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17.10.12 1054
The 7 - Movies & TV - The Hunger Games
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The King of Keith
Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 23.3.12 0853.30
Reposted on: 23.3.19 0853.44
Saw this last night at a midnight showing and was not disappointed in the least. Excellent movie. Very well made and just as brutal as I hoped. I really thought the expanded role of Seneca would be distracting but actually helped the movie quite a bit.

Very high recommendations.
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#2 Posted on 23.3.12 0955.02
Reposted on: 23.3.19 0956.13
I too saw it at midnight. Read the book too and I thought it was very faithful to it. Very good film, and there were some really nices performances in the supporting cast (Stanley Tucci especially was awesome, as usual) and surprises (having not seen the cast list aside from Jennifer Lawrence before seeing the movie).
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#3 Posted on 23.3.12 2139.23
Reposted on: 23.3.19 2140.45
Go see The Hunger Games - saw it tonight and it lives up to the massive hype.

This is a total star turn for Jennifer Lawrence, the way Pretty Woman was for Julia Roberts. You totally want to root for her.

Very faithful to the book and wisely cuts out a part that bugged me near the end.

Would have been better without people bringing babies into the theater- complete with full stroller. I get that babysitters are expensive, but it's so selfish to not leave when the kid clearly is not going to be quiet.

I will almost be disappointed when The Avengers comes out and I can't see the fun trailer anymore.
As much as I want it to, the Spider-Man trailer does nothing to get me excited or intrigued.
Boudin rouge
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#4 Posted on 24.3.12 0203.03
Reposted on: 24.3.19 0208.29
It was a great movie. There were a ton of kids there, I thought I went to watch Star Wars: The Phantom Menace again!

I think my biggest complaint is the Paul Greengrass/Bourne Identity style shaky cam and super fast camera pan that was making me dizzy.
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#5 Posted on 24.3.12 1013.18
Reposted on: 24.3.19 1018.57
Maybe it's just me, but this movie looks like a prettier version of Battle Royale judging by the trailer.

I'll check it out since it's getting some good reactions.
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#6 Posted on 24.3.12 1014.52
Reposted on: 24.3.19 1019.19
The camera work was our only issue as well, seeing it on an ultra-screen made me glad we were near the back. It must have been nauseating near the front rows.

I'm hoping that's toned down in the sequels.

Otherwise, we enjoyed it immensely. Any significant changes seemed like they were there to speed along exposition of plot points and internal dialogue from the book. I thought that they worked very well to that point.

The use of the President worked well to convey the menace of the Capitol in my opinion.

I definitely recommend seeing the movie, especially if you're a fan of the books.
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#7 Posted on 24.3.12 1153.38
Reposted on: 24.3.19 1154.53
    Originally posted by CruelAngel777
    Maybe it's just me, but this movie looks like a prettier version of Battle Royale judging by the trailer.

That is what my friends and I have been talking about this past week. It looks like an American version of Battal Royale.

I wonder if Cerebus has checked out Hunger Games yet? He seems like the type of guy, from his previous movie reviews/comments, that has seen BR already and I would love an opinion of HG from someone who has seen both.
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#8 Posted on 24.3.12 1212.42
Reposted on: 24.3.19 1217.48
I am seeing it tomorrow and I have seen Battle Royale twice just in the past year, so I will come on and let you know.

The podcast for the site that I write most for devoted an episode just to comparing the two films.
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#9 Posted on 24.3.12 2122.05
Reposted on: 24.3.19 2125.22
    Originally posted by Zeruel
    I wonder if Cerebus has checked out Hunger Games yet? He seems like the type of guy, from his previous movie reviews/comments, that has seen BR already and I would love an opinion of HG from someone who has seen both.

I do not plan on seeing this. I'm not into movies based on books written for 12 year old girls. (Harry Potter doesn't count!)

That's my opinion.

Llakor has the same 'tastes' as I except he enjoys the less fringe-type stuff. This will be more to his liking than me. offense, Llakor.

