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#1 Posted on 4.4.11 2217.09
Reposted on: 4.4.18 2217.42
TONIGHT: The Miz is still WWE Champion following Wrestlemania, after The Rock gave the Rock Bottom to John Cena. What will the repercussions be for that tonight? Cena will call out the Rock on the show. What will the follow-up be to Michael Cole-Jerry Lawler? It was announced last week on that Sin Cara would make his debut tonight, but nothing else has been said, so who knows? What we do know: CM Punk and Cody Rhodes face Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio in tag-team action. Also, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for the US Title will take place tonight after being bumped from WM last night.

- WWE Open.

- Raw Open.

-It feels SO good to hear JR’s voice open Raw again! He and King provided the cut-in during the HOF prior to Raw, so I was expecting it.

-JR plugged John Cena calling out The Rock tonight.

-They showed the announcers on camera, and JR said it was awesome to be back for Wrestlemania week in Atlanta.

-Triple H’s theme played and he walked out, bottle of water in hand. No word on if this too was the people’s water. Once in the ring, he kept his sunglasses on and soaked in the crowd reaction. There was a mild “you tapped out” chant. He finally spoke, saying this was the most tired and beat-up he has ever been in his life. He did have a bruise on his forehead, but that was it for visible signs of wear-and-tear. He said he stood in the ring in front of 71,000 fans last night and when that gong hit and Taker walked down the ramp, he realized he had never been that nervous in his life. Trips said he has wrestled Taker before, hell he’s wrestled him at ‘Mania before, but never like this. Ha, there it is! But when you hear it now, it just makes fans wonder why they didn’t bring it up beforehand. Trips said he hit Taker harder than anyone in his entire life, and Taker just kept getting up, kept coming at him. He said no man alive has ever walked through everything he threw at him like Taker did last night. He said what he saw getting carried out on the back of a stretcher last night was a man. He said Taker was a man willing to do anything to keep his streak intact. Hunter said he and Taker will never be the same again, and some are saying Taker won’t be back after last night. He said thanks to Taker for giving him the fight of his life. After taking off the sunglasses, Trips had a bruise under his eye and the bridge of his nose taped. Hunter said he knows Taker will return, and when he does, he’ll be waiting. His music played to end things and the camera stayed on him for a few beats as he got ready to leave the ring. Was hoping he’d address tapping out last night after saying he’d beat Taker or “die trying.”

-More from JR and King at ringside. JR said there’s a rumor that Michael Cole is going to challenge Lawler to a match. Ugh. Lawler said he heard the rumor too, which is why he’s got his wrestling gear on. JR said it’s going to be a huge night and plugged Cena calling out Rock. That was an unusual send-to-break segment.

[Commercial Break]

-The Atlanta skyline was shown and JR plugged the Georgia Dome attendance record WWE set last night.

-Steve Austin will be on Raw tonight to introduce everyone to the cast of Tough Enough.

-More from JR and Lawler at ringside. JR asked Lawler about his first Wrestlemania match. King said he was so proud and it was an incredible feeling to walk out there. Then Michael Cole interrupted with a “can I have your attention please.” He was wearing the wrestling gear he wore last night. He said despite the bias refereeing from Steve Austin, he overcame every obstacle to defeat Lawler. Cole said after last night, the WWE Universe was talking about him, not The Rock, or anyone else. He said he’s now 1-0, undefeated at Wrestlemania. Cole said that with Shawn Michaels now in the Hall-of-Fame, he will now be referred to as “Mr. Wrestlemania.”

Jerry Lawler got a mic at ringside and asked for Cole’s attention, much to the delight of the crowd. He told Cole to shut his pie hole and said Cole didn’t beat him, a computer did. He reminded Cole that he was crying like a little girl last night. “You tapped out” chants for Cole. Lawler said in Cole’s record book, he may go down as the winner, but he’ll forever be known as a worthless jackass. Cole was even sporting a shiner. Cole told Lawler to get over it, he beat him, and even with Austin, Lawler couldn’t beat him. Cole wanted Lawler to admit to the world that he was a better athlete and a better man. He said to prove that, he’s got a proposition for Lawler: a rematch. “What” chants started, which annoyed me, but they subdued quickly. Lawler said Cole was on, and wanted to do it right now. “I am looking forward to this,” said JR. As King got in the ring, Cole said he wasn’t talking about a Wrestlemania rematch- he already beat King. He’s talking about a rematch from last week’s Raw, where Lawler faced Jack Swagger.

