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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW #941 6/6/11
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#1 Posted on 6.6.11 2210.26
Reposted on: 6.6.18 2210.43
TONIGHT: If R-Truth apologizes to John Cena, he’ll face him for the title at Capitol Punishment. If not….? Also, CM Punk faces Rey Mysterio in a rematch from last week. The entire Tough Enough cast will be on hand as well.

- It’s 9:00, so I’m going to pick up the end of Tough Enough here, with Vince McMahon interviewing the Tough Enough finalists. McMahon even said we’re on the air for Monday Night Raw. Vince said that he had heard enough, and made up his mind before he came out anyway. That’s vintage Vince. McMahon, who probably never watched one episode of Tough Enough, was about to render a decision when Steve Austin gave him the stink eye. Austin asked him about it, and Vince said he’s the Chairman and he makes the big decisions. Austin started swearing and he said he was going to pick the damn winner, not Vince. He asked if he made himself clear, and Vince allowed him to go ahead. I hear some chants for Andy. Austin took a long pause, but Vince said he’d have a drum-roll. Austin asked for a drum-roll, got one, and even some special lighting. Austin took his time in silence as Andy tried pump up the crowd. Austin announced Andy as the winner. Luke was clearly hurt by this and Austin and he shared some words off-mic as Andy celebrated. Luke shook hands with Vince and Andy, gave up his title, then left the ring. Austin asked Vince if he had any words of encouragement for Andy. Vince hinted that he would’ve chosen the other guy, then welcomed Andy to the WWE…with a slap to the face. Andy sold it like a champ, taking a bump off of it, despite it likely being a surprise. Austin announced Andy as the winner, then pulled him in and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner. “Welcome to the WWE you son of a bitch! And that’s the bottom line, ‘cause Stone Cold said so.” The Tough Enough logo appeared as Andy regrouped on the outside. Didn’t sell it long enough!

Austin collected beers in the ring, and Vince dropped one, as R-Truth’s opening played. Truth came to the ring dressed as a solider and with a sword. He stood there as Austin and Vince looked at him curiously. Truth said he’d get to his outfit, but reminded everyone that the Raw GM wanted him to apologize. Vince threw it to a video package of Truth taking out his frustration on a family of WWE fans last week. Truth apologized, then said “I’m a good R-Truth.” He apologized to big Jimmy and little Jimmy, then apologized to the soda he wasted (it was refreshing!). Austin said he should be sorry for dressing up like a damn jackass. Truth said they’re in Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy. He made fun of the fans, calling them inbred rednecks. “You suck” chants for Truth. Austin said that was 150 years ago…what’s that got to do with today? Truth said nothing good came out of the South, but they did have one good idea: cessation. Truth said he’s seceding from the WWE Universe. He’s keeping his title match, but everything else he’s through with. No action figures, no t-shirts, no video games. Truth said he’s been a victim of a company-wide conspiracy, then asked McMahon to back him up. Vince asked if “R” was his first name, but Truth said it was. Vince said it was a silly first name, and said R-Truth should’ve been a pirate instead of a rapper. Could’ve been better than Paul Burchill. Vince said Truth and Austin both know his office hours and said Truth can come to him if he has a problem. Truth tried spelling conspiracy, but Vince interrupted him, and The Miz’s music interrupted all of them.

He was dressed in a suit and did his “really?” thing. Miz said Vince is out here and all Truth can talk about is his conspiracy? Miz said if it weren’t for Alex Riley, he’d still be WWE Champion. He continued to claim he was the most must-see champion in WWE history. He said he deserves one last championship match. Then Alex Riley’s music interrupted and the fans seemed to recognize it. Riley walked out and went to the ring. Riley said the only thing Miz deserves is a third straight week of beat-downs. They argued off-mic and allowed John Cena’s music to hit. Cena wanted to bring everyone up to date on what’s happening and did so, in a somewhat entertaining fashion. Cena reminded Miz that he made him say “I quit,” then said he’s no GM, but Miz won’t be getting another title shot. He addressed Riley, saying he doesn’t like him or trust him, but it was nice to see him attack Miz. Next up was Truth, and Cena said when he drinks Truth in, he sees a guy who really has things together. He said someone like Truth doesn’t have any mental issues at all, of course, saying that sarcastically. Cena said Truth has him, for the title, at Capitol Punishment. The anonymous Raw GM dinged in.

