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20.6.11 0833
The 7 - Movies & TV - Idol 4/11 - whoooo livveeee...FOREVER?
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Parts Unknown
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#1 Posted on 11.4.06 2030.15
Reposted on: 11.4.13 2030.18
I started my Idol viewing early tonight by checking out American Idol Extra and Idol Tonight. Those shows (and their hosts) are incredibly bad, but the interview with Mandisa revealed something: had she stayed on the show, she was going to do “Who Wants to Live Forever,” which, as I’ve said before, is absolutely my favorite Queen song and one my all-time favorite songs period. Now, who knows if anyone will sing it? I hope someone does.

Seacrest promises tonight will be a test that will stretch the limits of each performer. “We’re all stoked,” he asserts. Then, we get a great retrospective about Queen and some fine footage of the contestants working with them.

Bucky, who seems to be growing on everybody, is going to open the show with “Fat Bottomed Girls.” He has some new moves and good energy. This performance rocks! He’s going to win some new fans with this one. You know, I haven’t been able to say this before, but his voice is legitimately good tonight. Bucky has come a long way and may be this season’s Scott or Anthony (the dude who hangs on for a long time, even though everyone expects him to die). Randy and Paula liked it, but Simon says it was mediocre overall. Then Seacrest pokes fun at Bucky’s funky speech. Whatever, yuppie.

I just love Old Navy commercials. They make me feel young again. I’m totally freaked out by that “online predators” commercial though.

Ace is HOLY COW HE’S WEARING A TON OF EYELINER. Wow. He looks like a girl. Oh no – he’s actually going to do “We Will Rock You.” I guess he’s finally (wisely) sensing that he needs to do something other than sit, stare, and whisper. Finally his edge comes out and this is pretty good stuff. He shows a little aggression and it looks like he may actually be mimicking Chris to some extent. It’s a really great vocal, just not very genuine. He works in the falsetto, of course. Randy and Paula say it was okay but Simon calls it a complete and utter mess. “It was ‘We Will Rock You Gently,’” Simon says. I guess Ace just can’t please the judges these days and is turning into the next Lisa – the contestant they are going to bash and hound off the show.

Kellie is going to destroy the fabric of all space and time by attempting to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Worst. Decision. EVER. The dudes from Queen are pompous jerks all night, by the way. Kellie looks like a fifth Queen member from the BoRhap video, and it’s kind of cool. I actually have to turn up the TV to hear her. Ugh. Her raunchy singing tone (which has worked on other songs) in no way captures the spirit of this great song. She goes into the crowd after wobbling around on her heels. This is bad. PICKLER SQUAT straight into the PICKLER KNEE DROP!!! Bleh. Randy says he was entertained. Paula thinks she’s a good “rocker chick.” Simon thinks it should have been hideous, but it worked out okay. What are these people smoking? This was a terrible performance.

Chris (“SQUEEEEEEL!!!”) will sing…”Innuendo?” Whoever heard of “Innuendo?” He admits it’s an obscure song. Okay, I guess that does give him a bit of cred. The Queen guys love Chris, of course. Maybe they’re thinking of firing that guy from Bad Company. Chris is awesome as usually and can really sing. He always looks like he’s giving everything he has, which is inspiring. This is a really good song! About this time, I notice that the makeup people went EXTRA EXTRA heavy on Chris’ eyeliner and this is kind of sick, or emo, whichever you want. Great performance. All of the judges loved it, but Simon says he was let down because Chris didn’t bring one of the great Queen songs. Man, he is in full jerk mode tonight.

Katharine is going to do “Don’t Stop Me Now.” We get footage of her singing it a bit

BUT THEN it is revealed she CHANGED SONGS and is instead going to do “WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER!!!” YES!

What could possible be better? Then Ryan actually puts over Highlander! I feel like I’m eight years old again, hiding my eyes from The Kurgan. Katharine sings and it is magic, and I’m not just saying that because I love the song. She is awesome and begins to belt it out. She’s showing real emotion, which is something we haven’t really seen from her before. She urgently sings “Touch my world with your fingertips” and 40 million people melt into their chairs and slide into the floor. This is her Carrie/Heart moment. So genuine, I thought she would actually cry. Man, this was great. Randy loved the switch. Paula: “I just love to see you stand there and be glorious.” Simons says it was “almost THE moment” but not quite. He urges her to kiss the lighting director because she looked amazing. I must agree. People – start voting for this woman.

So that rocked my pancreas. I was actually standing up with excitement. We’re probably not going to be lucky enough to get “Princes of the Universe,” but I’m happy.

