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6.4.13 0546
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW SuperShow #954
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#1 Posted on 5.9.11 2212.30
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2212.36
TONIGHT: Week two of the Raw SuperShow concept, with Smackdown bringing its wrestlers over as well. CM Punk vs. Triple H was made official Friday, so we’ll get some follow-up to that. How does Kevin Nash fit in? Will Alberto Del Rio be there to hype his title match with John Cena? What about challengers to Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne, the new tag champs? And what was with Sin Cara attacking Daniel Bryan after their match on Smackdown?

- WWE Open.

- A video package aired on the Nash-Triple H-Punk situation. This was long at about four minutes.

- Michael Cole welcomed fans to Raw SuperShow, and in the arena, Punk came out. Jerry Lawler said he suspects the old “Game” will show up at Night of Champions. Punk once again sat in the middle of the ring. Punk told fans he’s different, as in he walks differently, talks differently and acts differently. He said he’s missing the filter between his brain and mouth. He says things like he’s the best wrestler in the world (boos for that) and he can back it up in the ring. Punk also said he tends to piss people off, which is maybe why R-Truth interfered in his match last week. He said tonight in Columbus, he’s scheduled to face R-Truth. But honestly, he’d rather face Kevin Nash. He said Nash was soul-crushingly the same, representing the status quo. Funny he says that, since that was exactly the opposite of how he was seen 15 years ago. Punk said Nash will probably have Hunter’s back at Night of Champions. He invited Nash to come out and face him like a man. Some screechy woman hates Punk. Punk paused and waited as fans chanted his name. Just as he was about to give up on the endeavor, the NWO music played. Nash walked out in a black t-shirt and black pants.

Nash said he does whatever he wants, like last Monday when he stuck Punk in the canvas. Punk said Nash has more excuses than he does nicknames. He listed of Big Daddy Cool, Oz, Vinnie Vegas, Super Shredder (which Punk didn’t think the crowd would get, but they did). Nash said every time he comes to the ring, he leaves Punk lying. Nash said Hunter pulling him out of the match only ensured he didn’t kill Punk. Nash tried to interrupt Punk’s retort, but Punk said he’s boring. He said the last time Nash was relevant was 1994, when Justin Bieber was born and when he couldn’t even drive yet. Well the relevant comment clearly isn’t true. WWE wishes it was, that’s for sure. Nash started walking to the ring as Punk kept talking, and before he could finish, Triple H’s music hit and he walked out.

Nash told Hunter the universe isn’t big enough for both him and Punk. Hunter had other business, such as the truth. He said the Staples Center gave him some security footage of someone going into his office as the same time Nash received a text to stick the winner. Apparently, the person who sent the text was…Nash. Nash got into the ring and got in Hunter’s face. He said he made WWE cool again, made it exciting, something Hunter couldn’t do. He said he didn’t do it for that cancer (Punk). He said Hunter needs to make a decision and one of them has to go. Triple H said he didn’t have a problem with that, but he does have a problem with Nash. Hunter said Punk has never lied to him, yet Nash has done nothing but lie to him. He said he is inclined to get rid of somebody, but before Hunter could ax Nash, Nash interrupted. Nash played the friend card then pondered a bit. He thought it was all about the push last week (when he pushed Hunter). He said it was all in the moment, and that he just got emotional. Nash asked Hunter what he was going to do about it as the crowd chanted for Punk. Nash kept asking Hunter what he was going to do about it, and he pushed him again, so Hunter punched him in the face. He said maybe they were friends, but now Nash is fired.

Hunter walked to the back, leaving Punk and Nash in the ring. Punk wished Nash the best of luck in his future endeavors, then left the ring as the crowd sang the Goodbye song. I did not expect that. Is Nash done already? How does he get back into the picture if not?

[Commercial Break]

- Lawler plugged – the Divas strike back after a controversial article about Natalya and Beth Phoenix saving the division.

- They replayed Hunter punching Nash and then firing him.

- Nash was walking backstage. He was about to get into a car when John Laurinaitis caught up to him. Nash got into one side of the car in the back-seat and Laurinaitis got into the other. The car then drove away without them speaking to each other.

