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22.5.11 1647
The 7 - One Question... - Do you still watch wrestling?
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#1 Posted on 25.4.06 0520.53
Reposted on: 25.4.13 0521.34
I started posting here years ago, namely on the basis that there was a forum for pro-wrestling (back when there were Raw Reports to boot). I have slipped out of watching WWE, or any other sports entertainment for that matter (then again I never did watch the Ice Capades, American Gladiators, nor Battle of the Gridiron Stars). I was wondering if anybody here has slipped out of wrestling, or has remained faithful like back in the day.
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#2 Posted on 25.4.06 0746.34
Reposted on: 25.4.13 0746.41
I started watching wrestling back in Ohio in the 1960's when it was on the rebel UHF stations. Followed half closely in college and really enjoyed the Raw/Nitro war. However, since the demise of WCW, I just find Raw boring. In fairness, I occasionally catch Impact. The guys are skilled, I just can't get into it anymore.

You are likely too young, but don't forget the epic "Battle of the Network Stars." The apex of sports entertainment.
Boudin rouge
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#3 Posted on 25.4.06 0748.33
Reposted on: 25.4.13 0750.00
I catch the occasional show, but its been years since I watched regularly. In fact, if there is anything else on that I find even vaguely interesting, wrestling will lose my attention.-- And I can't remember the last time I bought a PPV.
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#4 Posted on 25.4.06 0817.15
Reposted on: 25.4.13 0817.19
I was first heavy into wrestling in the 80's when Hogan first won the belt off of the Iron Sheik. I faded away from it around 1989 or 1990. Then one night in 1999 I was home sick from work and was flipping through channels. There was nothing really good on that interested me, so I decided to watch RAW. It turned out to be the RAW the night after Owen Hart died. I've been again watching WWF/WWE wrestling ever since.

Note: I used to always tape Smackdown whenever I wasn't home, but for the last year I only watch it if I'm home. But I still tape RAW if I'm not going to be home.
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#5 Posted on 25.4.06 1007.53
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1007.57
I still never miss RAW, rarely miss Smackdown, and occasionally catch Impact. While the shows overall aren't the quality they were a couple years ago, there's still some really good stuff from time to time.
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#6 Posted on 25.4.06 1011.25
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1012.29
    Originally posted by DrDirt
    You are likely too young, but don't forget the epic "Battle of the Network Stars." The apex of sports entertainment.

Gabe Kaplan kicking Robert Conrad's ass was a classic television moment.....

Quit watching wrestling soon after CRZ quit recapping.
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#7 Posted on 25.4.06 1021.42
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1021.49
    Originally posted by DrDirt
    You are likely too young, but don't forget the epic "Battle of the Network Stars." The apex of sports entertainment.

Yeah, that was awesome watching Kaplan shutting Conrad's mouth up.

My favorite part of the program was the swimming competition with the female tv celebrities. Those thin Speedo swimsuits they wore were pratically see-through before they even got wet.

Playboy magazine would always print pics from the swimming competition in the back of their magazine in the "celebrity nip slip" section.

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#8 Posted on 25.4.06 1038.41
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1038.45
Aside from the occasional DVD that I'll buy (ECW stuff, Ric Flair, Foley, etc...), I pretty much don't follow wrestling anymore. It just stopped being good TV (to me), and I found myself migrating to other shows on Mondays. I also stopped having friends who watched wrestling, so the monthly PPV buys and the every few month road trips have stopped.

The fact that I live in the middle of PA at the moment, instead of the Philadelphia area, also hurts, as we used to be able to find some pretty good indy stuff in the city and in Jersey on the weekends. Of course, I was also spoiled in the 90s, as ECW was almost always running a show less than an hour from the house, as were some other smaller promotions whose names slip my mind.
Matt Tracker
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#9 Posted on 25.4.06 1104.34
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1104.48
Yep, I sill watch.

Always see RAW, usually watch Impact, sometimes catch SmackDown.
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#10 Posted on 25.4.06 1219.21
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1219.30
Always. RAW, occasionally Smackdown, Impact when I remember its on, and Velocity and Heat.
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#11 Posted on 25.4.06 1248.52
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1249.17
I watch Raw - although I often fall asleep near the main event. I hardly ever watch SD or anything else. I last watched a PPV at WM in 2004.
Nuclear Winter
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#12 Posted on 25.4.06 1319.14
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1319.34
I started watching in late 2000.

Since then, I've missed maybe a handful of Raws. I stopped watching SmackDown! probably close to two years ago. I watched Impact right when it started, but stopped shortly after.
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#13 Posted on 25.4.06 1322.19
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1322.56
I read recaps and spoilers. When I started working for a wrestling fed, one of the guys said that I would lose interest in watching it on TV. He was right.

I try to catch Impact when I cam but it slips my mind. I rarely watch Smackdown. Raw on occassion. Since 24 has been running opposite Raw I usually miss the entire 1st hour of Raw anyway.

The last PPV I purchased was ECW One Night Stand. The next one I purchase will probably be the 2nd ECW PPV.
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#14 Posted on 25.4.06 1430.53
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1430.55
I read the occasional recap and spoilers but I haven't, excluding the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Raw and Smackdown, watched wrestling in well over 3 years. We didn't have cable or dish for about 3 months after we moved in 2002 and so I got out of the habit of watching and never picked it up again. My last PPV was Wrestlemania in Toronto live, which was probably a good one on which to go out.

