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24.7.12 0212
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW Supershow #986 4/9/12
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#1 Posted on 9.4.12 2205.38
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2206.20
TONIGHT: The Three Stooges are Raw’s guest stars! Brock Lesnar returned last week…will he or John Cena speak about the fireworks that occurred? And other stuff!

-WWE Open.

-Clips of the Three Stooges movie were shown and the announcers talked about them guest starring tonight.

-Plus, Mark Henry gets a WWE Championship rematch against CM Punk.

-Fireworks shot off inside the arena while the Raw theme played in the background.

-Johnny Ace and David Otunga walked out to Ace’s new music. Ace said he was about to introduce the new face of WWE. A man who’s not about catchphrases and not about pleasing the fans. He said this man will carry the WWE banner for years to come. Ace cued up footage of the impact he made last week. A video package was shown of parts of John Cena’s interview, then Brock Lesnar’s return. Ace then introduced Lesnar as the man who will face John Cena at Extreme Rules (that’s anticlimactic) and who will bring legitimacy back to WWE. Lesnar then walked out. Ace handed him the mic once he got to the ring.

Lesnar first thanked Ace, which didn’t endear him to the crowd. He thanked him for bringing legitimacy back to WWE. But before he could get any further, Cena’s music played and he walked out. He got to the ring but didn’t have a mic. What, couldn’t he have magically found one on the steps like so many others do? Cena talked to Lesnar briefly before he slapped Lesnar. Lesnar tackled Cena and got in a few shots on the mat before referees and agents (I love trying to spot the agents – I saw Dustin Rhodes, Mike Rotundo, Bill DeMott) came out to break it up. The entire locker room emptied as well, including main eventers. Cena was bleeding from the mouth. After they had been separated, Cena jumped Lesnar again as everyone tried to break them up and keep them apart. The crowd was buzzing as this was going on. Ace was pacing around ringside. The two got together again until finally, Lesnar was pulled out of the ring. Cena asked someone how he looked with his mouth bloodied. Lesnar began walking to the back as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

-They replayed the previous segment’s incident. They slow-mo’d the punch that bloodied Lesnar.

-Johnny Ace, with Otunga by his side, was yelling at Teddy Long backstage. Apparently, it was Long’s job to contain Cena. He demanded Long go get an explanation from Cena. Long was then sent away as Ace and Otunga stewed over what just happened. Eve Torres walked in and said they haven’t had a chance to talk about what happened at Wrestlemania yet. Ace said they’re kind of busy right now. Eve said Ace has her number and told him to call her.

(1) Brodus Clay & Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
Marella came out with Clay. They showed how this team was formed last week. Quick side-roll by Ziggler for a near-fall on Santino. Swagger and Clay each tagged in. Clay blocked Swagger’s rights and clotheslined him down. Big knee-lift following a gut-shot. Swagger elbowed out of a suplex and Swagger dove to take out the knee. Somehow, that reminded Cole of Swagger’s amateur credentials. With Swagger in control, they went to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:17 of the match with Ziggler dominating Santino. Swagger tagged in and worked the shoulders and arms of Santino. Lawler said if Cole was a dinosaur, the only thing of note about him would be that he’d suffer from “reptile dysfunction.” Santino was a fingertip away from a tag, but Swagger prevented it. Small package out of nowhere on Ziggler for two. “Funkasaurus” chant as Santino worked out of a rest-hold. He made the tag at 7:30. Clay headbutted Ziggler down and landed an overhead suplex. Big splash followed that for the win.

Winners: Clay and Marella, at 7:55. Finish didn’t feel like it was happening when it did. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I guess.

Santino and Clay celebrated by dancing after the match.

-The Miz and Ace were backstage. Ace said he has big plans for Miz but tonight he’s busy so they’ll talk next week. BTW, Ace’s Wrestlemania suit was hung up on the wall with a plaque and the date of Mania. Long walked in and was yelled at by Ace somewhere until Cena walked in behind Long. Cena laughed at Ace assuming WWE needs more legitimacy. He said the guy that’s considered about his kisser for movies just left. Cena said despite his injuries he wants to compete tonight and told Ace to pick his opponent. “How’s that for legit?” he asked. Ace ordered Long to tell Otunga he’ll be facing Cena and that Ace will be out there with him.