(1) Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston vs. Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali
Back-and-forth early, but Mahal took control and tagged Khali. Foerarm to the head of Bourne. Cole mentioned that Lawler has a match tonight after opening his mouth about a certain tag team last week. Khali choked Bourne with his boot, then chopped Bourne in the chest. Lawler hilariously asked Ross who has more stroke, Hunter or Laurinaits, and Ross took that question and used it to focus on the in-ring action, saying Khali has the stroke now. Both Bourne and Mahal were down, but Kofi tagged in at 2:20. High-octane offense by Kofi, but he hit the ropes and Khali brought the top rope down, sending Kofi to the floor. Khali went for a head chop with Mahal holding Kofi, but Kofi ducked and Mahal took the move. Flip kick on Khali, then Bourne tagged in and connected on his finisher for the win.

Winners: Bourne and Kingston, at 3:14. Mahal has struggled in the ring, but Kingston and Bourne can make almost anyone appear competent, which is how Mahal came across.

The finish was replayed as Bourne and Kingston celebrated.

- Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez drove up in the backstage area. Ricardo got out first and opened ADR’s door.

- JR plugged Punk vs. Truth coming up tonight.

- Instead of a commercial, Kelly Kelly came out to do guest commentary next. Now we’ve got our commercial.

[Commercial Break]

(2) Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix
It was revealed that the winner of this match will be facing Kelly at Night of Champions. The Bella who actually pinned Kelly last week doesn’t get a shot? Natalya joined the commentary team as well. Eve was sent down after a lock-up, then Beth tossed Eve shoulder-first into the corner. Beth pulled the shoulder into the post. Kelly and Nattie argued about the column that the Divas have been up in arms about all week. Kick to the face by Eve, then a running clothesline. Somersault onto Beth for two by Eve at 1:36. Beth came back, dodged a springboard kick, and hit her finisher for the win.

Winner: Phoenix, at 2:02. Makes sense given the build-up.

After the match, Kelly went to check on Eve, and Nattie attacked her. The babyfaces were writhing in pain outside the ring. A replay of the finish and post-match attack then aired.

- Punk vs. Truth, still to come.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole congratulated Rock for having reached 1,000 followers on Twitter. Lawler said Survivor Series will be electrifying.

- Drew McIntyre and Christian were sharing injustice stories backstage when ADR interrupted. He shooed Mac away and ADR said he was expecting Christian to have the title, and he doesn’t because of John Cena. Christian said if he fights Del Rio’s battle tonight, everything will be OK, right? He said he wants Cena on his terms. Del Rio reminded Christian Cena hit him with the AA last week, and 24 hours later, Christian had a cage match. Del Rio said they’d both be champions if that didn’t happen. Christian pondered things.

- They exterior of the Nationwide Arena was shown, then back to a darkened arena, then back to the exterior. Oops!

- JR led viewers into the trailer for “Inside Out.”

- Truth and Miz were shown backstage. Truth’s match with Punk is next.

[Commercial Break]

- Truth came out first and said just when he’s heard it all, he had to listen to Punk calling himself “different” to star the show. He said unlike Punk, he’s been speaking the Truth his whole life. So he needs to be a good R-Truth, keep his mouth shut, and buy a ticket to go to Night of Champions, and stuff his face like all the other Little Jimmys. Miz then walked out in a plaid suit. Miz kept using big words and Truth pretended not to understand. Miz said he had a revelation that there is in fact a conspiracy. He said Triple H is in way over his head as COO. Miz said he’d do Triple H’s job for him, putting themselves in a match at Night of Champions against Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. Miz made fun of the fans for choosing “Air Boom” as their team name. He said it was the stupidest name he ever heard. Truth made a fart joke and said on behalf of Evan and Kofi, he’s going to accept that challenge. He said he had an epiphany of his own (and he struggled with the pronunciation): Punk is gonna get got.

- CM Punk came out for the match. It’s next.

[Commercial Break]

(3) R-Truth vs. CM Punk
The bell rang as soon as the show returned from break. Punk put Truth down and kicked him in the back. Punk worked the legs and kicked Truth in the gut. Cole plugged Miz’s Sirius Satellite radio show about fantasy football. Cole got on JR some more here as Truth continued the slow pace to the match at this point. Punk put Truth down and he went to the outside. Miz consoled him, but Punk connected on a suicide dive to Truth. He taunted Miz a bit, but that allowed Truth time to rest and he took over offense back in the ring. Rear chin-lock by Truth. Punk was sent to ringside, and Miz took out the leg of Punk. More from Cole on JR’s case. And he had been doing so well the last week or two. Truth’s boots found the mark, then Truth brought Punk’s leg across the side of the ring. Inside cradle by Punk for two, then a backslide for two. Bodyslam by Truth, who then went to the top rope. Punk punched him to stop things. Punk set up for a superplex and both men fell to the mat. Jumping leg kick by Punk, then a high knee in the corner. Springboard flying clothesline. Punk signaled for the GTS, but Truth countered into a front suplex for two. Miz tripped Punk’s leg and Punk kicked him. Miz took off his suit and prepared for a fight, but the ref tossed him from ringside. Truth attacked from behind, but Punk put him up for the GTS. Perfect camera angle for that one.

