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#1 Posted on 30.1.07 0001.08
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0006.45
I would do my long-hand recap, but I filled in for the normal RAW writer on the Torch website, and I'm pretty sure the stuff you write for them is copyrighted by them, so I can't use it here. So here's my short-form version of RAW:

The opening segment was okay, and I think it got people to tune in to the Main Event wondering what would happen with the two teams....It was good to see the WGTT finally get a win. The match was blah, but I liked the finishing sequence....Melina vs. Maria was just bad, but hopefully Melina does better with an opponent like Mickie....I'm surprised the first Rumble highlights were shown so far into the show....Man that "I'm SUPER CRAZY!" thing got old fast...I'm surprised they're starting at square one with Umaga again....

The fan appreciation thing, surprise, didn't live up to the hype. But it was nice to see Donald actually show up in the feud, even if it was a pre-tape....Carltio/Crazy vs. Masters/Kenny was real slow in spots, but it was technically sound....Hardy/Khali was better than I expected, and Khali showed an iota of athletic ability getting his leg over the top rope....The main event was pretty good, but there were a lot of things happening at once post-match, with HBK and Cena winning the titles, HBK almost superkicking Cena and Undertaker showing up.

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#2 Posted on 30.1.07 0015.38
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0019.13
Well, this answers the "which belt will Taker go after" question and raises the "they wont let Cena end Taker's streak, will they?" question.

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#3 Posted on 30.1.07 0052.24
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0052.41
I'm glad to see Super Crazy getting more ring time. Say what you will about the "I'm super and I'm crazy" thing, but that combined with his recent set of crisp performances is getting him over. If I'm not mistaken I heard a faint "Super-Crazy" chant during his tag match. I think that a full-blown feud between he and Carlito would be great once SC has been built up a little more.

I thought that the main event and post-match situation was excellent, leaving me with that anything can happen feeling that's been missing from WWE. The Michaels/Cena issue wasn't fully settled, AND they're tag champs now, and Taker shows up on Raw, but he has standing issues with Batista and Kennedy on Smackdown, so WTF mate. Maybe I'm just blind, but I have no idea where this is going, and I'm actually excited about it.

During the little blurb highlighting Vince's "first-ever" appearance on ECW, JR said that he had a feeling it would "never, EVER" be the same again. I know I'm a Jericho mark to no end, but am I just delusional in seeing that as an allusion to Jericho possibly showing up on ECW tomorrow?

Also, geemoney (in case anybody hasn't already said it) your Raw recaps have been awesome. Hope to see you keep it up.
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#4 Posted on 30.1.07 0056.38
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0059.01
I'm surprised that arena didn't go into a riot with that money drop.

I had to grab some screen caps of it because I couldn't believe it when the peolpe held up a 100.00, a 50.00, and then a 20.00 dollar bill. Also love Vince's reaction to the ten he's holding realizing it isn't phony money.

(image removed) (image removed)
(image removed) (image removed)

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#5 Posted on 30.1.07 0128.00
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0128.12
I was watching Heroes and Studio 60 so I only saw the last few minutes but I loved the ending. I like that for once somebody caught HBK in the act of getting ready to superkick them. I also like that even though Cena acts like he's big and bad even he was frightened about the Undertaker's appearance. My guess is a three way takes place at WM but unfortunately I'm not crazy about a three way or a four way as one of the title matches at WM. The only exception being Wrestlemania XX but the Undertaker is no Chris Benoit.

Speaking of Benoit, if UT is off Smackdown Benoit really should be getting the title shot. We've already seen Batista/Booker and I'm not sure Kennedy or Finlay should be in a title match at WM just yet.

With RKO losing the titles I wonder if they will break up and face each other at WM, that could be decent as long as Edge comes out on top.

Also hopefully they'll do the Money in the Bank again. That should be a pretty easy match to fill up. You could either encompass the Hardyz/MNM fued in the match and then throw in two ECW guys (Punk? RVD? Monty?) or go with some other combination like Carlito, Kenny, Kennedy, and Helms.
Packman V2
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#6 Posted on 30.1.07 0131.34
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0132.32
I marked out like a 5 year old seeing Taker's surprise appearance on Raw.

This was a pretty damned good Raw, and while I really dont have a bunch of comments, other than the Vince/Trump segment, there really wasn't a part I didn't like.
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#7 Posted on 30.1.07 0225.24
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0227.13
I don't get why everyone's assuming that Taker's now going after Cena. He showed up and stared at him. Batista did that for like a month before he settled on his choice.

