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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW #933 4/11/11
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#1 Posted on 11.4.11 2207.25
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2211.00
TONIGHT: Where does John Cena go after his tete-a-tete with The Rock last week? Will Rock be around this week? Not much else to report on here, other than the continuing of feuds from Wrestlemania (Cole vs. Lawler, Punk vs. Orton, etc). Who does Sin Cara go after this week, after taking out Sheamus and Jack Swagger this past week? And will Triple H make an appearance, or is he off TV for a while again? According to the cut-in on Tough Enough, Edge will make a shocking announcement, and the graphic hinted that he may be retiring.

- WWE Open.

- Justin Roberts introduced “award-winning broadcast journalist, and the only undefeated superstars in WWE, Michael Cole.” Cole walked out with his Slammy, ready to announce. They showed Jerry Lawler’s reaction as he sat at ringside. Cole taunted Lawler, so Cole hopped into his Cole Mine. Lawler looked dressed to compete.

- John Cena’s music hit and he came out. Cena pimped the crowd to the audience at home, then talked about what happened last week, with a match being made for Wrestlemania 28. “Rocky” chants. Cena said it’s icon vs. icon, generation vs. generation. Cena said on April 1, 2012, he’ll go one-on-one with The Rock. He said a match of that magnitude can’t be just two guys fighting for bragging rights…he said that Cena vs. The Rock will be for the WWE Championship. Cena called the title “the richest prize in sports entertainment.” At least they’re back to putting over the belt. Cena wanted a title shot, but Randy Orton’s music interrupted and he came out.

Orton said that with all due respect, any business Cena had was settled at Wrestlemania. He reminded Cena that he lost to MIz, and told Cena it’s time to step aside and give someone else the opportunity, like someone who won their match at Wrestlemania. Before Cena could respond, John Morrison came out. I was actually going to joke to my roommate that if winning at WM is the only parameter, Morrison should come out and interrupt. Morrison said he’s seen this show before of those two arguing over who should be the #1 contender. He wanted to get involved in things and said the #1 contender discussion needs to involve him. Vickie Guerrero yelled her line and came out with Dolph Ziggler (was she early on the cue at first? I thought I heard her voice while Morrison was talking before she came out). Vickie reminded Morrison that she pinned him in a match on Raw a few weeks ago. She said she should be #1 contender, then admitted she was joking and that Ziggler should be the #1 contender.

Ziggler said he didn’t come to Raw to deal with Snooki, and he’s never been in the ring with The Miz, so the line should start with him. He promised that everyone in the ring would get their chance at him. R-Truth then interrupted and came out. Who’s next, Tyson Kidd? Truth gave a shout out to Bridgeport, asking them what was up. Truth said he has never, never gotten a one-on-one WWE Championship match on any show. “There’s a reason for that,” Ziggler rightly noted. Truth ignored him and they all started arguing in the ring. The laptop beeped, likely to say he’s never received a title shot either. Michael Cole read the e-mail off his iPad. The GM said they all make compelling arguments, so he’s going to give them all a chance to earn that opportunity. It’s going to be a new concept, five-man gauntlet match. Two random superstars will face each other, and when a superstar is eliminated, a next one will come out. When one is left standing, the winner will face Miz at Extreme Rules. Think of all the mid-carders in the back who regret not interrupting this segment earlier and making up a BS reason to not get a title shot, because they’d be in the match too!

- Jerry Lawler faces Jack Swagger tonight, with JR in Lawler’s corner. If Cole wins, he never has to face Lawler again. If Lawler wins, he fights Cole at Extreme Rules.

- Edge has an announcement that will shake the foundation of WWE, and the graphic again said “career over?” but the announcers curiously never addressed that particular rumor.

[Commercial Break]

- A vignette aired of someone stroking a blond doll, then flicking the doll’s head off and laughing. It was Awesome Kong! No name or any hint as to when she’d debut. “It was certainly disturbing,” said Josh Mathews.