Winner: Punk, at 9:45.

Right after the match, Triple H walked out. Punk said before Hunter said anything, he wanted to say that he didn’t buy Triple H’s punch to Nash. Hunter said he doesn’t care what he believes as Nash as gone, and if Punk wants change (calling him “Obama”), their match at Night of Champions has changed. Hunter said Punk ran his mouth about his wife and family, so he made it personal, and now he wants to hurt Punk bad. It’s going to be no disqualification at the PPV, and when he’s done, Punk just might find himself fired too. Punk told Hunter to hold up and called him a Cerebral Ass-assin. He said Hunter has used the sledgehammer for 10 years and no one has died, so he’s not afraid. Punk said he wants Hunter to resign as COO if he wins. “Done,” said Hunter.

- Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks (zuh?) and Wade Barrett were backstage. Hawkins and Reks said they had something big in the works, and they wanted Barrett to be a part of it. Del Rio walked up and sent the jobbers away. Del Rio said Cena embarrassed him on Smackdown, but Barrett said he doesn’t need an incentive to go after Cena tonight. And if Del Rio doesn’t believe him, just watch.

[Commercial Break]

- Jerry Lawler’s chair was shown to be empty at ringside as JR and Cole went over what happened that led to Lawler’s match tonight.

- Otunga and McGillicutty were shown in the ring. Lawler walked out with a mic and said he’s never said they’re not great athletes, just that they’re boring. He said his partner has a lot of personality. It’s Zack Ryder. And we actually got a hype video for Ryder (including clips from his Internet show) after he got a nice pop from the Lawler mention.

(4) David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler & Zack Ryder
Cole, of course, hates Ryder. McGillicutty was aggressive in going after Ryder to start. JR termed Triple H naming Ryder as the assistant Smackdown GM “a head-scratcher.” Otunga tagged in and choked Ryder. Ryder tried to make the tag, but Otunga beat him down, then forearmed Lawler off the apron. Flapjack by Ryder, then a tag in to Lawler. JR no-sold Cole’s pot-shots as Lawler hit some offense. McGillicutty interrupted the count but Ryder low-bridged him out of the ring. Fist-drop by Lawler, but Ryder begged for the tag. King made the tag and hit his Rough-Rider leg-drop for the win.

Winners: Lawler and Ryder, at 2:08 Ryder wins! Ryder wins! Ryder wins!

- ADR had approached Dolph Ziggler (sans Vickie) backstage. He said there’s a rumor that Vickie is going to dump Ziggler after his loss to Randy Orton. Ziggler said the rumor is Del Rio is afraid of Cena, since he wasn’t there when Ziggler was stealing the show. The Bellas came up to schmooze with Del Rio, apparently mistaking him for a Raw guest host. Del Rio told them to give him five minutes. ADR said Vickie isn’t looking to Jack Swagger because she wants more clients…she’s just looking for someone to fight for her. Del Rio said hey, it’s not my business, then walked off.

- Randy Orton was walking backstage. He’s out next.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater
Predictably, Orton was in control, but a kick by Slater put Orton down for two at 1:06. Spinebuster by Slater for another near-fall, then back into the rear chin-lock. Orton fought out and Slater commenced bumping. He was at like one and a half speed here, trying to fit all his spots in before the end. RKO ended.

Winner: Orton, at 2:55. Had to get Orton on the show in some capacity, I suppose.

- Ryder was backstage celebrating his win (and merchandise sales) with John Cena. Ryder put his sunglasses on Cena. Cena asked what kind of idiot wears sunglasses indoors then smirked at the camera. He told Ryder he was kidding and he was happy for him. Ryder celebrated like he got to meet a celebrity for the first time. Cena is out next.

