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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - NXT #100
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#1 Posted on 19.1.12 2110.12
Reposted on: 19.1.19 2111.38
Previously on NXT:
Maxine broke off the engagement with Derrick, who vowed to get her back. Aksana’s discovery of a negative email from Derrick to Teddy Long drove Maxine into the arms of Johnny Curtis, resulting in them announcing their plans to get married on today’s episode of NXT, taped in Sin City itself, Las Vegas! Also, I saw none of those episodes, and haven’t watched any of NXT since one or two episodes in Season 2.

In celebration of the 100th episode of NXT, Lillian Garcia welcomes back the original voice of NXT, Michael Cole! Cole leads the crowd in applause as he makes his way to the desk.

Match 1: No DQ match - Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young

Young starts out showing his quickness advantage, but Titus quickly takes over with a big boot and pound & ground. A backbreaker gets two, and Young tries to take control but pays for it by being thrown over the post in an impressive display of strength. Titus goes out to continue the punishment, but Young catches him napping with a facebuster on the apron, before charging into a powerslam on the floor. General out-of-the-ring shenanigans ensue in Titus’s favor, and rolls Young into the ring. Young begs off, but lulls Titus onto the apron, on which he plants Titus with a neckbreaker.

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Young stays in control as we return, dishing out a clothesline for two. Backdrop suplex gets the same result. Forearm shots set up a DY cravate, but Titus fights his way to his feet, and is posted and gutbusted for his troubles. Josh is impressed with the strength that requires, as am I. Young sets up for a Samoan drop (maybe?), but Titus reverses into a D’Lo Brown-esque Sky High for, um, three. Total number of disqualifiable offenses in the match: zero.

Titus grabs the mic, and asks where his dogs are. He then says he wants to thank his fans “for absolutely nothing!” Titus complains about redemption points and leprechauns. He takes the credit for teaching Hornswoggle how to speak. He declares himself the star of NXT, and of every other show on WWE. Titus finished by saying he will definitely make it a win, “you losers”.

Titus is very sweaty.

Johnny Curtis is shown backstage, putting on his tuxedo T-shirt. I’d have been disappointed if he wasn’t wearing one. That, or Kane’s majestic all-white tuxedo.

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Match 2: Heath Slater vs. Percy Watson

Josh speculates as to Percy’s opinion about what Titus said earlier. Chain wrestling turns into a dropkick by Percy, and a nice Northern-lights suplex. Slater cuts him off with various kicks and stomps, and celebrates with a one-man air guitar. A slingshot under the ropes prompts jawjacking with referee Charles Robinson. Percy fights out of a chinlock, but is brought down with a leaping neckbreaker. Nobody home on a Slater Stinger splash. Josh and Michael have trouble coming up with more Lynyrd Skynyrd songs besides “Free Bird”. Flying clothesline and a dropkick hit the mark for Percy, and Percy connects with his own Stinger splash, followed up with a shoulder tackle. Percy calls for his twisting splash, but Slater kicks out at two. A flapjack keeps Slater down for three, though.

Maxine preps backstage, and collides with the Usos. One of them sneezes on Maxine’s mesh outerwear, and I will not hazard a guess as to which Uso. Maxine is displeased.

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Maxine tries to get the attention of the seamstress, and I note that I have the same clothes iron as WWE does. Johnny finds her and tries to calm her down, pointing out that Derrick isn’t even going to be around today. Maxine leaves, as Kaitlyn enters the scene. Johnny suggests that Kaitlyn and he have a two-minute bachelor party. Kaitlyn calls him weird.

