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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - RAW #899 8/16/10 Register and log in to post!
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#1 Posted on 16.8.10 2207.01
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2207.01
TONIGHT: What happens to Nexus after their Summerslam loss last night? In other news: Daniel Bryan and The Miz will likely revisit their feud. Sheamus escaped with his title last night, but what’s next? And “Going the Distance” co-stars Justin Long, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are guest hosts. Live from Los Angeles, it’s Monday Night Raw!

-WWE Open.

-Raw Open.

-Fireworks~! kicked off Raw from the Staples Center. To start things off, Nexus walked to the ring in a huff. Wade Barrett got the mic first and said what doesn’t kill them, makes them stronger. He reminded the fans that Nexus defeated six of the best Raw had to offer. “Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.” Barrett said the destruction will be amped up and there will be more pain and misery for people who get in their way. John Cena’s music interrupted and he and his new colors came out. Cena said Barrett had the resolve of Winston Churchill and the toughness of Snookie. Crowd chanted “you tapped out” to Barrett and Cena reminded him of that as well. He even did a Barrett impression and said Nexus isn’t going to be bigger or stronger. It’s really Nexus, not Stallone or Austin, that are the Expendables. Cena talked about Daniel Bryan eliminating half of Nexus by himself. That got a polite pop from the fans. Cena said that after Summerslam, it was made clear that Nexus is, in fact, human, and they can be beat.

Cena turned his attention toward tonight, and said Nexus will be looked at as individuals. Look at David Otunga: A below-average male escort who clings to a woman’s arm on the red carpet. And Michael Tarver: He looks like an MMA bank robber who works nights as a male stripper. Is that Heath Slater…or the chick from Wendy’s? And we had Slater’s face in the Wendy’s logo in place of the girl, and the crowd even started a “Wendy” chant. A loud one too. Cena said the existence of Darren Young proves that his mother had an affair with Buckwheat. He went on to say that Justin Gabriel has an alternative way of thinking. He said Skip Sheffield was thinking of the Meow Mix theme. Cena interrupted Darren Young, reminding him that Young gave up in under a minute. He said Young’s name should be The Weakest Link. There was a heated Nexus discussion in the ring as the guys paired off discussing things with each other. Then the GM e-mailed in to some massive heel heat. It’s on the verge of getting Vickie Guerrero heat. Michael Cole read the e-mail, saying Nexus’ words would be put to the test, in that Summerslam will be continued tonight. Nexus will face Team WWE in a series of matches, and outside interference from Nexus will be met with swift and appropriate consequences.

Barrett remarked that it’s just an opportunity for redemption. Crowd chanted “you tapped out” as he tried to continue. Hot crowd, holy cow. Barrett said he will examine Nexus tonight for any weak links, and if there are, they will be weeded out. He faced the rest of Nexus and said if any of them are not victorious, they will be exiled from the group. He said that one way or another, at the end of the night, Nexus will be stronger than ever. Otunga took the mic and reminded Barrett that it also applies to him. He said any one of them would be happy to take over. Another e-mail. Barrett would be facing his mentor Chris Jericho…next.

[Commercial Break]

-Cole plugged’s Twitter follower.

(1) Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho had his right arm taped. He suplexed Barrett, then they went backstage to show the rest of Nexus watching on a monitor. Standing dropkick from Jericho, then a springboard dropkick that sent Barrett from the apron to the floor. Kick to the head on the outside. Barrett did catch Jericho trying to get back into the ring, booting him off the turnbuckle. Back outside, Barrett slammed Jericho’s back into the apron. Hard Irish whip into the buckle. Jericho came back with a bulldog, then an attempt at the Walls. Barrett countered, and Jericho countered Wade’s finisher. Walls were locked in but Barrett got to the ropes. Barrett kicked Jericho in the head from behind, but Jericho kicked out of a pin. Enziguiri by Jericho. He went for the Codebreaker, but Barrett caught him and gave him his finishing slam for the win.

Winner: Barrett, at 5:24. Fine match. Barrett is OK in the ring, certainly serviceable and probably more polished than any other Nexus member.

