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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW Supershow #963 11/7/11
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#1 Posted on 7.11.11 2209.47
Reposted on: 7.11.18 2210.31
TONIGHT: Taped earlier tonight from Liverpool, England, Kevin Nash is scheduled to make his return to Raw after being hired at the behest of Triple H. What will he have to say? Plus, what, if anything, will R-Truth and Miz do to recover and get their heat back after John Cena dispatched of them last week? Speaking of Cena, will he respond to Rock’s comments and subsequent acceptance of his proposal for Survivor Series last week?

- WWE Open.

- RAW Open.

- They brought the fireworks to England! The camera panned the excited crowd and Michael Cole said Raw is in Liverpool for the first time ever.

- John Cena’s music hit and he was the first out. Lots of boos at first, but then cheers picked up. Cole plugged Twitter, then Cena picked up a microphone. He thanked the fans for their response and admitted he was a little upset. He said Wrestlemania went on sale Saturday – tickets are going fast and we don’t want to miss it. Cena said the Rock couldn’t make it tonight, but accepted his invitation to be his tag partner at Survivor Series. Cena said the WWE Universe is talking about next week’s Raw because The Rock returns to the show. Cena pandered to the crowd and talked about Miz and R-Truth being in tag action tonight against himself and a future Hall-of-Famer. Zack Ryder? Before we could find out who, Miz and Truth’s mash-up music interrupted.

Miz did his “really” bit from the stage and said he doesn’t see Cena teaming with him or Truth tonight, so he doesn’t know who the HOF’er could be. Miz said all last week proved was they’d up the ante for the level of anguish they’d put Cena through at Survivor Series. Miz admitted Cena beat him last week, but reminded Cena they beat him down two weeks ago. He also reminded Cena that he pinned him at Wrestlemania, something a lot of other major stars can’t say. Miz said Cena embarrassed them last week, and he’s been replaying last week’s beat-down in his mind. He said he hopes Cena has been replaying it, because it’ll never happen again. He promised to give Cena a beating he’ll never forget tonight. Truth said the fans need to keep their sense of humor. “What” chants from the crowd. Truth said no one will be laughing after Survivor Series, or even after tonight. Truth said whoever Cena is teaming with will get got tonight. The heels had made their way to ringside at this point. Cena talked up his partner, saying he’s the fifth Beatle amongst other things. Miz got upset and told him it doesn’t matter who he’s teaming with – his time is up. The heels advanced on Cena, but before they could attack, Ryder’s theme played. Miz and Truth went on the attack, but Ryder made the save and cleaned house on Miz and Truth. Cena and Ryder did Ryder’s handshake and raised each other’s arms in triump.

- Kevin Nash returns tonight.

- Dolph Ziggler was walking with Vickie Guerrero backstage. He faces John Morrison next.

[Commercial Break]

- They showed some vintage Beatles submarine, being in Liverpool and all.

(1) Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
Cole said Ryder doesn’t deserve a US Title match despite winning in a non-title match last week because a non-title match is like an exhibition game or a pre-season game and thus doesn’t count for anything. According to the announcers, Morrison hasn’t won since mid-August. Take-down by Ziggler for a one-count, then a rear chin-lock 35 seconds into the match. Couple head-lock take-overs by Morrison. Face-first went Ziggler, cover for only one. Ziggler with a jawbreaker. Elbowdrop for two. Pele kick by Morrison sent Ziggler to the outside. Morrison hit the ropes but Ziggler came back in and surprised Morrison with a clothesline. They went to break at 3:03 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:38 and Ziggler was still in control. Dropkick by Ziggler as the announcers once again talked about the online petition Ryder created in order to get another shot at the US Title. Suplex by Ziggler, then a kip-up. He toyed with Morrison, and of course, Morrison shot back at this point. He almost got DQ’d for being overaggressive. Ziggler elbowed Morrison and continued to punish the neck. “Let’s go Ziggler/Let’s go Morrison” chant. Morrison caught a Ziggler dropkick and catapulted him into the corner. I think Dolph really likes that spot. Morrison made his comeback and hit a spinning DDT for two at 11:29. Ziggler was positioned for Starship Pain, but Ziggler moved and Morrison landed on his feet. Roll-ups by Ziggler, both for two. Kick to the knee, then a Fameasser by the US Champion. Still only a two-count. Morrison shrugged off a sleeper and hit the Flying Chuck kick. A Vickie Guerrero distraction led to Ziggler rolling up Morrison for two. Morrison then rolled up Ziggler for the win. Curse broken!