Elliott will take on “Somebody to Love,” which he hadn’t heard before this week. WHAT? How? The Mascara Demon attacked Elliott as well. The song is good, full of energy, and very sound. It really shows Elliott’s talents and his big voice is conquering the song. Alright, here it comes…WOO! He nailed an AWESOME version of the legendary final note of that song and brings down the house. His voice was ALL OVER the register, in a good way. Wow. All the judges loved it.

Taylor thought about doing “We Are the Champions” but it was sounding pretty bad, so he wisely switched to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” so he can dance. Right on. The old Taylor returns and I immediately crack a big smile. I love this guy. Get this: he tries to kick over the mic stand, misses, then actually does it again! This is a fun performance. By the end, he goes into full-on growling/twirling mode and finishes strong. Paula: “I don’t know whether to give you a record deal or a straight jacket.” Simon: “Are you drunk? I thought that was ridiculous.” Taylor is unfazed, as well he should be. He has been consistently leading the votes, according to spoiler sites.

What’s up with all these yoga commercials? These women are all ribs and armpits and it’s kind of grossing me out.

Paris will do “The Show Must Go On.” Queen loves Paris. WHAT THE HELL IS SHE WEARING!?!? It looks like a cross between a muffin top shirt, a dominatrix outfit, early-80s Madonna gloves and Vince Neil makeup. YUCK. The band totally screws up the guitar run and then they totally drown her out, but I’m not complaining because this is terrible. The crowd is half-heartedly clapping. Paris actually looks like Lil’ Kim in a Taylor Dane outfit. She does some ridiculous stomping and if EVER there was an “indulgent” performance, it’s this one. Randy and Paula actually liked it. Simon: “I found it all a little weird. That’s all.” I agree.

Wow, what an awesome show. All in all the performances were great and the songs had life, which is more than I can say for earlier weeks. My bet: Paris is gone. Peace out.
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#2 Posted on 11.4.06 2209.34
Reposted on: 11.4.13 2209.50
Maybe it's just me, but I totally didn't feel Taylor's performance tonight, nor did I last week. I think he's been mailing it in.

Anyways, This is how I had them tonight....

1. Chris
2. Katharine
3. Elliott
4. Bucky
5. Paris
6. Kellie
7. Ace
8. Taylor

As much as I didn't like Taylor's performance, I think Ace is the one who gets the plane ticket home. Bottom three (based on fan voting): Ace, Paris, and Taylor.
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#3 Posted on 12.4.06 0628.45
Reposted on: 12.4.13 0629.01
Bucky - much better than I expected. Found about the only Queen song that would work for him.

Ace - Wow, glad he tried to be different but boy did it not work. Terrible stuff.

Kellie - This kinda sucked I thought. Bad look, bad singing. Just bad.

Chris - Like Simon was saying, what a terrible song. Chris was fine, but that song sucked.

Katherine - You know I agree with Simon, but to me that's a knock against her. The production crew made her look amazing with the cameras and the lighting, but she couldn't come up to that level with her performance. It was ok, not great.

Elliott - Great job by him. He's coming back strong after some terrible weeks.

Taylor - Yeah, good choice to switch songs. He was Taylor, always entertaining.

Paris - Ok, now if you can put aside that she looked like a midget Lil Kim, then it was a hell of a show. She really sang the song well and put on a solid performance. She just looked retarded.

Bottom 3(how long do they keep with a bottom three?) - Ace, Bucky, Kellie with Ace definatly going home.
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#4 Posted on 12.4.06 0707.19
Reposted on: 12.4.13 0707.36
Bucky - he is still a mush mouth and I can't understand a thing he says when he is singing

Ace - I loved it when he hit himself in the face with the microphone as he was playing with the mic stand. He was terrible.

Kellie - I thought Garth had lost his glasses when the song started.....