-Santino came up to Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks backstage and Santino asked if they had seen the Stooges. Reks said they haven’t and they don’t care. He kept asking random people, not being able to find them.

-They showed Mark Henry giving CM Punk the World’s Strongest Slam on the ringside mats last week. Henry gets a title rematch this week.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed the Washington Monument in Washington.

-Cena and Lesnar’s brawl was replayed.

-Santino was still looking for the Stooges backstage when he came upon Kane who I guess was staring at a red wall. Santino imitated the Stooges in asking Kane if he had seen them. Kane didn’t respond so Santino speed-walked away.

(2) R-Truth vs. Cody Rhodes
Truth got the better of Rhodes to start, but Cody dropped low and gave Truth an uppercut. Alabama Slam followed. At :38, Big Show’s music played and he walked out in a suit. He directed Cody’s attention to the TitanTron – it was Show distracting Rhodes and costing him his match against Kofi Kingston last week and the video that caused him to lose. Cody turned around to pick up Truth, but Truth connected on the Little Jimmy for the win.

Winner: Truth, at 1:39. “The Little Jimmy” might be one of the dumbest names ever for a finisher.

-More of Santino looking for the Stooges. He came upon a giant wooden box labeled “FRAGILE.” Santino thought it was a care package for him. He managed to pry it open and the Stooges came out. They Stooged around (but not in the same way Pat Patterson and Gerry Brisco did) and explained to Santino what they were doing there. Marella asked what they had planned for the “live studio audience” tonight. They slapped each other a bunch. Larry said he planned to catch up with the WWE Divas. Moe asked Santino to show him the Cobra. Moe tried a variation where he’d poke someone in the eyes: “The Moe-bra.” Santino left and the Stooges went into the box to think. Moe said they needed to “think outside the box,” so they scampered away.

[Commercial Break]

-At ringside were the Parker Brothers, who are the brains behind SyFy’s “Dream Machines,” which debuts after Super Smackdown next week.

(3) Lord Tensai vs. Yoshi Tatsu
Tatsu was already in the ring. Tensai chopped at the neck of Tatsu, then legdropped his arm. Chop from Tatsu had no effect, but an uppercut by Tensai did. “Albert” chants from the fans. Tensaid didn’t look like he kne what to do with Tatsu, but hit a butterfly suplex then a back splash. Another “Albert” chant. Running splash in the corner from Tensai. Back elbows found the mark, then a Baldo Bomb. He went to do more damage, but Charles Robinson got in the way and checked on Tatsu. “He’s done,” said Robinson, and called for the bell.

Winner: Tensai, via ref stoppage, at 2:02. “Albert” chants kinda took you out of the moment, but I thought he looked better than last week.

After Tensai tossed the powder in the corner, he applied the claw hold on Tatsu.

-They showed a clip of Chris Jericho breaking a Jack Daniels bottle over the head of Punk last week. Punk vs. Henry is next.

[Commercial Break]

-The announcers were shown on camera and Lawler mentioned 30 “Wounded Warriors” were in the crowd as guests of WWE. Cole transitioned to showing highlights from Jericho’s speech and his assault of Punk last week.

-CM Punk came out for his match, but got a mic first. He said he understands that Straight Edge isn’t a lifestyle everyone gets and he understands that. Punk said he isn’t Straight Edge to fit in or to be cool, it’s a choice he made because it’s a way of life. He said the reason he’s Straight Edge is something he’s tried to keep private for a few reasons. He said he never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him and didn’t want anyone to make excuses. Punk said he told himself a long time ago he wanted to make it to the top of WWE and he wanted to make it to the top because he’s the very best. He said Jericho came along and tried to get into his head by saying he’s the best in the World. But when that didn’t work, he dug into Punk’s private life. He talked about what Jericho has already mentioned about his family, but at Wrestlemania, he still beat Jericho, made him tap in fact. He said Jericho took it one step too far last week. Punk said when that bottled smashed over his head, there was only one thought going through it: “I smelled exactly like my father did.” Punk got emotional as the crowd chanted his name. Punk reminisced about his father’s scent as Jericho interrupted on the TitanTron.

