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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW Supershow #959 10/10/11 Register and log in to post!
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#1 Posted on 10.10.11 2209.34
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2209.45
TONIGHT: Who will show up tonight? After most of the roster walked out on COO Triple H, most wrestlers are expected to be at the show, possibly picketing outside. Those who are expected to compete are those who did not attend the “no confidence” vote of Triple H, including CM Punk, Sheamus, John Cena, and Randy Orton. And Vengeance is only a few weeks away.

-WWE Open.

-They showed a dramatic video package on the vote of confidence that took place last week.

-They opened with the camera operators back at least. A couple shots panned the crowd, a crowd that didn’t’ really seem to know what to think…then an empty announce desk. A camera was shown in the backstage area, and it looked like a ghost-town. Triple H walked out of a door, smiled and shook his head. He began to traverse the hallway, presumably headed toward the ring. He passed a production assistant or two, and that’s it. Back to the arena, as again, the fans were silent in anticipation. Triple H’s music then hit, and he walked out.

“I showed up. Apparently all of you showed up,” Hunter said. He said he was bewildered last week seeing 50-some superstars, camera guys, techs, referees, announcers all walk out. He said they didn’t walk out on him, but on the fans (boos reigned down after that). He said the Superstars are now holding a solidarity rally outside the arena, as apparently Raw has gotten too tough for them. He talked like a baby, imitating those who walked out. He said everybody brought their gear, but not one person will step in the ring to perform for the fans unless he steps down. He asked fans if he should walk away and quit. He said maybe he should just go (fans booed, of course). Hunter said he will not quit, as he’s never been a quitter. He said he won’t be intimidated, coerced, or blackmailed, and he will not quit. He told the guys in the parking lot to “kiss me where my cheeks meet.” He took off his suit jacket and said he doesn’t care if he wrestles a broomstick for two hours (and having wrestled some in the parking lot, he said the broomstick would give him a better match). What the hell does having a good match have to do with winning and losing and working toward a WWE title? That’s what’s being lost in all of this. But before we got to see the epic Triple H vs. broomstick 2-hour Iron-man match, John Cena’s music hit and he came out.

Cena told Hunter there was a reason he wasn’t involved in the group’s decision last week and why he hasn’t addressed the many fans who have asked him on social media where he stands. He said everyone in the parking lot has asked him to join them, and Hunter never sent him even a text to explain himself. Cena talked about some of those guys having only one boss their entire lives, and then listed the bosses he’s had, that being Vince McMahon and Eric Bicschoff, Vickie Guerrero, 56 guest general managers, an anonymous general manager, as well as “the Mike Adamle era.” He said that was an unsafe work environment. Then he said Hunter is his boss and he’s staying – he loves the chaos and that’s what brings in the fans. He said “loyalty” is not just a word on his sleeve. Sheamus then walked out.

Sheamus talked about his history with Hunter, and about how he cracked Hunter with a pipe in the skull. He said he was trying to make a name for himself, and if anyone had a right to pursue legal action, it was Hunter. But instead, he gave him the biggest arse kicking of his life. Sheamus said today, that result would be a lot different. He did say he has a lot of respect for Hunter for doing that. He said he doesn’t want to be in a parking lot, but on Monday Night Raw. CM Punk was next out. I can’t wait ‘til he kisses Hunter’s ass too!

Punk talked about how he first started the walk-out, and he only did it when his contract expired, not while he was under contract. But if there’s anyone who should walk out, it’s him, because mics keep cutting out and Kevin Nash keeps running out (well, “walking briskly”), as someone doesn’t want him as champion. Punk said this is the company that gives you Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber…”this is professional wrestling, this ain’t ballet.” He said you don’t have a sit-in and grill tofu dogs on the lawn. If you have a problem with someone, deal with them personally, like he did with Hunter and Cena. And when Sheamus steps on his toes eventually, he’ll do the same for him. Punk said he’s probably the last guy they expect to see in the fox-hole with them, but here he is. “What do we do now?” he asked. Hunter said they do what they do every Raw: shut up and fight. Huh? That’s false advertising! Triple H said Sheamus and John Cena will fight with him as a special ref. And Punk has a whole table full of pipe bombs and he can say whatever he wants. Punk asked if he could wear Hunter’s blazer, so he put it on. Hunter told Punk to ring the bell when he got down there too. I don’t think that segment did anything to relieve most people’s issues with the walk-out last week. In fact, if you’re like me and enjoyed that segment, this one might’ve made you dislike where things are headed now. Felt like WWE’s insecurities were also showing through in the massive amounts of pandering to the crowd.

