jeff: And right now, last Sunday, Aces & Eights cost me 20 points. So right now, what I'd like to do is warm up a little bit and call them out. Aces & Eights, where are you? I'm BEGGING you, I'm daring you to come out here right now!

Next interruption comes from BULLY RAY, who the announcers note was the next one marked by the A&E.

Ray: Shut it! You really are stupid, aren't you? I'm gonna say it really, really slow. James Storm is behind the Aces & Eights! Do you not get it? Seriously? I mean, I always knew your brother was smarter than you, but do you not get it? At the PPV, they said that they were coming for ME, right? When they hit the ring, why didn't they touch me? Why didn't they touch me? Because Storm superkicked me right in the jaw.

Jeff: You got a point. You got a point...

Ray: No, I'm about to make another point also. Now, a little later on in the match, when I was laid out right there with this part of my jaw on the other side of my jaw, YOU had James Storm in trouble, also! What did the Aces & Eights do? They came back down. But Storm made his way out of that. I slipped in, I booted him out of the way, threw him out, and I actually got a little lucky that night when I put you through a table. Now, lucky or not, Jeff, I still got the 20 points. Lucky or not, I still beat you. Lucky or not, I still put you through a table. And lucky or not, I am gonna go on to Bound For Glory and become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Aries: Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me, Calfzilla, excuse me! I'd like to talk to the brains of the operation, but it looks like there's more blood flowing down here than there is between your ears. If you're going to go on to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, you've got a problem. And that problem's me, maybe you remember me, Austin Aries? The Greatest Man That Ever Lived? The guy that made you tap out? Maybe you remember that, Bully Ray! It seems to me, you've got a lot of aspirations. You've got a lot of ambition. That makes me think...uh...maybe you have something to do with the Aces & Eights, huh? Maybe it's you. You're pointing the finger everywhere.

Ray: Are you out of your mind? Seriously.

Aries: Yes. I've been out of my mind my whole life. I've been doing things that people have been saying are impossible my whole life.

Ray: Storm is behind the Aces & Eights! Get it through your skull!

Aries: Regardless of who's behind the Aces & Eight, regardless of which one of you or which one of the other competitors wins the Bound For Glory series, they have to go through me and so far, that's a task nobody, and I mean nobody, has been able to take on!

The three-way promo is broken up by the Aces & Eights on the ImpactTron. Bane tells Ray that he got lucky, but tonight, they will make their presence felt in a big way. Ray yells into the mic some more to take us to our first...

Ad break

We take a look at highlights from the BFG series matches from the PPV last Sunday.

1. James Storm - 66
2. Rob Van Dam - 55
3. Samoa Joe - 54
4. Kurt Angle/Bully Ray - 48
6. Mr. Anderson - 40
7. AJ Styles - 36
8. Jeff Hardy - 35
9. Christopher Daniels - 33
10. Magnus - 28
11. The Pope - 7
12. Robbie E - 5

Annoying Backstage Guy asks Magnus about his upcoming match with Samoa Joe. Magnus says he knows everything about Joe. He says that if he can get into the man's head, he can defeat the machine.

Magnus grabs a sidelock, but Joe quickly comes back with an inverted atomic drop and running boot. Joe goes for the big kick and gets rolled up, but Joe reaches over and tries for the crossface before Magnus rolls out. Magnus comes in and Joe pounces on him. Joe hammers in the corner, but Magnus takes him down with a sudden boot to the face. Magnus telegraphs a backdrop, but is still able to score a clothesline for 2. Magnus slams Joe down for 2. Joe comes back with an avalanche and enziguiri! Joe positions Magnus up to, but Magnus fights him off. Can't hit the Savage Elbow, though. Magnus charges into the corner and gets caught with a huge uranage! Kokina Clutch is applied, but Magnus is able to launch himself from the corner and roll up Joe for 2! Joe turns that into La Magistral (!) for the pin in about 3 minutes.

WINNER: Samoa Joe - Nice match, but would have liked to see them go longer. Magnus is going to be a star someday.