Jericho said there’s something wrong with Punk and asked him if he was still hung over. Jericho said he’d get used to that feeling. Or maybe Punk is just shocked at how easily Jericho was able to bring out the alcoholic gene. He asked if Punk was still drunk. He said Punk was in denial and that he needs to admit he’s powerless to alcohol. Jericho said the wannabees see Punk not as a World Champion, but a pathetic, living, breathing loser. He said he allowed Punk last week, for the very first time, to understand what it was like to be CM Drunk. Punk responded by saying the only think Jericho broke was a bottle. Punk said Jericho’s failure is not realizing he made the biggest mistake of his life. Punk promised to use the dark place he was sent to and use it against Jericho. He said it was no longer about being the best in the world but kicking Jericho’s ass. Mark Henry’s music then hit and he walked to the ring. The match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(4) CM Punk vs. Mark Henry, WWE Championship Match
Punk went after Henry hard as soon as the bell rang, but Henry used his girth to knock Punk down. Punk went out of the ring and grabbed a TV monitor from the announce table. He assaulted Henry with it, drawing a DQ.

Winner: Henry, via DQ, at :47. Thought this would go a little longer.

As Punk was going to maim Henry with the monitor, Jericho’s music played and he walked out with two cases of beer. Henry then took advantage and took out his frustration on Punk. Two World’s Strongest Slams followed as Jericho grinned at ringside. Jericho got in the ring after Henry left and opened a beer over Punk. Punk came back though and unloaded on Jericho. Punk charged and Jericho nailed him with a Codebreaker. He poured several beers over Punk’s face and torso as Jericho trash-talked him, telling him to “drink it in” and calling him a “stupid son of a bitch.” Finally, a few refs came out to escort Jericho out of the ring. Jericho didn’t leave though and instead gave Punk another Codebreaker. Jericho left the ring and posed with the title.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder
During the match, Cole mentioned that repercussions will be coming to Sheamus tomorrow night on Smackdown after he Brogue Kicked a ref. Ryder hit the Broski Boot but missed the leg lariat – Del Rio tossed Ryder over his head and into the turnbuckle. Ryder turned around and fell victim to the cross arm-breaker. A tapout was academic.

Winner: Del Rio, at 1:26. Just a way for ADR to get back on track coming back from injury.

- The Stooges were backstage trying to think of a big idea. They finally did and would reveal it to the audience next.

[Commercial Break]

-Tomorrow, Dream Machines debuts on SyFy after Super Smackdown. John Cena will be on there…in a few weeks.

-Justin Roberts introduced Larry, Curly, and Moe, the Three Stooges. Only Larry and Moe came out. Fans were not receptive. They wondered where Curly was until Real American music played. Curly (Will Sasso) came out dressed as Hulk Hogan. “He lost some weight,” remarked Cole. He tore off a t-shirt and did a Hogan impression. He said all the Hulkamaniacs want to see the Three Stooges. After his Hogan-like promo, Kane’s fire went off and he came out. He entered the ring and lit up the corner posts. Moe and Larry used that opportunity to head to the back. Hulk Sasso Hulked up and did the “you!” but Kane grabbed him and chokeslammed him. He walked off and to the back to end the segment. Well…at least it was relatively short.

-Josh Mathews was backstage with Mark Henry. They showed what happened earlier when Punk got disqualified during a match with Henry, then Henry attacked after the match. Henry said John Laurinaitis granted him a match next week, no count-out, no DQ. He said he’ll be the next World Heavyweight Champion. So wait, he’s fighting Sheamus?

[Commercial Break]

-They showed the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC.

-The announcers were shown on-camera and Jerry Lawler said in a few moments, Mathews will interview Brock Lesnar. They showed Lesnar getting slapped by Cena earlier in the night, and Lesnar’s ensuing tackle and Cena’s bloodied mouth.