(1) John Cena vs. Sheamus
Punk said the fans told him not to screw it up, then compared himself to WWE Hall-of-Famer Bob Uecker for being the sole commentator. Rudimentary action, then Punk sent it to break :53 in.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 3:55 of the match. Sheamus got a near-fall, then at 4:25, Vince McMahon’s music hit. He walked out. Cena said he tried to be a good commentator like Art Donovan. Vince apologized but asked for the ring from the wrestlers.

Winner: No contest, about 4:25 (no bell).

Vince thanked everyone for showing up and standing up for what they believe in. He called it an admirable quality and said even those standing outside the arena are standing up for what they believe in, just like those on Wall Street who are standing up for what they believe in. Vince said he believes in Hunter and enjoys watching Raw now more than ever. He called Hunter’s management style an “old West” type of style. Vince said those outside the arena have some sympathizers, none in Oklahoma City though. They do have some in Stamford though…the Board of Directors. He met with them this afternoon and they were concerned the direction things were going. He said it could lead to a cancellation of live events, PPVs, Wrestlemanias or Monday Night Raws. He said the result could be financial catastrophe. Vince said even though he was overruled, he felt it was his duty to tell Hunter that his services running Monday Night Raw are no longer required. Okay, just Raw or WWE? They keep talking about them interchangeably.

Vince said no McMahon family member will be running WWE; they’re looking for a permanent GM whose ethics and morals are beyond reproach. Until they find that person, an interim GM has been named. He said he doesn’t like the decision any more than Hunter, but the interim GM is John Laurinaitis. Lots of heat for that. “You suck” chants from the crowd as Laurinaitis stared at the ring from the stage. Hunter stared back as they went to break. No surprise there. Hope Mick Foley could come in as the permanent GM. And I wonder if this means they really won’t be addressing the anonymous GM going forward, since it would’ve been so easy to resolve that here.

[Commercial Break]

-John Laurinaitis welcomed all the returning wrestlers back into the arena. John Morrison said he should’ve been careful what he wished for, as Triple H may have been a narcissist but Laurinaitis just sucks. What an idiot – Laurinaitis predictably put him in a match now. Christian sucked up to Ace and told him he wants him to be a permanent GM. Ace told Christian he wants him to face Morrison now, in his street clothes. Ace continued welcoming wrestlers back as they entered the arena.

-Jim Ross’ music played and he walked out. Jerry Lawler followed, with Michael Cole rounding out the trio. I’m surprised they didn’t actually show the guys protesting outside the arena. Cole ranted about how he was the one responsible for the walk-out and compared himself to Gandhi.

(2) John Morrison vs. Christian
Christian was accompanied by Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, and Dolph Ziggler. Ross wished everyone in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving and Cole chided him for knowing that. Cole filled viewers in on what just happened. Morrison in Christian, both in street clothes, went at it. Morrison mounted Christian and started pounding away. Cole said no one expected to compete tonight, though Hunter earlier said everyone had their gear with them. Christian went to the top and was given a back body-drop to the mat. Morrison missed a Starship Pain, and was then distracted by those at ringside, leading to a Spear by Christian.

Winner: Christian, at 1:12. I can’t wait for the “Self-Destruction of John Morrison” DVD to come out at this rate. Though it appears they feel there’s no money to be made in Morrison.

After the match, each one of the men at ringside came into the ring and hit their finisher on Morrison. Where’s the hate on that chaos?

-Tonight, in matches just made by Johnny Ace, CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio. Plus, Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry.

-Speaking of Henry, he came out for his match with Orton, showing no ill-effects from Friday night. The match is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Ace was talking to his wife (mistress?) on the phone, asking her how he looked, how his tie was and if he was too intimidating. Triple H walked in and Ace said he didn’t even want the job – the Board appointed him, he’s as loyal as they come and he’s willing to make sacrifices for WWE, the Universe, and the talent. He said it’s in his blood – he loves WWE. Vladimir Kozlov said that line better. Hunter simply asked Ace if he ever tried to pick up his teeth with broken fingers. Then he walked out.

