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#1 Posted on 9.8.10 2210.06
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2210.12
TONIGHT: It’s the go-home show for the 2nd biggest PPV of the year. To that end, the main event of Raw will be John Cena & Bret Hart taking on Edge & Chris Jericho, with Nexus as lumberjacks. Fun fact: Jericho debuted on Raw 11 years ago tonight.

-Raw Open.

-The announcers plugged the main event of the evening.

-Bret Hart’s music hit and he came out, wearing a Batman t-shirt underneath his leather jacket. He said hello to Sacramento, and said for the last few weeks, he’s been “training like a lunatic” in Calgary for Summerslam. But what has happened on Raw since then has disappointed him. Three weeks ago, he said he put his reputation on the line when he went to John Cena three weeks ago and vouched for Jericho and Edge. Bret said it’s not too late, so he asked Jericho and Edge to come down and go face-to-face with him. Jericho came out wearing a suit. He said he couldn’t speak for Edge, but told Hart to “dazzle” him. Hart interrupted and told him to shut-up. He told Jericho that this was his chance to be a man, to step up to the plate and change things. Hart said they’re not hurting WWE by not joining the team, they’re hurting themselves. He said Nexus wants nothing to do with them, and the superstars he and Edge have turned their backs on what nothing to do with them. Hart warned Jericho that if Nexus wins at Summerslam, they’ll be men without countries. Jericho, like last week, appeared to be considering it. Hart flat out asked if he’d rejoin team WWE right now.

Jericho said Hart said some things that made him think, and his answer is….still no. He called Bret a phony and a hypocrite, saying he had him figured out years ago. Bret was more concerned about getting the beating of his life at the hands of him and Edge tonight, rather than beating Nexus at Summerslam. Jericho called Hart “scared,” and said Bret knows they can’t beat Nexus at Summerslam without him and Edge. He said at Summerslam, Bret Hart is screwed. Jericho said all he cares about tonight is dismantling Bret Hart. Then Edge’s music boomed through the arena and he came out. Edge seemed upset at Jericho for lashing out at Hart, who seemed to defend Bret, saying he’s the reason they got into the business. He talked about being a kid and watching Bret live. Edge said that Bret can count him in for Summerslam. Nice crowd pop for that. Jericho looked disgusted and left the ring. Edge and Bret shook hands, but Edge tried to kick Bret in the gut. Bret caught it and went for the Sharpshooter. Jericho got into the ring and poked Bret in the eye to break it up. As Edge and Jericho left, Natalya ran to the ring almost in tears, pleading with Bret about something. The TitanTron showed Nexus in the middle of a beat-down of Tyson Kidd in the locker room. Camera panned back to show David Hart Smith being attacked too. Wade Barrett spoke to the camera, telling Bret it looks like it’s just not his day, since he can’t have the Dynasty as replacements. Natalya and Bret ran to the back as they went to break.

[Commercial Break]

-Kidd was being checked on by a trainer backstage, with the back of his head getting special attention. Smith was still down in pain too, as Natalya asked Bret was doing as he grabbed a chair. Hart wanted to go after Nexus, but Cena walked in and stopped him. He said they’ll get picked apart if they try to take out Nexus themselves. He said he had to go talk to the Great Khali and urged Bret to stay put.

(1) The Miz vs. Evan Bourne
Bourne kicked at Miz’s legs, but Miz booted him in the face. A chant of “Miz is awesome” by some, but then I heard “Miz is awful” too. He choked Bourne in the ropes, then sat down on the back of his neck. Cover got two. Bourne fought out of a rest-hold and went for the double knees in the face, but Miz swatted him away. He sized up Bourne in the corner and landed his corner clothesline, with Bourne giving 110% on the sell. Bourne came out of another rear chin-lock and kneed out of a suplex. Kicks to the side of Miz, then a springboard hurricanrana where he jumped of the ropes backward and onto Miz. That was neat-looking. Miz absolutely turned Bourne inside-out with a clothesline. He lined Bourne up then hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: Miz, at 4:00. Bourne gave it his all here, that’s for sure. He looked good despite the loss.