Winner: Morrison, at 13:03. Nice match – I don’t think these two could have a bad match. But not a fan of a champion losing again.

- R-Truth and Miz take on Zack Ryder and John Cena tonight.

[Commercial Break]

- Lawler thanked Flo Rida for providing the theme to Survivor Series.

- Cole announced Team Orton (Orton, Kingston, Sin Cara, Sheamus, Ryan) vs. Team Barrett (Barrett, Swagger, Christian, Rhodes, Hunico) in a traditional Survivor Series match for the PPV.

(2) Mason Ryan vs. JTG
I heard “and currently in the ring, from Brooklyn, New York…” thought it would be the Brawler. A hype video for Ryan aired as he came to the ring. Ryan clotheslined JTG out of the corner after countering an attempt at offense by JTG. Back-breaker by Ryan, then shoulders into the gut in the corner. JTG created separation, which led to a boot to the face by Ryan. Press slam (though he couldn’t get JTG all the way up), then a Full-nelson into a Full-Nelson slam for the win.

Winner: Ryan, at 2:24. Oh man, I was really hoping they’d give him Warlord’s finisher there. Squash that no one in the crowd cared about.

- They showed clips of fans buying tickets for Wrestlemania in Miami, and also some local media coverage from South Florida.

- The Bellas were backstage talking about their favorite Beatles songs when Ryder excitedly came up to them. They faked him out by saying someone was coming from behind him (since he got attacked last week), then Ryder told them to sign his petition and call him as they walked off.

- Kevin Nash returns tonight.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole announced that the Michael Cole Challenge will not take place tonight. He said the TSA e-mailed him today, as the TSA objected to the amount of barbecue sauce JR was packing and had to be detained. Cole said JR can meet him in Boston next week for Raw if he wants to take the challenge.

- Justin Roberts introduced Ricardo Rodriguez. He, in turn, announced Alberto Del Rio.

(3) Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston
Match went to the outside quickly, but Del Rio was aggressive in the early moments. Nothing mentioned of Kingston and the tag titles, unless I missed something. Trouble in Paradise missed and Del Rio sent Kofi hard into the ring post, shoulder-first. He brought the arm and shoulder across his knees, then locked in the Cross Arm-breaker for the win.

Winner: Del Rio, at 2:08. Man, JTG lasted longer against Mason Ryan! Del Rio needed a big win and I guess Kofi could be sacrificed since the tag champs won’t be defending anything for a month.

After the match, Del Rio again put Kofi in his finisher, but CM Punk’s music hit and he walked out. That was enough for ADR to break the hold. Punk will speak on this, next.

[Commercial Break]

- Punk was in the ring and ADR began his promo right when the show came back. Del Rio said Punk was supposed to ASK him for a title shot, not act like a coward and force him to give him the shot. “CM Punk” chant. ADR told Punk not to listen to them, because people in this country don’t matter. He said they’re pathetic and ugly, just like Punk. Another loud chant, though I couldn’t make it out. Del Rio said he’s WWE Champion and Punk knows how dangerous he is. Del Rio told Punk to cancel the match at Survivor Series, or he’ll force him. Punk said nobody seems to punch anyone in the face when they have a problem anymore. He said he didn’t know he had to get in line and politely ask for a title shot. Punk said that one is on him and apologized, being the bigger man in the process. Punk talked about how Del Rio became champion, recounting how Del Rio won the title (by cashing in MITB) and beating him with a lead pipe at Hell in a Cell. So are we ignoring Cena’s reign in between?

Del Rio again said he was WWE Champion and Punk said Del Rio is one-dimensional on the mic. Who cares? What does that have to do with winning championships? Punk said for all Del Rio’s “destiny” speeches, he doesn’t have a damn thing to say. He said people watching on DVR fast forward through Del Rio promos and don’t miss a thing. Punk said he has listened to Del Rio enough, and said at Survivor Series, he’s going to win the title and do what Del Rio has failed to do: Make the WWE Title interesting again. Del Rio said he doesn’t care what Punk thinks – he’s the WWE Champ and that makes him the best in the world. Del Rio asked Punk if he was going to cancel the match – yes or no. Punk thought about it and as the crowd anticipated the answer with “oohhhhhhhHHHH!!” growing in intensity, Punk nailed the timing and said “no!” at the apex. Del Rio went on the attack but he escaped before the GTS could be hit. Rodriguez took it instead. How many times are we going to see Rodriguez take a finisher and Del Rio scamper off! Feels like they’ve done that a ton lately.

