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28.5.11 0317
The 7 - Pro Wrestling - ECW on Sci-Fi #10 08-15-06
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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 15.8.06 2207.45
Reposted on: 15.8.13 2210.57
Well, Paul, is going let them decide who's going to take on the Big Show. Foley is out and he's in ECW giving an interview. Ok, Flair did state at some point in time that Foley was a glorifed stuntman and we're going to rehash it until dies. Out come Kelly Kelly...what Foley packing Melina tonight?'s getting a bit interesting tonight. Lets see what's going to happen here as Foley "promised" something. Delivery and man this smells...a three way dance. Ok, he just busted out the Dude Love knee shuffle. WHOOOOOO! Thank you Ric Flair! Fugly punches...two nut shots take down Flair. Flair flings Foley over the steel stairs. Flair going nuts as he's trying to hang him. Flair: You're going to say I quit Foley! Next up CM Punk in his second TV ECW match.

***AD BREAK***

Back: Hey, hey, hey it's Fat Albert and the Cosby kids. The reject Shannon Moore: Question Authority. CM Punk is out for his match. His opponet is Justin Credible for his second time. An interview in the corner and it's a fluke says Justin. Slap in the corner by CM Punk. Face washing by CM Punk. You F'd UP CM Punk and Justin Credible. We go from the missed spot to grapevine. Oh, big knee in the corner. Slam into the submission and CM Punk even missing a move looked pretty impressive beating handed to Justin Credible. They're making RVD talk...ok that isn't a good thing. Just let him say RVD. Ok, they did that. Next...

***AD BREAK***

Back: FBI are taking on Test and Mike Knox/w Kelly Kelly. Who looks quite good tonight in her nice top. Guido getting the tar beaten out of him. Until he tags Tony. Test just tosses Tony and a BOOT thrown to Guido. Test hits the TKO on Tony. 1...2...3 and this is over quick. Sandman and Tommy Dreamer hit ring and clear Mike Knox and Test. They think better about taking them on.

***AD BREAK***

Back: Sabu vs RVD is next. It's went from a three way to a two way between RVD vs Sabu. Riot squad, Big Show, and Heyman. It's Kurt Angle...he's going apeshit on the Riot squand and Big Show. They tacke him and cuff him to cart him off. Big Show pointing out it is assault. There's RVD after thirty days off from being pulled over in Ohio for speeding and them finding the weed in the car. This match is next...

***AD BREAK***

Back: RVD vs Sabu. We've got about 17 minutes of action for somebody climb to the top of ladder. RVD actually goes for a pin. RVD takes a wild dive from the top rope for the contract. Is that the first time I've ever see that? I believe it is. Is this match in slow motion? Did I just watch RVD just stop as Sabu finally jumps off the rope to do the spike DVD. They're on the outside and that means...the mandatory run in by...

***AD BREAK***

Back: Yeah, I did leave out Rene doing his promo and why is he in ECW? We're back to the match. Spinning leg from the apron to the gaurdrail while Sabu is laying across it. Sabu back in the ring taking it to RVD with the ladder. Arabian face buster type move on RVD to the ladder. Sabu the first to try to climb the ladder. OHHH...Sabu falls on the ladder trying the triple jump. RVD drops a spinning leg as you hear "You Fucked up" chants. Sabu hits the ladder in the corner. Places back in the corner as RVD runs in he moves. Sabu thinking he's out of the way gets hit by a MONKY FLIPPED ladder! Rolling thunder missed. Triple jump moonsault connects. It's 11pm and these two look like they've been in a semi truck wreck. RVD 5 Star frog splash!!! RVD has the ladder...he's climbing. Big Show prevents RVD from getting the contract and throws RVD through a table on the outside. Sabu recovers...he caught by the Big he going to slam him? NO they walk right into the contract. This was corny...just corny...I feel insulted. Big Show putting everybody out now. It's 11:05 and Sabu is going to Summerslam to fight Big Show for the ECW World Heavyweight championship. Tune in Sunday for Summerslam. Copyright info and we're out.

Ok, tell me that ladder match shouldn't have been on TV?

(edited by jwrestle on 15.8.06 2308)
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#2 Posted on 15.8.06 2231.40
Reposted on: 15.8.13 2231.59
I think the finish to the main event was one of those where it looked good on paper, but the execution was a bit flawed. It was a bit clunky to me, at least, especially Show standing, waiting for Sabu to jump on him, then "staggering" backward.

The main event match itself was pretty fun, in a train-wreck sorta way.

CM Punk was less impressive than two weeks ago, but it wasn't a flop.
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#3 Posted on 15.8.06 2236.26
Reposted on: 15.8.13 2236.50
Nice boot by Test on Guido

I almost prefer a slightly sloppy ladder match instead of a perfect one. It seems more real to me that way.
Brian P. Dermody
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#4 Posted on 15.8.06 2311.45
Reposted on: 15.8.13 2312.15
One thing I've never liked about Sabu is how "stage-y" a lot of his spots look. Tonight featured the egregious example of being whipped into the ladder in the turnbuckle, bouncing off it, then grabbing the also-bouncing ladder and leaning into it so the next spot would go off okay. So much of his stuff is awkwardly telegraphed and it tends to take me out of the matches.

