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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown #613 5-20-11
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It's False
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#1 Posted on 21.5.11 0030.31
Reposted on: 21.5.18 0030.51
TONIGHT! It's the go-home show for Over the Limit, so let's get some final build on Randy Orton/Christian, while randomly inserting Sheamus and Mark Henry because neither guy has anything better do! SmackDown is NOW!

WWE - The Champ Is Here!

Opening credits - Do You Know Your Enemy? No opening pyro, as we immediately go to a graphic for Randy Orton facing Mark Henry in tonight's main event. As for the other two guys in this four-way feud, well...

Your hosts are the Usual Threesome of Idiots. Chimel has now inserted "The Celtic Warrior" into his intro for Sheamus. Hey! Here's a neat "Wrestling Challenge"-style insert promo from Sheamus! That's some old-school goodness!

We start with a lock-up, as Sheamus asserts the power advantage. Christian goes to work with a slap and his floatover slap. Hey ref, turn your mic down, will you? Christian needs to come back into the ring, so Sheamus helpfully tosses him back in. Running stomp gets 2. Holy shit, I already need the MUTE button for the announce team! This is a new record for these clowns. Sheamus hits an elbow and chokes away. Christian lowbridges Sheamus to send him over, but Christian runs right into a shoulder thrust. Sheamus looks for suplex to the outside, so Christian breaks it and uppercuts him before pulling him down off the apron. Tornado DDT attempt is broken up and Sheamus shoves him out, McIntyre-style! That takes us to our first ad break of the night.

We come back with Sheamus still in control. Sheamus gets a powerslam off a whip for 2. Sheamus whacks Christian with forearms and covers for 2. Time to hit the chinlock. Christian comes back with his reverse DDT for 2. Sheamus misses a corner charge and eats Kofi's high kick counter. Wait a minute, are we getting movesets mixed up? What's going on here? Top-rope crossbody gets 2. Sheamus hits some knee lifts to take control again. Clothesline misses and Christian gets a springboard sunset flip for 2. Sheamus hits the Irish Hammer to take Christian down again. Sheamus wants the High Cross, so Christian hits a backdrop. Christian follows with the second-rope flying elbow. He calls for the Killswitch, so Sheamus tries to counter with a back suplex. Christian lands on his feet, but runs into the Irish Curse for 2. Sheamus puts Christian on the top, but Christian fights him off and hits a tornado DDT for 2. Sheamus hits a running knee lift and slingshot shoulderblock for 2. Sheamus goes for the High Cross, but Christian slips out and gets the small package for the 3 at 13 minutes and change.

WINNER: Christian - A very good match between these two. Good stuff.

Post-match, Mark Henry comes out and now we have double-teaming from the heels. Randy Orton comes out...and takes his sweet time. Yeah, he kinda just stops at the top of the ramp. WHAT A HERO! Ok, now he runs down and cleans house on the heels. Orton checks on Christian. Christian shakes Orton's hand. Play Christian's music, because he just got his ass kicked!

Later tonight, Randy Orton faces Mark Henry in the main event.

Ad break - Wrestlemania DVD promo

We are taped from Corpus Christi, TX! Time for a look at the Cena/Miz feud! FFWD! Now here's the Over the Limit card rundown.

Backstage, the demoted Todd Grisham talks to the Bellas. Grisham shows the footage of Kharma destroying Nikki last Monday. Grisham instigates an argument like a jerk, as we find out Brie's defending her title against Kelly Kelly on Sunday. The Bellas briefly make up in time for Brie's match against Natalya next. As the Bellas walk off, Grisham wishes them luck. Yeah, AFTER starting an argument between them! Jerk.

Ad break

So we're just waiting for the Kharma run-in any minute, right?

We start with Natalya asserting her power advantage, as Brie shakes out of a powerslam attempts. We shift into a wrestling sequence and a standoff. Natalya gets a monkey flip for 2. She's already looking for the Sharpshooter, as Brie makes the ropes. Brie hangs her on the ropes and goes to work stomping away. Brie works over the arm, as Natalya powers out. Natalya takes control with a bitchslap, followed by a clothesline. Discus clothesline gets 2. Davey Boy suplex hits. Snapmre and seated dropkick get 2. Brie retreats to the ropes and gets a kick into the knee. Carpet Muncher hits and gets the pin.

WINNER: Brie Bella - A decent two-minute special, but the crowd was NOT into this at all. Natalya showed great stuff, as usual.