EDIT: As for Battle Royale, the first one was decent, the sequel was kinda dumb, and neither one was as good as the source material with it's back stories and sub-plots including a child prostitution ring and some necrophilia on children. The manga is truly a classic in Japanese literature.

(edited by Cerebus on 25.3.12 0634)
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#10 Posted on 25.3.12 0142.21
Reposted on: 25.3.19 0142.54
I was shocked at how much I really loved this flick. I thought it'd be good for some action, but the story and the characters really sucked me in. Great flick overall. The only problem I had, like cranlsn, was the camera work. I could see using it for SOME of the battle/fight scenes, but when she's walking after volunteering? Too much. But, not a big enough deal to ruin the flick.
Texas Kelly
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#11 Posted on 25.3.12 1257.43
Reposted on: 25.3.19 1259.01
Film is now estimated to have the third-highest opening weekend in history (, trailing only HPDH Part 2 and the Dark Knight.
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#12 Posted on 25.3.12 1503.23
Reposted on: 25.3.19 1504.52
Joke stolen from twitter

What do they call The Hunger Games in France?

Battle Royale with cheese.
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#13 Posted on 25.3.12 2355.54
Reposted on: 25.3.19 2356.41
This comment says it all:

"The birth of a franchise," proclaimed veteran industry analyst Paul Degerabedian on the website

Boudin rouge
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#14 Posted on 26.3.12 0250.18
Reposted on: 26.3.19 0252.13
Wonder if they are going to split the books up so they can milk it....
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#15 Posted on 26.3.12 0752.23
Reposted on: 26.3.19 0753.49
Took my two daughters yesterday and all 3 of us really enjoyed it. I felt the movie was as true to the book as a movie can really be these days. Jennifer Lawrence was sensational.

and yes, they are already talking about splitting the final book into two movies.
John Orquiola
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#16 Posted on 26.3.12 0815.32
Reposted on: 26.3.19 0823.00
Here's what I thought. (SPOILERS). (

A generally satisfying adaptation anchored by a magnificent lead performance by Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen.
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#17 Posted on 26.3.12 1235.28
Reposted on: 26.3.19 1236.58
I took my 12 year old daughter to see it yesterday. Sory, Cerebus, she liked it.

I have not read the books and only took my daughter because my wife already had other plans. Only knowing the basic plot ahead of time, I thought it was a pretty good movie. The jiggly camera I was warned about as someone we know had to leave midway through an earlier show with motion sickness.

Tucci was the best. He was channeling his best J. Peterman, for sure.
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#18 Posted on 26.3.12 1359.56
Reposted on: 26.3.19 1402.11
I liked it...but I didn't love it. Definately don't get why it is so huge. Lawrence carried the movie...she's very good. Tucci is great. Hell, even Elizabeth Banks is good. It just seemed...I dunno...predictable. Like it was something I've already seen, and I haven't seen Battle Royale.
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#19 Posted on 26.3.12 1905.39
Reposted on: 26.3.19 1907.11
I really dug it, in some ways more than the book (which, if they'd been completely true to it, probably would have gathered an R-rating). The final scene with Cato and the final scene with the gamemaker, and the conversations between Snow and the gamemaker (I like careful. DONALD SUTHERLAND IS SO AWESOME) I thought were real improvements.
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#20 Posted on 26.3.12 2128.55
Reposted on: 26.3.19 2129.02
To be honest, I was kinda disappointed. The very 1st thing I was upset they didnt show that was in the book was the character of Haymitch (played BRILLIANTLY by Woody Harrelson) falling off the stage, I wish they would have put that in there.

They didnt show district 11's delivery of the bread to Katniss to say thank you for taking care of Rue and laying her to rest so beautifully.

They didnt show Haymitch's parachute of the syrup that is what knocked out Peeta so she could then go get the medicine to save him, nor how she administered the syrup to knock him out or the look of betrayal.

And they truly didnt show enough of the relationship that Rue and Katniss developed during the games.
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