[Commercial Break]

- A commercial for Orton’s DVD aired.

- John Cena entered the arena. Cena wished everyone inside the camera a happy Labor Day, then he made his way to the ring. Before he spoke, they showed Del Rio’s attack on Cena from two weeks ago. He said Del Rio keeps ducking him, and he guessed that Tattoo from Fantasy Island is going to come out and announce Del Rio, who will come out in a fancy car. Ricardo Rodriguez did come out to announce Del Rio, and Del Rio did ride out in a car.

Del Rio, from near his car, said he wants to give Cena a fighting chance against him at Night of Champions. He said that’s just the kind of champion he is. He said he didn’t show up last week because he’s trying to protect Cena. And he didn’t come to the ring tonight because he’s trying to protect him. He said he can only speak for himself, but not for these guys…the rudos of Raw. That brought out Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler, followed by Christian. They only made a brief attack, as Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, and John Morrison came out to help Cena and fight off the rudos. Great heat for this. Teddy Long came out and said Triple H has given him the authority to intervene when necessary. So now, the four bad guys on the floor will fight the four men in the ring in an eight-man tag-team elimination match. It starts now. Well…what was the main event going to be then? A ref came out as they went to break.

[Commercial Break]

(6) John Cena & Alex Riley & Sheamus & John Morrison vs. Jack Swagger & Wade Barrett & Dolph Ziggler & Christian
This match was joined in progress. STO by Riley on Barrett for two. Barrett responded with a side slam. Right hands on Riley in the corner. He missed a bit boot on A.Ry and both men made tags. Ziggler and Morrison went at it with Morrison getting the shine. C4 by Morrison, then a dropkick on Barrett and Swagger (who came into the ring and stood there for Morrison to kick him). Christian came in and Morrison kicked him. Sleeper applied by Ziggler, then Swagger tagged himself in and locked in the ankle-lock. Morrison tapped at 2:23. Vickie Guerrero came out to do some scouting as they went to break at 2:55.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:14, no eliminations during the break. Riley was being worked over by Ziggler, who landed a high elbowdrop for two. Riley tried to get to his feet, and did, coming back with clotheslines and a big spinebuster. He fought off some other heels, but Ziggler hit the fameasser for two. Swagger tagged himself in again and Ziggler argued with him. Ankle-lock was countered, but Swagger kicked Riley in the face. Vader Bomb, then an ankle-lock. Riley tapped at 8:18. Sheamus came in for the first time and went after Swagger. Barrett with a big boot to Sheamus. Cover got two, just shy of 10:00. Sheamus made a comeback (everyone’s comeback looks the same!) and slammed Barrett down. He knocked Christian off the apron, and laid in the forearms to the chest of Barrett. He then pushed Swagger off the apron. Shoulder tackle off the top, but Barrett dodged a Brogue Kick. Barrett kicked Sheamus in the abs and attempted a pump-handle suplex to no avail. Brogue Kick and Barrett was out at 11:50. Christian came in and took Sheamus to the mat for two. Slap by Christian and Sheamus chased him around ringside, and through the crowd. They ran up the ramp, but Sheamus caught him and pounded on him. Both were counted-out at 13:03. It’s Ziggler and Swagger against Cena. Guess who wins?

Cena got some quick offense on Swagger and Ziggler, but Swagger took over offensively after Cena’s outburst. Tag in to Ziggler as the heels tried to put their differences aside. Tag to Swagger as the crowd dueled with “Let’s go Cena” “Cena sucks” chants. Hard forearm to the kidneys of Cena. Cena did his comeback against Swagger, as Cole declared “vintage Cena!” Both men were down in the middle of the ring, so Cena gave them both Five-Knuckle Shuffles. Belly-to-belly slam (it was most definitely not a suplex) on Cena. Looked like he was really trying to go easy on him there. Vader Bomb onto Cena, but Ziggler tagged himself in. the two men argued and Ziggler ran right into an AA, eliminating Ziggler at 17:07. Ankle-lock applied by Swagger. Cena countered into STF. Swagger tapped to end things.

Winner: Cena, at 17:43.

Del Rio tried to ambush Cena after the match, but ended up on the receiving end of an AA. Rodriguez helped him up at ringside as Del Rio sold the effects of the move. They went off the air with Cena trying to catch his breath in the ring.
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#2 Posted on 5.9.11 2218.36
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2220.24

at least Cena didn't win the main event by himself in a 1 vs 4 fashion.