-Back to Henry in the ring, as he said it took him 15 years to become World Champion, and he’s the most dominant one of all-time. He said he fears no one and will take anyone on any time, as long as they’re the #1 contender – and Big Show is not. Henry cued up a video package relating to Big Show’s return to Smackdown and his attack on Henry from Smackdown. Henry said he took all that punishment and pain, and he’s still here. He told Big Show that, at Vengeance, vengeance will be his. Then Randy Orton interrupted and said vengeance is not Henry’s, but his. He was backstage when he spoke, so his music played and he then walked out. That was unique. Orton made his full entrance – match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton
Match was JIP. Henry missed a corner splash and Orton dropkicked him. Garvin Stomp commenced, but a knee-drop missed. Headbutts by Henry, then a Snake Eyes into the corner (well, kinda). Orton was crotched, but hammered away on Henry. Henry dumped him to ringside, then rolled him back in. Powerslam by Henry for two. Crowd chanted “Randy, Randy,” and on cue, Henry missed a leg-drop. High knee drop connected, as did a clothesline. Henry went to the apron, only to get DDT’d back in. Orton readied for the RKO, but Cody Rhodes tried to interfere. Rhodes was clotheslined over the top rope. World’s Strongest Slam attempt, but Henry snuck out the back and hit the RKO. He rolled Henry away from the ropes and made a cover, but Rhodes came back in for the DQ.

Winner: Orton, via DQ, at 3:23. Good that they relented on having Henry job in a non-title situation, and also the little touch of Henry rolling to the ropes so Orton would have to roll him back in, to give Cody more time to recover from being clotheslined over the top.

After the match, Orton got the better of Rhodes. RKO attempt, but Rhodes pushed Orton off into Henry. Henry gave Orton the World’s Strongest Slam, then another as Rhodes looked on from ringside. Henry grabbed his title and left. Rhodes came in and gave Orton a Cross-Rhodes. He ordered a bag-man to come out, and he did, sprinting to the ring like he was in the final leg of a marathon. The bag went on Orton’s head. “Cut the head off the viper and all the venom goes with it,” Rhodes said. Rhodes asked if he wanted a receipt with the paper bag, then began laughing maniacally, as if that line was pure hilarity. They replayed what just happened. Who will stand up for this chaos that is taking place tonight?

-Tonight, ADR vs. CM Punk.

[Commercial Break- just noticed that Johnny Ace is now on Twitter @WWERawGM. And his Tweets are as boring to read as he is to listen to.]

(4) Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres vs. Tamina & Rosa Mendes
No entrances for anyone in this. Forearms to the face of Mendes, then Kelly choked Rosa with her legs. Tamina tagged in and was on offense ‘til she missed a splash. Eve made the tag to no reaction from the audience. Arm-drag by Eve, then a couple kicks and a clothesline. Somersault got two, but Rosa came in and Kelly bulldogged her. Thesz Press off the apron onto Rosa. Springboard kick by Eve, who then went to the top. Moonsault onto Tamina’s legs ended it.