- A reminder about the main event tag match.

[Commercial Break]

- They aired what amounted to a Raw Rebound relating to the Muppets hosting Raw last week.

(4) Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella
During his entrance, an interview aired from “earlier tonight” where Swagger portrayed frustration over losing to a Muppet last week. His eye even started twitching he was so angry! Swagger tried a single-leg take-down by Santino got the ropes. Go-behind, then a waist-lock take-over by Swagger. Santino and Swagger had words, but Swagger simply punched him in the face. Swagger caught Santino for a powerslam. Another slam by Swagger. Marella worked out of a potential submission hold, but Swagger put him back down. This was the designated “make fun of JR on commentary” match and even Lawler got into it. Marella went shoulder-first into the ring-post and Swagger again began to twitch. Ankle-lock applied and Santino tapped.

Winner: Swagger, via submission, at 3:02. Nice for him to get the win back, and in dominating fashion.

- Kelly Kelly was walking backstage. King promised we’d see her like we’ve never seen her before. Nice touch having a guy she walked by, who was on the phone, drop the phone to his side and ogle Kelly as she walked by him.

[Commercial Break]

- Jerry Lawler was in the ring. He introduced Kelly Kelly as this month’s Maxim cover-girl, and the issue will be on newsstands next week. Maxim is the new Playboy. A sadder thing I’ve never known. She came out and the giant cover was in the ring ready to be unveiled. Kelly said when she started here five years ago, she was just a kid. She said she feels like she’s grown up in front of the WWE Universe. What is this, her Hall-of-Fame speech? She said she was thrilled to be standing in front of us as a former WWE Divas Champion (really? thrilled?) and Maxim cover-girl.

Beth and Nattie interrupted and Beth mocked Kelly, saying she hopes all the girls can grow up to be Barbie Dolls like her. Nattie and Beth continued to mock Kelly, pretending to be Kelly thanking God for her looks. Kelly said she wouldn’t interrupt Beth if she got not eh cover of National Geographic. Beth said she was there to set an example for girls out there who get the false impression of what it takes to be a WWE Diva. She said it takes more than just good looks. Apparently no one informed WWE management this. The women tried to bully Kelly into crying, but Eve and Alicia Fox ran out to make the save. That ran off the heels. Fox asked where they were going and told them they’d miss the unveiling. Eve said it’s not their moment, but Kelly’s. Finally, the cover was shown.

- Available two weeks from tomorrow, the WWE ’12 video game. Cole talked about some of the changes to the game and they showed Punk vs. Del Rio in the game.

- Kevin Nash returns next.

[Commercial Break]

- Lawler plugged, specifically a story breaking down why Cena and Rock would make a great tag team.

- The exterior of the Echo Arena in Liverpool was shown, as well as the Wheel of Excellence nearby.

- Justin Roberts introduced Johnny Ace. Ace introduced himself again (even though Roberts just did). Ace intro’d Nash, who came out to the NWO music. As he entered the ring, they showed clips of him assaulting Triple H two weeks ago. I bet this doesn’t end the same way the last feud when someone hit him with a sledgehammer ended. Nash thanked Ace for bringing him back and said people have been asking him “why?” He said he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, other than Triple H. Nash talked about Hunter shadowing Killer Kowalski back in 1995 and said he should’ve buried him then. Nash said Shawn Michaels sat at the monitor and said Hunter had something, so Nash let him into the Clique. Nash said Hunter won him over, and they had a real friendship. He said he was honored to be at Triple H’s wedding. Then the Royal Rumble 2011. He said he got the biggest pop of the night (by far!) and asked about getting the band back together. He said he didn’t even get a response. He said Hunter betrayed him. Nash said in his eyes, Hunter is still the measuring stick around here. He was unhappy with a “has-been Legends contract.” He said on any given night, he can become World Champion. He said he booked himself in a main event match by using Hunter’s sledgehammer against him. He sat for six hours contemplating it, and it felt good. He said when he saw them putting Hunter on the board, he felt like he could do it again. He said he took advantage of Hunter, who sat there like a helpless child. Nash said he just showed us how you play the game. By far Nash’s best promo since his return.

- The announcers talked on camera about what just happened.

- A Brodus Clay video package aired.