(1) Brie Bella vs. Eve Torres- Divas Championship Match
Brie won a Divas Battle Royal a few weeks ago, if you’ll recall. Eve had a magic marker and wanted the referee to mark the Bella Twin who was in the match. Ref John Cone put an “X” on Brie’s hand. Some in the crowd actually clapped. Brie took Eve down in the corner once the bell rang. Snap mare and Brie slammed Eve’s head into the mat. Brie stretched out the neck and arm of Eve. Eve got back to his feet and slammed Brie head first into the canvas. Dropkick by Eve, then a pump kick with Brie bent over. Moonsault by Eve for two. Eve missed a corner splash, but picked Brie up and hung her upside down. Low dropkick that appeared to show a lot of light. As the ref backed Eve away, the Bellas made the switch. Dropkick by Eve, and Eve showed the ref Nikki’s hand, and there was no X. He told her to get out of the ring, allowing Brie to come in and kick Eve, then give her a face-buster for the win and the title.

Winner: Brie, at 2:14. C’mon, shouldn’t that be a DQ for the other one getting involved in the match, even if she didn’t have any offense? I await the break-up of the Bellas and the thrilling, edge-of-your-seat Brie vs. Nikki title matches that will come out of it.

-Five WWE Superstars will compete tonight for a shot to face Miz at Extreme Rules.

-Sin Cara makes his in-ring debut next. They showed him warming up backstage.

[Commercial Break]

-Eve was backstage sitting in her locker room, stewing. Gail Kim came up and gave Eve her condolences, but Eve didn’t want to hear any of it. She said all the Divas in the locker room are the same, and they all are looking to get their shot at the title. Natalya walked in to say sorry to Eve, but she told Nattie to save it. Gail asked Natalya if they were really like that? Tamina walked in and appeared to get something of hers from the area, shooting Nattie and Kim an unhappy look in the process. That was odd.

(2) Sin Cara vs. Primo
Primo was already in the ring. He was wrestling Cara on house shows, so this makes sense for Cara’s first WWE TV match. Primo with a wrist-lock, then rolled it over into a hammerlock. Cara snap mared out of it. “Sin Cara” chants from the crowd. Primo pie-faced Cara, and Cara kicked Primo in the leg. Left hands by Primo, but Primo flipped off Primo’s shoulders in a nice move and took Primo down with a monkey flip. Cara flew over the top rope, landed on Primos shoulders and gave him a hurricanrana. Wow. Cara got to the apron, but Primo, already back in the ring, gave him a baseball slide, and Cara took a nice bump at ringside. More offense from Primo in the ring and got a one-count. Cara tried to work out of a chinlock as the crowd again chanted his name. Hard chop to the chest by Primo, who then missed a corner splash. Cara returned the favor with chops. Springboard hurricanrana by Cara, then a headscissors take-over. Primo headbutted Cara in the gut and set up for a high-impact move, but Cara flipped out the back and gave Primo a roll-up (but a higher impact one) for two. Primo went to the top, but Cara kicked him in the head. Primo was set up on the top, but he accidentally crotched himself and Cara fell to ringside. Cara didn’t sell it for long, as obviously it wasn’t planned, and got back in the ring. He gave Primo a C4 off the top rope for the finish.

Winner: Cara, at 4:30. The botch notwithstanding, a very impressive debut by Cara.

- Still to come, Lawler vs. Swagger with stipulations galore.

- Also, will Edge retire? That’s the speculation.

[Commercial Break]

- Corre was in the ring out of break. Wade Barrett talked about Cena and Rock’s segment from last week and how they tried to attack, to no avail. Barrett said that was through no fault of his own. He said he used to see them as equals, but if they can’t hold up their end of the bargain, maybe they should break up. Justin Gabriel grabbed the mic and said he’s the most talented guy in the ring…he’s a three-time tag champion. Heath Slater interrupted and said he’s also a three-time tag champion, and no one is going to stop him, not Corre, Nexus, nobody. Zeke Jackson interrupted and said he gave them credibility and put them on the map by tossing around Big Show. Santino Marella’s music interrupted. He came out with Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne. He said if they are Corre, the four of them are APPLE, standing for “Allied People Power Loathing Everything.” He said in the name of Vladimir Kozlov, they’re challenging Corre to a match tonight. Well, Henry is dressed like an apple. APPPLE headed to the ring and there’s a ref, so the match is next.

