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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - TNA Victory Road 2002 predictions - 7/16/2006
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#1 Posted on 14.7.06 1938.51
Reposted on: 14.7.13 1939.24
TNA VICTORY ROAD 2006, 7/16/2006

In November 2004, Victory Road was TNA's first ever monthly PPV for them and a big step moving on from their regular format of 2 hour weekly PPV's. The original was a rather weak show with no real stand-out matches save for maybe the X division gauntlet which never really led to anything in the long-run. While this month's show, looks like a step-up from the original, it still feels kinda lame.

It's bad after TNA did such a great job in pushing and building up Slammiversary last month. This feels like a throwaway, off PPV. Jeff Jarrett has once again opted not to defend the world title on PPV once again, which is part of why it sucks so much when he's champion. None of the matches on this show really feel important or significant like say Joe vs. Steiner was last month.

TNA's only pushed about 4 matches for this show, and then just suddenly they add about 5 matches with virtually no build-up or mention on TV at all. Maybe if they stopped wasting time bashing WWE or ECW, they could have more time to have better wrestling matches on TV and building up more PPV bouts which we know they can.

Pre-show Match
Johnny Devine vs. Sharkboy
Seems as good as place as any to start re-building Devine who I feel was aptly grouped with Alex Shelley and Nash. It will be a decent 5-6 minutes, and Devine will win. Really what's the point if Sharkboy wins this?
My Pick: Johnny Devine

The Naturals w/ Shane Douglas vs. The Diamonds In The Rough w/ Simon Diamond
Well there was some chatter about The Naturals having a bad attitude about changing their look and attitude. There was also some chatter about management telling the Diamonds they have nothing for them to do for the rest of the summer. I assume the idea is to make The Naturals a force or contenders again so they could really use the win. But this really isn't PPV show material. This is Impact/pre-show stuff at best.
My Pick: The Nats

LAX w/ Konnan vs. The Truth and Sonjay Dutt
Apparently the excuse for TNA totally dropping the ball with Homicide was that "he had a shoulder injury." Even though his shoulder injury was healed when they still had LAX getting decimated and literally whipped by the James Gang. I think Homicide could be a more outgoing personality for this group since he's got a great character and he can cut a promo. The only one I've seen him cut on TNA was on like SpikeTV's website and never got aired, and it was funny seeing SoCalVal making very forced offended facial expressions in response to Homicide wanting to mess up "the old fart" Bob Armstrong and how he was on probation. Apparently Homicide has now signed a one year deal with TNA and there was talk about a feud with LAX and Phenomenal Angel which would be cool. So I hope this is the start for something with LAX. I feel bad for The Truth who was basically a non-factor in King of The Mountain and is once again back to mid-card hell this month.
My Pick: Homicide and Hernandez

Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal
I'm mixed on this whole thing. This angle has done a great job on giving face time to Alex Shelley and developing him even more. His shirt which he dislikes has now become a top seller. Unfortunately, as a lot of the critics predicted it did basically bury the X division which I will get to more later. But the X division isn't nearly as prominent on this card as it was in 2005 or a while ago. The fans like Nash being funny and goofy. And it didn't help guys like Sabin at all, who Nash really hasn't put over. I don't see how much this feud is going to carry on. Sabin and Lethal need the win, especially Sabin. But I have a gut feeling that Shelley and Nash will come out on top.
My pick: The Paparazzi

Monty Brown vs. Rhino
I think it was a mistake doing this match so soon since having either guy lose at this point would be pretty bad. I'm not sure what the goal is for Brown. TNA basically destroyed him after building him up as a contender twice. I can see someone else coming in and messing with Rhino, or I could also see a no decision to continue this feud on. What's really hilarious is Brown claiming he's not padding out his winning streak or going after little gazelles when that was exactly what he's doing.
My pick: Monty Brown with some sort of screwiness or weird interference.