When Cole said his line, Vince told him to SHUTTTUPPPP. I’ve never been more glad to hear that quote. Vince said he’d handle that, by making Truth & Miz vs. Cena & Riley tonight. Oh, and Steve Austin is the special guest referee. They played Vince’s music as everyone in the ring argued. Austin didn’t seem too happy about having to referee, and pretty much chased Vince out of the ring. I guess they figured they have Austin in the building, why not use him as much as possible (even though there’s no real reason to have him ref the match). Fun segment, for the most part.

[Commercial Break]

(1) Santino Marella vs. Michael McGillicutty
Michael Cole mentioned a situation on Superstars that led to this. Both men were already in the ring. McGillicutty pounded his own head into the top turnbuckle, thinking Santino was going to do it, but Santino was planning on taking him to another buckle. McGillicutty was sent to ringside, and back in, Santino caught one of his boots. McGillicutty finally put Santino down at 1:17. Jerry Lawler referenced F Troop when discussing Truth’s outfit. What percentage of the fans watching actually got that reference? Santino came back with an armdrag, but McGillicutty swatted a dropkick. Inside cradle by Santino at 2:40 for only two. Fans chanted “Cobra” as McGillicutty missed a corner splash. Some extracurricular activity happened outside. Santino dodged McGillicutty’s neckbreaker and hit the Cobra for the win.

Winner: Santino, at 4:40. Well, it was there.

-They showed Andy winning Tough Enough as the announcers also said he received a Stone Cold Stunner.

- They showed some Richmond landmarks as the announcers discussed the main event tonight, with Austin as guest ref.

- Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix came to the ring for a tag match. Cole said those two have been very vocal about the things the Bellas said about Kharma last week. More after this.

[Commercial Break]

(2) Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix vs. The Bella Twins
One of the Bellas worked Kelly’s wrist, but Kelly flipped out of it. Hurricanrana for two. She brought Kelly down throat-first over the top rope. The other Bella tagged in (and used the tag rope!). Some double-teaming in the corner, but they got out in time. Near fall for the Bellas at 1:16 of the match. Kelly struggled in a rest-hold but worked her way to her feet. She ducked a clothesline and tagged Beth at 1:43. She tried to get the crowd fired up as she plowed through one of the Bellas. Slingshot suplex for two, pin broken up and Kelly took her out. Beth lined up the legal Bella for the Glam Slam. She got her hands out of the move too early to protect herself, but Beth picked up the win.

Winners: Phoenix and Kelly, at 2:28. Okay Divas match, and now the Bellas and their bullying seem to be the focus of the division with Kharma out.

- Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk is still to come tonight.

- So is Cena & Riley vs. R-Truth & The Miz, with Austin as guest ref.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole plugged the 30 million fans that the WWE Universe Facebook page has.

- Booker and Trish were backstage and Booker told Trish about something he’s been working on: The Trisharoonie. He taught Trish how to do the Spinaroonie, but Jack Swagger interrupted. He said if he were a trainer, every single one of those participants would be a winner. He said he didn’t think Booker was Tough Enough. He told him to meet him in the ring if he’s still got it. Booker accepted the challenge, but warned Swagger that after their match, Swagger will be asking himself one question: Can you dig it, sucker? Swagger left and Booker and Trish talked about what just happened.

- CM Punk came out with Mason Ryan and a mic. He sat at the top of the ramp. “Punk gets tired quickly,” said Lawler. Punk now also has a goatee. He talked about beating Rey last week and talked about granting Rey a rematch tonight and will beat him, not to satiate his ego, but to show that Nexus’ collective faith is undying. “Join me in dismantling Rey Mysterio,” he told the crowd. They were not with him. “What an inspiration,” said Cole. The match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(3) CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
Punk didn’t offer a clean break in the corner, but Rey dodged a spinning head kick. Punk took Rey down, but Rey hopped up on Punk’s shoulders and rolled him up for two. Shoulder tackle by Punk for a one-count. Monkey flip by Mysterio and he took Punk down with a headscissors outside the ring. Rey worked the arm back in around the three minute mark. Spin kick to the gut by Punk, who then hooked Rey up in the Tree of Woe. Back suplex by Punk for two. He then threw Rey under the bottom rope and into the ringpost. Punk went to the top rope to suplex Rey off at 6:40 of the match, but Rey knocked Punk down. Missile headbutt by Rey and both men were down. Mason Ryan paced, concerned, at ringside. Springboard cross-body with some nice air by Rey, then a headscissors take-over. Punk caught him with a powerslam for two. Punk was set up for the 619, but Mason Ryan got on the apron. Rey with a Tornado DDT in which Punk’s legs hit Ryan. Punk was then set up and received a splash off the top for the win by Rey.