-Lesnar was backstage with Mathews. Mathews asked if he was proud to be back in WWE. Lesnar said he’s proud of everything he does. He said he took WWE to heights they’d never seen before. He talked about leaving and going to UFC and becoming their champion. Lesnar said he’s proud Laurinaitis had enough wisdom to bring him back and put him at the top where he belongs. He said Cena couldn’t hold his jock in a million years. Lesnar said he’s not here to make friends – he’s a War Machine, and an ass kicker. He talked about the WWE brass and fans being proud of having him back. He winked at Mathews and walked off.

-The announcers discussed the End of an Era match from Wrestlemania with Undertaker and Triple H. They showed comments from wrestlers about the match, along with stills of the contest.

-David Otunga came out, accompanied by Johnny Ace, for his match with John Cena. It’s next.

[Commercial Break]

(6) David Otunga vs. John Cena
They showed some “wounded warriors” in the crowd who are guests of John Cena tonight. “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chant as soon as the match began. Otunga was quite oiled up for this match. Cena still managed to take him down with an arm-drag. Hey, Lawler just mentioned Otunga was “oiled up.” Side headlock by Cena took Otunga down. Otunga got Cena and the corner and kicked away at him. Cena fired back with right hands. Cena missed a charge and Otunga capitalized. Otunga slammed forearms down across the chest of Cena. Hard right hand put Cena on his rear. Clothesline followed that up. Another right hand. Man, he’s getting exposed even at this point with his lack of offense. Everything is a clothesline or a punch. “Fruity Pebble” chant as Cena’s lip was opened back up. Otunga posed after taking Cena down in a rear chinlock. Even Cole couldn’t understand him posing at this point. Sure enough, the posturing opened the door for Cena’s comeback. Cena got Otunga in the Attitude Adjustment and hit. STF applied and Otunga had to tap.

Winner: Cena, at 5:06.

Ace did not appear pleased. Right after the match, Lesnar came out of nowhere and ambushed Cena from behind, kicking him low. Cena was put up and given the F5, just like last week. Lesnar’s music then played as even Cole was calling him out on commentary. Lesnar circled Cena as some in the crowd chanted, “one more time.” Instead, Lesnar exited the ring and headed to the back. Ace seemed slightly pleased at the latest development. Lesnar stared back at the ring from the ramp as the show ended.

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#2 Posted on 9.4.12 2208.59
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2209.43
What a difference a week makes.
John Orquiola
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#3 Posted on 9.4.12 2211.11
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2215.37
    Originally posted by me in the Brock Lesnar Monster Heel thread
    I think the undercurrent of "Brock could turn a work into a shoot in an instant" any time he steps into a WWE ring from here on in is the most intriguing thing about his return.

POW! Right in the kisser. #Legitimacy

I even liked Brock's promo. Extreme Rules: The John Cena Holding Brock's Jock Match

What are Brock and Cena fighting for anyway? Winner earns the right to keep his buzzcut? They have the exact same haircut. It's the OVW buzz cut. How does Orton get in on this feud?

By contrast, the only Stooges I'll ever like are named Patterson and Brisco.

Everything not involving Brock punching Cena bloody or kicking him in the balls sucked.
It's False
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#4 Posted on 9.4.12 2212.06
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2218.37
I honestly don't understand why they're so attached to the heel GM gimmick. Cena/Brock doesn't NEED a heel GM attached to it! It can sell on its own! Likewise, CM Punk doesn't NEED John Laurinaitis to constantly stack the deck against him. Chris Jericho is enough of a jerk that he sells the feud on his own. It's almost like they don't know how to operate without the heel GM. If anything, feuds like Brock/Cena and Punk/Jericho give this company the perfect opening to do away with that tired gimmick once and for all and they simply refuse to do so.

I'm honestly shocked they're burning through Cena/Brock so quickly...unless the plan is for Brock to obliterate Cena within an inch of his life at the PPV.

Thanks for showing up, Daniel Bryan. If this was the Miami crowd, they would have started chanting YES! YES! YES! and completely forgotten about Cena and Brock.

Celebrities hit the ring and Kane cleans their clocks with a chokeslam. I had to check my calendar to make sure I didn't magically warp back to 1999.