Winners: Eve and Kelly, at 2:21. Wow, that was awful.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya were shown watching things on a monitor backstage. As the babyface Divas celebrated, John Laurinaitis walked out. Laurinaitis got the mic and told fans to bear with him, as he’s a little nervous. He said they may not like him, but he’s got a job to do. He put ADR in a match at Vengeance with John Cena. No reaction to that, and why should they react? Laurinaitis said he’s going to do the ethical and moral thing tonight: He asked JR to take off the headset and enter the ring. JR did so. Laurinaitis said JR walked out on Triple H last week after Hunter gave him his job back. He said JR walked out on Oklahoma and the WWE Universe. He called JR an inbred, hayseed, ingrate. Laurinaitis then fired JR. This show just keeps getting better and better. What about Lawler and Cole? They walked out too. Cole of course proclaimed this was the greatest night in the history of Monday Night Raw. JR doffed his hat as he went backstage.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Mason Ryan & Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger & David Otunga
Ryan was, of course, all smiles coming out, in case you forgot he was a babyface. Bourne kicked away at Ziggler and he immediately found himself in the babyface corner, seated. Double dropkick to the still-seated Ziggler by Kofi and Bourne. Lawler did ask if everything tonight has really been better than it was under Triple H. Ziggler went to ringside so Ryan press-slammed him back in the ring. Kofi then clotheslined him back out. Bourne went to the top and flew onto Ziggler. The faces and heels squared off outside the ring as they went to break at 1:26.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 4:29. Ryan made the tag and slammed Swagger back-first into the corner. He struggled to pick Swagger back up, and sent him back-first again into the face corner. He hung Swagger up in the corner and Kofi gave him a low dropkick. Swagger turned the tables on Kofi, then tagged in Otunga. He didn’t do much, and tagged Swagger. Backslide by Kofi for two, then Ziggler came in and landed a beautiful dropkick. Kofi planted Swagger into the mat and both men were down at 7:16. Ryan got the tag and ran over Ziggler. He charged at him in the corner, then hit a running boot. Otunga broke up the pin and stomped Ryan. Kofi took care of Otunga, but Swagger booted Kofi. Powerbomb to Bourne, but Ryan ridded the ring of Swagger. Ryan picked Ziggler up and gave him a side slam. HE got the pin.

Winners: Ryan, Bourne, and Kingston at 8:23. So Zack Ryder got a pinfall over the US Champion and Ryan did too. I wonder who will get the first crack at Ziggler for the US Title?

-Lawler and Cole talked about the WWE Network and the first show, a retrospective on Wrestlemania. They told viewers to go to to come up with a name of the show.

-Tonight, Del Rio vs. Punk. And it’s personal!

[Commercial Break]

-Cole sent it to the world premiere trailer of “The Reunion,” a WWE Films movie starring John Cena. They’re billing it as an “action/comedy/drama.” I’m sure they could fit a few more genres in the description.

-A graphic was shown reminding viewers that John Cena and Alberto Del Rio tangle for the WWE Title at Vengeance.

-Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio. The match with Punk is next. Cole had the gall to call it “a long rivalry.” By the way, has a video of the solidarity rally before the show and Michael McGillicutty has the best line: “I probably wasn’t even going to be on the show.”

[Commercial Break]

(6) Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk
Crowd chanting for Punk as he and Del Rio wrestled for control in the corner. Neither man got the best of it. Shoulder knock-down by Punk, but Del Rio got back up quickly. Go-behind by Punk, then he tried to knot up Del Rio’s legs with kicks. Del Rio went to ringside, and he took his time to get back in. Kick to the back of the neck for only two. Del Rio went on the offensive with a rear chin-lock. Back suplex by Punk at 3:09 for two. Neck-breaker followed that, for another cover and another two-count. Irish whip, but Punk missed a running knee, and fell to ringside. Johnny Ace walked out with a mic and said to stop the match. He said as GM of Raw, he’s ordering the match to stop now. He then made a tag match. There was a long, long pause, as if Ace was waiting for music, but it didn’t come, so he introduced Miz and Truth as Del Rio and Punk’s opponents. They sang their intro to the ring.

Winner: No contest (no bell), about 4:20. Nothing special.

[Commercial Break]

(7) CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz & R-Truth
This match was joined-in-progress as well. Del Rio and Truth were the legal men. Lawler reminded viewers that it was Miz and Truth who attacked Del Rio and Punk at Hell in a Cell. Truth punched Del Rio several times. With Truth and Miz reinstated, will we see the refs and cameramen walk out again? After all, they were the ones who attacked them. Ironic that they walked out on Hunter, who fired them, and they don’t walk out on Ace, who rehired them. Near-fall on Miz after he tagged in. Punk came in and Del Rio held Miz for Punk to kick. Kick to the back of Miz followed. “R-Truth sucks” chant as Punk was in control of the self-proclaimed conspiracy victim. Dropkick by Del Rio for two. Del Rio came up lame at one point, and walked out with Rodriguez on Punk. DDT by Miz on Punk for two. Some double-teaming by the heels as the fans chanted for Punk. Rear chin-lock by Truth, but Punk fought out. Punk fought out of the heel corner and hit the flying knee on Miz. Bulldog while clotheslining Truth as well. That was fun. Punk to the top for the Randy Savage elbowdroop. He called for the GTS, but Truth intervened. More double-teaming for the heels, which they were DQ’d for.

