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19.12.11 0146
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - SmackDown #597 1-28-11
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It's False
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#1 Posted on 29.1.11 0005.35
Reposted on: 29.1.18 0005.51
TONIGHT! It's the big go-home show for the Royal Rumble. The faces for the two title matches, Randy Orton and Edge, face the heels, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Plus, Teddy Long's been whacked! Will we find out who did the whacking? SmackDown is NOW!

WWE - The Champ Is Here!

We look at a video package of last week's show (with TIMESTAMPS!), culminating with Teddy Long getting whacked and Edge's main event with Justin Gabriel, ending with Dolph Ziggler picking up the pieces.

No opening credits for this week. We are taped from Cincinnati, OH. And we start with Vickie Guerrero, because God hates me. Her opening diatribe thankfully doesn't last long before Randy Orton's music interrupts. Orton slowly walks down to the ring and picks up a mic, so I believe he'll take over from here.

Vickie takes umbrage at the interruption, but Orton wants to talk. He shows his appreciation for tonight's invitation and vows bad things for Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. He menacingly moves on Vickie Guerrero, which brings out Dolph Ziggler. Dolph stands up for Vickie, so he gets an RKO. Play Orton's music, blah blah blah. And that's a 10 minute segment in a nutshell.

Later tonight, Randy Orton teams up with Edge to face The Miz and Dolph Ziggler.

Ad break - Ad for another Big Momma's House movie, because God hates me.

I don't need to mention that I'm SICK TO DEATH of LayCool/Kelly Kelly matches IN ALL THEIR FORMS!

WINNERS: LayCool - It's a 90-second special, as Kaitlyn eats a boot to the face and Michael Cole makes fun of her a lot. We are NOT off to a good start here.

Ad break - Royal Rumble promo

Considering she had nothing to do in that last segment, Kelly Kelly's decided to stick around at ringside. Cole and Striker start to get into a borderline misogynistic argument and I'd really advise both to just stop talking right about now, but I don't think I'll be that lucky.

JTG starts with some Thuggin' and Buggin', before dropkicking McIntyre out. JTG thinks about a plancha, but McIntyre pulls him out and nails him with a clothesline. Kelly shakes her head, as I'm astonished at how ass backward the dynamics are here. Why would she be upset with him WRESTLING THE DAMN MATCH? It'd be one thing if Drew was being a jerk, but he's not doing anything out of the ordinary. If anything, Kelly's coming out of this angle looking REALLY bad. Worse than usual. But I digress. McIntyre smacks JTG's head into the steps. Back in the ring, he gets a pair of swinging neckbreakers. Hangman's neckbreaker follows for a one count. McIntyre stomps on JTG in the corner. He hits a pair of corner clotheslines and knocks JTG down with a third. McIntyre FRAMES THE DROPKICK for 2! We hit the armbar. JTG fights out of it and manages to turn a McIntyre clothesline into a crucifix pin for 2. McIntyre flails at JTG to knock to him down. McIntyre pounds away on JTG and pulls him down by the hair. Back to the armbar. McIntyre wants the hanging neckbreaker again, but JTG counters with the backslide for 2. McIntyre wants a corner charge and runs into a boot. JTG hits a clothesline and whips McIntyre in, before it's reversed. JTG tries to counter a clothesline into a backslide, but McIntyre beautifully counters that into the Future Shock! Crowd pops for the awesome reversal, as McIntyre polishes off JTG at about 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre - McIntyre's starting to show some flashes of brilliance here. This was a really good match, though I still question the wisdom of keeping JTG as a jobber when this show's so desperate for credible babyfaces.

Post-match, Kelly Kelly walks into the ring, as Drew simultaneously exits. Kelly stands and watches, as Drew McIntyre walks away.

Later tonight, it's a Rated RKO re-union, as Rated RKO face The Miz and Dolph Ziggler.