-The rest of the members of Nexus will get to choose their opponent from Team WWE tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-Justin Roberts introduced tonight’s guest hosts, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day and Justin Long. They came to the ring and talked over each other for a while. Sudeikis said that being in the Staples Center reminds him of the NBA Champions. And it reminds him of next year’s NBA Champs…the Miami Heat. They booed Sudeikis but the thought they were chanting “Suuu…” Long introduced the Hart Dynasty. They, along with Natalya, made their way to the ring. Once they did, the GM sent another e-mail. Busy already tonight. He said that from this point forward, the Unified Tag Team Championshp will be known as the WWE Tag Team Titles. And to present the new titles…Bret “Hitman” Hart. He brought two new titles to the ring to replace the four old ones, I guess. As he got in the ring, Wade Barrett came on the Titan-Tron and said Bret’s opponent will be Justin Gabriel. Gabriel said that Bret would experience something tonight he never did during his WWE career…his 450 splash. So Bret wins here, right?

[Commercial Break]

-Cole thanked Jet for “Rip It Up,” the Summerslam theme.

-They showed Vince McMahon’s star on the Walk-Of-Fame.

-Cole and Lawler talked about the Nexus vs. Team WWE match last night.

(2) Michael Tarver vs. Daniel Bryan9:40:47 9:42:59
Not much of a pop from the crowd for Bryan, it didn’t seem like. Lock-up to start with a “Daniel Bryan” chant. Cole continued his rant against Bryan. Punches by Tarver in the gut of Bryan in the corner. Bryan worked the left arm of Tarver as Cole wondered aloud how you could be a pro athlete and not eat meat. Kicks to the chest of Tarver. Like, 80. Dropkick sent Tarver into the corner and Bryan went to the top. Missile dropkick, but The Miz and Alex Riley ran down to distract Bryan. Tarver then rolled Bryan up for three.

Winner: Tarver, at 2:12. Not much to it. I think Tarver has potential.

Bryan flew onto Miz on the outside, but Riley attacked. Tarver joined and they both held Bryan for Miz to spear into the barricade. He then pounded on Bryan with rights. Skull-Crushing Finale on the briefcase on the outside. Bryan is going to need to get scraped up off the floor.

-Still to come tonight, Justin Gabriel faces Bret Hart. Interesting that this is the match they are plugging throughout the show.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed clips of Miz costing Bryan the match, and the aftermath.

-Miz and Riley were walking backstage when Josh Mathews came up to them. He asked Miz to explain his actions. Miz said that from the moment Bryan arrived on NXT Season One, the WWE Universe heckled Miz by saying Bryan was better than him and that Bryan should be his Pro. He was also upset that Team WWE put him on the back-burner last night in favor of Bryan. He plugged Alex Riley as the next breakout star. Riley insinuated Bryan was boring and said Bryan never appreciated the Miz and said he doesn’t even deserve a job in WWE. Riley said he’s going to win Season Two and he owes it all to The Miz.

-Darren Young spoke up in the Nexus locker room and asked for John Cena. Young said last month, Cena brutally attacked him and tonight, he’s taking him out. Otunga said tonight is all about redemption and he respects Young’s decision. Everybody gave him a pat on the back or chest for taking charge.

-Cole and Lawler reset things close to the top of the hour.

-Justin Gabriel made his entrance for his match with Bret Hart, which comes up on the other side of the break.

[Commercial Break]

-While Gabriel was in the ring, the GM e-mailed Cole saying that Gabriel won’t be facing Bret Hart. The GM never liked Hart and he wants to make sure Hart never fights on Raw again. That’s an odd statement for a GM that has been pretty bi-partisan so far. Gabriel’s opponent instead? Randy Orton.

(3) Justin Gabriel vs. Randy Orton
Gabriel looked a tad intimidated, but shoved Orton to start. Lock-up and Orton shoved Gabriel into the corner. Kick to the leg by Gabriel. Orton was not amused. He shook it off and went back after his opponent. More kicks from Gabriel and that just pissed Orton off. He caught another kick attempt and Orton held him there, staring at the rookie, letting him think about it. Couple of clotheslines, then a scoop slam. Lotta pressure on the rookie Gabriel not to screw up, knowing Orton’s temper. Gabriel got to the apron, but Orton hung him on the middle rope and DDT’d him. He set up for the RKO, but the fans started booing so Orton turned toward the entranceway. Nice touch. Orton went out to greet Sheamus and the two fought into the crowd. Is this really no-DQ? Well anyway, Orton was counted out.