Winners: Punk and Del Rio, via DQ, at 8:00.

Before they could do much more damage, Triple H ran out and attacked Miz and Truth. Punk joined him and the each paired off, Hunter with Miz and Truth with Punk. Truth was thrown over the announce table and Triple H tossed steel steps. Truth high-tailed it through the crowd as Punk and Hunter celebrated in the ring. I feel dirty watching these two guys standing tall together.

-Johnny Ace and David Otunga were watching backstage. Otunga said Ace made a nice move re-hiring Miz and Truth. Ace said he was going to ask the Board if he can make Hunter and Punk team up against Truth and Miz at Vengeance. Why does he have to ask the Board for that? More celebrating from Punk and Hunter. And thank God, it’s finally over.

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#2 Posted on 10.10.11 2215.21
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2215.36
That "fucking sucked." The walkout was a dubious idea made even worse in the follow-through. They made 95% of their babyfaces look terrible to set up an angle that didn't even need their involvement.

The Jim Ross thing pretty much makes me wish Vince would go ahead and die already, not because wrestling is a matter of life and death but only because someone that miserable and mean-spirited need not suffer through toiling this earth any longer.

The part where the four babyfaces were little kids putting on a play was pretty adorable though.

Ryder and Ziggler are trying to shoot their own U.S. title feud on YouTube but they're not good like Mason Ryan.

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#3 Posted on 10.10.11 2220.07
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2220.21
This was simply brutal.

Helmsley kills the walkout angle instantly by burying the entire roster only to top that when some of his biggest rivals on the roster come out and suck up to him.

The board of directors look like they are searching for a
Raw GM that can do pretty much the same thing the laptop on a podium was doing for almost a year.

You haven't killed off the crowd enough? Fire JR in his hometown.

Could they think of a less underwhelming way to bring back Miz an Truth?

It was nice of Triple H to let CM Punk play X-Pac at the end.

El Nastio
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#4 Posted on 10.10.11 2221.47
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2221.48
I think Johnny Ace still needs to go to the Board because Triple H is technically still the COO, he's just no longer in charge of RAW.

I think.

Pinned the US Champ @HEELZiggler 2 weeks in a row...& now I've been off Raw for 2 weeks in a row. #doesntmakesense

Odd show. I didn't think it was overtly terrible, but I also didn't think it was overtly great.
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#5 Posted on 10.10.11 2222.22
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2222.24
Hunter should have given his promo on a boat, as he buried the majority of the roster at sea. Would rather watch a broom wrestle a mop than Hunter wrestling a broom.
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#6 Posted on 10.10.11 2225.48
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2225.59
The good news is Rob Naylor's name was mentioned on Raw, so I'm only one degree of separation away. Also loved Cody's Bag Man rushing urgently on the most important mission of his life.
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#7 Posted on 10.10.11 2226.55
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2226.55
The first thing I thought when Triple H came out alone at the beginning was, "This is what Hunter really wishes the product was."

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#8 Posted on 10.10.11 2228.33
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2228.39
Yeah, just about the only thing I enjoyed about tonight's Raw was the Rob Naylor shout-out by CM Punk early. Two matches get stopped in the middle of them, and two other matches get stopped by DQ. Wow. So, not only was the wrestling pretty bad or boring, the out of the ring stuff was even worse.

CM Punk drew me back into making sure I watched Raw every week religiously again, but it is about time to get out again.
Lap cheong
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#9 Posted on 10.10.11 2230.34
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2230.39
    Originally posted by redsoxnation
    Hunter should have given his promo on a boat, as he buried the majority of the roster at sea. Would rather watch a broom wrestle a mop than Hunter wrestling a broom.

Packman V2
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#10 Posted on 10.10.11 2233.56
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2233.59
    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    This was simply brutal.

    The board of directors look like they are searching for a
    Raw GM that can do pretty much the same thing the laptop on a podium was doing for almost a year.

The laptop and podium both have more charisma than Lauranitis as well.
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#11 Posted on 10.10.11 2234.13
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2234.15
If Otunga is going to wrestle with the Harvard logo on his trunks, he needs to bring in Chris Nowinski as his advisor.

