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24.7.12 0210
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - Impact Wrestling 4-12-12
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#1 Posted on 12.4.12 2206.48
Reposted on: 12.4.19 2214.35
Impact started off with with Eric Bischoff naming his team for Lethal Lockdown which was Daniels, Kazarian, Gunnar and Bully Ray. Bischoff and Ray did a good job riling up the crowd. This all set up a best of three matches on Impact with the winning team getting the advantage in the lethal Lockdown match. Garrett Bischoff’s mic work was pretty damn bad. Garrett’s first pick for his team was Mr. Anderson setting up a opening match of Gunner Vs Anderson. I can’t tell you what a joke it is that with all the talent in the Lethal Lockdown match the worthless Bischoffs are the team captains and focal points of the match. I have a feeling that this years Lethal Lockdown match will be a lot like the 2010 version of Lethal Lockdown all about Bischoff and Hogan getting involved in the match.

Gunner Vs Anderson was a clunky match with the story being Anderson was still pissed about Roode hitting him with a beer bottle last week. Oh great poor Roode will soon feud with the pudgy and unmotivated Anderson. Anderson and Gunner really didn’t click at all tonight. The finish was a pissed Mr, Anderson not breaking at five while stomping on Gunner. Anderson sold being pissed so well that he obnoxiously raised Gunner’s hand while smiling like a schmuck. This match did nothing for anyone really. The idiot crowd for some reason loved Anderson, but hey earlier they cheered Garrett Bischoff so comparably that’s not so bad.

The MCMG promo was really strong with Alex Shelley being his usual great self talking about how the Guns have been one of the best tag teams in TNA history and mentioning all the teams they have beat. Magnus and Joe came out and Magnus cut a good promo putting the Guns over and also talking about how he and Joe have carried the tag team division was a boast that would have meant a lot more a few years ago. Mexican America coming out was cringe inducing as was Anarquia promo. He makes Dixie’s promos seem good. I liked how Magnus and Joe used Hernandez as their tackling dummy and the MCMG making Anarquia their tackling dummy. It was like both teams showing off their big moves. I hope this is the last we’ll see of Mexican America, but my bet is they interfere and cost the McMG the match at Lockdown. I wish they were not rushing to a Magnus and Joe Vs Sabin and Shelley, but TNA really has no tag teams.

The Daniels- Aries match in match two of the lethal lockdown series matches was absolutely fantastic. These two worked unbelievably well together. It was a dream match and I’d love to see these guys wrestle each other so many times that we get sick of seeing these two wrestle each other like we got sick of watching seeing Styles and Daniels wrestle each other. These two guys feuding could reignite the X division. It is a ready made feud since Aries surpassed Daniels as the longest X reigning X division champion a month ago. The match was very fast paced as you’d expect and Aries was really feeling it and busted out some moves we have not seen him use. Aries went over clean in a real good match. Hope we see a rematch soon.

I skipped the Eric Young-ODB wedding, but every time I changed the channel back this stupid wedding was still going it went on for like ten minutes. I bet it bombs out in the ratings. I wish this stupid crap was cut and Daniels Vs Aries would have gotten five more minutes. Having a wedding on a go home show for one of your biggest PPVs is idiotic.

Styles Vs Ray was a really good match as these two have tremendous chemistry. Styles has been jobbed out plenty the last few months, but he still gives it his all in every match. Ray is a great heel who has lost a ton of weight and works his ass off and deserves a world title reign. The match had a predictable ending with Bischoff tossing Ray the chain with the ref distracted and Ray nailing Styles with the chain and picking up the win. I don’t recall the faces ever having the advantage in a War Games-Lethal Lockdown match. Hogan came out announced that it was a 5 on 5 match and that Bischoff had three minutes to announce his fifth member thinking the fifth member was Hogan, Bischoff picked himself and Garrett picked RVD. So great to have the stale unmotivated RVD back. I hope he turns heel at Lockdown and costs Garrett the match and career. I doubt it though.

The video package for the Roode-Storm match was again really good with sound bites from both guys.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne Vs Mickie and Velvet was an okay match with Mickie doing most of the work. I would guess since Velvet pinned Gail that Gail will retain the title at Lockdown.

The Roode-Storm closing segment was absolutely tremendous. They talked about their history with clips thrown in. They cut promos talking about how different they are and how Storm is about his family and friends and how Roode is a sellout. Roode claimed Storm supported his family off of Roode’s talent. These guys cut the promos of their careers and showed great intensity. Roode finally set Storm off by talking about Storm’s family and talking about his dead brothers and father. The show ended with the two of them getting in each others faces. This was a great finish and may have gotten some extra buys for Lockdown and this was a much better finish than most finishes to go home shows.