WINNER: Mysterio, at 8:41. We’ve seen it before; that said, the action wasn’t bad.

- Cole and Lawler discussed the opening segment. Then we saw another Barack Obama press conference, this time, one that involved R-Truth as part of the media. Truth asked Obama about a conspiracy involving him having never gotten a title shot. Truth said he’d take out his anger on Cena at Capitol Punishment. Obama said Cena is doing well on his own. Truth said Obama may get a title shot before him. Obama said it’s not about who goes first or second, then started talking about a boat metaphor. Truth got upset and said he doesn’t like boats and that Obama would probably push him out of the boat. “That’s a fair prediction,” said Obama. That was funny, but seeing Truth in a pre-tape like this takes something away from his character.

- Backstage, John Cena said he hasn’t forgotten Alex Riley costing him the title. He walked off, leaving Riley pondering their relationship for the main event.

[Commercial Break]

- WWE All-Star night is next week, with members from both of the rosters. It’s a three-hour Raw.

- Alberto Del Rio came out in his car, and got a mic as soon as he exited. He jumped up on the ramp and talked about “slander.” He said the WWE Universe has been saying he’s a coward. But he denied that, and threw it to a video package that showed what happened. He asked Big Show to come out so he could apologize to him. A Big Show imitator came out with crutches and eating something. He finally got to the ring (the imitator wore a skull-cap and a fake belly). The guy imitated Big Show’s chokeslam scream. They piped in pig noises as well, I think. Show just kept grunting and Del Rio took it that Show would drop the charges if ADR gave him a lot of food. Del Rio said his answer was no, that Big Show got what he deserved. He told Show to go home and to never disrespect him again. He said if Show makes him an enemy, he will get hurt, because bad things happen to bad people. Show was revealed as being Ricardo Rodriguez, who said Del Rio’s name over and over again. Crowd was not into this.

- They showed a video package on Kofi Kingston.

[Commercial Break]

- Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder were in the ring, but only Ryder was dressed to compete. Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero joined the commentary team. They showed him beating Kingston last week, and Ziggler put over Ryder’s YouTube prowess.

(4) Zack Ryder vs. Kofi Kingston
Ziggler made a weird comment about a black kid designing Kingston’s tights. Jumping back elbow by Kingston. Ryder got pissed and chest bumped Kingston, who knocked Ryder down anyway. Ryder dodged a Kingston attack in the corner and Kingston tried to catch himself on the rope, but appeared to miss. Neckbreaker by Ryder, then he white-washed him with a boot in the corner, for a two-count. Kofi began his comeback and landed the Boom Drop. Ryder avoided the first Trouble in Paradise, but not the second.

Winner: Kingston, at 2:39. Hey at least Ryder got a match on Raw! It’s the first step. It was weird hearing Cole plug Ziggler’s Twitter, @heelziggler.

- R-Truth and Miz were talking strategy backstage, but we couldn’t hear.

- Booker T was walking backstage. He competes on Raw for the first time in four years, against Jack Swagger.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole and Lawler talked about Andy winning Tough Enough, and the involvement of Vince McMahon and Steve Austin. Also, the Anonymous GM announced, during the break, that The Miz will face Alex Riley.

(5) Jack Swagger vs. Booker T
Not a great reaction for Booker, but the crowd had already heard his music once tonight. Surprised they’re giving Booker’s return to the ring away with such little fanfare. Swagger got on Booker first, but Booker lit him up with a sidekick then a few chops. Scissors kick missed and Swagger clotheslined Booker over the top and to the arena floor. Swagger rammed shoulders into Booker’s gut, then threw him into the ring. Cover got only one. Cole plugged Swagger’s Twitter account. He worked the arm of Booker as the crowd cheered for the veteran. Swagger ran into a back elbow then Booker caught him with a spinning heel kick, shades of Savio Vega! More chops from Book, but again the axe kick missed. Scissors kick found the mark and Swagger retreated to ringside. Swagger said, “I don’t need this” and appeared ready to be counted out. He advanced again toward the ring, but didn’t try to get back in.

Winner: Booker, via count-out, at 3:11. That was dumb.