Post-match, Joe offers to help Magnus up. Magnus isn't happy, so Joe simply gives him a pat on the back and exits. Magnus follows...and grabs a chair! Joe sees the attack coming, but he's only able to get the arm up before the chair comes down! Joe grabs his arm...and gets a MURDEROUS look in his eye! Magnus backs off, as Joe looks menacingly at him.

Backstage, Madison Rayne talks about her "clean" win over Miss Tessmacher. A stagehand comes up to Rayne and tells her Brooke Hogan wants to see her in the ring. Oh dear lord, THIS isn't going to end well for anybody.

Ad break

MADISON RAYNE comes down for what's sure to be a trainwreck of a segment. No transcription for any of this nonsense! Madison celebrates on the mic. She calls in EARL HEBNER to thank him personally. They hug in the middle of the ring until BROOKE HOGAN comes down to interrupt. Brooke tells Hebner that he won't be refereeing anymore Knockouts matches. It's more than a little nonsensical for Brooke to act indignant over all of this after the fact. She could have easily done this a week ago...but then you have no angle. That, of course, makes this a dumb angle, but what do I know? Brooke says that Miss Tessmacher has her rematch with Rayne tonight and the rematch will feature a special referee.'s Brooke, isn't it? Rayne yells a lot into the mic and challenges Brooke to tell her this to her face. Brooke runs in, sending Rayne and Hebner bailing. WHY THE FUCK IS ANYONE AFRAID OF BROOKE HOGAN? Rayne backs away and adjusts her crown. Oh, but NOW things get interesting, as the ACES & EIGHTS sneak up behind Brooke! The cavalry quickly arrives, as BULLY RAY, JEFF HARDY, AUSTIN ARIES (with a chair), KURT ANGLE, and STING all send the A&E running off. Camera pans over to reveal "COWBOY" JAMES STORM trailing behind the faces. That takes us to our next...

Ad break

Let's take a look at what we just saw a few moments ago.

Now Sting has the mic. Sting touts the merits of his own group, noting that his group is growing. Sting points out that next week is Open Fight Night and challenges the Aces & Eights for next Thursday. Hit Sting's music!

Backstage, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian may not have an APPLETINI~!, but they DO have a mint-condition Amazing Spider-Man #691. Daniels says that Dan Slott will still make them characters in the book, even though they lost last Sunday. They talk a bit about the alleged baby and make fun of Claire for a bit ("She kinda looks like The Lizard...") before AJ Styles enters the picture. Styles claims he was drugged ("I'd have to be to sleep with a foot like Claire!") and offers to settle this tonight. If Daniels wins, AJ will accept that he's the father, but if AJ wins, they get a paternity test. Ohhh, this angle's going to get even dumber, isn't it?

Ad break

1. James Storm - 66
2. Samoa Joe - 61
3. Rob Van Dam - 55
4. Kurt Angle/Bully Ray - 48
6. Mr. Anderson - 40
7. AJ Styles - 36
8. Jeff Hardy - 35
9. Christopher Daniels - 33
10. Magnus - 28
11. The Pope - 7
12. Robbie E - 5

Referee Brian Hebner immediately ejects Kaz before the match even starts!

Daniels reacts to Kaz's ejection by rushing Styles, but AJ knocks him down. Daniels trips up AJ and tries a Flair pin, but gets caught. Now AJ starts hammering on Daniels with chops and stomps away. Daniels tries to take a breather, but AJ gives chase. Daniels tries to take advantage of AJ coming back in, but it doesn't work, as AJ hits a backdrop. A clothesline gets 2 to send us to our next ad break.

