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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW Supershow #961 10/24/11
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#1 Posted on 24.10.11 2208.06
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2219.18
TONIGHT: Which will be more painful to watch: Raw, or the Monday Night Football game, from a Jags fan’s perspective? I’ll be going back-and-forth between the two this evening. Some questions to ponder: What’s next for John Cena after failing to beat Alberto Del Rio last night? Can Jack Del Rio lead his team to an upset and try to save his job? Is Kevin Nash back for good? Will the Ravens defense make rookie Blaine Gabbert’s night a nightmare? Bring it on!

- WWE Open.

- Raw Open.

- Lots of fireworks inside the arena, right after Ray Rice fumbled and the Jaguars recovered in Ravens territory. Michael Cole welcomed us to Raw as the camera panned the crowd. Cole called Vengeance “shocking.” Jerry Lawler said he had never seen what happened at Vengeance in all of his years. He, of course, was talking about the Big Show vs. Mark Henry ring implosion. They showed a still clip of all three men (Henry, Show, and the ref) on the mat. They also showed stills of Del Rio vs. Cena. I like leading off with PPV happenings, making the show seem important. Lawler talked of Miz and Truth beating Hunter and Punk thanks to Kevin Nash’s return.

- Triple H’s music hit, and he walked out. Replaying the fumble on MNF. Third-and-three as Hunter’s music cut out and he waited out the faint chanting of his name. Hunter said it was a tough business: you can make friends or make money. Jones-Drew shovel pass short of the first. Hunter said he made money and has success in the business, but also had his share of friends. 4th-and-2, Jaguars get the first down. Hunter talked about Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash (no Scott Hall, obviously), and said money became more important. Fumble at the goal line. Hunter said he thought Nash was a friend for life. He said what was important to Nash was money, business, and power. He held up the NWO hand signal and said he thought that was forever (also the Clique hand signal). Trips said Nash broke his heart. He said he wants to take it out on Nash, who he knows he’s in the building somewhere. He promised to kick Nash’s ass. Louder “Triple H” chant. Johnny Ace walked out instead.

Ace said he heard a rumor that Nash is at home, in his Lay-Z-Boy, watching Raw. Hunter told Nash to shut up. Ace said he had a job to do, but Hunter told him he’s not in the mood and he better not come into the ring. Ravens ball as it was ruled a fumble. Damn it. Ace said he didn’t want Hunter to embarrass the company. Hunter said Ace still reports to him, which creates a whole other set of issues, since Triple H is still somewhat in charge. He told Ace to bring him Nash. Hunter told Ace to find Nash, offer him a huge contract, so Hunter can embarrass the company in how he kicks Nash’s ass. Ace told Hunter, who headed to the back, that he was being unreasonable. Hunter turned and again yelled for Ace to bring Nash to him. Nash brought it to him alright, nailing him in the back with a sledgehammer. Ace ran to the top of the ramp and admonished Nash, saying he’s not supposed to be there, and demanded security come out. Nash had a stand-off with security before heading backstage. Hunter was being assisted by trainers and Ace. Big punt return by Mike Thomas that will likely be brought back due to flags. They showed a replay of the Nash incident, with a production crew member yelling “reset, reset!” in the background. They showed Hunter being helped backstage by refs and trainers. He told them he was okay (with a cameo appearance by Teddy Long in the background), but Hunter collapsed. The lead trainer called for paramedics.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole and Lawler spoke on camera, saying Triple H had to be rushed to a local medical facility. Lawler tried to get in Nash’s head to find a reason for the attack. Ok, so re-punt in Jaguars game. The earlier explanation by the ref made no sense. They replayed Nash’s attack and Ace’s indignation once again. Looked like a mirror image of Thomas’ first return on the re-kick. Hunter was being loaded into an ambulance backstage when Nash told them to put Hunter down. He stood Hunter up, still attached to the gurney, and Nash hit Hunter in the face with a sledgehammer. Security got Nash to back away as the camera moved like it was an episode of Cops. “Does he have a pulse?” asked one of the medics of Hunter. They got him back up and finally into the ambulance.