Evan Bourne came out to attack Swagger from behind. Bourne suckered Swagger into the ring, where he was on the receiving end of an axe kick. Bourne then connected on the Air Bourne. He and Booker both did a Spinaroonie.

- Stone Cold was walking backstage. He’s the special ref for the main event, which is next.

[Commercial Break]
- Stone Cold Steve Austin was introduced as the guest referee for the main event.

- All four participants made their entrance for the main event. It’s next.

[Commercial Break]

(6) The Miz & R-Truth vs. Alex Riley & John Cena
Riley tagged in early on after Cena was matched with Miz, and Miz wanted nothing to do with A.Ri. Couple reversals by Truth and Riley after Truth tagged in, then a nice hip-toss by Truth. Truth fell victim to a Riley hip-toss and he got a one-count off of that. Riley tried to tag Cena, but Truth pulled away. Riley pulled him closer and did make the tag. Nice touch. Like Riley and Miz, Truth wanted no part of Cena and tagged out. Cena audibly called “bulldog” and whaddya know, he threw Miz into the buckle and bulldogged him. Things broke down briefly and Truth ended up on offense after arguing with Austin. They went to break about 2:30 in.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:20 of the contest. Miz had Riley stuck in a rear chinlock. Miz kept Riley in the heel corner and registered a near-fall. Nice camera angle that had Miz sitting on the mat after Riley kicked out, with Austin behind him holding up to fingers to represent the two-count, looking like he was giving Miz bunny ears. Miz kept things at a slow pace, booting Riley in the corner. Austin got physical and grabbed Miz by the face to pull him off. Miz rammed his shoulder into the ringpost, with riley avoiding the move. Miz tagged out and Truth stopped Riley from tagging Cena. Another rear chinlock. Running kick in the corner by Truth. Bodyslam followed that at 8:30. “Let’s go Riley” chants from the fans. He got his boot up when Truth attempted a top-rope move. Both men made tags and a big pop for Cena’s entrance. He clobbered Miz and set up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Truth disrupted the AA, but he was sent out of the ring. Miz was locked in the STF, but he got to the ropes and Cena had to break. Truth tried to use a chair but Cena avoided it and dropkicked Truth. Double clothesline by Miz and Cena, putting them on the mat. Riley crept in with the briefcase and appeared ready to hit Cena, but instead got Miz with it. Austin then gave Miz the Stunner and Cena gave him the AA for the win.

Winners: Cena and Riley, at 10:45.

Austin called for some beers and he offered them to Riley and Cena. As Cena drank some brews with Austin, Cole received an e-mail from the Raw GM. He said the ref has overstepped his authority in this match, and the GM reversed the decision. Does it matter? The winners and losers don’t affect anything. The GM e-mailed again and said before Austin does anything crazy, he’s appointing Austin the special guest GM next week. That makes no sense. Austin grabbed a mic and said if you want him to be the special guest GM next week, give him a Hell Yeah. The Crowd did, then Austin attacked Cole. He sent Cole into the ring and dumped beer on him. Stunner followed, then an AA from Cena. Austin called Cole a mealy-mouthed bastard and said he’d see Cole next week on Raw. Bottom Line, Stone Cold Said So, more beers. Slow-mo replay of him celebrating with Cena closed things out.
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#2 Posted on 6.6.11 2259.35
Reposted on: 6.6.18 2259.37
Good beginning, good ending. Santino getting a squash win, and Zach Ziggler (they did say that) got on the show. What more could you ask??? Well the Del Rio segment was awful, I felt sorry for Del Rio (and his personal ring announcer) having to go through that skit.
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#3 Posted on 6.6.11 2324.29
Reposted on: 6.6.18 2325.03
The Bellas have basically taken the spot LayCool occupied as the obnoxious instigator Diva heel team.

But c'mon! The Bellas are so awesome. The Bellas get pulverized by Beth, slink backwards up the aisle in defeat, and Nikki still defiantly reiterates, "Kharma's still fat!" The Kharma is fat battle is one the Bellas will never lose!

Second week in a row I get excited by that awesome music and disappointed when it's Alex Riley who walks out to it. This going to happen every week.

John Cena is a spot calling champion. "BULLDOG!"

(edited by John Orquiola on 7.6.11 0433)
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#4 Posted on 7.6.11 0011.15
Reposted on: 7.6.18 0012.30
The WWE has got to get their shit together and bring back Ross. Cole was just terrible tonight, messing up names and not remembering simple storylines from just minutes before. Some of the WWE writers need to go if they can't make sense of their own stuff (Austin, you have overstepped your bounds, so here is a way to do it for three hours next week).