(1) Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Jack Swagger
Cole stayed at ringside for this one. Swagger fired away on King with right hands in the corner. Lawler countered with rights of his own. Swagger charged and missed a clothesline. Lawler clubbed him with another right hand. Swagger speared Lawler with his shoulder in the buckle, but missed a charge on the opposite corner. Crowd got behind Lawler, but Swagger picked Lawler up with ease and slammed him with authority. Missed legdrop and Lawler came back with a right. Cover got two. Lawler hit the ropes but had his head taken off with a clothesline. Boots to the midsection and an elbowdrop by Swagger. “A big strong man….but not that guy. That’s Michael Cole,” said JR when initially talking about Swagger, then having the camera cut to Cole. Lawler regrouped after a missed Swagger Bomb. Dropkick by King, who then set up for the fist-drop. Second rope, strap…nope, didn’t go down, as Lawler locked eyes with Cole and chased after him. Lawler caught him in the ring and hammered away. Swagger came from behind and put Lawler in the ankle-lock. JR put over the move, since he was in it a few weeks ago. Lawler tapped.

Winner: Swagger, at 3:49.

Swagger wouldn’t let go and kept it on, so referee Jack Doan reversed the decision.

Winner: Lawler, via DQ, at 3:49. I’m not sure where they’re going with the Cole-Lawler feud now, but it should’ve ended last night. They certainly didn’t add anything to it with this.

Cole yelled at JR for laughing after the match. Cole went into his Cole Mine (with police tape all over it, I guess because it got destroyed last night) and got some of JR’s BBQ sauce. Cole squirted it all over JR and asked if it was still funny. JR threw his headset at Cole and chased him around ringside (well, not running really). I thought I heard JR call Cole a dumbass as he kept following Cole up the ramp and to the backstage area.

-Next, CM Punk and Cody Rhodes take on Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed what just happened with Cole slathering JR with BBQ sauce, with Cole doing the voice-over, as I guess he’s back at the announce table. They went back live, where Cole was in his Cole Mine with Josh Mathews and Booker T. Shouldn’t Cole’s issue be with whoever asked or let JR back on the show?

(2) Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes & CM Punk
It’d be funny if Punk played up Rhodes’ ugliness and refused to look at him in the face. Rhodes and Orton started things off, with Orton giving the Thesz Press to Cody. Tag in to Rey. Snap mare and he tried to get the mask of Cody off. Rhodes rolled out to ringside to avoid it, and they went to break just shy of the 1:40 mark of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Orton was back in control of Rhodes out of break. Tag to Rey, springboard legdrop for a near-fall. Cody came back with a jawbreaker and tagged Punk, who got a reaction from the live crowd. Punk and Cody gave a double back-elbow to Rey. After an inside cradle, Rey tagged out to Orton. Booker remarked that Orton was moving pretty well on his injured wheel. Reverse of an Irish whip by Cody, but Orton fired out of the corner with a clothesline. Kick to the gut by Rhodes, and behind the ref’s back, Punk got hold of Orton’s leg. Orton kicked him off, but Rhodes took out the knee anyway. The heels really began to isolate the knee of Orton. Punk got Orton up for the GTS, but it was countered, as was an RKO. Punk again chop blocked the knee. According to Booker, every pin attempt has been “almost got him there.” They went to break again at about 8:25 of the contest.

[Commercial Break]

Back at about 11:35 of the match. Both Punk and Orton were down as Orton attempted to reach Rey for a tag. He finally did and Rey came off the top at 12:20 and flew all over the ring. Rey kicked at Punk’s legs, but missed a kick as punk was seated. Punk picked Rey up and slammed him front-first into the corner. As Rhodes interfered illegally, Orton came and tripped Rhodes up. Rey set Punk up for the 619, but Cody did the springboard knee to the face of Rey. Punk’s cover only got two, so Cody tagged in. Hard whip into the buckle by Cody, and Rey bounced off sternum-first. It looked like when Rey fell to the mat, he may have butted heads with Cody. Punk tagged in and worked the arm of Rey. At 15:00, both men were down again, and soon after both made tags. Scoop slam and a beauty by Orton. Vintage Orton DT, then he coiled for the RKO. Punk provided a distraction, so Orton went for the Olympic slam (quick! Someone alert Kurt Angle!). Rhodes was set up for the 619. It connected, and he fell into an RKO to finish things.

Winners: Orton and Rey, at 16:31. Good match made better by a hot crowd. But did the announcers even acknowledge the past between Rhodes and Orton? And after all, it was Rhodes who helped take out Punk two years ago, which is why Punk is after Orton in the first place!