[Commercial Break]

(3) The Corre vs. APPLE
Match was joined in progress and Mathews clarified that APPLE stands for “Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything you stand for” or something like that. You’d think if they wanted to come up with a cute acronym, they’d have it make sense. This felt like one of these ideas they came up with in like two minutes. The heels were beating on Bryan, and everyone was tagging in to get them some. This reminds me of the wrestler Who, just a gimmick to allow the announcers to make a bunch of corny jokes. Bryan made his comeback against Slater. Santino got the hot tag and hip-tossed Slater, then gave him the flying headbutt. Corre interfered to break things up, but Mark Henry and Evan Bourne helped out. Bryan flew through the ropes and onto his season one NXT counterpart Wade Barrett. Boot by Gabriel, then a reverse DDT by Slater on Marella for the win.

Winners: Corre, 3:33 shown.

-Mathews and Lawler talked on camera about the repercussion of Lawler vs. Swagger tonight.

-Jim Ross walked out, with Michael Cole making fun of him from his Cole Mine. Ross stared at Cole in the Mine and Cole asked if they finally got the barbecue sauce out of Cole’s eye. JR went to the side of the Cole Mine and shook it, trying to nail Lawler with his hat. Swagger then ran out and attacked Lawler. Referees had to come out to restrain the three men.

[Commercial Break]

(4) Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Jack Swagger- If Swagger wins, Cole retires; if Lawler wins, he fights Cole at Extreme Rules
Back-body drop by Swagger as Cole yelled at ringside. JR gave Lawler some advice. “Back it up JR,” said the ref. “Aw, shutup” replied JR. Ringside was mic’d heavily for this. Lawler came back as Cole asked Lawler if he thought he was cute over and over. Side headlock by Swagger. Lawler suplexed out of it and both men were down. Swagger grabbed the ankle and locked in the ankle-lock. Lawler got to the ropes. JR yelled at Cole noting Swagger had an ankle-lock first, then a wrist-lock, showing how stupid he is. Cole rotated between cheering Swagger and taunting JR. Swagger sent Lawler head-first into the turnbuckle, and again, but Lawler was impervious to this. Lawler put down the strap and started peppering Swagger with rights. Lawler hit the ropes, but was kicked in the gut. Swagger went for a slam, but Lawler got out and dropkicked Swagger in the back. As Swagger was in the corner, Cole got onto the apron to give some more support. Lawler saw him and his attention was turned. “Not like this, Lawler,” said Cole. Swagger nailed King from behind as Cole continued to cheerlead from the apron. That caused JR to grab Cole by the foot and pull him down. Swagger tried to grab JR, so Lawler rolled him up for three.

Winner: Lawler, at 5:14. I don’t know why they feel the need to drag this out ‘til Extreme Rules, but the feud has lost something since ‘Mania. I could see if they wanted to do it there so there’d be no DQ and everyone would get their shot in at Cole, but that didn’t happen…

Cole was dumbfounded after the match as JR and King celebrated. Mathews said reality was setting in for Cole. Swagger paced in the ring, upset that he lost. Mathews asked what the stipulation would be, as Lawler gets to choose. He didn’t seem in a hurry to do so. Cole went into the ring and argued with Swagger. Swagger said Cole distracted him. Cole put his finger in Swagger’s chest and asked if he was an idiot. “What is the matter with you?” shouted Cole. He said he paid Swagger good money, then slapped his trainer. Cole got out of the ring before Swagger cut put his hands on him. Lawler got the mic and wanted to talk Extreme Rules. Lawler said they should make it a tag match, with Lawler and JR against Cole and Swagger. I guess they had to tease a break-up between Swagger and Cole for it to make sense for Lawler to want a tag match with him and JR, since it wouldn’t make Lawler look smart to make a tag match for him (at 61 years old) and a non-wrestler to ask for a tag match that includes a former Heavyweight Champion. But I’m still not sure why he’d choose to put Swagger in the match when he could just beat up Cole all by his lonesome.

