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The 7 - Pro Wrestling - ECW on Sci-Fi #4 7-04-06 Register and log in to post!
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Lap cheong
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#1 Posted on 4.7.06 2049.23
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2054.41
I'm starting this now...I'll edit in my coments later.

I know it's about 15 minutes before the show starts but I was just browsing a wrestling news site and apparently the RVD vs. Edge match is SCRAPPED. Heyman is supposed to address the viewing audience tonight.

    Originally posted by
    - Tonight's RVD vs Edge match has been scrapped according to ECW.COM and Paul Heyman will be addressing the situation of the ECW championship. With RVD being busted on drug possession, the show had to be rewritten, even yesterday's RAW where officials decided to pull the plug on Van Dam and make him drop the title to Edge.

Well we start out with Paul Heyman saying we need to support RVD. Big Show walks in and RVD is going straight from hero to ZERO!

Kelly segment is out of the way with Mike Knox stopping her pasty blue painted stipping.

Crowd: You suck cock. Shut the F*ck up!(Sci Fi catches one for editing) You can't Wrestle. Lets go Guido right as he pins him. Boring all at Knox.

Little Guido is getting a one sided beating by Knox. We'll they're building him into something...sad to see Guido lose. Review of RAW from RVD dropping the WWE strap. RVD hit Paul's office and say I'll take the challenge. Paul doesn't want to do it. RVD says he'll take care of it. ***AD BREAK***

Back: Test is coming...TONIGHT! Well, lets see if he gets crapped on. It's a preacher! Crowd: He sucks dick! Great! CUE SANDMAN! Hey I'm a sinner freaking everybody is. Doesn't matter what you believe in. Sandman is out goes to the ring and looks like he's going to the fake preacher. Well he's give him a pretty good beating and sends the limping. RVD shows up in Big Show's dressomg room and accepts his challenge with a slap. ***AD BREAK***

Opinion: I'm warming up to Knox no matter how bad he is even if he continues to stop Kelly...Sandman needs wrestling matches...I'm sorry it's been almost a month and this is all he does? Please let him do something next week.

Back: It's Big Poppa Test...Al Snow w/ HEAD! Crowd: You takes Steroids. Clothesline in corner, boot...TKO. Why are they calling it a neckbreaker? Puts Al Snow away quickly. Sabu explaining his character. RVD vs Show is coming up. ***AD BREAK***

Opinion: Well, Test didn't look as pissed tonight. I guess you have to look a little bit nicer on TV. Well, it hasn't been a train wreck of a show but it almost reminds me a bit of the debut show.

Back: Vampire spits blood in the parking lot. Hey, he's got tatoos, doesn't drink, and doesn't do drugs. He's straight edged and he's CM Punk. Out Big Show who LOST Huntington WV on Sunday and is going to WIN tonight because RVD is going to the dog house. HAT GUY! I'm a HAT GUY MARK! My money is on Big Show because I'm almost bet anything to my name which is currently this computer I'm using to type this on. After the introductions we have the almighty.***AD BREAK***

Back: Crowd: RVD Chant. Bell rings so we didn't miss any action. Crowd chanting something which I actually didn't catch other than the suck dick. Crowd: You can't wrestle at Big show. Show hits the ring post. Big Show punching RVD through the crowd. Spinkick hits Show in the head. RVD heads to the edge of the ring. Rob Van Damm he does the jumping spinkick to the back of Show. We have a run in of the ***AD BREAK***

Opinion: Well, it could be worse. No, it can't be.