-Tonight, Cena calls out Rock.

-Steve Austin was walking backstage. He’s up next, but first, he ran into The Game. He told Hunter that he doesn’t know if it’ll happen again, but if it does, he’ll be there. He shook his hand and said it was a hell of a match.

[Commercial Break]

- A Sin Cara vignette aired.

- Photos of Wrestlemania 27 are available exclusively at

- The glass broke and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin came to the ring. “Oh hell yeah,” he said. Austin said Tough Enough premieres after Raw, and if the fans are excited, to give him a “hell yeah.” Austin said he was going to bring them out, so the contestants walked out. They lined up in the ring and Austin said he was going to break out his staff of trainers, naming Bill Demott, Booker T and Trish Straus, saying they’re going to open a can of whopass on them. He said at the end, there will be only one, and it’s going to be his choice. Austin said he’d let them all introduce themselves and now I’m getting NXT images in my head the way this is going. Ryan Howe was up first, saying he was a rock-and-roller and he wants to be a wrestler. Christina Crawford was next, sister of Alicia Fox. The others went and were kept relatively short, mostly just their names. Jeremiah Riggs gave a shout out to Atlanta, so he’s already got the cheap pop down. Miss USA was next and she got a nice pop. “Sop her up with a biscuit,” said Booker. One of the women tried to get a cheap pop by mentioning Atlanta, and she spoke Spanish, as she’s from Puerto Rico. Eric Watts, big black dude with an afro. “Stun them all” chant after they all talked. Austin talked about commitment and such, as The Miz’s music interrupted. Maybe he’ll endorse the fellow from Cleveland who is on the Tough Enough roster!

Miz and Alex Riley (in a tux) stood on the stage. “Miz is awesome” chant. Miz said when he was on Tough Enough in 2004, all he heard were people telling him to go back to the Real World. But after last night, no one is telling him where to go again. He showed the clip of his head bouncing off the concrete after being tackled by Cena. Miz walked to the ring as he gave the usual line of being a must-see champion and being the new face of WWE. “Move, Buckwheat,” he told Watts. He walked down the line and told them all that this was as close as they’d get to a WWE Championship. Miz glared at Austin and asked him if he wanted to hold his WWE Title, too. Then he asked Austin if he was thinking what Miz was thinking, wondering if Austin has one more run. “One more match,” chant. Miz continued to taunt Austin. “Clear the ring,” he told the TE’ers. Miz cheap-shotted Austin, then left the ring, leaving Alex Riley in there. He pounded away on Austin in the corner. But Austin turned the tables and stomped a mudhole in him. I bet Riley never thought a year ago that he’d go toe-to-toe with The Rock AND Steve Austin. Austin reversed a whip, then gave the Thesz Press to Riley, almost right on top of the mic. He dropped the elbow, then gave Riley the Stunner. He asked for some brewskis as Cole proclaimed, “this is ridiculous.” Austin tossed tome beers to the Tough Enough crew as the fans booed. He gathered them together outside the ring and had a giant toast. Austin stood in front of the Coal Mine and poured a few beers into it. Good segment to show what the winner could become by incorporating The Miz into the festivities.

-Still to come, Cena calls out The Rock.

[Commercial Break]

(3) Alberto Del Rio vs. Evan Bourne
No expensive car, as Del Rio walked to the ring with a purpose. Bourne was already in the ring, and Brodus Clay came to the ring as Bourne was announced. Del Rio kicked at Bourne and choked him with his boot. Bourne hit the ropes and came at Del Rio with a spinning heel kick. He charged at Del Rio, who put Bourne down with a boot. Bourne got flipped into the ring barricade and was then thrown back in by Del Rio. “Del Rio” chants from some of the fans. Roll up by Bourne for two. Jumping knee to the chest, then he flipped into the pin for two. He avoided a back suplex and flipped up to the top rope. He set up for Air Bourne, but Del Rio gave the enziguiri to him, and Bourne fell from the top rope after that. Cross arm-breaker locked in for the tapout win.

Winner: Del Rio, at 2:42. Bourne is the sacrificial lamb once again. Too bad, as his brand of athleticism was sorely missed on last night’s show.

[Commercial Break]

-The exterior of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta was shown.

-They went to a video package of Wrestlemania Week.