Ad break - Mega Python vs. Gatorade ad. Can a giant snake's thirst be quenched by the rush of electrolytes? Oh, that's Mega Python vs. GatorOID! My mistake.

Here's a video package of last week's Rey Mysterio/Cody Rhodes squash, ending with "Dashing" Cody Rhodes getting his nose broken.

That takes us backstage to "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, who's standing with the demoted Todd Grisham. Rhodes has his back turned and won't turn around to show the damage to the moneymaker, but WILL deliver an outstanding promo.

"After what Rey Mysterio did to my face...I may never be able to show myself in public ever again. And I have it...I have it on good authority that Rey Mysterio didn't even want to WIN that match, wasn't concerned with winning that match. Why else...would he have kept his knee brace exposed? He wanted bash my face in. And he succeeded! Because not only do I have a deviated septum and a broken nose, but I'm going to require extensive reconstructive surgery. DOCTORS have told me that...I am not to compete in the Royal Rumble match. So not only...not only has Rey Mysterio shattered my face, he shattered my dreams of headlining Wrestlemania. I don't understand. Why would anyone want to do that to my face? I...I am...I was the most handsome man in the world. My looks defined me. I made my of my looks and now...I can't even stand the sight of the mirror. I read something the other day that was...very true for me right now and it said that 'It's not who we are on the inside, but what we do that defines us.' Well, Todd, what am I going to do? Am I going I gonna keep standing? Am I gonna stand up? Am I gonna keep swinging? Am I gonna keep fighting? Because Rey Mysterio doesn't decide my life, I DO?! Coming to the arena today, a little kid yelled at me and said...that I wasn't dashing anymore because of my face. Wanna know the worst part? He's right. That's enough."

Grisham exits, as the camera stays focused on Cody's back. Man, who knew Cody Rhodes had THAT golden promo in him? Bravo!

Elsewhere backstage, we go to Edge. Edge says he'll deal with The Corre soon enough, but tonight he deals with The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Edge vows a spear for Dolph Ziggler at the Rumble.

Still elsewhere, Alberto Del Rio makes his way through the backstage area, but stops to introduce himself to Michael Tarver. Ok, seriously, are they going somewhere with Tarver? This is about the fifth time we've seen him as a random walk-on with no rhyme or reason. What is the point of this?

Ad break

Tony Chimel introduces us to Ricardo Rodriguez, who introduces Alberto Del Rio. This week, Alberto Del Rio joins us in a 2010 Mercedes convertible. Del Rio enters the ring and grabs the mic. It's promo time!

"My name is Alberto Del Riooooooooo! But you already know that. Tonight, tonight, I'm not going to tell you that my destiny is to win the Royal Rumble. Heyheyhey, tonight, tonight, I'm going to prove it! Back there, I have 39 fighters from all over the world, ready to fight against Alberto Del Rio. So it's's going to be a Royal Rumble exhibition. I'm going to start with one...and every 30 seconds, another one will come, until...until I throw EVERYBODY out of the ring! So...bring my first amigito."

Well, ok, we start with one jobber. It's a guy named Seth Allen. Del Rio wrestles circles around him and tosses him in a matter of seconds.

Next, we get Mike Stevens. He fares no better, as he walks right into a seated dropkick. Del Rio nails him with a corner clotheslines and hits another seated dropkick.

Number three is Kane. Hey, when did Kane join the jobber brigade? Del Rio chucks Stevens, obviously unprepared for Kane. Kane hits Kane with an uppercut and hammers away in the corner. Kane misses a corner charge and Del Rio hits the corner enziguiri! Del Rio charges right into a GOOZLE! Now Kofi Kingston's music hits, as Kofi Kingston runs down for no good reason. He chucks Kane and Del Rio, just for the hell of it. The heels regroup on the floor, as Kofi celebrates. They surround Kofi, but Rey Mysterio's music hits and he comes to Kofi's aid. Now here's Vickie Guerrero to annoy me some more. She makes the obligatory tag team match for right now. Well, for after the...