Match 3: Yoshi Tatsu & Trent Barreta vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Barreta dressed like Vega. Not Savio Vega, but Vega from Street Fighter, complete with mask (although the mask is Japanese-themed). Cole congratulates Lillian for not screwing up (yet). Reks & Hawkins try to control the beginning with double-teaming, but are foiled by a blind-tagging Tatsu leaping off the top tope with a flying chop (Steamboat-style, not Benoit). He’s cut off shortly after, and the heels do generic damage. Tatsu hope-spot gets turned into a Hawkins powerslam. Reks taunts Tatsu with how close he is to the corner, and then kicks him the ribs and grabs a front facelock, which he transitions into a walking powerslam for two. Reks humbles Tatsu with a camel clutch, but Tatsu fires up and out, drops Reks with a spinning heel kick. Hot tag, and Barreta enzuigiris Reks, and then a one-legged dropkick. Baretta hits a corkscrew moonsault press, and Hawkins breaks up the pin. As the ref deals with Tatsu, Hawkins jabs Barreta in the gut with his staff, and Reks hits Hawkins with what’s obviously his finisher (it’s pretty nifty-looking) for three.

Wiki says Barretta’s move is a burning hammer (Argentine backbreaker rack dropped into a DDT). I agree with the general description, but it did not look like a burning hammer.

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Raw Rebound

Cole and Josh discuss Johnny Ace as the ring is prepped for the wedding.

[ad break]

The minister comes down to the ring dressed as Elvis, and Cole suddenly realized it’s actually Matt Striker. Strikes gets the mic, and says he got his license from Carrot Top. Johnny comes out to the ring with his tuxedo T-shirt and a leather jacket. He comes down with his best man, who Cole speculates is someone who Johnny found at the bar at 4 am last night, and the best man’s disheveled nature does not make that unlikely. Maxine comes out alone. Cole says he can see actual pieces of Uso snot on the mesh. Maxine sees the best man, and freaks out, asking who he is. Johnny says it’s Chad, and then corrects himself and says “Chris, Chris from last night. He’s legit”. Chris says he was promised that he would meet Hillbilly Jim. Elvis Striker attempts to sing the vows, but appears to be discouraged by Cole’s boos. Does Johnny take Maxine to be his lawfully wedded wife, to cherish and hold, until he gets bored? “Yes.” Does Maxine take Johnny to be her lawfully wedded husband, until he gets tired of her? “Yes, whatever I have to do.” Striker almost declares them husband and wife, but then pauses to see if there is an objection. Surprised at the lack of response, he continues, only to be cut off by, OH MY GOD IT’S DERRICK BATEMAN.

Derrick accuses Johnny of hacking Derrick’s email and sending an email to Teddy Long demanding Maxine stay on NXT and off Smackdown. When Johnny says that Derrick is embarrassing himself in front of the loserest city in the world, Derrick points to his Jumbotron evidence: Johnny Curtis sneaking into the locker room, and using Derrick’s iPad. Cole points out that Curtis did maybe two swipes of his finger, not enough for the full email. Maxine looks to Johnny for reassurance, but realizes that Johnny is lying, and slaps Johnny. Johnny double-legs Derrick, but Maxine claws Johnny off Derrick, and fishhooks him. Derrick boots Johnny in the face, and plants Curtis with a standing bulldog, and rips off his dress shirt in celebration. Derrick takes the mic, and informs Maxine that he always wanted her on top. As he leaves the ring, Maxine calls him back, slaps him, and grabs him for some major tongue actions. The PVR recording cuts out at this point, but I’ve got a feeling that these two crazy kids are going to be okay.

In conclusion: the matches were decent but unremarkable (except for the none-DQ no-DQ weirdness, but I recorded and recapped this expecting memorable wackiness befitting the 100th episode, and even the wedding wasn’t very entertaining.