[Commercial Break]

- Josh Scobee 54-yarder is good. Jags up 3-0. On Raw, the ambulance was just pulling away out of break. They replayed the first sledge shot for probably the tenth time, then Nash’s second shot backstage. Another three-and-out by the Jaguars’ defense.

(1) Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Christian & Cody Rhodes
Deji Karim carries for two yards to close out the first quarter in Jacksonville. Clothesline out of the corner by Orton on Christian. Orton stomped on Christian’s mid-section and tagged in Sheamus. Christian was whipped toward Sheamus, who launched himself over the top rope for a shoulder tackle. Christian escaped a press slam and tagged Rhodes, who fell victim to a big back body-drop. Sheamus again launched himself at Christian, this time outside the ring. But Rhodes capitalized as Sheamus re-entered the ring. Side Russian leg-sweep for two. Chin-lock, and the Jaguars are punting again. When I went back to Raw, they were on break.

[Commercial Break]

Rice fumbles on 3rd-and-17, Posluszny recovers in Ravens territory. Back at 5:57 as Harbaugh challenges the fumble call. Sheamus began his comeback, but Christian attempted a Killswitch. Instead, front suplex by Sheamus. Both men were down and the crowd was hot for the hot tag to Orton. Christian bumped for him. DDT attempt but Christian dodged it. Seconds later, he fell victim to it anyway. His partner, Rhodes stood at ringside and watched. Rhodes tried to interfere as Orton set up for the RKO, leading to Christian hitting the European uppercut off the middle rope. Tag to Rhodes, who went after Orton with vigor. The men exchanged rights until Rhodes dropkicked Orton. Orton fought out of a rest-hold, but Christian took him down to a knee. Off the second rope again, but Orton countered with a dropkick. Fumble call overturned – Ravens will punt. Sheamus made the hot tag just shy of 10:00 into the match. Rhodes bumped for him. As Sean Waltman pointed out on Twitter, Cole is doing a nice job calling this one. Behind the ref’s back, Christian speared Sheamus. Rhodes made the pin, Orton made the save. Christian then got involved and received an RKO for his troubles. Rhodes tossed Orton out of the ring, but missed Beautiful Disaster kick as Sheamus tried a Brogue Kick that barely connected to Rhodes’ knee. That could’ve been bad. Celtic Cross for the win.

Winners: Orton and Sheamus, at 11:22. Good energy in that tag match, even though the heels lose again.

- The announcers discussed Miz & Truth’s tag match, then showed stills of them getting involved in the main event.

- Ace was on the phone with Stephanie as David Otunga sat on the couch in Ace’s office. Ace wasn’t happy with Steph’s complaints, saying it makes it looks like unsafe working conditions. John Cena walked in and called Otunga “Carlton” and then beat that reference into the ground. Ace asked what he can do for Cena and Cena said he can follow Zack Ryder on Twitter, then quit. Cena wanted Truth and Miz, so Ace gave him the two in a tag match, with Cena teaming up with a partner of Ace’s choice. Cena said as long as he doesn’t have a skateboard, he should be okay. Fourth punt by the Jaguars. If you like defense, that’s the game for you.

[Commercial Break]

(2) Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler
Lawler said it was nice to see Marella back on Raw. Didn’t he return a few weeks back, or was Lawler selling the injury by Henry then? Snap-mare by Marella, who didn’t get an entrance, and Ziggler was able to dodge the Cobra. Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger were, of course, was at ringside with Ziggler. High dropkick by The Zig Zag Man (TM Booker T). Marella did a split to dodge a clothesline, and made a short comeback. Cobra time again, but Jack Swagger got on the apron. Zig Zag by Ziggler for the win.

Winner: Ziggler, at 1:45. They really needed to have Swagger distract Marella for Ziggler to get the win? Pathetic.

Swagger applied the ankle-lock on Marella, but Mason Ryan ran out to make the save, knocking Swagger down with an impressive running boot to the face.

- The Bellas were talking backstage when an excited Zack Ryder walked up and said he was chosen as Cena’s partner tonight.