The James Gang and Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Team 3D
Ugh, this feud felt like it ended last month. This whole match is a waste of time. You know, Abyss actually attacked Jeff Jarrett last month at King of The Mountain. So you know, why not actually have a world title match against Jeff Jarrett and Abyss on this PPV? It's not like they've done it before. This feud is beyond dead but it won't end. Putting Abyss in here doesn't help matters. My guess is that Brother Runt will take some nasty bump and that will cost Team 3D the match.
My pick: Abyss and The James Gang

Hair vs. Hair Match
Raven vs. Larry Zbysko
Hopefully Raven will end this quickly and put this garbage out of its misery. This isn't even worthy of valuable TV time.
My Pick: Raven

X Division Title Match
Senshi(c) vs. ????
It's funny, TNA made no mention of Senshi wrestling on the PPV after he didn't appear on Impact for basically 3 weeks. No mention of Senshi defending the X division title. And no mention who the #1 contenders are. When not long ago, the X division and the X division title was apparently the premiere and signature division of TNA. It was the reason to watch TNA. And it was what TNA claimed they had and no one else does. And despite that they've basically buried the X division title. Senshi coming back and winning the X title for the second time I'd say was a pretty big deal, but TNA didn't follow up with it at all. So essentially all the things Nash railed about against the X division is true. It's filler, and that's what this title match is. Pointless filler that got no pre-PPV build-up or fanfare at all. I think that's pretty sad. There's talk about Frankie Kazarian returning on the PPV. Going by the rankings match from last month, Petey Williams is next in line for a title shot, but TNA has taken no care in actually showing the rankings or positioning Williams as the next contender.

What basically happened was that TNA became so reliant on Joe, Daniels, and Styles feuding for the X title it basically killed everything else. Now all three of those guys suddenly leave the X division and TNA has nothing to fill the void. That didn't used to be the case. Now the X division feels weak and insignificant, and with Senshi as champion it shouldn't be anything close to that. Whoever Senshi's opponent in, I expect him to win in an eventful affair.
My Pick: Senshi

Mixed Tag Team Match for the NWA Tag Team Titles
Phenomenal Angel(c) and Sirelda vs. America's Most Wanted and Gail Kim
What kind of name is Sirelda? Suddenly this big and ugly woman comes in and she's in a match where the tag titles are on the line, and TNA doesn't even decide to name her until last night. Tenay and West sounded absolutely ridiculous when she would just keep coming out and they didn't even know her name. This feud also felt like it was done to me. I don't think Sirelda is going to help this match at all and only bring down what last month was a great quality tag team match.
My Pick: Phenomenal Angel

Road To Victory Number One's Contender Match
Sting vs. Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner
I think it would've been a hell of a lot more interesting had Christian kept the world title and then wrestled Sting one on one for the world title of this PPV. But I'm not booking TNA so oh well. I suppose this is Samoa Joe's first time main eventing in a straight "heavyweight" division type of match. So I suppose it's a bit of a test for him. As per usual, Sting is protected by competing in matches where he won't have to do a lot of work. And I still don't think he can bring it in a lengthy one on one singles match which TNA is clearly stalling from putting him into on PPV. Even so, I expect Sting to win here and perhaps more implication on Christian Cage turning heel. My guess is Samoa Joe will continue his feud with Steiner.
My Pick: Sting


From Dave Meltzer's Victory Road preview

    *Senshi defends the X title- The match is a three-way and both opponents are not current TNA regulars, but both are planned to be regulars after this match.

There was some talk about Kazarian returning to TNA. So I'd say he's a big possibility for one of them. For the other I'd hope for someone like Sydal or Evans.

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#2 Posted on 14.7.06 2229.06
Reposted on: 14.7.13 2229.10
By the way, before I make my predictions, I want to state that I like TNA, and my wit and dry humor here are simply how I roll, not an indictment, so don't anyone get any sand in an uncomfortable part of your anatomy or anything, mmkay?

Pre-Show Match
Johnny Devine vs. Shark Boy

Gonna say Devine will win here, on the basis of "Devine's on TV all the time, and Shark Boy once every couple months or so just so he can get his ass kicked."