I have a really bad feeling that Brodus was exposed in that tag match. That was a tepid comeback and he kinda looked lost out there.

Lord Tensai is the anti-Brodus, in the sense that his squashes are exciting nobody. That's kinda sad, because his offensive moveset is pretty kickass.

Otunga is such a waste. It's embarrassing how awful he is in the ring.

    Originally posted by John Orquiola
    By contrast, the only Stooges I'll ever like are named Patterson and Brisco.

I would have killed to see a Patterson and Brisco cameo and I actually thought it was coming when Hogan's music fired up. They're such teases.

(edited by It's False on 9.4.12 2020)
John Orquiola
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#5 Posted on 9.4.12 2226.48
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2228.28
Someone backstage broke out the old N64 and started playing WCW/nWo Revenge 1998 because Lord Tensai is basically either Kim Chee or Ming Chee (I forget which one) with some Shogun mixed in. All that's missing is for him to yell "CHEE!" during all of his offense.

Amusing to watch the fake Japanese guy squash the real Japanese guy into unconsciousness.

(edited by John Orquiola on 9.4.12 2033)
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#6 Posted on 9.4.12 2228.32
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2228.44
Lesnar bloodying up Cena was something else. Putting that on the same show where the 3 Stooges were real people was less cool.

Brock was better at delivering lines than he was 8 years ago but it really can't compare to seeing him speak naturally and angrily in UFC. THAT SAID his mannerisms and facial expressions are outstanding, like superduperstar-level.

Is Ryder not even bothered that Eve cost him the match at Wrestlemania? Maybe he cagily realizes that if he tries to pursue the matter, he'll just get pinned by her.

Laurinaitis should just strip Sheamus of the title for kicking that ref so he can win it again in a way people won't reject.

I hope Big Show's Cody Rhodes Embarrassments clip turns into Mr. (big) Show's Pre-Taped Call-In Show.

Speaking of, I believe the Showster also worked in D.C. So in the last 13 years they've had more fake Hogans than real ones (Hogan/Shawn was in Washington I think). Also didn't Will Sasso beat Bret Hart. Or maybe he tapped out but helped Piper win.
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#7 Posted on 9.4.12 2242.40
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2243.02
    Originally posted by John Orquiola
    Someone backstage broke out the old N64 and started playing WCW/nWo Revenge 1998 because Lord Tensai is basically either Kim Chee or Ming Chee (I forget which one) with some Shogun mixed in. All that's missing is for him to yell "CHEE!" during all of his offense.

That was WCW vs. nWo: World Tour, actually; Revenge had nothing but real wrestlers. (But otherwise I agree with you).

Will Sasso?! Really? Remember when he had a feud in WCW with Bret Hart?
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#8 Posted on 9.4.12 2253.03
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2253.36
This RAW was horrible. It started really strong with the Cena/Brock confrontation too. Fat Brock's mic work has improved greatly over the eight years though.

Where was my boy D-Bry? Vince must of been really scared he would steal the show in chants tonight. Saw lots of "Yes!" signs though.

Three Stooges with a Hogan diss......I got nothing. I'm gonna watch that Mad TV clip where Bret Hart beat the shit out of Will Sasso now.

I don't think Lord Albert is long for this company.

Boo this show. Booo!

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#9 Posted on 9.4.12 2324.22
Reposted on: 9.4.19 2324.47
That part with Cena and Brock and the pullaway was a great old school way to build a match. I really liked that.

As much as I feel that Lesnar should just beat the hell out of whoever is put in his way in his first match back, I have a hard time with the idea of him squashing Cena. I think this match will be pretty even and competitive with Brock winning through Johnny Ace shenanigans.

Cena winning would mean just a return to business as usual (like how he lost at WM last year and had the title back within a month), so I think Cena loses again and has a mini-losing streak. I do think that Cena/Lesnar should be more of a long term feud with Lesnar winning this battle, but losing down the road.
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#10 Posted on 10.4.12 0031.47
Reposted on: 10.4.19 0031.55
    Originally posted by ekedolphin

    That was WCW vs. nWo: World Tour, actually; Revenge had nothing but real wrestlers. (But otherwise I agree with you).