Mike the Miz got the mic after the match, and said he didn’t care if Sheamus or Randy Orton won the title this Sunday. He said when he’s ready to cash in his contract, he’ll be WWE Champion. He’s the Miz…and if you hadn’t heard, he’s awesome.

-Cena was talking to Khali backstage, but the camera didn’t pick up any audio. Khali didn’t give away a look as to whether he was happy or upset.

-Still to come, Cena and Bret vs. Jericho and Edge with Nexus as Lumberjacks.

[Commercial Break]

(2) Melina vs. Alicia Fox
Fox picked Melina up and slammed her in the corner. Hair toss followed that up. She kicked Melina to the apron, but Melina slid back in under Fox. Cover for one by Melina. Matrix move to avoid a clothesline, and Fox went face-first into the mat. Melina kicked Fox to ringside. Melina went outside, but ran into a Foxy clothesline. In the ring, back-breaker by Fox got two. The announcers were on the ref about not yelling at Fox for the hair pulls. Back-breaker submission by Fox. Melina countered it after a while and hit the Last Call sunset bomb for three. It did not look pretty.

Winner: Melina, at 3:40. Melina looked a bit rusty and things almost fell apart a few times, but they kept it watchable.

-Josh Mathews was backstage with Khali. He acknowledged that Ranjin Singh wasn’t there to translate for him tonight. He asked if his alliance would be with Nexus or WWE. He uttered, “WWE.” Mathews thanked him and Khali took the mic again and spoke in his native tongue. Mathews said he couldn’t understand him, so Khali spoke in fractured English that he wanted Wade Barrett in a match tonight.

[Commercial Break]

-They showed Cole during the break reading an e-mail from the GM. The first thing we heard Cole say was “also,” so what did we miss? Anyway, it’s Fox vs. Melina for the Divas Title at Summerslam. Also, the GM was kind enough to grant Khali his wish for a one-on-one match with Wade Barrett.

-Tonight a Divas Summertime Spectacular, as the Bellas take on Eve & Gail and Maryse & Jillian. They were shown in bikinis on the graphic, so I assume that’s what they’ll be dressed in.

-Plus, Sheamus calls out Randy Orton tonight.

-Edge was ranting to Jericho backstage about the audacity of Bret Hart. Jericho was half-listening, saying that if Nexus wins and takes over Raw, they’ll be ostracized. He said they may have bit off more than they can chew this time. Edge talked about The Rock, Steve Austin, Mr. McMahon, DX, the Alliance….he said he and Jericho survived them all. And they’ll survive whatever Nexus brings to them. Jericho said if they take out Cena and Bret tonight, there’ll be no match at Summerslam. And with no match, they’ll be in the clear.

-John Morrison and R-Truth were talking backstage and they both agreed they had each other’s backs. Mark Henry stepped in when they were talking about a replacement. He said they don’t need two, they just need one. He said the match that he’s about to have will be his audition. Nexus was shown watching it backstage. Barrett smiled, nodded and cocked his head, giving the rest of Nexus the signal to go into action.

[Commercial Break]

-Ted DiBiase came out to take on Mark Henry. As Henry got to the ring, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater came almost out of thin air to stand on the ring steps. Skip Sheffield, David Otunga, Michael Tarver and Darren Young attacked Henry from behind after the distraction. The group threw Henry hard into the steel steps, then left through the crowd. Referees came out and checked on Henry as they showed a replay. Henry wasn’t moving as medical personnel attended to him.

-Sheamus was walking backstage…he’ll call out Randy Orton, his Summerslam opponent, next.