Chris - terrible, terrible song - like Simon said, there is a reason they don't play this one in concert

Katharine - Looked Great, Sang Great - she should never see the Bottom 3 again

Elliott - Didn't do a lot for me but it did more than the first 3 of the night

Taylor - It's Joe Cocker doing Queen !!! The Soul Patrol will eat this up and I am sure that the phone lines were burning up

Paris - So this week you played Dress Up as L'il Kim - you need to go

Bottom 3 - Ace, Paris & Bucky with hopefully Paris going home but I think it will finally be Ace who gets to sing his way out....

as a side note, how cold is it to make the loser each week sing the song that got them booted as their final goodbye ? I happen to love it. It's up there with opening the rest of the cases after they make the deal on Deal or No Deal.
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#5 Posted on 12.4.06 0815.52
Reposted on: 12.4.13 0816.26
Well since dialidol was perfect in it's bottom three prediction last week I thought it worthy to post what they have for this week:

1 Taylor Hicks 31.38
2 Kellie Pickler 27.912
3 Paris Bennett 26.298
4 Elliott Yamin 24.404
5 Katharine McPhee 22.55
6 Chris Daughtry 22.404
7 Bucky Covington 16.585
8 Ace Young 16.31 1.805

I can understand with Chris, because that was a crappy song, but I'm a little suprised to see Katharine so close to the bottom there as I thought I was about the only one not liking her that much. It's close enough there with her and Chris to where either could be bottom three. If these are anything accurate, of course.
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#6 Posted on 12.4.06 0847.37
Reposted on: 12.4.13 0847.49
Bucky did a decent job with "Fat Bottomed Girls", really. If I pictured myself in a honkytonk in Tunica, Mississippi I would've expected to hear exactly that version. At least I don't have to wait for the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Queen-compliation album to know what it sounded like. He was very energetic (read: NOT country) and got the crowd into it, and he was in a rough spot going first.

Ace. Hmmmmm. We should've known he was in trouble when, well, did he ask Brian May to put a little hip-hop thing in the middle of "We Will Rock You"? Tool. SING IT: HEY ACE, HEY ACE, GO HOME.

Kellie did a better-than-expected job with "Bohemian Rhapsody". I hate that they cut it down so much and leave out the best parts of the song, but what can you do? We also didn't need Paula to remind us of Constantine's performance from last year, did we? Ugh. I wish Randy would've pimpslapped both Paula AND Simon tonight.

Chris of course did an AWESOME job with "Innuendo". Randy tossed him a little curve ball there with his seemingly negative feedback at first. Nice. Simon pulled his typical "I don't like you but that was good so I'll just criticize the song instead"-routine. How trite. (And yeah, he had the eye-liner thing going. I didn't notice Ace's, maybe because I was busy tossing stuff at the TV.)

Katharine follows Chris, and even though she changed the song at least we got to see her do that little ass-wiggle from the earlier thing with the band. Mmmmmmmmmmm. We were actually worried for whoever had to follow Chris, but she might have been BETTER. She was at least as good.

I just don't get the "Elliott-thing". I thought he was one of the worst tonight. He got better toward the end but he seems so nervous EVERY week. Paula just needs to give him an ACTUAL blow job on live TV, since she does it metaphorically anyway. Not only that, but after Chris sang we were trying to name the last four singers and we got Katharine, Taylor, and Paris, but we could not for the life of us remember who the other one was. Take that for what it's worth.

Taylor did a good, fun job with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". At least I got to see what all the fuss was about before his mediocre last two weeks. The blown mic-stand-kick-spot, though. DUDE. In his defense, though, the mic stand can be quite a wily foe to overpower.

Paris got to close the show. She went with extensions this week and had kind of a "Tina Turner's Mini-Me"-vibe going. She did a decent enough job with the song, and she can obviously sing. I really think she's going to get shockingly eliminated in the next couple of weeks, even though she deserves to make it to the last three or four, at least.

I really think the bottom three should be Bucky, Ace, and Elliott, but CLEARLY tonight's results show should end with Ace being told "'Another One Bites the Dust', and it's you."
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#7 Posted on 12.4.06 0855.01
Reposted on: 12.4.13 0855.06

I think that Ace needs to go, not only for sucking, but wearing leather pants.

I totally wished Chris would have sang "Tie Your Mother Down".
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#8 Posted on 12.4.06 0938.01
Reposted on: 12.4.13 0940.09
Another so-so show last night. Nice shot of Mandisa and then we go right into Bucky singing "Fat Bottom Girls"... I love it!

Bucky – Best performance from him in a while. It was good to see him be confident on stage. My only complaint would be that he’s doing the mic flipping a bit too much. I was pleased with his performance, even if Simon called it ‘mediocore’.

Ace – Once Queen shut him down about tweaking the arrangement, he should have just changed the song. Taylor gave up “We Are the Champions”, so he could have very well taken that song and do a good job. What he did last night was bad and just bad enough to send him home. But, maybe his Zoolander-ish faces into the camera will get the girls to keep him in.

Kellie – So twangy/nasal at the beginning… I know, I’ve gone on record about not liking her, but this just wasn’t that good. But, horny boys/young men will vote her in.