Ad break - Best of Raw 2010 DVD promo

We start with Kofi and Kane. Kane overpowers Kofi to start. Kane whips Kofi in and Kofi ducks a bit boot and dropkicks the knee. Running boot gets 2. Kane overpowers Kofi to the heel corner and tags out. Del Rio gets a snapmare and seated dropkick for 2. Both men run the ropes and Kofi gets a spinning elbow. Tag is made to Rey. The faces get a double-team drop toehold/elbow combo. Rey gets some shoulder thrusts in the corner, but charges in and hits the ring post. Kane tags in and pounds away. Rey tries to kick at Kane's legs and takes him down into the 619 position. Kane slides out, but it still allows Rey to take him out with a seated dropkick. Rey tags Kofi while the heels argue on the outside. The faces take this moment to hit a double dropkick on the bickering heels. Kofi hits a suicide dive on Del Rio, while Rey hits a seated senton on Kane. Kofi climbs the turnbuckles, but Del Rio shoves him off. Kane stomps away and gets a corner clothesline. Del Rio tags in and whips Kofi in for a corner clothesline. Handful-of-hair bulldog gets 2. Kane tags in and pounds on Kofi in the corner. Big bodyslam and legdrop hit for 2. Tiem to hit the chinlock. Kofi elbows out of it, but runs right into a big side slam for 2. ADR tags in and keeps up the offense. Del Rio hits a back suplex for 2. Kane tags in and pounds on Kofi some more in the corner. Kofi fights out of the heel corner, but can't tag out. He's persistant, though, and he manages to tag Rey, who comes in with a seated senton. Rey's a house of fire! Rey wants a springboard, but eats a boot to the face! That'll take us to our next ad break.

We come back with ADR hitting the chinlock. Rey fights out of it, before ADR attempts the sunset flip. Rey rolls out of it and kicks Del Rio in the face. Del Rio's up first and hits the fireman's carry gutbuster before tagging out. Kane continues his methodical pace. Rey's whipped into the corner, but Kane catches the leap frog attempt. Rey still manages to turn that into a Tornado DDT. Tags are made on both sides, as Kofi comes in with the HIGH springboard crossbody. Dropkicks for both ADR and Kane, but Kofi runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio reaches for the tag, but Kane's still down on the outside. Finally, ADR thinks better of it and goes for the corner charges, but runs into Kofi's high kick counter. That sets up the frog crossbody, before Kane breaks up the pin. Del Rio shoves Kane, so Kane boots him in the face and takes a walk. Del Rio's calling out for his partner, as the faces have regrouped. Del Rio's kicked into the 619 position. 619 kicks and sends Del Rio right into Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston - A good tag match, though the excessive heat segments might have diminished it a bit.

Your hosts are Josh Matthews, Michael Cole, and Matt Striker. They show us Monday's Miz/Edge match and the subsequent Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton run-ins. Later tonight, Orton and Edge will face Miz and Ziggler.

Ad break

The Big Show makes his entrance, which reminds me that we haven't heard from The Corre at all tonight. I guess that'll change right about now. Show takes the mic and it's promo time!

"Hi! You know, when you're 7 foot tall, 440 lbs., you're not just the World's Largest Athlete, you're...well, you're the guy that can't fit into airplane bathrooms, and you tend to break furniture when you sit on it, and...yadda yadda yadda. You're a former World Champion, WWE multi-champion, you're admired by your peers, and sometimes...sometimes you're a target. And when you're a target, people try and make an impact at your expense. Two weeks ago, just like this."

We take a look at Wade Barrett and the formation of The Corre, as they all lay out Show.

"Now The Corre...The Corre accomplished two things. made me angry. And trust me, you don't want any part of me when I'm angry. And number two, The Corre reminded me of what it's going to be like in a Royal Rumble match. I'm going to have four or five superstars attacking me from every angle, trying to tip me over the top rope. See, I've never won a Royal Rumble match. But this year..."