-Mathews and Booker talked about WM week. Cole said he’d challenge Lawler to a rematch at next year’s Wrestlemania in the art-show. Vickie’s “excuse me” interrupted him, and Cole hilariously didn’t skip a beat, shouting “hi Vickie!” from his Cole Mine. Vickie and Ziggler came out. Vickie talked about Snooki winning last night and Ziggler made fun of John Morrison not really contributing to the win last night. He challenged Morrison and Trish to face him and Vickie after break. The heels walked to the ring as they went to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

(4) Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero vs. John Morrison & Trish Stratus – Mixed Tag Match
Ziggler went aggressively after Morrison. Morrison backed Ziggler into the corner and pounded away with rights until Ziggler got to the ropes. Vickie tagged in, so Trish has to come in. Vickie tried to do a cartwheel, emulating Snooki, but failed miserably. Roll-up got two by Trish. Matrix by Trish and another roll up for two. Trish gave Vickie a few hard chops to the chest, then when Dolph distracted, pulled Trish down by her hair. She slammed Trish using the hair again and got a two-count. Double legdrop missed and Morrison tagged in. The pace quickened but the Flash Kick missed. Belly-to-back suplex by Ziggler that turned Morrison inside out. Cover was broken up by Trish. She slapped Ziggler then Morrison hit the Flash Kick. Cole said that was illegal on Trish’s part. Starship Pain connected enough for Morrison to get the pinfall.

Winners: Stratus and Morrison, at 3:22.

-Yet to come, Cena calls out The Rock.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan – United States Championship Match
Sheamus had new red, white and blue gear. Mathews said this was a rematch from a pre-Wrestlemania match from last night. No mention of this originally being on the Wrestlemania card. Sheamus bealed Bryan out of the corner then gave Bryan the Irish Hammer for an early two-count. Short-arm clothesline by Sheamus, then a move the camera missed because they didn’t change angles. Whip into the buckle and Sheamus stomped on Bryan’s hand. Sheamus smashed Bryan in the chest a few times, then gave him a running knee from the apron. 1:30 in and it’s been all Sheamus. Bryan looked to turn things around, but Sheamus connected on a back-breaker for two. Kick to the chest by Bryan and he clotheslined Sheamus down. He picked up momentum at 2:50 and hit a flying kick for two. Bryan tried to hook on the LeBell Lock. Crowd chanted for Bryan, but Sheamus picked him up and gave him a back-breaker. Pump kick by Sheamus and he got the win.

Winner: Sheamus, at 3:50. It was what it was.

Sheamus went after Bryan post-match with more punishment. As he did so, Sin Cara’s music and video started playing. Cara walked out in a yellow robe and took it off. He had his blue mask and blue and yellow pants. He pointed to Sheamus, then ran to the ring. He dove over the top rope from the floor (with a bit of trouble). Springboard hurricanrana, then he took Sheamus to the apron and enziguri’d him off. He ran to the top rope (no hands!) and got a ton of air on a cross-body onto Sheamus outside the ring.

-Cole said that John Cena has been sequestered all day long. Next, he’ll call out The Rock. Cole called it “the most electrifying confrontation we’ve ever seen on Monday Night Raw!” C’mon, it hasn’t even happened yet!

[Commercial Break]

-John Cena’s music hit, and he came out. At 11:00 EST, Cena got the mic and spoke for the first time. Cena said there are a lot of folks upset about someone’s actions last night. He said he should’ve known, since that certain someone posted on Twitter that he was going to ‘Mania to whip some candy ass, and he knew he wasn’t talking about Zack Ryder. But he didn’t know that he would have a role in the finish of the match. But if he didn’t, it would’ve ended in a draw, “and that would’ve sucked donkeys.” He said he wasn’t going to whine, he was going to congratulate Miz. Cena said Miz is still the most annoying person on the face of the earth and he wants to face him again, but now, he has earned everyone’s respect. Which brings Cena back to that certain someone. He said that after hearing Rock speak for so very long, it’s obvious that he hasn’t earned this person’s respect. Cena said this person was supposed to be the guest host of ‘Mania, but he got involved in business, which means they have business to settle right now. Cena just waited without calling Rock out by name. Finally Rock came out, and did so quickly. He posed on the turnbuckles and soaked in the crowd’s adulation.

At 11:05 EST, the crowd began chanting “Fruity Pebbles” at Cena. Rock said he’d be direct with Cena, asking what he thought was going to happen- after all, he had payback coming. Rock admitted he talked trash about Cena, that he does it better than anyone, and it’s what the people love. Rock did say Cena was wrong about respect, as he does respect Cena (boos for that). He said he knows Cena, knows that he lives and breathes WWE. He said because of that drive, Cena has become one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. But it doesn’t change the fact that Rock doesn’t like Cena. Rock said they are completely different in the way they look, talk and act. But they are similar in that they both want to do things better than anyone. Rock said the difference is they shop differently, that Rock shops at department stores while Cena shops at Baby Gap. Cena scoffed at getting fashion advice from the Tooth Fairy.