We come back with Styles hitting a big dropkick for 2. Now Styles grabs the Indian deathlock with the bridge! Now AJ opts for the single-leg crab before going back to the bridged Indian deathlock. Daniels bites AJ's fingers to break the hold and takes control off a hotshot. Daniels works over Styles for a bit, occasionally stopping to hot dog for a bit. Daniels comes in with a big kick to the ribs. "OHHHHH, it's GOOD!" HA! Daniels tries again for the Flair pin and fails, so he chucks Styles out and looks for the countout. Styles tries to pick himself up, so Daniels kicks him back into the steel railing. Now Styles comes back in with a sunset flip and tries to turn that into a Styles Clash before Daniels escapes. A Daniels uranage is blocked with elbows. Daniels recovers and applies a CRUCIFIX KOJI CLUTCH!!! HOT DAMN! AJ has nowhere to go, so now HE bites his way out! Daniels' vertical suplex gets 2. Daniels tries for the ten-count corner punches, but AJ counters with a powerbomb! Daniels' corner charge comes up empty and Styles makes the babyface comeback. Vertical suplex/neckbreaker gets 2 when Daniels gets his foot on the ropes. Styles charges in and gets lowbridged. Now the fight goes to the outside, but Styles manages to come back in and come right back with a tope con hilo! Now KAZARIAN swoops in near the apron! He motions to Daniels for the Warrior/Rude finish! So that's exactly what they do, Daniels lands on Styles off a suplex attempt and Kaz holds Styles down for the pin! Daniels celebrates, but unfortunately, Hebner spots Kaz and calls SHENANIGANS! Hebner lowers Daniels' hand and continues the match! Daniels argues the call and eats the Pele Kick for his troubles and Styles gets the pin at about 15 minutes shown!

WINNER: AJ Styles - Entertaining match. I just don't care to see it anymore, that's all. I mean, how many times can someone watch a Styles/Daniels match?

Post-match, Styles hits Daniels with the Styles Clash for fun.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan talks to Sting via iPhone! Hogan says he's going to be there next week for Open Fight Night! Sting asks Hogan if he's ready for old school. Hulk says old school is the only way.

Elsewhere backstage, James Storm is at his locker as Jeff Hardy approaches him. Jeff takes umbrage to Aces & Eights costing him 20 points and accuses Storm. Storm gets defensive and blasts Hardy before telling him that he'll be at ringside for his match tonight to keep Aces & Eights away.

Still elsewhere backstage, Bobby Roode is making his way down in full suit. We hear from him next!

Ad break

We see highlights of last Sunday's world title match where Austin Aries successfully defends his title against Bobby Roode.

BOBBY ROODE makes his way down, as we're reminded that Roode doesn't get any more rematches after last Sunday. He's got the mic, but it's getting late, so let's cut this short. Roode says he should be out there as the champion, but notes that Earl Hebner cost him the match by restarting the match. Roode blames Hebner, Sting, Aries, and the fans for his failure, as the fans chant "loser" at him. Roode then finds himself at a complete loss, finally giving up and dropping the mic before making a sad exit. Dynamite promo from Roode, built almost entirely on body language.

Coming up next, the Knockouts title match!

Ad break

Here's a profile for TNA's next Gut Check contestant.

BROOKE HOGAN comes out to introduce our special referee. She introduces TARYN TERRELL (a.k.a. the former Tiffany) in the most unenthusiastic way possible. Then Brooke trips and eats it on the ramp. D'oh!

Ok, five bucks says Taryn turns on Tessmacher for no reason.

We start with the lockup. And another lockup. Now Rayne hits some rights and an elbow. Rayne chokes away in the corner. Here's a hairtoss, the staple of any good woman's match. Northern lights suplex gets 2! Tessmacher gets a small package for 2 before grabbing a wheelbarrow for 2. Rayne tries for the tights-assisted roll-up, which Terrell spots. Tessmacher comes back with a spear and makes the babyface comeback. Rayne comes back with an elbow. Tessmacher tries a second-rope crossbody and misses. The Flair pin is caught. Rayne argues with Terrell, which leads to Tessmacher finishing with the atomic faceplant for the pin and the title in about 4 minutes.

WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION: Miss Tessmacher - Hey, what do you know? No swerve. I keep forgetting that regime is dead.

Backstage, Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy make their way down for tonight's main event.

Ad break

Backstage, the Aces & Eights accept Sting's invitation. Bane tells Sting to be careful what he wishes for and that they'll be there in full force next week. Bane #2 reminds Bane #1, however, that they have unfinished business for tonight.