[Commercial Break]

-Sheamus came to the ring for a promo. He passed Mark Henry being helped to the back by referees. Nice touch. Sheamus said that after Raw went off the air last week, everyone was convinced he was scared to get into the ring with Orton. He said he was scared…scared of what he might do to Orton. Sheamus said usually when someone talks like that, he’s talking out of his arse...but not him. I guess “arse” is OK, but “ass” isn’t. Sheamus asked if there was anyone who thinks Orton will take his title away at Summerslam, they should watch the following video closely. It was a video package of Sheamus beating the crap out of people. He said that proves he’s not afraid of anyone in WWE, saying he has ended careers in this company. He called out Orton so he could tell him face-to-face.

Sheamus said he was surprised Orton accepted his invitation. Orton interrupted and said he has something to say. He didn’t exactly believe Sheamus’ reason for not getting in the ring with him last week. Sheamus said he had the chance to make fans take him seriously…but Sheamus said EVERYONE takes him seriously. Orton reminded Sheamus that the Pale Warrior has never beaten him- and he never will. Sheamus yelled that he was wrong, that everyone is wrong. He said when he wins, Orton will go to the back of the line, and he’ll never get another title opportunity. Orton said he was going to beat Sheamus and again said Sheamus wasn’t going to beat him on Sunday. Orton gave Sheamus the chance to make up for not doing anything to him last week. The two faced off in a stalemate when the GM chimed in. The GM said that Sheamus’ title matches in the past have been marred by interference. The GM decreed that if anyone interfered on Sunday, they would be suspended indefinitely. He did agree with Sheamus saying that if Orton loses, there will be no re-match and he’ll go to the end of the line. But he took Orton’s side, saying if Sheamus is not scared…he encouraged him to do something about it right now. A GM goading his wrestlers into a brawl? The fans were ready for it but Sheamus was not. Sheamus faked punching Orton, then turned his back to leave the ring. Bad move, as Orton attacked from behind. Sheamus though laid out Orton with a Polish Hammer. Brogue Kick missed and Orton gave Sheamus his back-breaker. Orton was ready to punt Sheamus, but stopped short when he could’ve kicked him. Sheamus looked surprised and scared backed into the corner. Orton picked up the belt from ringside and raised it in the air as Sheamus looked on. The announcers said Orton wanted Sheamus healthy Sunday so he could defend that title.

-Still to come, with Nexus as Lumberjacks, Cena and Hart vs. Edge and Jericho.

[Commercial Break]

-Jerry Lawler thanked Jet for the official Summerslam theme, “Rip It Up.”

-Sheamus was still pacing at ringside in front of the announcers.

(3) Percy Watson & Lucky Cannon & Kaval vs. Michael McGillicutty & Husky Harris & Alex Riley
No entrances for these guys. Kind of random, but WWE must be getting worried about the ratings again. Crowd was actually chanting what I thought was “we want Lucky,” but I think it was “we want Low-Ki.” Watson got a few good shots in as Sheamus took a seat and stewed at ringside. Riley began to wear Watson down. Watson made the tag to Kaval, who flew around the ring and punished Riley. Kaval locked in a dragon sleeper on the ropes. Springboard knee to the face for a two-count. Pin was broken up by McGillicutty. Cannon dove over the top rope and onto the son of Mr. Perfect. Double stomp by Kaval after a blind tag and Harris just nailed Kaval from behind. Back splash that barely caught Kaval for the win.

Winners: McGillicutty, Harris and Riley at 3:03.

After the match, Sheamus laid out Cannon with the Brogue Kick, then slammed McGillicutty into the barrier outside. High Cross on Kaval inside the ring. Sheamus retrieved a mic from ringside and said this punishment is a message to the GM, the WWE Universe, and Randy Orton. He guaranteed he’d still be champion this time next week.

-R-Truth and John Morrison were walking backstage, looking none too happy that they’re in tag team action next.

[Commercial Break]

-Tonight, it’s Wade Barrett vs. The Great Khali.

