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Potato korv
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#21 Posted on 9.6.02 2040.40
Reposted on: 9.6.09 2043.35
One of my mates shelled out his $40 and we watched. I really wish it could have been the old Mike who could actually box a bit. He was never a stylist, but he could make guys miss. That appears to be ancient history though.

Jeff Fenech, one of the best aussie boxers of recent times and a buddy of Tyson, said Tyson will want to fight again because that's all he knows. But he will have to have someone make him do the work to get right. Fenech basically said Tyson was unfit and his skills were not sharp.

I think if Tyson can gets a trainer who he will listen to and actually makes him work on his skills and fitness he could take Lewis around this time next year, after 2 decent warm up fights.

For now though we can look forward to Lewis - Holyfield, the Hold and Hit Vs the Headbutt.
Jimmy O
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#22 Posted on 9.6.02 2304.17
Reposted on: 9.6.09 2309.16
I think Tyson wanted to prove how long he could go to get a rematch with Lewis and another payday. Most of his postfight interview was talking about a rematch and his delusions of beating Lewis. No cheap shots = better chance for rematch and even more money. Lewis-Tyson II will end in 3 rounds due to Tyson shennanigans getting him DQ'd. Just my thoughts.
Lap cheong
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#23 Posted on 9.6.02 2316.55
Reposted on: 9.6.09 2319.54
Well, I thought the smart money would be there would be no rematch because there would be no interest (I've seen boxing experts also say that on The theory being that we've already seen Lewis dominate Tyson, so why would people pay to see it again. If the fight was close, then yes, but it wasn't. But seeing some of these posts, unbelievably some people are still not willing to let go of the Tyson mystic. He was the baddest man on the planet, the key word being WAS. But it looks like there still may be interest. I guess Tyson could be 80 years old, and some would think he could be the Tyson of old with the right trainer. I guess a sucker really is born every minute.

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#24 Posted on 10.6.02 0138.04
Reposted on: 10.6.09 0138.45
It's "mystique"... Tyson cannot see the future.

Now, I'm a huge fan of conspiracy theories, especially those which revolve around the underhanded world of Professional Boxing. I grew up during Tyson's reign of terror in the 80s, so of course I'm pulling for him. Espn also apparently believes that there is a possiblity that Tyson's gracious handling of his loss is a way to try to gain some favor from the American public back. Everyone likes to see the bully get beaten (in Tyson's case, beaten soundly). But the thing that makes this different is that Tyson didn't snap after he lost; he took it like a man. On, the comparison between this loss and Jack Dempsy's has been drawn, and I think it's a very accurate one.

No matter how much Rudy G insists that there is no such thing as the mafia, he is wrong. The mafia runs the boxing business. They understand that by having Tyson get so soundly beaten, it has taken away some of his "mystique", thus making him look vulnerable. If there is one thing that the American public loves, it's an underdog. Tyson would be a HUGE underdog if there is a rematch, and once the publicity machine gets rolling, there will be much interest in seeing if Tyson can reclaim his past glory. Barring any further outbursts from him, Tyson will be seen as the humbled pit bull. He's going to lick his wounds and come back and fight again. But not because he's hoping for one last big payday before he rides into the sunset, but because he KNOWS that this will be a huge payday, even bigger than the one on Saturday night. I'm willing to put money on the fact that, by the time of the rematch, more than 1/2 of those interested in ordering the fight will do so, and will do so rooting for Tyson.
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#25 Posted on 10.6.02 0233.44
Reposted on: 10.6.09 0236.44
Had Tyson snapped, I think there might have been interest in a rematch. Without him doing anything though, all this was to most people was an old boxer who couldn't do it anymore. A rematch between these two won't do half the business this fight did. And no one can change that, not HBO, not Showtime, not the mafia, no one. An outclassed old boxer 12 years past his prime got his ass whupped by the heavyweight champion. And now that we've seen Tyson against Lewis and he didn't bite his eye out or anything, the curiousity factor is gone. Only the hardcore boxing public would be interested in a rematch, which isn't going to pull the millions needed to get all parties back together again.

Seriously, at some point even the general public will catch on to things. Things like the fact that Tyson is right now just like Ali in 80. There's nothing left but the hype and the memories of what he once was. And no matter what the snow job people try to put across, it is not going to be bought.
Eddie Famous
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#26 Posted on 10.6.02 2334.20
Reposted on: 10.6.09 2345.00
Actualy, the only fight I would like to see Lewis take would be a match with John Ruiz...which ain't gonna happen.

Lewis at his peak versus Holmes at his THAT I'd pay 60 bucks for.
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#27 Posted on 11.6.02 0022.24
Reposted on: 11.6.09 0027.18
I'm glad someone mentioned Holmes and Lewis in the same breath. They both are guys who might be among the best ever, but got shafted because they had their peak years during rather lean times for the heavyweight division. The greatest crime Holmes committed was not being Muhammad Ali, just as Lewis failed because he was never as charismatic as Tyson, or even as interesting as Bowe or Holyfield or Foreman. Without overwhelming charisma, or a defining opponent to make a legend against, they both come up seemingly lacking in the assessment of boxing history. Which is really a shame.
Tom Dean
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#28 Posted on 11.6.02 1419.43
Reposted on: 11.6.09 1429.01
Well, Holmes will prove his worth when he fights... Butterbean??? No, actually, I have no idea why he's doing that.
DJ FrostyFreeze
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#29 Posted on 11.6.02 1524.36
Reposted on: 11.6.09 1529.06
Butterbean is like the official "Fight him if you are desparate for some quick cash, quick publicity, and/or need a sound ass kicking" guy of professional boxing.
Eddie Famous
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#30 Posted on 11.6.02 2053.30
Reposted on: 11.6.09 2059.04

    Originally posted by T.R.
    Well, Holmes will prove his worth when he fights... Butterbean??? No, actually, I have no idea why he's doing that.

The same reason Jack Dempsey "fought" Cowboy Luttrell years ago....publicity. Didn't make Dempsey any worse a champion.
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