Good Raw.
Lap cheong
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#8 Posted on 30.1.07 0239.18
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0239.20
Wait, what the hell happened in that main event? Edge slinks off to the back after getting knocked off the ring apron, and we're left with the question of "WILL RANDY ORTON HAVE TO DEFEND THE TAG TITLES ALONE?!" and then we come back and Edge is in the ring like nothing happened! No explanation! I hate that shit. FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR CLIFFHANGERS PLEASE

I hope that isn't the end of Rated RKO, I like that mashup of their theme music.
Big Bad
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#9 Posted on 30.1.07 0331.30
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0334.32
I don't think UT's appearance means he's facing Cena. I fully expect him to make a cameo at the next of ECW tonight while Lashley stares on in awe. I laughed out loud at the mere suggestion that UT might actually choose to fight for the ECW title.

Uh, where is this Vince/Trump angle heading and why aren't there any wrestlers involved yet?
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#10 Posted on 30.1.07 0333.45
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0340.40
Scuttlebutt is Vince and Trump are gonna choose wrestlers to fight for their honor at WrestleMania, probably with some "if Vince loses, he stops being such a jackass" stip attached. My pick for those wrestlers? Mick Foley and Shane McMahon. It'd make sense.
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#11 Posted on 30.1.07 0711.35
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0712.46
    Originally posted by Jericholic53
    During the little blurb highlighting Vince's "first-ever" appearance on ECW, JR said that he had a feeling it would "never, EVER" be the same again. I know I'm a Jericho mark to no end, but am I just delusional in seeing that as an allusion to Jericho possibly showing up on ECW tomorrow?

Yes, you are. If you're Chris Jericho, and you're thinking about getting back into wrestling, why would you agree to be on ECW, a dead brand that's most likely going to be finished once the contract is done?

And I hope they do Taker/Cena straight-up at WM, with Cena getting the win. That's a billion times better than Batista/Taker (since Cena is awesome, and Batista is not), plus it makes more sense (Cena is the future of the company, while Batista would be lucky to last another 2 years).

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#12 Posted on 30.1.07 0754.54
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0757.33
Ric Flair: Wrestling Psychic.
Carlito vs. Super Crazy in an insane Puerto Rican vs. Mexican blood feud over the White Devil Torrie could actually be interesting.
Cryme Tyme wins a #1 contender match. They lose on RAW. The tag titles are defended on same RAW and change hands to a team that hasn't tagged up before. Now, why have a #1 contender match if they don't get first shot at the titles? Not that Cryme Tyme should be tag champs or even in the ring at all, but, why even bother with the stipulation?
If they weren't so concerned with building up the 'epic' Trump vs. McMahon feud, they had an opportunity after the Umaga match to turn him as he walked down the aisle. Have Vince make some sort of comment at Umaga about not being able to finish the job or something as he walked by, then have Umaga just go berserk and absolutely destroy Vince. Wham, instant face turn, and you probably build up monster vs. monster at Mania between Umaga and Khali.
If they really wanted to humiliate Lawler on RAW, instead of showing Duggan winning the Rumble in '87 they should have shown Michaels vs. Taker in a casket match from the Rumble in '98, with Lawler's commentary included.
John Orquiola
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#13 Posted on 30.1.07 0801.35
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0802.29
Shawn Michaels and John Cena winning the tag team title reminded me a little of when Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin beat Owen Hart and British Bulldog to become tag team champions. It really is 1997 all over again. (Not that I'm complaining, I'm enjoying the '97 rewind stuff a hell of a lot more than the 2007 stuff in the company.)

The main event WWE Title storytelling on RAW did a complete 180 and became really compelling overnight. I love Michaels, Edge, and Orton all angling for the WrestleMania title shot against Cena and the logical injection of the Undertaker as a very likely possibility was great. Cena's facial expression when Undertaker came through that fire in a rare RAW appearance was perfect.

For once last night, I saw the world through Cena's eyes: After surviving the fight of his life against Umaga and now dealing with three dangerous challengers for his title, the Undertaker walking into his life is incredibly daunting. The Cena hater/die hard Undertaker fan in me says Undertaker should trample over Cena at WrestleMania and nothing would make me happier. But from a storytelling perspective, Cena's point of view is the most interesting of the scenario, especially if Undertaker indeed decides he wants a spinner belt and not a big gold one.

I'm glad they are pulling the trigger on Melina vs. Mickie James. My second highlight of the night after Undertaker's appearance was Melina calling Mickie a "whore".