Back: During the break Show has been tearing appart RVD. What the hell Big Show on the second rope. Big Show superplex...Crowd: Small Holy Sh*t chant. Leg Lariet Leg Drop. Crowd: POT CHANT! It finally heard. Big Show bearhug to Rob. RVD hits drop Show to one knee with a low dropkick. Attemped Chokeslam countered into a DDT. Cross body while show is just sitting up. Rolling thunder. Kick in the corner. Show catches RVD and throws him outside. Big Show eats the steps. Big Show catches RVD again and into the ring. RVD grabs the chair. Chokeslma and 1...2...Kickout. Show kills the ref. RVD grabs the chair as Show goes for a Powerbomb. Van Damminator! Five Star Frog Splash. 1....2....Heyman stops! Crowd chants: You sold out! Big Show after a chokeslam on the chair. 1....2...3 by Paul E. Heyman. They're throwing in the beer cups! They're littering the ring! I think they're pissed. Nearly 48 hours after being pulled over by the Ohio State Police RVD drops the ECW World Championship to Big Show and we're out at 11:05.

The landscape has changed! Now go read the CRZ recap because I still suck! :)

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#2 Posted on 4.7.06 2207.09
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2207.28
The Vile1
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#3 Posted on 4.7.06 2208.40
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2209.58
Now we know why WWE didn't want to have this show in Philly.

But boy was that spectacularly awesome. True ECW fans showing the world how horrible this garbage truly is. How poetic it was when the ECW fans started throwing garbage in the ring. And nachos as well in effort of trying to feed the Big Show.

This mess is a joke, having WWE steamroll over ECW guys.

The crowd along with Punk's promo were the best things about the show tonight. Sci-fi censors are probably livid over the crowd.

I love it.

(edited by The Vile1 on 4.7.06 2009)
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#4 Posted on 4.7.06 2214.19
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2214.20
Heyman got clocked right in the face with something and did not flinch. He's a man who stands his ground.

There was something indescribly beautiful about Heyman getting a "You Sold Out" chant.

WWE shows where top faces feud with heel boss: 2
WWE shows where top heels feud with face boss: 1
Evil Antler God
Potato korv
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#5 Posted on 4.7.06 2214.35
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2214.38
Well hell, Punk actually made it to TV. That's more than I was ever expecting
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#6 Posted on 4.7.06 2218.20
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2218.22
Sometimes, when God wants to punish you, he answers your prayers. The ECW fans prayed for a revival of the company. They prayed for RVD to become champion. And, because RVD needed to speed while in possession, he gets to drop 2 belts in 2 days, and in Philly no less. To cap it all off, Heyman has to count out RVD's title reign and take beverages bouncing off his face from the Kool-Aid drinkers turning on him. Somewhere, Eric Bischoff is laughing.
Surprised they actually did a Sabu vignette. Does Sabu having to talk constitute his punishment?
Except for Sandman busting himself open every week, has anyone bled in the 4 weeks of ECW on Sci-Fi?
No Tommy Dreamer in Philly? Does this mean he was the road agent for RVD/Sabu and this was his punishment?
Never thought ECW would be the place where the bodyslam would make its resurgence.
Test still sucks.
And, did I miss Joey Styles talking about RVD getting arrested, because isn't Joey the man who said he won't be censored? That seems like a piece of information a quality broadcaster like Joey should bring up during the course of programming as a matter of importance. Of course, if Vince really had a warped sense of humor, RVD would have lost the title on a shot from a set of coins that Joey sold in an infomercial.

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Head cheese
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#7 Posted on 4.7.06 2220.15
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2220.20
The words you sold out have never had as much meaning as the did tonight in South Philly.
Go screw yourself Paul. I was a huge ECW mark back in the day. I was there when ECW invaded Jacksonville. I remember ECW having more fans at the 2000 N2R than WCW had ten miles apart at a dual Nitro/Thunder taping a day later in Chicago. I saw ECW rise from the depths of a bingo hall to being the thrid biggest fed in the country. ECW was anti establishment, it was for the fans, Paul didn't sell out for anyone. The old Paul Heyman would screw 20 good outlets to get one great one because he wanted what was best for the company and the fans. And now? He has let Vince McMahon bastardize what he damn near lost his mind for. He has let Vince and his corporate jackasses take a huge crap all over the legacy of extreme. Steve Corino was right, "It's dead. It died 6 years ago. Let it die." This isn't extreme. This is barely pro wrestling. This is sports entertainment. This sucks.
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#8 Posted on 4.7.06 2236.56
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2238.13
Well this was all coming from day one so don't act too surprised.

