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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - ECW on Sci-Fi #11 08-22-06 Register and log in to post!
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#1 Posted on 22.8.06 2204.30
Reposted on: 22.8.13 2204.47
**jwrestle is away, so I stepped in for this week**

ECW on Sci-Fi #11 08-22-06
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Joey Styles & Tazz announcing

Number 11 already. If this thing only lasted the originally planned 13 weeks, we'd almost be done.

Here we go...

Justin Roberts in mid ring tells us a bikini contest is our first competition.

Torrie Wilson is out wearing a pink robe. Kelly Kelly is out in a teal robe. Roberts tells us that one at a time, they will walk around in their bikinis. The winner will be the one who gets the most cheers. Torrie goes first. She has breasts. Kelly is about to disrobe and prove she ALSO has breasts, but here come Knox and Test to stop it. Torrie stands timidly in the corner. Sandman's music hits, Sandman and Dreamer hit the ring, Test and Knox bail. Sandman: "YOOOOOOO!!!!! YOU THREE, US THREE, THIS RING, RIGHT NOW!" Yo?

Match 1: Test/Knox/Kelly vs. Sandman/Dreamer/Torrie
The bad guys think about it, but Torrie jumpstarts it by pulling Kelly into the ring. About 10 seconds in the lights go out. Kane? Undertaker? Thorn? GANGREL?? No, just an error. The lights come back on. Torrie hits a stinkface, and they switch off to Dreamer and Test. Tommy gets the beatdown by both heels. A "you can't wrestle" chant. It's spreading. Heels continue to work on Dreamer's back. Dreamer gets out of the Test pumphandle slam and tags Sandman. White Russian Legsweep on Test, Rolling Rock onto Knox. Sandman tags Dreamer, who hits the DDT. 1, 2, 3? You don't say.

Winners: Sandman/Dreamer/Torrie

Heyman's in the back with Big Show and The Basham Brothers Riot Squad. Heyman talks about how he's big and dominant. Paul is concerned about Show fighting Sabu again tonight. Show says Paul has nothing to worry about. He's got this one.


The newly ECW-ed Matt Striker cuts a promo in the back. Same gimmick he's been doing on Raw. "STRIKER" is written in pretty pink chalk on the chalkboard behind him. Striker uses big words, and tells the audience they're not smart enough to comprehend him.

Match 2: Kevin Thorne (w/Ariel) vs. Balls Mahoney - Extreme Rules
Roberts says "the following is your extreme rules match of the evening," as if to shove it in the audience's face that it's the only one they'll get. Thorn out, Ariel does her upside-down entrance. Balls is out, resplendent in Cradle of Filth shirt. Thorn kinda looks like a Cradle of Filth member. Crowd is chanting Balls' name before he even gets in the ring. I'm kind of baffled why they don't do a little more with him, he's over in that Hacksaw-ish way. "BALLS BALLS BALLS" punches, and they go to the outside. Balls hits him with a water bottle. Back in the ring, Thorn takes over with a clothesline, then beats on the man whose name PWI censored with his cane. Balls chant again, more "BALLS BALLS BALLS" punches. Sitout spinebuster by Balls for 2. Balls loses the Cradle of Filth shirt, and suddenly he looks like a shorter, fatter Undertaker. Thorn quickly regains the advantage though and hits that crazy looking Ace Crusher off the rope thing. Can we get a real name for that please?

Winner: Kevin Thorn


Hey, it's THE REJECT Shannon Moore! He's in...the shower or boiler room or something. "The oppressive." I cracked up at that. It would rule if they had Moore keep cutting these whiny "I'm so oppressed" promos...but then one week Bob Holly or some other prick came out and just shoved his head in the toilet, chugged a beer, and gave him a wedgie.

Match 3: C.M. Punk vs. Christopher W. Anderson
I guess they had to change CW Anderson's name so the stupid fans' heads wouldn't explode from seeing two wrestlers with initials at the front of their name IN THE SAME RING AT THE SAME TIME (!!)

Slight C.M. Punk chant. Anderson works on the arm, but Punk eventually manuvers Anderson into that Tarantula-looking thing on the ropes. After the break, Anderson regains the advantage with a cross armbreaker. CM Punk gets it right back though and goes into his finishing sequence (knee in the corner, bulldog, kicks) but Anderson counters with a spinebuster. Punk kicks out at 2 and hits a few more strikes, followed by the uranage and anaconda vice for the win. Punk seems to be favoring his arm, could just be selling. Punk's worst match so far, mostly because it was like 2 minutes long and had no crowd heat.