Winner: Gabriel, at 2:48. Told a good story for the short time it lasted.

Orton came back into the ring after the match and RKO’d Gabriel. Sheamus was laying at ringside and Orton grabbed a steel chair. He nailed Sheamus in the back several times. Orton made his way to the ramp, but then ran around the refs and back to Sheamus, who had gotten to his feet. He finished Shemaus with an RKO. They replayed the punishment Orton dished out.

[Commercial Break]

-Another recap aired of the Orton attack on Sheamus.

(4) Skip Sheffield & David Otunga vs. John Morrison & R-Truth
A Morrison heel turn costs them the match? Morrison started things off, but soon tagged out to Truth. He got slammed to the mat by Sheffield. Sheffield put Truth in the heel corner and laid in the shoulders to the gut. Otunga tagged in and did the same. Truth came back with a face-plant. Hot tag to Morrison, who clotheslined Otunga, then dropkicked him. Blind tag to Sheffield, who nearly took Morrison’s head of with a clubbing blow. He knocked Truth off the apron and set up for his big clothesline. I wish he still did his NXT finisher. Anyway, running clothesline connected for the win.

Winners: Sheffield and Otunga, at 2:57. Smart to put Otunga in a tag match.

Cole noted that Heath Slater faces Edge later on.

-Gail Kim, Melina and Eve Torres were walking backstage, ready for six-Diva tag action, next.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Melina & Eve & Gail Kim vs. Maryse & Jillian & Alicia Fox
Former Raw guest host Jon Lovitz was shown in the crowd. According to Cole, he is still smitten with Maryse. Drop toe-hold by Kim on Maryse, followed by repeated head shots to the canvas. Cross-body for two by Kim. Kim set Maryse up on the top rope, or tried too. Oh, she’s in the Tree of Woe. Kim held Maryse’s head up and Melina did a running sit-down splash on her stomach. Maryse didn’t sell it for long though and got in some shots on Melina. Tag to A. Fox. Northern Lights Suplex for two. Chin-lock was next. Eve and Jillian both tagged in and Eve hit a couple of her awful dropkicks. Slam, then a flip onto Hall. Fox and Melina rolled around the ring and to the outside. DDT attempt by Maryse, but Kim took her out of the picture. Eve was whipped into the buckle and she kicked Jillian in the back of the head. She went to the top but Jillian pulled her down in a one-armed powerbomb and got the pin.

Winners: Maryse, Jillian and Fox, at 2:55. Usual Divas tag action. Not a fan of Jillian, so I’m hoping this isn’t the start of a title push.

-Mathews was backstage with Edge. Edge said Team WWE’s win was massive but not a surprise that the team he led was victorious. Slater walked up to Edge and Edge told Mathews to hit the bricks. Slater asked Edge if they could work something out tonight. He said he patterned himself after Edge. Slater suggested that Edge just take tonight off. Edge said that normally he would, but he doesn’t want the record books to show that he forfeited to a Wendy-looking Edge wannabe. Slater punched Edge in the face, sending Edge to the floor.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed Joe Manganiello from True Blood in the crowd.

(6) Heath Slater vs. Edge
Edge and Slater traded advantages until they went to the outside, where Slater slammed Edge into the barricade. “Wendy sucks” chant by the crowd as Slater applied a rest-hold. Slater took Edge down using the hair. Whip into the ropes, back elbow from Slater, Edge kicked out at two. Edge got back to his feet and fired away. Slater missed a dive in the corner and Edge began his comeback routine. Edge-O-Matic for two. Slater got Edge high off the ground for a face-plant. Spear into the gut of Slater while he was in the buckle. Slater slid to the outside where Edge caught him with a big boot. Edge set up for a spear on the outside, but as he began to run, Slater slipped into the ring at the count of nine, and Edge was left to stand there and get counted out.