I think I'll retire now as a recapper, unless NXT Redemption lasts to the 200th Episode.
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#2 Posted on 20.1.12 1231.32
Reposted on: 20.1.19 1233.30
Even though he was his usual self on this show, I quite enjoyed hearing shit-on-everything Michael Cole back in his natural habitat. To the extent that hearing him go back and forth with Josh Matthews about how directionless and stupid NXT is now almost made up for how the show has also turned quite dull. I even wondered several times whether it would be possible for Regal to be on the same announce team as Cole, and whether his excellent ability to stay on point and put everyone over whilst still hating certain things about them would be able to blend nicely with Cole's more wildly misdirectioned general disdain into something both entertaining and informative. Possibly even in a 3 man team with Josh as the middle man, but I think the clash of personalities may be too much.
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#3 Posted on 20.1.12 1249.46
Reposted on: 20.1.19 1259.01
I haven't watched NXT outside of a handful of Season 1 episodes, but I still think it's cool that there's this pseudo-third-brand that exists almost entirely in its own little universe.
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#4 Posted on 20.1.12 1350.19
Reposted on: 20.1.19 1351.06
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#5 Posted on 20.1.12 1406.26
Reposted on: 20.1.19 1408.58
I checked this out because
- it was a wrestling wedding
- it was the 100 episode
- Michael Cole is tolerable making fun of this show

Really, the first two were more successful in reminding to go seek out the show than actually being that interesting in themselves. It's an easy show to forget.

I felt pretty much the same way as hansen9j about the matches, but liked the wedding a little more. Johnny Curtis really is as creepy and weird as they say he is. I have no idea how that works on a 'normal' wrestling show but it was pretty good here.
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#6 Posted on 20.1.12 1734.47
Reposted on: 20.1.19 1740.46
Since I already hate Titus and his stupid seal bark, you'd think him turning heel would make me enjoy him.

It was as nonsensical and this whole Batemax breakup/reunion. Maxine is supposed to be all smart & shit, so it seems silly The Most Interesting Woman in the World(TM) would fall for the stupid email/mom thing.

I second a Cole/Regal combo, it would be interesting at least.
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#7 Posted on 21.1.12 1230.03
Reposted on: 21.1.19 1231.16
For weeks I'd been thinking I'd have to start this thread, very pleased I don't have do all the legwork.

Before the heel Daniel Bryan storyline started, NXT was probably my favorite wrestling show. Granted, I'd get behind on them by a couple weeks and then catch up. And granted, I skip most of the matches and just watch the angles, which can be a real discredit to some especially hardworking people on this show like Yoshi, Kidd, Usos, Barretta, and Hawkins. Actually, there was a Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater match as part of alumni month I watched that was pretty much outstanding.

(Alumni month also featured the long-prophesied genesis of McGillicutty as he returned to the scene of the crime, said that NXT sucks, and lost to Alex Riley -- who belongs on this show and deserves no better. Which in my mind not only culminated the genesis but also paid off the eternal mystery of why Riley attacked the people on his side in the infamous NXT2 beatdown of Kaval: he was secretly this annoying babyface character all along, a triple agent.)

The show has been made by the saga of Derrick Bateman and Maxine, even moreso since the addition of Johnny "Dirty Curty" Curtis in an amazing new character, a heel revelation of smarm and skeeviness and disgusting faces who often invites Kaitlyn to get weird with him in his van.

All that said, ep100 here didn't really live up to my lofty expectations. As irreverent and hilarious as Bateman and Curtis are, the wedding was disappointingly perfunctory even by NXT c-show efforts. Certainly didn't approach the standard of Goldust and Aksana. Which is too bad because the week-to-week steps in getting there have been a delight.

Less importantly I thought this angle had turned Bateman back face, but apparently it's just been soap opera for soap opera's sake. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because Betamax had a great act going, both ready for and ready to be ruined by Smackdown.

It was nice and fitting to have Cole back in his proper setting but it was harder to enjoy him in vintage NXT mode with the baggage of how awful he's been on real TV since NX3.

Pretty odd that Titus' best friend in the world Percy Watson had no reaction to Coach's alarming behavior seconds earlier.

There are awesome new NXT credits highlighting the new NXT universe that they only made last week. Until then they had remained, charmingly, clips of the original Redemption contestants, 2/3rds of whom hadn't been around since June.

Through thick and thin, I still hope this season never ends. And with WWE Network delayed until the fall, I don't think it will.
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#8 Posted on 22.1.12 1546.59
Reposted on: 22.1.19 1548.27
U wanna git weird?

Make it a shirt wwe.
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