I guess we know that Divas stuff was a work, since they plugged the article tonight.

I guess Cole's annoyingness goes on an even/odd week rotation, as he seemed amazingly antagonistic and awful. I guess the bullying of JR ban lasted 1 week.

For all the talk of kayfabe breaking by Punk, didn't Cena do more damage tonight by exposing the ADR car gimmick?
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#3 Posted on 5.9.11 2220.30
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2220.59
Stop me if you've heard this one before, Superman John Cena overcomes insurmountable odds and comes out on top yet again. If you didn't immediately guess the finish as soon as Swagger grabbed the anklelock, you haven't watched enough John Cena matches.

I want to say that Nash getting fired is the E realizing they made a mistake and cutting the angle short, but Johnny Ace riding off with Big Kev tells me this angle isn't over yet. Punk wishing Nash the best of luck in his future endeavors was a great line.

Speaking of cutting the angle short, with Punk/HHH being No DQ, that ending has "clusterfuck" written all over it, even more than it did already. (I'll save further thoughts for the inevitable predictions thread.) Then again, I said that for last month's Cena/Punk match, so what do I know? I'm still calling my shot and saying that Vince is somehow behind everything (Nash, Laurianaitis, Del Rio), just to show that the more things change, the more they'll stay the same.

Gotta love McIntyre, Hawkins, and Reks getting token cameos before getting shoved off to the side, just to kinda prove the point that these guys are getting lost in the shuffle more with the arrival of the SD stars.

    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
    I hope Bucky Larson somehow opens with negative $$ at the box office this weekend.

I love Nick Swardson. He deserves so much better than this cataclysm of a "movie".

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#4 Posted on 5.9.11 2226.10
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2227.56
    Originally posted by odessasteps

    For all the talk of kayfabe breaking by Punk, didn't Cena do more damage tonight by exposing the ADR car gimmick?

Cena has pretty much buried everything about ADR since this little program started. I know he's not supposed to build him up, but he's got to give the guy some credit for something to make him seem legit.

Total meltdown by the announce team during the Punk/Truth match and they never recovered.

Miz's suit was pretty pimp. I didn't expect him to mix it up with that on.

Teddy Long should reveal himself as the Raw GM, playa

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#5 Posted on 5.9.11 2227.53
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2228.08
Thanks to Punk, "Super Shredder" was trending on Twitter tonight.

That makes this whole Nash angle worth it.

(or not)

I hope Bucky Larson somehow opens with negative $$ at the box office this weekend.

Annnd now "Super Cena" is trending. But so is "WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW."

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#6 Posted on 5.9.11 2242.10
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2242.13

I don't THINK this is where the Punk/HHH angle is going, but adding the "HHH gives up his job" stipulation could easily turn into a Nash/Ace trap with a Punk heel turn to cement screwing HHH.

But, HHH is not going to allow himself to be out-smarted, since he is the Cerebral Ass-Ass-in.
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#7 Posted on 5.9.11 2248.26
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2248.54
So let me get this straight ... Michael Cole calls Daniel Bryan a nerd all the time for no good reason (being a vegan, not owning a TV, etc.), but he makes fun of Jim Ross for NOT playing fantasy football?! Really? Is there any type of logic to that?
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#8 Posted on 5.9.11 2252.08
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2255.12
Lengthy promo video. Props from The King. A pinfall victory. A great night for Ryder, who I'm a big fan of.

We'll see if my ADHD riddled brain can retain information next week - I'll legit be attending the go-home RAW SUPERSHOW in Ottawa!
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#9 Posted on 5.9.11 2254.09
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2257.30
    Originally posted by Alessandro
    So let me get this straight ... Michael Cole calls Daniel Bryan a nerd all the time for no good reason (being a vegan, not owning a TV, etc.), but he makes fun of Jim Ross for NOT playing fantasy football?! Really? Is there any type of logic to that?

For all Cole's faults, he does build in these easy attempts for the face announcers to rebut him. Like this bit here about fantasy football, plus his spiel tonight about how Ross and King should be objective broadcast journalists "and not openly root for guys, since it's unprofessional."

The trouble is, the face announcers on both shows are terrible at these rebuttals. Josh and Booker either play along with the bit, and King and JR have just learned to ignore everything Cole says. Gorilla Monsoon would've been all over putting Cole in his place.
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#10 Posted on 5.9.11 2258.34
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2259.01
Am I the only one who has a big problem with adding career-ending stipulations to a match SIX DAYS after a big contract signing segment?