It's not like it would be the end of the world if they had to improvise a different way into that monkey flip bit which, admittedly, did look pretty cool.

Deputy Marshall
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#5 Posted on 16.8.06 0003.29
Reposted on: 16.8.13 0009.51
Very eh show after two decent ones. Thoughts:

- They definitely should've had Flair go in earlier than he did to break up the "three-way-dance." Which was funny at first, but went on for way too long.
- Shannon Moore sounds like a twelve-year-old kid. Boy, I can't wait for this character not to get over in the least!
- Punk/Credible was much better the first time around. Maybe it was the hotter crowd at Hammerstein for the first match, or maybe it was that weird blown spot midway through this match. What the Hell was that supposed to be anyway? Regardless, nothing seemed to click between them. And I HATE HATE HATE that damn awful-looking jumping DDT move Credible's been doing for years, so of course it had to make an appearance as well. Just to spite me.
- The most burning question I have coming from this show is "How much ribbing Tazz is going to get for calling Little Guido 'Nunzio' by mistake?" Second most burning question:
- Are they going out of their way to keep Knox out of matches now? It seemed like he wasn't in the ring at all during that match. Nice boot by Test, though.
- RVD/Sabu was one of the sloppiest ladder matches I've ever seen. Good Lord. Two or three good spots do not make a match enjoyable. I was honestly embarrassed watching it, and after a few good performances early on, it's becoming clear that at this point Sabu shouldn't work anything resembling the schedule he's working now.

I find it very odd that I can just write off RAW but continue watching ECW religiously without even so much as changing the channel, no matter how bad it gets at times. Not to say this was the WORST edition of ECW so far, but it sure as Hell wasn't entertaining. For someone so cynical, I sure am naive when it comes to this show.

(edited by Deputy Marshall on 16.8.06 0107)
Tyler Durden
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#6 Posted on 16.8.06 0057.13
Reposted on: 16.8.13 0057.40
Am I the only one getting sick of Kurt Angle having a BIG comeback, hurting himself only weeks later and therefore go home again ... ALL THE TIME! AGAIN AND AGAIN!! Please, Kurt - Stay at home! For longer than a month! Or even better: RETIRE!! Youīve showed us enough! Really! You ARE one of the greatest!! But what you are doing right now isnīt watchable anymore! And scary! PLEASE!!

Other than that: RVD vs. Sabu? Main Event on Sci Fi?? No Undertaker, Kane, Flair or Batista?? Wow! This has to be the first "real" (old) ECW guy vs. (old) ECW guy Main Event since day one, right? (at least on paper) AND SABU WON!! (The guy who didnīt work for Vince before the new ECW started!)

Lap cheong
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#7 Posted on 16.8.06 0206.19
Reposted on: 16.8.13 0207.08
Line of the night:
"Are you RETARDED?!" -fan during main event
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#8 Posted on 16.8.06 0338.26
Reposted on: 16.8.13 0339.21
The blown spots didn't particularly bother me in the main event. It was an RVD/Sabu match, after all, and those two together almost always work a bit sloppy. It was worth it just watch RVD give the full vertical sell after that faceplant into the ladder.

I'm not sure he belongs on this particular brand, but, damn, Test looked pretty bad-ass tonight.

While I do wish that Kurt could stay healthy, I can't wish for him to retire. He's still the best wrestler in the world, even if he's not at top speed anymore, and I'll desperately miss him if he goes for good.

First time I've seen C.M. Punk, having missed two weeks back, and I'm not sure a short Justin Credible squash is the best showcase. Like the finisher, though.

And yes, add my voice to the chorus: Shannon Moore looks like a tool.
Matt Tracker
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#9 Posted on 16.8.06 0814.40
Reposted on: 16.8.13 0815.56
For how long has Sabu started his matches by missing a dive at the opponent's legs? You'd think he'd learn by now that everyone sidesteps it to the right.

As much as I credit Show's all-around effort, another main-event match without him surpasses the ones with him. (But he was in the finish, you say. But not the majority of the bout, I say.)

I can't tell if CM Punk is supposed to be intense or dickish. I don't find myself rooting for him even as he defeats Justin Competent. He has a nice range of moves, it seems, and a nice vocabulary, but he has no charisma in either direction. I think they're building him up as a fan favorite only to turn him arrogantly against another favorite, and logic points to Ballz Mahoney. Same thing with Shannon Moore. There's no reason to care about him unless you want him to succeed after stints on SmackDown and TNA. The giant mohawk does seem like a good measure against chin and headlocks. Would you risk an eye injury to apply a sleeper?
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#10 Posted on 16.8.06 0900.40
Reposted on: 16.8.13 0905.04

Based off the reactions that CM Punk has been getting, I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't rushed up the card to become more of a main eventer ...