- Up next, Alberto Del Rio’s victory speech!

[Commercial Break]

- Another Gabbert sack. This time definitely taking them out of field goal range. Gabbert had a few nice throws on that drive. Running into the kicker puts them in field goal range. 54-yarder again…and good again. On Raw, Ricardo Rodriguez, still with a shiner, introduced Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio talked about his match last night, saying Cena ended up lying on the ground like a dog. He said he’s done with Cena and ready to move on, but no one is as good as him, so he’ll be champ for a long time. He raised the title and CM Punk’s music played. He walked out with a mic.

Punk said he hates interrupting people when they’re talking, but he wanted to dispute his assertion that no one can beat him. Punk reminded him he beat him multiple times. No first downs by Ravens offense with 5:00 to go in the first half. Punk asked Del Rio to put the title on the line against him. Del Rio said he’ll put the title on the line against any worthy opponent, but Punk isn’t worthy. He said Punk didn’t win last night at Vengeance, which makes him a loser. He told Punk to see him when he gets a victory over someone. Del Rio told Punk he’s at the back of the line. Punk said Del Rio makes great points and would like to subscribe to his newsletter. He said maybe he doesn’t deserve a title shot. Fumble by Jones-Drew, Ravens have it. Play being challenged. Punk said maybe he’ll put Del Rio to sleep anyway.

Johnny Ace walked out and said this may have happened before, but it’s not happening on his watch. Ace introduced himself, and Punk helpfully told him how to hold the mic. Ace said he’ll give the WWE Universe what they want. He made Punk vs. Del Rio for the WWE Title at Survivor Series. Crowd booed of course. Punk asked what kind of stip would be included, and Ace said there is one thing Punk needs to do. Punk asked if he needs to re-grip Ace’s skateboard. One too many skateboard references. Ace demanded Punk say, in front of the entire WWE Universe, that he respects him. Punk said respect is earned and not given. He pointed out that WWE isn’t any better with Ace in charge than Hunter. Ace said Punk is making a mistake and asked him to say the line again. “I respect you, Funk-Man.” Fumble is overtuned; Jaguars ball. Ace gave him one more chance. Crowd chanted Punk’s name. Punk said he respects Ace, respects the fact that Ace comes out each week with a deer-in-the-headlights look; he respects the fact he doesn’t know how to hold the mic when he talks; he respects the fact that Ace once wrestled himself, with a nice mullet, and despite not having any talent, has climbed the corporate ladder. Punk yelled that he respects how someone with so little talent has gone so far. Ace said he’s going to take another week to think about the title match. Punk told him to think about “this,” and attacked Del Rio. Rodriguez made the save before the GTS, but Rodriguez ate the move instead. “I don’t get it!” shouted Cole. Jones-Drew fumbles a third time, and again the Jags recover.

- Awesome Truth takes on Cena & Ryder tonight.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Natalya vs. Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix joined the commentators. Fox started with forearms, but Nattie took out Fox’s leg in the corner. Clothesline by Natalya, then she applied a leg-lock. It wasn’t her signature one, however. Nattie kept Fox in the move for some time, but Fox fought out with forearms and countered the move by ducking under Nattie’s leg. Natalya got the ropes. Kick to the gut by Nattie, and she trash-talked Fox in the corner. Fox with a foot to the face, then a roll-up for the win.

Winner: Fox, at 2:10. Nice win for Fox. I think she could be a good foil for Beth and Nattie.

Kelly Kelly and Eve were shown watching on the monitor backstage. Beth and Natalya tried to attack Fox post-match, but Alicia escaped.

- Still to come, Cena & Ryder vs. Awesome Truth. First half is over; still no first downs by Ravens.