- Mathews talked about Triple H vs. Taker at Wrestlemania, and said everyone is talking about it, including the WWE Superstars. They showed a highlight package with stills of the match as WWE Superstars talked about it.

- John Cena and Edge shook hands backstage. Mathews asked what Edge would say to the WWE Universe, next.

[Commercial Break]

- Mathews plugged for Wrestlemania exclusive information and photos.

- Edge came out. It was Mathews, Lawler and Ross on commentary. Edge told the fans to bear with him, since he may end up rambling and not making sense. He said some think the WWE may not hurt, but anyone who has stepped in the ring knows that’s not the case. Edge said that eight years ago, he broke his neck and because of that, he knew he was wrestling (he said it!) on borrowed time. He said the last little while, he’s been in a lot of pain and has been losing feeling in his arms. He said he passed strength tests and everything, but after ‘Mania WWE wanted him to get more tests. He said that it’s good that he did, since he had an MRI and now needs to retire. Edge said they found out, and now he won’t end up in a wheelchair. Crowd applauded and cheered to show their respect. “Thank You Edge” chants. Edge said this week has been an emotional roller coaster for him, until he talked to Christian, who has been his best friend for 27 years. He said he felt like he was letting friends and fans down, and himself as well since he wasn’t able to leave on his terms.

He said like the fans, he’s a huge fan of WWE. Edge said he and Christian used to go to the Maple Leaf Garden and see Legion of Doom, Demolition, Hulk Hogan and others, then went to Wrestlemania VI and saw Hogan vs. Warrior and said, “I’m doing that.” Edge said he wouldn’t have believed anyone if they told him he’d hold more titles than anyone else. And he also wouldn’t believe that he went out successfully defending his title in one of the main events of Wrestlemania (main event?). Edge said he’s been wrestling for WWE for several years, and remembers his first match at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario. He talked about his time in a trenchoat, in the Brood, one posing for the benefit of those with flash photography. He talked about being thrown into Long Island Sound. He had a live sex celebration, thankfully with Lita and not Vickie Guerrero. He said through it all, he hopes he earned the respect of everyone in the locker room, and all the fans. He said he gave the fans 100% every night and they gave it right back. Edge said he’d miss it all, but he doesn’t have to wear tights tomorrow and he’s going to eat a whole lot of ice cream tonight. But if you asked him if he’d do it all again, from getting hired by JR, to all the travel, to all the surgeries, he’d do it again in a heartbeat. Edge thanked everyone, then tossed down the mic. Everyone in the crowd stood and applauded. It would’ve been nice if they saved it for his home brand of Smackdown. I certainly expected Alberto Del Rio or someone else to interrupt, as I figured they’d use Edge’s retirement talk in the media and turn it into an angle, perhaps eventually leading to him retiring. This did seem out of the blue if it were an angle, as there were really no hints that they’d go in this direction.

[Commercial Break]

- Tonight, for the first-time ever, a five-man gauntlet match to determine who will face Miz at Extreme Rules.

- They showed what happened moments ago, with the guys (heels and faces) lining up to give Edge a hand as he made his way to the back. Edge hugged a number of people, including Dolph Ziggler, Dustin Rhodes (in shirt and tie), Mark Henry, Natalya, Eve, Gail Kim, and others. Hey, there’s Scott Stanford!

- The announcers discussed the segment that just took place.

- Miz came out, with Alex Riley alongside him. Miz took a seat at the announce table.