Sweet perm on Big Poochie tonight, though.
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#11 Posted on 5.9.11 2333.17
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2336.55
Regarding Cole, apparently Heenan used to rag (RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG) on Tito Santana because he was a huge fan of Tito, and this was one of his ways to get people to support him. Maybe they're trying to get Cole to do the same thing.

If Ziggler and Swagger feud, that's going to be some good quality wrestling.
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#12 Posted on 5.9.11 2337.24
Reposted on: 5.9.18 2337.28
Nash sneaking into HHH's dressing room to text himself is this generation's Vince reveals himself as the higher power. I mean, WTF? I guess that's the only way the writers could figure out how not to reveal who else is in on the conspiracy yet. Also note that it was H getting a piece of Nash while Punk didn't. Again.

Maybe the figuring behind the scenes is that with Orton back on Raw every week, they don't need a new #2 face any more? So Nash 'sticks' it to H in the no-DQ match, and the guy who fronted the Straight Edge Society and the New Nexus is going to be asked to try and make the New-New nWo work, with Big Poochie and two mid-carders to be named later?

I hope not, a Punk heel turn makes no sense given the last couple months - but they didn't have much of a spot for Orton tonight, did they? I can read a depth chart. Punk will make it entertaining, but if that's they way they go with the angle the show will be back right where they were before Money in the Bank. Only with less Raw airtime to make new stars.

No HHH return to the ring after all, but they did put on a pretty frenetic show. If Del Rio is going to be that good a manipulator, he could at least tell the other heels "But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know". Cena continues to make his opponents look like shit, Punk is the only one I've noticed him trying to elevate, and we'll see if that sticks.

I liked the sign with the new Punk shirt logo with a Punk ice cream bar in place of the lightning bolt.
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#13 Posted on 6.9.11 0000.53
Reposted on: 6.9.18 0000.57
I will say this for SuperCena, at least Dolph and Swagger lost because they got in each other's way and couldn't get along, when it could've been Cena just kicking it up a notch on them. I don't understand the current fascination in booking elimination matches when normal tags would be just fine and you don't have to job everyone in the match except the main eventer.

So glad that the launch of the WWE network in 2012 means that the finale of NXT season 5 can air on television.

Also excited over the formation of the Gatecrashers Nexus.

Ryder getting that video package was legit heartwarming.

    Originally posted by IBFJM
    Am I the only one who has a big problem with adding career-ending stipulations to a match SIX DAYS after a big contract signing segment?

My problem is the big stakes stipulations being added to their first match, and after HHH has spent a little over a month actually having the job. I think the finish is Nash sticking Hunter, so maybe they want to get him out of that role since it hasn't really worked. Or maybe he's winning so they were just like "LOL stips, how fun."

I don't have any sympathy for Nash getting shown up on the mic since it's poetic justice, but it's uncomfortable to watch him struggle to remember his lines while Punk shouts over him and tears him down.

    Originally posted by odessasteps
    I guess we know that Divas stuff was a work, since they plugged the article tonight.

I think it's more like capitalizing on a hot Twitter story that's really real! Natalya and Kelly were 'mazin' on commentary. Natalya said they were going to feed vegetables to the WWE Universe. Kelly tried to talk tuff without laughing and said "You're a sorry excuse ... for being here!"
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#14 Posted on 6.9.11 0046.07
Reposted on: 6.9.18 0047.06
I don't even know where they're going with the main storyline at all anymore... just weird. Nash is behind Nash??

All in all, we had fun watching this show (all of my friends marked out for the Super Shredder reference) but the whole thing seems a little jumbled to me personally... like there's no set path for anything right now.

It's like they want to go in all these directions (Miz-Punk for example), but they're waist-deep in the whole clusterfuck with the Punk storyline.

Oh, we also really enjoyed the Cena reference to the Rock when he said only an idiot would wear sunglasses indoors, pretty great. I wonder if that will prompt something from The Rock on TV or just some online stuff.

P.S. I noticed they cut Hulk Hogan from the WWE Open. You usually hear Hogan raving "HULKAMANIA IS RUNNIN WILD" as part of the montage/reel but this time I made out the first syllable of HULKAMANIA but the phrase was gone, as well as any image of Hogan himself. Why the sudden adjustment?