A Very Special "Shane Douglas Will Kick Your Ass if After all This Bullshit, You Still Lose" Match
The Naturals vs. The Diamonds in the Rough

Seriously, do the Diamonds in the Rough ever freakin' win a match unless their opponents are feuding with a main-event heel, and said heel interferes to make his enemy suffer a humiliating defeat? They've certainly done enough vignettes of The Naturals, um, doing pushups and stuff to make me think they'll start getting a push again. So I go with The Naturals to win this match, as they start getting a few wins in a row en route to being back in the thick of things in the tag division, right up there with AJ/Daniels, AMW, The Dudley Boyz and The New Age Outlaws. Hey, how come WWE's tag-team division can't be that loaded from top to bottom? They've got more wrestlers and more resources, don't they?

A Very Special "Shit, is Konnan Ever Going to Wrestle Again, and Would Anyone Really Notice if He Didn't?" Match
LAX w/Konnan vs. The Truth and Sonjay Dutt

Going with the assumption that they'll give a win to a team that's been together rather than one randomly thrown together, I'll give LAX the advantage here in a match I could really care less about.

A Very Special "Guess the Length of Time it Takes Kevin Nash to Break His Leg, Win a Free T-Shirt!" Match
Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal

I'll go with the upset here. They seem legitimately interested in pushing Jay Lethal, as evidenced by his show-ending pinfall in Impact's main event tonight. I see Jay Lethal getting the decision over Shelley, after Nash is somehow neutralized-- probably by his own doing, or something.

A Very Special "Two Guys Who Essentially Have the Same Finishing Move, Only Rhino Makes it Look Good" Match
Rhino vs. Monty Brown

Strange timing for this match, I agree. But I'd think that after Rhino's impassioned promo on Impact tonight, allegedly setting the ECW World Title belt on fire, no way they then go out and have him lose a few days later. Advantage Rhino.

A Very Special "I Refuse to Dignify the Stupid-Ass Names That TNA Came Up With For These Two Teams" Match
The New Age Outlaws and Abyss vs. The Dudley Boyz (All Three Members)

Jeez, why do I care? The "Your momma" joke skit was laaaaamer than laaaame. They've done nothing to get me excited about seeing these teams compete, which is unfortunate 'cuz the Dudleyz and the Outlaws meant so much to WWF tag-team wrestling back in the day.

Let's say a win for the DX Rejects and The Freakshow here, with a lot of help from The Freakshow. Don't know, don't care.

A Very Special "Heat Announcer vs. Nitro Announcer" Match
Raven vs. Larry Zbysko

After what Raven got put through at Larry Z's hands (and they need to show some footage to remind everyone of it), Raven better damn well get the win here.

X Division Title Match (With the Title Being Defended by a Guy Who Didn't Pin the Champion)
Senshi vs. ????

Senshi's a tough champion, but this ???? guy-- man, he's fast, he's intense, he's hardcore, baby! ???? all the way!

Tag Team Title Match (With The Possibility of HOT~! LESBIAN~! ACTION~!, BABY, 'Cuz That Puts Butts in the Seats)
AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels (c) and Sirelda vs. James Storm, Chris Harris [America's Most Wanted] and Gail Kim

Yeah, see the thing about these kinda matches is, when Jeff Jarrett is World Champion, they tend to give belts to the people he's closely associated with. It's kind of a Four Horsemen thing, only much, much more annoying. So I'd say title reign #7 for AMW starts at Victory Road. Yippee.

A Very Special "Jim Cornette Somehow Showed Jeff Jarrett By... Um... Making a Match for a #1 Contendership" Match
Sting vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage vs. Scott Steiner

Tough call. On the one hand I'd say it's too early for a Samoa Joe World Title reign, only because it needs just a little more buildup, to make the fans demand it. This also eliminates Scott Steiner, because these two must continue to feud. So that leaves Sting and Christian Cage. I'd say Sting beats Christian with the Scorpion Death Drop here, right after Christian hits Joe with the Unprettier and gets all excited, thinking, "Yay, not only am I gonna win the match, but I'm gonna end Samoa Joe's winning streak." Only for Sting to say, "Not today, bitch." Christian must turn heel, very slowly, and hopefully WITHOUT, WITHOUT WITHOUT then aligning himself with Triple J, dammit! Let a heel stand on his own for a change!
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#3 Posted on 15.7.06 0312.23
Reposted on: 15.7.13 0313.10
Johnny Devine vs. Sharkboy: Devine, duh, possibly due to Shelleynanigans.