Winner: Slater, at 4:28. Nothing to write home about here.

Edge speared Slater after the match to get his heat back.

-Still to come tonight, John Cena faces Darren Young. Big smile on Cena’s face in the graphic, huge frown by Young.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed the exterior of the Staples Center, with the Magic Johnson statue.

-Justin Long was backstage with Great Khali, reminiscing about the Kiss Cam. Khali spoke in his native tongue, and Ranjin Singh translated. Apparently Khali is in a long-distance relationship, which is also what “Going the Distance” is about. Singh gave Long a picture of Khali’s girlfriend and he made faces as if she was ugly. Then Day and Sudeikis walked in and made fun of the picture. Long told them it was Khali’s girlfriend, but they said he doesn’t speak English so it’s OK. After they made fun of her more, Long said he can understand English. He grabbed the pic and Day and Sudeikis ran off. Long tried to soften the blow, but Khali admitted, in English, that she was “butt ugly.” Then the Bellas walked in and walked off with Khali. That’s your random segment of the night.

-Cole and Lawler sent it to a video package of Summerslam weekend, with WWE Superstars all over the place.

-John Cena was walking backstage. He faces Darren Young next.

[Commercial Break]

(7) Darren Young vs. John Cena
Prior to the start of the match, Nexus walked out onto the stage. Both men went for quick covers in the opening minute or so of the match. Side headlock by Young as the crowd was quite quiet. Shoulder knock-down by Cena, then he took Young down with a headlock take-over. Back suplex by Young to get out of it. Standing legdrop for a two-count. Short clothesline and another cover, only one this time. Suplex and again a two-count. Young was going for a pin after every move. “Nexus sucks” chant from the kids. Northern Lights with a bridge for two. Young got frustrated and removed his elbow pads. Cena was thrown outside the ring. He went out after Cena and slammed his head off the steps. Next were the steps being kicked into Cena. Jack Doan’s ten-count was a lot slower than the one where Edge was counted out. Young was frustrated when Cena made it in at nine. Legdrop missed and Cena came back with rights. He began to go Vintage Cena on Young. Young ended up tapping out to the STF.

Winner: Cena, at 8:01. I feel like Young has improved a lot since NXT.

Nexus rushed to the ring and stood on the apron. Cena was allowed to leave the ring and Nexus set their sights on Darren Young. He struggled to get to his feet as Nexus encircled him. He tried to talk to Barrett, but Otunga nailed him hard from behind. The rest of Nexus mauled him. Barrett finisher on Young, then a 450 Splash from Gabriel. They should’ve ripped the arm-band off Young before they left. Well, Barrett and Sheffield went to the apron, but then they came back into the ring. A replay aired of the attack on Young. Nexus stood with their arms raised to end the show.
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#2 Posted on 16.8.10 2212.58
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2213.04
Young got a raw deal considering how inept Otunga and Tarver looked. I love the very nature of Michael Tarver, but Daniel Bryan was literally wrestling himself in their match. Maybe there are more cuts to come, I dunno.

This wasn't no good. A bunch of countouts and distraction rollups isn't exactly getting your heat back. A bunch of singles matches with guys who can't do singles matches isn't exactly getting the edge back. Not a lot of thought put into this show, I'm guessing since they're taping two. Maybe they saved all the ideas for the next two hours.

A promo from Daniel Bryan explaining what he did on his summer vacation and going from "showed remorse" to secret member might've been nice.

Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day are both really funny but WWE is not the greatest outlet for comedic talent that isn't Steve Austin and a guitar.

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#3 Posted on 16.8.10 2220.05
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2220.27
Crowd seemed dead at several points tonight, which may have affected the overall perception of the show. Well, that and also the fact Nexus only got two clean pins (along with two count outs, an distraction'd rollup, and a lose) sort of didn't help them.

That was a man-sized skull-crushing finale on the briefcase, and a solid promo from Miz after. I really like the potential for this feud. I still think Bryan may cause the Miz to be the first ever "lose the briefcase" dude.