Show's interrupted by The Corre's music. The four members of The Corre come out, sporting brand new Corre T-shirts! They surround Big Show, vintage Nexus-style. Show's not done yet.

"So is this how it's going to be? All four of you gonna come in here and try me? Is that it? Is that because none of you have the guts to try me one-on-one? Huh? What about you, pretty boy? One-on-one? What about you, Wendy? Huh? Exactly. You're supposed to be the leader of The Corre, aren't you? Wade? Where's your guts? You don't have any guts! There's no leader 'cause you're cowards! What about you, big man? You livin' famous off'n that bodyslam? Why don't you face me straight up and see how well you do? Huh? Why don't you try me head-on, face-up and see how well you'll do? I think that outcome might be a little bit different. Come on, big man."

Heath Slater takes this opportunity to attack Show from behind, which doesn't get him very far. Oh wait, is this a match?

Show nails Slater with a big boot. Here's a big headbutt. Here's a big corner chop. Show wants a bodyslam, but Slater shakes out of it and clips the knee. Dropkick takes Show down to a knee. Slater runs the ropes and runs right into a big chop. Here's a big back body drop. Avalanche and shoulderblock take down Slater easily. AAAAAAAAHHHHTHECHOKESLAM!!! And there's your 60-second special.


Post-match, the remaining three Corre members jump onto the apron. Show helpfully brings in Justin Gabriel. There's a headbutt for Barrett. But once again, Show turns around and eats a lariat from Big Zeke! The three-on-one beatdown is on, but it looks like help's coming. Here's R-Truth! Wait, WHY IS R-TRUTH ON THIS SHOW??? Are they even TRYING to maintain the facade of separate brands anymore? Anyway, Zeke wipes out Truth. Chris Masters comes in and Zeke wipes him out, too. Here's Santino and Zeke takes him down. Is there any doubt who's getting the Diesel push at the Rumble this year? Here's Kozlov and DANIEL BRYAN! (Matthews: "One-by-one, Ezekiel Jackson is taking on everyone from SmackDown!") Four out of five of these guys are RAW GUYS! What SmackDown guys is he talking about?! The faces soon overwhelm The Corre and clear them out. Faces stand tall, as Show's music hits.

Later tonight, a Champions and Challengers tag match.

Ad break

Your hosts are three guys that are rapidly getting on my last nerve. They send it to the Royal Rumble video package. That's followed by the card rundown.

The Miz and Alex Riley come down for tonight's main event. Cole gives them another standing ovation. I still love that Chimel introduces him as "DA MIZ!" GOD, SHUT UP, COLE!!! Miz has a mic and it's promo time!

"1947, in an effort to stop the spreading of Communism, President Harry S. Truman implemented the Truman Doctrine. The act granted $400 million in military and economic aid to Turkey and Greece. Now what does this have to do with the Royal Rumble this Sunday? Absolutely nothing. Just like Randy Orton strutting down here, pulling Vickie Guerrero, and hitting Dolph Ziggler with an RKO, it means absolutely nothing. Orton can come out here for all I care and RKO every single person in this arena. He can declare himself the Undisputed King of RKO! It means absolutely nothing! I am the WWE Champion now and I will be the WWE Champion after this Sunday! Randy Orton's song says that he hears voices in his head. Well, the only voice that Randy Orton is going to hear after our match is MY voice, saying 'I'm The Miz, I'm still the WWE Champion, and I'M AWWWWWWWWWWESOMMMMMMME!'"

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance next, as we go to our next ad break.