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Lap cheong
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#9 Posted on 4.7.06 2242.28
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2245.28
Ugh...this has been a SAD SAD 48hours in wrestling history for the fans. This won't every be seen on WWE 24/7 for years to come or buried somewhere in Vince's big back yard.

I mean seriously I think this has been the darkest time in wrestling so far year. Not since Eddie passing away last November have I felt such an emotional ride. First there is the anger, then the sadness, and now where do we go from here. I hate to related it to that but it almost makes me feel sick because I remember, if correct, the wellness program was partly instated because of Eddie's sudden death. I guess in a way I'm glad the WWE is sticking to there guns now.

(edited by jwrestle on 4.7.06 2343)
The Chief
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#10 Posted on 4.7.06 2248.49
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2251.28
RVD vs Show, sloppiness and finish aside, was about as good as you're gonna get from a pairing of those two. Good match.

Test vs Snow and Knox vs Guido were both terrible. Seriously, this is the Invasion all over again. We haven't been given any reason to cheer/boo any of the ECW vets (RVD, Sandman and Sabu aside). No TV time whatsoever has been devoted to them developing a character. No time in the ring has been devoted to making these guys look good. Both Snow and Guido had hardly no offense whatsoever.

Guido can mat wrestle, put him in there with guys that complement his style. Snow hasn't had a full schedule in years, but his ring work has always been good when he's motivated. Mike Knox works like just about every other guy that's come through the developmental system, he just has a different finisher. I wanna see cruiserweight wrsetling in ECW. I wanna see over the top violence. I wanna see Japanese style matches. This felt like watching Heat.

And why can't Test be stinking up Raw or SmackDown? He's just as crappy as ever, but he put on about 20 lbs of roid mass so I guess he must be good.
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#11 Posted on 4.7.06 2253.09
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2254.34
It's been four weeks, and they haven't set up ONE feud yet, not counting the WWE v.s ECW one. Just throwing matches out there with no background. That's kind of frustrating.
Lap cheong
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#12 Posted on 4.7.06 2302.21
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2302.23
Well, if there is one positive that comes from this show, it is that ECW finally has made a clean break from Raw. Now ECW doesn't have that crutch to lean against, they will have to establish something on their own, including feuds.
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#13 Posted on 4.7.06 2302.35
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2302.35
Al Snow also isn't very watchable in the ring or as a character after seeing him do all that on tough enough.
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#14 Posted on 4.7.06 2316.07
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2320.47
    Originally posted by geemoney
    It's been four weeks, and they haven't set up ONE feud yet, not counting the WWE v.s ECW one. Just throwing matches out there with no background. That's kind of frustrating.

I had the show playing in the background and started to think about the ECW concept.

Are they planning on running any pay per view events at all? If not, then they really need to scrap the squash matches and start coming up with some intense rivalries/matches that actually tell a story. Squash matches are good if you're able to lead up to an actual match but not on a one hour show (is it too much to ask to get the Sandman involved in an actual feud?).

I didn't catch the last two weeks, so I don't really know how the other shows have been (we don't count the first show because, let's face it, why would you) but if they were anything like tonight, I can't really see myself getting a season pass on the Tivo.

Criticism aside, I do like how TNA does their camera work. It almost has an ECW'ish feel in itself and can make the Impactzone look almost like a Raw event any day. I wish WWE would take note of something like that - the production values still just still don't make me feel like it's the rebel company. I'd also like to see Joey Styles and Taz move from the ringside area to a similar type of setting Joey had before. Just another thing that could differentiate ECW from WWE.
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#15 Posted on 4.7.06 2331.16
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2331.43
I suppose it would be hard to come up with a reason, and the powers that be wou1ld never let it happen, but I think they missed a chance to put the strap on CM Punk tonight.