[Commercial Break]

(4) John Morrison vs. Wade Barrett
Lawler said he wanted to be in slow-motion when he comes out. At his age and with his body, he's naturally in slow-motion. Morrison ducked to avoid a Barrett kick, then kipped up. That was a nice sequence. Cole plugged a worldwide exclusive he has later tonight as it pertains to JR. Barrett left the ring before Morrison could do any damage. Barrett took his eye off Morrison and JoMo dove onto him. Barrett recovered and tossed Morrison into the barricade. They went to break at 1:28.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 4:40 of the match. They showed what happened during the break, with Barrett on offense. Knees to the face of Morrison, who was hooked in the ropes. Kick sent him to ringside. Cole again promised to embarrass JR in a few moments. I can’t wait for that. Morrison fought back at 6:52, and upped the intensity. Running knee to the face for two. Thank God I know “John Morrison” is trending on Twitter now. I can sleep tonight. Morrison countered Wasteland and set up for Starship Pain. Barrett got out of the way, but Morrison landed on his feet. Springboard by Morrison, and he was supposed to land on Barrett’s shoulders, but Morrison began to fall to one side and fell to the mat. Barrett picked him up and finished him with Wasteland.

Winner: Barrett, at 9:07. Nice match.

- The announcers talked on camera about the Hunter-Nash stuff from tonight. We then saw what happened as well. Second half has begun. Cole said Hunter has suffered a neck injury, perhaps even a broken neck. Cole then stood up on the announce table and asked for the fans’ attention. He said JR has been on Twitter and the chat room all night, spreading vicious rumors about how he beat Cole in the main event last night. Cole said JR is a bit tipsy, since he sent some photos to the entire world. The first was JR’s head on a fat, topless woman’s body (covering her boobs of course). Then on a stationary bike with ribs on a fishing line in front of him. And finally, in an Oklahoma cheerleader uniform. Lawler told Cole to sit down, but Cole wasn’t having it. Cole said he’s sick of JR and said next week, in Atlanta, Georgia, he challenges JR to the Michael Cole challenge. The rules are under wraps, but if JR wins, he’ll get his seat back on Raw, because if he loses, Cole quits.

- The main event tag is next. Jags in Baltimore territory. Just give me a freaking touchdown.

[Commercial Break]

- A promo for the Muppets guest-hosting Raw next week, including some wrestling-related comments from Miss Piggy and Kermit.

- Josh Mathews was backstage with Zack Ryder. Jaguars inside the 15. Ryder was super-excited about being in his first Raw main event. He said he and Cena are good friends and have even partied on the LI. As he did his catchphrase, Miz and Truth attacked him. Clearly, they’re taking out the man who poses the greatest threat.

- Miz and Truth came out. Miz said Hunter tried to quell a revolution they started by firing them. Personal foul Ravens, Jaguars first down at the three. Truth and Miz directed their attention to Cena, saying the party has just started. Then they gave their catchphrases. Break time as Marcedes Lewis bobbles then drops a TD catch. He’s been doing that way too much this year. Another field goal; 9-0.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Awesome Truth vs. John Cena – Handicap Match
Justin Roberts announced that Johnny Ace gave instructions that this is now a handicap match. Cena stood next to a guy with a “We Hate Cena” shirt again. Ravens get their first first down of the game with 5:29 left in the third quarter. Cena pounded Miz in the corner, then kicked him in the back. Suplex by Cena, but it was right in the heel corner and Truth easily made the tag. Cena got the best of Truth too, who scampered over to make the tag to Miz. Hip-toss to Miz, but a distraction allowed Miz to DDT Cena for a two-count at 1:38. Rear chin-lock by Truth. Back suplex by Cena to break the hold. Tag to Miz though, and he was right back on Cena. Running boot to Cena’s face as Cole reset the show at the top of the hour. Miz to the top, and a double axe-handle found the mark. Cole announced he’s trending on Twitter. We’re through the looking glass, people. Truth put the boots to Cena in the corner. Cena grabbed Truth before he could make a tag and gave him a front suplex. Tag anyway to Miz, but Cena hit his signature offense. Ravens driving, just past the 50 yard line. Five knuckle shuffle by Cena. Miz was put up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Truth ran in with a bottle of water and nailed Cena in the head with it, drawing the disqualification.

Winner: Cena, via DQ, at 4:49.