P.S.S. Alberto Del Rio's lackey helping him away from the ring, with his hand placed on Alberto's inner thigh was pretty off-putting to me.

(edited by CHAPLOW on 5.9.11 2256)
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#15 Posted on 6.9.11 0136.59
Reposted on: 6.9.18 0138.37
A couple of thoughts since I watched more of this one than usual:

Man, Kelly Kelly was BRUTAL on commentary. Natalya came at her with a bunch of standard-issue, maildly amusing putdowns, and Kelly could barely get a sentence out. I picture her sitting upright in bed tonight and saying "I should have said, oh yeah, well, the jerk store called, they're running out of you!"

The security footage that was just sent to HHH has to be the lamest plot device in a long time. Speaking of plot devices, if they're going to have Teddy Long make matches on Raw, they really need to write out the Raw GM.

Having Lawler bring out Zach and then having them get a quick and clear win over the Nexus guys was actually a good idea.
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#16 Posted on 6.9.11 0322.52
Reposted on: 6.9.18 0323.26
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    "You're a sorry excuse ... for being here!"

So I wasn't hearing things. Man, that was awful. This is what happens when someone only does scripted promos.

The SuperShow idea is really dumb, as nothing is really super if it happens once a week, but was it just me or did the Orton match not need to be on this show? I was not expecting to see Orton since I usually don't on RAW, and wouldn't have missed him. His title feud with Henry wasn't remotely advanced by a squashing someone who never wins anyway. Also, what about the US and IC Champs? Since your next PPV is called Night of Champions, maybe they could get booked?

The Nash/Punk stuff is so weird. I think they just feel like there has to be a plot point per week in this top feud or they're wasting time. Firing Nash, if he's not really fired, is kind of a pointless red herring. I assume he "sticks" Punk at NOC and Hunter takes the pin anyway cuz he's a cerebral type of guy? And Nash's haircut, at least the frizzy part of it, sadly reminded me of an ex girlfriend. Who, incidentally, was also overtall and lazy after five minutes of action.

The main was what it was. They probably went with elimiantion needlessly to make John Morrison lose the fastest at something. That being said, it was a solid bout and was very well executed, and I enjoyed it despite the fact I'm really starting to really hate Cena. I've never been much more than underwhelmed by him till now, but I'm actually getting to resent his presence on my TV screen. His "sunglasses inside" comment would have been so much better without his stupid fucking Cena grin that ruins everything in the history of ever. Not to mention him burying ADR's gimmick, as if it is any more repetitive than his, is just totally counter-productive. I think he or WWE figures Punk is over now solely because he buries people, and that's part of Punk's appeal, but it's offset by the fact that Punk is anti-authority and coutnerculture and otherwise atypical. When your top guy/multi-millionaire/franchise player does that he just comes off like a complete dick.

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#17 Posted on 6.9.11 0645.12
Reposted on: 6.9.18 0645.53
Wow, I didn't expect this reaction I guess to the show. I thought this Raw was great, and well booked. We are two weeks before the PPV, so the faces should go over. The crowd is happy (and this crowd was pretty great tonight) and it makes sense. For next week, the week before the PPV, you can have the heels get over on the faces leading to intrigue over if the faces can beat the odds at NoC.

Yes, the Nash stuff was dumb, but the story is obviously still going. Some parts of the show were underwhelming, but for the most part I really enjoyed the show.
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#18 Posted on 6.9.11 0715.21
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Does anyone else feel the moment Nash got involved in this storyline, it hit a giant wall? The sad part is if the WWE actually had him complete a physical none of this would be happening.
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#19 Posted on 6.9.11 0732.07
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    Originally posted by lotjx
    Does anyone else feel the moment Nash got involved in this storyline, it hit a giant wall?


Punk vs. Nash/HHH just doesn't have the same magic as Punk vs. Vince/Cena.

It's just not that edgy to call a 52 year old wrestler old.
Before Punk was a threat and dangerous- he was going to leave with the title. He doesn't really have a machine to rage against when HHH is just as wisecracking as he is.

Money in the Bank and the weeks before and after was lightning in a bottle. It's a shame they couldn't keep it going.
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#20 Posted on 6.9.11 0749.23
Reposted on: 6.9.18 0750.03
Let's go ahead and welcome new COO Stephanie McMahon.
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