We start with Orton and Dolph. The lock-up takes them to the corner and Dolph starts hammering away. Orton nails Dolph with a clothesline and hits uppercuts in the corner. Orton decides to chase The Miz and lures him into Dolph's boot. Dolph's whip is reversed and while he ducks the clothesline, he runs into the THESZ PRESS, BY GAWD! Tag is made to Edge, who hits Dolph with a top-rope clothesline for 2. Edge goes to work on Dolph and looks for a back body drop, but Dolph turns it into the X-Factor for 2. Tag is made to Miz and he works on Edge. Miz hits the chinlock, as I note that tonight's commentary has been freakin' dreadful, moreso than usual. Watching Matthews and Cole argue is fun on NXT where nobody gives a crap, but the whole act is starting to get REALLY tiresome here. Miz runs into a big boot and Edge makes the tag to Orton. Orton goes nuts on Miz. VIPER COIL! Which is naturally as good a time as any to go to an ad break! HUH?

We come back with Dolph working over Orton, as the announcers claim that technical difficulties caused that last ad break. You know, I'd believe that if this show wasn't taped three days in advance! Miz tags in and hits the chinlock. Orton fights out of it, but runs into a knee for 2. Miz goes to the mounted punches before hitting the chinlock again. Orton fights out of it, before Miz hits a backbreaker for 2. Miz looks for the straddling clothesline, but runs into an Orton clothesline instead. Tags are made on both sides, as Edge goes nuts on Dolph Ziggler. Here's a pancake, as Edge dispatches Miz. Edge makes the Spear Face, but stops to take out Alex Riley. Dolph tries to charge in, but Edge ducks and hits the Edge-O-Matic for 2 before Miz breaks it up. Orton takes out Miz and they fight on the outside. Dolph wants the Sleeper Hold, but Edge shakes him off. Edge quickly spears Dolph and that's it at 11 minutes shown.

WINNERS: Edge & Randy Orton - Decent tag match, with the exception of that prolonged Miz chinlock. The announcers REALLY need to take it down a notch on Miz matches! I'm BEGGING them!

Post-match, Vickie Guerrero grabs the mic and yells into it again. She decides to make the spear an illegal move! Vickie says that if Edge uses the spear on Sunday, he'll lose the title. Sigh...because why NOT add a nonsensical stipulation to what would have been a decent match? Edge decides to hit Dolph with a spear. And he hits him with another one. Edge makes the Spear Face and hits Dolph again. Edge's music hits and that'll end the show.


Edge/Dolph Ziggler getting a stipulation is annoying. It's not like that match has been played out or anything. A straight wrestling match would do just fine here.

A lot of this show felt really off. They did a nice hard sell for the Rumble, but the matches didn't feel like they were there, with the excpetion of Rey & Kofi/ADR & Kane. There was way too much Vickie, not enough of The Corre, the McIntyre/Kelly angle went from "intruging" to "stupid", and I'm heavily considering using my SAP button from now on to get away from Matthews, Cole, and Striker.

The positives? The aforementioned tag match and Cody Rhodes' awesome promo. Take a pass on the rest of the show.

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#2 Posted on 29.1.11 0032.15
Reposted on: 29.1.18 0034.53
That whole beginning sequence was another example of something that bugs me about wrestling these days - faces acting like heels, and getting cheered for it.

Orton came out and physically (and creepily) intimidated a woman, and got cheered for it. Dolph came out to defend his girlfriend, and got booed, demanded respect, and said he would earn it by winning the belt, got booed - then finally RKOed for his trouble to the crowd cheering.

This is the kind of thing I love Punk as a character for, because he's pointing out these exact same qualities in Cena. So it isn't like anyone on the inside hasn't noticed it...

Good recap - like you said, kind of a meh show, a semi-decent ad for the Rumble though. I'm not sure what else they could have done with it...
Shem the Penman
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#3 Posted on 29.1.11 0135.09
Reposted on: 29.1.18 0135.21
Huh. Cody talking about "shattered dreams"? Innnnnnnnteresting.