    Will Sasso?! Really? Remember when he had a feud in WCW with Bret Hart?

Revenge had the fake wrestlers too, I remember distinctly because I turned my copy on (the one where we changed all the wrestler's names). I know full well the last two groups (or first two scrolling left from the first, nWo White) were made up guys like AKI Man and Dr. Frank (Captain Grin Jeans and I Smell Bacon!!!).

And as soon as I saw Will Sasso on WWE TV I knew he was eating a bump due to his history with Hart/WCW. On that note, you could totally set up some kind of future angle for a celebrity to finally beat Kane.

    Originally posted by JustinShapiro

    Speaking of, I believe the Showster also worked in D.C. So in the last 13 years they've had more fake Hogans than real ones (Hogan/Shawn was in Washington I think).

Yep. I was there. Still vividly remember Shawn flopping like a fish out of water while Hogan posed before dropping the leg and laughing.

The Bloody Lip sold this show. Having Cena come in hot as hell because of it helped. Also, I think the legitimacy could be a pointer to Brock's massive PPV numbers. The only real loser here is Dana White; he lost Brock, who can lay claim the reason he left was tainted competition while amplifying WWE buyrates with brutal matches, and Ovareem, said tainted competitor. He's probably wiping his tears with hundred dollar bills.

The Miami crowd was mostly the diehard fans who paid for a full package deal to include RAW, it's a shame the DC crowd wasn't as hot, but not surprising.

Show was meh, Lord Tensai amazes NO ONE as a KO machine AFTER you have the former UFC Heavyweight champ punch your golden boy in the mouth.

I somehow think the guy feuding with Rock over the belt will be none other than Mark Henry. That's two wins over the WWE Champion in consecutive weeks.

(edited by Lexus on 10.4.12 0240)
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#11 Posted on 10.4.12 0439.38
Reposted on: 10.4.19 0443.16
    Originally posted by It's False
    Thanks for showing up, Daniel Bryan. If this was the Miami crowd, they would have started chanting YES! YES! YES! and completely forgotten about Cena and Brock.

I was really surprised they let Daniel Bryan go down to the ring for the Brock/Cena pull-a-part and risk the segment being ruined by "YES" and "Daniel Bryan" chants from the crowd.

Also a little surprised a wrestling crowd would shit on the Stooges.

Not sure if that was a dead crowd or that the Miami crowd just spoiled me.

I think the WWE would have been better off bringing back Albert as Prince Albert rather than bringing him back as Lord Tensai. The gimmick and slow move set might be just too old school for todays fans.
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#12 Posted on 10.4.12 0453.41
Reposted on: 10.4.19 0454.41
I thought the show was good; it centred around the two main feuds and really got me psyched for them.

I was legit uncomfortable for the Punk/Jericho stuff, it made me just sit and watch quietly, wincing at times.

(As a humorous note, this could totally lead to Stone Cold coming out and going "Why are you wasting perfectly good beer?).

The Lesnar/Cena stuff was awesome too and, unlike the Rock, I don't think the reaction will be mixed at all. I think Cena will come out as the full fledged fan favourite.

Also, I won't lie - the Three Stooges stuff made me want to see the movie.

And Santino is awesome.

I loved the show a lot more without the smarky crowd this week, too.
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#13 Posted on 10.4.12 0723.16
Reposted on: 10.4.19 0723.17
Cena/Lesnar was the only real highlight of the show. I am glad they kept the pull apart for this feud instead of Rock/Cena. Cena with the bloody smirk sold the entire thing with it was planned or not it felt real. I thought the crowd was into the Cena/Lesnar if you are not then why the fuck are you there? Everything else was a giant repeat of last week. Santino/Funkasarus get the better of Team Vickie, Punk gets beer bashed, Ryder gets jobbed out and Johnny comes off like a D-bag. I think the segments were in the same spot as last week, too.