- Johnny Ace and David Otunga were backstage. Otunga asked if Ace needed permanent legal counsel, then asked if Clay was supposed to debut tonight. Ace said Clay is special and needs to debut in front of a more sophisticated audience. Punk walked up and told Ace he has no idea what the fans want. Otunga made a crack about not wanting a champion who looks like he works at a gas station. Punk said it’s almost as cheesy as Punk asking if Otunga would like regular (left hand) or unleaded (right hand). He hit him with a right and pounded away. Del Rio ran in and assaulted Punk. Ace admonished Del Rio off camera and even threatened to take off his jacket! Referees intervened before things could get too out of control.

- The main event tag is next.

[Commercial Break]

- They showed Del Rio’s attack on Punk backstage moments ago. Well, hours ago, but you get the idea.

- The announcers talked on-camera about Del Rio vs. Punk and Survivor Series. They showed a giant ad for Survivor Series on a bus in NYC as well as a huge billboard for Wrestlemania in the city.

(5) Awesome Truth vs. Zack Ryder & John Cena
During Awesome Truth’s entrance, they showed Truth attacking Cena during his match with Miz from last week, and Cena getting the best of them in the end. Truth and Cena locked up to start. Take-down by Cena on Miz, then a splash in the corner. Hard clothesline, cover for one. “We want Ryder” chant. And no Bizarro World references. Truth tagged in but wanted Ryder. Cena did end up tagging Ryder. Kick to the gut by Truth. They both hit the mat on a shoulderblock but Ryder planted Truth face-first, then tossed Truth over the top rope. Truth hit flush on his back and the back of his head. They went to break at 2:59.

[Commercial Break]

Back at the 5:52 mark. Ryder with a few hip-tosses on Miz, then a middle-rope dropkick for two. Cena put his head down and Miz kicked him in the face. He sent Cena into the heel corner, where he and Truth attempted to cut off the ring. The heat segment on Cena went on for a few minutes, with frequent tags by Miz and Truth. Ryder got a hot tag just over 10:00 in. He set Miz up for the running boot, but invited Cena into the ring. Cena put on the sunglasses and did the hand gesture, kicking Truth in the corner on one side while Ryder did the same to Miz on the other. As the ref got Cena out of the ring, the heels took back over. Truth grabbed a hold while the crowd got behind Ryder. Hard left hand by Miz, who taunted Ryder then jawed with Cena. “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chants. Miz continued to try to hold off Ryder making the tag. Miz went for a suplex but Ryder cradled him for two at 13:20. Running clothesline in the corner by Miz, who seemed almost preoccupied with Cena the last few minutes. Kick to the face by Truth, right into a running kick by Miz. Truth with a rear chin-lock, as well as a dose of the crazy eyes. Truth kept Ryder grounded. Double clothesline at 16:00. Hot tag to Cena after Miz tagged in. Cena ran over Miz with the usual moveset, and even gave Truth a front suplex. Cena brought Ryder into the ring and they did stereo five knuckle shuffles. Miz kicked a seated Cena, Truth (from outside the ring) held Cena’s legs and the pinfall was made.

Winners: Miz and Truth, at 17:17.

Miz and Truth yelled at Cena (in the ring) from the stage. Cena said that’s their one – they don’t get two. The show went off the air with the focus on Cena.

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#2 Posted on 7.11.11 2216.27
Reposted on: 7.11.18 2221.42
First off, as much flack I give the announcers, I was impressed with Lawler during the main event. He tried to help along several narratives, especially with "it's possible we're seeing some of the maturation of Zack Ryder". And if you remember that they were tag team partners for a match it means even more.

Ryder didn't look out of place at all in the main event. Everything from Lawler's commentary, the crowd's reaction, Cena's and the Miz's mannerisms. A tag team move, both Ryder and Cena doing stereo signature moves. In fact, the biggest pop Cena got was probably during the stereo broski boots. At this point if they don't put the US title on Ryder at Survivor Series I'm going to be massively disappointed.

The last time Nash was relevant when he became a "running" joke for tearing quads. To me he. along with Flair (gradually being destroyed by living the gimmick) epitomizes what's wrong with some of the old guard.

From Twitter:

Writers are getting lazy: They've done that "Rodriguez takes a move while Del Rio escapes" a TON lately. Gimme something new! #Raw

Ricardo is the new Virgil. Remember the pop he got when he threw down a drop kick on Riley?

Heck yeah. Virgil 4 Life.

I meant what I said; if they do a Ricardo face turn the short-term pop will be grand. On the flip side, he has that swarmydouche smile which makes people hate him. Tough call.

Ziggler is still the man. I challenge someone to find anyone else other than Daniel Bryan who can make someone look that good in the ring.

(edited by El Nastio on 7.11.11 2317)
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#3 Posted on 7.11.11 2231.07
Reposted on: 7.11.18 2234.59
A few thoughts...