Cena said Rock is all about the people, so he should listen to them. Cena said the people are standing, and they are tired of talk- they want a match. Cena compared it to Tyson vs. Ali, or Jordan vs. LeBron. Cena said the match the people want is Cena vs. The Rock. Cena said it’s obvious that they should do it…so does Rock want to talk about it, or does he want to bring it? Cena took his shirt off and looked ready for a fight. Rock told Cena he has no idea what he just asked for. Rock promised to bring it, but wanted to make history, something never been done before, on the grandest stage of them all. Wrestlemania 28, Cena vs. Rock. Crowd booed, but they didn’t REALLY expect a match tonight, did they? Cena looked to the crowd for approval. Rock said it wouldn’t be just any match, but it would be the People’s Wrestlemania. Rock extended his hand and Cena again looked to the fans. They shook and went face-to-face, but the buzz in the crowd wasn’t there. Cena let go, and they looked at each other from a distance. As Cole plugged things, Corre ran to ringside. Cena and Rock couldn’t fight them off. They got the advantage first, but Rock and Cena managed to fight them off. Rock crouched in the corner while Cena gave the Five-Knuckle Shuffle to Heath Slater. Not to be outdone, Rock set up for the People’s Elbow on Wade Barrett. Flash bulbs went off like crazy. AA for Slater and Cena’s music played. Then Rock evened the score with a Rock Bottom on Barrett. The men shook hands again and Rock’s music played this time. Cena left the ring and the men stared at each other as Cena backed up the ramp to end things.
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#2 Posted on 4.4.11 2218.41
Reposted on: 4.4.18 2218.44
Well, I don't think we can ever accuse the E of not planning ahead, because they just went ahead and booked a match a whole freakin' year in advance. But what the hell was the point of bringing The Corre guys out? Wasn't this the same group of four dopes that just got squashed in 90 seconds last night? Did someone decide that they need to be taken EVEN LESS seriously than they already are?

In all seriousness, what happens if sometime in the next year, someone injures Cena, Kennedy-style? Does that person end up with cement boots at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean?

The E can kiss the fattest part of my ass for teasing me with JR and King for 15 minutes before putting Cole back on commentary. For God's sakes, we're at OVER SIX MONTHS straight with this clown on every single Raw and Smackdown and I thought Wrestlemania was supposed to be the end of it! When is it going to end? Does the word "overexposure" mean ANYHTING to these people? Seriously! Enough already! And sure, add Booker T, the walking cliche, to the team, too! Why the hell not? My mute button needs another workout. And did Cole seriously say during the mixed tag that he's going to wear the singlet PERMANENTLY? I have to see Cole's nipples EVERY WEEK?! Somebody shoot me!

Is there a point to Punk wearing the Nexus armband anymore? Is there a point to the chyron still labeling Punk as "The Nexus"? At what point is the stable officially declared dead? Having said that, that was a nice little tag match. So is Orton officially adding the Angle Slam to his repertoire just to piss off Kurt at this point? (And on a tangent, CM Punk's response to that entire mess was complete and utter genius!)

Man, that Tough Enough segment was dying a slow, painful death and Miz tried his best to save it, but it wasn't enough. If that was supposed to make me want to watch TE, it failed. And did anyone else think it was just a little silly for Booker and Matthews to look at Austin and react good-naturedly to what happened last night? "Well, sure, he hit us with Stunners for no good reason! That Stone Cold sure is a character!" And is a Tough Enough crawl really necessary when we're looking right at Stone Cold?

Nice to see Evan Bourne pick up right where he left off. Poor guy didn't even get an entrance this week.

I can't believe they acknowledged that the Bryan/Sheamus match from yesterday was shunted into a dark match AND that it got turned into a battle royale for no good reason. I'm resigned that 5 minutes between these two is the most we'll end up getting. That was a nice run-in from Sin Cara, but MAN that match is going to be a clash of styles if there ever was one.

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#3 Posted on 4.4.11 2225.03
Reposted on: 4.4.18 2227.42
-Note to Tough Enough kids. Don't EVER mention your hometown in the south if your are from any state above the Mason Dixon or west of the Mississippi. Southern fans are regionalist (is that a word?) as hell.

-For all intents and purposes, Corre and Nexus are dead. Time for 6 months off and repackaging.