I am with Its False and I know that the wrestling talking heads disagree, the show doesn't need another heel authority figure. There is no need for that person to exist. Johnny screwing up his lines is no longer bad its funny, its just bad. We are also getting nowhere with the storylines involving Johnny either. Eve and Miz get brushed off, he has no interactions with Punk and shoving him into the Lesnar/Cena feud is awkward. Yes, it does make some sense for Johnny to bring Brock in to legitimize WWE, but Brock could have said that on his own or gave hints that Vince wanted him back for leading UFC out of the wilderness. Shit, his promo covered all that. I truly believe they have no idea how to do a show without a GM or an authority figure. I think they would lose their minds.

Even with the show being a rehash minus the mostly terrible Stooges thing. I did get a chuckle out of the Kane/Hogan thing. I am still looking forward to Extreme Rules and I am wondering if they are going to let Punk Main Event or go with Brock/Cena. Even after beating Cena, they could work it into the storyline Brock fill dissed for no main eventing and some nobody like Punk does. Could lead to Punk/Brock which I am more excited about than Cena/Brock.
Amos Cochran
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#14 Posted on 10.4.12 0736.39
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I think, given Lesnar's fitness and the fact that it's crazy to do a clean match of this stature so soon, the Extreme Rules match will end up as a giant schmozz. With that in mind, I'm thinking Punk/Jericho headlines, and they go really ballsy and have Jericho screw Punk in his hometown.
Matt Tracker
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#15 Posted on 10.4.12 0755.58
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Somebody call DEAN's mamma because Brock was thisclose to doing Rene Dupree's OUTRAGEOUS FRENCH DANCE after the F5.
John Orquiola
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#16 Posted on 10.4.12 0828.27
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    Originally posted by Amos Cochran
    I think, given Lesnar's fitness and the fact that it's crazy to do a clean match of this stature so soon, the Extreme Rules match will end up as a giant schmozz.

I concur. Brock has not wrestled a worked pro wrestling match in 8 years. His UFC fights have lasted just a few minutes each. The Rock was in godly shape and he was visibly struggling with the pace and length of his WrestleMania match against Cena. Brock vs. Cena will probably be half the length, if that, and ought to be as schmozzy as a schmozz can get. And I want to see it! #Legitimacy
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#17 Posted on 10.4.12 0834.40
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Overall this was a huge step down from last week. But, last week was a fun anomaly, so this was just back to the WWE Average.

Suddenly announcing the Cena/Lesnar match at the next PPV is pretty bad storytelling. Actually it's not storytelling at all. They just announced it with the only connection between the two of them being the 3 minute segment last week. Weird that they didn't bother getting even one show's worth of drama into it before making a match.

The Lesnar/Cena pull apart was nice, but could have been considerably better. Let them brawl for maybe 10 more seconds, and have only a few guys come down at first to pull them apart so they can believably get a few more shots in. There's no reason that as soon as these two guys start fighting 20+ guys would storm down into the ring. Then, each with a mob surrounding them, both Lesnar and Cena somehow manages to break through? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Even so, everything Lesnar does right now is compelling, and by association so is everything Cena does (aside from a lame match with Otunga). Getting a bloody fat lip is the most interesting non-talking thing John Cena has done on RAW since last summer.

I agree there's no reason to have the GM get involved with Lesnar other than the Introduction To WWE segment we got in the beginning.

I'd much rather have Brodus be a singles guy right now. He looks weird just standing on the apron. He's got an eerie charisma as long as he's actually doing something, whether it be strutting down the aisle, the dino claws dance, or wrestling. But seeing him just standing around broke the spell.

The Jericho/Punk stuff still isn't clicking with me, but it's not terrible or anything.

Lesnar's attack at the end of the show makes it pretty clear that WWE would like him to be a heel. Even though I am not a fan of John Cena's babyface character, Lesnar can play a fine heel in this. He's a returning star who the fans love right now, but have him attack a few more people and have him say a few words about how he's here for the easy money and WWE is the minor leagues compared to UFC, and people will boo him.

Extreme Rules is in Chicago, and I doubt Lesnar will get booed facing Cena there, but to get Lesnar heel heat he could segue his attention to another babyface (CM Punk, obvi).

    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    Somebody call DEAN's mamma because Brock was thisclose to doing Rene Dupree's OUTRAGEOUS FRENCH DANCE after the F5.