What's with WWE hyping stuff then not delivering? First it was the Cole Challenge, now it's Brodus Clay. Speaking of which, are they regretting putting Mason Ryan on TV instead of Brodus??

They've handled Zach Ryder is great now looking back at it. And the crowds are really into him now, and how Cena helped put him over tonight was great. But the question with Ryder is how do you keep his momentum going? I don't think he'll be the next Alex Riley though because Ryder can wrestle and work a crowd.

Speaking of Alex Riley, you think he's banished to Superstars for a while?

No Smackdown stars tonight.. no Orton, no Big Show, no Mark Henry....

How about Ziggler for most improved wrestler of the year?

(edited by shawnpatrick on 7.11.11 2232)
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#4 Posted on 7.11.11 2233.48
Reposted on: 7.11.18 2234.59

Someone also had a sign visable at the very beginning mocking Nash's dye job with a reference to the ubiquitous Just For Men ads, but I forget how it was worded.

And a "TURN CENA FACE" sign and someone drew the "other" WWF Panda logo as a sign. There sure are some creative people in Liverpool... Maybe the world should start looking there for artistic talent...

Punk was huge crazy over with that crowd too.
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#5 Posted on 7.11.11 2310.42
Reposted on: 7.11.18 2314.45
Best thing on the show was the Bellas faking out Ryder.

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#6 Posted on 7.11.11 2312.02
Reposted on: 7.11.18 2314.46
According to the spoilers, there were a number of re-tapes, including the main event finish.
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#7 Posted on 7.11.11 2328.09
Reposted on: 7.11.18 2328.19

For a second there, I thought Nash said Triple H sat there like a helpless child "who I then took advanatge of". Those lines should not have been so close together. That aside, Nash's best promo since his return by miles. Even if we know better than to think Nash could ever again be World Champion, it's important that he believes he could be. And in real life, he probably does. I still cannot fathom the eventual match being any good, but no need to worry about that now.

Punk's burial of Del Rio would be more distressing if Cena didn't do the same thing. Do they genuinely not like him?

Dolph is in the rare, awkward position of completely surpassing whatever success was anticipated for him. Surely they'd never have given him such a ridiculous name if they thought he could be a main eventer one day. Just change it to Ziegler, and say he's doing it to acknowledge his German heritage, or whatever nationality that name is. It's too late for brand new name, and they need one that doesn't call back to Boogie Nights.

Skipped the ME, but glad to hear Ryder got a good moment here.

KK's seg shows us the DOD feud isn't over, but where is there left to go with it? I'd say an Eve heel turn, but the division's already heel heavy.

Tribal Prophet
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#8 Posted on 8.11.11 0015.55
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0017.18
    Originally posted by Hogan's My Dad

    KK's seg shows us the DOD feud isn't over, but where is there left to go with it? I'd say an Eve heel turn, but the division's already heel heavy.

My gut says it's going the same way Laycool's mean girls act went, or the way the Bella Twins mean girls act went. The two sides will trade wins back and forth until someone quits or is fired or they find 2 other women to be the mean girls in the WWE.
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#9 Posted on 8.11.11 0107.01
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0109.17
So are there some visa problems with Brodus? I heard JR missed his flight there which explains why they had to drop that, but this is one of those silly things like giving Alicia a mic.

Ryder gave the rub to Cena...loved it. The announcers really should've driven home that Ryder was 100% loved while Cena was booed more than usual.
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#10 Posted on 8.11.11 0248.59
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0251.08
How does Kelly Kelly being on the cover of Maxim 'mean' anything? It's Maxim, no one reads that shit, they are just barely staying in business over here.

Zack Ryder's pop from Liverpool was the exact opposite reaction the Jersey Shore cast got from Italy. I'm actually happy for that.

JTG was on Raw? In a match?? How did THAT happen?

For those of you counting, David Otunga did get to drink from his cup this week. In fact, it felt like that segment came to a complete stop and the camera panned right for the sole reason of letting Otunga drink from his cup on camera.

Kevin Nash said he booked himself in a main event match and that on any given night, he could win the World Championship. I expect the IWC to start screaming any minute now...

Was it considered a 'shoot' when Cena said Miz and Truth wouldn't get another win over him?
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#11 Posted on 8.11.11 0647.36
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0649.19
    Originally posted by Cerebus
    How does Kelly Kelly being on the cover of Maxim 'mean' anything? It's Maxim, no one reads that shit, they are just barely staying in business over here.