The attack on Cena continued post-match. Miz and Truth both grabbed chairs from ringside, but Johnny Ace walked out with a few refs, and ordered Awesome Truth to stop. He said the two men have disrespected him, just like Punk did earlier. Johnny Ace got his first pop by telling Truth and Miz to get out. As Truth and Miz left, Ace said he’s putting Truth and Miz in a match at Survivor Series against Cena and a partner of his choice, since him choosing tonight didn’t work. Cena took the mic and talked about how anyone on the WWE roster is at risk…but stopped short. Everyone knew where this was going. He asked if he could choose anyone he wants. He said he’s sick of Awesome Truth thinking they can run the program. He said if he’s going to beat Miz and Truth, his partner will have to be someone who will bring it. Ravens missed a 52 yard FG as the fans chanted “Rocky.” Cena said he’s going to send the invite out, but he doesn’t know if he’ll accept: He chose The Rock. Dang, I was hoping for a traditional Series match with them. Truth and Miz sold disbelief and frustration. Cena’s music played and they went off the air seven minutes past the hour.
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#2 Posted on 24.10.11 2211.53
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2219.25
Anybody have a .gif of Cena spitting up when he said "The Rock." That was far from TV-PG.
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#3 Posted on 24.10.11 2221.00
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2223.14
I missed the first 1/2 hr of the show but luckily it was the Nash & Hunter Programme.

Apparently the point of a wrestling television program is to get things to trend on Twitter. And the Photoshopping gimmick was funny exactly once. When Jericho did it to you-know-who about a decade ago.

One of the Torch recappers (Keller?) made a point last week that if WWE will always have those small plans for JoMo, he could have a very good niche at being the solid midcard face who flies around like crazy bumping for heels. Mark Henry last week, Wade this week...

Punk references Gray's Sports Almanac again!

Good in-ring action all around tonight.
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#4 Posted on 24.10.11 2239.26
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2242.47

Triple H just got his skull cracked open, does he show up with anything more than a band aid over they eye next week?

Can the WWE make the internet seem anymore lame by trying to make it look cool?

What the fuck came out of Cena's mouth.

Where did anti-Cena guy come from? I love him.

Can the WWE find anymore ways to fit Johnny Ace into a two hour program?

... I liked the matches for the most part, but everything in between has just become mind numbing. The Muppets are rolling in at the right time, because this show is getting all goofy and I think it's because the WWE is taking everything it does much to seriously.

Oh, and a lot of Del Rio's problems would just go away if he found himself a bodyguard. Ricardo would sure be happy.

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#5 Posted on 24.10.11 2243.33
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2249.44
Your damn football interruptions are annoying.

That ending would have been really good if they hadn't already said the Rock was gonna be there two months ago. That could have been a decent, dare I say 'shocking', surprise that was completely ruined beforehand.

Fuck twitter. How many people watch this show? How many of them use Twitter? How many people are in the world and what percentage of the use Twitter. If someone does the math, you will see that booking the show around fucking Twitter trending is even more stupid than trying to book the show for the IWC. It will not bring in more viewers on profits. God damn this company is fucking stupid sometimes.

Calling John Morrison the Prince of Parkour (or whatever that was...) is actually a good idea. It will get him over with the international audience for when he's finally let go and he can go make some decent money in Europe and Japan with the gimmick since American audiences have no fucking clue what 'Parkour' is. Small plans indeed.

I was laughing my ass off with Zack Ryder being booked in a main event with John Cena because it telegraphed his obvious, eventual beatdown getting him out of it. No way in hell Zack Ryder is gonna be in a main event of Raw.

A good show.

Oh yeah, I'm calling now. Del Rio Vs. CM Punk at Survivor Series is not a main event. Of course Cena and The Rock's match will close the show, but I'm betting that whatever match Triple H and Nash has will be the second to the last match putting Del Rio/Punk somewhere in the second hour of the PPV. ...Mid-Card!



    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    Where did anti-Cena guy come from? I love him.

