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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Captioning RAW 5/14/12
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Big Brother
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#1 Posted on 14.5.12 2321.20
Reposted on: 14.5.19 2322.27
Hey, here's something to do.

So it turns out that WWE posts "live" photos (screen grabs) on their Facebook page (and probably other places, but here's where *I* saw 'em). Here now are their nine graphics from tonight's RAW, along with some HILARIOUS re-imagination-like captions by yours truly.

(If these images don't show up, the gallery link is

(image removed)
"My mind to your mind....your thoughts to my thoughts."

(image removed)
Mike Chioda: "I thought your cobra arm was THIS arm!"

(image removed)
"Man, this is so much easier than pressing Tamina! I wonder what happened to her."

(image removed)
"Can you believe they hyped THIS match for the entire first hour, knowing they had an Orton/Jericho match coming up in the second hour?"

(image removed)
The camouflage could not conceal his breaking heart

(image removed)
"This is really the best way to wait for the Superstars taping!"

(image removed)
"No offense, AJ, but you've really become a psycho."

(image removed)

(image removed)
C'mon, kiss him already.

Now, YOU probably think you can do better! I probably thought *I* could do better, too, but you see what shit I came up with. Nonetheless....go ahead and give it your best shot.

I ONLY ASK that you NOT break the table by quoting these graphics (so, after you Quote, do remove the "quote" tags) and please try to keep these graphics at 600px (if you Quote, the HTML should be taken care of for you in that respect).

I absolutely already immediately regret doing this


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#2 Posted on 14.5.12 2335.04
Reposted on: 14.5.19 2336.38
Wow. It's been a while since I've seen a caption thread.
El Nastio
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#3 Posted on 14.5.12 2341.25
Reposted on: 14.5.19 2344.11
There used to be a thread liek this back in the day, if I recall correctly. Quick, TO THE SEVEN.

(image removed)
Corporation H: "I already told you Paul, Creative has nothing for you".

(image removed)
"Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!"

(image removed)
Beth: "I could do this all day!"

(image removed)
Here we see the highlight of the most exciting part of the match.

(image removed)
The Big Show is still winded by that previous chinlock.

(image removed)
AW: Yes, my miracle jobber stable is all coming together.

(Disclaimer; CRZ's caption for this was excellent).

(image removed)
Punk: "How do I say this; can you try NOT interfering in my match on Sunday? Thanks".

(image removed)
Orton cries out as the referee will soon attempt the finger poke of doom.

(image removed)
John: "Hey, I *am* taller than Cena!"

(edited by El Nastio on 15.5.12 0043)
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#4 Posted on 15.5.12 0221.46
Reposted on: 15.5.19 0223.14

(image removed)
HHH: "Spit it out! You shouldn't eat marbles! Spit!"

(image removed)
"According to Cesaro, this is how you throw a Very European Uppercut"

(image removed)
Beth: "Now where's my title. Hrm. It's not under Alicia."

(image removed)
Show: "Seriously man, forget this shit and let's go straight to that spot where we try to goozle one another, setting up for a chokeslam"

(image removed)
"I never knew my father! Boohooohooo"

(image removed)
"What did I tell you guys? Sitting here is much better than standing around that monitor backstage!"

(image removed)
"I swear from the bottom of my heart, Straight Edge means I have to have sex with all of you! I wouldn't lie about something like that!"

(image removed)
"For the last time. I will NOT pull your stupid finger!"

(image removed)
John L: "Look serious John, don't do that smile of yours"
John C: "I'm trying. Wait..does your face ever change?"
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#5 Posted on 15.5.12 0621.22
Reposted on: 15.5.19 0621.34

(image removed)
"Stop taking all my hair ties!"

(image removed)
"Ask Cody, this is the bionic elbow."

(image removed)
Switch to Arm & Hammer Plus and get rid of the flakes.

(image removed)
Show: "A chin lock! My only weakness..."

(image removed)
Big Show learns this is the last season of 30 Rock.

(image removed)
And they really just thought they were showing fans in attendance at first.

(image removed)
"In bulk. Where do you get your hair product?"

(image removed)
Chris Jericho barely saves the man who dares point at Randy Orton.

(image removed)
John Cena: "On second thought, desperation smells fragrant and wonderful, sorry for being rude."
As young as
he feels
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#6 Posted on 15.5.12 0713.12
Reposted on: 15.5.19 0713.13
Return of the Frosty-Caps?
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#7 Posted on 15.5.12 0724.58
Reposted on: 15.5.19 0724.59
    Originally posted by dMp
    "I swear from the bottom of my heart, Straight Edge means I have to have sex with all of you! I wouldn't lie about something like that!"

So far, this is my favorite one.

edit: Remember that part about "don't quote the picture?" No? Okay. - JK

(edited by KJames199 on 15.5.12 0824)
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#8 Posted on 15.5.12 0954.39
Reposted on: 15.5.19 0954.40
(image removed)
Hey've got a little something right there by your lip. *dabs thumb*

(image removed)
Wondertwin powers...ACTIVATE!