(4) R-Truth & John Morrison vs. William Regal & Zack Ryder
Regal and Ryder were “already in the ring.” Regal attacked Truth from behind, as Truth was distracted by Ryder on the apron. Neck-breaker from Ryder as he tagged in soon after Regal’s ambush. Ryder’s got a new design on his trunks. It was the NY license plate, but now we have a new one, so his white and blue one is a bit dated. Truth made the tag and Morrison came in a house of fire. Flying leg kick to Ryder, then the C4 (I think) but Regal broke up the pin. Truth took him out and Morrison landed the Flying Chuck kick. Starship Pain for the win.

Winners: Truth and Morrison, at 2:11. Just a match to show off Morrison and Truth’s solidarity.

-Cole and Lawler talked on camera about the good news for team WWE tonight. They reiterated that Edge and Jericho would not be coming back to team WWE. They segued into running down the Summerslam card.

-The Bellas were walking backstage with their beach gear. The Divas Summertime Spectacular is next.

[Commercial Break]

(5) Jillian Hall & Maryse vs. Eve & Gail Kim vs. The Bella Twins- Summertime Spectacular Match
Two special guest refs for this one: Santino and Vladimir Kozlov. They had a big blow-up water slide in the entranceway that the babyface teams slid down. The heels were already in the ring. The swimsuits they were wearing looked like something out of the ‘50s. Maryse and Eve started things off, with Eve hitting a Thesz Press. One of the Bellas tagged in and gave a few forearms to Maryse. Jillian held the legal Bella by a beach towel in the corner, allowing Maryse to take over. Hair toss by Jillian. Kozlov was the enforcer at ringside I guess. It’s Brie in the ring, and she powered out of a rest-hold. Nikki tagged in to no heat, though she did hit a dropkick. Headscissors take-over got a pop. Cole complained that one person from each team should be in the ring at once. Neck-breaker by Eve on Nikki, and everyone started getting involved. Eat Da Feet by Kim on Maryse as she was tied up in a inflatable tube. Nikki, off the top with a cross-body, took down Jillian for the victory.

Winners: The Bella Twins, at 2:51. Well that was a whole lotta nothin’.

Tamina came out after the match in her outfit and got in Santino’s face. She rubbed right up against him and she finally let Santino walk by her. As he did, Tamina slapped him in the butt. Santino seemed to like it.

-The Summerslam Recall was from 1991: The Big Bossman vs. The Mountie in a Jailhouse Match. “Do you know who I am? I’m Da Mountie!”

-Backstage, the Great Khali was walking. His match against Wade Barrett is next. Well, maybe not, as he was attacked by the rest of Nexus in the hallway. They took out his knee, and he was grabbing it after Nexus ran off.

[Commercial Break]

-Nexus walked out, presumably to play Lumberjacks. They replayed the attack by Nexus on Khali prior to the break. Wade Barrett got the mic and said he had just been informed that the Barrett vs. Khali match-up has been canceled. He said on Sunday, Nexus would write a new chapter in WWE history. Barrett went on to say that the balance of power on Raw would go on to shift permanently when they defeat team WWE. Skip Sheffield got the mic and said Raw has become their show. He said Bret Hart will become like Ricky Steamboat and Mr. McMahon as casualties of Nexus. He said they wouldn’t just damage Bret and Cena physically, but mentally. Otunga was next, and said if anyone in the locker room was considering joining team WWE, he asked them to think about what they did to the Hart Dynasty, the World’s Strongest Man, and Khali. He told them to think about if they want to be next, because you’re either Nexus or you’re against us.

-Cena and Hart were shown walking backstage. They cam upon a grinning Miz. He said he wanted to address the inevitable. He said Cena needs help, and it was a matter of time before Cena came looking for him. It sounded like someone was getting a haircut in the background. Miz said he wanted to hear Cena ask him to be on his team to save Raw. Bret manned up and asked if he was in or out, as if this was Ocean’s Eleven. Cena then asked too, at the behest of Miz. Miz reveled in it, of course and said he’d let them know Sunday. Miz walked off and Cena and Bret agreed that they may need him. They continued walking for the tag match, which is next.