-I can think of a lot of guys I'd like to see Sin Cara have for his first WWE feud and Sheamus is not on it.
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#4 Posted on 4.4.11 2228.49
Reposted on: 4.4.18 2229.02
Think they booked Cena/Rock a year out so the Rock can quit what appears to be a two pack a day habit?

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#5 Posted on 4.4.11 2238.21
Reposted on: 4.4.18 2238.54
This was awful. Even Stone Cold couldn't save this show.
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#6 Posted on 4.4.11 2258.39
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Good to see that Austin was smart enough not to throw a beer to Alicia Fox's sister, since I believe she's still underage. It looked like M-Dogg 20 was trying to hide in the back to avoid being thrown a beer, since he's straight edge. Is he the first person to appear as a Tough Enough contestant *after* wrestling a match on WWE television?

As soon as it became evident The Corre were being beaten squashed, I turned off the TV. I think it's time for a prolonged break from WWE programming. Looks like Lucha Libre is the only wrestling option left for me with my limited access.
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#7 Posted on 4.4.11 2304.52
Reposted on: 4.4.18 2305.17
That Tough Enough segment must've been strange for the 9-10 people who are already eliminated, though I guess most of them are probably still hoping to get deals.
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#8 Posted on 4.4.11 2323.39
Reposted on: 4.4.18 2324.51
    Originally posted by InVerse
    Good to see that Austin was smart enough not to throw a beer to Alicia Fox's sister, since I believe she's still underage.

Bios on the official website say everyone's 22 or older.
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#9 Posted on 4.4.11 2338.33
Reposted on: 4.4.18 2341.20
I suspect Cubs is starting a TE thread so while we wait for that, let's rehash my tweets and see if there's anything I need to expand on...

19:16 Sad that (1) there's an "LOD" chant (2) they never once played even a snippet of "Iron Man" #WWE #HOF

So I watched the Hall of Fame show instead of the ROH finale (it's on the DVR, I will "savour" it later) and it was pretty much what you'd expect: edited to hell and the people you were really interested in hearing from got something like ten seconds during the "everybody else" montage. Bleah.

19:47 OMG YOU GUYS @JRsBBQ did the preshow live RAW promo with Lawler!! NOW I will call everyone I know and tell them to watch! @WWE

Ha, they really snookered me here. I should have known better but I didn't expect any JR at all tonight, so I got shocked into expectations.

20:09 Can't say I got terribly excited seeing a taped up Cole Mine at ringside #RAW

This shows just how excited I was by Triple H's promo. "Hey, look at the stuff deep in the background of this shot!" Also, another reason I should have seen the business with getting rid of JR coming.

But really, all it takes to make JR go away is a squirt of his own BBQ sauce? Unless I somehow missed a backstage sequence where JR was taken completely out, he really looks like a puss for not following Cole back out to ringside and kicking his ass. Is this continuing? And if so, is it going somewhere?

20:39 As Orton and Rhodes lock up, let's count the number of times commentary refers to rich history of Legacy (over/under: 0) #RAW

Yeah, goose egg from our B(ooker) Teamers.

20:51 You know that clown who attends every #WWE show in a rainbow wig so you can see him on TV? I wish he'd make charitable donations instead.

In retrospect, I would like to apologize to the clown, as well as the Hogan imitator, the guy with the signs, and so on and so on. Those guys are TOTALLY part of the show! Dave Lagana told me so, and then he said that he wanted wrestling!

21:00 They've worked hard to try to get us to pencil in the UT/HHH rematch for #WMania 28, but... @WWE isn't known for sticking to long-term plans

This was right after the backstage meeting between Austin and HHH. I'm now 99% sure they've already planned on this happening. (In fact, I think I tweet such below, and I already said it in the other thread.)

21:09 RT @thecubsfan: For the purpose of this skit, everyone's got to pretend they haven't already finished taping this season of the show, knowing who's left.

This is what I was thinking but he said it first. (Hey, the TE thread is posted!)

21:42 Booker must have committed commentary faux pas by telling the truth about @ExcuseMeWWE totally being in shape #RAW

There was an uneasy silence and then the commentators actually SAID they were shocked into silence, probably sitting out a chewing out over the headset, but let's face it: she IS in shape, and when Booker T says "she's gotten herself into shape" he's just tellin' it. Why exactly we're supposed to be pining for Lawler's fat jokes (which he was STILL doing last night, for God's sake) is beyond me.