And my God, those Corre T-shirts are hideous. While Barrett may have gotten the talented members of Nexus, he clearly left the graphic design talent back on Raw.
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#4 Posted on 29.1.11 0455.27
Reposted on: 29.1.18 0459.01
So, either they're gonna have Edge win the title by using one of the several finishing moves he has besides the Spear (like the much-more-devastating-looking Edge-o-cution), or Dolph Ziggler's gonna get the win to make up for getting buried the last couple weeks.


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#5 Posted on 29.1.11 0728.21
Reposted on: 29.1.18 0729.01
    Originally posted by Shem the Penman
    Huh. Cody talking about "shattered dreams"? Innnnnnnnteresting.

I'm pretty sure there was a Golddust jumpsuit hanging in the background...

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#6 Posted on 29.1.11 0754.11
Reposted on: 29.1.18 0758.39
This is the second time I've seen Mysterio and Kofi hit their finishers in tandem, and I still think it makes an awesome looking team finisher. I think I'd really enjoy a run with the two of them as an actual tag-team.
Matt Tracker
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#7 Posted on 29.1.11 0934.25
Reposted on: 29.1.18 0940.25
Cody = Dr. Doom. Awesome.

Drew is officially SmackDown's Orton. He could be champ this year, after all.
Boudin rouge
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#8 Posted on 29.1.11 0942.24
Reposted on: 29.1.18 0948.50
    Originally posted by Matt Tracker
    Cody = Dr. Doom. Awesome.

    Drew is officially SmackDown's Orton. He could be champ this year, after all.

So when will Rhodes get his Vega mask?
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#9 Posted on 29.1.11 1148.30
Reposted on: 29.1.18 1148.39
KAITYLN is back! And Striker compares her to Ralph Wiggum?!!?? (Personality wise, thank God it wasn't a weight joke.) Then right as the women's match ends, he suggests switching to watch Tosh.0? Buh??

I did chuckle at Edge calling Justin Gabriel "DJ Gabriel."

Is Cody going to be Rey Rey's Wrestlemania feud this year? And when is he going to angrily call for someone to hand him a mirror, a la the Joker (or Lisa Simpson)?
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#10 Posted on 29.1.11 1857.25
Reposted on: 29.1.18 1857.55
    Originally posted by Tenken347
    This is the second time I've seen Mysterio and Kofi hit their finishers in tandem, and I still think it makes an awesome looking team finisher. I think I'd really enjoy a run with the two of them as an actual tag-team.

The "Trouble in San Diego."
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#11 Posted on 29.1.11 2204.07
Reposted on: 29.1.18 2205.02
There was an on-air reference to pronoun use in this show, and how they shouldn't be used. It was quite an NXT moment. Since CRZ made a comment about wishing he didn't know the details of certain instructions given to the announcers because it makes you notice them more I've been spending too much time trying to notice unnatural speech patterns. There were a few times during Smackdown when they seemed to fall all over themselves to say Royal Rumble EVENT. Always the EVENT. Cole referred to the rumble match itself at one point and Josh followed up with EVENT several times soon after as if it had been drilled in that they have to keep saying EVENT as much as possible. It's noticing things like this that makes me miss being 10 years old.
Summer sausage
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#12 Posted on 30.1.11 0146.03
Reposted on: 30.1.18 0150.30
Yeah I noticed the pronoun thing too, but not The EVENT (cross-promoting with NBC?)

    Originally posted by Pool-Boy
    That whole beginning sequence was another example of something that bugs me about wrestling these days - faces acting like heels, and getting cheered for it.

    Orton came out and physically (and creepily) intimidated a woman, and got cheered for it. Dolph came out to defend his girlfriend, and got booed, demanded respect, and said he would earn it by winning the belt, got booed - then finally RKOed for his trouble to the crowd cheering.

Well they're bringing back Orton to more the way he SHOULD be booked, not one of the smiley happy fuckface good guys like Cena, but the tweener-ish badass. If Cena did it that would be another story.

Dolph demanded respect when he has the IC title and world title shot for fucking an unattractive older women with power. It was Orton who told him respect had to be earned.
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