I've never seen him preform before tonight, but I can tell he can talk and heard he can wrestle

If ECW is gonna put people over, tonights show would have been a good time to start.
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#16 Posted on 4.7.06 2336.12
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2339.16
Hey, no one has pointed out that Big Show is now . . .

**A former WWF Champion
**A former WCW Champion

That's the TRIPLE CROWN (more or less) of the modern American wrestling scene, folks!

This was truly a history making night. Big Show has surpassed everyone and become the greatest champion ever . . . . . . . . to some degree :).

(edited by Whattaburger on 4.7.06 2144)
The Chief
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#17 Posted on 4.7.06 2348.52
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2350.14
Were there other matches that didn't air? I would think that an event would last more than one hour. I haven't seen any results posted anywhere yet...
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#18 Posted on 4.7.06 2353.23
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2353.34
I kinda liked this show. I kinda liked this show a lot. I don't know why. The hot ECW-only crowd helped a bunch, maybe. Blah Blah Blah This Isn't the Real ECW, but it's still different from Raw and Smackdown and I'm enjoying the refreshment.

Everybody likes to be all "WWE guys dominating ECW guys," but come on. Somebody noted that no ECW originals have been pushed except Sandman, Sabu and RVD. Well, no ECW originals deserve to be pushed except Sabu and RVD. (Notice I also left out Sandman, who was really influential and had his day but I've never really liked as a guy to focus on, and he's super old and is The Worst Wrestler I've Ever Seen and all that.) What about the other guys? Dreamer has been retired for years and is doughy and looks like he should be working behind a desk. Snow has been well-established as retired and will turn 43 in a couple of weeks. What about a guy like Little Guido, you ask? He's good, right? I like Guido as much as the next guy, and I would point out that he's getting just about as big a push as he usually got in The Real ECW. ECW had jobbers, too, remember?

What's more, it's sort of weird to think that the only guys who should be getting attention are guys who frankly were on their last legs five years ago. Does anyone really think if The Real ECW still existed in 2006, the guys on top would be Sandman and Dreamer? What's more, if Heyman had had the opportunity to sign Big Show and even Test back in the day, he would have done it in a heartbeat. (It didn't seem to me like the Philly fans hated Test so much, by the way.)

I thought the priest (or "man of the cloth" -- is it un-PC to say he's a priest?) was awesome. I loved that I was thinking, That's the least-convincing priest I've ever seen, and then he says: "And by the way, I'm not really a priest! I just like to dress up like this!"

Mike Knox is no great shakes in the ring or on the mic, but there's still something endearing about him. He has a couple of cool moves, at least. Kelly Kelly's acceptability increases a thousandfold because she's named "Kelly Kelly." However, I will never not fast forward through her dumb stripping.

Cool short promo from Punk.

Also, I liked that I was thinking, This new Paul Heyman "I'm a giant worrywart and I'm really concerned about you, RVD" character is pathetic, and then he ran out to make the count with the ref knocked out, and somehow, before he even hit the mat, it all somehow made cosmic sense and I just knew he'd screw Van Dam. Of course, it was blatantly obvious RVD would somehow lose from Heyman's opening promo featuring the Show intrusion. Poor sap. I'm actually surprised they protected him as much as they did. Thought he'd just be jobbed out.
Lap cheong
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#19 Posted on 4.7.06 2358.20
Reposted on: 4.7.13 2359.03
RVD has been Supsended 30 Days!
Kane Is Ugly
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#20 Posted on 5.7.06 0018.24
Reposted on: 5.7.13 0018.44
I went to the taping. It was good to see a real ECW crowd at the show. Best part was they screwed up the seating arrangement and the ushers couldnt find my seat, so I got to sit next to the hat guy all night. Front row is pretty awesome.
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