I fastforwarded through Donald Trump and Vince McMahon and a lot of the midcard stuff I'm not interested in like the horrid Great Khali squash of Jeff Hardy and Carlito vs. Chris Masters XXVII. Carlito and Masters have been wrestling with/against each other since before last year's WrestleMania and I was sick of them then. But the main event stuff has me riveted. I'm shocked I'm actually suddenly excited about WrestleMania.

This mild euphopia will likely dissipate the very second Vince McMahon stomps, arms flailing, into ECW for the very first time tonight. I hope he urinates in the ring. He might as well do it literally and not just figuratively.

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#14 Posted on 30.1.07 0812.17
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0812.49
I was thinking that Carlito and Super Crazy would make a good TEAM, not necessarily as a feud. Although that might work too, feuding over Torrie. JR even said they had good chemistry in the ring. And God knows Carlito's face run as a single has been a big, fat, flop. Maybe they could go the MNM route of incorporating their female valet into their name and call themselves CraxySexyCool? ; )
Okay, maybe Crazy Cool would be better.

If they gave Khali a mask to cover that ugly mug, that would help a lot. And maybe a shirt to cover up those giant nipples.

I think Undertaker's appearance was just a red herring. He will face Batista, Cena will face Shawn, and from what we have seen the last few weeks, Orton will face Edge (but keep it heel vs. heel). Those are three pretty decent mathes, so even if they throw in the crappy Trump/Vince angle, and whatever abomination they think of for Hogan, at least those are 3 good match ups on top.
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#15 Posted on 30.1.07 0842.23
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0843.06
    Originally posted by kentish
    If they gave Khali a mask to cover that ugly mug, that would help a lot. And maybe a shirt to cover up those giant nipples.

There might be a flesh-colored bodysuit stuck in his size in the back of the WWE closet.
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#16 Posted on 30.1.07 0900.31
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0902.46
    Originally posted by Packman V2
    I marked out like a 5 year old seeing Taker's surprise appearance on Raw.

Yeah, same here. After so many years, I can't really get excited much anymore. But when the BONG hit and Taker started to rise, I stood up and cheered. Great moment and as already said great work by Cena in looking worried.

Decent Raw, although the usual crazy Dallas crowd seemed pretty dead outside of the title change and Taker appearance.

Prediction: Vince shows up tonight and shit-cans ECW right then and there.

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Matt Tracker
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#17 Posted on 30.1.07 0908.08
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0908.13
    Originally posted by Torchslasher
    Prediction: Vince shows up tonight and shit-cans ECW right then and there.

It certainly seems like SOMETHING will happen tonight given that ECW advertised yet another Test/Lashley match for the belt. I wouldn't be shocked if Vince took on the Evil GM angle again to screw Lashley out of the belt. Vince's Kiss My Ass club and Diva lust would work better on ECW than RAW, but fewer people would see it.

EDIT: Forgot to comment on the show.

I'm impressed with Shad's selling of the leg. For a big, tough thug character, he was screaming like a jobber and selling the limp the rest of the match. Good work there. It was a decent little tag match, to boot. Much better than the Carlito/Crazy win over Masters/Kenny.

I do not like Cena holding two belts in a promotion where other folks could use a title. But I like the logical move of Haas/Benjamin winning when the champs start their feud and defending the belts at WM.

The best part of the Vince/Trump bit was Vince talking back to an obviously taped Trump to make it appear like a live conversation. Say what you will about him, but he's a showman. Also, kudos to Melina for using a credible submission move, the old Reverse Indian Deathlock.

(edited by Matt Tracker on 30.1.07 0717)
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#18 Posted on 30.1.07 0934.19
Reposted on: 30.1.14 0934.32
John Cena works his ass off every night. He's made a fan in me. My favorite segment from last night was actually the Flair/Cena chat backstage. Cena looked so happy to have the chance to win the titles with HBK and then when Flair broke it to him that Michaels might attack him to make an impact Cena did an awesome job of looking hurt by the comment.
Lap cheong
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#19 Posted on 30.1.07 1057.01
Reposted on: 30.1.14 1058.46
(image removed)

Big Brother
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#20 Posted on 30.1.07 1104.13
Reposted on: 30.1.14 1105.12
    Originally posted by geemoney
    I would do my long-hand recap, but I filled in for the normal RAW writer on the Torch website, and I'm pretty sure the stuff you write for them is copyrighted by them, so I can't use it here.
That's bologna - copyright belongs to you until you sign it away. But if you don't want to post it here, the LEAST you can do is give us the link! Click Here (


Oh good, you don't know who that interviewer was either.

They have the scrubs interacting with the stahhz backstage again, so surely the glory days must be back (?)
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