(5) Five-Man Gauntlet #1 Contender Match
I hate these matches, because I don’t know how to time them right. Anyway, Randy Orton came out first. Dolph Ziggler was next.

a. Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
Couple quick pins, one after a dropkick low and a fameasser. Rear chinlock by Ziggler. Let’s see if Orton can one-up him later. Orton rolled out of the move and fought back with clotheslines. Ziggler tried to get to the apron and did so, but that just allowed Orton to hit his patented DDT. As Orton readied for the RKO, the New Nexus came out to distract, and Ziggler rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Ziggler, at 2:36.

Michael McGillicutty, David Otunga and Mason Ryan attacked after the match. I guess they’re officially ignoring Husky Harris. Ryan got Orton up and powerbombed him. Ryan had the haircut of an 8 year-old boy. They continued to taunt the fallen Orton into break.

[Commercial Break]

b. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth
Truth was just finishing his rap as they came back. Vickie distracted Truth right off the bat, allowing Ziggler to take over. Hard whip into the buckle by Ziggler for a two count. An elbow, and another two-count by Ziggler. Truth tried to get the crowd into it to break a side headlock, but they were not cooperating. Ziggler cut short his comeback before it even got started. Back suplex by Ziggler for two. Truth tried to work out of another side headlock. Ziggler missed a corner splash and Truth began to fight back. Front suplex put Ziggler down for a near-fall. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for two. Ziggler was slow to capitalize, so Truth nailed a jawbreaker and got the win.

Winner: Truth, at 3:56. Surprising. It’s a good sign for Truth, whose name has come up in speculation about who might get released.

John Morrison came out for the next-to-last leg of the gauntlet. Boy is that John Cena lucky! I can’t imagine many people thinking Morrison or Truth will have a chance against him.

[Commercial Break]

c. R-Truth vs. John Morrison
Didn’t hear a bell, but they were circling each other as if we hadn’t missed much. The men traded counter after counter pinning combinations, and the crowd gave them a polite cheer. Morrison gave him a handshake, but went for a roll-up out of it. Twirling legdrop by the Shaman of Sexy for two. Miz talked about having to carry Morrison as a tag partner for two years. Rear chinlock by Morrison on Truth. Miz just called Cena SuperCena, saying he always has a trick up his sleeve. Interesting. Jawbreaker by Truth on Morrison. Morrison clotheslined Truth over the top rope. Makes me wonder…if there’s a double count-out, does Cena win by default? JR brought up that very scenario when Morrison and Truth gave each other a double clothesline at ringside. They made it back in the ring at nine. Clotheslines by Morrison, then a heel kick and a near-fall back inside the ring. Truth turned a suplex of his own into a jawbreaker for two. Back elbow by Morrison, then the Flash Kick. Morrison set Truth up for Starship Pain, but it missed. Truth nailed Morrison with Pay Dirt and got the win.

Winner: Truth, at 4:45. Hmm.

John Cena’s music hit, and he came out. There is history between these two, as Truth played Cena’s conscience when he was a member of Nexus. They went to break as Cena made it to the ring.

[Commercial Break- This Friday on Smackdown, Edge surrenders the World Title]

d. R-Truth vs. John Cena
Match began as they came back from break. “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chant from the crowd. Dropkick for two by Cena. Suplex by Cena for two. Good crowd for the most part tonight, and they were buzzing for this one. Another back suplex and another two. Cena got Truth up for a slam, and came down with his arm around Cena’s throat like a reverse DDT. Another two-count. Cena from the top, Sicilian Slice, two-count. It’s been all Cena thus far. R-Truth is to Cena as Undertaker was to Triple H. FWIW, I guess PWInsider is reporting that Edge’s retirement is legit. Truth fired back with right hands, then a few clotheslins and a hip-lock take-over. Lie-detector that barely caught Cena. Only a two-count. Truth waited for Cena to make it to his feet and tried his finisher again, but Cena came off the ropes with a few shoulder tackles. Front slam by Cena, then he went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Crowd was really hot for this. Cena got Truth up for the AA, but Alex Riley and Miz ran in and attacked. The ref stood around for a few seconds before calling for the bell. Surprisingly, he called for a double DQ. Even Lawler and JR questioned that, since it should’ve been a DQ and a Cena win, I’d think.