Post-match, we do NOT get a Kharma appearance. Interesting. Instead, we go to your hosts, The Idiots, to talk about Ezekiel Jackson getting kicked out of The Corre. Dammit, why are they using the word "excommunicated" again? Since when is The Corre a church? Anyway, up next, we talk to Big Zeke.

Ad break - Promo for Crappy Randy Orton Movie

WWE Smack of the Night is brought to you by 5-hour Energy. Here's Wade Barrett against Kane. The Corre guys lay out Kane and then lay out Ezekiel Jackson, culminating with Justin Gabriel hitting the Sternum-Crushing 450 Splash.

Oddly enough, we've hardly had ANY talking tonight, so here's Ezekiel Jackson (back to his old music) to fix that. Jackson faces Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday. It's promo time, but first, here's some flexing! Ok, NOW it's promo time!

"So when I first came to SmackDown, my goal was write a new chapter in the Book of Ezekiel. It was supposed to be an epic tale of total domination. I, I promised myself I was going to make an impact. That's why I joined The Corre. You know, the first time I ever came to SmackDown, we took this show by force. WE...we just took over, but because of who? You know, the same night, I hoisted a 500-pound giant and slammed him. Made me I need The Corre...or do they need me? So that's why I left. But they just...wouldn't...let me walk away. So for the last...for the last two weeks, I've taken a beating. I'm man enough to admit it, that I've taken a beating. But they cannot break me. I'm not a man that can be broken. They've unleashed...they've unleashed a force that cannot be stopped. That WILL NOT BE STOPPED! I will not rest, I will not sleep, until they've all suffered. Wade Barrett, you will be the first to suffer. It is written in the Book of Ezekiel that the reign of your championship will come to an end, because I AM the personification of DOMINATION!"

Here's some more flexing before interruption comes from The Corre. The Corre guys spread out, but it doesn't have the same panache when they can't cover all four sides of the ring. This pending beatdown is interrupted by Teddy Long's music. Long makes a six-man match for right now with The Corre guys facing Ezekiel Jackson, Kane, and The Big Show. Show gets in Zeke's face briefly, probably not taking kindly to the last few months, so at least we're getting some continuity here. Ok, so let's go to...

We start with Show and Gabriel. That goes as well for Gabriel as you might expect. Here's a tag to Kane, who works over Gabriel some more. Kane hits a back elbow and an elbowdrop for 2. Gabriel comes back with a spinkick and tags out to Slater. Slater runs right into Kane like a dope. Kane works over Slater, so Slater tags out to Barrett. Jackson begs for the tag and gets it, so Barrett works him over. Jackson counters a suplex attempt and clotheslines Barrett over. The Corre guys regroup as we go to our next ad break.

We come back with Jackson hitting a shoulderblock and tagging Show. Show works over Gabriel and hits a floatover legdrop for 2. Gabriel tries to fight back, but eats a kick to the face. Here's another big chop. Tag is made to Jackson, who hits a clubbing blow. Gabriel goes low on Jackson and tags Barrett, who goes to work. He gets shoved away, so Barrett tags Slater. Slater wants a whip, but it's reversed and Jackson hits a shoulderblock. Tag is made to Kane and he hits his top-rope clothesline. Corner clothesline and side slam hit. Snapmare, but Barrett lowbridges Kane to take him out. Tag is made to Gabriel who hits a pescado. Tag is made to Barrett, who rams Kane's back into the apron. Back in the ring, a cover gets 1. Slater gets tagged in and he drops elbows. Time to hit the chinlock, as Shitty Randy Orton Movie Crawl looks for a tag! It doesn't get one and goes away. Kane hits a back suplex. Slater tags Barrett, who cuts Kane off. Whip is reversed and both guys wipe each other out with big boots. Barrett makes the tag and Slater cuts off the hot tag. Corner punches go nowhere and Slater jumps into the GOOZLE! Slater fights it off, but runs right into an uppercut. Man, Slater LOVES to keep RUNNING INTO SHIT, doesn't he? Tags are made on both sides and Jackson goes to work on Gabriel. Here's a bodyslam! Jackson follows that with...another bodyslam! Jackson ponders his next move and goes for...ANOTHER bodyslam! Who needs a moveset? Jackson looks over at Barrett, before hitting...ANOTHER freakin' bodyslam! Ok, we've established the bodyslam. How about a different move? Jackson tries to show that he knows another move, but the heels run in and now it all breaks down into a Pier 6. Kane takes Barrett out with a big boot and Slater eats a chokeslam from Show. Jackson grabs Gabriel and hits...YET ANOTHER BODYSLAM! Are you sensing a pattern here? Having dazzled the crowd with his dizzying array of bodyslams, Zeke decides to finish things with the Torture Rack for the submission at 12 minutes shown.