Karlos the Jackal
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#15 Posted on 25.4.06 1458.01
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1459.01
I quit watching RAW a few weeks ago -- I just couldn't take Vince anymore, and even taping it and FFWDing through it was feeling more like a burden than entertainment, so I finally just quit.

I still watch SD! and Impact every week (taping and FFWDing through the boring bits with both), and I buy all the TNA PPVs, and I bought the Royal Rumble. I used to buy all the WWE PPVs, but dropped down to about 4 last year, and I may or may not buy any more this year.

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#16 Posted on 25.4.06 1528.19
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1528.34
    Originally posted by dunkndollaz
      Originally posted by DrDirt
      You are likely too young, but don't forget the epic "Battle of the Network Stars." The apex of sports entertainment.

    Gabe Kaplan kicking Robert Conrad's ass was a classic television moment.....

Conrad was so pissed after getting whipped in the 100 yard dash he was seething. He lit up a Marlboro Red and started sucking it down with huge drags, imagine that happening today on network television.

I do not watch WWE anymore and TNA really does nothing for me. I get every Pro Wrestling NOAH show from Japan as well as some All Japan, New Japan, Dragon's Gate and Zero-One. I refuse to put any more money in McMahon's pocket as I'd rather spend $35.00 getting DVDs from Japan.

I'm also into MMA and get UFC PPVs as well as watch Ultimate Fighter, UFC Unleashed and the PRIDE FC show on Fox Sports. I'll also get videos or PPVs of PRIDE, K-1 and Hero's from Japan.

I quit watching Smackdown July 2004 when a problem arose with the local UPN affiliate. I was also beginning to skip RAW frequently after Mania XX. For years, I normally would opt for Monday Night Football and tape RAW. Then 24 came on a few years ago and I would only tape the last hour of RAW. I haven't ordered a PPV other than Mania for a few years now. My WWE viewing has been very sporadic over the last two years.

I quit watching altogether the RAW the day after SummerSlam 2005. When Shawn Michaels (who I don't really dislike) cut that horseshit anti-Hogan promo, burying the finish, I refused to watch anymore. I'm supposed to sympathize with a guy who participates in a "sport" where the finishes are all pre-determined and his "rep" was built on winning those matches, but having to job to Hogan was a "joke" (attention smart fans) and everybody knows it (wink, wink). What bullshit. Are we to believe that every match HBK participated in up to the Hogan match was a shoot, but hey I'm having to job to this guy, because of politics. Micheals was the biggest beneficiary of political machinations in the history of wrestling, but jobbing to Hogan is an outrage. As much as people hate to admit it, most people want to watch Hogan win.

In a sidebar, my viewing of wrestling has affected how I participate in this board. The-W used to be my first stop on the web, and was the only messege board I participated in (although I lurked at DVDVR for a long time). When I tried starting discussion about MMA, puroeseu or lucha it was met with limited response (Orangeman and Cubs were among the few) and I understand if the members only watch WWE than that's all they are interested in. I began to read and post on wrestling and MMA at DVDVR and SherDog and make hardly any posts in the wrestling folder here. I really like all the people here and check in every day, but most of my posts will either be in Random, One Question, TV/Movies and those are the first folders I read. I just browse the thread titles in wrestling, but rarely read them now unless they involve people whose opinion I'm interested in (CubsFan, DEAN, JayJayDean, Orangeman, AWArulz, redsoxnation, spf, BostonIdol, Kawshen, EddieFamous, DJFrostyFreeze, Jeb Tennyson Lund, John Orquiola and CRZ just to name a few).

(edited by NickBockwinkelFan on 25.4.06 1642)
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#17 Posted on 25.4.06 1941.45
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1942.19
I still watch wrestling, as I still watch or more likely tape Raw every week. I do not watch Smackdown because of my reading of the spoilers every week. If Smackdown was live, I would probably tape it. I have never watched one episode of Impact all the way through either, but I usually read those spoilers as well.

I do not order many PPV's but I will usually go to a friend's house for the big four WWE pay per view shows (RR, WM, SS and...SS). I did order the ONS show though, and I certainly hope to watch the second one.

My WWE watching is also lessened since I started going to indy shows, from CZW for the past 1 1/2 years to ROH more recently.
Mr. Boffo
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#18 Posted on 25.4.06 1948.07
Reposted on: 25.4.13 1949.51
Well, I got rid of cable a few months ago. I download Raw whenever people in the thread seem to mention something worth watching. In the same way, I don't ever see Smackdown since there seems to be a bunch of discussion about it before it airs, and zero discussion afterwards, which implies that nothing really amazing happened.
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#19 Posted on 25.4.06 2348.05
Reposted on: 25.4.13 2348.39
The last full wrestling match I have watched on TV in a long time was Shane Webster's NCAA title match at 184 lbs.

That is if you don't count submission wrestling/BJJ which I see many times a day.

The last pro match I watched was the DVD of WMXIX HBK vs. Jericho.
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#20 Posted on 26.4.06 0855.47
Reposted on: 26.4.13 0856.40
    Originally posted by Karlos the Jackal
    I quit watching RAW a few weeks ago -- I just couldn't take Vince anymore, and even taping it and FFWDing through it was feeling more like a burden than entertainment, so I finally just quit.

Same here. What I see now is just the build up for HHH's next title reign, that he'll hold for about a year-- because he's the King of Kings... Unless they get Goldberg to come back and take it from him...

I only watch Smackdown if I catch it on saturday replays.
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