Chris – Great performance… again. He’s a talent that is so different that you kinda don’t want him to win this contest… You know, so fresh and different that you don’t want them to tone down his rock edge and make him a pop star?

Katherine – Another ballad? Well, that is her ‘thing’ and while she did a great vocal performance, I’m bored with the power ballads. One of my top picks anyway…

Elliot – Say what you will about his looks and teeth (I know I did), but I’m rather fond of him. He’s the underdog here. Not handsome and doesn’t have any attributes that makes him stand out, but damn!, the man can sing his ass off. He always picks the tougher songs to sings and each week, he does a damn good job. I voted, for the first time this season, for him like 40 times, after 10:25 pm EST, with two phones… sorry JJD

Taylor – Second kick is always a charm. Great song choice for him. It was lively and entertaining. Great performance from him.

Paris – I thought her vocals were great, but she just wasn’t into the song. It was kind of ‘odd’, like Simon said. Her look was too grown up for her and it was just… out there.

If it were up to me, the Bottom Three would be: Ace, Paris and Kellie… Ace SHOULD go home tonight.
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#9 Posted on 12.4.06 1343.44
Reposted on: 12.4.13 1344.07
I watched the last five minutes as I waited for "House," and, cripes, the songs all sounded bad. They diluted the tunes to reach the pop/adult contemporary crowd. Those are ROCK songs.
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#10 Posted on 13.4.06 0037.17
Reposted on: 13.4.13 0037.28
I'm just not in a good mood tonight for a couple of reasons. One, I tried typing this up and got booted out. Two...I'll explain later.

Tuesday...8 best, 1 worst

8. Kellie - WOW!!! We actually loved it. That is definitely a different side of Kellie.

7. Elliott

6. Bucky - Finally, I could understand him.

5. Paris

4. Chris - Uh, never heard of the song.

3. Katharine - Too slow for me.

2. Ace - BAD!!! And leave the mike stand dragging for Chris and Bo, too.

1. Taylor - AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! And he missed kicking the mike stand.


Group sing - Loved it, especially with the double box for the clips of the great, good, and the annoying (Brenna, Ronetta [The one who we waited for an entire hour to see her act like an IDIOT!!!], Brittendumb and Brittendumber).

Look at their hometowns/shoutouts - Nice touch. If only Gina made it there, my town would be seen all over the country. There's always next year.

Now, the second reason that I'm in a bad mood. Bucky, who has grown on me in the last couple of weeks, and Ace & Taylor are still in. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! And why was Elliott in the bottom three. I actually was scared that Kellie was going to leave. If she was voted out, there would have been a riot in our room, because we loved her.

It is official: Ace is Scott Savol/John Stevens/whoever was in that situation the first two years (I started in year 3) part two. He's that family member that you want him out, yet finds another way in.

Next week: Standards...Ugh. And Ace or Taylor better be knocked off next week, especially Ace (just to appease the many who can't stand him). Also, it is the dreaded "three to one side, three to the other, seventh is safe, so he/she must choose which group is safe" bit. Dreaded around here, because that was when the "Three Divas of Season 3" were thought to be safe, but were in the bottom three. That led to the ousting of "our local girl" Jennifer, which led to Ryan explaining to us about our votes like yelling at the students for being bad, even though one or two people caused it. Whoever's #7, do what Bo did and stay in the middle.

Oh yeah, Rod Stewart to coach next week. Uh.......

Finally...Taylor, and especially Ace, GO AWAY, PLEASE!!!

Got to get to bed now. Hopefully it will be better in the morning.
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#11 Posted on 14.4.06 1020.56
Reposted on: 14.4.13 1021.53
    Originally posted by JayJayDean
    I really think the bottom three should be Bucky, Ace, and Elliott.

Pretty good call for someone who just started watching again three weeks ago!
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#12 Posted on 18.4.06 1042.22
Reposted on: 18.4.13 1042.53
So early word is Chris is doing Night & Day tonight on the show. Some have said the rules this week include that they can't do their own arrangment of the song, and have to stick to the classic way. If so, it could be tough for several of them. If not, Chris does the U2 version and rocks.
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#13 Posted on 18.4.06 2155.34
Reposted on: 18.4.13 2155.36
All I can say is that Chris bored the crap out of me last week and Simon was proved 110% correct when I heard Chris sing just a SMIDGE of Under Pressure and was more enthralled in that 10 seconds than the entire sleep-inducing obscure egofest he put on the night before.
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