He's gotta be a plant. Storyline, he will eventually take off his anti-Cena shirt and accept a Cena shirt and wear it proudly, perhaps even helping John Cena in some way. You know, because even though we all hate John Cena, we respect him and will eventually come to cheer him for fuck all whatever reason they think we should.

(edited by Cerebus on 25.10.11 0048)
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#6 Posted on 24.10.11 2249.30
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2252.38
    Originally posted by Cerebus
    Your damn football interruptions are annoying.

Funny, I had a feeling you'd be the one to complain about it. Sorry for trying something different.
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#7 Posted on 24.10.11 2249.40
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2253.30
    Originally posted by Juggalo101
    Anybody have a .gif of Cena spitting up when he said "The Rock." That was far from TV-PG.

John Cena: Hustle, Loyalty, Expectoration.
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#8 Posted on 24.10.11 2252.09
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2253.33

I loved the interspersed football updates. It felt like I was flipping channels myself.
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#9 Posted on 24.10.11 2306.56
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2307.08
    Originally posted by Sec19Row53

    I loved the interspersed football updates. It felt like I was flipping channels myself.

For one of the few times, I agree with Cerebus. Annoying -- and for the same reason you liked it. I felt like I was watching someone flipping channels between something I was interested in and something I didn't care about.

That said, the man's taking the time to write it up, so he can do whatever the hell he wants with his recaps. It's still a far sight better than most of the other recaps I've read, where some schmuck's personal opinion is thrown in every other sentence.
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#10 Posted on 24.10.11 2314.32
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2314.51
    Originally posted by geemoney
    TONIGHT: Which will be more painful to watch: Raw, or the Monday Night Football game, from a Jags fan’s perspective?

...Care to guess what was painful to read? (Actually, I thought it was kinda funny.)

The Twitter thing isn't going anywhere soon. Any medium the WWE can use that reaches massive amounts of people, especially one as free as Twitter, will be embraced.

And I'll call HHH/Nash to be a Street Fight or some other stip that allows plunder and/or spots outside of the ring AND time for both guys to just lay around on the ground for a minute after plunder and/or said spot. OOOH, they're even set up to dust off the old "Unsanctioned Match" stip!

50% chance the WWE Title match is the Main Event.
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#11 Posted on 24.10.11 2316.13
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2318.13
So I guess it wasn't too painful to watch the MNF game, from a Jags fan perspective huh? For me, it was painful to watch the referees try to, and sometimes be able to job out the Ravens on a few of the Jaguar drives.

As for the Raw show, it was good I guess. Punk was great as always on the "pipe bomb" and the wrestling matches were generally okay to good.

Cerebus, Americans who watch Raw know what parkour is, they say it every week on Raw. And in the past, WWE has shown the kind of stuff that Morrison can do with that training. It hasn't led to Morrison ever drawing money, in the US or otherwise.

You are right about Twitter though, but WWE has to try and "stay relevant" with what the kids are into these days, so we are stuck reaping the benefits (of which there are none that I can see).
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#12 Posted on 24.10.11 2320.53
Reposted on: 24.10.18 2326.11
So instead of Cena/Rock/Punk/Triple H vs. Miz/Truth/Del Rio/Nash, it looks like we're heading towards three separate matches at Survivor Series involving these eight guys. Not sure that's a great idea --- I can't believe they're trusting Nash to be able to carry his end of a singles bout, and Rock might need a more coverup than just being the guy to take the hot tag.

Was HHH legitimately injured by the powerbomb and this is how he's being written out for a little bit? That was a hell of a beatdown. Let's hope Nash didn't pull a muscle trying to dead-lift a stretcher-strapped HHH onto his feet.
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#13 Posted on 25.10.11 0001.33
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    Originally posted by Cerebus
    That ending would have been really good if they hadn't already said the Rock was gonna be there two months ago. That could have been a decent, dare I say 'shocking', surprise that was completely ruined beforehand.

    Fuck twitter. How many people watch this show? How many of them use Twitter? How many people are in the world and what percentage of the use Twitter. If someone does the math, you will see that booking the show around fucking Twitter trending is even more stupid than trying to book the show for the IWC. It will not bring in more viewers on profits. God damn this company is fucking stupid sometimes.