21:49 Sheamus must have been left off the #WMania broadcast because they didn't want to remove focus from Rey Mysterio's outfit #RAW

See, I don't ALWAYS do a LAOCH joke. I'm not your puppet! Still, it's interesting to see if they'll actually do anything with Sheamus: US champ beyond "red with and blue gear"

21:53 Sin Cara just pointed to the #WMania sign - but it wasn't there!! #RAW

...oh, never mind. Also, bad direction to show us the trampoline on his VERY FIRST entrance.

21:55 Can #WWE receive better trademark protection if they constantly mispronounce a name? Is that the deal? #RAW

Did he almost not clear the top rope or did I imagine that? Amazingly, there wasn't a lot of Twitter commentary about this - much to WWE's chagrin:

21:59 Josh Mathews: "I guarantee Sin Cara is a trending topic!" ACTUAL trending topic: "Daniel Bryan" - somebody alert @WWE - #RAW

If WWE actually HAS folks monitoring Twitter, you'd have to wonder if they'll actually report this upwards. After all, they listen to the WWE Universe, and the WWE Universe has spoken, and....ah ha ha never mind

22:05 Must have taken a bit longer than expected to hose Rock down - whoa, putting arms crossed Steve Austin promo in that frame looked weird #RAW

John Cena stood there waiting for Rock's music to start almost as long as HHH and Taker went between moves, am I right? ba-dum-bum

Also, Rock's obsession with making sure he doesn't dry out while under those hot lights is really bothering me for some reason.

22:14 Well, I guess they ARE booking #WMania 28 matches tonight after all, so I guess I WILL pencil in the HHH/UT match #RAW

No further comment from me necessary, but let's retweet Alvarez for the most salient/obvious point of all.

22:41 RT @bryanalvarez: A lot can happen in a year

As in pro wrestling... sometimes, just because it's obvious doesn't mean it should go unsaid, because sometimes a little reinforcement never hurts.

On to the NXT!
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#10 Posted on 5.4.11 0024.35
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0026.18

If you believe Twitter, JR got Sauce in his eye and have to had it flushed by the WWE doctor.

(Didn't Ed Ferrara do that angle already?)

Given that Rock/Cena will fight at Mania, at what point will they win the tag team titles?

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#11 Posted on 5.4.11 0025.46
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0026.37
Let me be the first to wish Evan Bourne the best in all his future endeavours, Daniel Bryan needs your spot. Meanwhile, Sheamus just got built back up to 'destroyer of worlds' mode in record time to give Sin Cara an impressive foe to get over on?

ADR losing his cars explains why they had Edge & Christian work over the used Rolls at WM, but I'm not worrying for him unless he loses the goldage in the entrance, or Ricardo.

Nothing from the Raw GM all night? Agree that this Cole megalomania tour needs to end, but I didn't see any progress on that front tonight.

Cena finally gets a unanimous face pop for pointing out that what the millions really want is for Rock to bring it in a match. It looked like this is where they were going, but I didn't expect Vince to make a deal happen (seemingly) overnight. Depending on Rock's shooting schedules, I wondered if they were trying to set up a short-term Cena/Rock vs the Corre angle to build the momentum. It's going to be an interesting challenge to keep this feud simmering all year long.
It's False
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#12 Posted on 5.4.11 0038.04
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0038.39
    Originally posted by TheOldMan
    Cena finally gets a unanimous face pop for pointing out that what the millions really want is for Rock to bring it in a match. It looked like this is where they were going, but I didn't expect Vince to make a deal happen (seemingly) overnight. Depending on Rock's shooting schedules, I wondered if they were trying to set up a short-term Cena/Rock vs the Corre angle to build the momentum. It's going to be an interesting challenge to keep this feud simmering all year long.

I've had a few hours to think about this and I don't worry about keeping the feud fresh. They can either air some Rock promos from the set of his movies or they can have Cena throw some potshots at his acting (which should be easy, given that Rock's next movie is "Fast Five"), so even if Rock's out for the next year, they can keep the ball rolling.

Thinking about that "cement shoes" comment I made earlier, I actually wonder if they'll give Cena a few months off (from the Rumble onward?) in order to start the long, arduous buildup and to prevent any catastrophic injury.

It would certainly make the shows a lot more interesting, in the sense that it leaves the question of who would carry the shows if Cena leaves for an extended period? Orton? Morrison? Not too many options, now that I think about it.
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#13 Posted on 5.4.11 0126.02
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0126.29
    Originally posted by It's False
    Well, I don't think we can ever accuse the E of not planning ahead, because they just went ahead and booked a match a whole freakin' year in advance. But what the hell was the point of bringing The Corre guys out? Wasn't this the same group of four dopes that just got squashed in 90 seconds last night? Did someone decide that they need to be taken EVEN LESS seriously than they already are?