Winner: Double Disqualification, at 5:33 (16:50 total).

Miz called them both losers and told them to go to the end of the line, and that there’s no #1 Contender. I was half expecting Triple H’s music to hit, but the GM e-mailed in. Apparently, there’s not one, but two #1 Contenders for the WWE Title Match. At Extreme Rules, it’ll be a Triple Threat match between Miz, R-Truth, and John Cena. Where is this R-Truth push coming from? He wasn’t even on Wrestlemania. After the announcement, Truth and Cena cleaned house. AA for Riley. Cena’s music played, then stopped when he and Truth went face-to-face. They hugged and slapped each other on the back. They playfully did so until Cena pushed Truth hard. Truth gave a half-smile and left the ring instead of going at it with Cena. Truth’s music played as he left the ring and he and Cena eyed each other from a distance.

(edited by geemoney on 11.4.11 2309)
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#2 Posted on 11.4.11 2212.24
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2215.05
I had an entire rant set up about the show up through the first hour, but there's not really much else you can say but...damn. We've lost Edge.

Holy shit.
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#3 Posted on 11.4.11 2216.32
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2217.29
    Originally posted by geemoney
    Where is this R-Truth push coming from?

They need a face to get pinned to prolong Cena/Miz and Morrison screwed up his spot.


They gotta have Christian beat Del Rio and dedicate it to Edge. It's the only finish.

Matt Tracker
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#4 Posted on 11.4.11 2220.13
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2220.13
I'd like to call Edge unretiring to avenge a slaughtered Christian after Extreme Rules.

How is the suplex stunner not a finisher? The Paydirt should be R-Truth's set up for that finisher.

Is Dolph thinner? Are he and Vickie on similar diets?
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#5 Posted on 11.4.11 2221.09
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2221.26

i will reserve judgment on Edge until we get more info.

i liked the "x marks the bella" spot.

JR was awesome, although I was so afraid he was turning on Lawler.

Stealing from Scott Bowden, I now want the Lawler/Cole tag match to be a concession stand brawl, with the BBQ sauce taking the place of the giant jar of mustard.

where was Punk tonight? Shouldn't he have been in that 5 man match?
Lap cheong
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#6 Posted on 11.4.11 2230.03
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2231.39
I can't be the only one thinking that the only possible stipulation for the Lawler/JR-Cole/Swagger match is a "Cole Miner's Glove" match??

And the ending, of course -- Swagger getting it, smiling ... and tossing it over Cole's head to Lawler as he heads to the back!
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#7 Posted on 11.4.11 2231.19
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2232.42
Where was CM Punk? Why wasn't he in the Gauntlet #1 Contender Match? Where was the U.S. Champ Sheamus? Why wasn't HE in the Gauntlet #1 Contender Match?

R-Truth goes from being left off Mania and MIA from RAW for weeks to main eventing the next month? Yeabuhwah?

A Bella is now the Diva's Champ? Shouldn't Eve have just been keeping that belt warm for Awesome/Amazing Kong to squish her for it? Eve was the Smartest Diva Alive for marking a Bella...until it backfired...

That Sin Cara match was surprisingly long... I get they wanted him to showcase what he can do, and against someone who could match up with him but Primo hasn't been on RAW in ages and it might've given the wrong impression to folks expecting a squash?

And then there's Edge. God bless him for retiring before 40 and getting out safe and sound and in one piece. And to have his last match a title match win at Mania? Wow. Thank you Edge indeed.
It's False
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#8 Posted on 11.4.11 2232.00
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2232.43
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
      Originally posted by geemoney
      Where is this R-Truth push coming from?