(image removed)
When I do this, it's like I cross my heart THREE TIMES.
Six Degrees of Me
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#9 Posted on 15.5.12 1105.28
Reposted on: 15.5.19 1105.29
(image removed)
"Your face still feels like a pepperoni pizza!"

(image removed)
"Santino: that "yes!" sign behind me means I ain't jobbing. YOU'RE pointing to the guy that will!"

(image removed)
No wonder the guys like Alicia Fox. Beth's hand goes to the depths

(image removed)
Why did Kane steal Lord Tensai's head make-up for his suit?

(image removed)
The audition for Hollywood continues

(image removed)
A white guy, a black guy and three Puerto Ricans. All they need is Santino and Yoshi and it will be a complete and balanced stable

(image removed)
"Beth and I are into threesomes, okay? We just don't like having to sleep with one eye open"

(image removed)
Randy knows two ways of selling. not and over. guess which one this is

(image removed)
"So you gonna back me up on this divorce thing right Johnny?", "NO RATS,right Johnny?" "I'd hate to have a staredown like this in court. We might bust out laughing"


(edited by RYDER FAKIN on 15.5.12 1323)
The Thrill
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#10 Posted on 17.5.12 1828.22
Reposted on: 17.5.19 1828.22
Return of the Captionomics thread! F*ck yeah! OK, lessee...

(image removed)
HHH sure makes that Subway $5 footlong gesture look ANGRY.

(image removed)
Santino: "We do fistpump! We make Broski of Week!"

(image removed)
Beth, I don't think Alicia kept the Undefined Championship in there...
(OK, nobody's topping Lexus on this one.)

(image removed)
Kane & Big Show wince in anticipation of the quarter-hour this match'll get.

(image removed)
Having squeezed out a mic already, Show clenches up for one more big push from down below.

(image removed)
"OK, we're ready! Start the Star Tours ride!"

(image removed)
Punk wisely prevents himself from a Raiders of the Lost Ark death at AJ's hands.

(image removed)
"OK, Randy, I've got the handlebars! Now make the Harley noises!"

(image removed)
Cena stares deeply into Big Johnny's soul, searching for any sign of charisma.
Shem the Penman
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#11 Posted on 20.5.12 1419.05
Reposted on: 20.5.19 1421.07
(image removed)
"Where is your cell phone now?"

(image removed)

(image removed)
"Now, gentlemen, what am I bid for this fine negress? Do I hear $10?"

(image removed)

(image removed)
"My royalties for Knucklehead are HOW MUCH?"

(image removed)
Enjoy the skybox, guys. It's not like you'll ever really afford one on what Vince pays jobbers.

(image removed)
"The Xs are for X-tra Large."

(image removed)
Tattoo sleeves are not removable.

(image removed)
"Take a good look. I'm you in 15 years."
DJ FrostyFreeze
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#12 Posted on 21.5.12 1150.32
Reposted on: 21.5.19 1151.06
    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    (image removed)
    "Now, gentlemen, what am I bid for this fine negress? Do I hear $10?"
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#13 Posted on 21.5.12 1324.07
Reposted on: 21.5.19 1326.33
(image removed)
"Mola Ram says you're doing it wrong, HHH."

(image removed)
"Santino, you idiot, you're supposed to tag Punk!"

(image removed)
"All right, I've got her in position, bring out the sushi."

(image removed)
"Big Show, embrace the ha-OW, OW, that's my FOOT!"

(image removed)
Show picked an awkward time to take up transcendental meditation.

(image removed)
"See, I told you the ceiling wasn't made of glass..."

(image removed)
"Here's the church and here's the steeple..."

(image removed)
Jericho's attempt to get his chiropractic certification has little hope of succeeding.

(image removed)
"Y'know, Cena, in many countries, holding hands is just a sign of friendship."
Deputy Marshall
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#14 Posted on 21.5.12 1427.45
Reposted on: 21.5.19 1427.52

(image removed)
"No. I want you just like this. this."

(image removed)
Santino: "Remember-a Tugboat?"
Mike Chioda: "Do I?! TOOT TOOOOOOOOT!"

(image removed)
"If I hold her up long enough, maybe Kharma will finally show up. God, I hope she didn't spoil her return with a tweet or something."

(image removed)
Big Show: "And---and then he made me beg, and then he *sniff* he made me get on my knees..."
Kane: "I know, Paul. I know."

(image removed)
Big Show hits the realization that it's 2012 and he's still rocking camo.

(image removed)
Epico: "This is what Developmental looks like in Hell, isn't it?"

(image removed)
"I swear to God, I didn't even use your eyeliner today, let alone walk away with it."

(image removed)

(image removed)
John Cena, trying to figure out if Laurinitis blew his line again or if the writing's just that bad.
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#15 Posted on 21.5.12 1839.43
Reposted on: 21.5.19 1844.39

(image removed)

I'll never get rid of all those crappy beanies.
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