Winner: C.M. Punk

Sabu promo - "I'm Sabu. And tonight the Big Show is going down." Wow. Delivered with all the conviction of a sleepy Gorilla Monsoon.


Trailer for The Marine is shown. Check it out. This may be your last chance.

Heyman in the back with Basham Brothers Riot Squad. He's sympathizing with someone about never getting's Bob Holly. He implies that Bob was an innovator of hardcore. Heyman says something to Bob that pisses him off, but we can't hear it. Heyman tells Holly he has a lot of enemies around here. He advises Holly to make an impact. Holly nods in approval.

Match 4: RVD vs. Danny Doring
RVD is out, Doring gets introed during RVD's music. They exchange top wristlocks, RVD sweeps the legs and points at himself. Doring hits some kind of neckbraker thing and gets a 2. Doring works him over as we get an RVD chant. RVD comes out of the corner with a clothesline to regain the advantage. Monkeyflip out of the corner on Doring. Jumpkick off the rope by Van Dam, then Rolling Thunder...5 Star Frog Splash, the end. Seconds later, Holly is out to beat on RVD with a chair, with a shot for Doring as well. Holly hits the Alabama Slam on RVD, then does the RVD point, saying "HARD...CORE...HOLLY." I'm sure that will catch on.

Winner: RVD


Rene Dupree is looking in the mirror. He's extreme. Just ask him.

Match 5: Big Show vs. Sabu - ECW World Title Match
About 8 minutes left as Big Show comes out. Styles tells us it's worth going to an ECW show just to be close to the Big Show. Roberts does the ring intros. "This match is for the ECW World Title" gets no reaction. Sabu's announcement barely gets any reaction either. Big Show gets a couple WWE-fan sounding screams but otherwise nothing as well. Sheesh. Show takes over right away with a headbutt, then slaps Sabu's chest and tosses him around. Sabu is thrown to the outside, and we go to...


...Sabu being choked on the ropes. Sabu gets in a few punches and kicks before being shut down again by a clothesline. BEARHUG by Show. Sabu finally gets an advantage with an eyerake, but there's a ref bump. Since there's a ref bump, Sabu uses a chair and knocks Show around. Sabu comes off the top rope with a chair to the head. Triple jump moonsault on Show. Crowd comes to life with an ECW chant. Arabian facebuster...but the ref is out. Another ref runs in but Show kicks out at 2. Sabu grabs the ring bell but the ref stops him. Sabu don't want to live by yo' rules! He hits Show with it anyway, then intimidates the ref. He continues to go to work on Show with the ring bell, then finally knocks Show over the top rop and through a table.

Winner: Big Show via DQ.

Big Show is bleeding, Sabu is all pointing up in the ring, and we're out. Stay tuned for WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO, or don't.

(edited by KaneRobot on 22.8.06 2318)
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#2 Posted on 22.8.06 2312.23
Reposted on: 22.8.13 2314.22
"Punk eventually manuvers Anderson into that Tarantula-looking thing on the ropes."

I remember him doing this in OVW and I think Al Snow called it the "Dragon Clutch" or the "Cobra" something or other.

I for one liked this show a lot just because it was very match heavy for an hour show and it seemed like they are sort of gelling into an actual roster and brand. They, for better or worse have showcased the guys whom they wish to feature and it looks as if they are ready to break free from the WWE cameos.

Also, I am a sucker for the Thorn/Ariel gimmick and I also think that Hardcore Holly is a nice fit here; they played him up as having a bully rep and also have played up the "not welcome here" deal.

The one rub against him I think is the look... I notice that a lot of the big, jacked up guys they are introducing or re-introducing (Test, Knox, Holly) have the generic "tights with the tribal design/WWE newcomer" look... while the original ECW guys like Dreamer, Sandman, Sabu either go for the street clothes look or a different style of gear. To me this creates a different aspect to the brand... because of this i look at it as if they are going to move Holly here and have him come off as a bad ass the neon colored tights should go. If he's a true fighter, let him come out in jeans...

beyond that mini rant though, i did like the show.
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#3 Posted on 22.8.06 2354.10
Reposted on: 22.8.13 2357.46
    Originally posted by KaneRobot
    Holly hits the Alabama Slam on RVD, then does the RVD point, saying "HARD...CORE...HOLLY."