    They need a face to get pinned to prolong Cena/Miz and Morrison screwed up his spot.

Truth in that main event is just GLARING when you consider he was last seen getting squashed in a two-minute special against Jack Swagger. The last time he was seen before that. Jobbing to a rookie on NXT. Aye caramba!

All this because Morrison had to open his big mouth.
Boudin blanc
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#9 Posted on 11.4.11 2234.05
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2234.36
I'm assuming that the segment showing dissension amongst the divas is to set up an eventual Divas Unite! to topple Kong. Along those lines, I assume Brie becoming the Diva's Champion is just to transition the title to a blonde face to go along with Kong's hype video. (Surprisingly, only 6 of the 15 divas currently on the roster are blonde. (Throw in the FCW roster and it's 7 out of 21. What happened to all of the divas looking alike?)) The only question is do they give it to Kelly Kelly as a Reward For Good Service or do they give it to Beth Phoenix? It seems to soon to go with a Beth/Kong match. I suppose Natalya is an option as well, though I assume that they want Kong to start off by squashing someone and Kelly is the most obvious target for that.

Lawler said he got to pick "the match and the stipulation" and that he would start with the match. So I assume he'll make it a No DQ or some such in the next couple of weeks.

No point in bitching about Edge retiring on Raw instead of Smackdown. They obviously wanted it to be a surprise and succeeded. Plus the commercial for Smackdown advertised that Edge would be surrendering his title and I'm sure there will be an additional tribute there, hopefully with a career highlight video. So does this put Christian in the ladder match against Del Rio? And does that mean either Christian or R-Truth will be main eventing a WWE PPV? It sucks that Edge is forced to retire but it's nice to see him leaving in relatively good health (for wrestling) and some interesting things could come of it.
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#10 Posted on 11.4.11 2239.26
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2240.22
Hey, it occurred to me....Miz is now the undisputed world champion! Given the double countout between Cena and Truth, the anonymous GM should've simply given Del Rio his earned title shot against Miz.
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#11 Posted on 11.4.11 2240.15
Reposted on: 11.4.18 2240.40
    Originally posted by InVerse
    I'm assuming that the segment showing dissension amongst the divas is to set up an eventual Divas Unite! to topple Kong.

Methinks that's giving WWE too much credit, to set up a Divas storyline to take out Awesome Kong before Kong even debuts, gets over, looks dominant, etc, etc. I would assume they'd want to establish that BEFORE all the Divas united to take her out, leaving that to happen way down the road.
Boudin blanc
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#12 Posted on 11.4.11 2257.44
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    Originally posted by geemoney
      Originally posted by InVerse
      I'm assuming that the segment showing dissension amongst the divas is to set up an eventual Divas Unite! to topple Kong.

    Methinks that's giving WWE too much credit, to set up a Divas storyline to take out Awesome Kong before Kong even debuts, gets over, looks dominant, etc, etc. I would assume they'd want to establish that BEFORE all the Divas united to take her out, leaving that to happen way down the road.

This is the same creative that's setting up matches over a year in advance, right? The whole point of the dissension would be to explain why they didn't immediately team up to take her out. Once Kong runs roughshod over everyone, then Michelle McCool can rally all of the divas together to defeat her and take back the Diva's Championship and receive a Lex Lugar like celebration from all of the other divas.
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#13 Posted on 11.4.11 2344.35
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JR: "Morrison went for all or nothing! And he has nothing!"

Aha. Ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

That made me as happy as Brie Bella as Divas Champion.

The inverse is how sad I am Edge has to retire.

Emotional roller coaster of a RAW.

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#14 Posted on 11.4.11 2346.46
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Every Diva angle they do is not about Awesome Kong. Like, so far, zero of them have been about Awesome Kong.
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#15 Posted on 12.4.11 0004.53
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You know, a part of me was wondering if they were going to pull a heel turn on Morrison based on all of this heat he has backstage and his public acknowledgment of it. Instead, R-Truth gets the triple threat shot.