If vince is going to mock unions in wrestling, why not add the concussion police to the list?
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#12 Posted on 10.10.11 2235.43
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2235.48

I can't wait to be told I'm a bad person and an "internet fan" whose opinion doesn't matter because I have the internet for not liking that utter crock of shit I just watched (parts of). If CM Punk wanted change, he got it. We've changed back to 2003. Vince making announcements, Triple H all the fuck over the show burying people, interim authority figures with no charisma making matches, Jim Ross getting humiliated in his hometown because Vince resents him for being good at his job and daring to be a Southerner at the same time. What's old is new again. I knew this recent resurgence would eventually peter out and it would suck eventually, but I honestly didn't think it would happen this quickly. Time to take a break from WWE until Rock comes back.

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#13 Posted on 10.10.11 2238.32
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2238.37
The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again expecting a different outcome each time when you know it won't happen. Watching RAW week after week is insanity. They give you a set up that you say is super awesome and has potential to be something great and exciting... yet this never happens. They always turn it into shit, and you keep hoping for the best... but it doesn't happen.

Fucking hilarious.

Best RAW Ever!!!
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#14 Posted on 10.10.11 2241.53
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2242.07
    Originally posted by Cerebus
    The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again expecting a different outcome each time when you know it won't happen.

like you trying hard all the times and expecting to get a reaction of "oh what an outrageous thing for this man to say" but no one ever cares

no one

except me

the mayor

of Cerebustown
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#15 Posted on 10.10.11 2251.02
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    Originally posted by Packman V2
    The laptop and podium both have more charisma than Lauranitis as well.

Yeah, this was pretty much the worst case scenario. When I saw Vince come out, I wish I HAD been right that this was all one big master plan to put him back in charge. Instead, they go with the total paint-by-numbers plot and put the guy with the charisma of a wooden board in charge. I want to see him off my TV and, instead, he's now the company's top heel. Worse than that, it took nearly 45 MINUTES to get us there!

Oh, and now Michael Cole's flying solo with Lawler again. Lovely.

I'm not saying I'm totally done, but I'm taking a break from this show for a while. I give Raw's new direction an emphatic vote of no confidence. I'll come back in a couple of months.

On the upside, this should presumably mean no Laurinaitis on SmackDown. I can only hope, because if this nonsense spreads to Fridays, I may be out there, too.

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#16 Posted on 10.10.11 2258.52
Reposted on: 10.10.18 2259.01

I want to see Johnny Ace bring in either Animal or Crash the Terminator for at least a cameo while he is in charge.
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#17 Posted on 10.10.11 2259.29
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The Muppets will save us all in three weeks. Remember what HBK said, "If you bring The Great Gonzo to RAW, only good things will happen."

Sign of the night: BEST 11th BIRTHDAY EVER!

Other thank Punk's joy at getting to wear a commentary blazer, yeah...this show happened.
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Mason Ryan looked like crap when he was lumbering around with Swagger gingerly ramming him into the turnbuckles and having trouble re-positioning him on his shoulder. Hopefully Bourne was just selling well following the match and not actually injured from Swagger's powerbomb.
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    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    The Jim Ross thing pretty much makes me wish Vince would go ahead and die already, not because wrestling is a matter of life and death but only because someone that miserable and mean-spirited need not suffer through toiling this earth any longer.

You see it that way, I see it as a wasted chance to be mean-spirited to someone who could actually have a match. It would've been so easy to have someone - anyone, from Zach to Zeke - to break the line, making them a big deal for being the one to actually do it. And it would've made them a bigger deal and given them something to work with if they got the humiliating firing an hour later. This is not some complex idea, they had the idea, they just did it with the person they thought would get the biggest reaction on that night, and didn't consider what would help them the most all the nights down the road.

I would accept the humiliation of a person who seems content to be Wile E. Coyote if they showed signs of long term correction, but they're unwilling to change themselves.

(I hope Evan Bourne is OK, because he sure didn't look OK.)
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Yeah, they should have fired Morrison on the spot after his match.

Funny....I didn't hear about any trending topics tonight. Also, they couldn't even get @WWERawGM to 10,000 followers. Can we expect all mention of social media to be banned by the Rumble? We can only hope!
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