[Commercial Break]

-Next week’s guest host, actor Justin Long.

(6) Edge & Chris Jericho vs. Bret Hart & John Cena
Bell rang just shy of 11:02. Edge booted Cena down and gave him some room to recover in the corner. Nexus was all standing on one side of the ring, as opposed to usual Lumberjack protocol. Cena took Edge down with a headlock take-over. As soon as Edge got the advantage, he tossed Cena to the wolves and the Lumberjacks really put the boots to him. Jericho tagged in and threw Cena right back out. More beating from Nexus. Jericho picked Cena back up and again Nexus feasted on the carcass of Cena. Crowd was fully behind Cena, but Jericho picked him up again. Instead, Cena countered and Jericho was thrown to Nexus. They posed like they would go after him and Jericho got defensive, but they didn’t touch him. He rolled back into the ring with ease, but he missed a punch and Cena put him on his shoulders. Jericho countered into a Walls attempt, but Cena reversed it with his legs. Cena missed a cross-body and ended up rolling to ringside. He punched Barrett and came back in the ring. Barrett got to the apron and Jericho missed a clothesline and hit Barrett. Then he was thrown to ringside and Jericho yelled at Barrett to get Cena. They attacked him instead, while Edge came to his aid. Justin Gabriel was hauled into the ring by Hart, but Barrett pulled him back out before any damage could be done. Nexus huddled in a circle at ringside to discuss their next move. They approached the ring to attack Cena and Hart, but R-Truth and John Morrison ran down. As there was a 7-on-4 stand-off, Jericho and Edge stood watching on the aisle. Jericho wanted them to leave, but Edge convinced him to help out. He and Jericho ran to the ring as the place was about to explode. When the two teams went at each other, I think it did. Nexus escaped team WWE’s wrath quickly, and fled through the crowd. Cena’s music played as team WWE stood together in the ring, staring up in the rafters at Nexus, who had re-grouped there.

Winners: No Contest (no bell), about 5:00. Hot segment to end things and to take it into Summerslam.

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#2 Posted on 9.8.10 2214.12
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2214.35
That's the hottest crowd (at the end at least) I've seen in ages.
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#3 Posted on 9.8.10 2221.37
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2222.40
I really dug the interaction between the Miz and Cena & Hart. In the world of a-holes, Miz is chief a-hole.

Boo Melina coming back and pinning the champ after such a long hiatus. And double-boo that she'll likely win on Sunday.
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#4 Posted on 9.8.10 2221.57
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2223.21
One of my favorite parts of Raw was actually when Miz ran into Bret Hart and John Cena and referred to Khali's injury as he was "Nancy Karrigan'd"; I just thought that quick comparison was pretty funny (I would also say my other favorite part is the sell by Evan Bourne when he got clotheslined; that looked like he did more than sell that clothesline when he landed on his neck).

Now, is Khali out of Team WWE? And assuming Jericho and Edge are back on the team, which to me when they quit, gave them another side to their heel characters. I guess it makes sense with 6 days left to go until Summerslam that Edge and Jericho would be back on Team WWE but now if Khali is gone, I wonder if Miz will be the final man on the roster.

Not the best overall Raw but it did make headway for the PPV with its segments.
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#5 Posted on 9.8.10 2226.50
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2229.01
    Originally posted by djp
    Boo Melina coming back and pinning the champ after such a long hiatus. And double-boo that she'll likely win on Sunday.

Are you serious?! It's Alicia Fox, someone who should never even be in a title hunt let alone actually carry the thing. Melina coming back is a godsend.
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#6 Posted on 9.8.10 2227.21
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2229.03
That was money heat at the end. WWE angles have these things like "timing" and "knowledge of how to lay out a angle" that TNA is completely oblivious to. Compare how that played out to every 'big' TNA showdown where guys just show up and run around randomly to the way that whole deal built to its crescendo and the execution by all the people out there.