The Miz and Matthews were OUTSTANDING on commentary. Outstanding. In fact, I'd go so far as to say Matthews is the true future of the broadcast booth.

No CM Punk, whats up with that?

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#16 Posted on 12.4.11 0014.13
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The more I see of this Cole/King feud, the more I think they are liberally borrowing from the Lawler/Kaufman feud. We had the coffee toss, Cole is trolling the entire WWE universe at least as obnoxiously as "Mr. Hollywood" was putting down Memphis wrestling fans.. even the WM finish reversal is just another way to keep building heat on the heel.

Unfortunately I think that means Extreme Rules ends up like the match where Kaufman enlisted Lawler to help him get Jimmy Hart, only for the heel dissension to be just another plot to turn on Lawler at the 'money' match.

In the finale of the gauntlet match, I would have liked the heels going after both men to cause the DDQ if it was Orton and Cena in the end. Given the option as presented, they should have attacked Truth to knock Cena out of the match. (What, Miz is supposed to think he's going to get a PPV off?)

Oh yeah, am I the only one who did a double take for the "Deadliest Catch" promos that featured Taker's WM theme?
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#17 Posted on 12.4.11 0103.07
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    Originally posted by thecubsfan
    Every Diva angle they do is not about Awesome Kong. Like, so far, zero of them have been about Awesome Kong.

Other than the ones that were about Awesome Kong, which were all of the ones for the last 3 weeks, including the video of Sting ripping the head off of the dolly.
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#18 Posted on 12.4.11 0402.51
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I know JoMo's a douchebag, but R-Truth? Seriously?

EDIT: Were CM Punk and Larry Sweeney close? That's the only thing I can think of to explain his absence here.

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#19 Posted on 12.4.11 0804.25
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This felt like a Raw after Mania as opposed to last week. t It was weird that the Raw GM acted face-like for the show even when JR did get physically involved in the Lawler/Swagger match. Lawler/JR vs. Cole/Swagger looks terrible and hopefully its the end of the storyline, but I doubt it. I do think the Diva locker room scene was either acknowledgement of all the dirt sheet stuff between Trish and some of the Divas in the locker room or a way to set-up Kong to steam roll right through all of them. My wife can't wait to see the Divas die after the Kong promo then when Edge retired, she stated she was done with wrestling. Santino has become the child of Rock N Sock. He has Rock's ability to get things over like Apple and be the goofy fun guy people love.

Edge retiring was surreal. I am happy he is getting out and I hope the WWE is able to use him in some capacity maybe a talent scout like JR or give him the Ambassador role Flair seemed to throw away.

As for the R-Tuth push, sure why not. We have all said we wanted someone new in the main event scene well there you go. I am not going to complain about it since its better then doing Cena/Miz when John couldn't get the job done even before Rock interfered. I do like the idea of Cena chasing the title just to throw it in Rock's face when they face at Mania. Anyone else notice Cena pushed R-Truth away first in a very heel way? I am wondering if the rumor double turn will take place after Extreme Rules when Cena costs R-Truth the title. I like Morrison, but his mouth and his bitch probably cost him that spot.

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#20 Posted on 12.4.11 0848.18
Reposted on: 12.4.18 0848.22
R-Truth is getting a push now despite having no signs of it what-so-ever (maybe it is just a one month push or so because it seems like anyone who gets a push is forgotten).

I will say Miz was great on commentary and my favorite comment was when he said, "All the 5 year olds and girls cheer for him (Cena) and anyone who chants he sucks has a brain" or something similar to that nature.

As much as I did not like Edge winning about 4 titles a year or at least it was that way during his heel years, Edge will be sorely missed especially on rosters that need all the main event material they can get. But the industry does takes it toll and like other people, I was expecting ADR to interupt Edge and bring more heel-heat but there is this week's Smackdown.

Not a great but not a terrible Raw either.

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