A hype video for Kofi Kingston at this point? The same Swagger/ Bourne feud from 2 years ago or so on Raw now, featuring the same basic storyline? I have already stopped watching Raw on some/most weeks, but the TE finale brought me back tonight. After this night, they are going to lose me again.
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#5 Posted on 7.6.11 0015.00
Reposted on: 7.6.18 0015.24
I dig the way Charles Robinson kept a very close eye on Mason Ryan while Rey Mysterio had control of CM Punk on the ground. He seemed to say to Rey, "I got this. Get Punk back in the ring."

I would have thought that Riley might hit Cena with the briefcase, if not for the fact that the Miz/Riley match at Capitol Punishment had already been announced.
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#6 Posted on 7.6.11 0858.32
Reposted on: 7.6.18 0859.01
    Originally posted by geemoney
    Truth said Obama may get a title shot before him. Obama said it’s not about who goes first or second, then started talking about a boat metaphor. Truth got upset and said he doesn’t like boats and that Obama would probably push him out of the boat.
I really hate these dream sequence ads, but I stuck around for this one because I saw that R-Truth was asking the questions, and oh my god. "I ain't getting on a BOAT with YOU, O-BAMA." Just about died. R-Truth is #1 and the best.

Having said that, I'm sad that R-Truth interrupted the Tough Enough thingy at the start because I have a feeling that Austin was going to offer Vince a beer in friendship and camaraderie and totally not stun him ths time.
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#7 Posted on 7.6.11 0859.35
Reposted on: 7.6.18 0900.32
Did I see John Cena do a dropkick or was I dreaming?

Like every week, I enjoyed seeing The Miz and R-Truth, while the rest of the show pretty much sucked. SmackDown really is the better show right now.

As far as Stone Cold and Mr Mc Mahon are concerned: WWE must have done something wrong, because I really can't stand the sight of those two guys - as well as The Rock - anymore. And I absolutely loved the whole Attitude Era.
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#8 Posted on 7.6.11 0904.23
Reposted on: 7.6.18 0904.48
    Originally posted by Tyler Durden
    As far as Stone Cold and Mr Mc Mahon are concerned: WWE must have done something wrong, because I really can't stand the sight of those two guys - as well as The Rock - anymore. And I absolutely loved the whole Attitude Era.

How can you be tired of Vince's powder blue suits? Truly awesome.
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#9 Posted on 7.6.11 1458.06
Reposted on: 7.6.18 1458.16
    Originally posted by Tyler Durden

    As far as Stone Cold and Mr Mc Mahon are concerned: WWE must have done something wrong, because I really can't stand the sight of those two guys - as well as The Rock - anymore. And I absolutely loved the whole Attitude Era.

Vince was oddly terrible on the mic tonight. Not sure if it was because he wasn't in full heel character or if he is just rusty, but he stalled that segment more than once.

Santino vs McGillicutty was one of the worst matches on Raw in quite some time.

Just how far has Del Rio's stock dropped in the last month?

I don't understand what they are trying to do on Raw right now. They just redid half the roster in the Draft and it feels more stale now than it did before. There's some good stuff here it just doesn't feel like it is being utilized quite right.

Matt Tracker
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#10 Posted on 7.6.11 1532.25
Reposted on: 7.6.18 1532.33
    Originally posted by BigDaddyLoco
    Just how far has Del Rio's stock dropped in the last month?

I initially thought he was a victim of Edge's retirement rally, but now I wonder if he's inherited John Morrison's "small plans." From title contender to a Big Show feud? And Show has a bad leg when Alberto has an armbar submission?

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#11 Posted on 7.6.11 1537.26
Reposted on: 7.6.18 1537.26

I figured that if the plan was for Cena vs Del Rio at Summerslam, they needed something to keep them busy for a month or two after Mania.

If Del Rio puts out the big show at this next PPV, that could springboard him into a title feud with Cena.
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#12 Posted on 7.6.11 1558.19
Reposted on: 7.6.18 1558.48
    Originally posted by odessasteps

    I figured that if the plan was for Cena vs Del Rio at Summerslam, they needed something to keep them busy for a month or two after Mania.

    If Del Rio puts out the big show at this next PPV, that could springboard him into a title feud with Cena.