WINNERS: Big Show, Kane, and Ezekiel Jackson - I get the sense that Jackson's not quite ready for prime time yet. I'm starting to see why they kept him out of matches for so long.

Backstage, the demoted Matt Striker talks to Christian. Christian notes that Orton was awfully slow in making the save, as we see the footage. Christian says again that he's not mad about losing the title five days after winning it, as long as Orton's not mad about losing the title this Sunday. Christian promises he'll be 100% on Sunday.

Ad break - Be A Star promo

WWE Rewind is brought to you by Geico - The Sin Cara/Daniel Bryan match from last week and the post-match shenanigans.

Chavo Guerrero comes out for a match! Sweet! Someone must have heard me in last week's thread. But before that, it's promo time!

"Last week, Sin Cara, you embarrassed me! The truth is that I brought you here to SmackDown, Sin Cara! *I* brought you here! *I* taught you everything you know! And that's how you repay me? By disrespecting me? The truth is, you couldn't even beat Daniel Bryan without my help! But I don't need your help, Sin Cara! What took you 15 minutes to do last week, I'm gonna do in under 5! Tonight, I will beat Daniel Bryan in under 5 minutes! And that's a lot less time than I need to beat you, Sin Cara, this Sunday at Over the Limit!"

Glad we've established that the Draft had nothing to do with getting Sin Cara here. That minor plot hole aside, MAN, is it GREAT to have Chavo back to being an awesome heel, even if it probably won't last beyond the PPV. But more than that, we have another match for this Sunday. Adjust your PPV predictions accordingly!

The only thing that would be cooler would be if Chavo had them put up a timer with 5:00 on the clock. Wait, we DO get a timer! Awesome!

We start with Chavo getting an armdrag. We get a lenghty armdrag and a stall session that takes us to around the 4:10 mark. You can see Bryan smirk here, as he knows he just has to outlast the clock. Bryan grabs the hammerlock, as we're down to 4 minutes. Chavo runs the ropes, so Bryan leapfrogs over him and hits a dropkick. Chavo charges into a drop toehold. Bryan whips Chavo into the corner, but a corner charge eats boot. Chavo hits a European uppercut and a back suplex for 2 at the 3:08 mark. Chavo goes to the chinlock, as there's less than three minutes left. Chavo shifts to the Camel Clutch, as Bryan fights back and gets a sunset flip. It's reversed for 2 at the 2:30 mark, as Bryan reverses to his own pinning combination for 2. Chavo hits a clothesline and now both men trade blows. Chavo charges into the corner, as Bryan backflips over him. Bryan hits a running clothesline, as there are two mintues left. Bryan hits Tajiri kicks and covers for 2. Chavo pulls Bryan into the turnbuckle. He looks for the Gory Special, but Bryan reverses into the LeBell Lock! Chavo reaches the ropes at 1:10! Chavo rolls out to stall, until he realizes he has a minute left! So he turns around right into a baseball slide from Bryan! Bryan comes after him with a suicide dive! Bryan rolls Chavo back in and climbs the turnbuckles. He misses with the missile dropkick and Chavo covers for 2. Chavo looks for the Three Amigos with less than 30 seconds to go! Chavo wants the Frog Splash with 10 seconds left! Frog Splash hits! Chavo covers, but Bryan kicks out with five seconds left on the clock! Chavo covers again for 2 and time runs out.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan - Now that was a fun five minutes! I wouldn't mind seeing these two guys go again, nor would I mind seeing someone bring this gimmick back sometime.

Post-match, Chavo beats the hell out of Bryan and tosses him into the steel post. Sin Cara's music hits, as SC comes out with his new Sin Cara T-shirt. He headscissors Chavo out and POINTS, as his music hits.

Later tonight, Randy Orton faces Mark Henry.

Ad break

Ted DiBiase comes down for his match, as he's accompanied by Cody Rhodes. Are you serious? It's one thing to openly acknowledge that they've totally failed with DiBiase, but it's another to suddenly turn him into an albatross for a half-assed Legacy reunion. Cody's such a hot heel act, the LAST thing he needs is for DiBiase to drag him down. Well, here's Cody with a mic to explain this unfortunate turn of events, as his manservants hand out paper bags to the crowd.