1. James Storm - 66
2. Samoa Joe - 61
3. Rob Van Dam - 55
4. Kurt Angle/Bully Ray - 48
6. AJ Styles - 43
7. Mr. Anderson - 40
8. Jeff Hardy - 35
9. Christopher Daniels - 33
10. Magnus - 28
11. The Pope - 7
12. Robbie E - 5

No Twittah Machine for Ray tonight, as he's got bigger things to worry about.

Ray overpowers Jeff to start before quickly backing up. Now we're joined by "COWBOY" JAMES STORM and Ray starts yelling at him. Ray starts hammering on Jeff before going out to get in Storm's face. Ray shoves Storm and that allows Jeff to hit a dropkick through the ropes. Apron crossbody hits to take us to our final ad break of the night!

We come with Ray winding up for a big corner clothesline. Here's a big elbow for 2. Time to hit the chinlock. Vertical suplex gets 2. Jeff tries to come back, but runs into an elbow. Ray's gorilla press misses. Jeff makes the babyface comeback. Jeff comes off the ropes and runs right into a uranage for 2! Ray wants the Bully Bomb, but Jeff counters with the mule kick. Corner seated dropkick hits. OFF COMES THE SHIRT! Swanton Bomb ONLY GETS 2! Ray rolls out near Storm, as Storm restrains himself. Jeff tries a pescado, but Ray pulls Storm into it! Ray's corner charge eats boot and Jeff hits the Whisper in the Wind for the double KO. But here are a pair of ACES & EIGHTS to send Hebner scurrying out! One of them grabs Ray's chain and wraps it around his fist! Here comes AJ STYLES and AUSTIN ARIES (with his trusty chair) to chase them off! STING and KURT ANGLE are right behind them! Match continues! Ray picks up Jeff, but gets suckered into the Twist of Fate and Jeff picks up the pin and the points at 13 minutes shown!

WINNER: Jeff Hardy - Good match. And nice developments on the A&E front.

Post-match, Ray clobbers Jeff with a clothesline. Crowd chants "loser" at him. Ray grabs his chain and looks around. Ray yells at Storm, bringing him in to claim that he had Ray's back. Ray shoves Storm and Storm comes back with the Last Call...which Ray ducks, so it nails Jeff! Ray throws one last accusation Storm's way before making his exit. Storm looks over Jeff, but now four of the ACES & EIGHTS fill the ring behind Storm! The A&E offer a round of applause, as Storm turns around...AND EATS A CLOTHESLINE! The beatdown is on! Closing credits are up and we're out!


Man, I was really hoping TNA would give us a swerve of a swerve and make it so Storm really WAS the leader. The plot thickens, as the #1 suspect probably becomes Bully Ray at this point...which will naturally mean it's not him, either. This had better be a DAMN good payoff.

A round of good matches, another dynamite Austin Aries promo, and no Claire Lynch make for a good show. Nothing overly moronic, outside of the Knockouts angle, but at least that seems to have an end in sight. It's another winner for Impact this week!

Until next time!

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#2 Posted on 17.8.12 0728.46
Reposted on: 17.8.19 0728.48
I actually enjoyed a lot of this Impact. I am glad Madison finally gave the Brooke Hogan is nothing promo. While, I didn't like her running, the idea that she and maybe Earl knew about Aces&Eights is intriguing. Are there people in the know about Aces&Eights besides the ring leader who is not James Storm? Is it the obvious Roode or Bully if so why not interfere at HardCore Justice for Bobby or last night for Bully when he could have taken the lead in the BFG series?

I get the feeling TNA doesn't even know what they are doing with this and when the reveal happens, its going to be rather lackluster. Yet, they have been pretty good so far with this storyline, they may surprise us yet. If last night was the official storyline end of Baby AJ Drama and Madison/Earl then it was the best Impact of the year if not ever. They have much better storylines going on with the BFG series, Aries being champ, Bobby losing his mind and who is behind Aces&Eights. I never thought TNA would have better storylines than WWE at this moment considering this is the WWE's second biggest PPV of the year.

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