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Polska kielbasa
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#21 Posted on 21.1.02 2319.37
Reposted on: 22.1.09 0051.46
In response to the Milli Vanilli comment: No, I didn't have a problem with it. I DO find it funny as hell that "Girl You Know It's True" was a monster hit, then when it was revealed the two "cute" guys didn't really perform it, it was a HORRIBLE song. Please. It was still just as great a song as it was when it was released (which in my mind was horrible in the first place), no matter who did it and it still deserved to beat Soundgarden. I don't care WHO puts out the song and who they use to market it. A good song is a good song. Period. I don't care if David Gilmour leads Pink Floyd on a sell-out (in more ways than one) greatest hits tour while Roger Waters chases the trucks shouting "That's my pig!" I don't care if Journey toured and recorded last year with a lead singer nobody's ever heard of but who looks and sounds like Steve Perry, especially when they actually put out a better record that the last two Steve Perry/Journey albums.

Music just isn't that important. Maybe the musicians and record companies would like to THINK music is that important, but it's not. It's just a 2/4 beat with a memorable riff and a catchy chorus line and maybe a creative lyric that will inspire somebody with no life to kill themselves or maybe say something like "Man, I can really relate to that 'go down on you in a theatre' line. That woman is angry." Yeah yeah yeah. Get a life. I wrote a song once called "Set Your Face on Fire and Wreck" about a guy speeding in his car and setting his beard on fire while trying to light a cigarette (he coudn't see through the flames and he hit a tree). It included the line "flicked my Bic and started to fry so I set my face on fire and wrecked and now I'm finally FREE". Imagine what prophetic statements I'd be claimed to be making for the youth of today on THAT marketing campaign!

Is the whole point that these artists are holding the "real" artists back? Who are the real "artists"? My favorite recording artist of all time is Wendy Waldman. Never heard of Wendy? She put out seven brilliant solo albums (five on Warner Bros) that nobody bought. She has two amazing albums with her band Bryndle (the new one just out and only available at The critics adore her. So how come you've never heard of her?

Well, maybe you've heard of "Save the Best for Last" by Vanessa Williams. Look at the writing credit some time. Same with Don Johnson's minor hit "Heartbeat".

So do I feel that Alanis, Milli, Vanilla Ice, every artist who samples, and the 20-years-beyond-the-welcome-mat dino-rockers like Aerosmith are holding Wendy back from being a superstar? No, I feel the masses choosing to buy those artists are. I don't blame the horrible schlock that is FM radio (which I worked in for fifteen years) or the humans dumb enough to listen to it. I don't blame MTV. I don't blame anybody.

It's only rock and roll.

PS - Jeff didn't fit in the image. I was going to go with Burgerilla, but heck with it. Besides, admit it. Burger Chef and Jeff today would just be considered for a pedophile case.

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#22 Posted on 23.1.02 1744.05
Reposted on: 23.1.09 1755.02
Originally posted by spf2119
I never understood why the Grammy was taken from the Milli Vanilli album when it was revealed that the assumed singers didn't do the songs. It was still the exact same album, simply the pretty people singing it were revealed as frauds. To me that was the Grammies admitting it's all about image rather than the music, since if the album was what propelled them to the Best New Artist, really the Grammy should have just transferred to the real singers. I guess dance moves and hair extensions are just as important though.

There, I feel better now.

Great Point, I totally agree. I never understood why they took the Grammy. Atleast give it to the people who actually sang. That whole thing really showed how the music industry is all about image, nothing else. If that groups music was the best out of any new artist that year, give them the Grammy. But that whole ordeal was surreal.

About Vanilla Ice, I can't believe how people totally dis him now. I mean these same people were jumping up and down singing his praises when he first came out. I can dis him for that movie and later releases, but "Ice, Ice, Baby" was...too cold. I admit it right here and now. I liked "Ice, Ice Baby". Actually the remix for "Play that Funky Music" was cool. That was about it for his songs that I liked, but I can still enjoy those songs now.

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#23 Posted on 29.1.02 1612.00
Reposted on: 29.1.09 1622.04
Originally posted by cfgb
There is NEVER a good reason to dislike Alanis! EVER!

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You mean apart from the fact that she's the musical equivalent of Stephanie McMahon? By which I mean over emotive whiner with a voice that makes fingernails on a chalkboard sound good!

I have to agree with rte here. Who cares about the artist, it's the art that matters. If I stopped listening to everyone whose lifestyle/image bothered me that would eliminate 95% of what I listen to!

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#24 Posted on 29.1.02 2047.06
Reposted on: 29.1.09 2059.16
You mean apart from the fact that she's the musical equivalent of Stephanie McMahon? By which I mean over emotive whiner with a voice that makes fingernails on a chalkboard sound good!


I have to agree with rte here. Who cares about the artist, it's the art that matters. If I stopped listening to everyone whose lifestyle/image bothered me that would eliminate 95% of what I listen to!

I agree there completely. While I half-heartedly try to keep up SORTA with pop culture, and who's going what, I never let it stop me from listening to their music. I know I dropped a joke about Nick Carter being arrested a few weeks ago - but I roll my eyes when I hear fans say "I don't believe in nothin' no more because of him". Of course teenagers seem to be the most prone to this, but that doesn't let everyone off the hook.

I don't think I've ever found myself caring much about any news item - simply because I don't care enough about any artist to be upset. That's me though - I'd venture to say I'm in the minority and alot of people out there would be unbelievably hurt if their favorite artist did something they disapprove of.

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#25 Posted on 30.1.02 0302.53
Reposted on: 30.1.09 0329.01
Good points, but would you guys stop listening to good music if the artist did something so heinous that it would be hard to ignore? There have been some cases recently in the news where peadophilia is involved (I'm thinking Gary Glitter and Jonathan King {although not my taste in the first place the point bears out} and that one other guy with the suspect/unproven case I probably shouldn't mention by name in case I'm libelling him, I'm sure you know who it is). Good music or not, and yes the crime doesn't affect the music, there's no way I'd put money in the pockets of those scumbags, or want to listen to anything they'd produced. Fair enough, drugs crimes or lesser charges shouldn't factor in here, but surely there is a point where the artist and the music are irrevocably linked and attitude to one should affect the other.

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#26 Posted on 30.1.02 0916.15
Reposted on: 30.1.09 0929.05
I don't know how I would react if someone whose art I enjoyed did something like the things you describe. I do know that you still hear "Rock and Roll Part 2" at lots of arenas and the like these days though. I have a feeling I would still purchase such albums, and rationalize it in my head with the thought that really the artist only makes about a buck or so off my purchase anyhow.

There, I feel better now.
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#27 Posted on 17.2.02 0151.50
Reposted on: 17.2.09 0159.01

    >It's one thing to be an "act" like the Ramones or Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper or GWAR where you're putting on a show and the audience KNOWS you're not what you "claim" you are -- all the members of The Ramones REALLY didn't share the same last name -- but they go along with it for the sheer entertainment of it all(hence your Dudleyville reference).

What do you mean Marilyn Manson isn't what he "claims" to be??? ;)
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