It just hit me ... this guy has a really stupid name.
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#4 Posted on 23.8.06 0139.15
Reposted on: 23.8.13 0141.54
I liked this show considerably better than RAW. Nice to see Sandman and Dreamer finally get a win over Knox and Test. Let's bring Torrie over to ECW full-time; it's not like she's really doing much else.

Good to finally see C.W. Anderson on television; he's been with the revived ECW brand from the very beginning, though you wouldn't know it by watching ECW on Sci Fi. Hardcore Holly should be a nice fit for ECW; and thank you for making him a heel again, because he sucks as a face. And I'd rather see him in the ECW main-event scene, where he can kick some ass with weapons and such, then in the SmackDown! main event scene where he might actually have to, gasp, wrestle.

Any ECW title match that ends with Big Show going through a table and being busted wide the fuck open, to me, ends on a high note. (And this is not bringing the Big Show hate at all, I think he's great-- he's just doing his job as a heel so effectively that I root for him to get his ass kicked, that's all.)

Now let's see if SmackDown can top this for the week. Heh, I doubt it.
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#5 Posted on 23.8.06 0149.51
Reposted on: 23.8.13 0153.51
Holly can't help but be an asshole. Danny Doring took one nasty chair shot which seemed to me to be completed unprotected. Isn't Renee Dupree the guy Holly fucked up at some house show? He must hate having Holly on the same brand. Good thing they are both heels.
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#6 Posted on 23.8.06 0254.58
Reposted on: 23.8.13 0258.47
    Originally posted by TheBucsFan
      Originally posted by KaneRobot
      Holly hits the Alabama Slam on RVD, then does the RVD point, saying "HARD...CORE...HOLLY."

    It just hit me ... this guy has a really stupid name.

It's bad when you consider that most people I know who don't watch wrestling think I'm referring to a porn star when I mention Hardcore Holly.

My first reaction to seeing him was "Awesome! Baldcore Holly's come back to kill us all! (tm CRZ)" Then I thought about it a little further and realized that ECW probably is the best place for him. He won't have to worry about holding back and he'll have plenty of guys to work stiff with. RVD and Sabu can take it.

The guy who DOESN'T belong in ECW is Matt Striker. Seriously, what are they thinking? ECW was supposed to be a way to ESCAPE these shitty cartoon gimmicks, not give them another forum.
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#7 Posted on 23.8.06 0303.46
Reposted on: 23.8.13 0307.16
    Originally posted by j9479
    and it looks as if they are ready to break free from the WWE cameos.

Don't bet on it. The USA network reportedly has requested that there be more interaction between RAW and ECW.
Spank E
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#8 Posted on 23.8.06 0510.26
Reposted on: 23.8.13 0510.30
    Originally posted by It's False
    ECW was supposed to be a way to ESCAPE these shitty cartoon gimmicks, not give them another forum.

Two words: The Musketeer.
Tyler Durden
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#9 Posted on 23.8.06 0620.09
Reposted on: 23.8.13 0620.58
Vince is SO clever! Really!

He finally made us all watch Heat!! By simply calling it ECW! Thatīs all he did! And now Heat aka ECW does a 2.? rating each and every week!

If you donīt believe me just look at the "ECW" roster:

Al Snow
Balls Mahoney
Big Show
Christopher W. Anderson
CM Punk
Danny Doring
Hardcore Holly
Justin Credible
Kevin Thorn
Kurt Angle (if not hurt)
Little Guido
Matt Striker
Mike Knox
Rene Dupree
Rob Van Dam
Shannon Moore
Stevie Richards
Tommy Dreamer
Tony Mamaluke

The only "fresh" AND promising guys on that list are Sabu, Sandman, (maybe) Balls and of course CM Punk! (to the WWE audience!)

Just to make that clear: Iīm not complaining about the new ECW not being like the old ECW! Thatīs not the point!