I think all we need to know about Maxim in 2011 is that the Kelly Kelly cover also promised "We go panty shoppng with Shaq" as an article within.
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#12 Posted on 8.11.11 0818.40
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0821.44
It really is funny how desperate for mainstream acceptance Vince is. Probably comes from Daddy issues. A psych major could write a good thesis on him.
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#13 Posted on 8.11.11 0841.13
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0841.53
    Originally posted by Tribal Prophet
    My gut says it's going the same way Laycool's mean girls act went,

LayCool was the top act in the Divas Division for about two years, pushed to the moon despite the total lack of reaction from every arena crowd in every city in the world.

Speaking of which, that was a horrendous LayCool impression from the Divas of Doom. As far from Flawless as you can get.

Second best moment of RAW was Johnny Ace's threat when Del Rio was beating on Punk after putting him through the table:

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#14 Posted on 8.11.11 0845.02
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0851.21
    Originally posted by Scottyflamingo
    It really is funny how desperate for mainstream acceptance Vince is. Probably comes from Daddy issues. A psych major could write a good thesis on him.

A Thesis, you could do a Lord of the Rings style book series on Vince. The man wanted to run an sex angle with his daughter for Christ's sake.
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#15 Posted on 8.11.11 0853.06
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0857.18
    Originally posted by Moss
    So are there some visa problems with Brodus? I heard JR missed his flight there which explains why they had to drop that, but this is one of those silly things like giving Alicia a mic.

    Ryder gave the rub to Cena...loved it. The announcers really should've driven home that Ryder was 100% loved while Cena was booed more than usual.

Wait a second, that wasn't just a continuation of the angle with JR? I mean, the had Cole make up shit last week about why JR wasn't there, so I figured they'd keep doing that for a few weeks to ramp up the heat. Did JR actually miss a flight, or were you only half paying attention when Cole made up shit about the TSA grabbing his barbecue and JR getting pissy about it and not getting on the plane?
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#16 Posted on 8.11.11 0917.34
Reposted on: 8.11.18 0917.54
It is CM Punk's destiny to completely own Del Rio on the mic. Tremendous. It's almost like watching a handicap match only with promos.

He was probably just trying to be corny, but when's the last time Punk pumped gas? It's all unleaded nowadays isn't it?

Yes, HMD, I was also was wondering where Nash was going with the "taking advantage of a helpless child with the end of my sledgehammer" bit. Didn't sound very good.

I really enjoyed Cena/Ryder in action because they just looked like they were having so much fun out there. Ryder has come so far you can't help but be happy for him- even if he is the 10th runner up in the Poughkeepsie spelling bee or whatever Cena said.
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#17 Posted on 8.11.11 1144.55
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I thought this was a terrible show, didn't really enjoy much about it at all.

Did anyone else notice Kelly's expression when she walks through the hallway, I laughed out loud at how brainless she looked smiling at the ceiling.
Also it looks like she had a spray-on tan and she washed her hands, which were bologna pink while the rest of her body was bronze. Also MAXIM coulda done better with how they placed her on the cover; I thought the pose wasnt complimentary to how thin her legs are.

I really like Punk and even I cringed at him burying Del Rio's mic skills for no reason. Sure he can't talk as much shit as Punk on the mic, but how many on the roster can? Seems off to me.

all the matches were sloppy and sub-par including Morrison-Ziggler both of whom I respect as in-ring performers so I was really dissapointed.

2/5 stars I say!

(edited by CHAPLOW on 8.11.11 0952)
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#18 Posted on 8.11.11 1203.39
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    Originally posted by Cerebus
    How does Kelly Kelly being on the cover of Maxim 'mean' anything? It's Maxim, no one reads that shit, they are just barely staying in business over here.

The same could be said about a great many printed publications. It's a big deal because Maxim remains a mainstream publication available at news stands everywhere, and in many places where Playboy isn't sold. Kelly Kelly would have been the next cover girl for Playboy, as they teased in vignettes with Maria when Maria was on the cover, but the switch to PG nixed that. And that actually probably saved Kelly's job as every Diva who has ever posed for Playboy in some manner or another is now gone from the company (au revoir, Maryse).

Plus it's a pretty fantastic photo spread. Probably the best K2 has ever looked in a magazine.
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#19 Posted on 8.11.11 1247.49
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Did Cena and Ryder do the Mega Powers handshake??
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#20 Posted on 8.11.11 1423.19
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No matter how many times and how quickly the director changes cameras, that Maxim cover ain't movin'.
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