Okay so all the complaints from a month ago by me and others like me about Great Khali on the team can be shamefully redacted. He's off the team and there's an angle. I do apologize.

They could have Miz there as the heel they need to cost them the match and really give him a bastardly achievement. They could (obligatory sigh) have Daniel Bryan walk past the Miz and show him up and join the team. They could even have Daniel Bryan join the team and then screw them to give Nexus the guy they needed all this time and were supposed to have.

Or they could have it be Eli Cottonwood, I dunno. Mustache.

I think Evan Bourne is trying to lose on Raw 83 weeks in a row to match the Nitro streak. His bounceback rana should've been saved as the finish for a major match, the only problem being he doesn't win his matches. Kaval losing three straight times to Husky Harris because one gets votes and the other doesn't isn't exactly fair either.
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#7 Posted on 9.8.10 2228.16
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2229.04
The way the crowd reacted to the standoff at the end was insane. It reminded me of the Canadian Stampede ten man tag, the hard camera was shaking and everything.
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#8 Posted on 9.8.10 2240.04
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2240.04
    Originally posted by BoromirMark
      Originally posted by djp
      Boo Melina coming back and pinning the champ after such a long hiatus. And double-boo that she'll likely win on Sunday.

    Are you serious?! It's Alicia Fox, someone who should never even be in a title hunt let alone actually carry the thing. Melina coming back is a godsend.

Are *you* serious?! Melina is absolutely unable to stay healthly long enough to carry any title. She's the Kennedy of the Divas. I don't like Alicia Fox either but certainly there has to be a better choice than Melina.
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#9 Posted on 9.8.10 2243.43
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2247.35
    Originally posted by djp
      Originally posted by BoromirMark
        Originally posted by djp
        Boo Melina coming back and pinning the champ after such a long hiatus. And double-boo that she'll likely win on Sunday.

      Are you serious?! It's Alicia Fox, someone who should never even be in a title hunt let alone actually carry the thing. Melina coming back is a godsend.

    Are *you* serious?! Melina is absolutely unable to stay healthly long enough to carry any title. She's the Kennedy of the Divas. I don't like Alicia Fox either but certainly there has to be a better choice than Melina.

Well, every girl on Raw pretty much stinks except Natalya.

edit: and Gail Kim, who I forgot existed, but Gail Kim can't really do anything without Awesome Kong as a base.

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#10 Posted on 9.8.10 2251.45
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2251.58
Besides the awesome big thing that closed RAW, here are a couple of stupid little things I loved:

-I LOVED how all the Nexus guys turned to Barrett simultaneously while watching Mark Henry on the monitor, waiting for their orders.

-I LOVED how Sheamus talked circles around Orton, interjecting a little improv with the "Everybody takes me seriously, fella!". Points to Orton for not letting it mess up the rest of his lines.

-I loved how Sheffield said "McTer McMahon", then the camera immediately cut to Darren Young correcting him, hand over his mouth.

(edited by Mr Shh on 9.8.10 2353)
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#11 Posted on 9.8.10 2313.11
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2313.13
    Originally posted by StaggerLee
    That's the hottest crowd (at the end at least) I've seen in ages.

Seriously! Was the camera mounted differently in that arena or something? It was shaking during the Sheamus-Orton confrontation and then it was REALLY rocking during the WWE-Nexus confrontation at the end. Never seen anything like it before. It was like something out of a video game. Incredible! Even my girlfriend, who doesn't really care all that much about wrestling, was wowed by the whole experience.

- StingArmy
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#12 Posted on 9.8.10 2319.48
Reposted on: 9.8.17 2319.56
Very good Raw.

They got rid of Khali, who has been limping now for several weeks. This opens up a spot for HHH to return this Sunday on Summerslam..... Disgard the rumor stuff, HHH returns this sunday.