Heel Cole apparently knows "what's up", and is getting annoyed with R-Truth asking the question repeatedly....interesting.

New tag team titles is nice, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of teams to contend for the belts. When was the last time they were defended anyway?

Overall....a bit of a let down after the wicked good tag match last night.
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#4 Posted on 16.8.10 2254.47
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2255.13
    Originally posted by JustinShapiro
    This wasn't no good. A bunch of countouts and distraction rollups isn't exactly getting your heat back. A bunch of singles matches with guys who can't do singles matches isn't exactly getting the edge back. Not a lot of thought put into this show, I'm guessing since they're taping two. Maybe they saved all the ideas for the next two hours.

I think you're being a little too hard on this show. Taken individually, a lot looked bad. But in the aggregate, Nexus was one second away from walking away completely unscathed, regrouped and re-focused. Instead, they are only slightly scathed. The whole point of the exercise was for Cena and folks to pick these guys off at their leisure, but Jericho got out-wrestled and Edge made a rookie mistake. The guys that needed to look good did. All that will be remembered is that Nexus identified only one measly weak link, and they took care of that business. Nexus is (kind of) back.

I wonder how Skip felt as he wound up his clothesline for Darren. Darren was his boy. It must've hurt Skip a lot more than it hurt Darren.

They taped two shows? How many times must those poor people have to listen to that damn theme song?
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#5 Posted on 16.8.10 2256.05
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2256.11
No Evan Bourne tonight. I think Daniel Bryan being the top little guy on Raw now can only mean Bourne is going to be buried again. I also don't like him being booked against the Miz, it's a downer for Miz not to be in the title picture.

Tarver looked horrible in the ring, those punches he kept throwing missed by 6 inches.

Sheamus attacking Orton made no sense if you think of the logic. However, they needed a way for Orton to lose tonight but push the feud with Sheamus. At least it wasn't Mark Henry who faced Justin Gabriel.

And Miz is right, Morrison is the Marty Jannety of the era. I think most thought it was going to be Morrison being over, not Miz when their break up happened.

And the Buckwheat comment, I think Young looks a like more like "Heat Miser" than Buckwheat. The 40 plus year old would know who "Heat Miser" is from Christmas specials.

I guess they needed to do this show to get NXT back over again. Don't think it did though.
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#6 Posted on 16.8.10 2258.07
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2258.29

danielson on nxt tomoorrow for revenge on riley?

i await the complaints about "buckwheat" and darren young.

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#7 Posted on 16.8.10 2308.57
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2309.44
I thought it was a neat dynamic that Cena came out and made all the Nexus look like idiots, using bad comedy as his weapon, like HHH does, we except we ain't allowed to call Cena a monster like H yet

Cena made them look like fools. And then, cheap wins PLUS instant angles afterwords makes you forget the matches mean anything

Orton rules, as always

Miz was moving away from awesome promos to Rock-lite scriped promos (pacing and dumb cut-down lines) but made a good comeback teaming with that DICK Riley

Cole works great when he's not yelled at. He almost came through with emotion several times tonight, which is several more times than he did last night. It's probably tough on a live PPV to work the earpeice, have to put up with Striker's bullshit and wonder why Lawler ain't bailing you out. JR made it look easy

Cena called Gabriel a queer, Slater a chick and made fun of his own Momma. And he bailed out to leave us with the Wolfpac. Funny equals money

*Now* can we start hating him for the right reasons?


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#8 Posted on 16.8.10 2315.40
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2317.11
That was a pretty vicious head shot with the Miz's Skull Crushing Finale to Danielson on the briefcase...wasn't the WWE trying to stop shots like that?

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#9 Posted on 16.8.10 2319.12
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2319.24
I was really hoping for a Green Man appearance. I was very disappointed.
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#10 Posted on 16.8.10 2329.14
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2329.40
    Originally posted by shawnpatrick
    I also don't like him being booked against the Miz, it's a downer for Miz not to be in the title picture.

Miz has to drop the U.S. title to someone first. It could all even happen in the same night.

    Originally posted by odessasteps
    danielson on nxt tomoorrow for revenge on riley?