The point is:

Itīs false advertising! Itīs Heat! Nothing else! And we watch it!
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#10 Posted on 23.8.06 0652.13
Reposted on: 23.8.13 0652.58
It's Heat with competitive angles, lengthy matches and no RAW recaps. If Heat had been booked that way when it was on TV it probably would've gotten a bigger audience too.
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#11 Posted on 23.8.06 0817.08
Reposted on: 23.8.13 0817.11
I continue to praise Show's effort, but his booking is stale. He again retains the belt but takes a post-match beatdown. I would love to know what booking was in place before the arrest and suspension. Would this be weeks of Sabu/RVD instead?

Sabu is an idiot, but so is the ECW ref: He comes in to officiate AFTER Sabu has rocked Show with chairshots. Did he not see all that before he slid in for the pinfall?

CW lacked some crispness. I worry that CM Punk's left arm will be the injury he prefers to sell in a match, his analogue of DDP's ribs. I also wonder if we'll see him unable to lock in the Anacaonda Vice when his arm gets a decent wringing.

Still like Thorn's gimmick, still like the rope stunner.

Shannon Moore is ruined before he gets in the ring. He needs a manager to talk for him because his voice is too high to intimidate.
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#12 Posted on 23.8.06 1138.29
Reposted on: 23.8.13 1141.18
Wow, I miss DDP's taped up ribs. Good memories...

I thought the show was fairly decent, on the whole. I think limiting it to an hour actually makes it more dynamic, so even a mediocre episode of this is better than a middling episode of RAW or Smackdown for me.

Kevin Thorn wins me over more every week, and I'm glad to see him use the rope-stunner as his finisher instead of the Razor's Edge. Ariel's dangling taunting of Balls post-match was very fun. I was skeptical of her at first, but she's shown a total dedication to selling the character, so kudos to her.

I'd never seen C.W. Anderson before, but liked him well enough. Hey, at least he's a jobber who uses psychology.

Come to think of it, I pretty much enjoyed the whole show. The main event wasn't spectacular, but at least the characterization is consistent. They've done a good job of building up Big Show, enough that I don't actually think I'll buy Sabu beating him. I'm just not sure I want Angle and Show to become the marquee feud, though, simply because it's a pure WWE feud. Original ECW guys need to have a major role in the uppercard in order to keep at least a hint of credibility to the brand.
Lap cheong
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#13 Posted on 23.8.06 1257.48
Reposted on: 23.8.13 1257.55
I thought this was one of the better ECW shows. The six-man tag was entertaining enough. Kevin Thorn v. Balls Mahoney was fun, and Thorn has one awesome finisher. CM Punk v. CW Anderson was really good for a 2-3 minute match. RVD v. Danny Doring was a fun little squash. I can't say I'm a huge Hardcore Holly fan, but I think he and Rob could have some fun, stiff matches, so hopefully that will pan out. And Big Show v. Sabu was a good match with a great ending angle of Sabu destroying Show with the ring-bell.

I enjoyed this show more than I've enjoyed a lot of the shows the past several weeks (ECW, Raw, and SmackDown).
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#14 Posted on 23.8.06 2122.08
Reposted on: 23.8.13 2122.49
I really liked this show. Actually watched more of it than i did RAW. I am probably one of the few people who actually likes Holly, and as a heel he should be able to do even better as he doesn't have to " Worry" if he is going ot break a rule or something. Just go in, beat them up and leave, that is the character he is good at. Of course from what I have read that is what he actually does alot of times.

When the ECW shows first started I watched Sandman and anyone who reads here knows what I thought of him. Well, I stand corrected. The last couple of weeks he has impressed me if for no other reason that he looks like he is really trying to win a match and improve his skills. Dreamer, well he looks like he is gonna get a beating when he get into the ring and he does. Kudos to Sandman from me for his dedication!

Ball's match was really good as well. Kevin Thorn really works his character well as does Ariel. If he is booked right I think he will be able to make some good matches.

CW Anderson, pretty neat! I don't know alot about him but I am assuming they are saying he is kin the Arn Anderson? I like his style really, no playing to the crowd, no theatrics, just get in the ring and get to business. Just like Arn and Ole used to do. I always liked that even if I didn't always like them.

Sabu speaks! Hasn'the always been from like the middle east or something? Because now that he is speaking he sounds like the Brooklyn Brawler or something.Bronx maybe?

Hopefully they will continue booking some of these people like they are now as it works good for me. Like I said, I watched this show, I read a book through most of RAW..
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