How sad is it that I'm looking more forward to seeing Rene Dupree in an ECW ring than Shannon Moore?
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#11 Posted on 16.8.06 1019.29
Reposted on: 16.8.13 1023.30
Man, with two words Shannon Moore has absolutely destroyed any measure of mystique he might have managed to acquire during his promo bits. That voice does not match that gimmick. The Punk/Credible match was way worse than their previous effort, which I think is going to unfairly be blamed on Credible. The guy's no superstar, but Credible is, in fact, a credible worker who makes a totally all-right midcarder. They just didn't have a good match together. The finish to the main event was seriously weak, but I did enjoy the classic ECW spotfest-ness of the match itself. All in all, the show was a little disapointing after the last few (pretty good) weeks, but not an outright disaster.
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#12 Posted on 16.8.06 1200.46
Reposted on: 16.8.13 1200.50
If CM Punk doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't use drugs, where did those huge, puffy dark circles under his eyes come from? The guy is roughly my age, and I don't look like that. Maybe he doesn't sleep much, but neither do I. Debilitating illness?

(edited by Destrucity on 16.8.06 1006)
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#13 Posted on 16.8.06 1316.10
Reposted on: 16.8.13 1317.01
    Originally posted by Destrucity
    If CM Punk doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't use drugs, where did those huge, puffy dark circles under his eyes come from? The guy is roughly my age, and I don't look like that. Maybe he doesn't sleep much, but neither do I. Debilitating illness?

    (edited by Destrucity on 16.8.06 1006)

Sometimes, they're genetic. No external cause, people just have dark circles under their eyes.
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#14 Posted on 16.8.06 1430.46
Reposted on: 16.8.13 1430.50
Tazz and Joey are really, really, really bad commentators. They're just incapable of being serious. Too jokey and don't do a job at all of getting the product across. Yes, the product is no great shakes, but JBL gets over Tatanka and Sylvan matches. Strangely, it seems that Cole was carrying Tazz all these years.

Decent show though. Moore is DOA, Dupree should actually be okay there.
It seems they've given up on Knox, but Test is showing tremenous fire.

Opening segment was tremendous.

I agree with Zed's recap, the whole #1 contendership idea is illogical. And why hasn't Rob tried to get at Paul yet?

Okay segment with Punk. It's hard to care about any match with Credible. Can't they get another jobber?
Lap cheong
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#15 Posted on 16.8.06 1734.48
Reposted on: 16.8.13 1735.25
I am a fan of both Sabu and Rob Van Dam. But that match epitomized every complaint that critics have against them. Each spot just seemed like "Oh no! I'm out of place! Let me just move 3 steps to the right.... there we go."

Decent enough show, overall. But 24 hours later, outside of the main-event, I didn't remember a thing that happened until I read this thread.
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#16 Posted on 17.8.06 1010.34
Reposted on: 17.8.13 1011.46
    Originally posted by Destrucity
    If CM Punk doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't use drugs, where did those huge, puffy dark circles under his eyes come from? The guy is roughly my age, and I don't look like that. Maybe he doesn't sleep much, but neither do I. Debilitating illness?

    (edited by Destrucity on 16.8.06 1006)

Judging by how many of his LiveJournal posts used to occur around 3AM I would say that he tends not to be much for hitting the bed and getting his 8 hours a night.
J. Kyle
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#17 Posted on 17.8.06 1204.46
Reposted on: 17.8.13 1204.46
    Originally posted by spf
      Originally posted by Destrucity
      If CM Punk doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, doesn't use drugs, where did those huge, puffy dark circles under his eyes come from? The guy is roughly my age, and I don't look like that. Maybe he doesn't sleep much, but neither do I. Debilitating illness?

      (edited by Destrucity on 16.8.06 1006)

    Judging by how many of his LiveJournal posts used to occur around 3AM I would say that he tends not to be much for hitting the bed and getting his 8 hours a night.
Would YOU if you had Maria at home?
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#18 Posted on 17.8.06 1905.19
Reposted on: 17.8.13 1906.00
Yea, as much as I like Sabu and am a big RVD fan... the match was pretty ridiculous, I mean; when RVD launched the ladder at Sabu from the corner and it just tipped him as he covered his head yet somehow knocked him down was hilarious...

RVD might as well have been shooting Nerf at him.

Lets just saying I was laughing rly loud right after that spot, so in a way it was never meant to; it did entertain me.

Kurt, take a vacation- grab your favorite blanket and bunny slippers and recover from some injuries THEN if you want hit us up with some classic performances.

Mick Foley, well... I am a sucker for those high-pitched Cactus Jack style promos; dont remember if that was on ECW or RAW tho. Also... you have two hot girls dancing on either side and you do the Charleston gg. Lol.
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