That would be really good. It's logical, and on NXT they have the time to waste to let him do an interview. Plus Bryan/Cole II.

    Originally posted by RYDER FAKIN
    we except we ain't allowed to call Cena a monster like H yet

The comedy was lame (although I did laugh at "the girl from Wendy's" -- her name is Wendy btw), but I don't think HHH would've sold for them anywhere close to as much as Cena did from the first attack up until the last minute of SummerSlam. He would've had his own sledgehammer comeback by week 3.
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#11 Posted on 16.8.10 2358.49
Reposted on: 16.8.17 2358.49
    Originally posted by El Nastio
    New tag team titles is nice...

Really? These pieces of sh*t?

(image removed)

Looks like Hogan's Big Gold Belt he won from The Iron Sheik in '83 threw up. For crying out loud, can the E just PLEASE go back to Reggie Parks gold? At least they made TNA some straps that don't look like Lady Gaga dreamed 'em up.

Hey, not that you'd wanna BUILD UP brand new straps, or have anybody express, y'know, INTEREST in them (see Cena's redesigns of US and WWE titles).

Worst straps since the 1998 Intercontinental redesign and the frickin' Mariah Carey Divas' title.
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#12 Posted on 17.8.10 0117.39
Reposted on: 17.8.17 0117.39
    Originally posted by The Thrill
      Originally posted by El Nastio
      New tag team titles is nice...

    Really? These pieces of sh*t?

    (image removed)

    Looks like Hogan's Big Gold Belt he won from The Iron Sheik in '83 threw up. For crying out loud, can the E just PLEASE go back to Reggie Parks gold? At least they made TNA some straps that don't look like Lady Gaga dreamed 'em up.

    Hey, not that you'd wanna BUILD UP brand new straps, or have anybody express, y'know, INTEREST in them (see Cena's redesigns of US and WWE titles).

    Worst straps since the 1998 Intercontinental redesign and the frickin' Mariah Carey Divas' title.

I'm guessing you're not in WWE's target audience.
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#13 Posted on 17.8.10 0231.18
Reposted on: 17.8.17 0231.29
Finally, Daniel Bryan has lost a match! Oh ... wait ...

But now he HAS TO become the US champ at Night of Champions, right .... right!?

I don't know why, but I'm really bored by Randy Orton. He (and the Divas, except LayCool) is the only part of RAW (or PPVs) I always have to ffw.

As far as Nexus is concerned, I would have kicked Tarver out first, but that's just me.
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#14 Posted on 17.8.10 0455.59
Reposted on: 17.8.17 0456.01
So much for Darren Young. I guess they're down to just NNNNNN for now, eh? Didn't expect him to be the first guy booted out of the group. I actually thought that since Justin Gabriel had such a history as a face, I thought he'd have been the one to lose.

Man, screw getting pinned twice by Evan Bourne, THIS is what should send Chris Jericho into a funk. To get beaten by your rookie CLEAN? Good lord!

I won't nitpick about the new tag belts. Although I will point out that the Hart Dynasty hasn't been on SmackDown in ages. If they ever remember that the tag titles can go across both shows, I'm sure Gallows and Mercury would love a shot. Better yet, can we get Natalya over to feud with LayCool?

Can't wait for the inevitable Miz/Bryan match. But I can't imagine it doing anything, except transitioning into a Bryan/Riley feud.

I repeat again: Shut up, Michael Cole! You are MURDERING every single one of Miz's segments and I hate you that much more for it!
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#15 Posted on 17.8.10 0707.41
Reposted on: 17.8.17 0710.49
I agree with Flea, Cena's promo was one "nappy hair" comment from a HHH burial. Instead of coming out and saying how well they fought against WWE the night before, he pretty much gloated over them. Having said that, its probably the funniest Cena has been in a while. The Nexus matches were just brutal to watch. Some of them are just not ready for prime time and their weakness were on full display last night. I was hoping we get the mysterious shadow leader or whoever the hell the new GM last night, but they seem hellbent on keeping that going for awhile.