Cody: Stop gawking at me! SHUT UP and put these bags over your heads! As a service to you and at great expense to me, I am providing you with these paper bags so that I...and the worldwide television audience can be relieved of the burden of seeing the foulness of your facades!

As they step into the ring, Cody reaches out for a paper bag.

Cody: One for me! Just one. This bag...this for YOU!

Cody hands the bag to DiBiase. Hmm...interesting.

Cody: Put that bag over your head.

DiBiase puts the bag over his head, as Cody continues.

Cody: And for the pleasure of our viewing audience...what is your name, son?

Ted: My Corpus Christi.

Cody: Corpus Christi has wisely taken one of my paper bags. Let me ask you what it're hiding.

Ted: hideous.

Cody: Did you hear that? How brave Corpus Christi is hideous! Now Corpus...tell me where you wear this paper bag?

Ted: I wear my bag to school, because my teachers, they are hideous. I even wear my bag at home, because my father, well, he's hideous. My mother, well...well, she's VERY hideous.

Cody: Wow, well I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm only trying to offer some levity to the evening. The only real reason that a man in this ring would wear a paper bag.........I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP AND PUT THE BAGS ON! As I was saying, the only reason a man would wear a paper bag is because what once was a blooming now a wilted shrub. Anything you'd like to add, Corpus?

Ted: Yeah. Bring out my opponent.

It's another great heel promo from Cody. Why the hell are they saddling him with DiBiase? Was the world really demanding a Legacy reunion? Are the announcers going to even acknowledge that they were once a tag team? (Odds

When you need cannon fodder for a failed project RIGHT NOW, just call Trent Barreta!

We start with a lock-up before DiBiase hammers away. Barreta runs the ropes before a DiBiase clothesline folds him like an accordion for 2. DiBiase looks for a shoulder thrust, but gets kicked in the chest. Barreta hits La Parka's old spinning body attack! Been a long time since I've seen THAT move! It only gets 2. Barreta's front facelock is countered into an armbar, so Barreta opts for the enziguiri instead. Tornado DDT is countered into an ugly Sky-Hi powerbomb. Dream Street finishes at a minute and change.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase - SQUASH! And for record, Matthews made one allusion to Legacy without outright saying it. Thanks, guys!

Post-match, Cody offers up a paper bag. DiBiase puts the bag over Barreta's head.

Here's a look at Shitty Randy Orton Movie Project. FFWD!

Ad break

Backstage, the demoted Matt Striker is outside Randy Orton's door. Striker will talk to the door...well, actually, he'll talk to Orton after the next match.

No Runjin Singh this week, as we get a replay of what happened with Jinder Mahal last week. I sense the replay will last longer than this match.

Jey Uso doesn't get an entrance, because he's cannon fodder, of course. Jey actually does fairly well to start out, but Jinder Mahal comes out and motivates Khali in Hindi. Mahal slaps Khali again. Jey charges in like an idiot and eats a JUDO CHOP~! Tree Slam finishes.

WINNER: The Great Khali - SQUASH, Part Deux!

Post-match, Jimmy Uso also eats a JUDO CHOP~! This plot continues to thicken, but they really need to show Mahal next to someone else to show how big HE is.

As promised, the demoted Matt Striker talks to Randy Orton. Orton denies that Christian will be 100% this Sunday. Um...ok. That's an odd thing to deny.

Ad break - Over the Limit WWE Championship match promo

We have ten minutes to go, so I don't expect this to last long.

Henry overpowers Orton to start and moves forward with some methodical offense. Henry dumps Orton and slowly goes after him. Henry hits a clubbing forearm and tosses Orton back in. Orton comes back and hits a dropkick to send Henry out. That'll take us to our final ad break of the night.

We come back with Orton nailing Henry with a dropkick to send him to the outside. Orton pushes Henry back in, but that allows Henry to hit a shoulder thrust. Powerslam gets 2. Orton tries to fire back, so Henry hits some big headbutts. Sooooo.......sloooooow. Now it's time to hit the armbar, just to speed things up that much more. Orton comes back and hits some kneedrops. Orton stomps on both knees and stomps Henry's face. VIPER COIL~! Henry bails, but Orton catches him for the hanging DDT, so here's Sheamus with the Irish Hammer to mercifully end this match at 7 minutes.