Del Rio beats Big Show
Del Rio wins Money in the Bank
Del Rio calls shot in advance for SummerSlam because of destiny blah blah blah
Del Rio wins title
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#13 Posted on 7.6.11 2359.18
Reposted on: 7.6.18 2359.42
If you'd told me two months ago that R-Truth would be the most entertaining thing on RAW, I'd have thought you were trolling. Where has this guy been???
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#14 Posted on 8.6.11 0041.20
Reposted on: 8.6.18 0042.28
I'm totally surprised that no one brought up Cole no-selling the Stunner but somewhat selling the Attitude Adjustment. Either it was an awful job on his part (and I agree with Torchslasher that he was rough to listen to all night) or the Stunner doesn't get the KO factor the AA does these days. That also isn't right; it's messed up that the Stunner, which was a move to put you flat on your back for the rest of the night, is now used as nothing more than a transitional move these days.
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#15 Posted on 8.6.11 0107.43
Reposted on: 8.6.18 0108.27
The Stone Cold Stunner has always been 'situational' like that. In a case where the opponent is meant to be upright afterwards for another spot, they'll bounce around dazed on their feet. Austin eliminated Booker T in a Rumble like that once, where he stunned him, Booker bounced up and over to the ropes, and Austin clotheslined him out.

They meant for Cole to take the AA after the Stunner, so he stayed on his feet after the Stunner for Cena to scoop him up.

Another example of this was the DX tandem finisher of Sweet Chin Music into the Pedigree. After the superkick, the opponent would stay on his feet and stagger around towards Triple H, who'd finish him off.
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#16 Posted on 8.6.11 0122.10
Reposted on: 8.6.18 0122.11
Yeah, Cole was supposed to bounce right into the AA, he just didn't know how to.
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#17 Posted on 8.6.11 0337.57
Reposted on: 8.6.18 0340.17
    Originally posted by Chumpstain
    The Stone Cold Stunner has always been 'situational' like that. In a case where the opponent is meant to be upright afterwards for another spot, they'll bounce around dazed on their feet. Austin eliminated Booker T in a Rumble like that once, where he stunned him, Booker bounced up and over to the ropes, and Austin clotheslined him out

Actually I'm pretty sure there wasn't even a clothesline - Booker just bounced up and flung himself over. Hilariously silly.

Del Rio is getting the SS push, for sure. It's just a shame that knowing that negates any chance of R-Truth's current push getting him the belt.
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#18 Posted on 8.6.11 0459.36
Reposted on: 8.6.18 0459.50
It feels that R-Truth's somewhat sudden rise to awesomeness has made them change plans.
Not saying that Alberto doesn't get his feud and shot at SS.
But instead of maybe doing a long, slower feud between him and Cena, they cut off a month or so to give R-Truth that quick story.

Seeing R-Truth in that confederate costume was great.
The guy is really giving it his best.
But yeah, Vince seemed off and randomly saying stuff.
" should have been a pirate?" What?
And I got the idea Austin no-sold the 'office hours' joke by Vince as well.

Good to see Ryder getting some offense against Kofi.
I expected a complete squash. And thankfully the commentary didn't completely bury him.

The women's match seemed longer than 2.28
Must be because it was actually well worked and had a story.

Booker vs Swagger was pointless but fun. It's good to see Booker T.
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#19 Posted on 8.6.11 0704.49
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Summerslam is not that far away, but they have hot shot SummerSlams before and this seems to be no different. If R-Truth jobs to Cena just doesn't fill right after all the effort he has put in. The real problem for R-Truth is Morrison going down and Raw stupidly not having a mid-card level face for Truth. You would think if Morrison was healthy, they would be still feuding right now. The fact they turned Alex Riley is a telling sign. You would think Kofi would be elevated up, but he is still stick with Dolph.

I like Alberto, but I just can't see him winning at SummerSlam against Cena. Cena is pretty much gold at Summerslam. I don't think I have even seen him at that PPV even when logic would say otherwise ie Nexus last year and Orton two or three years ago. They could give Alberto the title then feuds with Cena all fall where Cena wins it back prior to Mania then faces Rock. Personally, I wish they would take their time to develop some more mid-card faces or at least move Kofi away from Dolph on to Miz or R-Truth.
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#20 Posted on 8.6.11 0748.35
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Cena's lost to Edge, Batista and Orton at SummerSlam.

I would put good money on Rock/Cena not being for the title.
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