I was hoping Bryan would get the US title tonight or at least the upper hand on Miz since Miz did ko him at the PPV. No, he lost and got owned by Miz. While the Miz does have some good one-liners, I preferred him better when he was stalking Sheamus. I still think he will be the first to lose Money in the Bank since Cole keeps saying its inevitable, he will be the World Champion. As for Cole, I enjoy the commentary, its at least different and will hopefully payoff down the line. I won't go into spoilers after reading them, but next week is building towards Night of champions then anything else.

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In non-kayfabe terms, the whole "Nexus fights for survival" concept was fucked by the matchups they went with. If you have no intention of putting Gabriel over Orton or Slater over Edge, don't book those matches! Why not do Tarver/Otunga/Sheffield over Bryan/Edge/Bret in a six-man, then put Gabriel over JoMo and Slater over R-Truth? Three pinfall finishes, no bullshit.
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Orton's kicking Sheamus' ass.

The Miz - Bryan brawl.


False advertising another match (Bret/Gabriel).

The new tag belts. Are those things mad of copper??

Potential stars continuing to job in 3 minutes.
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    Originally posted by geemoney
    He said Skip Sheffield was thinking of the Meow Mix theme.

I smell another video at !

And shouldn't Gabriel have been disqualified for outside interference thanks to Sheamus?

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That Orton crowd reaction = Holy. Crap.

I watched the show hoping that my complaints in the PPV results thread would be answered, and indirectly they were. While we still don't know why anyone thinks Nexus threatens the WWE, we do see that they have the potential to get the job done. Jericho lost cleanly. Edge was outwitted. What does this prove: Faces are ineffectual and stupid. This is why those two should be and need to be heels.

I don't like Miz appearing to move the Bryan feud to his protege. I do like how they jazzed up the angle. Bryan ate that suitcase like a pro. Now I hope Mattel complains that kids can hit each other with luggage.

Young's beatdown could be the extent of his "exile." He lost. He was taught a lesson. That could be it. I haven't seen enough of him to want to see him wrestle outside the Nexus.

I like the idea of the new belts. I'm not sold on them yet.

The GM hates Bret Hart and never wants to see him wrestle again. Is it Lawler?
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I guess we can safely assume that Chris Jericho's WWE career is over. Not only did he get jobbed out clean, he used a knife edge chop in the match, thus guaranteeing he'll be future endeavored. He will be missed.

According to Wikipedia, Wade Barrett's fireman's slam is (or at least was, in FCW) called The Wasteland.

Nice continuity for Tarver to choose to face the only person he holds a singles victory over in the WWE. I'm sure Slater would have volunteered to face Jericho had the GM not assigned Barrett to that match up. (

I'm guessing Darren Young will still be in Nexus next week after once again taking one for the team.

The Gabriel / Orton match up was stupid. They could have had Gabriel lose only to have Nexus declare that since he wasn't defeated by a member of Team WWE, he wasn't exiled. After all, they've repeatedly saved Gabriel in the past and it's obvious that they consider his 450 to be the group's finishing move, so they're protecting him. Or they could have had Sheamus attack before the bell rang, letting Gabriel pick the bones.

Outside of NXT, Riley has proven useful in regards to keeping heel heat on The Miz. I don't think even Ricky Steamboat could be cheered while willfully hanging out with Riley. I'd almost like to see Miz declare Riley too good for NXT and bring him over to Raw personally rather than wait for him to be eliminated.

When the Hart Dynasty was in the ring and the email arrived, I thought Tyson Kidd was positioning himself to springboard into the laptop, which likely would have gotten him an insane face pop.

Speaking of the GM, my assumption is that the "I don't like Bret Hart." line was supposed to be suggesting that perhaps it was Mr. McMahon, though if that's the case, they should have thrown in a Guaran-damn-tee at some point, as well.

    Originally posted by It's False
    If they ever remember that the tag titles can go across both shows, I'm sure Gallows and Mercury would love a shot.

As would The Gate Crashers (who have a legit claim to a title shot) and The Dudebusters. Aside from the Usos, the only other tag team on Raw is Golddust and Yoshi Tatsu and I don't expect them to get a shot any time soon. Hell, they're allowed to cross brands, why not show up and face the Motor City Machine Guns?
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