Miz is just golden now, I hope he gets rewarded with the title soon for all his hard work. Though I would bet he becomes the first not to successfully cash in the MiTB.

Alicia Fox looked really good and strong in the ring, having to carry Melina on her back the entire match.

Orton vs Sheamus has a good buildup. I don't see this one ending after Sunday.

And for all the Mark Henry bashers, at least he is willing to sell a bunch of crap for others week after week.

Jericho and Edge were on their A game tonight. Glad to see Jericho back into the mainstream after a month or two of very questionable booking.

Good show that kept people tuned in.
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#13 Posted on 10.8.10 0004.20
Reposted on: 10.8.17 0005.48
    Originally posted by geemoney
    The swimsuits they were wearing looked like something out of the ‘50s. the new PG WWE has trickled down to this? The Divas show more skin in their regular clothing & wrestling gear than they did here in those full piece bathing suits.
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#14 Posted on 10.8.10 0012.07
Reposted on: 10.8.17 0014.42
I loved McGillicuddy breaking out his dad's old leapfrogging style of jumping over the guy like he's a set of hurdles.
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#15 Posted on 10.8.10 0104.09
Reposted on: 10.8.17 0105.30
So...was anybody else waiting for the inevitable Melina Nip slip that didn't happen? Maybe it was just me? Also, is somebody teaching the Bella's how to wrestle? Kinda one hit wonder spots on their moves, yet they have moves now.

HHH is coming back at Summerslam. I believe he will be the seventh WWE guy. Sheamus promos seem to include HHH more and more when talking about his own accolades of ending careers......One day I will be right with these type of predictions.

I texted a friend earlier during the show. "I can't believe how into Orton I am". I Immediately followed it with The 40 Year Old Virgin quote of "do you know How I know that you are gay" (not that there is anything wrong with that). The Orton thing is really coming into fruition. I'm digging the character and think they should run with it.

Really enjoyed Raw. Khali speaks English! Well not enough to speak it very well. Apparently he can understand it though!

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#16 Posted on 10.8.10 0127.39
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    Originally posted by The Game

    Now, is Khali out of Team WWE? And assuming Jericho and Edge are back on the team, which to me when they quit, gave them another side to their heel characters. I guess it makes sense with 6 days left to go until Summerslam that Edge and Jericho would be back on Team WWE but now if Khali is gone, I wonder if Miz will be the final man on the roster.

It would make sense to have Miz on the team. He's not doing anything at the PPV, and he can be the guy who turns on Team WWE and costs them the match. It'll give him something to do for a bit, and then we can re-focus on the tired will-he-won't-he Money in the Bank storyline.
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I'm gonna be the idiot who predicts the Daniel Bryan return. I don't think it'll be HHH - he needs the video packages and the hype and the focus. And Miz is too much of an asshole, he'll do what even Edge and Jericho couldn't do and turn his back on them.
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Having Nexus wipe out Khali was such a great move, because now you've put Nexus over huge and you've opened the door for the next great round of speculation. I'm still one of the only guys on the board that thinks they're doing a slow burn towards a Miz face turn and Miz riding in to save the day on Sunday would be a great way to put that idea on the fast track. I could also see Miz turning them down and having Daniel Bryan, Triple H, or even Vince McMahon ride in and be the last man. All of those scenarios would be perfectly fine. I disagree with the idea that Triple H needs the big hype package for his return, because he'd get a lot more buzz if he rode in as Raw's savior.

Bret Hart is the man. It really is amazing to see what he can still do as a promo man without the Vince McMahon albatross weighing him down.
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Nice to great ending to an otherwise only ok RAW.

The Miz is still awesome, but needs to be careful not too sound to much like "honest" Chris Jericho. I like his promos more when they have some fire, instead of the monotonic delivery he's giving us as of late.

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I think this angle is one of the best-booked things I've ever seen on wrestling.

EDIT: Jericho is absolutely at the top of his game.

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