I rewatched that bit after reading this comment and you are spot-on.

(edited by samoflange on 10.4.12 0940)
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#18 Posted on 10.4.12 0851.08
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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    Lesnar bloodying up Cena was something else. Putting that on the same show where the 3 Stooges were real people was less cool.
This Raw was the reverse of the A-Team hosted episode, where it was two hours of garbage and embarrassing host segments capped by an insane closing segment with the Nexus debut. This time we got an amazing opening segment and then the two hours of unsinspired TV.

    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    I hope Big Show's Cody Rhodes Embarrassments clip turns into Mr. (big) Show's Pre-Taped Call-In Show.
YES. Pre-Taped Call-In Talk Show was exactly what I thought of as soon as the Big Show interruption went directly into the clip of the Big Show interruption. I'd like to see what kind of bumps Dolph Ziggler would take if they let him do The Story of Everest next week.

The highlights of the pull-apart brawl were the wild shots of Cena's bloody mouth, which is pretty much the only time I've ever enjoyed Cena smiling in the ring, and Daniel Bryan pretty much singlehandedly yanking Brock Lesnar out of the ring and subduing him. Can you imagine the reaction if that had happened last week, with that Miami/'Mania leftover crowd? (Also, I guess the dubbed crowd on Smackdown and that limited, probably accidental Bryan moment this weeks speaks to their response to the Week Of YES!: it never happened.) The shot of Regal's terrified face when he was helping break things up was a stealth highlight.

Lowlights of the pull-apart brawl: Alberto Del Rio coming out to help break it up. What does he care, more than anybody? If he was going to be sent out there and be one of the last ones out like he was, they should have at least had him send out Ricardo to announce the Del Rio was coming out to help break it up. Also, I was first excited to spot/recognize Dustin in a suit, then sad because it means we really aren't going to get a full Cody/Dustin feud, are we? Or even a segment where Cody is forced to wear the Goldust outfit to help Dustin? So unfair.

Oh, wait, one more good thing and bad thing. Good thing: Cole's proud delivery of "I've been doin' my dinosaur research!" (almost as good as "I like the gyrations!" during the debut of the Funkasaurus). Bad thing: Curt(is) Hawkins' dumb cane. Is there any kind of Superstars/NXT in-continuity explanation for that thing?

Oh, and Tensai is kind of a dud so far. I'm not bailing on the guy yet, but they need to mix the formula up next week or this whole thing will be DOA.

Additional Oh: Best of luck to Mark Henry in his attempts to win the World Heavyweight Title from the WWE Champion. Right as that interview was winding up, I started thinking "He's gonna say the wrong belt, isn't he?" and then he did. So I'm probably psychic, but only as it pertains to things involving Mark Henry.
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#19 Posted on 10.4.12 0856.34
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    Originally posted by John Orquiola
      Originally posted by Amos Cochran
      I think, given Lesnar's fitness and the fact that it's crazy to do a clean match of this stature so soon, the Extreme Rules match will end up as a giant schmozz.

    I concur. Brock has not wrestled a worked pro wrestling match in 8 years. His UFC fights have lasted just a few minutes each.

Didn't Brock wrestle in Japan for several years after the NFL thing flopped? I would guess around 2006-2007 when he was Triple Crown Champ, perhaps? Wasn't there a big match with Angle in Japan to "unify" some titles around that time too? But yes, either way, it has been a while.
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#20 Posted on 10.4.12 0911.28
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I don't agree on the conditioning concern. Brock's training regimen for fights was as monstrous as he is, and they prepared him to shove around someone working against him for thirty minutes. Wrestling is all about cooperative storytelling, and Cena doesn't sandbag his opponents.

Given the accidental pasting of Cena last night, I'm sure that someone backstage is gonna pull Lesnar aside before Extreme Rules and remind him to pull his punches. He worked in OVW and the WWE for, what, four years? Five? Those skills are still in those muscles somewhere.

Now if they give him a RAW match before then (unlikely), and he damn near cripples someone (hopefully unlikelier), then they have cause to worry.

Also, and this should be the last time I mention this, I FUCKING CALLED THIS BEFORE MANIA.
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