All in all, this was a pretty good show with a very strong show closing promo and two excellent matches. The Eric Young nonsense and the Bischoff nonsense was a blight on the show, but the two strong matches and great promo made it a better than usual show.
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#2 Posted on 13.4.12 1525.50
Reposted on: 13.4.19 1527.05
After weeks of bad to mediocre shows I thought this was the best show in a while. The wedding wasn't as cringe inducing as I thought it was going to be but it still went on for too long. I loved the Motor City Machine Guns promo and Magnus' retort. The Guns remind me of The Fabulous ones the way they carry themselves, dress and talk. More of Daniels Vs Aries pretty please. Styles Vs Bully was really good, but as Steiner suggested it's pretty clear that Styles is getting buried. Loved the crowd chanting we don't care at Bischoff at the start. Only three minutes of air time for Hogan is fine by me. The Roode Storm showdown was going great until the whole mention of dead family members really felt tacked on. I'm a sad panda that RVD is back and according to pwiinsider he'll be getting a big push.
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#3 Posted on 13.4.12 1531.13
Reposted on: 13.4.19 1533.29
Funny thing is Dixie told Meltzer that TNA is making a conscious effort to push younger wrestlers and that there will be format changes after Lockdown and all of a sudden RVD returns and numerous reports say he'll be getting a big push. Oh well so much for the youth movement can't say I'm looking forward to seeing the stale flabby unmotivated RVD and Mr. Anderson getting pushes.
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#4 Posted on 13.4.12 1537.52
Reposted on: 13.4.19 1541.44
    Originally posted by graves9
    I wish they were not rushing to a Magnus and Joe Vs Sabin and Shelley, but TNA really has no tag teams.

Yeah no kidding. I miss the days when TNA had 10-12 good to great tag teams. Hell I grew up with the NWA where they had so many tag teams that they had two tag team titles. Since Kaz and Daniels are getting along again for some reason why not have them in the tag division? TNA does have had TMDK come in for as try out and even used them on tv as well. Why not sign them up? The Guns Vs TMDK would set the tag division on fire. Heck Kash and Williams aren't being used why not form two tag teams with those two?
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#5 Posted on 13.4.12 1622.04
Reposted on: 13.4.19 1629.01
Jeckyl and Hyde show. Anytime Garrett Bischoff or Eric Young is on my screen it is an automatic fast forward. No "let's see how it pans out". I call it the Vicki Guerrero Effect.

But that was the bad. Loved the Gunns promo:

"Joe and Magnus may be the champs, but who'd they beat? Matt Morgan and Crimson. And the only tag team manuver they know is rubbing baby oil on each other."

SABEN: "Tell em Alex!"
SHELLEY: "Road Warriors vibe there...I like it."

Also had a really strong interview at the end with Storm and Roode. Nothing earth shattering here, just two guys who don't like each other. I like that it was a face to face promo with no screaming. Put over everything that's happened since Roode turned on Storm.
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#6 Posted on 13.4.12 1641.06
Reposted on: 13.4.19 1643.43
Anytime a slow starts off with a Bischoff segment it annoys me. Skipped the pointless wedding and I'd bet that ten minute segment is why the rating bombed. So much for Eric Bischoffs claims that Impact is drawing it's best ratings ever. The closing segment was the great as was the Guns promo. Liked the Aries-Daniels match and wish it would have cut into the time the stupid wedding got. RVD is back and unmotivated as ever. Hurray! He looks as out of shape as before as does Anderson. Bischoff being the focal point of the show really sucks. The rest of the show wasn't good or bad and really didn't get me to care for Lockdown sans Storm Vs Roode. The Hardy-Angle match got all of 30 seconds of build.

(edited by Brian on 13.4.12 1741)
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#7 Posted on 13.4.12 2326.17
Reposted on: 13.4.19 2327.28
The Good:
MCMG promo: Sabin & Shelley are great at everything they do. Magnus has come a long way in a short time and Joe has gotten his groove back. while the inclusion of the drizzling shits Anarquia brought this segment down from totally excellent, overall it was about as good as we're going to get out of TNA.

EY/Sarita & Rosita segment: this was amusing and on it's own was cool with me.

Daniels vs Aires: 2 of the best in the business have an awesome wrestling match on TV, more please.

The Knockouts: a nice one that built up the Title match at PPV. Velvet picked her efforts up a notch here with the other ladies putting in solid work. I honestly believe creative/production is telling them to hold back but nonetheless they remain the main reason I'm watching.

The Roode/Storm segment: More greatness from 2 of the top guys in TNA. While personally I prefer the Main event match to close the show, this was a very strong sell for the PPV. I have nothing bad to say about it

In the Middle:
Styles vs Ray: AJ is alway excellent and Ray is back to being in top form which is a testament to his determination. If Bischoff and Hogan hadn't gotten involved it would have been part of the good.

The ODB/EY Wedding: I didn't hate it as much as the rest of you but agree it dragged on a little long and was somewhat anti-climatic as we have become accustomed to wrestling weddings being loaded with hijinks. Sarita & Rosita were awesome in their parts and I definitely want to see them go for the KO Tag Team Titles again. Really this whole thing should have been built up to go down at the PPV & serve as a filler segment there with the aforementioned addition of some real cartoon silliness.

The Bad:
Gunner vs Anderson: Still not sold on Gunner, have no use for Anderson, next

Anything Eric Bischoff, Garrett Bischoff and/or Hulk Hogan were directly involved in. While Ray was great in his part, overall the opening segment was crap. I don't agree with everything Scott Steiner says or thinks he knows, but in this case I'm with him 100%. Get this garbage off my TV and out of wrestling.

Impact gets a 50% from me this week.
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