Co-motherloving-signed. That may be the most anti-climactic ending for Raw of all time. Gosh, I wonder who Cena will pick? Could it be the guy who they made posters saying would fucking team with Cena?? If it was kept secret I might have shit my pants.

Twitter. These days tending topics change every 5 minutes. Right now @ 11pm MST these are the trending topics:
The McRib
Happy Birthday Ciara
Clara Elvira
Pacho Santos

I'm honestly shocked anything WWE is still there, and it can't even outweigh whatever a Pachito is. That graphic is annoying as fuck.
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#14 Posted on 25.10.11 0012.54
Reposted on: 25.10.18 0020.22
    Originally posted by Hokienautic
      Originally posted by Sec19Row53

      I loved the interspersed football updates. It felt like I was flipping channels myself.

    For one of the few times, I agree with Cerebus. Annoying -- and for the same reason you liked it. I felt like I was watching someone flipping channels between something I was interested in and something I didn't care about.

    That said, the man's taking the time to write it up, so he can do whatever the hell he wants with his recaps. It's still a far sight better than most of the other recaps I've read, where some schmuck's personal opinion is thrown in every other sentence.

Count me in the pro-football-update camp. It reminded me somewhat of when CRZ occasionally mentioned what was happening on Nitro at that moment while writing a RAW recap. (Or the other way around).

Anyway, I don't know about you guys but the first half-hour of the show almost made me change the channel to the baseball game and keep it there, instead of simply watching the baseball game during the commercial breaks.

I even said to my mother, who was in the room with me (and avidly dislikes pro wrestling, to be generous), "Man, FUCK this. Two straight segments, no wrestling, arrest Kevin Nash not for assault but for stealing 25 minutes of my life. If we don't get something resembling a wrestling match in this next segment, I'm giving up on wrestling for the rest of the night."

Thankfully, Orton/Sheamus vs. Christian/Rhodes was pretty good. So was Morrison/Barrett.

I wonder if Alicia Fox's win over Natalya means she's the next challenger for Beth Phoenix's belt. She didn't do the "I want the belt" signal.

Zack Ryder in the main event? YOU FUCKING TEASES. And they missed a golden opportunity to make Ryder look like a million bucks by running out towards the end of the match and getting on the ring apron to get a tag from Cena. (But WWE apparently isn't altogether interested in making Ryder look like a million bucks).

Rock is Cena's partner at Survivor Series? IMAGINE MY SURPRISE. Don't hold us in suspense, Cena; we only first saw the advertisement EIGHT WEEKS AGO.

There were a few good matches during the event, but not enough to stop me from thinking that overall, it was a waste of my time.
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#15 Posted on 25.10.11 0341.27
Reposted on: 25.10.18 0355.41
Personally I watched the football game (once it got hilarious and awesome) and saved Raw for after.

There's a pretty gigantic discernible difference in Raw when they know where they're going. Looks like they've been waiting to get to Survivor Series for a while, at the expense of the two shows before it. But the focus was a very welcome addition.

They stopped just short of the angle for Cena and Rock teaming up being that Cena and Rock are teaming up because Cena and Rock are teaming up. And having Cena on the verge of winning his handicap match probably isn't the greatest way to establish a heel force that necessitates a nuclear dream team. But it should be a fun month, and involving Miz again is a nice touch.

But aw man I wanted to see Rock and Cena co-captain a Traditional Survivor Series Match-Up. And aw man I wanted to see Ryder in the main event. And aw man I wanted to see Ryder not get elbowed out of his U.S. title program by May-Ry.

Haha Cena spit up. We're going to see him shot from behind when he delivers that line in the bi-weekly video package for the next four weeks.

It's pure butt that the biggest heat angle on Triple H in years goes to mah big homey. Think of how much someone like Miz or Del Rio or Mark Henry or Dolph Ziggler or Primo would benefit from busting up Hunter with his own sledgehammer.

Sometimes they really can't book their way out of a book. Punk is going into a world title match and HHH is going into a vulnerable grudge match so they pin ... Punk.