Nats vs. DitR: I think I'm going to go with DitR in this one. Nats just don't want it enough yet. After this, they'll turn into cheating heels and then start picking up wins.

Monty Brown vs. Rhino: Rhino get EXTREME and bashes Brown with a chair (maybe a flaming chair!). Monty wins by DQ.

LAX vs. Truth & Dutt: This is totally random. I don't know where they're going with this at all. Um...Dutt is pinned by Homicide after Tha Killa.

Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal: I'm not sure how this match will advance the storyline -- Shelley getting pinned seems like the obvious outcome, but doesn't lead us anywhere. I'm gonna say -- Nash and Sabin brawl on the outside, Devine & Shelley doubleteam Lethal, and Shelley pins him.

Raven vs. Larry: Raven, double duh. Oh! Oh! If Mark "Slick" Johnson is reffing this match, that would be PERFECT!!! And if he has his hilarious photoshopped Larry pics with him -- or wait! he could WEAR the pic on a t-shirt he had made at the mall! -- WELL! MATCH OF THE YEAR

Team 3D vs. The James Gang and Abyss: I don't get this match at all. Abyss? Really? Um...okay: Abyss kills Runt, then TURNS on the James Gang and kills them too. Team 3D and the James Gang TEAM UP on the next Impact, and then take on Abyss, Slash, Brian Lee, and Kobain at Hard Justice!!! (Seriously. I would be really excited if this happened.)

Senshi vs. ???: Petey Williams is next on the ranking list, but I don't think we're going to see any Team Canada guys at the show (with the exception of quasi-member Devine). Everyone else on the official ranking list (Lethal, Shelley, Sharky) is otherwise involved. So: I'm going to say that Puma returns, and Senshi will beat him in a "hard fought" battle. The X Division is fallow right now -- we start the rebuilding process tonight. (Hopefully.)

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels and Sirelda vs. America's Most Wanted and Gail Kim: Styles and Daniels. Oh, and Sirelda ("Sirelda"?) -- well, we'll see if she displays any reasons to be kept around in the future. After the match, Styles & Daniels are ambushed by Bentley & Kazarian (and maybe Hoyt, too, just so that someone is taller than Sirelda).

Sting vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage vs. Scott Steiner: It's not going to be Steiner or Cage. I'm really not interested in it being Sting. I suspect it will be, though...but nevertheless I'm going to predict that Joe wins after Cage attacks Sting (probably showing his sudden allegiance with Jarrett), and Joe takes advantage during the wildly chaotic confusion, pinning either Cage or Steiner.

Cage and Sting feud, while Jarrett somehow throws up Steiner as a roadblock in Joe's way (like, he makes some sort of deal where Joe loses the title shot if he can't beat Steiner in a submission match) -- thus JJ doesn't defend the belt at next month's PPV, either (although he will defend it on Impact against Jay Lethal, cashing in his guaranteed title shot).



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#4 Posted on 16.7.06 1552.21
Reposted on: 16.7.13 1553.33
Let's rock!

Pre-Show: Johnny Devine def. Shark Boy.
The Naturals def. Diamonds in the Rough
Ron Killings & Sonjay Dutt def. LAX
Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal def. Kevin Nash & Alex Shelley
Rhino def. Monty Brown
Team 3D vs. Abyss & The James Gang
Raven def. Larry Zbyszko
X-Division Title: Senshi (c) def. Mystery Opponent(s)
NWA Tag Team Title: Styles/Daniels/Sirelda (c) def. AMW/Kim
Road to Victory: SAMOA JOE def. Christian Cage, Scott Steiner & Sting
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