Really! I'm half-expecting them to lose a 4-on-1 match to Snooki.

Don't know what's up with that, but Barrett clearly has a real talent for heeldom. Unless he really has done something majorly bad, they ought to be doing something with it.
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#14 Posted on 5.4.11 0154.01
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0159.01
Rock/Cena is the match they should have had at WrestleMania 27; now they're gonna try and book that for a year in advance?

And that also means we won't get Cena trying to break Undertaker's streak, unless 'Taker wins at WM28 and then they have that contest at WM29! But somehow I don't think 'Taker will last until the spring of 2013.
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#15 Posted on 5.4.11 0252.54
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0253.15
Ten years ago, nobody really expected Taker to last until the spring of 2003. If he's capable of pulling out a match which is up to his and our standards at Wrestlemania, then he'll keep coming back.

Booking Rock/Cena for WM 28 the night after WM 27 is a masterstroke. I want a ticker each Raw counting down the weeks. It wouldn't surprise me if an angle around Summerslam time causes the match to get brought forward.

I honestly thought this was one of the best Raw's in a long, long time. WWE feel like they have momentum after Wrestlemania this year.
Tyler Durden
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#16 Posted on 5.4.11 0513.48
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0513.57
They not only booked The Rock vs. John Cena for Wrestlemania 28 already. They also kind of teased Triple H vs. Undertaker "2", which I asume should also take place at a Wrestlemania.

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#17 Posted on 5.4.11 0612.17
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0614.07
I'm actually feeling sorry for John Cena. This match with The Rock is playing out just like The Internet Vs. WWE. John Cena is the WWE poster child and The Rock is 'The Internet' because the reason he doesn't like John Cena is because "I just don't like you."

I predict John Cena winning because the WWE doesn't care what the Internet thinks.
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#18 Posted on 5.4.11 0746.31
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0746.31
I don't think its just the "internet" that doesn't like Cena. For one, there isn't that many internet fans who make stadiums and arenas sound like A-Rod coming to the plate at Fenway after Cena's music dies out when he gets in the ring. Its more about the older WWE fans, the fans who have been there from Rock N Wrestling maybe stayed Generation Next and cemented themselves during Attitude Era only to leave when it became apparent the WWE doesn't really care about them during Cena's run. Its more about lifelong fans who are somewhat fair weather vs. the kiddie fans who love the product, but can't get into the stadium without a parent or guardian with them. Rock will job to Cena since he is that type of guy. Its the 10th anniversary of Rock/Hogan and I am sure that is what they are going for.

The smart thing to do last night was have the Corre destroy Cena or both of them to send them out for a few months. It would have made the Corre relevant again and a nice excuse for Rock and Cena to get time off. Instead, they went with What you can do, I can do better spot. It was cool, but really unnecessary. And that sums up WWE right now. Everything is unnecessary. There is no reason for Cole/Lawler to keep going as well as Punk/Orton. There was no reason for Morrison/Trish vs. Ziggler/Vickie and unless Austin is coming back full time, there was no reason for Miz to insinuate that. I am ok with Miz coming out to show the TE kids that you can make it. If Austin is coming back great, but if he isn't don't play around with it, no need to give more false hope on a program full of it.

This Raw should have ended a lot of storylines and begin new ones which Bryan/Sheamus/Sin Carre did, yet that was the only one. Rock/Cena is going the Sabu/Tazz route, Miz has no real challenger unless its Cena again and everyone else is in holding patterns or lost in the wilderness. While the PPV after Mania has always been a sequel to Mania, I just don't know if its a good idea to do a sequel to a rather weak Mania when the major star just left. Feels like Speed 2 if Speed 1 was bad which it was not.
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#19 Posted on 5.4.11 0821.52
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0822.06
It's official... I think I could very much love Sin Cara.

And if I didn't love the Miz before, I'm up there after the "Move, Buckwheat" line.

I have no qualms about their build for the Mania 28 main event a year from now. They'll have a couple of Rock cameos at key moments, then do the build primarily through the Tonight Show until next April. Heh.
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#20 Posted on 5.4.11 0839.02
Reposted on: 5.4.18 0839.12
Rock vs. Cena guarantees I'll be in Miami for WrestleMamoa 28. That kind of event demands my attendance.

And if something goes sideways in the next year between them, WWE can always substitute Don Muraco vs. John Cena Sr.
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