WINNER BY DQ: Randy Orton - Even in the short time allowed, Henry showed NOTHING here. I felt like I was watching this match on super slo-mo.

Post-match, the beatdown is on. So Christian comes down and decides to take his time coming down to pay Orton back. Christian eventually runs down and the faces clear the ring. Orton shoves Christian and gets in his face. Gotta love that, considering Orton did the exact same thing to him and Christian responded with a handshake. That's your show's top face, kids! Sheamus waffles Christian and Orton...does nothing. Instead, Orton waits to get ambushed by Henry. Christian removes Sheamus, while Henry has Orton up in a press slam. Christian rescues Orton, allowing Orton to hit the RKO! Orton celebrates with a cheerleader leap! Umm...ok.

Show ends with Orton and Christian exchanging a handshake.


Is it me or is Christian being the bigger man in this feud? Orton makes a big show out of letting Christian take the opening show beatdown, so Christian responds with a handshake. Orton stands idly by while he watches Sheamus wipe out Christian, so Christian responds by saving Orton from Mark Henry. It either makes Christian look like a bigger man or a bigger dope. I haven't decided which.

Very entertaining show tonight. A lot of good matches. Not so many pointless talking segments. A lot of good angle advancement ahead of the PPV and some buildup towards post-PPV angles. The only real disappointment is seeing the Legacy reunion that nobody asked for.

Until next week!

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#2 Posted on 21.5.11 0105.45
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It's not just you thinking that Christian's the bigger man in this feud. Christian's the full-on babyface. Orton's the antihero. Even when Orton's a good guy, he's kind of a dick.

Christian's usually a dick himself, but since his return from TNA, he's been full-on babyface and doing it very well, I think.

Chavo saying that he was the one that brought Sin Cara to SmackDown was not "WWE creating a plot hole". It was "Chavo being batshit delusional".
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#3 Posted on 21.5.11 0339.32
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    Originally posted by ekedolphin

    Chavo saying that he was the one that brought Sin Cara to SmackDown was not "WWE creating a plot hole". It was "Chavo being batshit delusional".

I figure it's more like "The Guerreros made it possible for other lucha guys to join WWE" since all he's been talking about at the commentary table is how they invented all those moves and how they first did them in WWE. So yeah, delusional

Dexley's Midnight Jogger
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#4 Posted on 21.5.11 0603.11
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    Originally posted by It's False
    Orton celebrates with a cheerleader leap! Umm...ok.

This was so strange to see, as well as the fist pumping after. I want to see it again but I hope it isn't part of his character.
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#5 Posted on 21.5.11 0648.46
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Was that the first time ever a Bella won a match without utilizing Twin Magic (Justin)? Brie literally rope-a-doped Natalya in the corner and beat her clean, made her look like a chump. BELLA MATCH OF THE YEAR.
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#6 Posted on 21.5.11 0831.49
Reposted on: 21.5.18 0831.52
The finest video package team in the land didn't have anything to start the show for Savage? Maybe they're planning something more comprehensive for Monday...

I only caught the last third of the show but that Orton celebration...well that was something else...
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#7 Posted on 21.5.11 1109.23
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I love that Ted DiBiase's gimmick is now, "he sucks and everybody hates him, including himself."
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#8 Posted on 21.5.11 1338.23
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    Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
    I only caught the last third of the show but that Orton celebration...well that was something else...
This is only about half of the weirdness, but, geez...

(image removed)
Lap cheong
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#9 Posted on 21.5.11 1359.31
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    Originally posted by hansen9j
      Originally posted by Spiraling_Shape
      I only caught the last third of the show but that Orton celebration...well that was something else...
    This is only about half of the weirdness, but, geez...

    (image removed)

I would bet one hundred dollars that someone in the back bet him to do that. It's gotta be some inside joke.
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#10 Posted on 21.5.11 1539.52
Reposted on: 21.5.18 1539.52
Orton's celebration is mesmerizing. I watched it like 10 straight times. Just spectacular.
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#11 Posted on 21.5.11 2238.24
Reposted on: 21.5.18 2238.55
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    Orton's celebration is mesmerizing. I watched it like 10 straight times. Just spectacular.

It had to be a bet... I can think of no other explanation...
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#12 Posted on 21.5.11 2320.12
Reposted on: 21.5.18 2320.27
Re Orton's celebration: Good to see someone so obviously enjoying his work.
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#13 Posted on 22.5.11 0122.36
Reposted on: 22.5.18 0124.28
Even Charles Robinson was surprised.
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