Cole is so unacceptably bad that a match with his potential announcing removal would probably be a PPV draw. The stakes are much higher there than they are in a world title match. Cole should've been in Laurinaitis' spot now that I think about it, he'd be way better at it plus no more Cole commentary.

That was too bad Morrison and Wade couldn't stick the degree of difficulty finish because they had a quality encounter. Kofi and Wade had an awesome one a while back where Barrett caught him on his back as he ducked Trouble In Paradise.

    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
    One of the Torch recappers (Keller?)

Mr. Gregory Parks?

    Punk references Gray's Sports Almanac again!

Punk also references "I respect you bookerman" with the greatest conflation ever in Kevin Sullivan and Super Dave.
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#16 Posted on 25.10.11 0629.25
Reposted on: 25.10.18 0630.13
Per WikiPedia: Parkour (sometimes abbreviated PK) is a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency.
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#17 Posted on 25.10.11 0719.21
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I did not care for this show, even with my policy of completely tuning out whenever Johny Ace shows up. In fact, that caused me to miss the "I respect you Funk-man," line, which I've been waiting for Punk to reference since this summer (No, really. I don't know why, I just knew that he would). Nothing else on this show clicked for me. The big announcement was ruined with ads, Ryder was out of the main, and that Twitter thing was incredibly fucking annoying. It's basic shot composition, people! What do you want me to look at, the Twitter graphic or your fucking wrestling program? Because if it's Twitter, I can just turn off the tv and get on Twitter. You want to put up a Twitter stream or something? Fine - put it down at the bottom or up at the top of the screen, somewhere where it doesn't get in the way. I know that their director knows better than this.
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#18 Posted on 25.10.11 0728.36
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I liked the football recap since it was the only thing worth watching after 9 pm. Trying to do 3 matches at SS, 2 of which include guys who haven't wrestling in awhile or a long time is going to be dicey. Rock joining Cena makes no sense. Instead of just having a heel faction for a few weeks taking guys out, we get Cena spitting out Rock's name for no reason. The WWE in their quest to sell out MSG let the cat out of the bag and made what could have been an awesome moment turn into "Yeah, we know" moment.

Again, no surprise to see HHH being destroyed by a member of the clique. No surprise to see Punk having a title match that may open the PPV. No surprise to see Morrison job for no reason. Lastly, no surprise to see Super Cena almost defy the odds.

The show is weak sauce at this point. They have the potential to be surprising, but they refuse to be. Trending on twitter is no great feat, I mean look what is trending, BlackPeoplesay. Really? Glacier would have trended on Twitter. The WWE reminds me of my work where we have older people either scared out of their mind over social media or have no idea how to use it properly. WWE falls into not being able to use it properly to the point, it turns people off. Even my wife said "How gay are they for using twitter, I follow Morrison and all he talks about his him and Melina going places. I don't care about wrestling Morrison, I like the Morrison on twitter and why the fuck are they jobbing him out." More or less a direct quote.

(edited by lotjx on 25.10.11 0730)
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#19 Posted on 25.10.11 0737.16
Reposted on: 25.10.18 0737.32
Speaking of the Funk-man references, I wonder how much of that is going over people's heads without explanation... Not everyone watches Curb (I've only seen a few episodes ever myself). J.R. has used that reference on *gasp* Twitter a few times I believe.

On a related note...

Google "Dynamic Dudes" RT @romanfawns: What was that skateboard reference about that Cena just made?
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#20 Posted on 25.10.11 0841.10
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C'mon guys, bemoaning the WWE for actually putting context to the spoiler poster we've seen of Rock and Cena is silly. Would it have been a better treat if we didn't know? Yes. Did they have to reveal it regardless in some form of in story context so those who didn't see it knew? Absolutely. It's akin to reading a SmackDown spoiler and then trashing it Saturday morning because the show wasn't a surprise.

And I'm PRAYING Rock is there next week to rub elbows with Muppets, and Awesome Truth have the comedic chops to be golden too.
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